Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 3
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Not even a grain oHsalt is ^wanting to..emphasize and J *make" perfect the flavor of NONESUCH MINCE MEAT. urc, wholesome,— an econom-^ ical luxury. Sold" every where, T»kc no substitute. S*ml innia knit .itilron far IwM.t. " Mr*. rt>[ihtiu" T&ttUk,HiTiiig."" ERREU-SOULE CO., SYRACUSE. N. Yl THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. r Ahli{b standard of ejcollence, Mimj 'isets ot tlie "ilunnon" consider It THE ,BEST. You. will nad It n vnluiible nsslataut In jour or- i-"' lice. Address for particulars THI MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAXUFACTUKEUS. 80-24 4 Went luko St.. Chicago, IU. To the Ladies. Those who are Interested IB dermatology should cnlJ on Mrs. Stringham. who la located in the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology Is what every woman of intelligence and refinement needs. It is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful, complexion Is a necessity of the Ntae.i/eenth century,- and which -civHJza- tlon must have; and every worthy husband or brother will take Interest In and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eozma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully, treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strfngham's preparations; - Catiierine StriDgham, DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BAJNK JLOOANSPOBT, JND. OftPITflU • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. 8. W, Ullery. Vice President H. J. Heltbrlnle. Cuhler. DIRECTORS. I. T, Johnson. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott .W. H. 8nld.r. Buy and i»U Government bouda. Ix>«.n noney on. personal security and collateral!. Issue special certificates of dcponlti bearing t per cent. Interest when left one rt*r; t per cent per annum when deposited six month*. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults ot this tank for the deposit of deeds, insurance pallclei, mortgage* and ether valluables, - rated at from It to 115 per year. « You dqn't knew how hot and thirsty you are until a sparkling, cooling glass of HIRES Rootbeer is Landed you. Then you forget how hot and thirsty you were. You can make it. THE RAILROADS 1NDIANA ' S — ER SERV1CE ' It is Now Completed and on Exhibition in New York. The Old Tactics of the Pennsyi vania. -•••'• CREDITABLE SHOWING General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The mnnmcir tlie Peimsylwiulu- com pany—operating *hc Torre Haute £ Logivuspor-t iioad, a part of tte Viuidall: systmn—in treating tlie question of pay lug the coupons cm -libs tiiwt mortgagi bauds, -midcos it evident that It Is in tended tlKiit the first uiortpiso boml holders ylKmld take steps to foreclose oni. clie property awl soil It, ns Iu the wise of -tlio Grand Hnplds & luilia.na aud the renwsylvaiiula company wlT T,Uen bid the road in jwitl issue-.uev. bonds at a lower rate of interest. Tin T, H. fc I. has been a burden to the Vaiidnillii since taken ta-ro the system and will not for W.ny years earn ; sullic-Ie.il t sum to pay opera ring expense* ami fixed cli;\rgos. / Mmlf, AVJo. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >= N*. 417 Market Street Calls attended to promptly, day or •tent Central-Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 1ZL WANTED. W ANTED: C8ira*fler.i to sell Simmons Skirt Supporter {or noire waists and belts. Vita any ilze Belt, Bilk Tlentber. Work* ItseJt. Com; Diet* ootflt, two atjlei, special Inauctmmt W cti 8, J. ft W. U. SlmmODa, Boston, MU9. TirrjkNTED-5,WO Agents for Bniiell'8 aothol W rlzed "LIVES OK JlcKINLET and U W AKT" «0 paces, olemnllj Iilnstr»t«d. Jrtee onlr $100. Toe best, and c&mpesV aud outsells all others 80 »«r ei-nt to Agents aiio freight palcl.flr" Books now ready. Snve time by oendltiK 60.cents In stamps (or an oqtflt at one". Address. A.