Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 5, 1971 · 35
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 35

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 5, 1971
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I I I'l.ltHHd Tiiliune, Monday, July 5, 1 17 1 Keel inn '2 7 Quiz Answers . MOTION riCTUTtri DOWNTOWN . MOTION F f CTURES , DOWNTOWN The IVlovies by Geno Siskel Shaft5 . . . "SHAFT," at the Roosevelt, and "Fortune and Men's Eyes," at the Esquire, are a pair of melodramatic potboilers. With "Shaft" the kettle is black. Richard Roundtree, a handsome black model, plays John Shaft, a modernly dressed private investigator hunting for the kidnaped daughter of the black rackets boss of Harlem. The girl has been swiped by the Mafia in an attempt to ransom a bigger piece of the boss' lucrative action. Shaft is a loner in the tradition of all cinema private eyes, but for the sake of the box office he manages a one night stand with a stupid white girl. Early in the film a plainly Jewish police sergeant is taken apart verbally by Shaft. Aside from these crumbs to a hungry audience, Shaft offers little more than a TRIBUNE MINIREVIEW Empty "SHAFT" Directed by Gorton Perki, tcroeoelar by JolMt D. P. lac HMO on nol by TiOymjn, eaetoeraelied by Uri Purrer, music by Hue Ham, reduced by Joel Preeman, Mttro Goldwvn-Martr raleiM it tbt Rooitvtlt Turner. Rill R. THf CA5T Shot! - Richor Roundtree onto Mosei Gunn EHil Gwinn Mitchell Bon Chrlstoetier St. Jotin LI. Androul , Charles CloHl rousing opening fight and a chance to see Roundtree glower while he models some fancy leather outfits. The final battle between Shaft and friends and the Mob is suprisingly old fashioned for people who should , be quite inventive in destroying each other. ...and Men's Eyes' AS A PLAY "Fortune and Men's E.W was intended to be a plea for prison reform. In a recent off Broadway revival staged by Sal Mineo,' male rape replaced reform. Because M-G-M didn't want the film version to have an "X" rating, we are left with a tepid oap opera in which the rape is below camera level, and the reform is forgotten. The script follows a college student arrested for possession of marijuana into a Canadian jail. He is quickly given a choice: get raped by a roving mob of prisoners, or submit to his roommate, a tough guy who will, make sure the mob doesn't touch him. Another plot ingredient aimed to please the homosexual audience is a jailbird with the gayest of feathers, Queenie by self-applied name. Played by Michael Greer who last year swished thru "The Gay Deceivers", Queenie sets her hair every night and entertains the Inmates at the Christmas party with a striptease. Sort of a raunchy Bob Hope. The quality of writing is TRIBUNE MINIREVIEW A sty "FORTUNE AND MEN'S EYES" Directed by Harvey Hart, icreeoplay by John Herbert