Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 21, 1949 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1949
Page 15
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Wednesday Eve., Sept. 21,1949' I Late Market Reports CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Sept. 21—(USDA) — Livestock market: Hogg: salable 8,500; market slow and steady with Tuesday's average on butchers over 180 Ibs. and on sows; narrow outlet lor •weights under 180 Ibs. These around 50 cents lower; top 22.85 lor one load choice 230 Ibs.; very little over 20.50; bulk good and choice 200-300 Ibs., 20.00-20-50; 180-200 Ibs., 19-00-20.25; 150-180 Ibi., 17.00-19.00; sows under 360 Ibi., 18.50-19.50; lew 19-75; 375425 Ibs., 17.50-18.50; 450-550 Ibs.. Solicitation For Lions Club Auction Begins Two Teams to Cover Business and Residential Areas for Auction Articles. Wednesday marked , the begin- cows slow, weak to 50 lower; odd i nlng of ^ solicitation for articles sows steady, 400 Ibs down IS. 0018.50; heavier weights 15.50r 16.50; over 600 Ibs 15-00 down. 'Cattle 900, calves 500; steer and heifer trade slow, not enough to establish trend, undertoue weak; little here of value above 29.00; Marshall E. Castor, Former Resident, Dies in Richmond 171 Students At Cutler president; Bill Barnard, secretary; Carol Fellows, treasurer; Ross Barnard, reporter; Mrs. Bell, sponsor. Marshall E. Castor, SO, a Logans- j CUTLER, Jnd., Sept. 21—Enron- port resident for 20 years, died of i meiit at the Cutler school for the a heart attack Tuesday morning at j 1949-50 school year totals 171 stu- Display Instructor j Visits Local Stores his home, 2012 South A street, in Richmond, Ind. ' The Pennsylvania railroad cou- dents, 122 in the grade school and ! Seventeeu local business cstab- 49 in the high school. i liahments have requested the serv- Enrollment by grades is as fol- i ices of Val Mikesell, window dis- head good beef cows 17.00, com- JlVaU fcWUU Ulytl. 1<UMJ3 -Ll.UVf VjU-l.ll- ' fii.il J 1 mon to go.i 13.00-16.00; vealers to be 8old at the second annual fully steady around 1-50 lower. Lions club auction, to be held Wednesday, September 28, at the good and choice 26.50-28.50; common and medium 19.00-25.50. Sheep 1,500, steady; bulk ^ood and choice mixed weights 23-00 small lots 23.50; few medium and good 20.00-22.00; good ^nd choice •16.00-17.25; few -odd: heavier sows •• low as 15.00; good clearance. Sheep: salable 2,000; slaughter j lambs steady but big packers EAST BUFFALO LIVESTOCK lambs, No. 1 pelts, 19.50; slaughter evres 5-00-8.50. bearish; bulk crop going to eastern shippers and local small killers; top 23-50; bulk good and choice offerings, 22.50-23.50; yearlings absent; slaughter ewes firm to 25 cents higher at 9.50 down to 6.50. Cattle: Salable 10,000; calves: 500. Steers grading high-good and better, moderately active; steady to 25 cents higher; lower grades very uneven, averaging about steady with undertone definitely weak; heifers slow, about steady; tanner and cutter cows firm; beef cows dull, weak; bulls and vealers about steady; top '34,00 for five loads high choice and choice to prime 1130-1250 Ib. fed steers; bulk high-good and choice steers, 28.50-33.25; most medium to average good grades, 21.00-28.00; low medium grassers, 18.50; good to low choice fed heifers, 25.50-28.50; bulk common and medium beet cows 14.50-16.50; canners and cutters 12.00-14.50; medium and good sausage bulls 17.75-20.50; medium to r'loice vealers 25.00-28.50; stock cattle slow. EAST BUFFALO, IS 7 . Y., Sept. 21 —Livestock market report as compiled by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Martets: Cattle: 275. Beef cows $15 to $17; CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, Sept. 21—Produce: Live poultry: 23 trucks. Market firm. Hens: Colored (over 5 Ibs.), 24c. hybrid 22c, Leghorn 22c, bareback, 23c. Springs: Colored 25c, White Rock 2Sc, Plymouth Rock 27c, grey cross 26c, wliite eross 27c, bareback 22c. Fryers. Colored 28. White Rock 31c, Plymouth Rock 31c. grey cross 30c, white cross 30c. bareback 24c. Cheese: Twins 31%-33c; single daisies 35-36%c; Longkcrn 35%- 3"c; processed loaf 34%-S6%c; Swiss 46-4Sc. Butter: 727,142 pounds. Market steady. 