Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 17, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1949
Page 4
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I PAGE4—NACGATOCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, OCT. 17. 1947 t*«btlan«d Cvcry Kvenlng (daept Sunday) by NAT7GATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. TMephoon IMS and AH Batcrad a* ««cond clasa matter at tb« port offlM la Naugatuch. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month .. .S1JO 1 Tear $1540 ttunber: Newspaper Pub. AM*H tf. «. Dally Newspaper Pirt. Com. M«w»paper Publishers MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1949 A Sturdy Line Many men are spurred to achievement by the desire to pass wealth or an honored name to their descendants. Part of the satisfaction brought by hard- won fame is the anticipation that following generations will happily bask in reflected glory. The hope that there will be male heirs to carry a famous name is seldom realized for more than a few generations, and rare is the descendant who bears the name of an ancestor who achieved distinction many cen- taries ago. George Washington has no children. .Of Lincoln's sons, only Robert grew to manhqod and he had no son. Jackson was childless and Jefferson was survived only by daughters.,- Napoleon's only son died in childhood. More fortunate was Christopher Columbus, who founded a durable dynasty. He has been dead 443 years, but there is still .a descendant bearing his name and the multitudes of titles which the grateful sovereigns of Aragon and Castille bestowed on him and on his heirs in perpetuity. The present Christopher Co- himbus was invited to attend New York's Columbus Day ceremonies this year, but his duties as a lieutenant in the Spanish navy required his presence elsewhere. He has inherited, along -.vith his proud name, the troubles -.vhich might be expected in a world that is tnoV always as credulous as It seems. He encountered much scoffing liughter when he gave his name rs Christopher Columbus. It became tiresome, so now he uses Christopher Veragua, being Christopher Veragua', being r.mong other things the 17th Tuke of Veragua. Life would doubtless be sim- i'orly irksome for a seventh or c'ghth George Washington or a direct descendant whose name v as Napoleon Bonaparte or Wil- Kam Shakespeare. I lake It Even-Stephen It is difficult for those who fave not seen figures as to the ebb and flow of "seating traffic" on the driver's seats in trucks to decide how to greet the announcement that out of the chemical horn of plenty, the DuPont laboratories, has come perhaps the most rugged upholstery material ever made. By seating traffic, presumably, they mean the familiar motion of plumping one's self down behind the wheel, going through the requisite number of squirms and wriggles that driving entails, then sliding out. Well, the new coated fabric sounds exciting, and it is easy to think of many other places where it should be used. And since all things eventually seek a balance, probably one of the textile divisions of DuPont, or some other company, is now working to bring the seat of the pants up to standard wear-wise. It would be only fair. Defense Fears Contest in Washington over the pinching out of naval funds is producing all the yeowling of a catfight but the importance of the discussion is basic. The issue is whether the United States Is laying the groundwork realistically for its defense in case of a war with Russia. This nation has never been adequately prepared for a war. Although it has muddled through against a strong adversary who was also involved elsewhere or. as in the case of Mexico and Spain, fought with countries relatively weaker. The outcry today is that the Washington military authorities are designing a defense built around aviation alone in the belief that the atom bomb will be decisive. Russia's alleged possession of the bomb has caused grave and-desperate doubts. Assertions that the chief potential carrier of the bomb, the B-36, is extremely vulnerable do nothing to quiet fears over current policy. The Navy apparently is set down for convoy duty alone. If it is good for convoy duty, why isn't it also capable of reaching and establishing the advanced bases America would require if Ruosia swept over Europe and Asia? If the atom bomb can wipe out all naval forces, a theory that has not been seriously advanced, then it is foolish to waste appropriations on any ships. But if the Navy can do convoy duty, it obviously can do more. The world is in a military revolution. No one can foresee all the details of the next clash of arms. Until the situation has been clarified it would be extreme foolhardiness to liquidate the United States Navy which is, by long odds, the most powerful in the world. Plenty Of Apples Johnny Appleseed has been done proud by this year's crop. *Too much so, some say, although it is difficult to see how that would be possible. The country's orchards have put out 130,000,000 bushels, a whopping 41,000.000 more than in 1948, sending Department of Agriculture emissaries scurrying about the country to promote increased consumption of this ambrosia of all fruits. Unless normal channels of trade drain off the surplus, warns the production and marketing administration of the Department of Agriculture, the government will be compelled to buy it up under the market stabilization program. But first, the nation's homemakers. grocers, food processors and restaurant operators are being urged to dig into the supply. How successfully this missionary work will pan out remains to be seen. In the past, the good old law of supply and demand— now repealed—would have taken care of the crop. But in consumers suceced in eating their way through the crop they will have fewer apples to buy as taxpayers. And tasty appie pie beats apple subsidies any day of the week. