Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 15, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE S—XACGATCCK JfEWS (CONN.). SATURDAY. OCT. 15, 1949 DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Defense Secretary Johnson No Politician; Makes On-Spot Decisions—Not Always Tactful About Them; Profound Senators Deflated By Negro Messenger. Washington—In view of the B- 36 probe, a lot of people are asking questions about Secretary of Defense Louie Johnson — -what kind of man he is, how does ho operate, what makes him tick. A thumbnail answer is that Johnson fancies himself a great politician, but is_onc of the world's worst. He considers himself a smoothie when it comes to personal relations, though actually he's a bungler. It was Johnson who neglected his personal relations wi£h Chairman Carl Vinson of the House Armed Service committee, while the admirals were buttering' htm up. But. as Secretary of Defense, Johnson has one quality absolutely essential to running the Armed Sen-ices of the United States. He can make decisions He isn't always tactful about them, but when the brass hats have finished talking to Johnson they at least know where they stand. Prior to Johnson's assumption of office, the joint chiefs of staff never came to decisions. Now they do. Defense Meetings The joint chiefs of staff consist of Adm. Louis I>enfeld, chief of naval operations; Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, chief of staff for air, an"3 Gen. Omar Bradley, chief of staff for the Army. The three secretaries—Stuart Symington for Air, Francis Matthews for the Navy and Gordon Grey for the Army— sit with Johnson and the joint chiefs every Tuesday. When they leave the conference table there is nearly always either a deftnit5 decision on policy or a command to get more information in order to makr. the decision. In the latter case, Johnson will always set a date when the information must be on his desk. Sometimes—if told the information will take three months to collect—he replies: "Make it Three." In addition to the Tuesday meetings of the joint chiefs of staff. Johnson meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with the joint chiefs and his own staff. This consists of Undersecretary Steve Early, the assistant secretaries for defense, the joint chiefs and the research and development branch. Johnson goes the rounds of the services, calls on the Army, Navy and Air Force; and, if any conflicts develop, they are decidedly on the spot. The secretary of- defense listens carefully to both sides, then says: "We'll do it this way, gentlemen." Admiral Halsey in Reverse In making his decisions, Johnson shows a tremendous knowledge of the three services. Part of this was gained when he was assistant secretary of the Army in the Roosevelt administration, but part obviously was gained from a great deal of personal study. Johnson's decisions in favor of economy arc now what have got him in so rrruch trouble with tho Navy, which had found a more sympathetic listener in James For- re-.stal, its former boss. However. Forrestal, harassed, tired, and anxious to please, frequently postponed making- decisions in his latter years. This mn.y have .been what promoted Adm. "Bull" Halsey to testify at the secret hearings of the Richardson Board of unification. "I am probably one of the lone navcd officers in favor of a single department (of national defense). In other words, I believe in unity. I want a department headed by someone who could tell them (the brass hats) to do this, or that." However, when Admiral Halsey got a secretary of defense who hold the brass hats to do this, do that, he squawked to high heaven. Senators -'Olson and Johnson" A Negro messenger took the wind out of three senators who were expounding the l>ther day over an NBC television broadcast The Negro dropped in just as Senators Ed Johnson of Colorado, Bill Knowland of California and Bourke Hickenlooper of lown were exchanging some profound ideas. Cocking an intent ear the Ne* gro picked up Senator Johnson's name. Then solemnly commented: "I ve heard this Olsen and Johnson show before." TU-rtess Kentucky Senator Homespun, easygoing Garrett Lee Withers is probably the mast unaffected man in the U. S. Senate. The Kentucky Democrat takes his job, but not himself, seriously FLOWERS for All OoeMlom FLOWEBS TVXEGBAFHED BVEBYWHEBJ5 MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP UO ETJBBEB A VBNTJB XW. BttB If it's more comfortable to work in his office without a tie — off comes the tie. The same applies to his shoes— if he isn't talking to visitors. Withers