93 score 62 cents a pound; 9i score Cl^c; 90 score 59c; S9 score 55c. Carlots: 90 score 60c; tt score, 57c. - Eggs twhite and browns): 9,1»2 eases. Market weaker. Extra 70 per cent A and over, unquoted: 60 to 69.9 per cent A, 60-63 cents a dozen: standards. 49-54c; current receipts, 47-49c; dirties, 40c, checks Horton Mattrejs company west of the city. It was decided at a meeting of the Lions club Tuesday evening that solicitation in the business district would .begin AVednesday, with the solicitation in the residential areas scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All goods to be sold must be turned in by the end of this week. Funds from the auction will be used to finance the club project lows: first grade, 16 pupils; sec- ductor resided at 315 Nineteenth ! ^a' grade. IsT third grade.10; street in this city during the two fourth grade, 26; fifth grade, 14; decades before his retirement 13 ] sixth grade, 14 seventh grade, 10; years ago after 47 years of service. ! eighth grade, 14; ninth grade, 12; 'tenth grade, 14; eleventh grade, 12; and twelfth grade. 11. born April 12, 1869. He had reald- | CIass officers elected recently ed in Richmond before living here, A native of Millville, Ind., he wag and returned to that city following his retirement. He was active in include: Senior class—Tom Hathaway, president; Margaret Plank, vlce- president;. Betty Constant, secre- , several Masonic organizations and tai . y . M orma Lindlev, treasurer; belonged to Scottish Rite of Indi- Mr. Rodkey, sponsor. anapolis " Junior class—Peter Morris, pres- He is' survived .by the widow, « °-£ **£ "^ Estella B., and a brother, Carl j treasurer; Mr. Glnther, sponsor. Castor of Frankton, Ind. Funeral services will be conducted at the Jones & Placke funeral bencfitting children of-Cass county I home in Richmond at 3 p. m. (DST) | who need r-yo treatment | Friday with the Reverends Homer fat dairy type »14 to $15.50; good I 0 elc y itmeA C1)ainimll dairy type heifers for slaughter $17 T ,. uman Coppock was named to $18.50; good weighty sausage , c h a i rman O j the club workers who cemetery. Graveside services will hllllei d £ • ?\A if\ <1 f| ! ... .. .. .. i . .. jr_i^.l_i 1-i.n. j-x-.nJi.ntnJ V. i» 1^7^V.V. T nA fr~. XT** Sophomore class — Medford Harmon, president; Richard Miller; vice-presidont; Gladys Reugamer, secretary; Jim Draper, treasurer; Wilma Clark, reporter; Mr. Kistler, sponsor. W. Achor and Russell Ford in : Freshman class—Wayne Yoder, charge. Burial will be in Earlham bulls f 18:50 to will solicit the business district. Calves: 150. Good and choice | Mere ami Horton, co-chairman, and handyweight calves ?30 to $34. n)f} team of wor kern will cover the Hogs: 700. Good and choice hogs ! rcK i t i en tial area. under 250 Ibs., 50 cents lower or; Downtown workers include: $20 down. Sheep: 500. Good and choice handyweight ewes SS to $9. FISAL GRAIN KEV1KW CHICAGO, Sept. 21 — Grain futures were steady to higher on the Board of Trade today although weakness in September corn had a depressing effect in late dealings. The nearby corn contract was down mostly a cent tinder selling by longs and commission houses. Demand for all deliveries was light with the tone nervous. Gains of fractions to a cent were registered in wheat but the action of corn checked buying interest. Other markets ruled higher with wheat. PRODUCE Elper* Meat Market 1'lione 34S3 rsss « Spring Iambs 20.00 Veal calves 23.00 Heifers 20.00 3teer» ..................... 