Council Bluffs Nonpareil from Council Bluffs, Iowa on October 12, 1947 · Page 21
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Council Bluffs Nonpareil from Council Bluffs, Iowa · Page 21

Council Bluffs, Iowa
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Sunday, October 12, 1947
Page 21
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Huskers Outplayed But Turn^. 66 ?.? 6 ' T D i i i 1 A i iif- Tops Indusfna Two Breaks Into 14-7 Win Cyclones Hold 7-0 Lead Over Favored Foe Until Closing Minutes of Third Quarter By Knox Craig AMES, (AP)--A badly outplayed Nebraska football team that was in Iowa Stale territory only three times din-ing 1 the afternoon turned two breaks into two quick touchdowns to trim nn underdog Cyclone eleven 14 to 7 in a Big Six contest Saturday. The Cyclones, scoring In the viorirt quarter, looked well on the way to .in upset victory w i t h the t h i r d quarter J2 minutoj none. Bad Snapback Cacts. A b.'id f o u r t h clown pass from I'entcr Joe Bush sailed over Son Norrmn's head to give Nebraska trie bail on the Iowa State live. Three plays later Halfback Dick M u t t o n scampered around his t i g h t end to score and Bob ^a,- tcllo place kicked the extra point in tic the score Just before the tr.ird period fnilfd. Two minutes later the Hunkers (··tuntcd their second touchdown alter Nebraska End Ralpn Dam- Proper blocked Ron Norman's p u n t on the tirst play on the f i n a l quarter on (ho Cyclone tour. Del Wlegand powered over center on the rext play to score. Costcllo with his second place- luck marie It 14 to 7. Thf Cyclones outshonn the JIu.skrrs In every department hut the scoring and average distance on punts, Tho lighter, scrappy Iowa Stair- eleven picked uj) Jli first downs to Nobr.'ihka's ..,, and"d the '17 to (l- 1 . The Cyclones gained lul yarctj? from passing, while T.cbraska failed to complete a j-uss in two attempts. Haikm Outcharged. In the first half Nebraska never got the ball beyond its own 2j yard line. Outweighed 24 pounds to the man, the Cyclone lint- outchargcd tho Huskcr for- vard wall and broko up Nebraska plays before they could start. Until Norman was tackled on t h e Cyclone five after running back to pick up Bush's bad pass the Cornhuskcrs had not been past the mid field stripe. And after recovering the blocked punt to open the fourth they were In Cyclone territory only onco more w h e n Damkroger recovered an Iowa State fumble on the 32. Their fast backfleld behind a big line showed a shirt sleeved crowd ot 12,500 little In tho way of an offensive during the entire v.-arm afternoon. Bill Chauncey went over left tackle from the one-yard line w i t h no one laying n hand on him to scoro Iowa State's touchdown on the second play of the MTurm quarter and Marie Roll- ir-frr converted. The Iowa Stnlfi score cnmo at- ?r a 40 yard march which fen- Uircd some clever running by Webb Halbert. An earlier first quarter march bogged down on the-10 and Rollinger tried n field goal, but it was no good. Again in the second Kolllnger unsuccessfully tried a field goal. Lost Chance Muifod. In the closing minutes of the f i n a l period, Iowa State threatened to tie the score when a pass from Don Ferguson to Bob Jensen war. good for 37 yards and first down on the Husker three. How- t-vcr, the Cyclones lost the ball on downs back on the 15. io»a State. Po». NabniKa l-uun 1.10 .... DuirilcruRor M.uthnrd l/r T:xKood . Wlllclna THE STATISTICS. Klrnl d o w r i H Vnrdn (tallied i l i n l i l i i K K n r w m d jmnmiM a t l n m n t t d I"oiwiiril illinium i M i i m i f u l m l . , . Vantd g u l i i c d fonviira pauses. 101 Kcrwnicl imssua Intercepted by l liirclH iiitcrccpled passes run back I.S. Neb. , 12 li 07 Ii2 J l l 2 F. Grego of Kresge's rolled a sizzling 662 to top Industrial league bowlers at Broadway Recreation Friday night. Grego started with 200, and kept bettering It, following with games of 217 and 245. Ttirnlund of Slorz had 613, Including a 259 game. The Franksen-Johnson quintet, which wound up with a 1,035 team game, was paced by Juel, with a 607 series. Anderson of J S bowled 605. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE. BOO Club (3) Vimit'x 164 177 188 SPORTS Hru laker Arjd'Taon lU'ihnser Jpcsen .. J c -futon K.t.otwyk Iowa iitat* LO KT UK CJU 1.1[ UK 1«'U AveniKO d l a t a n c o or piint« .. 88 -l! Total yards nil kicks returned Sli 41 Opponents' f u n i l i l o n recovered 1 1 Yuids lout on penalties 20 67 --KSWI, 1501) On Yaur Ulnl-- Langer to Play on Omaha Crew Pro Cage Outfit to Start Drills Four well known Nebraska cagers will be members of the team that Coach Lon Shepherd will field for the Omnha entry n the new Professional Basketball Leaguo of America when it opens its season at Creighton ;ym Tuesday, Oct. 28, against rulsn. A l l - A m e r i c a n 1'hll Lunger, co- · n p t a l n of Crelghton'.s u n d e f e u l 'd 1943 squad, the Kaeding brothers, Wayne and Jim, who earned their laurels at York, Neb., college, and Clyde Ehlers, who also starred at the latter school, make up the classy foursome. Shepherd, who arrived in Omaha Friday to make ready for the first practice session Wednesday, disclosed signing of the four. Langor won nationwide recognition while at Creighton. The team on which he played his last year won 19 