Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 31, 1972 · 28
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 28

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1972
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4- Section 2 Chicago Tribune, Tuesday, October 3!, 1972 fcThe (VI o vies by Gene Siskel Present Shock THREE HORROR films opened recently in the Loop, and if they don't convince you the Earth is fiat and we're all very close to the edge, nothing will. - "The Last House on the Left," at the Woods Theater, is the repulsive story of escaped convicts on the lam who mutilate the bodies of two teenage girls and then attempt to do the same things to one girl's parents. I counted six slashings, one punch in the stomach, three rapes, one act of forced self-degradation, and then I stopped counting. 1 felt a professional obligation to stick around to see if there was any socially redeeming value in the remainder of the movie and found none. ,- ; , . v My objection to "The Last House on the Left" is not an objection to graphic representations of violence per se, but to the fact that this movie celebrates violent acts, particularly adult male abuse of young women. Given the similarity of recent crimes in the Chicago area to the events in this movie I am surprised that any theater owner would want to make a. living by playing it. Theater owners who do not control themselves invite others to do so. Approximately 10 minutes into "Asylum," at the Oriental Theater, a middle-aged man with an unhappy marriage decapitates his wife and proceeds to dismember her. There were more knifings in this movie, but I didn't particularly want to look at them. "Asylum" is made by the sam people who brought us "The House That Dripped Blood" and "Tales from the Crypt," and like those films it contains good actors Peter Cushing, Barbara Parkins, Herbert Lom, Patrick Ma-gee in four short horror stories. The unifying theme this time is a guessing game as to the identity of a crazy doctor. The film fails principally because of its four-part construction: Too many kooks spoil the broth, and most of the episodes have the same mentality paranoid schizophrenic and thrus lose their mystery. With that gone "Asylum" movies into the category of just another, admittedly stylish, carnival ' of mutilation. Bad luck,' some say, comes in threes. "Private Party," at the Loop Theater, fell right into place, combining good acting with a confused story of a young girl in peril amid a down-' town Los Angeles hotel full of freaks. 