Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on December 4, 1967 · 65
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 65

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1967
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CHICAGO TRIBUNE, MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1967 Section 2 -17 Discount Price Bargain Basement Backfire BY CLIFFORD TERRY THERE WAS a time when Vincent Price would stop framing paintings long enough to slip out of the gallery, apply his make-up and sneer, and proceed to turn out the kind of hopeless hokum that would inspire college boys to stomp and shout and scramble down to the local movie theater between final exams. Times apparently have changed. His latest satiric stab, "House of 1,000 Dolls," "HOUSE OF 1,000 DOLLS" Directed by Jeremy Summers, produced v Merry Alan Towers, screenplay by Peter Welbect. an American International release, at the Loop theater. THE CAST Folii Mandemile Vincent Price Rebecca Martha Myer Stephen Arrratronj Georee Nader Marie Armstrong Anne Smyrner Inspector Emil Woitoanf Kieline Fernando Senate Gratia Proprietress ............ Yeiena Samarme is not even bad enough to be good, instead is bargain basement backfire that is strictly discount Price. Once again slipping into top hat and tails, Sears Roebuck's star salesman is cast as The Great Manderville, a Syndicated magician who causes lovely young ladies to "disappear" right on this here stage, only to turn up later in the House of Dolls, which of course is not a home. Rather, it's the Tangier based warehouse for an international business that gives away white-slave-trading stamps, a sort of hedonist's Horn & Hardart, an ani- t . i- . 424 - v i , .. . 4 tj?4 .' v i l i v. 8: " HS- Hit- r : - I H' if r 4 . J1 y -'A Jt m - ui -. a i .V .-dBX A a . Wm B aK '-.aTFh- - " ' 7 baa i i,y m sS Vincent Price and George Nadtr (right) glower, while Martha Hyer (left) and Anne Smyrner glow. mated automat where the customers select their own dishes. But the fiendish flesh peddlers don't count on the wiles of a vacationing American doctor played by George Nader, who acts more like a daytime quiz show M. C, whose friend was murdered after his wife had been kidnaped and sent off to join the captive cuties in the literal tourist trap. Snooping around while manfully disdaining any help from the fezzed fuzz, Nader soon dis covers his own wife Anne Smyrner has been whisked away to the house by the magician's mob, and once again it's hello, dolly. While George is leading a panting raid on the brothel which comes complete with a basement rumpus room featuring matching chains and whips, Vincent is biting off such lampoon-limp ? Lu-gosi as "No harm can come to you, my dear," and "To be dead would be such a bore," all the time assisted by a mental telepathist Martha Hyer who could easily pass for a garden club publicity chairman. Directed by Jeremy Summers "Ferry ? Across the Mersey" this third-rate trifle is one of those forget-it numbers that normally would have been shuffled out to the drive-ins but which for some reason has been installed in a downtown theater. The un-kindest cut of all is that it has replaced another "House" Our Mother's which unaccountably lost its lease. MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN 111 70 nun. and stereophonic sound! 