was sitting thus comfortably dressed when the Senate bell rang: .announcing- a quorum call. Quickly, the senator slid into his shoes, but forget his tie. And •with his neck thus unadorned ho rushed onto the floor of the dignified Senate. Finailly, Senate SfceciaJ Officer Bil^Brennan, who also hails from the Blue Grass Country, beckoned Withers into an anteroo'rnl "Senator, do you know that you aren't wearing a tie?" he asked. "My goodness!" exclaimed Withers, feeling his neck, "You're right. What am I going- to do?" Erennan solved tho "crisis" by slipping off his own necktie, \\ snappy, multitoned job, and looped it on the senator, who then answered his name on the quorum roll call. Merry-Go-Round If the steel strike ended tonight, the nation lyould still lose more than 8,000,000 tons production- equal to one-third of all the steel Russia (produces in a single year ....Dictator Peron of Argentina has proclaimed himself the great friend of labor, but last week he issued secret instructions that Arg-entine judges should decide on labor disputes in favor of management ..Adm. Loland Lovett, ace public-relations officer for the Navy, has been picked by C»-n- mander Clydo Lewis of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to handle VFW public relations. . The , State Department is losing one of its best young executives, Assistant Secretary Ernest Gross Hf will now assist Sen. Warren Austin as deputy ambassador to the United Nations... .The State Department has been smart in picking a man who served 12 years as secretary of the House A^propria- tions- committee to handle if s relations with Congress. He is newly appointed Assistant Secretary Jack McFall. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 RC Nursing Course Opening Monday The Red Cross Home Nursing Hnm" e :. "°f, re ° f IllneSS in th * Home, will begin Monday after?°° n . at 2 o'clock in the Tuttle H? I £?• ^ e session wm last un - r » 4. Mrs. Louis Holdsworth R N will instruct. ' The Red Cross reported that the class is filled and no more persons can be accepted for registration. Adults Eligible For Free Chest X-Rays All adults are invited to receive free chest X-rays next Tuesday Oct. 18, from 12:30 to 1:30 o'clock at Naugatuck High school, in connection with the Naugatuck Rod Cross Chapter-sponsored X-rav program. Members of • the frishman and lumor classes at the school will be X-rayed during (.he morning. SCHOOL SPEAKER William Boies, president of the Naugatuck National Bank, addressed the Naugatuck High school business procedure classes Friday morning, it was announced today by Raymond K. Foley, Acting Principal. Mr. Boies spoke on modern banking procedure and practice. Brief Freedom GETTING a brief taste of freedom, Sam Engel, the "Romeo" who is accused of playing fast and loose with the hearts and valuables of trusting women, leaves his cell in Chicago. Engel's attorneys had posted $15,000 bond for his release, but two U. S. Marshals were waiting and are pictured handcuffing him. Engel was taken away and charged with fleecing Mrs. Anette Kubickof of $5,000, (International') FIREMAN INJURED IN LINE OF DUTY GRITTING HIS TEETH, Fireman Hugh Early (left) is aided from the sceno of a two-alarm New York factory fire, his right hand severely slashed by glass. A fellow fireman holds on to tourniquet fashioned out of Early'a smoke mask in an alterant to halt the intense bleeding. (International) Thomas In London, Leaves By Plane For N. Y. Tonight London, Oct. 15—(UP)—Radio commentator Lowell Thomas, injured in a fall from a horse in Tibet, is in London after a flight from Calcutta, India. Thomas will leave by plane for New York tonight, arriving Sunday. He arrived at London airport Thursday night. He walked off the plane alone with the aid of crutches although his injured right leg hung useless. Thomas was accompanied by his son .Lowell. Jr., who made the trip to Tibet with his father and was credited by the reporter with saving his life. Mrs. Thomas, who had been touring Europe, met the plane. A number of ambulances also were on hand but were not needed. Thomas wore a white jacket and a panama hat and was deeply tanned. He wore a goatee. The commentator lost 15 pounds during a hazardous 16-day descent from Tibet during which he was carried across more than 100 rivers by four litter bearers. His son lost 25 pounds. Thomas calls Tibet the "most anti-communist country in the world." Says he: "They have the jitters about the Chinese Reds. The bi, question which the people wanted to ask the United States was 'will the Western world give us any help and if