Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 25, 1973 · 57
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 57

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1973
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Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, April 25, 1973 Section 2 9. Tempo. ... . Gene 1 L Siskel r:rt- ,,d Charlotte's Weft THERE ARE two kinds of people in the world: People like -Farmer John Arable who believe there is a profound difference ' between little girls and runty pigs, and people like John Arable's young daughter Fern who do not see any difference at all. Fern's unwillingness to discriminate saves the life of a runty pig, and by that pig hangs a tale. A delightful,' compassionate tale about life, serenity, good friends, and good writing. Many know the story of a pig named Wilbur, who is befriended by an intelligent spider named Charlotte. The story is "Charlotte's Web." It was written in 19S2 by E. B. White, one of America's finest, unaffected writers, and now it is an animated movie. Tho the animation style is television-quickie bland, static backgrounds, White's story is so blessed nice it is doubtful that anyone or anything could ruin it AS YOU MAY RECALL, "Charlotte's Web" follows Wilbur from pig pen to pig pen as he leaves Fern's protective custody for a less human residence alongside the barn of her uncle Homer J. Zuckerman. There Wilbur learns to talk with geese, sheep, and cows, but he misses Fern. Wilbur wants a friend. And because Farmer Zuckerman plans to slaughter Wilbur come winter, Wilbur needs a friend. He soon has one: Charlotte, the spider. And Charlotte is one special friend. She is a gentle sage: "A spider's life can't help being something of a mess with all this trapping and eating flies," she will tell Wilbur. "By helping you, perhaps I was trying to' lift up my life a trifle." And she is a slogan-maker extraordinaire. TRIBUNE MINIREVIEW Seme spider . "CHARLOTTE'S WEB" DlractM If CRaftM A. NicMl ttt Itaaa Tiki mot, Mar Y Eafl Hmmt JL bast M E. I, Witt ami, Ml t MdM M. an lUMrt at. Shtrman, aradacta BY William Hmnt an Jauph Barbara. A Paranwmt fa-laaia it Mighbortioed fhaatra. Rata O. THB CAST Cliarlott DabM RtrnoMi Tamplatos Pal Lyna Wilbur Henry eibbson Tka GooH 1 Aims Moorahaa Far Pin Frls ft ' J:l'?Si;"'' - Wilbur's "some pig," thanks to Charlotte. acters who speak with familiar voices. Debbie Reynolds speaks for Charlotte; Paul Lynde is supposed to speak for Templeton the Rat, but because Lynde's voice is so recognizable, he ends up speaking for Paul Lynde. PRODUCTION VALUES aside, this "Charlotte's Web" achieves genuine upbeat emotion, and its point is crystal clear: Friendship