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Calvin Hoadley, a member of the class of 1950 at the University of Connecticut, was chosen a cheerleader/ A strong Shelton High football team routed Naugatuck, 33-6. at Shelton. Joe Tamsey scored the lone touchdown for the Greyhounds. 20 Years Ago John Bickerdike was chairman of a dance to raise funds for the Rangers football team. John Mahoney, a student at Bay Path Institute, Springfield, Mass., was visiting with his parents in the borough. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is it all right for a man to remove his glove to shake hands when being introduced? A. Yes, if he can do so quickly and without making it obvious. He need not, however, delay the introduction and it is in good form for him to shake hands with his glove on — nor does he have to apologize for it. Q. What would be the correct way for two unmarried sisters to register at a hotel? A. They should register, "Miss Jane Wilson, Miss Jean Wilson, Detroit. Mich." Q: How long before tthe stated hour should guests arrive to attend a home wedding? A. About fifteen minutes before the stated hour. John P. Coe, general manager of the Naugatuck Chemical and Synthetic Divisions of U. S..Rubber told the plant's Foremen's Club last week of the general business and sales trends being experienced. . .He also outlined the organization of the company ...Clarence Haigh is moaning the fact that George Weiss has given the gate to Hugh Casey... Fragrant packages and paper 'are the latest wrinkle In the merchandising mart...A chemical company sends us a note on paper bearing a nice aroma of ( vanilla.. Veddy aromatic. Volunteer drivers are wanted for the proposed Red Cross Motor Service. . .Call 6185 or 5214.. .Natty uniforms and a new station wagon are among the attractions to a worthwhile service. Rep. Adam Mengacci is still plugging to get state aid for the local school building program.. . Unless the state comes through, Naugatuck may be faced with a special tax to pay the cost of the three buildings.. .At least $50,000 is needed... It was happy birthday Sunday for Phil Rice, popular plant Tnanag-er of the Naugatuck Chemical Co and Herb Billings, president of the Rotary Club, will be a year older on next Thursday, . .Congratulations. . . Herb will probably get his special flower and serenade at the Ladies' Night program of the Rotary Wednesday. ... Other anniversaries yesterday were: Mr. and Mrs. William Molnar, their first... and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Giuliano, their first. . .. Mrs. Molnar Is the former Trances Jordan and Mrs. Giuliano the former Rose Rado.. .Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kislelewski, Jr., of Prospect street, wore another local couple celebrating their first anniversary yesterday. Celebrating their llth anniversary Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amaral, Jr., of Spencer street...And today, Mr. and Mrs. William Lalor, of Meadow court, mark up their 28tn year of married life.. .Congratulations. Wednesday will mark the third anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Candee's wedding day. .. And next Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blederman, of Russell street, celebrate their 21st anniversary. Belated greetings to Audrey Patterson, of Central avenue, who celebrated her birthday, Oct. 6... And ditto to Mrs. John J. Gormley, whose birthday was last Thursday, and Mrs. Danny Pisani, who also celebrated recently. Congratulations will be In order Thursday to Congressman James T. Patterson, Mrs. Catherine Sweeney, Herb Billings and Mildred C. Galvin, all of whom will be observing birthdays... And Friday, Joe Schlldgen and Mrs. James Murphy will observe their birthdays. Today Is the first birthday of Edward Robert Bontempo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bontempo, of Coen street.. .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valinches, of Nixon avenue, both have birthdays coming up this week... Congratulations. More birthdays..; Tomorrow Donna Marie Costa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Costa, of Hotchkiss street, will be seven. (...Joseph Knowles, son of. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knowles, of Park avenue, was' three .recently. ... Wednesday will find Janet Dethlefsen, daughter of, Mr. and Mrs. Clayt Dethlefsen, of Quinn street, celebrating her third birthday, and Joel Durett«, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Durette. of Candee road, observing his seventh. Local firemen will be glad to see the end of Fire Prevention Week...It's been a busy one... Jim Pettit, Footwear Plant Fire Chief, has been given a sound back-thumping by his associates for his quick work in averting a serious fire on Rubber avenue last Thursday night... Francis "Chick" Creddo would make a good candidate for Arthur Godfrey's talent hunt. ..If you haven't ,make It a point to hear him sing and play the cornet—without an Instrument yet.. Ray Doncourt was master of ceremonies at a recent testimonial dinner at Harmon's restaurant, for Bill Fleming of Sheffield Lane, soon to join the Benedicts. .. .Jack Maher hates to walk, but admits he walks just for exercise. • „ Hope we'll soon, see all those motion pictures Anthony Norman Nardello took'at the Cristoforo Colombo hall dedication Saturday night... • Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tyburski who .observed their first wedding anniversary. ...Mrs. T. is th& former Ann Sugrue, of Waterbury... Also observing their first anniversary yesterday wereMr. and Mrs. Philip King, of Carroll street. Genial Frank Grant, ' ever- cordial and shilling steward, of the Elks' club. Is an early riser Frank has a cheerful' greeting each day for his fellow Church street travelers before 7 a. in Father Robert Keating ' of Meriden, top^ Connecticut after dinner speaker; will do a little listening tonight.. .He'll be honored guest at a testimonial in Wavcrly Inn, arranged by the Catholic War Veterans', of which he's chaplain... A large Naugatuck delegation will be-present. .. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Nlssen are new-Studebakerlng-... .Now we'll take that Maine trip, Hans Atty. Lawrence S, '{Matzkln Is secretary of the. Mattatuck Honseware Corp. which has flled a certificate of organization with the secretary of the state. SORRY, SENATOR DOOLITTLE, WE'RE ALL FILLED upr WALTER WINCHELL In New York Mr». Anna Kasenklna, the woman who jumped to safety from a Russian Consulate window, will make wedlines with another refugee ... .John,Steinbeck's new Juliet is Swede and Lovely "Pat" Anttman, once adored by' Swedish Prince Bertll,... .Gloria Swanson's little girt Michele has Wealthy Robert (hot the politico) Wagner's heart doing nip-ups. ...Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran will teepee at The Waldorf in Nov.;.. RomeO'- Dwyer and his front-paged heart- attack of a year ago (which turned out to be Sloan Simpson) weren't secretly . stitched Below The Bord- ef,i .huh,?..''.';Ernest Bevin's dghtr (Mrs. S. Wynne) and her Ever- Lovin' are decide whether The Thing should go on... .Ingrid Berg-manfW little Pia has flnallybeen informed of The Great Divide and she wants her Mania. The fellow - travelers- are now fellow-prisoners... .The Communist Party, has . turned Into a Communist Funeral... .It's going to be nice having them in our jails instead of In our hair, i. .And seeing them with gray strpes on their backs, instead of .yellow streaks They aren't going to make a farce out of the U. S. the way they did out of the U..N:. ....The Communists had the first sneers but Judge Medina had the last, laugh In short, Judge Medina was acquitted! It cost the, Scummunists : $250,000 for defense shysters. That's the costliest flop since Tony Farrell's "All For Love. Moscow- nixed Mrs. V. Gubltch- ev's request for a melting. The date"-;of'his trial with Judith Cop- Ion will be decided today. He may refuse defense counsel. ,. .Romano Mussolini, the Duce's other son, will marry a rich landowner's dghtr in Buenos Aires The Aga Chan's wife, Yvette, is trying to Ret hers'annulled by the clerics... Margaret ("Gone With the Wind") Mitchell's ailing husband reported back in the hosp from the terrible heartache Tom Abbott, the radio writer, and "Charlie" Janes (a Vogue editor) were middle-aisled Oct. 14th... ..Stan Fischer tells churns he will wed .Neveda Smith flhowgrel...; Gloria Swanson's ex- groom. Bill Davey, bequeathed a generous sum to the Runyon Cancer Fund. Hi» will is beingp rotated in ,the Reno courts (where he died) on the 24th. evasaiun atdtdEr Delbert Clark, whose new book, Again the Goose Step," (Bobbs- Merrill). is a must, offers the col'm evidence • (via a • Rome newspaper clipping) that he got his facts straight... It shows a gal in Germany wearing a new dress fabric with an over-all pattern of swastikas. The,design is now popular in Western Germany... She was Photo'd (in the, swastika frock) at the ceremony at Bonn when the Western powers turned over authority to, the "new Democratic government!" Gloria Gale (former showgel here )has her 3rd divorce from the same husband. Social and rich Mlg- uel Diaz Barrlga—in Mexico City. The beeg settlement starts in Jan. ...A major accounting- firm is being sued by nine banks. For half- million... Harriet Sims, dghtr of the Metro music biggie, becomes Mrs. Richard Ross of Long Island Jan. 15... Joe Kamp, under prison sentence for contempt of Congress (stalled over a year), is trying to stay otitta the clink by hoping for a High Court review... They say the soon' due film, "Roman Holi- Household Scrapbook Putty