1W1 N. DEARBORN ST 372-0971 (PINESTAGE U I TftANS ICAC0N THtTC COAST TO CO5T V ( LKKGAI5LE VIMEN LEIGH ,:00P", iLESIJEII0RD OLIVIVdcILWlLLAND TICKETS NOW AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL! 4.1 Just bugs the Establishment as I ikOT Technicolor MIDNIGHT SHOW iJkJLA-f- 1 tvar mow PARKING: 4 Hours Anylim 65c - GREYHOUND IUS TERMINAL GAUGE S. f. Cornf, C'orfc & tok . dark at madlion franklin 2-2843 imw show dailrl Js dark '?V the gangsters! v today thru Saturday, december 9 r today: "al eapone" & "little eaejar" tue.: "white heat" & "public enemy" wed.: "high sierra" & "each dawn i die" thur.: "hoodlum empire" "bonnie parker story" fV?.: "roaring twenties" "angels with dirty faces" sat.: "mechinegun Irelly" t "st. valentine's day massacre" MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN 1 Vi G M presents A CARLD PONII PRODUCTION SOPHIA L0REN OMAR SHARIF Look who's SWITCHED-ON Sophia that "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" man ! j. wRvl I W IU1C HJ" than ; a miracle" !, m METPOCOIOP and FRANSCOPE 1 vy . ft MBAMMMIApIIIpHAm IRRCVWJ IRFP'OH 'More Than a Miracle an UUL liUji U.ul iujj. I outstanding film!" LA. Times and guest sur Midwest nmim NEXT WEDNESDAY I KIM 1 3 S I Premiere Optn t:45 a. m. list Featura 10:10 p.m. 1A C3atm&4.VJL 5toniy route COLOR-PANAVISION JILL ST. JOHN . Mftro Goldwya Miytr pirstnts ftter Glnvillts rroduclion sUrring . RirliirH Riirtnn . Fli7ahpfhThv1nr Alpr Guinness Peter Ustinov OnTheComediansgn x frois tkt novdbv Graham Greene In PanavisioB and MeirocoTor NOW! r Open 8:45 a.m. tost Feature 10.-20 p.m. Midwest Premiere Continuous rerformoncis m ROSS HUNTER'S production Open 8:45 a.m. Last Feature 10:20 p.m. LAST 2 DAYS! ROSALIND RUSSELL SANDRA DEE DOSiG' TECHNICOLOR. I Peanuts5 Schroeder Finds a Friend in Serkin a Beethoven Lover BY THOMAS WILLIS Rudolf Serkin anticipated Beethoven's birthday by two weeks or so, but his Orchestra hall recital yesterday afternoon was a party all the same. Well, maybe not a party, even tho the word rolls easily from thought to page. Call it a celebration in the fullest sense of the word. The pianist was playing one of those programs only masters can sell out halls with three Beethoven works, one 1 r. v Rudolf Serkin from each of the periods into which his biographers generally divide his life. But the trio belong together, or at least Serkin convinced us that they did. From the opening expanded triad of the F Minor Sonata, Opus 2, No. 2, thru the Opus 81a, whose recurring farewell is one of the great, affirmative "hello's" in all piano literature, and on to the still incredible Diabelli Variations the recital kept illuminating its common points of contact. One of these was demonstrated, curious, as it seems, by something missing. Thru-out the F Minor, Mr. Serkin was having trouble with the ornaments. The little changing note figures in the main theme, the turns in the minuet, and the various roulades and small trills in the final