The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1931
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL 25, mi CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenls e, word for first Insertion and one cent a word (or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement token for less than 50c. Count Uie «orda and send the easlx Phone 30G (AftK.V COURIER NEWS AUGACOO SROOKMAN mo auvthlng for brcakliiE B iunr PAGE SEVEN FOR SALE I-'OU SALE-Daby chicks. Pay this lall. See us about plan. Marilyn llatcliery. -» !)C-'W FOli SALK—1,500 hushcls yellow feed corn, 75 cents per busl'.c at crib. R. N. Trimble, Ltllxmrn Mo., IHione M. 13C-K27 CYI'SY N-M-- Ynrk IV.U.I.ArK e,<.-.|. him l-:. <:' A * Cli SrAM a jtor • ticrfjlB? nrl. )fr»krll Ihrlr c II rtfi.rr iiiuri. JIM «nJ C Clir "i«» Jl ll*->rnr-oM lyiitkl, ninrrlc* JIM llie day tiller • .><• nl llu- liomr ul l-cr xlo. ft%> TUUW- fcn-i buta In rnili n HiiiuTr lie* i-Jil In iu:irry liul CO'JTON SEtl) Cook's Half & Half Planting Seed. $2.50 iior hundred. Phone 045. Koss Stevens. 23P-K21 Alun <.'tn«Iir «rllf« Trrunn Ihr Irtti'r iinmji-nril. S1AII- CU I.OU1XC. J'ui'» luriiu-r llnnrrr, nnrrlri IMIIirK 1'Hlll.ll'S. inll- IJannli-c-K xim. eiuailiH riiKH aoJ llrcck l'hllU|i* FOU SALE—Town lot, 50X140, $50. Call CCS. 23P-K28 l-'OR SALE—two months old 'collie imps. J, F. Tomiikins, Burdcttc, Aik. "Tuif RliNT . ri-il nl*-Ur» nnd lulrr trl wirrl^c In I'lillllio I Inkc-. ->hr Uri'lnrrN f<-r Jiltn. Jim lr[r* lu ir litin fai :i niU- TOR KENT—Apartment In Ingrain building. See Parkhurst Company. 9C-TF FOR RENT — housekeeping. Rooms 415 N. FURNISHED ROOM — 512 North First St. for light 8tli SI. 24P-K29 For rent, 24C-K1 FOR RF.NT^-2 airartnicnts, 3 rooms and balh each, hoi and cold water, newly decorated. 11G South Franklin, Dr. J. A. Saliba. 24C-K1 III) Ell .llnrrlrt Tcf. nucnllr. (lyi'l*"" \vi.rrlt-ji. She •pr_Lu» krr -inkle In »n iiuinmii 1.11* collUInn and durlBK Ibf On-; •..lillf •[*«> •Lirnln. !• Jlfallui- Jim I Ainu *."riu-l»-- -•mm-* lo »[•».' CHU null IrllB lirr h? IUVL--I lit-i. Jim' arrival Inl-Trupl- 1 lilt* tnCrn ii/M <i;|i-t> lUL-clK Alt*n • • veont] lli:i ii-iU n'-nd-' lilta rmny. trlllnK III-.'.11- IK In lull- -.'ill* Jim. !>tn- ll'Jr 1,01111* Co li-ll Jim xlir li.ifc In-.' .•urt-d t>[ {[u- nL.I infalurtllnn. El nrrlv.-j. uucj Hhk-i hvr la ill'im Mm. MJW GO *»" WITH TIIJ*. KTOKl CHAITEII XLV1 coulrt not believe tlia to E| As Ions as slio lived tho Blrl as never to forget Uiai ratal. m's face, darkly launcil. ami his yes avoiding ber*. dlrccily op- osllo otcf tbat mass o! flowers, he outlandish caudles, symbols [ {nativity. Tlie knife In I'.yiisy'-i eart Unit was turnlue, lunilui; that E!IO coulJ liave cried out (Ills. wouldn't be riage like rls'H* 11 "Hut you'll have lo ba^c- some- llilns to live on. Whal will you not nnsry ni «uy one. Thero was no room in her heart tor nny- thini; except tlio achinn tnlunry of Inslni; Jim. I.oslngt How could Eho in so whM slio had novor really do!" Stio would love Jim always. She was sure o[ thru. Tim IhouKh'. ot 'inuK "lays o( bluer loneliness jtiii'U'lil.ii; out abend frightened jl'or. a>-]isj* lild her faco lu her ils soon as 1 can It-it would bci-"''" 5 ™* *ajit Bllo.itly. best, don't you llilnk?" in I nil about Hint. I'll 1-xpims-o of llie I up and llie divorce. I'm KoliiK lo leave "Never tako c.iro lo pay rom Bbecr physical pain. Thero ivas so much flic wauled o say lo Jim. Tlie words tumbled her lira ami llien suddenly voro silenced. NolhliiG coald bo ;a!d now. Nolhlusl Maliliia seemed constantly at icr bide oft'crluK dishes wl jyp?y merely looked at ami sbooK I Wotl wh „„,, ...,,„ (liv . 