games out ol 20, took the Missouri "»licv conference title and was seeded first in the Madison Square Garden Invitational tournament. The Kacclings each averaged around 20 points a game in college, and Ehlers wasn't far behind. The Omaha five, making its major league debut in pro basketball, will play 31 home games at Creighton gym. Seven other "home" games will be played In nearby towns. The Omahnns wfll play 3G games away from home, visiting each of the 15 other clubs in the circuit, which extends from St. Paul to New Orleans. --KSWI, 15BI) On Vour l)l»|-- Badgers Crushed by Californians MADISON, Wis., JP -- California's first Invasion of the mid- west in its 70 year football history was a smashing success Sat M Uundy Wtt'oni C. J'n 11)1 I C C 1IH J70 113 144 181 17.1 184 150 178 186 T'als 859 798 Qlass Front (0) I C 8 121) 134 1(11 Ul 1G1) 177 178 165 151 161) 216 Soley NoiU'll Ca'tlen Haiti Storr (0) Slm'on 1 Slu. -.. Woln'r H h ' l c r .Tack'n Turn'd 123 167 126 171) 153 189 195 202 17(1 150 180 106 180 171 261) O. L'en 161 129 116 Han'p 22 22 22 T'als 830 759 842 I F r a n k i o n (3) Bostedt 200 182 212 T'als 818 870 917 Krosoes (2) ftruKO H O 217 245 Y n n l ' n 1K7 189 IIW A t l ' H t Hill 17(1 182 V'M'r 100 193 1117 D O'St 167 185 171 Han'p 3 3 3 T'uln 8(13 9C3 DC I Pat'on 182 179 110 11.7 237 203 L. A n ' n 181 161) 2(JK Dahl 182 1611 22.1 Han'p 49 49 48 T'als 961 903 1035 B«tty Ann (1) lini Outplay Pitching of Army, Held to No Score Tie 211 III!) 18(1 I B O 1111 171) 1H1 117 IBB .-. ... .. 183 192 174 Al J'n 212 103 184 T'als 8B1 892 872 Orlffln Lal'leli H. A'n J. 4 S, Eleo. (Z) I C o u r t House (1) Talbot Meyer And'n Vlborg Slo'ns 146 147 185 143 157 166 138 131 1GO 185 184 236 178 156 Dele'nt 192 171 184 Bliss 204 145 170 Ed C'n 171 165 164 Slraw 138 131 15fi Florl sr 167 150 1S5 Cadets Shoved All Over But Defend Goal By Cayle Talbot. NEW YORK, --A powerful Illinois eleven pushed Army all over Yankee stadium in Satur- dny's biRgest gridiron hnltle, but the Black Knights fiom West Point defended their goal line tenaciously and at 1he conclusion of the rough struggle before 55,000 the two undefea'ted elevens settled for a scoreless tie. Miss Field Goal. Repeatedly the Rose Bowl Tain 790 783 802J Tain 8C2 7C2 888 A l n i w o r t h (0) I M n r t . Peterien (3) Uim'it 126 125 118 Nlck'n Siip'w .1, ,1'n 170 174 137 132 164 143 1211 1112 Mli Uauin Fran'ls 161 172 13b 160 148 174 T'ulii 72li 738 735 Street H9 153 141 Slraw 126 126 137 rr-.r. 177 125 172 l l a n ' p 2fi 25 17 T'alH 78!) 710 779 BOOSTER LEAGUE. Master Ap. (1) M u l l e r 125 JD1 117 100 118 92 124 138 125 Dcl'n ftloh'n Hnn'r llan'p Glnnt (2) Seloy 196 178 136 Duye'n Hajirer 163 124 isn JS4 (10 1C!) Nuaser 154 232 150 111 132 1051 31) 38 88 Straw 100 9fl 92 Totals 633 655 li4l]Tola)s 739 7D1 C36 Storz (3) Wai te I ' l i r ' s o VVn'dH Kra'n l l a n ' p . . I O r p h a n » (0) 119 143 143 S h u n ' n I !I4 105 J I B ma ins lao 120 I f i C 132 111 100 128 fll 61 61 Totals 738 747 798 Totals Htol'nn MoO'o Toml/ill Hoalcy lor. 147 no 1.11 145 101 112 1011 Kill 130 1.11 111 142 112 177 689 641 764 champions from Champaign drove deep into Cadet territory, onco missing a field goal from the 15-yard line and again piling up an the Army seven, while the Cadets, showing no passing allude whatever, made only one rather puny gesture at the Illinl goal. Army thus completed its 31st successive game without a loss and only two scoreless ties to mar the great string. The Cadets did not complete a single pass Saturday, and attempted only one in the second half. Illinois, itself working on an winning streak, a rugged, hard Nellsent (1) Nou'd UoIU 1,0117. Itn'll hc-ll l l a n ' p 104 140 117 l o t 135 158 1R3 124 13!) S m i t h 154 33!) 143 84 161 147 7U 10!) 11)0 77 77 77 Totals 018 736 738 B'way Rec, (3) 131! 168 M 1111) 187 155 130 144 170 Kitui's 157 178 186 Dcle't 190 182 1C3 J l l f K l ' l K n u ' n K i n ' t t Sldlei (2) Olsen 122 157 141. Pony 1)3 114 128 J 15 180 151 11)0 161 US Clnary Matt's Totala 683 711 710 Oden (0) Colllna 137 HiR 178 118 143 143 88 112 12! 148 104 10 Oden Smith "Novuk Loren* Bockur I'caok Wlogand l l u t t o n 1-lKClier Ailumi 0 -- 7 7--14 7 0 .N.t.' 0 0 7 i--,· l i w n Hljito ncorlnii: Touchdown -'i f i n e l y ( f u r K l o o t w y k . ) I'olnt a f t e r N'-lTftukn »corlnK! Touchdott na -I I .(ion. Wloittinrt 1'nlnla a f t n r (ouch* i i M i -- C o i t e l l o (for Novak) 2 (place- I I I ! I . I I ) l o w n Suite: Em!«, Knop. Hcnnolt. " K klc«. Jrledl. I l r l n k n i i t n , juMim, ! '»!··«. Cuird«. inor, Holliold, W t i n l i t n , l . r n i i i t l o i n l!«(k§. Nnriuitn, U r l f f l l h , I aulioii O n i n i l n m n . lioun. Clmuiicoy, » u n i f y C c n K r . H u i h , Uennln. . N r i A » k a - K u d u Hnllom. Cochrnno, J » » u ' i i . Tacklf*. Diidn, Humnnlftori, .uunt«. Hoy, M c n n n . Cantors. Comol- !· UiK-k«. I'aririKton, Thompson, M i»!l«r. M r r « . Fischer, Collojipy, · A ^ k i r n i M n s « l « ^ ( r o n t , --KSWI. 1510 On Your Dl»t-- Kadesky Renamed by Iowa Group IOWA CITY, /I' -- Fourteen members of Iowa's 10'2't chain pion.ship foolbiill ,s(|und were honor cucsi.s S a t u r d i i y at Hie University of luwa'.s "1" club's a n n u a l fall meeting. The former stars were on the campus to celebrate the twenty- f i f t h fuinlversury of Ihelr Hhtir Ini: tho Western conference foot- fc.