Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on January 19, 1973 · 34
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 34

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1973
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'Weekend. Section 2 Chicago Tribune, Friday, January 19, 1973 I I tiff Bali Company of 50 Dancert with Full Gamalan Orchestra 7 :XW TICKETS: Box J7.50. Main Fl. $6.50. Bal. tf.OO, JS.OO. $4,00, 2nd 81. $3.00, Gal $2.00 Box office or at any Tjckalron Outlet. late comers will be seated at first intermission Complete Dinner & Full Broadway Musical $700 NOW PLAYING "THE OOST HAPPY FELLA" Starring ROY GIOCONDA Tues., Wed., Thun. Nites, Sun, Mati. $7.00, Fri., Early Sat., Sun. Eve. $8.00. Late Saturday $9.00 (tax incl.). Show nightly except Monday. Cast of 26, Prices Include dinner, show, tax & tip. . i my ) Reservations Tel. 581-3090 . 6072 ARCHER AV. 4 Hacks West of Central Ave. Rear Stevenson Expwr. Johnnie Ray thru Jan. 27 ft ' ' V ; IllSiiliiilli I Wf :ijjjlf:y 1 IvfcfVul I r Mim i iv.Mtmm Jl 'I with STU ALLEN iMllE w sft ;l i is f(i-J )5I -Hf(i (F I lONDOrJ TIOUOS MICHIGAN & WACKIX 24J4920 last times RAY BRYANT OPENING TUESDAY JAMES MOODY J-t";a,v -IMS- mister, KELLY S 1021 N. RUSH 143-2233 LAST TIMES LILY TOMLIN OPENING MONDAY DAVID FRYE Direct from Lai Vegas NOW APPEARING THE BOBBY PERNA SHOW GROUP Playing the. "NOW" Sounds Tues. fhra Sat. i 10 P.M. to 3:30 A.M. Join in the FUN! HEVER A COVER Lunch & Dinner featuring Bar-B-Oue Specialties nississippi al' h a aa asaat BBBBl Bam GAESLfcl. 1 1 4201 N. MANNHEIM ROAD SCHILLER PARK 178-7770 m FRAZIER FOREMAN pht !at aragcm ;;Uw?- 'ALL TICKETS AT t1Vf ARAGON IOX OFFICI 57' 4 TICKETRON TONIGHT 8:30 "BEUY-HUMOKt SIMON'S , HNtST ACHItVtMENTI" r Dittitwf Today Art Carisey RcsecaryPrmz THE COMSOY SMASH Y I91uk DIRECTED BY MOM. thru THUR. IVH., I PM. . m. a sat. t vis. sie m. WID. 4 SAT. MATS. S e.M. For thentra Parties. Lillian CB 6-S!0 Box 0t Own iq.s r.M. tut. Sua. SPEC. ACTORS FUND PERF. SUNDAY, FEB. 47:30 P.H. f 'jLa43l VM"1 ' swi aim at y miTTs v's f filly ' TKMieoM TflNIRHT ft D M. Bo 0 OM ......... . ...... ioa.M.WS P.. MATS. SAT. & WED. 2 P.M. V1RQNIAMAYO . 6LLI0TT R6ID SANDRA DL ANTHONY TeAGU6r THE NEW 1925 MUXM WITH TH6BUS6YBR)lYGlRLS Hon. thru THURS. EVES. tHO P.M. FRI. a 8AT. EVES. 1:30 P.M. WED. 4 SAT. MATS. 2:00 P.M. ' FOR THEATRE PARTIES a GROUP 8ALE8 (25 ar aiora) PH. BLANCHE l JalJI.i J!i" 1 CE 1 8250 IUTATONS TO ALL Tickets ilso at Tlcketroi BALCONIES $r t-Ci : 1 "Beautiful! . . What a show!" . . . Wm. Ltonard, Tribune TONIGHT 8:30 1 TOMORROW 2 P.M. fi l:3lT H ex OBJia Ooen 10 a.m..! H For Inlorn. Call 622.2973 FJ . Tlikitt Alia At TICKETROM H Theatre Party Info: 787-2912 I ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM j ' BBU WECORPt minima -TONIGHT I TOKR. 8 1 11 P.M. "A FUN MUSICAL" Syse, Sun-Times OrlelMl Cast Album oa POLTBOR GROUP SALtS -49Sl TICKETS AVAILABll at BOX OFFICI AND ALL TICKETRON OUTLETS MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED. STUDENT RUSH WITH I.D. nr V ... Thru Feb. 11 A frightening documentary on me nuclear ogei IN THE MATTER OF J.ROBERT 0PPENHEIMER by Helnar Klpphardt directed by Gene Lesser Goodman Theatre Center of Chicago IbtaMBeay, OMe) Rassflj IsBjl Al MlCfJOQfl snf). 3 ALLAN JONES " im D'onsAT SALLY BAND THE INK SPOTS ECATRICX KAY MARQUIS CHIMPS 4 STEP, EilOS. CIVIC THEATRE VfoAm at Woshirgton 372-48)4 For excellent professional edvice on tnainlaining yonr good health, read Dr. Theodore Van Dellcn daily in the Tribune. Chicago Tribune Family Want AcLi.Two line. Four days. Six bucks. Thoy cot It done . . . fast. Cell 222-4242. The Gomo Room The warsamers bimonttily bible EVER HEAR of Megiddo? It was not far from the present site of Jerusalem, and it was there nearly 3,500 years ago that Thutmose HI of Egypt defeated the King of Kadesh in history's