0 ,. a , „.,„,,,, icr Head. Was tlie meal uerer lo |nc:1I] f , c[ ,, lora lo lllul> , ial ,, ) i ll) , s8 esi. don't you ihlok?" • » • "Tlieu If ymi dun'i v.-.uit all i pllKSi:XTI.Y Bh« raised bor iony I'll mako n teitlf.iieiii." hond. Slio roincinhorod iho ,'allace liiElsled. cveulni; srheii she lind said u< Jim, Wall; Vigorously Uynsy rcfii?(rt this, iiho nut Iced lo I j consider cool, ImiierEtma! way .Inn WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. F-ourth St. BC-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mizell, 2207 18th St. - TF WANTED—Clean rags, free ol buttons. Courier News. sho had. beard tbo words ectly. "You want whatV iskcd. leaning forward. "1 want you to free me. [Iritis 3H end to this farce that Is supposed to be a marriage. Trcak it off. Wo both should have known betier In tbo first place lliaii to try such a crazy thing. I think It's lime we became sensible—" "Ob!" the girl Interrupted him. eud? Jim nude an ctfort or Iwo it conversation. He was dottiK ll, of course, for H.UIIda's tienullt. To keep up appearances, liypsy j recognized Ibis lacl but could not play up to It. « * • CIIK heard lilm mention tlie fact •- that slie WPS not callus. "I had lea down lowu." shcj lold him. How Ions Ibr.t, Deemed now. Two iiouro? It <vas' like a lifolltno. At hist the travesty of ealine was ended. "There arc n few things we oiiBlil lo talk about." Jltn sng- Kcstca. "I suiipuEC Ihoit's less cbauce of being Uitcrrupled lu (.be library." Gypsy nodded.- As sbo slopped forward one llultorlnB end of the drapery at the side .ol her sklr with .Marclit. caught In -lourway. She save llltlo esclamallou. Jim ticui down and unfastened Iba Bilk. The glrl : stilled- an Impulse lo brush her lingers ai-aliiBl bis soft, sandy hair..Slie walked abead ot • • '-- ' - . down "If 5mi ever regret our marriage k U'LI-II you 10 tell nio about It." A in) lie bad promised that bo wuiiKl. l.ltllo had bho realized [bun wh:iL slio was bargnlning for. Bliu lold herself Mini she. should ho' making jilan-i, deciding about her future. Tbat would hnvo lo Yl'SV rose to ber feel. "Yon i wall. What did she. euro about ^ don't mlml If I so now. do! llie fuluro now? you. Jim?'' sho asticil. "I'll do} m«e heard Ibo roadster conio lust 111 von say about fill Ihe rest, i back up iho drlvo but did uol look I'm not sure yet when I can eel j mu llio wlmlow. A Illlle later sho away. Day ufler tomorrow per-1 in-ard Jim's fnntsleus ou Ibo slain. I'.yp3y clasped her Iwo bnuila Uglitly. pressing unill thu knuckles acbod as Iho fc-'Mfileni ucarcd lier door and thou passed ou. Thero had been one breathless Insfaul when sho thought Jim Iglit knock on tbo door. The house bccamo (inlet. Gypsy at l.isl undressed. Tlio flowered, chldon which she had put ou bo- cauBO Jim admired It wua now with leara. As sbo wrenched It lo get ll over her sbci-jldera sh« beard llio fabric Icar. Sbo Ibrcw the diosa on a clmlr and left It hap:i lie said llicru was na need ot nulling away so qulciily. Ho would sol In loiicb wllli a lawyor In Reno lo represent b-ir. It might lake a Tow day*. Always his conversation seemed to veer Irack lino lesal icclmlcallllcs which won- like a foreign language to Gypsy. "Will yon want to keep tho IIOUBO open?" sbo asked from the OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern You mean you want j ujbi into the library antl 1 chair facing tha desk. Jim PELTABLIE ^lAN WANTED—To call on farmers in Mississippi Comity. Wonderful opportunity. -Make 58 lo 520 daily. No experience or capital needed. Write today. McNESS CO., Dept. I, Wee- port, 111. WANTED—Reliable parly wanted to handle Watkhis Products in Blytheville. Customers established. Excellent optiortunity ior right man. Write The J. R. Walkins Company, 75-56 \V. _ Iowa Avc., Memphis, Tenn. a'.vay. | on. look tho desk chair. "You want me lo go right away. I suppose?" Uynsy asked. "Suit your own convenience. 