distinguishes both lives. To care and be cared for helps one care for oneself. "Charlotte's Web" will make you feel good; it will make your children feel good, and it should inspire everyone to read or reread White's book Dell paperback, 95 cents. I Just read it, and I've come to the conclusion that good children's books are wasted on the young. ONE EVENING, in an effort to save Wilbur's life, she writes the phrase "some pig" in her web that hangs directly above Wilbur's pen. When the Zuckerman family sees it, they proclaim it and Wilbur a miracle,' and before you can say "Ripley," the whole countryside knows that Zuckerman's oink-er is "some pig." i However, one phrase a pig does not save, and Charlotte is forced to work overtime. .i "Charlotte's Web" is brought to us by the same animation factory responsible for Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, and Fred Flintstone. The film includes forgettable songs and char- MOTION PICTURES SPECIAL SHOWING MOTION PICTURES SPECIAL SHOWING - MOTION PICTURES -1st Run Chicagolan i 1 MOTION PICTURES d 1 1 -1st Run Chicagoland miey've comealong way since that summer of 2$ r Tho best of the movie musicals" DaveSheehan CBS-TV 9'-'ii I ' , , LI KOSttntfSaori ......... u. :" VuAAt if WW k1TOWO-COLOR DiUb ff3a 2:00 ft 8:00 Moa-Thur. ! OiM m n .n. , . c.uw m rnaav -SlSo, 5:00 ft tao Sat ft Sun. or group Him kiionraUon caH: Mr. Andy, M1-1200-404M PJL LINCOLN VILLAGE Tom Coggtro JWLUWE-4J lev IHi!' 'fiilVMA at o'iiT""' I BOTH NEAR NORTH TiSaCITKRSCH a ADULTS ONLY J NORTH I r0 Lf . aV a at Tormlta: "DIARY OR MY SECRET LIH" plus "LOVI LIES WAIYIN6" EXCLUSIVELY AT10 NEIGHBORHOOD THEATRES! ilia ) J yy-yy--- : --y-myK-yy--: S:r 9 I i t I ' k.AiLx.ii iff ,i itJ Lb Class J-L JX CDibrillngWwiMf Sra. SOth AnnhwtMy A Warnw Communicalkxn Corapiny IRIVER OAKS II MK SHOW Jf - "V MflB. M A CHKAGO'S (Ml NUtlUN 1MM TMATI Vh HOUR DOUBU ADUIT SHOW! TOKIEHT! EXOTIC USHERETTES!) HELEN BOUDOIR glva It a try you hav MtMng to losa tea 24 faH-lagfk raatorai ANYTHING GOES n4: i aalNdi at tk BACKYARD CRICtl plat: I rCATURITTISI msms I IWOODFIELD II I KiTW cmmumiii, amgi cMcw. I immi I II 6UNC0E I I ARLINGTON I I CORAL I IGLENWOOOI IlAWRENCEWOOD . RfOTS3!f PfCTTSrS DOWNTOWN t 1VSOTION PICTUHTS DOWNTOWN f VINCENT PRICE ; HAS REStRVLD A SEAT FOR YOU IN THE... MOTION PICTUKES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTUTiES . DOWNTOWN ' - 7 DIANA EICC J"-J It at.1 - II AJ.WajraV - - " - nwlr.. Th2 srestest II AR ATE Czz v. ""iO t r 'X'X T ) open 9:00 am aCtseats $1.00 NOW! VTWSWSWssi i iij,- i,a ni i n Carry On I Sk. Doctor I irsw" ill II ore A.M. LAST HATURI"I0:I0 P.M. m'"i im'i" I'IJiilaiaMa'' ''ii'i i ii i ALL tlOO WW ntmM a mx.. i,n