first recorded military encounter. " In the Hebrew language, Megiddo is called Armageddon, the name used in the Bible to designate the site of the last battle the final confrontation be-tween the forces of God and of Satan. So at Megiddo-Armageddon,- observe the editors of Strategy & Tactics" Simulations Pub- ; lications, Inc., $15 annually, the story of warfare.' "comes. full circle. Before Megiddo there was no recorded history of war and 1 after Armageddon there will be no more war." "Strategy & Tactics" is'subtitled the Magazine of Conflict Simulation, and' no serious wargamer actual or potentialshould be without it. It's published six times a year, and in addition to 48 pages of semischolarly background and commentary on both actual and simulated warfare, each issue contains a , complete new and historically authentic battle game. TAKE, FOR example, last September's issue: 19 pages of text, maps, photos, and charts1 accompany and elaborate upon "Armageddon," a board game of tactical combat set during the period of 3000 to 500 B. C. A foldout playing surface measuring 11 by 23 inches represents the terrain, and 255 die-cut counters simulate infantry, spearmen, cavalry, skirmishers, chariots, and other fighting units. Complete instructions and 14 different game scenarious are also included. In addition, howeyer, this one issue of "S & T" features a lengthy article on the American Revolution, an informative column on games wirtten by Sid Sackson never let it be said that The Game Room begrudges a plug for the competition, and information on a, number of other war games. "Diploma- cy" pro Rod Walker contributes another column, and reader questions plus a few assorted editorial comments complete the issue. - All this, you'll recall, is available for-a mere sixth of $15 two and a half bucks, according to my chief accountant. And for the dedicated, game nut, that's a bargain: Avalon Hill's' boxed version of "France, 1940," for example, now sells for $10; but it was first developed by "S & T" and originally appeared in the magazine. Many back issues tho not that one are available,' . at $4 each. ' ' . There's also a supplementary magazine called "Moves" $7 for six issues, which the company introduced a year ago. Dealing with various general aspects of simulation game design, "Moves" does not include its own game. Instead, it covers tactics used in specific games,' reviews games from a player's point of view, and offers short articles on historical subjects applicable' to game design.- " CLEARLY, THESE are publications aimed ; at the specialistr-the , serieus wargamer who is willing to work at his play. And so is another entry in the field, called ."Conflict" Simulations ' Design Corp., $2 a copy. Here again the familiar hes-gridded mapboard is ' included, as are the die-cut counters. . And if. the one issue I've seen is any indication, "Conflict" is at least as demandingor rewarding, depending on .one's poinVof view as ,"fc & T." To paraphrase a line I seem to have heard somewhere, these magazine- games aren't going to appeal to just anyone; they obviously don't attempt to. But if you're one of those whose interest in wafganung has gone beyond' the merely casual, these are for you. And because you" aren't likely to find them at your. Corner cigar store, you might want to note these addresses: Simulations Publications, Inc., 44 E. 23d St., New York, N.Y. 10010; and Simulations Design Corp., Box 19096, San Diego, CaL 92119. . And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got . to get back to Armageddon. Kadesh is in trouble, and my warriors have need ' , of me. Roger Verhulst Ti r n r? . SATURDAY JAN. 20 11 AM to 11 PM SUNDAY JAN. 21 -11 AM to 6 PM HOLIDAY INN-SK0KIE i Jtr-94,T(XWestExL a 5300 W. Touhy Ave. e Jel: 67900 .. LEADING IT.S. WHOLESALER LIQUIDATING OVER 2000 