Rondo simply would not come clean. Whether it was the piano or t h e artist's misjudged intensity would be hard to say. But they by and large existed as momentary smudges on an otherwise heroic outline. e Once such aural smudges occur, the habitual listener can hardly help keeping score. And so, as the cycles of "Lebewohl" worked their way to that wonderful "Eroi-ca" point where the tonic and dominant good-bys coincide, the inner ear or at least a portion of its cochlea or cortexwas lying in wait. Thruout the sighs of "L' Absence," there was no reason to compare. The liberated harmonies rang distant changes on now discarded assumptions, working their no longer deceptive way to that final point of irresolution. In the silence that marked the transition to the Finale, it was wholly characteristic of Serkin that his foot gave the new tempo away. But there we were, in the headlong rush of "Return," full of just those rapid ornaments which had caused the trouble before. Only this time, the pianist was on top, taking each tiny flight on the rise, riding with the surfs crest. Was it regained technique? Not entirely, for Beethoven had come a long way in his own redefinition of essentials between these two sonatas. What got in the way of the rising line in the early work now had a meaning of its own. For a performer who concentrates on emotive ba sics, the difference is important. For his listeners, it proved unexpectedly instructive. " The afternoon offered many other surprises. z- The last few bars of the F Minor's Adagio were striking fore-shadows of "L'Absence." The Diabeli, where Beethoven managed not one, but 33 silk purse s from his publisher's sow's ear ; and also proved that fugues do not always have to come last, has its own absence and return, beginning with the Adagio which is Variation 29 and continuing thru the repeated-note fugue and expanded minuet. To keep the structural outline clear, Serkin took the final Largo faster than usual, thereby producing another surprise. Embedded in the flowing soprano line were phrase after phrase of the '"L'Absence's" recitative. The foregoing is of course an incomplete account of one man's afternoon; to take the measure of a master, muti-ply by legions and decades, all made up of shared seconds not easily forgotten. "i. JT vnmtmmi UlllJUIIiUS f What haDDens to i L At A lift..-. J. 1 menu nnereuu tp. they go? Here are the : SHOCKING FACTS j V discovered within the... ! t mmm mem PRICE-martha HYER LOOP OPEN i 45 AM IATI SHOW f AIK 4 Hrt 45c GREYHOUND GA. STATE NEA ANOOtr ClABK t 1AKE eV j 5 vrvrtYl?0f jrfiifionaim Technicolor ODD Tonight at .t)0 P.M. 170 N Dearborn 372-0971 BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN Reserve Your Seats Now DOCrolLDOLCli PREMIERES WED. DEC. 20 WEEKDAY MATINEE WEDNESDAY ONLY 2 P.M. 3 Shows Sat . Sun 1 30. 5 OO. 8 30 p m. 1 1 ' ' r 1-at.Li-l iLJAJLR i 7 rrrv 3 J LL MS LL TONIGHT 8:30 p. m. UNITED ARTISTS BALABAN S KAT2 RANDOLPH AT DEARBORN v w.u -R swameR. knocks CtnliPinyi Um fi:i t.m. 1 last ADULTS 3AYS10NLY SUBURBAN N OUT H m FIRST showing; I NORTHBROOK THE IfHICB DIABOliai' tDENSI 7:45. 