-ill crown w i t h Michigan. Dr. Max Kadi-sky of D u b u q u e was re-elec'ted president of tht l u b . Dr. George 11. Scanlon of Iowa City «nd Charles S. Guiltier of I i v \ a City were re-cleclod trt'dsurer and secretary, respect- ivfjy. Craven Shuttleworth of Ceclui luplds was elected us one of three vice presidents, Dr. Walter K. Kieseler ol Fort Dodge and Frank Wye of Cedar Rapids being re-elected. Paul Brechler, director of athletics, Lawrence (Pops) Harrison, basketball coach, and Dr. hddle Anderson, football coach, were iimon^ the speakers. Anderson, who spoke only a few hours before his tenm met Indiana in the homecoming feature, was given a rising ovation before and after he talked to the 1 dub. urday as the Bears dumped Wisconsin, 48 to 7, before a sellout crowd of 45000. It was California's fourth straight win. The Badgers' Waily Dreyer fumbled on his own 15 after 90 seconds of play. The Bears recovered and scored in four plays, with John Graves passing to Jack Swaner for the touchdown. Jim Cullom, a guard, then booted the first of six placements that hit the mark. The Bears continued to dominate the play and followed through with two touchdowns In each of the last three periods. Despite some fine line play, the Badger offense generally failed to f u n c t i o n because, of woof u l l y weak blocking except on Halfback Clarence Self's 66 yard sprint for Wisconsin's only score In the third quarter. Nine fumbk'H seriously h u r l the Badgers. The Boars' first and third touchdowns were direct results of the bobbles. --KSWI, 1500 Oil Y o u r Ul«l-- Lynx Fifth in Mile Team Race IOWA CITY, /P--Abraham Lincoln of Council B l u f f s finished f i f t h with 'I!) points in Class AA of t h e o n e - m i l e high school teum race at Iowa City Saturday. The Lynx tailed by nine points to edge Kast De.s Molnes for f o u r t h . CharU'.s W h l t a k e r r a n t w e l f t h In the field, Robert Hendrix f i f - teenth, Bernard Lainson twenty- second and Dan Longneckcr I w o n t y - s l x t h , nut of Iho money. Ruosevell ot Cedar Uaplds won the AA division w i t h 23 points. North Des Molnes was second with 29, Clinton third with 30. (Low score wins In cross country.) In Class A, Falrfleld was first w i t h 12 points, Oskaloosa secojid w i t h 49. Nevada took the Class B t i t l e Ki poltitH, Cinl.MhlriK 10 ahead of Hampton. The Class C crown went to Central City with eight points. --KSWI, 1560 On Y o u r Dlnl-- Betty Jameson Is Texas Open Champ FOKT WORTH, Tox., /P--Bctlj Jameson, Sun A n t u n i o professional, shook off the effects of a r a l l y by Carol Dlringcr, Tiffin, O. to win Ihe Texas women's open championship, 1 up, here-Satur day on the 37th hole at Rivp Crest Country club. Gordon 173 138 168 Hand'p C4 64 64 'i'olals 812 849 8241 Totals 738 730 78!) --KSWI, 1560 On Your Dial-Bucks Battered by Southern Cal COLUMBUS, O., /P -- Southern California's rollicking Trojans gave a spectacular display of power and precision Saturday as they scored in every period to hand Ohio State's fading Bucks a 32-0 setback, their second of the season, before a capacity crowd of 76,559. The colorful coast team tore apart Ohio's 5-4-2 defense for 194 yards rushing, and passed over and through it for 106 more. It out-gained the Bucks 300 yards to 183. ^ Coach Jeff Cravath used all of his traveling squad of 44 in the contest, and had the field flooded with third and fourth stringer in the final period when the westerners marched for two touchdowns after having scored once in each of the first three period. The Bucks got inside the Southern California 40-yard line only once, a second period flurry carrying to the 12 where a series of incomplete passes gave tho h a l l to I h r Trojans, --KSWI. IIIOII On Y n u r Ulnl-- Cyclone Harriers Outrun Teachers AMES, # -- Iowa State college's cross country team edged out an Iowa State Teachers team 25 to 30 In a run here Saturday.. In this event, the low scorer wins. Emil Hurt of the Teachers won first place, finishing the two-mile course in 11 minutes, 3.6.3 seconds. Others finished in this order: Torn Maney, lown State, second; Bill Arlen. Iowa State, thhcl; Mac Baty, Iowa State, f o u r t h ; Ivan Spencer and Bill Townsend, both of. Teachers, tied for f i l l h ; D u n n e Dankol, lowu State, jcv- o n t h j James Nelson, Iowa Teachers, eighth; Bud Everett, Iowa Sthate, ninth; and Bill Nauman, Iowa Teachers, tenth, --KHWI, IfilMOii Vour l)lnl~ State Teachers Subdue Emporia ^ CEDAR FALLS, /P--Iowa State Teachers college powered their way to a 33 to 6 victory over Em- porla State Teachers college of Knnsnn Saturday, Led by (he r u n n i n g of Bob Williams and Joe Carpenter, who scored two touchdowns apiece, the Panthers never were threatened after the Kansans scored their lone touchdown on a pass from Bill Litchfield to David Wright In the first period. The fifth score by the lowans came when Bob Siddens, a guSird intercepted an Emporia pass anr E?alloped 62 yards to tho goa' line. Klvln Goodvin klckci l hrce out of five extra points. I vas Iowa Teachers' third consr utivc win. eight - game b r o u g h t cast tickling lino which stopped Army's running attack cold when it counted. Their big and fast