u 1 Intfvu&r!r'n99 VLi.vLa WaV fMiaf Ml f i' 4 - i CMPiuirt , 1 ' V , ronpiTmi urrrnw . i nru tivi rtj.vmwfi ERDCK PETERS -PAULA KELLY j-.dEDWARDG.RCB!NSOfl color Open 8:45 a.m. Last Feature 10:10 p.m. One man against a town called bell... UMVt5Mm Cohmmt raxuctioa ROMK010M' MNWSlONa' Opes 8:45 a.m. Ust Future 11p.m. 9 BXHIWE . - aRl COLOR c FREDA PAYNE JUDDERS OpaR 9 ojn. lait Faalur ,10:25 pjH. WTO OpiS:45aja. UitFMtin The most want-to-see picture of UIJ&a&4 etxwi FOI GMUP SALES. TtltphoM MARGE ROVIM, 332-2079 ALL SEAfS$lPQ SUBURBAN TBEATRES Columbia Picture preterit ROSS HUNTER'S Muicil Production f ' Muie by BURT BACHARACH Lyric by HALDAVIO No Reterved Seats mmmmBltMtmsii!m (JL. L'Ac;:;c'Jii a buuii Opaml.-00 Opam 19) Opara 140 Opam 430 NORTHWEST MATINEE DAILY inii Bilmont At 2-4-8-t-IO RATED PG Ind Wttk THAT SUMMfR 0 Ml TRIO NOW THI "CLASS Or '44" IS If LawraacA At 1:50. 1 2ol . RATED PG PAUL NEWMAN IN JOHN HUSTON'S Tka Ufa A Tiam at JUDwI ROY IRAN 449 MllaaukM At :S5 RATED (Bl rlDDLEH ,1. ROOF 474S B.lmeot Wab.:30-IO:IO FIRST RUNI "CHARLOTTE'S WIR'1 R 'Willla Waaka la Ckaolata Factory' SOUTH SOUTHWEST im MIDWEST PREMIERE!! I "LOST HORIZON" 1:30-4:10-7:00-9:45 6 , n WINNIR OF ACADCMY AWARDS VSHilliT WINT1RS a OiNR HACKMAN POSEIDON ADVENTURE" 1t1S4:2O-S:3O-7:40-a:30 PO ..v AMiMATtO CAHTOOM IUN III) VOKIt Of MUM tirMOUM, PAUL ITNDI 'CHARLOTTES WEB iiaa-3:ie.iiMiia-i a a iu.iikm atay mw 3.)IHII.'l,'.miliiiiiiiiti.Mi:ii,Ttias LAKE rOREST DEERPATH $1.00 "THE GODFATHER" MORTON GROVE 4 NILES STIinin CINEMA 6A 4.M70 "CHARLEY AND THE ANBEL" AT I2:8I)-J:30-:30.:M Q CINDERELLA" 2:10.8:10-6:10 R AR8AIN MATS. DAILY 'TIL J JO II.M CTRBI ITC DRIVI-IN CA 4.8071 OIMIIL.IIE. IN.CAR HEATERR Paul Ntaaian "Tat Lilt an Tint tf jutt Roy Rtaa" PS 00 Bill HolOn "RavMttn" II :l( A "Pttktt MMty" 7dP NORTH 1 I.UUjR"4 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER THE DISCREET CHAR M OF THE BOURGEOISIE MORTON GROVE "Cinderella" OPEN 0:30. ADULTS $1.29; KIDS II.M "CHARLIE the ANGEL" LAWRENCEWOOD ALL f 123 ft F AT. 1 OPEN :30 "CLASS OF '44" -NORTHBROOK- t-nr-rm a burt "SCORPIO" 9:49 EDEN'S 2 la flit Lift A Tlmn tf "JUDGE ROY BEAN" 7:4 ma)Q "SCORPIO" l:l5-3:Z5-5:35-7:45-10 PG "Charlotte's Web", 1:M.3:15-5:0O-:45-8'-1():1S rtai! SPECIAL SHOWING tvsncomnwui HIS FIRST FILM SINCE "ROMEO It milET" TKHNICaCW PANAVISION A FARAMOUNT PICTURE I 5 LMt..tkyiir-sSi CARNEGIE TELI 944-296S Rush at Oak tms, t ss YORKTOVVN CINEMA II Lombard o. -o. Y:. 