-D. WORTHINGTONA CO.,. Hartford, Conn. Oea Harrison has the finest, line of hammocks In the city. • Natural gas bills for the month • of July ore now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street '.'.' Purify your .blood with, Hood's Sar- .•ftparllla, wMcfc will give yon on appo- fi'tlie, tone your stoinaoh and strengthen j,yom nerves, .' • • ;.;.'•.-.>•. ".-..' A CHEDlTABbE EXHIBIT. TUo Toledo, &r. Louis & Kiiusas Citv shows tlw lni-?rojit iiucrwse Iu. eaniiuff? in the yetir emlluf: .Tune ao. 1SOC, of any road ot' u iHxiqwi'ttonate niilra^o in this coiintiy. The road earned in Jwie ?1S2.- OST.T'i, an, IncTOas-e over .liiniic, ISOo, o! ^44,009.i':3. In. the road's llsc-;il year, wwliiusr with June "0, 1S90, Hie ro;ul earned ^2,007,025.71. nsaJnst $1,818.- S09.22 iu the year eiuUn^ June 30 ,180o, :iu inicrease fliJs .yearof if.180,220.40, aiul the road and Jits po.\ve.r Js now ia the best phj-stai.l conditiloi) IB t'ho company's histoi?-. Receiver. Pierce lias-been £or- •tuuaitc i-ii Uie selection of the officers 01 the road. Much. of this .fu.vora.ble exhibit is due to the'manner loi which the transportation department has been bandied, with A. L. Mills' as.'.-gcmei-al su- perhitendeut a.ud J. W.'Shenvood as su- podmtendouf, the hitter In the few inouWis' he has been, ^superintendent showing his ivblllty as a transportation man. RAILROAD NOTES, jun-.os Ward 1ms returned to work, Al Parker is fishing at Georgetown. Harry La.\urhHu Is taking a vacation. Huriy Ullory ,1s spending his vacation at Peru. Night Yardmastcf Sullivan of tht Panhandle is at Chicago. ... Jotai Low.ry is at Upper Sandusky, Ohio, visiting hJs parents. J. J. Myera wus receiitly bitten by a poisonous insect. 'His face is all swelled up on Itself. The Big Four win run an excursion to Niagara Faaia, July 22, from its western .divisions. Lognnsport- is now deserted so far as Its being a division point on the Van- daila Is concerned. Bmploj'es on the Vondalla. lines who receive a stipulated sum of money for their v,-crk will after tbls receive their pay on the fl-ret day of each month, la stead of the 21st as heretofore. Panhandle Train 21 was on. Sunday, hnnlc.'. from Colurobue. to Xenia. fl£ty- flve minutM, to -fifty-two minutes, breaking all former speed records with a. passenger train between those'points. F£ Wayne Sentinel: OMs morning Col. R. G. Thompson, of the Wabash, received tlie following autograph letter: ' "Please r.-ccopt my grateful acknowl- edgeiucut of you.r congratulatory message. "Yours. Truly, • "W. McKINLEY:" The Chwapenkc & Ohto fast train from the east arrived yesterday at Cincinnati late, and a special train, of baggage car anil two sleeping cars wus made up and the 110 mites from Cincinnati^ Indianapolis was Covered In 123 minutes, the engine stopping at Greens- bnTg to bike water... Tlris was .the fastest time ever made between'Cincinnati and Indianapolis., Thfe special train yesterday over tine Big Four's St. Louis division, of seven care/made about as good a run with the Missouri delegation of the Christian. Endeavor people; making the run. from St. Louis to Indiana- polls, 2GG miles, in six hours and flve minutes. A special says: "Tihe - silver service to be prcsautied by the citizens oC Indiana to 'the battleship IrtMana lias been completed aud was' put on exhibition •today. '.There are about forty pieces, 'and Its cost.is more than $8,000. There are about two hundred pounds' of solid sllvar to lit. Mo,ny of -tibe 'larger pieces are Ltae'd witili gold 22 carats-flne/The mosrt beautiful- piece is ai massive llowor dish, Wended to .be a center •piece. •. Art one end Is.a large madal-lioai oanitrtJniilDg tlie seal of the state of Indl- iMiiti, whdl-e ait tine atihor and is n si-niJlar bearing liu- bold retlt-f a fac- ':p£ tho soldiers,, and i sailors' inonmiicut -in OFFICERS ELECTED. At rhe reguJ«.v meehujg of the ICp- wontli i Lcngue of the Wheaflnmd. street M. E. 