9:45 o.m. "BONNIE AND CLYDE" WEST SOUTH SKGXXS & WHEELING- CEHLI3Z) 3535 Optn 1 :00 Lt Oonn t 9:25 LEE MARVIN, JIM BROWN COLOR "THE DIRTY DOZEN" plus "LAST CHALLENGE" Angle Dickinson 5814 W. Maditon Open 1:45 Last 2 Fiaturrs at 8:40 "POINT BLANK" LEE MARVIN plus "LAST CHALLENGE" Anqie Dickinson Ooen 79t9h K Stony 8:P0 Park Free L.E..H POINT BLANK. & -Tht Last Challense' AHiColor iii "i J L J JP ",0prn IIOth-Michiaan li I T 1 1 " up Park Free WATERH0LE 3 ,a,nBe(!,hCocT Rough T Jericho RyiH ICTAD GARTER. Op. S A.M. "KILLER dlMri Madivm-Halited SHREWS' I'FRIENOLV PERSUASION A 'AIRBORNE' 47th & S. Park l Mtine Daily Lee Marnin Ernest" Boronine" "THE DIRTY ! ! Til irszLm&n TL 1 II 'I :IL 5 lIZ21l'rmt7ltu,Z'. Edens bet'n Dundea . Lake-Cook Roads: A GOOD SHOCKER' Sun-Timas NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED I. WARREN 6EATTY I3CIIIIIF. BRIGrTTE MSDOI two weeks in September "I, A WOMAN" IC'&w d.iH ..d en . The Swinger OPEN I A.M.LAST FEATURE 10:10 PJH. SUBURBAN W E S T -ELMHL'RST- ynnv WALT DISNEY'S "B A M B I" lUfflv "THE. ENDLESS SUMMER" Worm, BEATTY Foy DUNAWA 1:3S, 3:35, 5.-40 -00, 10-00 FRAPJKL3N PARK- SOUTH (Mk Askland MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES NORTH NORTH Broadway. Lawrence i Open I 45 Last 2 g Features at 8:00 3 JOHN WAYNE "EL DORADO" plus ! 'ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE' P. Sheridan.Devnn ''Open 1:30 Feat.: 1:45. A 3:50. 5:55. 8 :00. 10:05 Warren BEATTY Foye DUNAWAY color "BONNIE AND CLYDE" CI irk A Diverse . Open 1:15 Last, 'Clyde' at 10:101 Warren Beatty Fa ye Dunaway Color! I "BONNIE AND CLYDE" PLUS! I "POINT BLANK" LEE MARVIN I mmmammmmmmm Lawrence. Broadway -. 4 : .'J ( a r? ' "1 : Open l:4S Last 2 eiwMdVaVJUsiUbilaf Features at :4o "POPPY IS ALSO A FLOWER" plus "POINT BLANK" LEE MARVIN Avenger Takes Dim View of Stars Life BY MARIS ROSS London DIANA RIGGS You probably know her better as "Emma Peel" does not want to be a star. She does not want the star treatment either. Limousines and luxuries Hollywood can keep them. She likes the way the Royal Shakespeare company handled her and its other big names when it recently produced its first film, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." "There was a great deal of discomfort," she said, savoring the heresy. "Nobody had stand-ins. We did our own standing-in. Generally we even did our own makeup!" Miss Rigg said she and co-star David Warner were too interested in the film to worry about incidentals. This lanky long-haired lass of 29 created the role of Emma Peel in the offbeat television espionage series, "The Avengers." Now she has branched into feature movies, but says she objects to the use the movie industry makes of its box office talents. "Basically they give you what they consider the star treatment and at the same time exclude you from the very important part of filmingthe talking, discussing and working out things with the director," said Miss Rigg. "I don't want to be excluded. "More often they treat you with deep suspicion that you're going to turn difficult. If people do turn difficult, they generally do because they are misunderstood, not treated as a human being. Also, a great deal of money is