10! Suhmrbun Theatre ara NORTHWEST WEST DRIVE IN PALATINE (I) "DCIVCRC" -SKORIE- 53 2) tVLFeEs of" By B"n" -THE REVENGERS". $3.00 PER CARLOAD WITH AD HINSDALE -KINSDALE- Atad. Ad. Nam. Beit Plrt. 7o mci iVERRiirtn Jin Vtliht 9:00 -OAKBROOK- WILLOW CREEKRt.144NcwRt.53 BURT LANCASTER HSR AR Pin" 7:45 :45 ROLLING MEADOWS MATINEE DAILY ftDFM l.?ft - ikHKtttiia -. maaui a rUArAI iTI 66 DRIVE-IN FL 2-2420 IN.CAR HEATER! li s inirLt DisriET mabici "CHARLEY AND THE ANSEL" R 3 "CINDERELLA" S :05 BEAR COUNTRY" 7:15 K..4 COLONY a-Bia FRER PARKINS L0TR-4 $1.00 0ULT 11 00 ADMIS8I0II t,M Paal Nniau i In the Lift art Tlaai tf "JUDGE ROY BEAN" and art LaiMuttr "ULIANA'S RAID" MARQUETTE '"Sr 'CHARLEY ANGELS' "CIHOERELLA" ftt !?..', . FINAL WEIKI RM 1 S by ROBERT DOWNEY, aiakat I al "PUTNEY SWOPE' ' . At 7:30.:IS THItEI PENNY CINEMA 1424 N. Lliwal AW. a2.25SI" ems laatrwanE Day Braaaway-Lawwate Cla. 4.-OJ.7:U-IO:o FIRST RUNI G DISNEY'S "CHARLIR R THR ANOEL plut Tha Magical "CIMDIRKLLA" COMINO SAT.. APRIL 21. ONLYI n TV. TOP FUN SHOW wuuuum aka a a Crwaau Harry TMitta Ntw aa Salt! I Rata lEIRTY iRjHWatR)l VaaaUSjiMi 2a WEEK! P6 THAT SUMMIR Or '42 TRIO NOW THI "CLASS OF '44" . Waitera.Davtri At20-(5-Sl5O M7T TftSB! PAUL NiWMAN IN JOHN HUSTON'S 'Tka I (to A Tlnwa af JUDSI ROY REAN' Rrtadway. Lawranen Waa. IJ0-I0:I0 Wonu a:25 G FIKiT RUN FUNI 'CHARLOTTE S WEB A 'Willla Waaka A Caaclota Factory' HL7J 'ROAD TO STARDOf.V 'SEE ME, MEET ME' 3rd Adult hit 'SHEILA' IINIUIIaRITIIU (9 7ieS-Ml0 9:20 ONLY ! SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTH ekFASfie 7024 N. Llnetla alWiIK Paul Ntanaa OR J-4214! y.ia t'M i 1t"me1r" ROT BEAN" j ?i"WILLIE WONKA & CHOCOLATE FACTORY" -SCHAUMSURG ,1 IJ IKldDlWDirJ L afl 2WI. 5:00. 0:00 " -WAUKEGAN- URlllrEfRII Drlt-la Rta. 4I.Watk. nNUALUHn ON 2.4221 ' v I'll' Hi" ' vnfflrf! Raartt C, aiua UM Itll.lH .rUTIIninli.i I'BU RfiLARR" flM.p ah..l STARTS: 1:4626-6 05-S-40. .25-10:10 2al WEEK) -WILMETTE- Wll MCTTC 1122 Cantral 231-7411 I Ikllla. lit. BatWM' IM Hrarf fM fin Raravaait' tMnrnn Uarl Jail, Chrlitla. Ala Rata. Mlikul Radiraw NORTHWEST ARLINGTON HEIGHTS Ifl "THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE" I 1.43. J3, 55, 7M5.9A3 K OWRLS Y aaa Um AIMaV M Uaiay 'a 'CINDCRRUA' -r-r.-!s.;n:i.-n "R" ... A tarriHa all aartan faatara CHARLOTTE'S .. wis at 20. S-45, j:45, 7:4S. f :4 MATINEES THis WEEK TRICK IABY at t-M. IM HANDS OF RIPPIR al RM -DEERITELD. TWO WALT OlSNcY HITSI Jiuani IP a tin i WnHKLIE AHil I "f WTr?T! 1 1' rib (.hull 1J:304:45-7.IO:10I BURT REYNOLDS-JON V0IGHT "DELIVERANCE" 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:C3-10:10 R -EVANSTON imets'GIIIDERELLA" ."Charley and the Angel" Oaatlit Snowa at ISO. 4fl0, T:IR i Dttr On at I KM P.M. CKECFTKE YEAR'S M BESTF1LKS1" NaWYerkMRgRliM Nawawaak MaxvDnSydcrvv, , . IJvUllmann Tho : m vTissi, 35 at l9 rnt iKtw iiwiorr PARK AT I I CARRIAGE I ttm MHt CM1ICI ln I HOURE Mff XI-IJH Utst44 m?l Rwluw Ratat ii Elf ftll Braadaray 