backs, led by Russ Steger and Art Dufelmeir, repeatedly threatened to rip through to scores, but never quite brought it off. Halted on Seven. Jim Rawers, rangy Army end, saved the day for Army with one tine tackle in the first quarter. Illinois had reached the Cadets' seven on six plays aftei* Lou Agase had intercepted the first Army pass thrown on the 24. On third down Steger attempted to plunge through off his own right tackle, and Rawers mot him and smashed him back three yards. That halted tho Illini. The clock pievontcd the Big N i n e champs from scoring Jusl before this first half ended. With Sieger und Eddleman shredding Army's foiward wall and the In- vadcis' crack passer, Perry Moss, hitting his ends, Illinois put on a 'blistering 67-yard drive that gained a first down on the Army's six-yard mark with 10- seconds left to play. Realizing they probably could complete only one play before the gun sounded, the Illini gambled on a gield goal from the 15. Their luck was wretched. Tom Gallagher, who was to hold the ball while Don Haechtle attempted the placement, fumbled the snap-back from center, and when Maechtle finally was able to lay his foot to the pigskin he managed only a wild shot to the left of the posts. The fates continued to badger Illinois right through the second half. Early in the third quarter Eddleman broke loose on a weaving 29-yard run which carried him down to Army's 17, but a penalty for clipping nullified Iho dash. · Fumbles on Run. Again in the third period Moss began hitting his receivers with bulls-eyes, and on a succession of complfilons lo Kntl Sum '/M( koi't' the Illini spurted 25 yardt down lo the Army 34. Then, with the Cadets' aerial defense sprcac wide open, Moss pitched n beauty which hil Edcllcman squiuoly on the 20. The tall Illinois halfback tucked it in and started to run through almost a clear field, but as ho turned tho ball squirted from his hands, and Bill Gustafson, Army quarterback, finally recovered it on tho ]]. Twice in I h o f i n a l period I l l i - nois drove into Army's end ol tho Hold, once coaching tho 26- yard mark and again a t t a i n i n g (hi 1 39 brforo tho Cndot.s' defense M l r f f n e d . With Hit- goal In slghi Moss couldn't find a receiver. --KSWI, 1580 On Yonr Dial-Upper Iowa Easy Victor Over ^ FAYETTE, /P -- Upper town luriifcl loose, a display of t r r r l f l c power to drub W i l l i a m Pcnn college 48-0, in an Iowa conference tootball game here Saturday. Upper Iowa used throe com- f i l c l c ton ins nRaliiHl I In- m i l - cliis.stHl rcnn squad. I'enn was unable to gets its rushing attack going and never got past its own 30-yard line on offense. The highlight of the game came when Upper Iowa's reserve Halfback Cecil Kelly ran 6] yards through right tackle to scoi o. Upper Iowa rolled up 291 yards- by rUshing and 195 by passing compared with Perm's 21 by l u s h i n g and ten through 1hc air ind outdowned the visitors 21 to Its was Upper Iowa's scconc onference win. Lujack Lets Irish Annex ^Purdue Wages Great Battle in 22-7 Loss By Dale Burgess. LAFAYETTE, Ind., -- Out- rushed and out-fought for (our f u l l quarters, Notre Dame's football Irish defeated Purdue's b u t - tling Boilermakers Saturday, 227, Because Quarterback Johnny Lujack threw pass after pass straight into the aims of his ic- ceivcrs. Purdue's seven points were tl most scored against Notre Dam in one game finoe the 1945 sea Hawfceyres Reward Home comers . . . DiMarco, Tunnell Spark Win Over Hoosiers T H E STATISTICS. Klrst d o w n s , '9 V a i d s Earned r u s h i n g 103 10 Forward passes a t t e m p t e d . . . 18 hoi-ward pnt-sca completed ... 11 i n r d B n a l n o d r a i w a i d p n m o n . . l a s Forward |ias«cs I n l n r u p p l n d by 1 A v i ' n i K c (h.sUimo ol p u n t s . . ' . ,'{] l o l n l vin'ds n i l lilokn i [.(iii-nod % O p p n n u n l s 1 f u n i l i l n s i n c o v p r c d 2 \ara-i by penalties . . . 4 B By L. E. Skelley IOWA CITY, /P--Little Al Di Marco and Emlen Tunnell fur mshed the one-two punch Satur day as Iowa toppled Indiana 27 M in ;i western conference foot b.ill giunc before 51,150 home coming fans. Seven For Ten Little Al, with a whip-lash ight arm, fired to Tunnell, the Negro halfback, for three touch downs in the first half to give he Hawks a 21-7 lead. DiMarco massed 10 times in the opening and got bulls-eyes on seven or 147 yards. His game tota was 10 out of 14 for 198 yards. BIO NINE STANDINGS. W. I.. 0 0 son. The Jnsh had a not gnln r 89 yards by rushing, fo Puidue 128. Time after time, Tackle Ph O'Reilly and _Ends Norman Ma loney broke and Clyde 1 through to Grimcn.stei s l u j Noli Dame bull-earners. Notre Dame beat p i a c t i c a l l the same Purdue team Jatl yea 49 to 6. Lu.iack, was, a problem Purdu couldn't solve Saturday. The six foot Pcnnsylvnnian completed! of 23 passes for an aggregate o 176 yards. 