1 ; - t For a while, the film seems to be saying something about ' problems caused by rigid male-female definitions and thereby justifies the strange goings on its presents. But a conclusion in which a woman who has -previously decapitated a young man catches a butcher knife in her chest reveals "Private Party" as another celebration of a knife attack. .". I write about these films not because I want to, but out of m an obligation to readers who might be lured into these theat- ers by the films' advertising campaigns. I must also report that I have lost my patience with films of unrequited violence. In other words, these three films made me sick. . And they talk about "future shock!" Friends, make that , present shock. ' f A t '"I t L 1m .;' if v. Sylvia Sims in "Asylum": Another carnical of mutilation. Movie Clock BIOGRAPH - "Captain Blood" (G), 7:00 p. m., 10:20. "Mask of Demetrious" (G), 8:45 p. m. CARNEGIE "Tho Ruling Class" (PG), 6:30 p. m., 9:15. CHICAGO - "Lady Sings the Blues" (R), 9:10 a. m., 11:40; 2:15 P. m., 4:50, 7:30. 10:05. CINEMA "A Separate Peace" (PG), 7:35 p. m., 9:35. LOOP - "Private Party" (R), 10:50 a. m.; 2:10 p. m., 5:30, 8:55. "Cool Breeze" (R), 9:00 a. m.; 12:20 p. m., 3:40, 7:00, 10:20. , McCLURG COURT-"Flddler on the Roof" (G), 1:30 p. m., 8:00. MICHAEL TODD-"Dr.ZMvago" (G), 9:30 a.m.; 1: 10 p.m., 4:50, 8:25. M0NR0E-"Secrets of Ecstasy" (X),9:00 a.m., 11:52; 2:54 p.m., 5:56, 8:58. "Swedish Exchange Face 'Lifting Is Not A New Wrinkle j Club" (X), I0.-2I a. m.; 1:23 p. m., 425, 7:27, 1029. ORIENTAL - "Asylum" (PG), 9:05 a. m., 10:50; 12:40 p. m., 2:30, 4:20, 6:20, 8:15. 10:10. ' ROOSEVELT U "Ulzana't Raid" (R), 9:40 a.m., 11:45; 1:50 p.m., 3:55, 6:00, 8:05, 10:10. STATE LAKE - "The Valachi Papers" (R), 9:00 a. m., 11:05; 1:15 p. m., 3:30, 5:50, 8:05, . 10:20. ; UNITED ARTISTS - "Deliverance" (R), 9:20 a. m., 11:25; 1:35 p. m., 3:40, 5:50, 8:00, 10:05. V W00DS-"The Last House On the Left" (R), 9:12 a. m., 10:56; 12:48 p. m., 2:40, 4.32, 6:24, 8:16, 10:08, midnight. . AU schedules are subject to change without notice. . - MOTION PICTURES 1 i 1 y MOTION PICTURES TERROR STRIKES AGAIN AND , AGAIN AND AGAIN A NO ' AGAIN' , . AGAIN AGAIN " 0 snSLAXr (:- A-MOST BIZARRE HORROR FILM! PLUS . Raymond St. Jacqnas "JUDY PACE" "COOL BREEZE" flBttKOOUCTOKS &srdsoeirrjU,tMf ItArHY ,' wdliSfiDtaaiB fttyMWiHW DncfedtymiBAm h COLOR 2 BIG HITS ON ONE SHOW! OPEN 8:30 AM OPTBaCEOOl! APMCIOOS! BOlDflCIQUSJ. rtfQ 2n-BIO ADUIT MATURE f i I -m tie tmrhf' NOWI ISM!I:M TODAY'S BUTTON By Ed Moore Cutoutforyourcoltectionor to pinon or mail to a friend. C Ufled ftstura Syndietit, Inc. MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES NEAR NORTH NEAR NORTH "OTOOLE IS FUNNY, DISTURBING, DEVASTATING!" Jay Cocks, Time Magazine "A STYLISH COMEDY, THAT IS BRILLIANT AND IMAGINATIVE!" - " CWcaoo Tribune -'jn'iMMn -Haw York News Syndicate m . AMES BUCK PflOOUCTON W;? f0RKPnUISUa PETER tTTOSLE ALASTAISSiM mum lc.'