74ltU4 a Wll . MEI PARK INS THE RELDVED MUSICAL "FIDDLER RR the ROOF",', 400 174 N. RlMrlda-.70D R. B. Whlta'e Chlldraa'a Clank "CHARLOTTE'S WEB- in -naaaim nantaiaa tr Siaaay H.llaw' plae "Willie WonkR th Chses lata Faelery" 1 120, i45 enl lilO MATINEES DAILY RriCI DUI "4 N. Clark 74-3631) HUkhrill ALL SEATS 11.00 Th. ORIGINAL DISNEY MASTERPIECE "CINDERELLA" 2-BllO-8llO '0HARLIE A tht ANSEL 40-1:95-1 'JO "RIINttB URILT "THE RED LINERS" at 130, 1:40, 4:00, 1:25, 10:41 "MORE FOR THE MONEY" at I2:lt, J:M, 1:00, TMS. I . ST E doss cf 4 3rk AT OICERO 424-0041 (PS) jo- at-io a Nllarlaaa Swaal tt " "Raataw af '42" w. I "CLASS of PR) 4JH 10:11 II JACQUES ! TATI & "12 CHAIRS" rata m . f ll Inn Ii ii in -in 111 KTRiFric o v la Color '1:33 Only DEflDI EC 4tk A Ashland. 247-4514 rcurLca DICTATOR" Ckarila Chaplin 1 I n 'Red Sky In Tho Mornlne' WEST SOUTHWEST tnnnliiiliil i 2 WAIT D(iII M4IU t; CHARHY AND THI ANOEL' 'CINDERELLA' . LILLARD STATE "TRICK BABY" ' HI4 Wert Mad I tan Rtraati A TWINS OF EVIL" SOUTH PAUL NIWMAN 'JUDGE HOY BEAN ' JAM it OARNI IRJ Diaaii RfTNOtDR 'HOW SWEET IT 15 Mllio SUM'S 'TRICK, RARY' 'twins or ivu' "Vcu ti tiKi MY'm6Wr' PAUL NEWMAN 1 710 Sh.rman TONIGHT AT -!M A t-ln PB UDftR ROY IRAN' ISM Sharman CIN. 7:45-10:45 CHAR. :IO-9:IO WALT DISNEY'S 'CINDERELLA' plui 'CHARLIE A THE ANGEL' SI7 Chliaia Ave. Lava It Tanlihl G SOUNDER' IS iA Ahfiiacfoa f 1 ' S-S-IS PM (PS) I j f Tkty'va Coma a Ltn Wav ' SltM That "Saaniw af '42" Class of 44 VILLA PARK -DES PLAINES- rtCC Dl IUtT "AVANTir S.SJO aJa.0 rMHiH "BANANAS" 133 (Rl ELGIN 1 Rta. 20 at 51. SH 1-3700 Charlto Harta la "90YLENT GREEN" Clint Eaitwao "HANQ 'EM HIGH" STARVIEW "BOY I ELK GROVE VILLAGE 1050 Arllnoton Hts. Rd." DAILY MATINEES. 130-3V5-7flMM , aa"", T- J HOITMAN ESTATES- THUNDERBIRD M'i'U Dliaay'a: i'CHARLIE 4 tha ANGEL" . tlua Mafia "CINDERELLA" . sTTW III Ifl I fs H "Class of '44' mm m - I S 1 Ik 111 I II STARTS: 2:30-6-7:30-10 p.m. I l7l?f "JDDGE ROY BEAN" 1aaaaaaaaaitaaaaaaaa ji SKOKIE 7 . I 1 mftgpj DUNDEE IiCmI bis I.R.' UHJllW .1 iapi,i ., ."- I iiM 1- -:f?rvT,i 1 I I. Aw I 1 SNVHI WIST I 11 vr Train II i 'i-UOSFT sTillWa l """.i? II so- waaaau' vv i I ,!- west rr: m ' BERWTN BURT LANCASTER In "SCORPIO" 2-44-i-IO PO II Imrum Oakbaaak (aalar baaaatillB aaa.uaa DAILY AT 1:30-3:30-5:35-7:45.10 IPG) PAUL NEWMAN JSRJ OAK PARK I AtfC l02d -aka St. Ratad (Pfl) LHFkC At 0:00. 1:00 A 10 A3 ' THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE FROM tCORPM' BURT LANCASTER JUWnriX ALAIN DELON a I AM AD "0 a- Marian park Frao bniiiMn At S:00 t ,; , (0) EXCLU8IVE AREA ENGAGEMENT 'FIDDLER ON THE ROOF' CONTINUOUS REGULAR PRICES VILLA PARK- S2S NORTH Sl4S am tTSmw" 4 JUDGE R0Y BE"" -Melrose Park A Norridge innar 2 Acadsmy Awards "THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE" 1:00,5:15, 5:75, 7:30, :45FO WHEATON- 7W0. 