'He passed for on touchdown, ran 26 yards for an other, and set up 1hc third w i l l another forward, A 21-yard pass from Lujac to Left Halfback Terry Brenna. produced Notre Dame's firs touchdown in the first quarter Stove Oracko kicked the oxti. point, his only success in thro attempts. Purdue Knots It. Purdue tied the score at 7-al only six minutes later. Stead; gains by Halfbacks Norber Adams and Hairy S/ulborski helped by a 15-yard Notre Dam penalty for unnecessary rough ness, took Purdue to Nom Dame's 14. Quarterback Bob Demoss passed to Szulbroski on the nine and hit tor the touch down. Lujack threw two touchdowr passes that were n u l l i f i e d b penalties, onr for an ol'f-sld. error, the other because of n man in motion. That's when Lulacl carried the ball himself and wen 26 yards from pass formation for a touchdown. A Purdue fumble recovered by Guard Joseph Signaigo set up a Notre Dame field goal near the end of Ihe first half. Steve Oracko kicked the three pointer from back of the Purdue eight In the third quarter Coy McGre ran- a punt back 45 yards to the Purdue 17. Lujack completed passes to Sitko on the 6 and Simmons on the 2, and Simmons went over standing up on the next play. Purdue reached the Irish nine in the final quarter but lost on downs. -- KSWI, 1560 On Your Dial-Name Hale Baugh for - Pentathlon A news dispatch from F r a n k fin I , Gormany sliilcs t h a i M . l l H l u Biuiph of Council B l u f f s been one of four army athletes chosen to compote in the i n t o t national modem p e n t a t h l o n con- ul Stockholm, Swuden Gel Each nation participating is limited to four entries. Principal events w i l l include r i d i n g , fencing, shooting, .swimming and cross country running. t Lt. Baugh was one of four chosen from a gioup of 11 ath lotos. W R E S T L I N G TUESDAY, OCT. 14 CITY AUDITORIUM Council Bluffs, Iowa NELL STEWART GLADYS GALENTO 2 OTHER BOUTS Admission, 65c and 95c Tickets--Clark's Drug Store and City Auditorium I l l i i n l s H u m sola \'|M'I)IIM|I 'Uldlli- .. i u a .,' . i d l i i n i i |] l l (lino Mali* o I) 1 N'ni'lhweslern 0 0 1 0 0 0 n i o i P u t . l U U i 1 Ul)i .761 .5011 . f i l l .250 .1)01 .000 .000 Again, late in the game as the e n t h u s i a s t i c Iowa partisans were joyously acclaiming Ihe snap- p i n g of n two-game losing streak result ing from deteats by U. C. L. A. and Illinois, the bow-legged DiMaico set up tho fourth Iowa t o u c h d o w n w i t h a 20-y/ird gainer to T u n n e l l . Bob Smith, a hard-hitting h a l f back, finished the scoring with a plunge from the one yard line. Tho DiMarco-Tunncll touchdown exploits in the first half covered 34, 55 and 37 yards, respectively. The high-scoring duo struck first with three minutes to play in the first period for a 7-0 Iowa advantage. Tunncll snagged the South's Packers Defeat Central INTE.RCITY STANDINGS. W. L. Pet Prop 3 0 1.100 I'ocll 3 1 .7 r )0 Tec .Jay 2 1 .(167 Noilh 2 1 .(167 '·tollth 2 2 .6(10 lienson 1 2 ,3)d Mli' Lvnx ,', 0 3 ,000 C o n l r a l 0 3 .000 lame Friday. Benson at Tee Ja. lame S a t u r d a y . Tech vs. Cential at Benson. Omaha South's Packers defeated Central's Eagles 27-6 in an Intercity football game Saturday night at Creighton stadi- i. -- K S W I , 7560 On Your 1I«I-- Wake Forest Stuns North Carolinians CHAPEL HILL, N. C. /P--Wake forest, unveiling a sparkling assing attack that was good for :hree louchdowns in the first half, staged a startling upset Saturday by defeating North Carolina 19-7. A crowd of 35,000 aw the Southern conference game played under cloudy skies hat produced a drizzling rain in lie closing minutes. Emlen Tunnell. . . . half of one-two punch. il on the three and swept over the goal with a couple'of Hoos- 'ers hanging on. George Taliafprro, Indiana's great back, got Ilio tying touchdown with only, 30 seconds :o play in the first period on a .hrilling 66-yard run after whip- sing through Iowa's left tackle ind reversing his field. Hex Urossman knotted the count with his extra point kick. Hawks Bounce Back Iowa bonced right back into he lead in the second quarter iVith the ball on the Hawks' 45 DiMarco, dancing around fran I c n l l y to find a receiver, finally potted Tunnell on the 19 anc ired away. Tunnell escapee rom two Hoosiers and was of n ills second touchdown sprint ;on Heading ton added his scc^ nd extra point from a 14-7 Iowa ead. The third DiMarco-Tunnell ex- ibilion came later in the second v i t h the ball on the Indiana 37 'he little quarterback tossed to is favorite receiver who was on lie 12 and Tunnell didn't even ave company on this scoring print. Headington again added lie extra point for the 21-7 half me margin. Indiana, with TaUaferro doing some expert running and passing, traveled 64 yards in the third period for its second touchdown. Nick Sebek, the quarterback, made points on a one-yard plunge and Grossman converted. Indiana never came close again and Iowa's fourth touchdown was so. much velvet. The victory gave Iowa a .500 rating in the conference for two games. The Hoosiers' loss followed an opening 7-7 ye with Wisconsin last week. Poi. I,K . lown l l u l Shooncr Shnaf .......... LT GruthuB ....... LG Woodard ........ C Carlson Kay Hci'b Shocner Tunncll 8m Illi . . . . HoildillKlon RG RT RE on I.H UK I'll Indiana Knvi-nshftijf ... Morrlcul Urown Polcu .. Harbison Goldsberry Mlhajlovkh Sebok . Tall»fcrro . McDonnell Groonn HUNTERS!! Gel Your Shells Early While Stocks Are Ample! 