'elmirch, Tuesday night,. the fol-' lowJiig. oHicers wur-i! elected: Chu-eniee Duiucam, prosldeni.; JIlss Cleo Bairjies, vice .pmsldent; Miss Grace -Bumcs, second vice president;' WiiMoi-Dilts, tihlrd vice pix^sideii't; Miss Kitle Piertt', fouith vice i>rw!d-cut; Miss Bolle JrtC'kjfou. secreibmT; Miss Sadie West, .trosisiHVr, MLss M.-iggk 1 Sliedell, ; T. C. H;U'n-es, choiistor. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they • cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There Is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous llninjg of the Eu--- stachlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be, taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, bearing will : be'des- troyed by catarrh, which'Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. ; . . . • We- will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness., (caused ;by catarrh): that cannot be.cured by:Hall's Catarrh Cure, Send for circulars, free. ' Sold by Drugjrlsts,''7r5c.; AMATEUR BASE BALL. lu; Viftovs nnd the Sou-rhsides yixl a giiiino of ball yesterday aftcr- 110.011 ait .'tlio So-iuUisldo grounds. Tlit sr.-oi-o \vns 33 to" 0 in favor of the Vlc- t.ws. Tlie buitterJiw were Csirroll and nwiell for tho Vlotoi-s, am*! Casuy n.nd Mitchell for the Soutlisides. James Hossmnn, who lives south'of Pern, says that last week h» h;ul eighteen ncres of clovoir completely destroyed by grass hoppers. The insects d'ld'oot leave a leaf in the field. They then commenced working, at an opts field and- eontilmue to do mucii damage. Tlio fanners ai-e now harvesting tliclr crops aittd -tlie dntnage wiU not bo- widespread. A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and iootlilng effect of Syrup of Figs, when n need of a laxative, and If the father or mother be costive or .bilious, the most gratifying results follojv its use; so that it is the best family remedy known and every family should have a bottle. • Charles HJHUhooise the Mexican war •efceran,' was run down by a bicyclist from Wtoamac yesterday moral ing, at •the corner of Market and Fourth itreets. The old gentleman was badly braised, but is now able to be out. SHORTAGE OF $297,000. Ex-City Attorney Moroland, of FJttt- bnrgh, to Be Trleil Blonday. Pittsburgh, Pa., 'July S.—The city au- dltorn-have ilnlahod the examination of-tna books of .ex-City Attorney Morelandaml ila aaelfitant, House, ana report $297,000 unaccounted for i on the books. The ex- .mlnatlon wax begun almost,u year ago. rhe'trial-of Messrs. Moreland and Housa 'or mliapproprlation of city funds lias been it for next Monday. WHOLE TOWN WIPED OUT. Tw.o'Tlioutand BunnlanB Made JUomfllesi In ' Province ot OrodnovlHk. St. Pcterabvirg, July 3,—The town of Ko- urtn, In: .the .province of Grodnovlsk, has >cen burned. Three hundred houses wera e*troyed and.2,000 people-ar.e homeless. • •:'-'• Foiind DCBil. Brooklyn', July S.-Nathan Slielton, who it one time was treasurer of the Union Paino Railway company under Jay Gould, was found dead Tuesday morning In front f hU home at.EO-Livingston street. Death waa due to a fractured skull. The deceased was 74 years old and was a somnambulist. Mr. Sheldon was Quite a-wealthy man ami lad an office at ?4 Broadway, N. Y. H» KBJS president of the Omaha Midland Guar- ntee & Trust company and'president ot he Illinois waterworks. THE MARKETS. '. Grnln, Pro»l»lon«, .Etc. , , . .., ..; - . .- .Chicago, JulyS. . FLOUR— Quiet and unchanged. Quotable: Wlritor-Patents.?3.40@3.60; straltrhta. $20003,20; clears. $2.6002.60;- seconds. $1.90@200; -low.