wasted, and where there is a great deal of money there is a great deal of panic. "That is what I detest, the basic insecurity of these people who don't have their own standards, their own attitudes. Everything is based on the person directly above them." Unltee Prtu InttriMiioMl Western-Devon Open 2:00 Last 2 Features at 8:50 POINT BLANK LEE MARTIN plu. "THE LAST CHALLENGE" All Color! I ThsHeeSsni I Allans I ON STAGE IN PERSON Brandy - Alexandra vi. a. aaie 1 ' me arcuT to Plus On Giant Serae i J 4kP "THE SEXY crrotT unrMT" f 4 Exclusive Shotting!. A'NNER OF 6 A MAN FOR At3i" m tV cp a envc HUH (jfmsivivw at 2:00, 4:10, 6:20, 8:30 7lst Jeffery & CLYDE MI ADULTI at 2. 4. 4. B. 10 LiTl P0IHT BLANK 2(50 E. 7lst HY 3-1 121 :35 LAST CHALLENGE n Color 3:40-700.10-00 P Open 3:15 I DOZEN Ef ef : J 1 1 1 J SJ 1 Both Hits in Color 79th & Halsted I "Don't Waves" m Pk. Fr. Op. 5:15 Make "" -AVwW.".V.-. Clf ftf IC 7924 Lincoln Ave. OR 3-4214 OPiUrilC Opn b:3( Feat.: 7:'0. 9:35 onSV" "If A WOMAN" R0SE"l,AW0MAN";iroA,rl1 it 8:25 "CIRCLE OF LOVE" t. FONDA GLEN EL1LYN rl ril "UP The Down Staircase" at 9:15 ULtn "You Only Live TWICE" at 7:15 HILLSIDE Worran BEATTY Foye DUNAWAY color "BONNIE AND CLYDE" PLUS! "KING'S PIRATE" JILL ST. JOHN SUBURBAN N ORTHWEST Hi LI 4-8240 M PARKING 2:00-4:00 -6:05 805-1005 DCHI I I IN COLOR ARLINGTON HEIGHTS LEX 1162 E. 63RD ST. OPEN 10:30 JERRY LEWIS "BELL BOY" ROD TAYLOR iHOTEL'l ICHARD CONTE R0SELAND """-rifl, "lV:010 'SIN YOU SINNERS' & 'THE SEDUCERS' i SOUTHWEST NORTHWEST f ttf lll'J Mth A KedJia. Op. 6.00 liejnejtli FAY DUNAWAY beatTy "BONNIE AND CLYDE" "Tw Weeks in September" Brioitte Bardot 63d-Kadzi. Op. 6-00 Sean (007) Conntrv "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Bob Hope "Boy. Did I Get a Wronf No." 63rd & Western. Op. 60 DICK VAN DYKE DIVORCE AMERICAN STYLE" Sandy Dennis "Up tha Down Staircase" m III Al NORTH DOUtll WIST 1 e4ilacixm EXCLUSIVE SHOWING TOO AY at 5:30. 7:35. 9:40 p.m. Warren Beatty It Faye Dunaway 9 til Alk iOUlH IZldXMjTb Ad.lrs 18 A over Briqitte Bardot "TWOl ANN-MARGRET , WctKS IN StrTEMBtKI TMt yy INOH ' rwiuiii TWF.JW iij ! ii.j a1 i OASIS LZ. itiES PLAINES- 1CMSARD MA 9-0950 LEE MARVIN DUPAGE GLENN FORD JVTAYWOOD POINT BLANK" THE LAST CHALLENGE" POINT BLANK" 8:25 G. Ford "Last Challenge" 6:30,8:55 OAK EROOK I inn Let Marvin klUV ax Fact PAPKIMG lenaotta. ti n k 654-1)60 TODAY at 2. 4. 6, 8:05. 105 P.M. Warren BEATTY Foye DUNAWAY Color "BONNIE AND CLYDE" -OAK PARK- M.r.AR MFATFRS' hurst Rd. - Hiiains - Touhy ifinen n rn 1 1 y eunnic mnu iL i f t "THE CORRUPT ONES" 2 COLOR HITS! (ICC Dl IUCC "BAMS!" 6:S5. 10:05 & UCd rL II CO "Reluctant Astronaut" 8:10 HOFFMAN ESTATES LAKE "color3!1 'BONNIE & CLYDE' I MM AD Surf-Soaked EXCITEMENT! LA Til An In Color! 'ENDLESS SUMMER WHEATGN WHEAT0N "Last Challenge" LEE MARVIN ODDIMT Rl ANaf" Angit DICKINSON rvinl BLAIliV tamnqVIRNA LISI at 7:30. 935 P.M. I PLAYBOY I r n re ATE R 1201 H. DUaaoRN-fHOMi (44-3434 HAYLEY MILLS SUN-TIMES thefomiSY COLOR FINAL ELKS! 7:00 t 9 30 PARK 4 HttS. 75c 33 i. CEDAR ftmmmmmfBfmmt FREE PARKIN!, TTtfUxTrVft on premises: 1 1 iinll Tl''' Open 1:15 Feat. 1:35-mmmmm' 3:40-5:50-8:1)0-10:05 Warren BEATTY Faye DUNAWAY color "3CNNIE AND CLYDE" y 2135 Milwaukee iCwaWaIeIBaianpMssiti 2135 Milwaukee fT77TW ; Open I :lo Last " 1 ' 'Clyde' at 10:10 Warren Beatty Fay Dunaway Color! "BONNIE AND CLYDE PLUi! "POINT BLANK" LEE MARVIN iSwwawMow. 