1:10 . 'Charlotte's Web' SOUTHWEST DOWNERS GROVE TIVOLI i02' H',l,lu,d 7W0 "02" "CHARLOTTE'S WEB" HertamaR af Slaay Hallow" MEAD0WBR00K,3,t,., "UP THE SANDBOX" at S.-00 'DARKER THAN AMBER" at 7M LA GRANGE- J:UVAf Stava McQuaan "GETAWAY' at t 1 t:M plut 'REVENGERS" at I PS Rej ua HOLIDAY MATINEE ALL WEEK1 DAILY AT 2.55-5:50 8 'FIDDLER ON THE ROOF TINLET PARK RITZ 341 Raaaavalt. RT S-4680. 0. Bana Htakmaa "Cltoa FHka" at 430-10:10 -CICERO- BREMENTOWNE'i' (S EXCLUSIVE AREA ENGAGEMENT "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF" CONTINUOUS REGULAR PRICFS EVERYONE'S FAVORITE STORY "CHARLOTTE'S WEB" tiaa4w-S!H-?ia-t!a rilVMDIfk 3 W. Carmak Ro.d. wa.ami iw (O) 1:15, 4:50, 1:30 1 CHARLOTTE'S WEB 2:45, . WILLIE WONKA 10:00 A THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Eltrt HEADLESS HORSEMAN 4:33. 1:11 -MT. PROSPECT- -GLENCOE- 3Q Vrnn VE 5-0605 I.LL(U "CLASS OF W at 7:S0 A 30 PROSPECT IT. NILES "Flddlar Only aa tka Rati" (0) -GRATSLAKE- NORTH LAKE SHORE "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF" HOWARD 1621 HowtreJ R0 4.M0I Plottir Bt AHim Aiisaatt nTUf GODFATHER'1 s 7M "" w -------- I i I ! NORTHWEST 1 1 MiJi'JSdllS ) I HYDE PARK II Paal NEWMAN "JUDGE ROY REAN" S:I0 Orsr lilt Double Diinty "CHARLIE AND THE ANGEL" "CINDERELLA'Vpluo Cartoom mm 1 1 opiNaoo Chariav 'LIFE A TIMES OF ... JUDGE ROY REAN' :i Th Ralvara' -7 0 oooaLl laaT AAnaaf 7:0S-IO:1Sl ..lHf.'.LA'l DATIfl 4001 Inrin PR R.I0S0 a n a aw Aftar. PMura . . ' - - - - anai r 'rr, paw r in w raj biograph ;lrEVu,s;.,,, "THI 8odfather" sjs w. u, r laiaa -Ban i Man' :4t 1791 RaiiHiHrt. 11.00 "AVANTI" at A "UP THR SANDBOX" Sill A 10:15 "O.llvtranet" (R) S.-00. 1:00, 10 KM MUSIC BOX A "UP THR RA BRYN MAWR Houh Itunttngf Sa Saturday Tribunt Horn CniJa TIFFIN "PUPPE "TALES Fl LOGAN "PUPPET ON A OHAIN" "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" ;SO, 11.00 Monday Tkra TkaraJty Daara OaM I KM p M. " lao amy 10. TO Mllw. atK.d. PtuFn Ot. 1:50 "Tlndv.ll." 44A yan ina (B) Dlanay'i Cnarlay A Anial' 1:15.1.-05-1:55 C 0 M M 0 D ORE 'ItVlian r'aM7 "AVANTI" 1:40 (R) MILFORD NORMAL w- ' -1 p nuniftMi, PRCC parking .a. & CINDERELLA" flo MatMURRAY AT t :45-3:Sn. :o "CHARLIE AND THE ANGEL" H!H i jJ.I I !t-J MIST RK7U TW TRICK BARY' 7:05-10: 10 TW4SaEVIl R JO II T7TTTT: HICHLAND PARK- HIGHLAND PK.""W.,rn wHfE's"CHARLOTTE'S WEB" In "HORSEMAN OF SLEEPY HOLLOW" -HIGHWOOD- HI'WAY Ear A Wailara Omntau (Xl ADULT DMIVI "AUNTIE'S SENSUAL SOCIETY" and "Tka Art af B.ntla" CHFLTFN 7M Eaakama. IS 1-5042 wntkltrl FRER PARKINR "Willie Wonka tha Ckacatatt tm Faaiani" S0 ROSELAND A "BANANAS" 1:11 OPEN :! lUtkS. Mltk. OS 4-1010 Adnlta Onlv I A na 1X1 TWO WEST COAST FILMS Ulftuufnnn iiiiiiiiaaa Ona af tha 10 Jawtt KTnacnr'F u Tall'i " - III Waakataa. 