20.00 Third Street Market Phone 3705 Eggs 50 Veals 23 Lambs M Veal hides 15 Beet hides .09 Swift & Company Phone 4492 T'A roosters ................. 15 Eggs ...... . .................... 42 Robert Hammontree, Robert Price, James White, Gerald Pancini, Harold Ycater, Ralph Todd, Herb Crockett, Bud Rower, Oliver Hand. Truman Coppock, Loren Kathrens, Ed Drerup. Soliciting the homes will be: Jamca White, Harold Reid, Joe Patrick, Garth Swlgart, Fred Clem,. Ross Reid, Brucn Buchanan, Gerald Pancini, Oliver Hand, Jack Fultz, "Pinky" Elmo, Robert Ham- montvee. Harry 'Watts, Merritt Hammontree, Rev. I. L. Pusey, Dick James, Homer Caughili, Wayne Watts and Herb Crockett. A truck will be furnished by Horton for pickups from residential areas. Persons with anything to donate to the auction may call 3602 or 4945. Donations may be left on the front porch if donors are not to be home. Obtain Sine Auctioneers The auction sale will begin at 1 o'clock "Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 28, and will continue until all goods are sold. Any donation will be accepted for sale for an individual at 15 per cent of selling price. Nine auctioneers who have offered their services are: Maurice Murtha, Staunton Jones, Frank Kivett, Logansport; L. F. Crume, Burlington; Harry Bridge, Royal Center; Norman Teel, Rochester; Gerald Reingardt. Idaville; Qulncy Frye, Burnettsville, and Ellis Waldron, Logansport. 39%c. Onions: Supplies moderate; mand fair: market firm on mediums, steady on others. Track sales (50 Ibs.) : Colorado Sweet Spanish. TJ. S. 1, 2 to 3 inch, car $2.25; Idaho Sweet Spanish. , U. S. One. 3 inch mln., two cars at 91.90; Washington Sweet Spanish, U. S. 1. 3-inch mln., late Tuesday, ear $1.85. Street sales (50 Ibs.) : Yellows. medium. Illinois, mostly $2; few $2.25; Minnesota few $2.30; Colorado Sweet Spanish, 3 inch min.. 12 to $2.25; Whiten, large, some fair. $1.75: poorer low as $1.25; medium, $2 to $2.10: Idaho and Oregon Sweet Spanish. S inch min.. $2.15 to $2.25; Whiten, large and Ditdiiir.i, $2. Potatoes:. Arrivals 140; on track 117; total U. S. shipment. 869. Supplies liberal; demand fair; market dull and slightly weaker. Track sales (100 Ibs.) : Idaho Russets, mostly eastern section. V. S. 1. size A. washed, $4.15 to $4.35; best mostly $4.25 to $4.35; No. 2. car, $3; Washington Russets. U. S. 1, six* A. -washed, mostly $4.40; car $4.30; Colorado McClures, U. S. 1. size A, Vashed. •potted car. $3.25; North Dakota- Minnesota Red River Valley district Bliss Triumphs, U. S. 1. size A, washed, $2.60 to $2.70; best mostly $2.65 to $2.75; commercials, car 85 per cent U. S. 1. $2.35: car showing decay. $2; No. ?s. washed, showing decay, car SI. 50; Pontiacs, "U. S. 1. size A. washed, car $2.75: Warbas. TJ. S. 1. size A. washed. $2.65: commercials, $2.35: U. S. 1. size A. mi- washed, spotted, $1.90 to $2.10: Wisconsin Bliss Triumphs. TJ. S. 1. lize A, washed, $2.70: Chippewas. 17. S. 3, size A. unwashed. $2.10 to $2.15; commerraals, unwashed. $2.10; cobblers, U. S. 1, size A, unwashed, $2.25. Leghorn hens ................ 17 - Heavy hens .................. 21 Sixth Street Produce Phone 8329 Roosters ..................... 1* Eggs .......................... 4J Leghorn hens ........... ...... 19 Heavy hens , .................. 21 Logansport Grain Phone 8411 Soybeans No. 2 .. .......... 2.00 Wheat ...................... 1.75 Corn, cwt .................... 1.60 Oats .............. i .......... 54 CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE CHICAGO, Sept. 21 — Grain Producers' Stockyards Phone 3296 200 to 24T> ................... 19.75 ISO to 200 .................. 19.00 240 to 260 ........ • ...... 19.50 260 to 2SO ................ 19.00 2SO to 300 ........ . ---- ---- 1S.50 00 to 400 ............. 17.50-1S.50 160 to ISO ................. 17.75 Sows ................. 