based on bis flay, photo-graphed by Georie Dufax, music by Gait McDermott; produced by Lester Persky, Lewis M. Allen and Donald Glnsbera, a Metro-Goldwyn-Maver re-leas at th Esquire Theater, No one under 11 admitted. THE CAST Smitty Wendell Burton Queenie Michael Greer Rocky Zooey Hall Mono Danny Freedman Screwdriver Larry Perkins thoroly dim, and the young man, in the film's concluding scenes, switches attitudes faster than a schizophrenic. Because the intent of the film is plainly to exploit homosexuality, one forgets about the prison conditions. Actually, life in jail may be more oppressive than what we are given here. There is a movie to be made of such conditions, but "Fortune and Men's Eyes" isn't it. HY UIMi.l'.S II. COHEN (. t Both vulnerable, as South you hold; AO 1097 6 5 K CQ 864 3 2 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South I C Dhle. Pass 1 A 3 V 4 A iV ? What do you bid now? A. - lite iils. Th in, far part-iii i' Im undertaken to fulfill a It) trli-k eimlrai't on In. own, Hi-a.murh a your original forced Bridge ri'M"ine piomlaad nothing. Actually your tiHiid contalnt very attractive distributional features bo that the lack of high cards should not be I deterrent to five spade call. Q. 2 As South, vulnerable, you hold: AA63 vKJ108 OJ985 63 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 0 Pass 1 Pass 2 V Pass ? What do you bid now? A. 't hree hearts. This hand Is worth 10 points and 1 ho partner would require a maximum raise to approach the total required for game, yet an Invitation should be extended on the basis of tlie diamond fit plus the excellent texture of your heart mil. ). 3 Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: AAJ952 ?A3 2 OA9 AQ83 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 A Pass 2 A Pass n What do you bid now? A. This hand Is not quite strong enough to warrant four spade bid. If partner happens to have a robust raise, game should be there. If his raise Is rather on the feeble side, you should be content with a part- score. Test it out , by bidding three spades, and permit partner- to be the Judge. Q. 4 As South, vulnerable, you hold: AAKJ82 VA1075 098 K5 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 A Pass 2 5 Pass 3 Pass 4 A Pass What do you bid now? A. A vigorous bid Is in order. Your previous raise was decidedly on the conservative side. Now that partner has shown the rluli control, uu should l run Mined that Miaia Is a slam II lie tliws not lute two loners in diamond. Tlite mrshage can bo concd by a bid of in heurls vliuii reiiiittbU North to hid slant if he has second round control of diamond, either the king or u sluKlcton, An alternative bid l lite clubs, a cue bid showing the king. - Q. 5 Neither vulnerable. Partner opens the bidding with one heart and you hold: A43 vK975 OQJ974 AAQ What is your response? A. Three