.'e TIHIi B HEAR MR. ANDY AT OUR THEATRE ORGAN Solo: Varsity Drat IN COLOR 6:30 & 9:15 , 944-2966 PARK CARN. OAR. REDUCED RATES V lJr CLASSIC tiST-SlLUX UCOMtS m awm m ewer mm amaAmJMAatau MawaaMvn m mwiiun niivxa "A SEPARATE MAC!' '," -New Tori Dly News J ASEFARATEPEA3E A! NT 787473 PARAMOUNT P1T.T1 Ptl VDt WNTS A ROBERT A OCXDSTON . OTO PLASCWES PROOUCTION A lARRY PEERCC FIM weaw A PARAMOUNT RCTURE 7:35 & 9:35 PARK S MRS. $1 CARRIAGE MOUSE F0I SfttlU STUDUT CROUP RATESl mm andt DaTS 341-1200 EVIS 044-29ST ANOTHER S UNIT ADULT SHOW , 'JUST MARitlED' i. 'housi or FUN' 3.K0TCIRCUrP CTMIHAHLIQUIIf e.'ANN AFFAIR '1 uxnitHMft AHMtTTTJ NORTH MATINF8 OAIL efjmmmmemmm BT. M-J 'M I lHVYiUi looi i.e. i:im I THRILURS "BLOOD SUCKIRS" plui 'BLOOD THIRST Wlm-Dnwn At:l:.Vl.:S5 RATED B HwKin-Dtnn Cm t.lll A MM 1:00 IPS) 'CAN 01 OATS' 'HOTEL' ftllll! ill Ul CUrk-DHHW Wil III nil tII IS(P) HORROR TALI THI OTHIR Flm 'THI SAUIUR CONDUCTION' OTiffM RrMtwty.LivrtM liHillif:! CitMS-llln in n mil ffftn FRITZ THE CAT plul WHIRI'S fORfAT' ADULTS ONtY NORTH CMICAOO't ONIV FIRST RUN 4MM TMtTIR WIB. f f "J1 HOUR DOUBLI ADULT SHOWI FIRST TIME, LAST TIMI SHOT ON LOCATION I. Kits . S. Del It S. Marquis da Sada 4. Pink Lady MOTION PICTURES NORTH nCUAU K2J N. Breadwiy 743-1924 UClUn . it:M-IO.-00 n uiyii "WHERE DOES IT HURTt" pluif it 8:15 "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" StudonU A.Rinlor Citizen tl.00 400 (74S N. 8hwldn 761.1700 t 6:50-10:15 lut I Diyil r "GIMME SHELTER", Ftui, it t-U "8YMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL" Aftri DDI 7070 N. CUrk 764-3656 HUbbrill at 6:M-I0:U ' ;rv- 1 "THE OTHER" , , . , pint,- t 1:19 !MA8H" ' 8tudnti A Sinlor Clllnni 11.00 NOkTHWEST MATINEE DAILY 6635 Belmont At a. :M l.n RATED R 5216 Liwranie Cin(K)S-IO Hot! (PS) 'CANDIDATE' A 'HOTEL' 4050 MIIVIIIIM Sin 8:19 (PS) HotS:30-M5 'LAST OF THE RSD HOT LOVERS' plut PLAT IT AGAIN, 5AM S3B mm 4743 Belmont Cit 7:50-10:40; Pop(dO-l:l5 'FRITZ THE CAT" plus WHEtU'S POPPA?' ADULTS ONLY MOTION PICTURES - Reserved Seat Engagement TODAY AT 1:30 It S:00 Seats at Boxorflce and Ticketron HURRY LAST WEEKS mm i ii Ira McQurgjCourt 330 CAST OHIO STREET TWO BLOCKS t9T OF MICHIGAN Vf CHILDREN $M SENIOR CITIZENS CALL C424723 STUDIO CINEMA GA 4-3070 "The Godfather" (R) 6:00 & 9:00 NORTHWEST MftMTM ARE brand at harlem uvillWbnilli ME 7-3282 Piwni'uniler Is net idmltttd "THE TOUGHEST GIRL I EVER MET" (X) At 1:30. 4:90. 7:80. 