Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1949 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 5
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Tuesday Evening, Oct. 4, 1949 RADIO COLUMN (»>— r»ll •••* ««»— Half ••« WON— Main). ne ••. •Mrleaa. See kc. -Xmttmmn. «T* k*. TITEIDAY BVBNINO CST «:00—WBBM—Beulah WON—Hurlelgh. New* WLS—Lewi*. Mew* WMAQ—Jimmy Blade WSAL.—( O'clock Kdltlon I:1S—WGN—Number Flea** WBBM Jack Smith Show YV.MAW—Beatly new* WLS—P. F. Air Edition WSAL—Here'* To Vet* • :25—WLS—Midwest Weather Report «:»0— WMAQ—Six-Thirty Special WLS—Counter Spy WBBM—Club Fifteen WON—Gabriel Heatter. New* WSAL—Candlelight And Silver «:«—WBBM—Murrow. New* WON—Behind The Story WMAQ—Earl Godwin, New* t— WBBM—My«tern Theatre WON—Gregory Hood WLS—Beautiful Muale WMAQ—Cavalcade Of America WSAL—The Star* Sing T:l»—WSAL—Man With The Band WLS—We See By The Paper* t4e— WUBM—Mr. aad Mr*. Norm WLS—V?wn Meeting AVMAQ—Alan Young Show WGN—Official Detective WSAL—Song* of Yesterday T:1S—WON—Bill Henry. New* !:««—WBBM—Melody Tim* WMAQ—Bob Hope Show WGN—Fulton Lewi*. Jr. WSAL—Evening Serenade |:1(—WGN—Thl* J* The Story i:ii_WMAQ—Fibber McGe* WON—Mysterloue Traveler WBBM—Life With Lulgl WLS—Can ham, New* 1:41—WLS—We Car* •;•»—WMAQ—Big Towa WGN—Dr. Kildar* WLS—Time For Defense WBBM.—Hit The Jackpot •:l»—WON—The Northerner* WLS—A* We See It WMAQ—People Are Funny WBBM—Report To The People • :4I—WSAL—World New* WLS—It'* Tour Buslnes* WBBM—Jean William* Shew WBMBSDAT HOKUMS :»0—WBBli—Harrington. New* WGN—Rnrlelgh. new* WMAQ—Tour Neighbor (H) WLS—Breakfast Club <F) •WSAL—World New* ' •ill—WBBM—Co**t Rhythm* WSAL—Morning Melodle* WGN—Two Ton Baker •:!•—WBBM—Pickup Tim* WGN—Telephone QuU WMAQ—Mucio That Sing* •let—?*BBM— Shopping WON—Today'* the Day WMAQ—Norman Berry. New* •:«*—WBBM—Blng Crosby WON—Spencer Allen. New* WMAQ—Welcome Traveler! WLS—True Story (H) WSAL—Horning Devotion* t:ll—WBBM—Arthur Godfrey WGN—Claude Thornhlll WEAL—Organ Reverie* |i|»—WLS—Betty Crocker I!lft—WBBM—Arthur Godfrey WGN—Virginia Gal* WMAQ—Marriage For Twe WSAL—Tun* Time •tW—WON—Spot* of HMto WMAQ—Dorothy Dim WLS—Victor Llndlahr WBBM—Arthur Godfrey WSAL—Melody Hour !•:«*—WBBM—Arthur Godfrey ' WGN—Dr. Preston Bradley WMAQ—The Doctor'* Office WLS—Captain Stubby 1«:SI—WMAQ—Doctor's Office . WON—Your Marriage WLS—Kitchen Club WSAL—Novelesque !•:••— WBBM—Grand Slum WGN—Against The Them WMAQ—Jack Berch WLS—Dolph Hewitt .. « W 2AJ'— sti i k » "«• Th « *••* ie:4l— WBBM—Rosemary WMAQ—Lora Lawten WLS—Boy Lyle, New* WSAL—Movie Tim* 19:15—WSAL—Souvenir Sens' ll:»»—W&BM—Wendy WarrM WGN—Kate Smith WHAQ—Here'* Norman Keie T/LS—House Party WSAL—-Musical Memolre 11:11—WBBM—Aunt Jenny WGN—Double Day Qul* 11:10—WBBM—Helen Trent WGN—News "WLS—-Farm World Today U:4»—WBBM—Our Gal Sunday WGN—"World Scries 11:55—WLS—Weather Outlook WED.NEIDAY AFTERNOON C»T 12:00— WBBM—Big Slater WGN—World Series WMAQ—New* WLS—Prairie Farmer WSAL—Farm Fair 1»:OS—WSAL—Farm Fair U:1S—WBBM—Ma Perkins WMAQ—Food Magician 12:10—WBBM—Bentley, New* WLS—News WGN—World Series WSAL—Noon Time New* 13:41— WBBM—Holding Light •WGN—World Series WLS—This Farming Business WMAQ—Elizabeth Hart WSAL—4th & Broadway 11:50—WLS—Livestock Market lieu—WJJBM—Mrs. Burton WGN—World Series WLS—Musical Almanac WSAL—Luncheon Music WMAQ—Double or Nothing. lilt—WBBM—Perry Mason WLS—School Time WSAL—Luncheon Music 1:»0—WSAL—Today In Baseball 1:25—WSAL—Baseball 1:10— WBBM—Nora Drake WGN—World Series WMAQ—Today'* Children. WLS—Bride And Groom 1:45—WBBM—What Makes You Tick WGN—World Series WMAQ—Light ol tne World WLS—Doc Burlingham 1:50—WLS—Closing Market 