12-Ga., 14-Ga., 20-Ga. Car., ,22'i FARMERS LUMBER AND COAL CO, 311 Eait Broadway Phon. 4091 Iowa 7 14 0 Indiana 7 0 7 0--14 Iowa scoi ins: Touchdowns--Tunnell 3. .Smith. Points after touchdown -- Headlngton 3 (placement.) Indiana flooring: Touchdowns--Ta- llaforro, Sobuk. Point* n f t o r tonrli* down--Qroamnnn (for Hcbek) 2 (plmci'- enti}.) Rubmltnllona: Iowa: Ends--Kclso. Dlttmsr. Mo- Ivonzlc, Phillips. Guni-ds -- Bcnd.1, Bunks. Tackles--Byrd, Wlnnlow. Zei;der, Cozad. Conturn--Lantcr. Snydcr. Uuvionce. Bucko--Estes, DiMarco, Tadora, Longley, Reynold*. Indiana: Ends -- Hoppc, Kani-. Guards--Wasrner, Wituckl, W. Bar- .koi'wora. Tncklcs--Slkom. Morrlca!. :tiuvi, llopor. Centers--Poire, Knr- iKi, OIolciKk. Hnrkn -- (Iromiinnii. nHnll, Driver, MclClnnl^Mtialka. J. Bartklowlrz. --KSWI. 15«0 On Vour l)l«l-- Wichita Rallies to Defeat Drake WICHITA, Kan., fP -- A twc touchdown drive in the third quarter, one scored on a blocked punt, Saturday gave Wichita university a 21 to 13 victory over Drake university in a Missouri Valley conference game played before 8,000 fans. Prepare Your Car for Winter! , FOR SEE OS!. AUTO HEATERS DEFROSTER FANS ANTI-FREEZE BAIN 114 W. Broadway Phone 5745 AUTO SUPHY COMPANY / OPEN MONDAY TIL 9 P. M. A an Up From SHOT GUN SHELLS plontiful supply of 12, 16 d :iO guage shotgun shells. $].45 CARTRIDGES Hard hitting 22 rifle shells as well as many sizes in high power rifle shells. 22 Shorts . . . per box DECOYS A large assortment of Duc'em Carry Lites, and wooden decoys. Up From STEEL TRAPS All sizes of jump and regular traps. Strong Per Doz. springs , u p f i o m .Each 25 GUN OIL 25' per can COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING EQUIPMENT AT THE RIGHT PRICES! CLEANING RODS For Rifles 10 C HUNTING COATS All Sizes $ 10- 95 GUN BLUING BUY YOUR HUNTING LICENSE HERE PEOPLES DEPT. STORE PORTING GOODS DOWNSTAIRS and three sisters, Sister M. Herbea, Sister M. Benvenuta and Sister F. Rein- «lda; and several grand children. Cbuilei W. Edwards LENOX -- Services were held Saturday at the Arnold funeral home for Charles W. Edwards, 76, former Lenox resident, w h o died at his home in Sharp.sburg Thursday after a long Illness. The Rov. J. Revert conducted riU".. with burial in Falrvlew cemetery. Surviving are his widow und rifTht children. * --KSWI. l.'.CO O.i Your Illnl-- COUNCIL BLUFFS CIOWA) NONPAREIL--OCTOBER 12, 1947. County News Treynor Nineteen members of the Silver Keg 4-H club Feeders mot Tuesday evening at the home of James and Harvey Moss. Kermit Clayton was a guest and joined the club. Officers for the coming year were elected as follows: llarvoy Moss, p r e s i d e n t ; Oswald Schmidt, vice president; Gene Graalfs, s e c r e t a r y ; Gerald Schnepel, treasurer; and Harlan Kahln, reporter. Oakland Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Spencer and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. White attended the Iowa Bankers' association convention in Des Moines from Monday to Wednesday.... MJS. W. H. Cutshall. Mrs, Roy Fehr. Mrs. Stella Thompson, Mrs. Hazel Bell and Mrs. Mary Lawson of the Woman's Federated club and Mrs. Mildred Bolton, Mrs. Vlctorine Pierce and Mrs. Robert Bane of the Junior Federated club attended the district convention in Sidney Tuesday.... Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Ross are attending a convention in New York city this week. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lyrnan are leaving this week for an Indefinite visit in Los Angeles, Calif. . . . Bert Humbert of Santa Cruz, Calif., came Tuesday to visit relatives and friend's in Oakland. . . . Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Gregg left Thursday for n visit with their daughter. Mrs. F.Iolse Plaggp, In Denver, Col. . . . Mrs. J. K. Cook and Mrs. Herbert White of Denver, Col., were guests this week at the home of Mrs. Cook's brother, W. L. Spencer. . . , Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Pullen of San Gabriel, Calif., came Monday to visit relatives and flrencls in the Oakland community. . . . Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto Stamp returned Tuesday from a three week vacation trip In C'nllfnrnln. --KMWI, 1S«0 On Your 1)1.1-The American navy haw $3,- VKI 000,000 Invested In ships and shore property. ELECTED--Frank Killpack of Neola, left, re-elected to his 16th term as president of the Pottawattamie County Mutual Insurance association, and L. Donald Hoffman, Council Bluffs, new secretary- treasurer. * * * Children Leaves Insurance Post L. Donald Hoffman Is Named Secretary W. C. Children, 71, 127% Pear street, has retired from active manageemnt of Pottawattamie Counyl M u t u a l Insuiancu elation, J27 Pearl street, after serving In Hint capacity for total of 31 years, it was announced Saturday, Succeeding him as secretnry- trniisuror of the organization is L Donnlcl Hoffman, 36, 515 Fourth street, who had been serving as assistant secretary since July 1946, following his discharge from four years service in the army. Children, member of the. m u t u a l Insurance association i'oi 47 years, was president of the organization from 1916 to 1929, when he was named secretary. In 1935 he also took over the position of terasurer. Others Re-elected. At the recent seventieth an nual meeting of the association, Children submitted his resignation, explaining his health would not permit him to continue handling the active management of the organization. Hoffman was named to succeed him. At the same meeting Frank Klllpack, Neola, was re-elected