so, what?'" Thomas says he brought back a number of rock specimens from Tibet, although mining is forbidden under the law of Buddha. The reporter had the rocks in his pocket when he was unseated by the horse. They apparently contributed to the injury of his thigh because he fell on them heavily. Wants To Be Alone N. E Regional Procurement Office Urged By Council Boston—A New England regional procurement office with whir* New England manufacturers can deal in securing defense contracts was vigorously urged today by the Industrial Committee of the New England Council In a letter to Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson. Committee Chairman Walter H. Wheeler, Jr., suggested that a New England office where (New England, producers interested in defense contracts "could not only find out about bids -wanted but could file their bids and eventually secure contract awards" would increase the flexibility and speed of pro-, curement. Mr. Wheeler, president of Pitney-Bowels, Inc., Stamford, Conn., and New England regiona 1 director of the War Production Board in World War II, (pointed cut that "as long as procurement is as rigidly centralized as it. is now. there e.->r be no distribution of awards that utilizes effectively and equitably the production facilities in each region. "As you know, "large corpora7 lions, such as the Ford Motor Co.] Oeneral Motors and General Electric Co., have decentralized their procurement operations with much advantage to themselves and a!i?o to their supplier.3," Mr. Wheeler continued. "In my own wartime- experience with the War Production Board, I observed many instances in which I still believe Army, Navy and Air Fores procurement would have boon greatly expedited had a sywtem of regional procurement offices been in operation. "The Industrial Committee of the New- England Council urgently requests that you arrange to establish a New England regional defense procurement office." COAL SEAM DEPTHS Charleston, W. Va.—Coal seams vary in thickness from two to 90 feet in the U. S., but most coal comes from three to six foot seams. Film star Greta Garbo is shown coming out of a pier elevator after her arrival in New York aboard the liner lie de France. Although she expressed her customary strong desire for i<rivacy, her unidentified escort was unable to shic'Id hor from the photographers. (International) What's Doing In Naugatuck Saturday, Oct. 15 ' Dedication, New Quarters, Polish American Club. K of C dance at Falcon Hall at 8 p. m. Dedication Cristoforo Colombo home, semi-formal dinner dance and banquet for members and guests, 8 p. m. Square dance, St. Michael's Parish House, 8 p. m. Auction, Congregational Church parish house at 10 a. m. Sponsored by Ladies' Aid Society. Monday, Oct. 17 Woman's Club meeting at 3 p. m. at American Legion Home on Cedar street. Tuesday, Oct. 18 Public Card Party, Beth Israel Congregation Community Center, Fairview avenue, 8:30.. Auxiliary, Montanarj-Rado Post, Meeting, Cristoforo Colombo Hall, 7:30 p. m. Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isabella, regular meeting, K. of C. Hall, 8 p. m. Monthly meeting, Retail Division, Chamber of Commerce, Annenberg's Restaurant, 6:15 p. m. Thursday, Oct. 20 Parents' Night at Naugatuck High School. Food sale sponsored by St. Michael's Guild St. Michael's parish house, 10 a. m. to 3 p. m: Rummage t>ale, Beacon Valley Grange, in vacant store, next to Alcazar on Main street, 9 to 4 p. m. Friday, Oct. 21 Parish Players Square Dance, 8 p. m., Congregational Church Parish House. Members of local Aerie will engage teams from Waterbury Aerie in first matches of state-wide Eagles' setback tourney. Social meeting, Pond Hill Community Club, 8 p. m. Saturday, Oct. 22 Reunion, NHS Class of 1939, Rinaldo's Restaurant, South Main street, Naugatuck. Tuesday, Oct. 25 Banquet for boys who took part in second annual Y's Men's Club Coasting Derby, at YMCA. Rummage sale, sponsored by St. Michael's Guild, St. Michael's parish house, 10 a. m. to 5 p. in. Wednesday, Oct. 26 Hunting season starts. Halloween Party, Prospect St. PTA, in School. Thursday, Oct. 27 Harvest Sale, sponsored by Ladies' auxiliary of Hillside Congregational church in church hall. 7 to & p.. m. Friday, Oct. 28 Luther League Halloween party at church hall at 8:30 p. m. Local Eagles Aerie will play Torrington Aerie in setback matches. Harvest Sale, sponsored by Ladies' auxiliary of Hillside Congregational church in church hall, 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturday, Oct. 29 Halloween Dance for adults and youne people,- Pond Hill Community