hearts. Where a direct bid gives an accurate description of the hand, It is usually preferable to an Indirect bid. This hand Is valued at 15 points In support of hearts and comes well within the limits of 13 to Id, ' which covers such responses, Q. 6 Neither vulnerable, partner opens with four spades and you hold: AA6S32 ?A10 4 OK74 AQS What do you bid? A. A prompt pass Is indicated. You have Just enough to permit partner to make 10 tricks, since his call represents an overbid of two to three tricks. - Q. 7 East-West vulnerable and as South you hold: A10742 CK3 OAJ952 9 3 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 1 A Dble. Pass ? What do you bid? A. While It Is our policy to prefer four card major to five card minor in responding to takeout double, we lean toward a one diamond response because it Is a good five card suit against a very weak four card suit. Furthermore, the diamonds can be shown at the level of one. There will almost surely be further bidding and when you mention spades next time It will be clear to partner that you have five diamonds and a weak four card spade suit. Q. 8 Both vulnerable, partner opens with one spade and you hold: A10 VKQ9 6 OAJ85 AAKQ3 What is your response? A. Two diamonds. Despite the possession of enough high card strength to Justify a Jump shift, you should be content to bid at the two level. You should aUow bidding room to show all your suits, If necessary. It might be possible that slam Is attainable but only H a fit can be found In one of three suits. A two heart response Is not favored because that call when made over a one spade opening designates a five card cult. Joseph L Levififl (;e:.r"!u a M.fc Nichols tuning Jack Ni.,hoion. "Carnal Knowledge .;! it etna of the best movie avarl ? This it o much deeper, mora meaningful movie than 'Tha Gruduala,' or anything g else I'va ever teen ob,out man and women." J, Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson, Candicc Bergen, Arthur Garfunkcl, Ann Margret and Jules Fcilfer. Carnal Knowledge. No One Under 18 Atimittert Open MS a.m. Lait Feature 10:05 p.m. Unltod Artists v ate GRCAY STATU RANDOLPH AT DCARMM Cad O 2 a 3 s jaanpojd SAiinosxg jeuiaj senp q uuiiliM P&qiS PJM3(U JauBlssQ MOTION PICTURES. DOWNTOWN A IrC ' .MOTION PICTURES-- DOWNTOWN 1 Stcvs McQueen bkjyouTor i drive in the country. Tne country is France. Trie drive is at 200MPHI WOW Opar.9a.nt. I itt Peatun rr 10:25 p.m. STEVE McQueen ACINCMACENTER FILMS PREStNTAriOM PANAVIStOrTCotOf by Dt UUXE A NAlHJNM. U-'AHA HLLkAU. FOR CROUP SALES INFORMATION, CAll JULIE, RA 4 5300, EXT. 221 Open 9 a.m. till Feitura 10 .-OS p.m. "DUSTS ISDYXJTE!" -GmSnalil. NBC-TV ( v Pust!i lbfffr.2n "Mho b Ikrry lklisnm.iismi v-iry Is bz S2yins Ihozz tcirf bis X aw vr IVlovie Clock CARNEGIE "Blue Water, White Death" (G) 2:20 p. m 4:15, 6:10, 8:05, 10:00. CHICAG0-"U Mans" (G), 9:30 a. m 1 1:35; 1:45 p. m., 3:55. 