1:00— WBBM—David Harum WGN—World Series • WMAQ—Life Can tie Beautiful WLS—To Be Announced 1:11—WMAQ—Road Of Lit* WBBM—Hilltop House 1:»0—WBBM—The Wilaonalres WMAQ—Pepper \oanf WLS—Ladlets Be Seated WGN—Marriage Bureau 1:41—WON—Franklyn MacCer- mack WBBM—Julian Bentley, Newa WMAQ—Right to Happlnes *;»«—WLS—Ted jrfalone 1:00—WBBM—Rhyme Doe* Pay WGN—Radio QulR, WLS—Galan Drake WMAQ—Backstage Wife 1:11—WGN—You Can't Los* WMAQ—Stella Dallas WBBM—Life of the Party WLS—Tune Time S:tO—WBBM—News WGN—Linda'* First Love WMAQ—Lurenxo Jone» WLS—Martha , And Helen 1:45—WLS—Lulu Belle WGN—Editor'* Daughter WBBM—Fahey Flynn, News WMAQ—Young Wldder Brown WSAL—Musical Scoreboard 4:*0—WBBM—Paul Gibson IHJ WON—Nichols, News WMAQ—A Girl Marries WLS—Rhymes N' Rhythm WSAL—Teen Time 4:11—WON—Marshall Kent Show WLB--Slnging Strings WMAQ—Portia Face* Life 4:10—WBBM—Lon Saxon Show WGN—Baker'* Spotlight WMAQ—Just Plain BUI WLS—Lewis, New* 4:*5—WBQM—Top Tune Time 4:4f—WBBM—Gold Coast WGN—Singing Story Time WMAQ—Front Page Fan all ^WBBM—New* WON—Cisco Kid (H) WMAQ—News, Local WL8—Challenge of Yukon •ill—WBBM—Harrington, 'new* WMAQ—Dave Qarroway Show WSAL—Sacred Heart 1:10—WBBM—Curt Massey Time WON—Tom Mix WLS—Jack Armstrong WSAL—Keyboard Artist 1:41—WBBM—Lowell Thomas Time WON—Curley Bradley WHAQ—Holtraan. New* WSAL—Sports Kdltlon WSaDNBSDAY EVBHTIHS CiT (:00—WBBM—Beulah WMAQ—Jimmy Blaie WON->-HurlelKh, News WLS—Lewie. New* WSAL—-World New* •:li—WLS—Livestock WMAQ—Beatty. New* WON—Number Please WBAL—Vole* of Army WBBM—Jack Smith Show • l|i—WLS—Midwest Weather •lie—WL8—Lon* Ranger (H) WOK—Gabriel Heatter WMAQ—Six-Thirty Special Top Admirals Back Protest Over Military Unification AVASHINGTON (UP) — Three of I the Navy's top admirals yesterday threw their weight behind Capt. John G. Crommelin's charge that unification policies are wrecking naval offensive power and jeopardizing national security. Vice Adm. Gerald F. Bogan, commander of the First Task fleet In th« Pacific, registered his "hearty and complete agreement" with Cromroelln in a letter sent"through channels" to Secretary of the Navy Francis P. Matthews. Bogan's letter carried carefully worded but approving endorsements from Adm. Louis Denfield, chief of naval operations and the top uniformed officer in the navy, and from Vice Adm. A. W. Rad- ford, commander in chief of the U. S. Pacific fleet. It marked the first time that Denfield had openly indicated-sympathy with Crommelin's warning that navy fighting power is being "nibbled to death" under the unification program. Crommelin, veteran' naval aviator, risked his career last month to blow the lidoff the long-simmering interservice controversy over "unified" defense plans. A navy spokesman said Matthews was "quite disturbed" when he learned that a copy of the letter had'leaked to the press. The navy secretary called in Denfeld and other high officers for a conference on the matter. Senator Warms Labor Unions To Resolve "Petty Differences ST. PAUL, Minn. (UP) — Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr., D., Minn, yesterday warned the labor movement that President Truman's "Fair Deal" legislation may never pass congress unless the CIO and AFL brush aside "petty differences and unite behind a single political program, Humphrey addressed the AFL's 68th annual convention here just after AFL President William Green had bitterly attacked the rival CIO for "waiving its right" to a fourth- round wage boost and had condemned government interference in contract disputes. Green earlier had added to the long-standing AFL-C1O feud • by stating that his ,union would not