Center, 8 5X m: Friday, Oct. 21 Square-doughnut dance, 8 p. m. in Congregational Parish House. Thursday. Nov. S Annual Methodist Church Fair, 1 p. m. Turkey dinner from 5 to 7 P. m. Annual Banquet, Chamber of Commerce, in Elks' Lodge Rooms Nov. 4, Friday Annual Methodist Church Fair, 1 p. m. Dessert-bridge 2 p, m.' Movies shown both days at 4 • p. in for children. Wednesday, Nov. 9 TestimoniaS dinner fjjr (J. P. Rodcnbach, 6 p. m., Salem Lutheran parish hall. Sunday Night ±1A1V11L,J.OJN PARK. PAVILION A™/T ™ ADM. 60C HIS SAXOPHONE and Connecticut's No. 1 Band 17-Musiclans-17 FREK PARKING DANCING STARTS 8:15 "FAMOUS FOB FINE FOODS" DUTCH DOOR INN BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCHEON Served Dully Our Specialty — Full Course LOBSTER and STEAK DINNERS Served Dally CARLTON JONES At Tint Solovox and I'lano Your Fuvorlte Tune I'layctl As You Like It. Shufflehoarcl ami Television 1 BROAD STREET SEYMOUR TEL. 2803 Dine and Dance PICCADILLY INN HITCHCOCK LAKE Aii Ideal Spot to Hold That Stag, Shower, Wedding Breakfast, Reception and Banquet OUR RATES ARE VERY MODERATE Orchestra and Entertainment on Saturday Night FULL LIQUOR PRIVILEGES Phone 3-9738 PhU Bertrand, Prop. ***+*'*-****^*~~*^~-***-**>rt-r*-rrt-r*T*0rf*rsrwfff0*t l ~*tmm~*mf, M ,m WAVERLY INN Cheshire Diorio Restaurant Waterbury Luncheons — Cocktails — Dinners / Banquet Facilities NEHRU HONORS U. S. WAR DEAD PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery Virginia, as a tribute to the American war dead. (International) Burning Brakes Start Forest Fire Tucson, Ariz. — (UP) — A new method of starting forest fires has been found here, but forestry officials don't recommend it. A lookout notified rangers a fire was burning near Lizzard Rock in I the Catalina Mountains. Arriving | at the scene, the rangers i'ound I nine fires. , Investigation disclosed (.hat a truck had made its way up the Mount Lemmon grade with its brakes on. A brake shoe became red hot and broke into pieces, shooting tiny flames into leaves and pine needles. The fires were all extinguished before they caused any damage. Square Dance Festival For Junior Police I Sunday At Baummer's Advance sales of tickets for the Sunday two-session Square Dance Festival at Baummer's Recreation Center. Field .street. assures a complete success for the venture by the Xaugratuck Junior Police sponsoring the first annual Naugatuck Valley festival. Exhibition du.i-.ce teams in costumes apprc-.riate to the period of the dance they prestnt win compete for prizes p.t both sessions, as well as present their skill and enthusiasm between the public dances. Almost every team which appears and belong in Connecticut. are members of the Connecticut Folk Dance Society. Among thf -ublic will be hundreds of fans who follow their favorite caller wherever he appears, knowing that they will experience the pleasure of dancing to the prompting of other excellent prn.rp.trp, also. There's Ray Hotchkiss, Naugatuck's gift to the Squnre Dance world. He's known a!! up and down the valley wherr> he has appeared wherever genuine folk dances are featured. Then there'.* Charlie Zintel of New Jersey. That's no distance to the square dance fan..they're tho travellingest people, but it's understandable when you get that neighborly feeling " which comes with the square dance. The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children make wonderful year-round sifts . . 88 Church St. Phone 5287 Accidents never happen to your child? You've read all the books on the care end keep your baby healthy has been overlooked, feeding of infants. Nothing that will help So accidents never happen to your childl Or dp they? This mother thought she was a good mother, too. But suffocation snuffed out the life of her child because she didn't know how to guard against it. If there is a baby in your home, consult with your family physician on ways to prevent suffocation. Burns and scalds kill and injure more children 1 to 14 years of age than any other type of accident. Check your home for danger spots. Use tlie inner burner of the stove for boiling. littl* boys like guns. It'i up to you to see to it that firearms are safely stored where curious fingers can't reach. Accidents with firearms kill hundreds and wound thousands every year. by Th. Adwtbing Cotmc* In cooperation with The National Safety CovndL Be Careful-tfce cMd you save may be your own! THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS PUBLISHED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST tY The Naugatuck Daily News

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