1030 "unr (iimuer uftri'i s:to w-in mi.. i iia tMi IM SOUTH diqaaHiiijj nit m .i '"TimptitloR of W J-? nam rriaav. Nov. lrd i from till dm tl tin uriM "THE HAPPY " Wkm mm Miiln iHmd thin iny Mtri hiih mttm ii cniMta. Clserrie Taylor ANOONtCREEN 'TwIBrMCewboyl iMmIm fiinU' J COLONY0""5" 5 BIG FREE PARKINS LOTS 9 S1.00 Ai!sLToN $1x0 THE GODFATHER Z "Toughest Girl 'Er "! 3rd-Kdrli Op. 6:30 AUUL18 ONLY! 3rd 4 Wiilirn On. 6:30 (X) ADULTS ONLY!' 'WE DO IT' " "HOT LIP8 WV 1 1 FOR LOVERS" I LAST PIOTURE SHOW It 1:15 SUMMER OP '42 -In tolw 116:30-10:10 cmmL 7llt-JflPrv Adult Proirim , , 8LAUOHTER Mltr at 6:35. 10:00 MELINDA In tolar it 8:10 'CDITT Tkn rT IfJ mill. I IIC bHI MIT1MT J JO, 4,30, 6,30, ,1S, T0.J5 PETER SELLERS liUCDC MIK IT UIIDTV (Rl 8,70, 4,10. tM.aM. 1005 - t5lh AT CICERO I PB) 0-10:00 WEEK EOFORD "THE CANDIDATE" ' FRI.I HITCHCOCK'S "FRENZY" PLUS Clint tMtwMf "PLAY MISTY FOR ME" .A x . t5th AT CI rtYrtYTSV IVI ' 424-0041 M A4 FINAL W W V V? W Robert REI SOUTH MABMRI 458 w- mt 8- Op- ;45 ilUniTlAL Adults 9I.2-Free Pvkini Dr8NETY.s"DUMBO;,VG0? "LEGEND OF L0B0" 6 To','0 SOUTHWEST CI "l 'iMiTjjiHiJTf: TRIBUNE ADVERTISING PAYS SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTH -MORTON GROVE & NILES- M0RT0N GROVE ?! 'HOTEL' "THE CANDIDATE" ROBERT REDFORD WLWP. zioo-iaO-ail 8-8:05.10:00 '" PETER SELLERS 'HERE DOES IT HURT" I ;30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 LAWRENCEW'D e6;? M.Brando "THE GODFATHER" MOTION PICTURES . DOXVNTOWN - MOTION PICTUnXS DOWNTOWN Si A s ? NOW! Open 8:30 a.m. Last Feature 10:20 p.m. Iff-1 i Ttl 1 ThaCjxdiri rj TJiavaylhcyrlici A DINO DE LAURENTIIS presentiHon A TERENCE YOUNO Film From Columbii Plcluree bc Greet Steles CHICAGO SutsNr.Kindolph NOW Open 9 a.m. Last Feature 10:05 p.m. DIANA ROSS IS i : BILUh HULIDAY . Lady SINGS THE BLUES . incaoi? SI , ABWIvOUNTFICTUBE Filmed inFWWBON Open 9 p.m. last Feature iO.Q5B.lft, 2f Bete inv,iie Starring JON VOIGHT BURT REYNOLDS TECHNICOLOR From Warner Bros. 0pn 9:15 i.m. last Feature , JOdO p.m. whan th West was) vag RIIDT i-e-lll 7ASJAFC LANCASTER . RAID" Technicolor A UnlvsrssI Plotur DOCTOR sSft Jill UiU Last 3 Days! DAVID LEAN'S C010R PG 1:10. 4:50 & 825 p.m. SUBURBAN THEATRES -SKOKIE- arr r. 77. : CTRDI ITC DRIVE-IN GA 4-3070 OlAnLllt; IN-CAR HEATERS "TOUGHEST GIRL I EVER MET" (R) 8:00 "HOT SUMMER Wfcfclv 'THE HARD RIDE" 7:00 on Ptniirr iu FL 22420 od univc'in in-car heaters "THE GODFATHER" (R) 8:50 "THE BOSTON STRANOLER" 8:30 Pkmtei'l mediae Mcielel.-i Iteredtbe The Other' , too I 1 A'S'h" 6M, OOP t) If ft if IB 7124 Line. OR 3-4214' Op. 8:90 9A.M3 "WHERE DOES IT HURT?" -WAUKEGAN- I1IS lllEft U DRIVE-IN Rte. 41-Waih iiHurxtuHn on 2-4229 eri "NIOrlT Or THE LIVINB DEAD 2 "NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR" 3 "WOMEN AND BLOODY TERROR" ESSANESS OUTDOORS IN-UW HEATERS ii in ii..i.....,r,j HORROR AT ALL 3 THEATRES! 