cooperate with the CIO on either a political or legislative program until the two unions merge. CIO President Philip Murray long has contended that the AFL and CIO should work jointly in politics and talk about combining the unions later. Humphrey sided with Murray. He WSAL—Eagle Show WBBM—Club Fifteen ' 6:45—WON—Behind T!ie Story WBBM—Murrow. News WMAQ—Kaltenborn. News WSAL—Candlelight and Silver 7:00—WLS—AmailnE Mr. Malone WON—Can You Top This? WMAQ—This Is Your Life WBBM—Mr. Chameleon WSAL—The Stars Bine 7:15—WSAL—Hammond Aires 7:30—WMAQ—Great Qilderslecve WBBM—Dr. Chnullan WLS—Sherlock Holmes WON—International Airport W.SAL— Songs of yesterday T:S5—WGN—Bill Henry, News 8:09—WGN—Fulton Lewis, Jr. WLS—Boris Karloff WBBM—Grr.ucho Marx Show WMAQ—Break The Bank 1:16—WGN—This 13 the Story 1:30—WGN—Family Theatre WBBM—Binff Crosby WLS—The Croupier W.MJW_ Mr. District Attorney 9:00—WLS—Lawrence Welk Show WGN—Scattergood Balnes WBBM—Burns And Allen WMAQ—Big Storv WSAL—Variety Club 1:30—WGN—Hollywood Theatre WM-'iQ—Curtain Time WLS—On Trial WBBM—Capitol Cloak Room »:45—WSAL—World News said there were "disturbing signs on the political horizon that liberal and labor groups have not united in their campaigns." "If the fair deal program Is to be passed, if the Taft-Hartley act is to be repealed it is the responsibility of the labor movement to Jorget personal pride and petty differences and unite behind the candidates and a program between now and 1950,' he said. The Minnesota'' Democrat said the 1950 congressional elections will be the "crucial political battle' and that labor had better get together basis. on a national political Plan Rites in Kokomo For Ross 0. Norman, Former Fulton Man ROCHESTER, Ind. — Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p. m. Wednesday at the Ellers funeral home in Kokomo for Ross O. Norman, 60, former resident of Fulton county. Burial will be made in Kokomo. Mr. Norman died Sunday at his home in Kokomo following an illness of two years with a heart ailment. Born near Gilead, he was the son of Miles and Martha Norman. The family moved to the Mt. Zion community southeast of Rochester when he was a child. A barber, Mr. Norman at one time owned a barber shop in Rochester and later operated a shop in Kokomo. His first wife, the former Elsio Smith, of near Rochester, precedc-t! him in death. Surviving are his second wife, the former Gola Me-' Kee; one son, Lt. Col, Roscoe L- Norman, Pittsburgh, Pa.;~ and a sister, Mrs. William Zimmerman, Rochester. MASONS HONOR 153 CANDIDATES Fight To MANY MEN prominent in public life were among 153 candidates receiving the 33rd degree in Scottish Rite Masonry in a Chicago hotel ballroom. The honor was conferred for work In the fraternity .and for outstanding contributions to humanity. Among the candidates were (from left) former Chicago Senator C. Wayland Brooks, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, New York's Gov. Thomas Dewey and Vermont Suprsme Court Justice S. H. Blackmer. (International) Peru Woman Dies After Long Illness PERU, Ind. — An illness of three years caused the death yesterday of Mrs. Drucllla C. Minor, 35 West Sixth street, at Dukes hospital. A resident of Peru for 26 years, Mrs. Minor was born Oct. 12, 1S73, at Tipton, Ind., the daughtei' o£ Joseph and Lucy (Gibbiny) Taylor. She was married to Taylor M-Minor, Aug. 2, 1893. The deceased was a member of the First Christian church. Her husband survives with three sons, Aubrey T., Arlington, Va.: Harold R., Richmond, Ind.; and Melvin Minor, Kokomo: 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The body