president for his sixteenth term. Also re-elected were George H. Darrlngton, Missouri Valley, vice president. Renamed to the board of directors wore Samuel Brpk- man, McClelland; D. N. McGrow, Henderson; R. C. Hopp, Glon- wood; and B. A. Barry, Woodbine. Other members of the board W. C. Children. after 47 years, ictirement. are A. C. Lewis, Macedonia; S ,T MoU, Little Sioux; Krlw.ud Stiln, W a l n u t ; and II K. Tiarkh, Council Bluffs. Hoffman was born and reared cast of Macedonia, attended the consolidated schools and was graduated from Red Oak high school in 1930. He atended the University of Iowa, receiving his law degree in 1939- H p wa s admitted to the Iowa bar the. same year. For two years he was on the road for a law book company. For a year he was employed by an insurance company as an adjuster. The following four years wa.s In thu HI my, .serving 13 months in the Indlu-Buima theater. Largest In Iowa. "For the time being, the vacated position of assistant .secretary Is not being filled," Hoffman said. i The Pottawattamie County Mutual Insurance assoication is he largest organization of its OLD HAN WINTER Will Soon Remind You of That BROKEN GLASS PHONE US Dial 7711 . , . Give Us the Size and a Little More Time Before THE FREEZE-UP! KEENAN GLASS and PAINT CO, 234 West Broadway Phone 7711 DR. E. H. WILSON, Dentist In Ihf FVriuf, HlotfcJ Is Now Located at 822 WORLD-HERALD BLDG. Grandpa Wouldn't Have Believed It! * NOV. 3 TO 8 OMAHA CITT AUDITOHIUM INEWSPAPERif QUICK DENTURE SERVICE We are splendidly equipped in our own labora-' tones to deliver IMMEDIATE DENTURES which m e a n s we can extract your decayed or daraaged teeth and immediately replace them with artificial dentures in the new TRANSLUCENT MATERIAL that so closely resembles nature's own . . . V. Clean Dwrable Beautiful CREDIT DENTISTRY We have inaugurated a simplified credit plan to suit your own easy terms, allowing you to have your immediate dentures and . . PAY LATEIi! C O M E I N No Appointment Needed for First Visit ASSOCIATE OPEN EVENINGS OMAHA DENTISTS ! 822 World-Hcraldbidq- P*i6feATS644, kind in town 'and is reporled to bo the I nicest in Hie world, al though we have no verification of that," President Killpack said It has a membership of "more than 7,000" with its business con fined to Pottawattamie, Harrison Mills, Cass, Shelby and Mont gomery counties. It was foundec Feb. 27, 1876. At the present time the associa tion is carrying over $57,000,000 worth of insurance, devevoted ex clusively to fire and lightning in. suranco, primarily on farm prop erty. --KSWI, 1560 On Your Dial-Promotion for Villisca Pastor Special "to The Nonpareil. VILLISCA--The Rev. Ernest M, Buehler, pastor of the Villisca Methodist church, will become superintendent of the Boone district effective Oct. 30, when he will move to Boone into the home occupied by Dr Claud W. Cooper, who is being moved to Musca- tinp The Rev. Buehler joined the Des Moines conference in 1920, served churches in the Boone district until coming to Villisca in 1939. Five hundred members have been received in the Villisca church during his nine-year pastoMtc. HP has boon president of Iho coherence board of trustees and conference claimants for a number of years. --KSWI, IHO On Your Dial-- Firsf White Child, 93, Dies at Carroll Hprc livl In 'I ln\ Nniiimicill. CARHOLL--Mrs. Anna Steigpr- vvall, 93, Carroll's lirst white child, died Saturday at her homo brio aflor im Hlnass of five works w i t h n f n u ' l m e t l hip Mrs Stcifforwdll camp 1o Carioll with her paients in 1868 at tho agp of Her father, James ColcTo, start- BIRTHDAY--George Bintz, who will celebrate his 89th birthday Sunday at his home, 144 Grant street Mr. Bintz has been a resident of Council Bluffs about 25 years and ot the county nearly 70 years with most of the time on a farm near Mlnden Relatives have a custom of gathering each fall and chose Mr. Bintz 1 birthday this year for the get- together. ed Carroll's first hotel. Surviving are four sons and a daughter. Funeral services are pending. --KSWI, 1161) On Your Uinl-- Engagement Told Special to The Nonpaieil OAKLAND -- Announcement has been made of the engagement ol! Miss Donna Joan 1'nrker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hardiman of Oakland, to Raymond Brandos, jr , son of Mr and Mrs. Raymond Brandos of Ilan- ··ock No wedding d a l o 1ms boon sot. ' WALTER P. SMITH "Your Typewriter Man" OM.V I,(M'\ l ION 693 Franklin Av«. Phone 3-1731,. N^^^^A^h^^h^t^^AA^h^^h^^^A I eopte 6 ^Department ore FARM SUPPLY DEPARTMENT 6'/a-FOOT STEEL POSTS 7-FOOT 85 e 7-FOOT f\t\f STEEL POSTS TU C $3,95 $147-95 WHITE HOUSE PAINT Gallo WESTINGHOUSE HOT WATER HEATERS 52-Gallon Capacity COMPLETE LINE ELECTRIC MOTORS, I TO COLEMAN GAS IRON COLEMAN LANTERN $7,95 $7-95 PEOPLES DEPT. STORE S. W. Iowa Record BIRTHS. LENOX -- IJiuiKhtur to Mr. an M I H Joo B r u m m u t , MACEDONIA -- UallKhlei lu Mr ana Mis. Wi Ilium AlcUJymunds o CoryGDn. COUNCIL BLUFFS MARRIAGE LICENSES. Uobert M. HalUfieii, 19, Omaha and Patricia L, Nesethon, 18, (Jounc: Bluffs,. Klmer W. Adams, 21, Omaha, and Donna Lee Kipley, Id, Omaha Uayle N Stephens, 21, Tieynor and Jaxine Chriitena Uoibtelmann i'J ireynor Phyllis McCoy, U, Omaha. Quiintm L,. Uallard, a, 30J9 Ave nue A, and Hosetla Ballard, 27, in, v i n e street. JSusone L Pett ,10, Council Blutfa, ttnd fp Uelores Thomas, Jl, Comic;!. v fv, Vp-.,, · K l l l l °n. '12. Omaha, anil Ruth T. Simon, 41, Omaha. POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. \Vhitney Kealty company, Ltd et ai, to .East Omaha drainage district part northwest corner of auditor's S^ 1 ",? 