17.50 down Stags 12-00 down range: WHEAT— Sept. Dec. Mar. May July CORN— Sept. Dec. Mar. May July OATS— Sept. Open High Low Close 208% 209% 208% 209% 211Vi 212% 211 212% 210% 211% 210% 211 2":-,i 204% 20314 204% 185% 186% 185% 186% 123% 127% IBoVi 125.: 115% 116% 1151/2 115% 118% 120% 120% 119% 120% 120% be conducted by Webb Lodge No. 24, F. and A.M. and there is to be a Richmond Conmmandry No. 8, Knights Templar, escort. Forrest Lee Dies at Royal Centre Home ROYAL CENTER, Ind., Sept. 21 —Forrest Lee, 56, lifelong resident of the Royal Center community, passed away suddenly at his home Tuesday afternoon. Born Jan. 20, 1S93, lie was the son ot Retta Lee. A prominent farmer, he was a member of the Royal Center Methodist church and the Chamber of Commerce. Survivors include the widow, Dottle; two daughters, Mrs. Wilma Harmon and Retta Mae Frye, both of Logansport; a son Robert Lee, also of Logansport, and two grandchildren. The Rev. Ralph McCormack will conduct funeral services at 11 a. m. Friday in the Woltz funeral home where the body remains. Burial will be in Cline cemetery. president; Gary Lowery, vice-president; Jerry Overholser, secretary; Charlotte Cassell, treasurer; Kenneth Harshbarger, reporter; Mrs. Fisher, sponsor. Eighth grade — Jerry Wagoner, president; Keith Harshbarger, vice' president; Rachael Morris, secretary; Jack Shedron, -treasurer; Gary Miller, reporter; Mr. Bell sponsor. Seventh grade — LaDene Wagoner, president; Sue Cassell, vice- play artist, during his three-week tour of Logansport stores. Mr. Mikesell started his program, sponsored by the Chamber of Com- t merce, on Monday and will continue through Oct. 7, visiting as many stores as possible. He is ot- tering instructions on how to improve window trimming technique. 52 Attend Session Of Pennsy Veterans Fifty-two members ot the Veteran Employes association of the Logansport division of the Pennsylvania railroad met Tuesday evening at the club rooms for, their monthly session. Dr. Foss Schenck of the Logansport State hospital, spoke briefly on "Humanity." A short talk also was given by Maurice Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald reported on the annual picnic of the former Vandalia railroad employes which was held Sunday, Aug. 21. at Spencer park. At that time, U. S. Hauck was re-elected president for 1950. Refreshments of ice cream, cup cakes and coffee and cigars were served. 66 Boars ...................... 9.50 TUESDAY t»'LT Lambs ... .................. 22.50 Calves ..................... 29.00 Mar. May July RYE— Sept. Dec. May July SOYBEANS— Nov. 22; Dec- 22; 62% .56% 66% 66% 62% 57 65% 66% 65% . 66% 63% 61% 62% 56% 57 141% 141% 140% 140% 144 144% 142% 144% 149 149 147% 148% 140-,, 139% 140% Ewes .................. 4.00-S.OO Bucks .................. 3.00-5.00 Jack Hawkins Phone 4481 200 to 240 19.75 200 to 220 19.50 240 to 260 19-50 260 to 2SO 19-25 190 to 200 19-00 280 to 300 19.00 300 to 400 17-50-19.00 Sows 17.50 down Stags • 13.00 Boars 10-00 Veals 27.50 Duffey Stockyards Phone 3596 200 to 210 , 20.00 - i 210 to -'20 19-50 NEW YORK EGG i 220 to 240 19-25 rgg receipts 19.S45 cases of 30 !- 4 0 to 250 •.. 1S.50 dozen eggs each. Market about i 250 to 260 1S.OO steady. (Wholesale selling price ' 260 to 2SO ..• 17.50 per dozen): ! 2SO to 300 li.OO Mar. May 226 223 227% 2:4',i 2.'7 227% 225% 227% 228% 226 22S?i 225V 2 223 225 CLEVELAND LIVESTOCK CLEVELAND, Sept. 21 — Livestock: Cattle: Receipts 200. Market steady. Choice to prime ?2S to $31; good $25 to $2S: heifers, choice 524 to $26; good $23 .to $24. Cows: Choice butchers $18 to ?19: good to choice $17 to ?1S. Bulls: Choice $22 to $23.50; good $20 to $22. Calves: Receipts 250. Market steady. Choice $28 to ?32; good $24 to $2S. Sheep and lambs: Receipts 300. Market steady. Clipped lambs: Good and choice $23 to $25. Sheep: Choice wethers ?9 to ?10; chcace Elks Fall Banquet, Initiation Thursday The 1 Elks fall banquet and initiation Will be held