was taken to the Drake Flowers mortuary but final arrangements are pending. "Head the Classified Ad* Fulton Demonstration Agent Hurt in Crash ROCHESTER, Ind. — Miss Margaret Peck, 25, Fulton ; county, home demonstration agent, suffered chest injuries and a cut on her right knee Sunday in an auto accident at South Bend. She was treated at St. Joseph hospital, Mishawaka, and released. Mrs. Joanne Hammes, 22, route 19, Mishawaka, who was riding with Miss Peck, received a broken nose and face bruises. The accident occurred when an unidentified car stopped suddenly for a dog crossing the highway and the three cars following crashed into each other. Miss Peck was driver of one of the cars. * I Mrs. N. Rupe Elected District S & E Leader Cass County S & E Loader Named to Top District Post at Monticello Meeting. Mrs. Nelson Rupe, Farm Bureau S & E leader for Cass county, yesterday was elected S & E leader of District III covering eight counties at the district meeting in Monticello. Thirteen Cass county representatives . attended the all-day conclave held at the Monticello Christian church. Mrs. Rupe was elected for a one year term succeeding Mrs. Jesse Hoover who had resigned because she was moving .to another district. The new.S & E leader will assume her duties as district supervisor following the state convention In November. Well trained for her new position, Mrs. Rupe is now serving her fourth year as county S & E leader. Before her election to this post, she held the S & E leadership in Bethlehem township for three years. i Re-elected as district director at yesterday's session was Arthur Arnott. The major address of the meeting was given by I. H. Hull, of the Civil Rights Be Postponed Truman, Congressional Leaders Open Way for Early Adjournment WASHINGTON 7 (UP) — President Truman and his congressional leaders agreed yesterday to drop the civil rights fight until next year and opened the way for congress to adjourn this session In two or three weeks. Senate Democratic Leader Scott W. Lucas, 111., announced the decision after a White House conference between the President and his legislative leaders. Lucas said they agreed it is too late this year to try to enact any of the controversial civil rights program- He said they doubted that a prolonged senate discussion would be very helpful. The issue would be certain to provoke a time-killing filibuster and widen the split between President Truman and southern Democrats who bolted his ticket in tho 1948 election on the Negro rights issue. . ^ Lucas -said, however, thai 'the senate "definitely" will take up early next year a bill to net up a federal fair employmetn practices commission to prevent racial or religious discrimination in job*. New Election Battle That decision set the stage for another election-year battle between Mr. Truman and southern Democrats who consider the FEPC bill more objectionable than his proposals to outlaw poll taxes, lynching and "Jim Crowism" in interstate commerce. Senate Republican Leader Kenneth S. Wherry, Neb., challenged the selection of FEPC for the test. He said the administration could pass anti-lynch or poll tax bills easily with Republican support but picked FEPC, which some Republicans oppose, for political reasons'. The New Dealish Americans for Democratic action, which has been insisting on a civil rights showdown. this year, commented that the postponement probably was "unavoidable" because the administration' put it oft for so long. ; Logansport Pharos-Tribune 5 i . Farm Bureau Opens Drive Striving for a goal of 1.300 members, the Cass county Farm Bureau will launch its membership drive with a solicitors' kick-off dinner tonight at 6:30 at the Noble township school. ! Of the county goal for this year, which was set yesterday at a district meeting in Monticello. 