6:00, 8:15, 10:25. CINESTAGE "The Strange 0ne$" (X), 9:42 a. m., 11:15; 12:51 p.m., 2:27, 4:03, 5:39, 7s 16, 8:53, 10:28. L0 0P-"Evel Knievel" (GP), 9:00 a. m., 1 1:35; 1:25 p. m., 3:10, 5:00, 6:45, 8:30, 10:20. MARINA CINEMA-I. "Bananas" (GP), 1:30 p. nr., 3:10, 4:50, 6:30, 8:10, 9:40. II. "The Ander-son Tapes" (GP), 1:15 p. m., 3:05, 4:55, 6:45, 8:35. III. "The Anderson Tapes" (GP), 2:15 p. m., 4:05, 5:55, 7:45, 9:35. McVICKERS-"Zacharlah" (GP), 9:30 a. m.t 1 1:19; 1:08 p. m., 2:57, 4:46, 6:35, 8:24, 10:13. MICHAEL T0DD-"Who Is Harry Kellerman . . . ?" (GP), 9:2Q a. m., 1 1:20, 1:25 p. m 3:35, 5:45, 7:55, 10:05. . MONROE "Loving Feeling" (X), 9:00 a. m., 10:46; 1:44 p. m., 4:42, 7:40, 10:38. "The Gamblers" (X), 9:12 a. m.j 12:10 p. m 3:08, 6:06, 9:04. ORIENTAL "Klute" (R), 9:25 a. m 1 1 :35; 1:45 p. m., 3:55, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00. ROOSEVELT "Shaft" (R), 9:00 a. m., 10:55; 12:50 p. m., 2:40, 4:35, 6:25, 8:20, 10:15, midnight. SHANGRI-LA "Braien Women of Balzac" (X), 9:00 a. m., 11:44; 2:28 p. m., 5:12, 7:56, 10:40. "Sweden's love Toy" (X), 10:20 a. m., 1:04 p. m., 3:48, 632, 9:16. STATE LAKE "Plaza Suite" (GP), 9:00 a. m., 11:10; 1:25 p. m., 3:30, 5:50, 8:05, 10:20. UNITED ARTISTS-"Cernal Knowledge" 9:00 a. m., 10:45; 12:40 p. m., 2:30, 4:25, 6:20, 8:15, 10:05. W00DS-"Willard" (GP), 9:00 a. m., 10:45; 12:36 p. m 2:30 4:24, 6:18, 8:12, 10:06, midnight. fS:ftl.n.,!.l' , , 1 VXji. iit .EJaSRi b. Open 1:45 i.m. Lait Feature 10:20 a m, 2nd WILD WEEK! v aswriMPn-niNN fell THAN 'THE ODD COUPLE bcc:uss it's about 3 far furinicr ccupis! t ri PirtMeeat Ptetwti eriintl t MrVWItO W. KOCH Praaacltan in NEIL. SIMON's Riot ) l las Hueeaw ww nn;- V i Ail 1 Suburban' Theatres1 NORTHWEST NORTHWEST -1st CHICAGO SHOWING-! 1st CHICAGO SHOWING i First Time At Popular Prices Continuous Performances ARLINGTON HEIGHTS MT kk Aifci acton B'i THE RUNAWAY BESTSELLER T" Vi ON THE SCREEN . . . Wf SEAN DYAN I ' CONNERY n CANNON "THE ANDERSON TAPES" AOULT THRILLER g-4-B-B A In P M i i 'I. i.uj' m m M i PROSPECT FIRST TIME AT RI6ULAI PRICtS "SfiHfi OF NQQWAY" 3:O0-Ai30-7:IO.:30 1J HBBH Win 113BMI1W'IJKWI H.t SUilUllBliV THEATRES -DES PLAICES ,TAB ALI MacGRAW RYAN O'NEAL "LOVE STORY tANT saawi at Me-:4e-Ms-T se-te ee PROSPECT 7:09 "Butch Cmldy 9:( H & the Sunttanet) NILES G) Mfll Brnokt' nit ruAiuc" S li. :. 10:20 "' "WHICH WAY TO PRONT DES PLAINES -ELGIN I i , IIOrrMAN ESTATES amerrn 1 1 I IP" di v NW -Molroia Park & Norridqe LOVE STORY mow itw, , jo, i4o, , ja, iiio, toils iopi 1 - - aVy I lfi'HSr:V' KHiiTumi HINSDALE bu ,?WL:; ;7 TiV-lftHl HINSDALE .TiiX LS JXir&.- tav i?rtTto.-.;.-V TaaVUaVMK'. LOMBARD 12 AiC PttMiO f Ofp. fftpwnf Art AnUM-w fill Vitttmi Mime niittlui ImA m aaij . mmmsmssssssm W. VI atlIilllllfJlff frl 1 S N h N HWflYLSJ I ' W I m irifoXKISI .J I l.