452-0410 i B '30 sun D AaabWBUKriACHAAACH' , 3:10, Sill AT OUR RPMHAR PRKIS ..a,. Wa r U..'l5'!!t'tVI'ITrtTTTTTT1 Bmu mi tita, -NORRIDGE- II "THB POSEIDON 0 ADVENTURE"' Ah,l5.iAS.7AS,9AS D 'OR "the UK' ai t AM VP i MOVIE RATING GUIDE A SERVICE OF FILMMAKERS AND THEATERS Undar. ha MotloR Pleturt Cod of Slf-Ragulllon fO) All aftaoM 0VoJajfa)aj44apaaajaiaj OSliTliWlafjH f0) taPBttfaa1 0mIImmib !, (aaaaa wolatnaay rajf Uturtabatrai () pERYttCYBB Pamas aaaaaW 17 Raat MMal, araaaa aMoaa PO aPnaR iraatfer 10 ara anital. Printed as reader larvic by tht Chicago Tribunt TIMES. u.Tiyrrtivravniv ,K 'iFl'lllli:.fca?S5irBffg. -ELMHURST- -HOMETOWN- H0MET0WN CINEMA ' 4200 Watt S7tk Plaoa 425-SMO . "UP THE-SANDBOX" yfl0,(B,, "DARKER THAN AMBER" at 1:41 R- VnDaf 150 N. York. S34.0S7I Wlll WALT DISNEY PROGRAMIi T.harlla I ha AaaFrl 1:15.4:10 - 7M, ,:M p""! "CINDERELLA" Matlnaa Daily Adulta 11.25 Cklldrat 75a -ELMWOOD PARK- RR PARrTHS MATINEB DAILY DAILY AT 1:40-3:40-5:50-7:55-10 (POl 'POSEIDON A0YEN.URE' SOUTH -BLUE ISLAND- bol VBIfk 12952 S. Waitarn. Park Fra l I illw Cain t 00. Lait.2 Foati. 19 TRICK BABrK1 DOLTON DOLTON 141 12 Cka.. 441-070 X RATED ADULTS ONLV "OH CALCUTTA" S:30 0:40 Py: "FRITI THE CAT" ISO Only FRANKLIN PARK VII I ARC 3034 N. 23th Ava. WIE.E.HUE. Ooon 0:50 Frtt Parkin I o "TRAFFIC" Wl"1 10.20 aaprrw nf, Hurt IZi "FELLINI'S ROMA" GLEN -GLEN ELLTN- -JUSTICE- rnRif CINEMA Ctrl OPEN 5fl0 PARK FREE "LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN" PAUL NEWMAN 7i05-9:2S (Ml :l "FIDDLER ON THR ROOF" -LOMBARD- SOUTHEAST I VfLJ i iRajlRRRjy4ajaT'' ill ii Eiil )) Hi I'll j I hit nr rn rf 0Frel.OHAl IM I 1-"-4lX) FlN:aaSIAIltS7l 1 ' the CflUNTRY 'NVipnoNl I MOTHEW I GIRL T0A PARK RIDGE DIPIfUflPir FAMILY PROGRAM rivrviiivn Walt Dltnay' PHON a?a.RaWl CHARLEY R ANOEL" t m, 30 vinuanibM" a I t:u WINNIR OF 2 ALAUiMY AWAHUi "POSEIDON ADVENTURE" iiso-iiit-iiso-riae-atsa fa EXCLUSIVE 1ST SHOWINO "BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON" li1S-3t)0-lO.TiSf-10ilS -CALUMET CITT- DU PAGE 'Charlotto'i Web' Z MA S.0I50 RIUI 'CINDERELLLA" NORTH RIVERSIDE irttotiiu mm. IMBHiIIII'iU liliHTIlliUlUILI IK' v 1 JnrMBnij ta I iiIJUIIJ Bllll'aaStP 3 STARTS: a-4-O-S-IOp.m. "Class of '44n to R" RTAHTS: l-3:1B-S 30-7 4S-IO l PAUL NEWMAN yJUDGE II0Y EEANy I 41 I. -HAMMOND- DRIVE-IN "CHARLIE Double Dliney ANBEL"' AND THE 2. 'CINOERELLA'plut Cirtoont PRI IIMTT ADULTS II A OLDER vrtkvma. a 0n. 7 F 'THE LOVE GARDEN' 4 0nn 7 P.M. WR 2-HI A aOUU MAN'

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