- grades, $1,7C®2.00. .Spring-Patent,, »3.3B(|3.75; straight*, «J8C@3-20j bakers' J210@2.25; low.grades, .$1.50(tfl.ia; Red Vog, $1.20@1.40; Kye, $2.00<&)2.20. WHEAT— Moderately active and steady. July, ' GG%@5G&e ; . September. M%@5G%c. - CORKT-Stcady. No. .2, 26%@Z6%c; No. .J Yellow,. .26%@:ff%c;, July, 2C5Jc; September, 27V4@2TVic: December, 27%@27ftc; . May, 20%c and 29Mi@29%c. •' • '.'''' OATS— Fair trading and steady. No. 3 cash, 15H©l«c; July, 15M,©15%c; September ICftffllSHo; May. .l7H©18.Hc. Samples steadier/ No 3, 16®17'/,c; No, J White. 174 @19o;- No. 2. 16%'@l7cf- No. 2 White;;. -•' "' . - ..- --.. BARLEY— Very Quiet; low grades easy; eood Quality steady, .Thin, 19@23c; fair woiuht, but off color, 244[i:5p. Good color, B ' • •• ---~)c; choice to fancy, fair to good weight, 30&32C. . , , , . . . MESS PORK— Oftorlnss moderate,, and demand active. -Prices easier.. Quotations ' ranged at $6,0606.70 for cash:. JB.55®; 665 -for July; $6.66@C.8 for September; »G,65@6,75 for October, and $7.45<8>7- 63 Vi.for January,-' "'•' ' •'"''',. LARD— Demand . fairly -active and -of- feringB- free.- Prices easier.: -• QuotaUoni ranged at.$3.C6@S.70 for cash; »3.65&3.TO /or July:/$3.75i(>8.S7V4 lor.'Scptember, and or January •'•'• '• . . .. BUT\'ER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creamerica, , 10«i>14Hc : Dairlea, 9@12o. LIVE '.POULTRY- — Only -moderate demand. Turkeys, 7©9c; Chickens, S@S^u;. Bpring Ducks, 8S9c' per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.0004.00: _ _ ' .' -'. • UTO Sfcpcli. ..---..),••• •.,.'' :•.. . ':"'-" _. Chicago, July 8, CATTLE— Market, steady. .Best .riatlv« •tronger, others v/oak. ,,'Jexann,:10c hlgh- ,or: Fair, to best beeves. .{3.4004.50;. stock-. era and' 'feeders, J2.tOQf3.7S; mixed cows and 'bulls, $i:2h@3.60;':T<!xa»,'JS-K)®3:80.' • .,'.'.; HOQS— Market opened -lltronger; closed •weak I :avcraeln« Hteady. .Light. $3. COS'S, 66;.. rough 'packing, K.85(&'3.0G; mixed and butch,ma', »8.16@3.'i)5; : heavy packing and shipping, »3.1(K5)3UO:. .plga, $2.75®3.CO. .- • f THE BANK OF FRANCE. 4 Dlnonnnlon That Will Arise on the Question of Renewing- tie Charter. The .subject of renewing- the privileges ol the Bank of Franf (vwill shortly come up for discussion in the cbajn- 'ber, after having been, in abeyance since 1892, when the senate approved a bill for the purpose. That bill, Bays the Edinburgh Scote- .Knn, hai> not since been modified, and the provisions included in if will, it is thought, be adopted without material alteration. One. ol thorn, which was to .empower the bank to increase its note Issue from 3,500,000,000f. to V 000,000,000f., waa passed as far back as 1693. The charter expires on December 31, 1895,, and the proposal in to extend it for,:, a further period of 20 years from tha* date, in consideration of the bank making' certain concessions to the state, ,(j ,,...' Among these concessions is one by which the bank ia to foreg-o all future interest on the government debt, amounting to 140,000,000f., and not to demand repayment of. the capital BO long- aa the charter. is.;.in force. The bank is to undertake th's service of the national -debt nnd transact other business for the treasury, both at the head office nnd branches, free of charge, and make an annual payment to the latter of 2,000,000f. duxmg tJie first year 1 of the currency of the new charter, nnd 2,500,0001 per annum subsequently. It is to open several new branches, and mnke advances to agricultural cooperative .societies. It is not improbable that au effort will bo made to convert the bank into a state institution, but such a project does not ccmmnnrt support either in financial or ministerial circles, and is not in the least degree likely to meet with success. . STOLEN COMFORT. Old Ell TukdS a Few Glorious Honn of Freedom. "Suy," said the