-.U"tiiV-iVU-T,JV J ' ZL m MATS. M0N. THRU SAT. r-r -v.-EXTRA LATE MIDNIGHT SHOW NIGHTLY ! 4f X tvffl ff j rTrTT 1 tha one rnoyie you should not see alone. : 5fls!:fr; BRUCE DAVISON S0NDRA LDCKE ELSA LANCHE3TER ma LRNEST BORGNINE Maitin COLOR j f llL U JtQ 1 'ffj ' an mifmtwm t'n6' park?ncVho". LZD- f I fi f A i 1 rmr. t ZT SHAFT'S his name. SHAFT'S his game. mM0 I p.. ICi.Upirj. j i rirst Dcstpn u i.. KaW' y&ira B f II i OPEN 9:15 SONTiNUOUI - H - "r.TAL,., o. ..SIllil af fi -f AWtwrl 1 1 liJ ADULT ONLY I II IjJkJ t'1 " , I . , FAST, FUNNY AND INCREDIBLE" -JUDITH CRIST NEW YORK MAGAZINE jet ayioMowwiifflfi GEORGE HAMILTON SUE LYON M the fast of tha daredevils' wtitocmoR noMcte tao umisni at THE FANFARE CORPORATION STATE NEAR RANDOLPH OPEN MS AM ST 2-2321 Win a 100 C. C. Haf Uy-Dovldien "lia" coupon at BoxofKiji. ho urchaw necesiory. ftlRLS IN HOT PANTS HALF PRICI WITH THIS AD janefoncJa clonold Ollljlll panovision leclmicolor Open I A.M. Lett Future 10:05 P.M. IvfAMlTM K7. V 'SWEDEN'S LOVC DOORS OPINtiOOA.1 R1ALT0 S46 S. STATE ST. 922 0751 2 ADULT HIT FILMS! "THE SHOP" plus "THE THIRD" (X) Continuous from 10 i.m. to Mldnlti MIDNIGHT SHOW FRI. ft SAT. VERY STRANGE FILM i mm M Adulti Only Ne Admittance Under it THE WILD, OFF-BEAT SELDOM DISCUSSED WORLD. (Phana 17MQM) BlllamHoldcflCVlll(l yan O'Neal CROVeT 1.4 cRoversieiop 'i!imtigu.i. iS; NOW PLAYINtp at a thoatro nr Hriuo.ln near unti SUSPENSE THRILLER g NDROWDA STRAIN 2:TO-4:43-7:15-0;45 AN Theatres PALATINE 0PJU 5 STARTS liSS KiV'HIil'i'S" 7t4r OUT OF-TOWNER5 WILLOW CREEK Hwy, (14) at RT. 63358-1158 ACADEMY AWAR0 WINNER MIDNIGHT COWBOY" 1R) DUSTIN HOFFMAN i- JON VOIGHT At 4:00 and 1:00 plut ELLIOTT GOULD LITTLE MURDERS (R) At 3:00, e:00 end 10:00 Suburban Theatres DU PAGE MA8-M5 "AS"; "SONQ OF NORWAY" -OAKBROOK- WEST WEST ERWYN PIT. 12 HICKS OPT. CONC. TICKIIB A "MAM" 53 DRIVE-IN "PATTON" PARK RIDGE BIPlf Ulflf COOL. COMFOPT rlvPtniblV' HDUITS ONLY "PRtm MMDS ROW" liDDcuutTrn u.n nurt'i UMkiiaikii niwvhvvw l ?(l Kldeio M.t. "Ahbntt A CmLII." at I :IV0 Rou.rca MEADOWS Hhlt" nn o "Alrearl" I H i :0-t :S III. OPEN !:( us wisr H0081VELT Jotinny Coh Kirk D.uglai GUNFIGHT In CnlnK li 3 BO. MO. (0:10 Karl Moldn. Jqnm FraneUcut CAT O'NINE TAILS In Cil.r .1 J 0(1, D II, 11 ELMHURSi' VnQV Ibt H. York BH-(11173 I lln Mat. OI. tl.Ia A St OAIDPnPT'1 MIO, 4:20 The Anderson KM1 Ml, GLEN ELLYN 0l' ti2t 4 l(l;2 atr.l.M' 4:11 1 IS Tapes Ptlav nt 2. ?a I r i war -r j .ir. i il j.i.t.i-ib i . ... r f i i f il fl Ii7ri ' " n r ; . - -WHEELING it ADDISO.W- nohrsdce SKOK1E WW All Micfrn-lTwfl leal F JggnVj oo and tm tm mm I I IT" II Cannon I I I Split Com err The Anderson Tipes 7.20 4 10 . 20 en 10.20 HiP atiiuuunn a. T,lailli-:Hii.A'1 -U;t,,-..;..i..'HyanONaal LoveStory YOG MONSTER FROM SPACE' OUT-Of-IWMns Sona' 4;li..aO LW J.I0-.I0 SONli OF NORWAY' plui Julia Andrawa 'DARLINO LlLl' (ft) iThrOwli. EartraSLrfl ThQwIiiiUHiPii IL i-.i i.i.s-.Ti..