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, LITHOS, WATERCOLORS, PRINTS, ENAMELS, METAL & CARVED FRAMES. DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC! ,V ; AT ABSOLUTE CL0SE0UT PRICES EVERY SIZE FOR EVERY WALL FROM 3 IN x j H. TO 3 FT. x 4 FT., IN COLORS AND SUBJECTS FOR EVERY TASTE ANY DECOR! WALL GROUPINGS ARRANGED. CHECK THESE LIQUIDATION PRICES ORIGINAL OIL HAND CARVED COLLECTION PAINTINGS IMPORTED FRAMES OF cpSMED $5.00 to $25.00 $9.00 to $28.00 LITHOGRAPHS Including works by . , WCB T Duf, Cbagall, Dalj,.. OVER ZOO araimcm i v Picasto, Miro, ate. SOFA-SIZE rolurn $10.00 to $30.0(T; 24 x 36, 24 t 48 nRiriNu PNiMri SOME HIGHER r OIL PAINTINGS 5 , S . "? M,,et , . $25.00 to $60.00 $15.00 to $60.00 ""X""' - ALSO LIQUIDATING . 8 1 10 OILS $ 5 . $12 16 20 OILS $12 - $35, " ' ' ' 12 16 OILS $10 $30 20 24 OILS $17 to $40 For your protection as well as our reputation, safes are' advertised ..and conducted solely under the name of CAM ROSE ART' CORP.,; , Plainview, N.Y., assuring you of the broadest selection, highest ' quality and greatest value. Your complete satisfaction guaranteed.. DEALERS INVITED - DOORS OPEN PROMPTLY AT 11:00 A.M CHTCAGO TRIBUNE FAMILY WANT ADS. 2 Unes fy Days Q Bucks THEY GET IT DONE . . . FAST. CALL , .. . 222-4242 - .-r The expressive face above Is currently-to be found at the Body Politic, where the Magic Circle Theater has taken up residence with "Bite On!"; that below, "belong- . ing to Van Johnson, appears in "Catch Me If You Can" at Drury Lane. See Directory for details. i ' ') t ' " :. i i ill .aai iMsl iaaWiti Mr. tut;, AMUSEMENTS a Y WINNER! CHICAGO fl MFAWAW DC J I Aiurt LEE PELTY Hddl on iho Roof MfAWAfvlimm Dolores Rothenbtrger William Munchow riFDINNER JW THEATRE & DANCING M BestPackoge .B) , in Town - w 'Good Seats ,;1 Avallable' Reservations: 458-7373 Nightly but Mon.-2 shows Sat, & Sun. 5620 S. Harlem, Summit, III. 60501. Ten minutes from Loop ofl Stevenson Expwy. Does your world begin and end each night with TV on the rocks? y 4 L - - - ' B If if Does whether you're j Single, married, widowed or ' a divorced We have a better program) Dancing! Cocktail j Parties! Meeting People! Week-, end Trips! An Excitement Cal- J endar that's 52 Weeks Long. Get Out from Behind the l Tube. Step Out in Front. Pro- J ject Your Own Positive Image! ( Have Ftin with People In Your l Own Age Group Whether J You're 35 or 65 or. Over. ( We'll Help .You Put It All B Together! Join Us for Our "Get J Acquainted Mixers," Group Get-Togethers and Fun Nights Out ion the Town! " J For Quick Information, Call , i 332-3434 Man. to Fri., 2:00-9:00 B P.M. or Send Coupon. ! Pfeese Sena FREI trechere . , Name. Addrtii..... I City ! phone Please praiant In J parson er mall to J lilartgcSimfffliuhj I VY. Washington Blvd., 4th fl Chicago, Illinois 10602 Artkur Murray FraathlsaS Stadia ! : f : 1 Vltl' I 4 -M)")! j )(:' lMs n -, yj Us tan to k (FM 100) TTia Music Station J f EnfayUpto S4 Minutes of BeautHul Stereo Muslcn Every Hour J moro f Uatan to (fm ioo) Now Hsar MAGGIE DALY Wctkdays 1 10:15 tm and 2:15 pm Presonlea tjy TURN3TYLE Baa tIJIlJ v:.-y r 1 . , tot Ve Save at Valgresns ; Bottle 100 if 73 capsules....... llalVlil I tJK TV Wm .. W f W V' r-w at a( Glycerine and Rosewater Ends All Weather Dryness m '3:, Its' S0?S glycerine rich formula adds super softness and moisture to hands and akin. TRITLE'S Cream and Lotion with natures finest moisturizer penetrates immediately to restore natural loveliness to hands and Bkin dried by iun, wind, deter-, gents and weather. Never greasy or eticky. Use TRITLE'S Cream or Lotion today for a lovelier ekin tomorrow. . f " n mm jyg5i-ss?-' $250 Value 1173 Single) l-oi. ars CREAM $2.50 Value now 1.73 Single 1 2-ot bottles LOTIOH....S2.S9 Volue ew 1.73 T - f . 4 ' ' ....... '".::;" . COMPLETEDEAUTY CENTER k r ' r

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