1 "Oh. I see! no lo divorce you. CJo That's wlial you mean, i-m'l II?" Jim nodded. "i suppose 11 woulc? be belicr if you'd go away. 1 can if jnu dmi'l want to. Ileno | W|IE lim j cr [L q iiupiesslon Ibat the Is hiill the quickest place. UCJsoonor affairs could ba arianj*ed coursa I'll expect you to bring tbo bclier it would bo for both lennl I Of US."-' Gypsy nodded. She was looking ... lhe floor. I'rcsenily she said ••5'-" slowly. "So It really was true j "You want a divorce!" As tlie , nuout Slarcia after all? I sup- girl lirealbeil tlie words Ibey were! pose when i was sick you were barely above a whisper, "it's cha'rf-es against me. Tbo usual I' liilng—desertion or incompatible | I hadn't Ihoncht about It. No. RIICSS not. What do you think? "Matilda's planning on throe weeks nt tier brother's. You might get Cora aiid Sam to stay here." Jim announced suddenly that :ie did not want tho house open. He would rather slay at Ibo Carlton. ME, SP£Ak Vjrfi 50LUID MWP, EGAD v/eR(LV, iW ROOM IS l(AUUTer> J USf" M(6ft-f r AMP -fife ' S, 1 IIGARV) 3-fePS •FILL Okies MEARY wi-rU van -T& Be up AMP our there, a wrinkled heap, Instead ot hntiRlni; II away. Very weary, she drew down tho covers and sol Into her bed. Over and over sho tried to tell herself Hint abmo lima Ibis knife-like pain would ceese. Sho would get used to It. Others bad Buttered brouen hearts anil learned lo endure tt. How | just—sorry for me ami that's why Gypsy said good night then and literally truo tho pbraso was! A turned toward tho stairs. Sha Lurokon heart. Her heart felt as could not enduro auollicr moment [.though It wore crushed and blccd- of that calm scrullny. How Jim must hale her lo be able to look nt her like tbat! How bo must loathe her! Tears wero blinding tha girl when she reached tlie lop of. the lllKht. Gypsy rushed into ber. loom, closed the door and flung Lcrselr against H* Sbo wopi B! on. i REMARKABLE-SALESMAN'S OP- POUTUNITY—-Uniisiinl-bpporluii- ity for man with first elass srilins ability to take over distributorship of metal specialties nationally advertised. Large manufacturer with sales over S2.000.000 a year. Pros- iwcls Include Stores, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Garages, Schools, Churches, Colleges, Hospitals, County and Gity Buildings, Homes, Farms, etc. Not an ordinary selling job. but a real business of your own with opitoituni- ties for earnings ranging from $5,000 to 510,001) and up, depending on territory. Earnings can slart at once-. Give details of your experience in f!it>L- Setter. Address General Manager, Box 083, Dayton, Ohio. .Marcia. Isn't It?" she went "You're goinc to marry be*? Jim met ber eyes steadily. "That Isn't tjullo sclllcd yet. Ill coultfii't bo as matters arc." i cuqught ' you'd be you tried to make me think you POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L>. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Kailroail St., west ol.courthouse, J. E. Fisher, pnonc M. , 24C-TF LOST AND FOUND LOST—One blue kid glove. Please return to Courier or call 272. 2WJ-K2-1 BORROWED from Blytheville Cotton Oil company -- One good lawnmowcr.. $5 reward for return. No questions asked. 23C-K27 about this tblns. 