Thursday evening at the Elks home at Tlfth and North streets. • A turkey dinner will be served in the dining room from 5 to 7:30 o'clock Thursday evening. Exalted Ruler Henry Shoop has announced that initiation for twelve candidates will be conducted. McCarter Funeral Set for Thursday ROCHESTER. Ind.. Sept.'21 — Funeral services for Frank McCarter, 77, prominent retired banker who died of a heart attack Tuesday evening at his home, will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday at the Zimmerman Brothers funeral home. The Rev. Harry J. Bailey, pastor of the Baptist church, will officiate, assisted by members of the Odd Fellows lodge No. 47. Burial will be in the Odd Fellows cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home. XOTICB OF APPOIXTMEXT OF KXECrTOR STATE OF INDIANA) )SS: COUNTY OF CASS ) Notice is hereby fjiven that the undersigned has been appointed l>y the Cass Circuit Court o£ Indiana nna has duly qualified as executor of the Last "Will and Testament of •Toseph A. Pettier, deceased, late of Cas County. Indiana. Said estate is „,,,_- en t - tTft ' I believed to be solvent. ewes *!* to ?IU. , rjated tl , is 13th aay of septembei-. Hogs: Receipts 900. Market 50 lD-»!>. cents lower;, heavies ?16.75 to mediums $18.50 to $20; $18.25: butchers $20; $19.75. Yorkers $15.75 to Mixed Colors Extra fancy heavyweights 66-67; extras 1 large 64: extras 2 mediums 54-54%; pullets 3S-40%: peewees 52-53: fancy mediums 5455: current receipts 51-52; dirties (mln. 43-lbs.) 4S-481J; checks 4244. "Whites Fancy heavyweights midwest 70. Browns Fancy heavyweights midwest 6S- 69. ICO to ISO • 1S.OO ,7- ISO to 190 18.75 190 to 200 19.50 Sows 1C.75 down INDIANAPOLIS LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 21 (PMA) —Livestock: Hogs 7,000; fairly active; barrows and gilts steady, extreme top 25 lower; bulk good and choice 190-2CJ Ibs 19.50-20.00. 165190 Ibs 19.00-19.25; 140-160 Ibs 14.00-16.00; few heavier weight:.; THE NATIONAL BANK OF t-OGAXSPORT BY WILLIAM F. BAUER, Trust Officer Executor CHARLES- E. YARLOTT Attorney H-21-2S Mrs. Carrie Harrman Is Called by Death Mrs. Carrie Hartman. 6», wife of Peil Hartman. of 1S10 George st.rnet. passed away at 10:20 a. m. The deceased was born December. 9. 1SS3. in Illinois. She is survived by the husband; a sister. PUBLIC SALE CALENDAR Sept. 22—Cecil R. Ulerick, Estate Murtha Sept. 22—O. E. Smith Booth Crume Sept. 22—Kivett's Sale Room Kivett Sept. 24—Fulton County Comm. Sale Barn .... Schrader Bros. Sept. 24—Alva Colwell Crume Sept. 24—Grace Evan. U. B. Church Bridge Sept. 24—May Catron Rinehart & Shaffer Sept. 26—Kleppinger Bros Crume & Booth Sept. 27—Henry J. Wagoner , Sept. 27—Henry J. Wagner L. F. Crume Sept. 28-C. E. Neel Murtha 28—Lions Club Horton bales Room Sept. 28—Chas. F. Potts & Sons Nulick Oct.. 1—Tom Warner Crume Mrs. Nora Bmgaman, ot this city I Oc t. 3—Ray Milburn- Kirk-Bridge onn & nrnrnoi* Xnarr T.oivnoaH rtf 1 ... _ " _^ " Oct. 4—Joe Amos .- Crume Oct. 5—Lee Dawson and Son Rinehart Oct. 6—James Bryant Crume Oct. 10—Ila C. Southard Murtha and a brother Noah Lawhead, of Sidney, Illinois. The body remains at the McCloskey-Hamilton mortuary where friends may call. Arrangements for the tuneral have not been made. TODAY and THURS. ROY ACUFF "Home in San Antone" CO-HIT- Yvonne Decarlo in "RIVER LADY" , in Technicolor Whoopee Tonite LOGANSPORT Hiwor 17 Juit North of City j SHOW STARTS AT 7:30 P.M. ENDS TONITE Frederic March — Myrna Ley "BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE" THURS. and FR1. THURSDAY ONLY PLAY WAHOO —With— TINY JOE JORDAN WSAL RADIO STAR Today & Thurs. ROSALIND RUSSELL i KKMtt Hasan nuxxxm* aho starring UO ClAIRE GENN • TREVOR SYDNEY GREENSTREET Up To Her Neck in a Love Scandal -ALSO- CARTOON ODD OCCUPATION Visit "American Indian Day" exhibit in Central Drug window and *ee the likeness of Sidney Greenstreet and Lewis Cass in whose honor Cass county was named. Return Engagement WEDNESDAY thru SATURDAY Begin Forty Hours* Devotion on Sunday Sunday, Sept. 25, will mark the opening of forty hours' devotion at St. Vincent's Catholic church with closing.services on Tuesday. The children's procession at 9 a. m. mass will start the devotions. Masses Monday and Tuesday mornings are scheduled at 6 and S o'clock. Evening services will be at 7: SO o'clock on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.' 