'SCARS OF MACULA' . HORROR Of fRAKXENSTBM' ' "K1GHT0F BLOODY HORROR' J WILMETTE -WILMETTE- 1122 Central- 231-741 Hitthcoclt'S "FRENZY' at 930 (R) 1 I'.atood R'Play Misty for Mo' .IS NORTHWEST ARLINGTON HEIGHTS 'TOUOHIST AlBLIKWUIIKT 'HOT SUMMtR WIIK' W El-Air) SOUTH !fB "STRAW DOOS" "CANBV" jSl "STRAW DOCS" f wiumr-i DOUSltlAST Trimti U SMI Mr Name' -oi Birw nut TOUGHEST GIRLl I EVER MET "7iJO, 10.11 fill A-L- SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTH -EVANSTON- HYDEPARK li'ofolhe CandidaU' 830 Only "MAN IN THE WILDERNESS" HYDE PARK II tiS Marloi Brando "THE GODFATHER" MUSIC BOX StttfreVJ! "UST RED HOT LSVIRS" 848 A IS EMrtPOiDU r-wanio I4U Lie. "CAPTAIN BLOQO" "Met el Benutrlae" 8el V "BACCHANALE'J( ( Call Tasatro jor Title eln4 tiatari j hH Mill S4JTW. Nert T KlaTbell lUnHnll oeen 9:90 Aeulte Onlyl J f Ae-ulre II.OO-Meu Mr Tkwetliqr I E a.-M 1 w noi NiniTiir nesA 11 "Toujhsit Girl I Ever Met" 1 tyCeler POMyi DDIAUTAU Dniuniun aao "THE IESENO OP 10BO" open aemiMen" WUIIIWW I7l0 8harnian TODAY AT 940 A 8:30 Pi 'GODFATHER' I960 Sherman Hrt630-:50 Levin 7 45 (R) Perer Sellers ' WHEKfi DOES IT HURT7' plus 'LOVERS Ij OTHIR STRANS8RS' 817 Ctilieee Ave liM llLl4 luniuni mi 8 A 84 It (PO) 'SUTTtRFLItS Ah9 PREE' tail Dayil nii at IrSv-ittaj , ' Leu 8 Deyel "THE OTHER" pine et 9:11 "THE HOT ROCK" SELLERS "Whari Does It Hortl" HOWARD lor '"4 no'e-esne ,2tu "HbolnUltniiira" 11.08 Mtnaiy ten Tlwre8ay Diioni grin am r.M, BRYN HAWRTVSS&Vsi. TIFFIN 'JTHE OODFATHER" J rfl ftitj"""- Red. Parp-pree. OpTlJO e-wuMie -Ckale'l le' I -no, tfls, 10:11 r r in lei er Dynemte' a:40, 740 H. Sillier rH 1 1 U "8lMk." 9 30 el Seats 75e "Kaniu City Beaker" 8:4k 19:19 "NICHOLAS tnJ (PBI ALEXANDRA" 840. 909 DCftBI Ct 4tll A AaPlanP. 247-4514 r twrLl ALL FEATURES RATED O ?? "SHE BEAST" "BLOOD SUCKERS" "BLOOD THIRST" "THE CANDIDATE" (PG) "FRITZ tha CAT" (X)4'iei I.T.T.ll'll.'h...'Ui.JilJiril.'H -GLENCOE- MILFORD rMBHrCS) Strd A Helitel. Perk Free kllirsik. 9 ptTie! LeuenTie Jill punwn , BURT LANCASTER "LAWMAN" "SAJKSONjfc THE MIRACLES" mn TCU 'MS EiKiente (8 9-9042 " wa. bii FRII fARKINfl "ISOWJOU SEE THEM NOW,5Jt W1" ENGLEW00D Vf'a.S "TOUnHfRT BUI. I IVIN MIT" 'NOT SUMMER JPtEK A XHASTITY RfiVri Altn Jiiw-a. MiekTcas-isV' nwaCLANUiK) Aeiti. is, o.w. Oe. s is una Miinee) IS-AO' apellaaa Telai Stranser1 (,ii:ioii Peter Seilere at 1i "WHERE DOES IT HURT?" 110 Vernea Vf Peter Seilere at 1-M A 9:19 HIGHLAND PARK- UlfiUI REin BIT. 449 C.l IOt-2400 iiiuiibniiw r r iA AiPiaclon T Hllerlous Polltleal Comedy ROBERT REDFORD 'Tha Candidaia' 6:00 7:50 Frl.: "Fremy" A "Play MUty tor Me" NORTHWEST 53 DRIVE-IN -PALATINE- RT. 12 A HICKS ADULTS ONLY LOVE SWEDISH STYLE TOUGHEST GIRL I MET" "HOT BUMMER WEEK" Wll I AUf f DCClf R. 14 A New Rt. 93 :dumbo". 