1 supposed you'd sec it was tl.e best way for boili of us." 1 Gypsy's lips wore trembling. "Ob, yes." she said, trying lo ! steady them. "1 see that it's Ihe best way—" They heard footsteps and l>olb turned. MaliMa stood in the doorway. "Dinner is served, -Mrs. Wallace." she announced. Gypsy glanced loward her husband. "\Yo'H come," she tnld tho servant, and arose. Jim followed ber into tho dining room. There was the table with Its Enowy cloth and tho elcaiuin.i,- la- pera. Gypsy herself had placed the candlesticks. There was llie low ccnterpieco ol daisies and pink nslera that sho had arranged. There^tt on the table but Gypsy hnc--f thftt she could not 1 • didn't care about her. That's why you talked about going away for a vacation—" Oil. doo't bother lo Impale i high motives to me! I don't de- I serve that. Wo tried something reasonable ri(li( . ulous an( i - t tailed. Whether I hapiieu lo bo in love with some one eke or not Isn't the question. We made a bad bargain aud I'm asking yon 10 let nic out of it." "I'll let you out of It." Gypsy told him. "I —I agree wish yon perfectly. Will you lell me how I'in to KO about it?" "You'll have to have a lawyer. I'll arrange lhat." lie went on explaining technical uo'rtils of the' livorce. tlypsy tried to listen to 1 what be was saying. She found Instoiul that she was looking a! iho modeled perfection of Jim's chin. "I'm afraid I'm nol going to remember all this." sho told him. "I think I'm lircd. \Ye rtou't have to let anyone here know about the divorce unlil after I'm sone, do we?" Jim said that they did not. "About Iho alimony"—ha began. "I won't accept ollmony! i 1'rltlo carried her through (he ordeal ot tho next morning's breakfast, saying "Good morn- ifi'u" to Jim as though ho had not suddenly become a stranger, pour- bi3 coflce. trying lo drink her own slcamlng cup whllo \\a sat burled in bis newspaper. • They might have lieeti rchearn- ihongh InK |iarts lt) a p]n) . J|1U g.,1,) ,.„„,,. Gropingly | b j. n|1(1 ai i,i e{ \ [| 1IU i le , VO nld bavo moro information about. "Hint i matter" when he returned In tho She had no Idea bow long she cvcntnE . Gypsy nodded Instead of lay- there. R-ilmiistlon nt iast.|.,'j, ]st - n ,, i, crs( ,if to rcl ,i y . . . , ^ „„ i-"; She wcnl about her cnsloiaary fell across the bed wlwii she ltn-| f.' n ,.^ ]lo](1 [!>5k8 - , — busy with ncr eyes. ' Gypsy beard a sound outside and went lo the window. She Kavr the roadster, long, dark and pur- rinn softly, slide down lhe driveway. Perhaps Jim was noiag for Marcia. No. she knew instantly BOOTS AI\D HER BUDDIES \'0 FOOUIS"! Df By-Mairtiij lenlly. the great sobs shaking her shoulders. Sho wept as her heart would break. she turned the key in tho lock aod sank, face downward, on the bed. thnt llio tliou^Lu wna nnworthy- nr Jim tintl wouiulcil her So long K3 sho was busy wltn her hands sho could fight off thoughts sbo did not have tbo courage to face. Sbo avoided Matilda and Cora, afraid I hoy would nollco hor rimmed and swollen eyes. ny mid-afternoon Gypsy was Irying to find comfort In tho thought that oul of tbo ruin oC her own dreams Jim would tind still Ihe honest, dependable,jlmpplneas. JU.i'a happiness she-aid forward He was not slJ2 loved In a cheap Intrigue with Alarcia Phillips. Gyppy snt on the windowslll and looked out across Ibo Ir,«n. uaro patch of Thero was a moan, moro to her than her own. Then she thouK^'t about Alan. Was Alan ns miserable na eh-» now that she* liad sent him away? On. sudden inspiration she •went to tlio telephone. Crosby had told I LIL I U « U3 "• mi« 1*1 ^ i,<tk-u.» v I , , . t i 11< TT .1- bright moonllslit bordered by tlie|"er ho was stopping at Iho ITc-u- shadnsv from the hedge. It looked peaceful, quiet down lucre. Tlio girl drew back