-.n 10 Me 'HI rurui.K rmtti ' i '"0 StStMtO SfATS t g.kbMl( ( iUmrtU It U l .i.-nea- SSVMtl KID PHOW TODAY OPIN l'4S C.taoni "THE KILLER WHALE" II -vil 1 aUUIIII IV ll 111 "LOVE STORY" Oollr of J, 4, L I (. 10-JQW '- 1 OAK PARK I KM II ' i 11 1 1 1 7Zz. 1 WEST ; SOUTH jUU T h ' 1 1 i i . im nfii.Ti-iw WHEAT0N "V""LT fiU.aim1! "SONQ OF NORWAY" MB:MT1 ' 3 mom wiiksi J IBrTftyttTmt , l(,7pXa1 Tfljp m 1 "SATIN MUSHROOM" & "PUSSYCAT" SOUTHWEST, g'fcj SOUTHEAST 1 DfirrNERS GROVE iflliiiul'h I 'J bUV 1 - 1 in,. I,. sIHlltANII Wdll.r (VI A t M A U . 1 HhLji 'HELLO, DOLLY" 211(1.4:10 7;0S.:J CICERO OLYMPIC "ANDROMEDA STRAIN" ne w. c.riBKtt (OPl 2 Oil. I SO, p;4 Pl.Kqrrf Burlofl 4'tll I OS "PAIO UN RSMMIL ' I HILLSIDE I IM PiTWI Ml North at Harlem ELMWOOD PARK "LOVE STORY" Oelr J, 4, t, I ecrf f9f6P) TRANKLIN PARK VII I ArC Clewa. I II.LHMI. riRCWODetS ATDUIK atTWIMft IKTttlOnir 1014 N tlttll Avi Ail, ill. IN i" DIK.r I N.'lK. Blr.l.nilff A (i'dl. NrnKl Z "OWL t THE FUSSYCAT" S'.IS' "BANANAS" TI1IPNONI it4-na paei eaaniHa RYAN 0NIAL Aclvtirtlse) In tha Tribunt NAPERVUXE AREA SKYLARK W..I It Nil, A Of. :,10 CnltfrH Pr. Pl.jruii(l (nP 'T M li AkOUINAaLI' uu. rniLiti All.. Pn.'l "C'Y th. tf.R-h.l" NORTH RIVERSIDE '.m I' . JlM.-t8rel "LOVE STORY" 1 I ItlMIIMHtlltllH JMBAit ju.JLija ,iaiiwi m tjmvrjw iSaUaaSl 1 LA CRAfJGE (Win I ft J FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT g 1 IllMiMii i.SiHV FTI i-4-...-n iniirtU I rTO!Jflll "ANDROMEDA STRAIN , l'vf rrsi' i, an" iiiiiii"i'r"l I r.tur. at 2:011, 4 SO, t no me yefffJjWeae . jrjgW fSS'lnvnliwMi I J IllleH Seela Deaala IwttiarUna W lHjIlliert".'o,l, l.therlenalj I 'LITHE MURDERS' S ! 1 'LITTLE MURDERS' I VmiDNIGHT COWBOY'i VMIDNIGHT COWBOY ?"" H" f:;,:.'1" V"""1 Mll"t" tf H'l ' w ' mii.ii..; , , .-.i in (h-t..i,.' 4 ...,( t. ...yyi; AuViBi'lSliiO P A Y S I t ievege, Irulol Weitenil "THE HUNTING PARTY" l Ollm H4 C..4l(i Itrfi. -4ya- Hi?iuM "MIDNIGHT ZT COWBOY" VOOHT wruv lrl '! M mm CALUMET CITY- feet Parkins "LOVE STORY" Daily at 1, 4, 4, I end 10-fGP) "".HAMMOND- I i K Hnon Chiiiimv 4 Dv.n C.liinio ImiincDtnu TABtCH J:JS. 4:U BLUE ISLAND I " ,""aw" J r fc m, i. mo 0. niirnnnn OCT. cono. TiriHFT Park Pr. umh I oil H I UUIUUUn nnuaiv unminai s,,,.. L'! !'"''"" 2:ivon. tmi monster from spaci" IUROT ALU MON&mi" P Ulto "Thi H0US1 THAT ICREANE.D intfir nTii;r piiinr A sfuwict Of ran MXkikHtid tHLAlXRS' IVaU I IT. itlHIlilU UUIUL a.e.i MaUe PKIeft Cee Sail leelaUe All ttf aa aiiiieilHael ganaral udlna. PJ AM aJmlleatl parealnl (uldaiH. aa.itea'. 8fUl?T18-,," 'f 17 aeal aalmfHejaL ), aettea. .nl. by patent ar itt fewnrrfln. t Lfraawt, eeH ;al.",?IM?a1, Pdnl.a a rriw wylie fcr toe Cruiaga Wlkeea. 4M - -' -i i

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