6:00 -3A WALT 0I8NEV8 man" 7:is PICKWICK ROBERT REDFORD -PARK RIDGE- last 9 DAYS DOORS OPEN 30 robert rANninATr 70 r.ioiniB fro ROLLING MEADOWS- MEADOWS 6:00 "MASH" "THE OTHER" -SCHAUMBURG- IHIiliHlJ I ! H'i ! 1 11 11 1 1. Starts 2. 4. 6. 1 a 10 p.m. ) ROBERT REDFORD m THE CANDIDATE" Starta 2. 3:40. i-5n. 7. 8:40 6.10:20 p.m. "WHERE DOES IT HURT? mi OPEN A.M. LAST FEATURE 10:10 P.M. 'Wjiiii' pQ neanu swimiu mttcw enej SUBURBAN THEATRES WEST;' NORTH RIVERSIDE pWif ..iM..)iMfia.?'irlSaffi.iJ.'.ar,' rJ -OAiTJSROCK- mm I FREE PARKING OokbroeV (enter I ( 11 4VS4.I IAO DAILY AT 2-4-6-1-10 PO ROBERT BEDFORD 'THE CANDIDATE' -OAK PARK- -DES PLAINES a F . V.T Li JjA4 t Ill mi -WHEELING ft ADDISON I . -v.. . .. . ... 1 ' r- NI6NT If IUHJ0T JPRRU I W hii -, , I L t&Luu -:;mi nee ni Riuce "'oe kidd" stso, io uma" "" ""U" UCO rLAIHtO 'Red 8ky-Mernln' 8:10 . : ' i ' 5ailf 1 A CTT I - ' . I VV C J I I KsVr'iSI Iilitol llllll ' f4tM IE Jll Jii.f. I J ADDSSON I ins wwurMinin ariK"1"' I -J A I AVE 1020 Lake 8t. 6:30. 10:15 v bHIXS. Terror I "THE OTHER" PG) Ploe-Elllett Saull, DenalS SutlterlanS "M.A.S.H." 8:18 (R) IS I A M A Adult Entertainment w I.HIIIHII "FRITZ THE CAT" 7:19 A 1023 Ploe Gene Haekmen. Cartell O'Cenner "DOCTORS' WIVES" 8:40 3 SP1NE-KNGLING CHILURS MKHliHU VVOMENAAO ELK GROVE VILLAGE JERRY LEWIS Cinemi hats ro. "THE OTHER AT :m i:0 ' "HOT ROCK" AT SUM ONLY - HOmVIAN ESTATES MT. PROSPECT- a pro undii i sj DPPiTTav i . im sVl$sl pIWlen IlksTtrpStOOl PROSPECT "THE OTHIR" (PS) 79 A 847 -NELES- A (ATIl CAtTfMN I "THI MAN "fRITZ THI CAT" flOM 0.1.6 f Hiw Man tm t Pal im S.S"; 3 "DUMSO" M "LESIND OF LOSO ' . I DISREYS P 'i a so 1)40 A9jl9 lacirwooD- Ulrutunnn III Waak.saa. kera'p Sr, munilUUU Sty A SherWa 411-04I0 6 00 SOJ (R "Tha Gsdfaihsr" -lake ronrsT- For- thoro coverage of the WRr.mgton cene, yon can dppend on the romprehenRiVe rfrmrtii of the Chicago Tritune'i Washington bureau. The Tribune maintain! large staff of writcri and analysts' to bring you newi from the many diverse tourcei in our nation'i capital. Doonesbury it a campui riot daily in the Chicago Tribune. Thi contemporary comic atrip providci I wry and witty view of today' young people. Whichever side of Generation Cap you're on, you'll imila long with Doonenbury and bii friend. . 