200 memberships have already been signed. Featured speaker at tonights dinner will be Larry Brandon, vice- chairman and secretary-treasurer of the Indiana Farm Bureau. The meeting is being planned by Guy Brookie, county roll call chairman. Township solicitors who attend are asked to bring a covered dish and table service. Indiana Farm Bureau Co-op, who spoke on "A Look Into The Future." Devotions were given by Mrs. Miles Martin, Carroll county S & B leader. District III represent* Benton, Carroll, Casa, Jasper, Newton, "White, Tippecanoe and Clinton counties. Miss Phyllis Mohn Dies at Hospital Miss Phylli* Mohn, 17. of St. Joicph county, Indiana, died, at 9:30 a. m. Monday at th« state hospital where she had been a patient since July 23, 1947. Surviving is her mother, Mr*. Lola. Mahr. New Carlisle, Indiana. The body was taken to the Chase- Miller funeral horn* tint WM teat to the Bubb mortuary In Mtmhm- waka last night. Funeral rlteara* burial will be held ther*. r BURY PEBU man PERU, Ind. — Robert Lee fur- der Jr., the Infant con of Robert L. and Carol Jean (Short) 8nyd«r, 501 Jackson, was burled Monday afternoon In Mt. Hope) cemetery. The baby died at birth Saturday In Dukes hospital. NOTICB STATE OF INDIANA) COUNTr OF CASB ) Notice la hereby given that tb» undersigned Carl E. Deeeani ha* duly qualified a» executor of the Last Will and Testament of Kettle May Descdns. decea«ed,.late of Cam County, Indiana. Said estate I* probably solvent. Dated this 2Cth day of September, 1949. CARL S. DE8CANI Executor LANDIS * LANDIS Attorneys for Estate IT-f-lt NOTICK or APPOINTMBMT STATE OF 1 INDIANA) )SS: COUNTY OP CASS ) Notice Is hereby «lv«n that the undersigned Edward H. Ooltc has been appointed by the Ca>* Circuit Court of Indiana, a* administrator of the Estate of Minnie Goltr, decearsed, late of Ca«» County, Indiana, and that the undersigned ha» duly qualified In such capacity. Said, estate is probably solvent. Datea this 26t.h day o£ September, 1949. ; EDWARD H. GOLTZ Administrator LANDIS & LANDIS Attorneys for Estate 27-4-11 makes America's most distinctive cars "TVTHT," w« are frequently asked, "do so TT many people prominent in public life drive Cosmopolitans?" "There are many reasons," we usually answer. "Prominent people drive Lincoln Cosmopolitan* not merely for the extra comforts they offer —the hmirious 'Salon Styling' of the new interior . . . and the wonderful smoothness of THM/NCOIN COSMOPOUMN S»O«T SCDAH Whlls side-woll Hf.i, rood lompj, end HYDRA-MAT1C* tramminkm option*) et ofttrB cott. Li;. t ..-Iii power combined with HYDRA-JUTIC*— but for the superbly distinctive styling of the Lincoln Cosmopolitan itself." Incidentally, we always like to point out that you need not be a statesman or a diplomat or even a financier to enjoy thii diitinction, too. For prices are much lower than you may think. When may we jilace this fine car at youi call! BECKER-HAVENS MOTORS; INC Market Street at 25th Logansport, Ind. Phone 3089 Closed on Monday KICKERNICK far famed UNDERSTUDY Bias-cut bodice fits ftatt*rinngly . Special back construction assures comfortable smoothness... Long straight-cut skirt is twist-' proof never rides up ... The slip that goes everywhere . . . under everytr,. g! Lovely Trousseau rayon crepe in blush, white, black. Sizes 32-44 $3.50 THE GOLDEN RULE Shop Tuesday Through Saturday

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