4050 Milwaukee f -I 'J.;t f THSl Op,n l:45-Last 2 Features at 8:35 POPPY IS ALSO A FLOWER" plus 'POINT BLANK" LEE MARTIN 2 MATT HELMS! 5635 Belmont VtA Open 1:15 Last 2 miSm Features at 8:35 MURDERERS' ROW : DEAN Tha SILENCERS" MARTINS G2ED 4743 Belmont Park Free! Open 6 30 Last 2 Features at 8:30 FOR AUOLlS 18 YEARS AND OLDER I. A WOMAN" ESSY PERSSON pius "2 WEEKS IN SEPTEMBER" -BRIGITTE BARDOT IN COLOR! "" i.ic X.faT m.tC Art. ft ; u i i t-is t-is in is. ' Wmnn BEATTY foye DUNAWAY KCIIIIItiirilAEE 7.J0 4:iS. 7:30 10:00 El" IT 'J 95th at Cieera Ample Free Parklni! Open at 6:15 Fred MacMURRAY iW Vera MILES V7 6:30-9:15 WALT DISNEY'S "FOLLOW ME, BOYS," & Adventure featurette: 'GOLIATH THE 2nd' mm rTfTff'Jjpi at 7:00. 8:25 p.m. Frt:-fei "war game" at 70.' lo!l""DR. STRANGELOVE" WAMIN IIATTT PAYI DUNAWAY "BONNIE & CLYDE" :0o-SiSS-etse oTam "SEX SINGLE GIRL" wt 4iD0 & 4:Oe- Swtlt Mbr C. FIcLOS Fun Hits "NEVER GIVE A SUCKER AN EVEN BREAK" 2-00. 4:45. 7:30. 1040 "You Can't Cheat Honest Mae" J:S 6:20. 9:10 THUNDER3IRD 'Last Challenge' 8:15 .irSTpmf'POINT BLANK" ivfeiTose Pk. fk Norriege Op. 6:00 CAR HEATERS Both Color "BONNIE AND CLYDE" plus Ist-RUN! BRIGITTE BARDOT in "TWO WEEKS IN SEPTEMBER" -MT. PROSPECT- SUBURBAN -NORT H -EVANSTOW- )p. 60 DEAN MARTIr "Ht siLtnbcno MURDERERS ROW" "BuNNiE & ULYDt" Warren 8eaty Fave Dunaway JOHN IRELAND "FORT UTAH" "FORT" 5:30, 8:50: "BONNIE" 6:50. 10:00 nCVnU 25 BROADWAY aJCVUff ADULTS ONLY! "I, A WOMAN" and I0:1i PM? nri BUI 7070 N. Clark 764-3656 AUtLrnl Adults Only! "BLOW-UP" "THE ENDLESS SUMMER" AAA 6744 N. SHERIDAN 761-1700 UU ACADEMY AWARD WINNER "WAR GAMES" suntmes Li) ma'rV.n POINT BLANK" "WATERHOLt 3" JAMES COBURN HUB o7p6enCH,G:Su "TOWN TAMER" "WATERHOLE 3" dttti Chicago showini 12TH M0. Academy and Cannes prize ; AMAH and A WOMAN cinemn 10: 10 park 80c CNiaiMriuaitMi nnniC 5825 Division 287-3266 nUUrVriC Art Gallery Coffee Bar JAMES iilll YCS" " 7:05 JOYCES UL"''69 and 9:30 COOL ONES" GIANT OF MARATHON" JERRY LEWIS "THE BELL BOY" a Will 1612 CHGO Mi. I 111 unea :uu CAR HEAitHS Both Coier BONNIE AMU (.LIKE plus Ist-RUN! BRIGITTE BARDOT la "TWO WEEKS IN SEPTEMBtd" U ft DM A I 456 W. 119th St. Op. 8:00 HUlliVlAL Free Parking! Technieelorl SANDY DENNIS at 8:i0 ONLY! "UP Trie UwWN SlAiR liASc" WALTER MATTHAU at 8:30 A 10:15 "LiUiDt FUH iHc MARRi0 MAN ' 1710 Sherman 1 :30 Feat.: 2:00-00-6:05-8:05-10:05 Warren BEATTY Faye DUNAWAY color BONNIE AND CLYDE Q2EHEIo'4 111 I ITllYiBl Features at 8:40 Senta Berger in IAN (007) FLEMING'S THE FOPrY IS ALSO A FLOWER' plus "THE ENDLESS SUMMER" All Color! 817 Chicago OPENoSSONIGHT AT 6:30 ft 8:40 "A Man for All Seasons ram BEST PICTURE BEST ACTOR Scofield WESTERN FUN-IN COLOR JAMES COBURN-CARROll O'CONNOR "WATERHOLE NO. 3" 2:00. 3:50. 5:35. 7:35. 9:35 rv 1 1 : HELD OVER-IN COLOR I WINH OF A ACADEMY AWAHDt 'A MAM FOB ALL SEASONS" 2:00-4:10-6:20-8:35 SUBURBAN SOl'TH WEST -DOW1VERS GROVE- l",'V"A,',"."