1 TM 10 ,' « ' n SWK TvV! 10-19, ^,H] ji)iS. Conveyance. Beno Lambert et al, to Juifctecs Mast Omaha land Iruit to Herman Podkem, lot IJ, a u d i t o r s TOb(ilvl«loi, of lot U ol auditor's subdivision of section 21-75-11, SGD6. tf.'f 0 o B 1t ,' 1 '°J lt J' lo Joe Puise'r, lots tlon, $1 ' 32 ' Ev "' u «' ' addl- HOLC to R. E arid Ida May tiol- "rJc W si 10t 22 b '° ck 32p W a n a w a Byron rteed rompnny to East Jmaha dialna«- i l l s l i l c t , part nudl- tw^jmbdlvlsion lot 24 oC audilor's · DIRECT! · ROBERTS DAIRY -- Presents -PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL Chicago Cardinals Vi. Green Bay Packers on KSWI 1560 Kilocycle. KFMX f«.l M.gacycl.i SUNDAY 1:55 H O M E R E C I P E I C E C R E A M S This Week's Spec/a/ Suggestion! FRESH STRAWBERRY Delicious l i L M t . . . choice 1 fio'sh f i t r a w b e i r i e s , sliced and blended into Rood's, smooth Home Rcceipc Ice Cream . . . . . . r n i n y a quart toniprlit. VISIT REED'S BEAUTIFUL NEW ICE CREAM SHOPPE AT 2618 W. BROADWAY x \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ l l i l / / / / \ . ...giiuiiH/jvMjjjjiUhTt*. ' / Delicious Variety MALTED MILKS SUNDAES HOME STYLES C R E A M S 'At $ C o n v e n i e n t C o u n c i l B l u f f s L o c a t i o n s 407 E;. BROADWAY 2 1 1 8 W, BROADWAY 233 W. WASHINGTON AVE. 2618 W. BROADWAY 1001 AVENUE "B" 701 SOUTH MAIN. ST. 1001 FIFtrfAVE. 702 SIXTEENTH AVE! K i i l i c l K i H l i i n nf K i ' i ' i l o n 21: ninlllor'n lot »l !n l u u l i t u r ' i i H U l x l l v l s l t j i i , rn'itlmi l i l , i i u i l l m ' H lol I or nuillur'H iiuliilU l«loii ol MHi'lon 2 d j |ari iiiiiIUur'H lol J »i iimlllur'a HiilHllvlHliin of section 2i. all In 76-11, $2,1X10. Herman and Josephine FolKers to Mary Bod, north J20 feet ot south ( i n fpet of auditor's .sudbision of SWM. NWVi, section 21-75-H. S1.2UI AJvln } and Violet Kotros to Joe Pd.s.ser, lot.s 1 and i, block 3.J Everett's addition, $750. John P Wilkinson to Martha M. Wilkinson, lots 1, 2 and d, blodt 2, Highland place, SI. Gicenshlelds and Eveiest company to Lois 13 Diapi'r, lots .1 anad 4, block 9, W i l i c h l ' s aildiilon, \l r«i JaniOh U and Lol? U Draper to HaMiiond V and Lillle I. Uraves, lots 3 and 4, block 9, Wright's addi- t i o n , $ \ uoo. U fianscn, c: block 2, L J. T. an Alfred T. Lillk' l,loyd to I.ula !0 icet lots t and 6. icoln acie, $1 1 G c r t i u d e A. Wilcox to ud lOumce Lellsen, lot G, . , , uidltor'x subdivision of lot 3. Malott's subdivision of SVi SEJ4 and .SK t SVVV · · · i l l u i i ci 7 « - U I t l l r l C l I l l l l l H I K i t 111, t o I l l i i i i H i i i i , n i l I n i i ' i o i N K ' j S \ V i and ]!, acrri N\\ 'i SW'l ML'itlon 27-77-H, JS.10U. Koliert Morrliun estate lo Clar«'n. e A., Uunson, f i f t h liiteie'd in W'» NIC'4 and N K % SWi and «-ast li acn^ of NW' A SW,i section i7-77-4, Piul Hoffman to Martha E Hand, south hall lot 4. block 17. Eayli.«»' lirsl addition, $1. A L and Adella M Cade to Hay 1^. and Ellen L. ilmer, west haft lot 7, block 2, Holler's addition, Wal- C.Ly of Council Bluffs to Thomas U Mcliarry, lots id, 11. 12 llm | jj. b , ock . . 20, lli'tiMii's firnj addition. }2( n M Crojlier eatnii' to Maml* Hose Konoli, lols 2 and ') and south t - ochra "'* T L and Oliver II. McCarry to ob.-rt and Dulenh Obradovirji lots tiob 21, J2 and 2;!, block 49, Bronn'n »ub- d h l i l o n , $1 Jnmes M and Madeleno Rupp lo Velma L. Turner, lots 1C and block 13, Howard's addition $1 16, NOTICE to Holders of Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge Toll Books Notice is herewith jyiven that unused toll books of the Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge Association will be rcdemmcd at cost at the Office of the Association, 201 Patterson Building, Omaha, Nebraska, up to November 1, 1947. Please brine or mail in your toll coupons so this account may lie liquidated. No claim for refund on unused toll books, or portions thereof, will be honored after November 1, 1947. Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge Association 201 PaHonon lulldlng Omaha, Ncbraika Our Drive-in Depository Windows Are Popular No other bank in this area provides this type of convenient time saving service--this is only one of many modern facilities made possible through our new large building. Come in anif See Why Banking Can Now Be a Pleasure State Savings Bank "TAe Bonk With tin Dr/vt-ln S»rvc«" Broadway at Pearl Council Bluffs, Iowa Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BRANCH OFFICES IN MACEDONIA, HENDERSON AND UNDERWOOD. IOWA lt'» mrprlilnq the number of things a complete bank con do for you. Here li on outline of the lervicet y)au con get at tfcl» progressive, friendly bonk: * COMMiRCIAL LOANS * REAL ESTATE LOANS * PERSONAL LOANS A COLLATiRAL LOANS * LIFE INSURANCE LOANS * CHECKING ACCOUNTS * THRIFT ACCOUNTS * SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES * EXECUTOR UNDER YOUR WILL

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