4 ' ' ' , nCCRDATU " DEERPATHDIRTT HARRT -Melroau Park A Norrldq ii . A M 1 J OMESA MAN -UNCOOWOOD- '. fl HAars f vf HOI ftfi!? o. I I1AST9 F nwvki kiitwil. FLEA MARKET EVERT SUNDAY !S A.M. S P.M. HARLEM OUTDOOR r WAllDIl?N .ISit.WiAVtaf ! IThaa finntiTHFDl "" ....iniiiMiaiiLU. 81 " ojMaejOjoeie -EERWYN- ROBERT REDFORD 'CANDIDATE' 8:19-10 plus 'HOTEL' 1:05 (PG) BIT 8349 RMievelt ST 6-4660 Oa. 6 "THE OTHER" at 830 i" "rnieiu iir S IO-10:00 CICERO- ni YMDIP 8IM w- Ceriaat R8. ULimrllj (X) Alalte 16 Yn. A Ovei "FRITI THE CAT" 0-4:M-7:4O.I0flq "WHERE'S POPPA" l8-8:ll-6)9 -IXMHURST 150 N. Yark S34-M79 wnni 9 wni Mat. Dly. APIte. CPU. 75. FUZZ 1:30.4:10-1:10 THI OTHER J:00.t:30.:4S XLMWOOD fik mm MATINEE DAILV rfia. ROlERT RrOfOPD 'CANDIDATE' 14-10 plM 'HOTEL' t:M A 1:00 (P) IlrRANIUIN PARK- VII I A Cl""a MM "- IlkkMUt; Oaen I SO Alatte Onlvt "LOVE SWEDISH STYLE" leek LenMaa Ciattw 891 "THE WA1 BETWEEN MEN I WOMEN" 7:00 ISM GLEN -GLEN ELLIN- Beea PiM CRESCENT PETIR SILLERS WHERE DOES IT HURT? ' -VILLA PARK- S8 (R)- viii a nanir iimarn" a illh ratlin rm- .--.. "loy'FRENCH CONNECTION" -WHEATON- WHEATONTHE OTHER , MO S-1690 'MEPHISTO WALTZ' (R) 9:19 SOUTHWEST DOWNERS GROVE TIVOLI 6021 I'mVs 9oW0 ,w" THE GODFATHER" MARLON ii BRANDO -LA GRANGE- F1MW ISaatli liCrinoila. GODFATHER' -TINLET PARK- itBREMENTOWNEir-c'd ADULTS ONLYl"FRITI THE CAT" 730 A 1035 Pine An Anary. Teuih, Ualersettekle Dramal "IP . . ." 8 40 SOUTH -BLUE ISLAND- aha I VP IP ,2,M Weetera. Park Free ,UBLiniL Op. IM. Urtl Feetareel M) 'Irssa Seekers' plus 'ti4 Tklrif -DOLTON- nfll Tflll '4H Okleata 848-0708 in e a s oo r.m. NICHOLAS A ALEXANDRA HARVEY- uanvrv ' yn a oiiw Mil Ikl leu ef Perkins. SM-OTP iove rusr t -fistful of 4sv -JUSTICB- SNI f. Cork (low WW) 4-M0 "THI OTHER" 7:00 "HOT ROOT 100 SI -HILLSIDE- m pnnrnr RIOPORD 'nnriT iiev RneRt ov at mmnw II....M S'te "CANDIDATE" SOUTHEAST :alumet cttt- KEJKDALC- r...-i;--ivi-".-.'-iii.ii 1 tJJ SiartaPaav, ,4.l.tHIM S)TW8 CWBIOATT Ufl'trtll C (R "Nil CONTIPjlB llllieunhl, JI THI TOUCH LCriSAIU). Piif- r u s Tf!v. c a u n 1 n A t c "" wpsissrivrs m "GREAT BANK ROBBERY" -NORRXDCS- -VOiRlIttnOOK- EC EN SI E0E.1S2 Rekert RMteri tANOIOATE 100. llS WAl f OIPNEY'S iu . ne USD I II . I IS FRITZ THI CAT II BlU 'TAXI THI MONIf A RUN- ifcl pi . . : f ijU 'WMIRI DOFI IT NURTP B I0,!i 'LPTtrs A OtAer (fraMMrt If ! 8.41, II M (j TUT If' I .'iff if j" ' ; Tl "ii T rr j P fl iioio-ii4s-e oo-ioiio ipo) 1 00-41O-A,JO-8iI8-I0iI0 (X) Mmm M twrewe at 11 Hejipl MM I nm sours Veil Suit Tpetwtrt l W ITHBHr 41 DRIVE-IN ASULTS (Ri t. "Tri Taaehnf filrl I Mat" I. "HOT SUMMER WEEK" I. "AFFAIRS OP IOIA" DUPACE THE OTHER MA 1-tWS HI. 8:11 . CALUMET STARHI" Per AOtte l A OHWrl ww PPM wi t ins "TALIS BP ROBIN HOOB" 4;

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