Make putty of pure linseed oil and a good grade of writing, mixed in the proportions of about 17 per cent linseed oil and 83 per cent whiting. Before applying the putty, prime the wood with oil paint. The only treatment necessary for the glass is to see that it is clean and dry. Excessive Perspiration You can relieve excessive perspiration by bathing the area with one teaspoon of powdered alum to a quart of water. Allow to dry, then rinse and dust with talcum powder. Cheese Cheese will 'not mold if it is wrapped in a cloth that is constantly moistened with vinegar. Butter the cut edges of the cheese to keep it from hardening. Look And Learn 1. What do the colors in the U. S. flag symbolize? ,2. How much louder is the loudest sound that can be heard by the human ear than the faintest sound that can be heard? 3. What President preceded Abraham Lincoln? 4. In what month of the year are colds most prevalent? 5. How many legs do all true insects have? v Answers 1. The red is for valor, zeal, and fervency; the white for hope, purity, and rectitude of conduct; the blue for the color of Heaven, reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity, justice, and truth. 2.More than a million times. 3. James Buchanan. 4. October. 5. Six legs. tf It's Anything for Tour Floor OfU ARRAY FLOOR COVERINGS SO Diamond St. Tel. 0013 Back From Exile ARRIVING In New York from Italy, Mrs. Giustina Lomoriello, 41, Brooklyn, N. Y., is embraced by her daughter, Anna, and a son (background), aboard the liner Saturnia. Mrs. Lomoriello, mother of seven children, lost 'her citizenship by voting in the 1946 Italian elections. Her three-year exile in Italy ended when a Congressional bill restored her citizenshJD. (International) day." is about Princess Margaret. ...Does Tallulah Bankhead know that perfume named Tallulah will be ready for Christmas shoppers? .. .Howcum the Columbus Day Parade goes up 5th Avenue where Chris (in Columbus Circle) can't see it? Congrats to Archbishop J. F. Rummel (of New Orleans) for canceling the Catholic Holy Name ceremony scheduled the other day. Because city officials insisted it be segregated.. .The L. Jaffes (he's a Columbia Pictures exec) are imaging... The Walter LaBories (of the R. H. Donnelly Co.) expect theirs in Jan... What Depression? Some swank Madison Avenue shops (for. men) feature Llama skin coats for only $500... The big jewel thieves are unloading the "ice" in Rio and Buenos Aires... Bob Swann with plenty of socialoot and Peggy Kidd (she's top-ranking golfer, also loaded) have that merger-urge. ...Q. Reynolds and wife Virginia have a "Mr. and Mrs." teevee offer, (Good gad!)... A Boston firm is testing a tomato-flavored ice- cream! Joe E. Brown's dghtr Mary Is beginning to see aisle-to-aisle with Bud Kirby... Patricia Knight, estranged from Cornel Wilde, is being consoled by Richard Falrservice... Martha Dunn, Chicago showgel, flies in weekends to date Frank Costella, a, Newark medico... The L. Brannans of the AP World newsdesk (Mildred Palk of the N. Y. Sun) are 3'ing...Nice Work Dept.: Mary Pickford, who hasn't worked in 15 years, made over $150,000 in 1948. Annuities.. .The gal smoking a big black seegar at the Polonaise was grandma Nancy Carroll!... Life is doing F. Costello's life. Merle Oberon made a pilgrimage to Count Cini's grave Novelist Louis Bromfield's daughter Hope is working at Mainbocher's... Just In case the argument ever comes up you can safely wager that one million bux (in $1 bills) weighs 4,000 Ibs..."Re-Union of the U S Marines" (24th Reserve Officers' Class) is Nov. 19 at the Hotel Commodore Reservations for the Roney-Plaza (Miami Beach) are pouring in. The Boca Raton Club is sold out until New Year's already. .. Composer Sigmund Romberg broke a thumb taking'a shower In his Ritz Tower. (It wasn't even Satdee night!).. .A. Weil, Parisian perfuman, claims there'd be fewer divorces if American gels used perf properly. Sounds scent- sible Russia named a mountain after Robeson. The U. S. should name a sewer after him. Oeo. Wigglesworth & Son, Inc PLUMBING, HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING MAPUB STREET U Hour OH Burner Seme* TEL. 6268 3ANT08 GENERAL REPAIES ' Radiators, Batteries Washing- Machines, Baby Carriages Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED _4BO Rubber Are. Phone 6377 NEW ENGUND:S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMINAL BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil Per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3541 ^W u BUCKLEY /« BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS AT CHICOSKI BROS. NEW MARKET CHOICE MEATS SPECIALS D ; ROAST PORK ib RIB END 8-10 LB. AVERAGE Ib SMOKED HAM FRESH SHOULDERS SIRLOIN — SHORT STEAKS MINCED HAM SKINLESS — BEST GRADE FBANKFURTS LARD DEEF LIVER LEGS OF LAND in DONELESS VEAL ib 55 89 55 Ib TO ROAST FREE DELIVERY CALL, 3708 We Are Members of Progressive Grocers Assoc. GROCERIES .^i^ggfl^^^^^^ BB^*Bi«BB^^BaBaBi^^K*i(B^B^BBMiB^BMa*BBBl*BBHHBVaBB SPECIALS LARGE CAN (4 Ears) STOKELY'S Corn on the Cob 35c P.G.A. COFFEE ib 89c MONEY BACK GUARANTEE STOKELY'S Fancy Pumpkin 21 c 2—16 OZ. 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