man with the correct clothes aud the bowed back and horny hands of a farmer to the restaurant^ waiter, "have you got pig jowl and greens her*? An' .buttermilk? An'." cornbread? An' kin I shqyel the truck in with a knife and take my coat off?" The waiter, relates the -Indianapolis Journal, to-ld him he could be accommodated in all particulars. The 'ex-farmer removed his coat and • sat down opposite a man who looked ns if he might be willing to listen, and explained: - . • , "It's been two years now," said he, "senco we struck gas on. the fnrm, and I ain't had a square meal sence. Been flllin' up on Charley horse rusies, soo- ilay : de aJlakazam, an' all them French dishes ever sence. That's what comes of marry in' a woman who believes, in keepin' up with the pcrccssiou when you got the price, as she puts it." "I should think.you would have rebelled long ago," said the listener. ' "Wotfld, but, you see, about three year ngo I was so deep in debt that -I had to put the farm in her - name. I sneaked away to-day.-an' left her at .one of them fine hotels. I'm goin' to.haveou' orgic of old-fashioned yittels, scsprilly pop, an' mebbe a Beer or two, an 1 go back an' tell her what. I've did, an' ef she wants to git a d-ivorce she con git it. Old -Eli will hey. bed his day of froe- 'dom for a few glorious hours, anyway!" AFRAID OF HIS OWN GUNS. Why the Sultan ol Turkey Does Not Want ; . . it Navy. The incident which led to the order for the extinction of the Turkish navy was as fallows, says the Pittsburgh Dispatch. A transport was bringing a number of time-expired men home, when they respectfully mutinied, and begged their officers to go below, as they wished to do something which might not, bo approved of. Some noncommissioned officers then took command, and anchored .off the palace, and, after firing a sahite, began shouting: "Long live the sultan!" This demonstration csused immediate confusion at the palace, nnd various high, officers were dispatched to parley withi- the mutineers, but they insisted on seeing' the minister, and wthen he lit last appeared they said they knew the sultan had given the money to pay them, but they had not received it, and they would not budge until they did. No. arguments were of any avail, and. the money, had to be sent for nnd. distributed, after which the men weighed anchor wi'tfi a. cJieer, anil g-a-ve up the ship again. -The sultan, however, reflected that'what a transport had done peaceabl/'a heavily-armed man-of-war might do wiHi'evil intent, and, calling Hassan Pasha to hitt^ he declared that he. wanted no.more navy. FREAKS OF STUDENTS. Promenade Without Han and Walk Upon tho Wet Griimi Uurefoot. The i'ale students have adopted a new fad this year. It is promenading up and down Chapel street and about the different New Haven thoroughfares without hats or head covering of any kind. It is the upper cJass men.and society men chiefly who arc making themselves thus conspicuous. . ; It is a com-mon occurrence on a pleasant morning to meet five or.sjxjncn. walking together'through' th<) shop- .ping'-districtof the.town, to ail appearances perfectly unconscious that they ore attracting attention. Jurist year the student's,.'with' the first blush, of Bum--. mer, ; conceived the. idea of wearing 1 tremendous farmcrlikc straw hats. It -.became-such-a 1 fad that tlie shopkeepers had a special' supply sent to them from the manufacturers. They were ha'ta of the',kind usually" kept by tho conn try.- grocer, and until ; the students 'took them up.were never found in the swell.shops,.' .'•' •-..•'. : ' '; ; ' .'' ? AnOtbrr n-rr-ntly adopted fad of this- season n'nioii'g 1 the students is that of talcing, off their shoes and stockings after'a rain'-storm, and, with '.their; ^trousers" turned up .above$;tbc 'enklps,. Wading; about in ,the grpss back of the churches, on the ,preen in tbe center of •tne-r-towr!: ' : ''--.