."."."."A A iir. 1 A 968-0219 Park Free, ' A''l 2 Big Hits in Color! tWATER HOLE -3 HURRY SUNDOWN VVIaftrVkS-WWUVWVVVWV: H?SDALE HINSDALE 'Sound of MusiC LA GRANGE Open 1:45 Last -Blank' at 10:20 P.M. "POINT BLANK" LEE MARVIN plus "LAST CHALLENGE" Anqie Dickinson PROSPECT "Endless Summer" KILLS mti iiktaii Park Free 1716 Central Ci Mud I un r.nlnr at 6:00-8:00-10:00 Jane Fonda Robert Redtord run eurnnn rd.Haist.-op. io:45i bnUktllUUU FREE PARMNIi: "THE DIRTY DOZEN'' MALREVEIN "INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE" "MASTER OF TERROR" "BAREFOOT IN THE PARK" GHEISCOE '; 1 r Att,.lp-4p 3:00, 6:35, TO:iO apr i T:2S, 5. S:35 "BONNIE AND CLYDE" ! iuur-t. -jwHMiiirTnie-ie:je -rsiOAtm RIVEKSIDE- rYTSTTT I mw. ..'I1' - "r W. C. FIELDS 3:30-6:10-8:55 "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break" Yam Pan't Rhaal an llanact Mill' 2:10-4:55-7:35-10:15 Weekdays 5Ce 'til 2:30 P.M. PALATINE no naive iu "bonnie & clyde UK Will Ik-Ill "Poppy Is a Flower" PARK RICGE- SUBURBAN sour h "QUICK GUN' 63rd Haltted Op. I -00 ; GIANT OF MARATHON I BEATTY anad AUDIE MURPHY EMPRESS linnuuic e rl vnsJM WARREN nunni. tar wbiwi. )V Ii L E A V E t 7:30 & 9:35 "WATERHOLE 3" 630 Vernon Phone: VE 5-0605 -HIGHLAND PARK- AUnU 3327 W. Fullerton CA 7-2119 AlUnJ "H ADELFI MOU THELEI XYLO' Gk. Films "KATOFLI TIS AMARTIAS" WAR REN BEATTY FAYE DUNAWAY Ii3Ciiiiie entE A VMJaVTin MaAtMl THCATH1 1UBQUIRC gift MAIP'"i-"i" 7 iraniicsLOi Today at 1, 4, 6, 8 10 COMMODORE3'05- U? ah-5 "WATERHOLE S3" JAMES COBURN finilin Playhouse 3433 W. North Ave. UnANU "Endless Summer" 7 & 10 P.M. at 8:20 "Poppy Is Also A Flower" Color! km rnon ALL POLISH PROGRAM rulLrUnu -eva wants to SLEEP" A "ZAMACH" (Answer to Violence) . .,Op.B-30 p.m. eiAMlT.AT , PRIZE MOITH AVt. FILMS "THE WAR GAME" 1, "POPPY IS A FLOWER" at 7:50-10:20 IRVING 'FEELIN' GOOD" Both Color: I HP All "WATERHOLE 3" 2. 5:15. 830 LUUAn 'Poppy is Flower' 3:35-6:50. 10:15 DCnDI EC 47TH AND ASHLAND ' isSsks?o "L"t Challengo"! lee marvin "POINT BLANK." ANGIE DICKINSON rU"11 BI.MI1I .Walter nunc For The MRU I" MatthauUUlUt Married ItlHIl pa tJMh. mm LAST 4 DAYS! Phone: 825-5800 i 'BLANK' 6:30. 9:50 r !TKE POPPY IS 'POINT BLANK -BLUE ISLAND- tJHOE Glenn ford Anqie Dickinson ROLLING MEADOWS uri nniirc 3295 Kirchoff Open 6:15 IViCHUUIIOw. C. FIELDS FESTIVAL! 'BANK DICK' 'MY Little CHICKAOEE' 12952 S. Western 385-3100 tree ranting: upen im IAN (007) FLEMING'S ALSO A FLOWER plus Lee MARVIN all color! -HAMMOND- 41 OUTDOOR0"-! S MAS" HITslS Gangster Gun-Molls "BONNIE A CLYDE" YUL BRYNNER "POPPY IS A FLOWER" PAUL NEWMAN "PARIS BLUES" niilAlfl 35TH AND HAL8TED 5iTO?E "Hurry Sundown" cjoabmuer8n "WATERHOLE 3" rAFSE TOREST- Colore DEERPATH "TWO FOR THE ROAD" -T'TTrorj GROVE OUCI TCU 79TH A EXCHANGE AVE. UntLICri ES 5-3042 Park Free! "THE WAY WEST" .a VS. DCPII 47th & South Park Open 5:30 nCUAle "LAST CHALLENGE" angie S,CT.on"POIIIT BLANK" I'M W I I M I- n at 6:45. 10:25 p.m. ?3 'POINT BLANK1 a 8:20 "UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE" at 6:00. 9:00 p.m. "Sound of Music' -WILMETTE- I If CUrt DT Enclosed Parting 50 Cents! 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