1 Tha Rev. John Schal), pastor and the Rev. Charles Reraaklus, assistant, will be in charge. On Tuesday, the Rev. John Cunningham of St. Joseph's parish, will preach the closing sermon and men of the parish will participate in the procession. Logansport Pharos-Tribun* 15 Brubaker Attends Employment Banquet Attorney George L. Brubaker ct this city,, president of the State j Employment Security Board, «t- • tended a banquet Tuesday in the I Severin hotel, Indianapolis, which preceded a three-day training meeting for the men who will become overall managers of the various employment offices throughout the state. Governor Henry Schricker spoke at the affair, which also was attended by the State Auditor, State Treasurer, Attorney-General, State Personnel Director, Lieutenant- Governor, and the chief of the state board of accounts. PUBLIC AUCTION 200 Acre Form Owing to ill health of sen, doctor has suggested a change of climate so we wiU sell the following described farm at. public auction- Located 1 mi. south of Twelve Mile, Ind., farm known as the Dudle> Dalzell Farm, on Tuesday, September 27, 1949 at 12:30 p.m. Farm consists of 199 acres more or less of good productive land and in good state of cultivation. Improved with «ood 7 room modem house, well arranged, bath room up and down, nice sun porch to •outh, can see all over farm from porch, hot water heat, insulated «torm windows, all papered in good shape, Venetian blinds, large barn witb. cow stanchions for 20 cows, and tramp shed, good milk_houm. and cooler, good double garage, good granary, good tool •hed, doubl. cora crib, good chicken house and other buildings. Well fenced mostly number 9. also well drained. Buildings all painted whtte, all heavy chocolate loam and a good producer as crops will show. 50 acres young clover 15 acres alfalfa. 25 acres of wheat, 45 acres corn in neltt. inn is a wonderful farm house as you will see when you look it over. Not many like it for sale. Can be seen anytime as owner lives on farm and will be glad to show it. For further information see owner or auctioneer. NOTE: "We will also hold a closing out sale on all livestock, farm equipment, and household articles in a short time and will be an offering of a lot of good property. SALE TERMS: Will ask purchaser to make down paymant of 10% on date of sale and unpaid balance soon as convenient. Can be financed up to 50% of purchase price. Carries good loan now. L F Crume, Auctioneer, Burlington, Ind., Phone 29A Henry J. Wagner, Clerk Auction Sale of Household Furniture We will £ell at Kivett's Auction Room, at 116 Twelfth St., between North and High, Logansport, Ind., on Thursday Evening, Sept. 22nd at 7 p.m. Sharp Consisting of: Upright piano, good; S 2-piece living room aulte*. good; occasional chairs; upholstered lay back chair; occasional tables; 6 cu. ft. electric Coldspot refrigerator, good; 6 ft. General Electric refrigerator; Gladiron electric ironer, good; book ca»e; I lounges; large rug; linoleum rug; Singer electric sweeper with attachments; other sweepers; 3 walnut dining room suites with china closet; X oak (lining room suites with buffets; Victrola; 2 breakfast gets; porcelain top kitchen table; maple chest of drawers with mirror; .4 metal bed*. complete; dressers; walnut chest of drawers; antique chest ot drawers; bnth tub, new; metal trunk; end tablet; 2 kitchen