- -. •'" ,-. ..-.' - .-'- JULY SALE OF Summer Clothing J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS. 322 Market Street. UNDERSTAND We are uot closing out to quit bus'iuess, neither Ls our stock such aa is usually found in closing out sales. OUR GOODS arc of BEST MAKE AN* NEWEST STYLES. We simply wish, to give our customers an opportunity of buying at creatly reduced prices anything they may wish In our immense stock, between seasons. Here are some of the BARGAINS we propose giving you. ONE FOURTH off onjall Crash Suits. ONE FOURTH off on all Men's and Boys' Pants. ONE FOURTH off on all Summer Coats and Vests, Alpacas, Woolens, Serges. Straw Hats all $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, now $1.00 Straw Hats all 75c and $1. now . . . .50 In our Men's dept we will give you all wool suits as low- as $4 75. $8. to $15 suits $5.76 to $10.76. We have a line of Men's and Boys' strictly a'l wool black, clay and worsted suits to close out at Wind $7.00 all Old Goods at Half Price. REnEMBER We mark our goods !n plain figures, so that any one can tell esact- •ly what they are getting. SHREWD BUYERS will call and take . , advantage of t.hLs sale without delay. It wil! be to the INTEREST OF ALL'to not miss lr. Regular prices for all goods charged during thlssaie. ; i ] '~i j •; j .• ,, j. ' ,1 } j; ;: v .:.' ; J Inventors ut This Out for Future Reference. Sketches of all kinds prepared for decorative and commercial pnrpoeea. Mechanical and prospective draw lags of Electric, Pneumatic and Agricultural devices prepared for the Paten t office. • . •- • Designing a specialty. ' . •. Claims for Letters of Patent proseo uted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low Jrates on heaters during the months of May, June,.July, August and September. ^fClASSl PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchbors: Optical Co. The well-known JSpeclalbls' ol New York have appoint* D. A. HACK as agent tor their celebrated Spectacles and Ire Glasses, every pair »uaianteed, D. A. HAUK hiu complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves ot the Bleat superiority fit these good* «?•» any mwrafacuired, at the store ot». A. HAUK, sole agent lor Lognnspcrt lad. ffo Peddlers Supplied. A SUPERBLY APPOINTED TEA1N. ' Undoubtedly the handsomest train between Chicago aM St. Paul, Minneapolis, the .Superiors aiid Dulutli is the "Xovttii Western. Limited," which Je.ivfis Chicago at 6:30 p. m. daily "via the North Western L!se (Chicago . & •North Western ,K.y). -Its equipment, • .which-Is entirely DCTV throughout, OJOTt embraces Corupartaneint' Sleeping'Cars,' Buffet, Smoking and: Library Care, shindiird Sleeping Cars, Dining Cars and ladles', coaclics,'lias every luxury that .iuiaginatl<m:can conceive or mind Invent for the comfort-and convpiiieace ''ot pnissiengers. All agents sell tickets ,i t-lie Chicago &' North Western R'y. For full information apply to agents of connecting line, or address W. B. Knlsliern, G. P. and T. A. Chicago. III. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. I have, this day withdrawn, from the firm of George Strecker, Jr., & Co., and any and all debte mado by said flrm.ts to be paid by iSaid Geargu Strocker. Jr., as I have no f uiitber interest in said firm of George Strodccr, Jr., & Co., and all claims duo flic, said firm aje to be paid to George Stivcker, Jr. . , GEORGE STRECKER, JK. HARRY I. KELLER, * Logansport, Ind., July 1,180G. .. Round trip rate to St. Joeepb, $2;. to Lake Maxinkuckee, 51. Train leaves Vandalia staHon every.; Strnday at 7 Merit in medicine means the power to cure. The great cures by Hood's SaP- saparllla prove ite unequaled merit

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