farthc-r into llie shadow oi tlie room. It. was strange thnt Flic should =iot -eel angry at Marcia. She was ard. an Inexpensive hotel. Gypsy found the number lu tLo directory and called it. "May I speak to Mr. Alan Crosby?" sbo a?.13. (To VJs Continued) Vull Lincoln Signature Found CONCORD, N. H. lUin-A full signature of Abraham Lincoln, rare because lio usually signed his name merely as "A Lincoln," has been uncovered Iicrc by Oils Cj. j JI:imiiio:*(I, director of lhe Nc\v' Hampshire Historical SccicSy. Ti-.c atitot:rap:i nnpcars on tlie brigadier-general's commission granted by ['resident Lincoln nearly three- qnartcrs of a century ago lo Oilman Marstou of Excicr. New York Cotton NEW. YORK, April 25 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Idlo 1018 IW7 1003 1042 IffW 103'J 1035 1082 1082 10CD 1070 1103 1103 1093 1033 1115 1115 1101 ll'Oo 1134 1134 1126 112C May July Get Dec Jan March Spols at 1010. oil 5. Russell! secretary of trie Pacific sociai-cn. is the first American cvi-rjat Olympia, \vliicli will be Iwlil Jin Coast Steeplechase and Racing As- '_ picked to judge the English n-,Ei;l|20 to 27. HOW AM COIN' 601U THEM WMT ! \'o BETiER. TW<E MV BOOT AU>NG '. WT( ACROSS T QCEP.N \B MO \_. VoO FRECKLES AND HjS FUIENDS 1VA COJ-Jlh-CeO THAT TUS VIVO 5TOLE: M^Cl ROBV WAS WO CElPPI_e VJE'LL TA'/E THE CRUTCH SI V&V& AUD MAME IT EXA^M^JeD !-' ^fli ^. AHA! FAY 0. DA VIS Alwalcr Kent Dealer I'honc 421 Invest With. Safety G% paid tniiirlcrly on full paitl slock, ?100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgaRe loans on homes in Blytheville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association \V. JF. Burns, Sec. New Orleans Colton- NEW ORLEANS. April 25 (UP) — Jotlon closed steady. oi>cn high low close May . 1013 101G 1010 1010 July 104-1 1041 1032 1033 Oct 1080 1031 10C9 10CD Dec 1102 1102 1001 1091 Jan 1114 1114 1101 1104 March 1134 1134 1124 1124 Spots ipiiet at 985. olT 4. BELLOWS FALLS. Vt. (UP) — Jamc.-! F. MacClflinnn. manager of the Vermont Cooperative Cream- cry Association, tells the following Coolidge aucrdote: One hot day he was busy nt his desk Mr. Ccolidee. tlica president, appeared in the doorway. MncClcnniin, i" his sllil - slccves with his collar Uirncd in. grabbed his coat and vest anti started to don them. Tra president stopped him. "Let's both be comfortable." said Mr Coolidge, taking oft Ills own coat and vest. Truck Slopr.cil on Fcol THE DALLES. Ore. (UP)— Erncsl Elsinger obeyed (lie first law of traffic code here, by applyin; tlie brakes on his truck when an Indian woman stepped in front of vehicle. Halted, the vehicle r;stc; on the right foal of the surprise- native woman. BERTiLLONr RbOM yes...IF Tuey FIUD PRIMTS o,-j IT; TVi£M TUE REST Sl-pULD BE COMPAOATNGLV EASY..' LIEOT. ST6EV6 \S -TUZ (-lA^e.-l'D •-1••-••: V -' OL> To UOOli THIS CCOfcH O-JER foS. FIMciSP. PRIVJrs,oTy£P, THAM ~tV£ BOYS AMD CVSCK VJITH YOOR. T-IJ. P&TORDS.:- A ^ — <rr\\'< L, PPiyTG cf YOOES AMD "BHs ecC/S....HWfA*..WOl.D 0(4 .'*' : TVK HERE ovl TUS MAWD WASH TUIJI5S MOKK 01' 1JUJJ/S American Picked for .iudge L')S ANGELES. lUPJ — E. Allan /V.HV. VOU MUST IOOT KNOW ^ / WOT ft UEOTENM^T GliS. / WMF IXS MUCH f\S MG-WtNTY TIMES P.S MUCH (\STrtlt-! WJK6 V '.-^M'WEEK-A FORCHUN^, i IT'S oME, MATES, 5EW S(VFE! S0!i reRTl^T. '16TTW FOOLS H HOTTER. US THREE IS KlMGS-WE -* «E(iiTG Tn' OOU&H. ) — -^^ Tt?UST OlD BULU ^f\& &,\~3 —n ME.7rtUCOpPF.RS NAB ftlt Tvi 1 «WM-BOftT& THEY WANTS- THE.V V-JOI'T (jlT Ui! WO, EV THUMPER! i MAS A sysreM. c,tV VOL) MM'T SEEM ALUT.»: lAl^DEH BOMS MV (^IDOEM TONNE.I.S i HAS FOR

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