cabinet*, good; Thor electric washer; Apex electric washer; portable electric wather. new; metal porch chair; odd straight chairs; odd rocking chairs; dUhei and cooking utensils. Many other articles too numerous to mention.' TERMS: CASH as you buy. Not responsible for accidents. As tht» sale is a large sale, must start at 7 p.m. sharp. There are many good pieces in this sale. SALE ROOM Frank Kivett, auctioneer, Dial 3053 Mrs. Klvett, clerk Clark Gobi* 01 Rhstt lutler, tomt l*mp«tu- ooi Scarlatti Scarlett d«f*nd ht.rsalf from a btsHal attacker WIND! mill. MIIUET HITCKirs Star if ttlOH "GONE WITH THE WIND" bTECmtKHttmiK CLARK GABLE • VIVIEN LEIGH- LESLIE HOWARD OLIVIA de HAVILLANO lUUNHINTUUTMIUiriCTlllE 1,000 thrilli in Techm- ccJof in th* Greatest of rh« Greet! tent* nn h :MMT Imrt Public Sale 1% mile west and 1 mile north of Twelve Mile or 7 miles north on 25 and 4 miles east on 16 and 1 mile north of Logansport THURSDAY, SEPT. 22, 12:30 P. M. (CDT) FARMING IMPLEMENTS—1940 John Deere Model A, power lilt, power take-off, starter, lights; cultivators for. same; t bottom H In. International breaking plow; 7 ft. tandem disc; International 2 Motion spike tooth harrow; 3 section spring tooth harrow; Rotary hoe, used one year; 10 disc grain drill with fertilizer attachment; 1 S ft. cultipacker; 1 8 ft. binder: 1 New Idea manure spreader; 1 I-row Case corn picker, pull type; 1 one-row Woods Bros, corn picker, picked 10 acres: 1 New Holland baler with motor, 1 yr. old; 1 rubber tired wagon with hay rack; 1 wooden wheel wagon with trmln bed; 1 wooden wheel wagon chassis; 1 hog fountain; 1 brooder house and hog houses. 3 HORSES—2 5-year old mares; 1 10-year old marc; these hone* are in gbod shape and are very good work horses.. 20 CATTLE—10 milk cows, 7 heifers, 3 steers; S first c»lt heifers, 1 giving uiilk showing calf; 1 due to freshen 5 months from data of sale; 3 5-year olds, two giving good flow of milk; 1 due to freshen 30 days from date of, sale; 2 C-year old, both fresh 60 day* ago; J S-year old, both fresh 120 days ago; 1 10-year old, due to freshen by date of sale; all are good milk cows and rebred to Shorthorn bull; the heifers and 3 steers all good feeding cattle. HAY—175 bales clover hay, 300 more or less baled ealB straw and wheat; 275 bales bean hay, 4 tons loosfe'mixcd hay. 51 HEAD SHEEP—25 ewes, 25 tambs, 1 4-year old Shropshire buck, a very good one. GRAIN—250 bushels old corn; 350 bushels oats. Many numerous articles too small to mention. TERMS—Cash, day of sale. Not responsible for accidents. CECIL ULERICK ESTATE Murtha, Auctioneer Skinner, Clerk Duroc Sale AVe will hold our annual Public Sale of Duroc Boars and GilU at our farm, under cover, 3 miles west of Burlington, on the Burlington- Cutler road, on_ Friday Night, Sept. 30, 1949 BEGIXXISG AT 7:30 P.P. 31 —SPRING BOAR —31 41 —SPRING GILTS —41 These boars and gilts are the kind that are ready to go out and do well under average conditions. They have not been over-done, but fed a proper ration so they will develop into large, smooth, active individuals, which make profitable breeding animals. Judges at tour shows this summer and fall have placed their stamp of approval on the type of hogs we are producing. Our pigs placed well in the Carroll County 4-H show, the Indiana State 4-H Show, the Indiana State Fair and the Duroc Congress at Lincoln, Nebraska. j Our highest winnings were Junior and Reserve Grandchampion .boar I and Reserve Junior Champion gilt at Indiana State Fair and Superior | boar and gilt at the Duroc Congress. There will be many of the same general good quality in this sale .that will sell at prices any farmer or ! feeder can afford. Come and enjoy the evening with ut whether you intend to buy or not. TERMS — CASH Xot Eesponsible tor Accidents—Lunch will be served. RALPH RINEHART & SONS

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