The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1952
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TOC. XLVIII—NO. 68 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS —i—ra^ ====r™^^^ ~' Blytheville Courier Blylheville Daily Nem —..... Valley Lender Blythevillo Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1952 Eisenhower Yields NATO to Ridgway PARIS viy-Agalnst a backdi-op of Coimmmbt-insphed tension at , A U.S. political overtones, Gen. Eisenhower today turned over Ills command ot Allied Defense Forces | n Europe to Gen .Matthew Ririgway High officers of Supreme Head- ouarters of Die North Atlantic Pact Allies and a- French delegation by Defense Minister Rene headed Pleven witnessed the brief ceremonies on SHAPE'S front lawn. Eisenhower, who is leaving tomorrow for the United states as a candidate lor the Republican presidential nomination, turned to Ridgway and said: "It is now my proud duty to turn over to you the finest headquarters I have ever seen. The task is yours." Ridgway, a loin- star general fresh from the Korean war, accepted with "a sense of deep pride and privilege." But Ridgway said of liis SHAPE command: -In this oreiiiil/ntlon there is no aggressive intent. It 1ms only creative intent." In remarks pointed at (lie Soviet Union, he added: "With iiKRresslvc designs toward none, we are determined to resist aggression lioin any source whatever." A news conference attended by Ridgway and Eisenhower preceded the ceremony. Politic'* Kc-|i( Brief Polities came in for only brief mention. Eisenhower had said earlier he would not participate in any political discussion. He said lie would welcome healthy arguments over honest, differences but added ^^^^^^^"™"""^^*™^"^^^™^^*^ I SINGLE COPIES rrYB CBJHf \ Truman Hails German I - • — ..w^m, v»ini_.i tii«,t:a Ulll, HUUUII His arrival here was the signal I "bitter quarrels for quarrels' sake In Memoriam In Memorial Day services here this morning, wreaths were laid on the graves of the city's founder and the county's only World war II Congressional Medal of Honor winner. In the picture above Mrs J F. Brownson (left) and Mrs. Speck McGregor of the American Legion Auxiliary place a wre^I, on the grave of Lt, Edgar H. Lloyd on the Court House lawn. The Rev. Roy I. Bagley. pastor of First Methodist Church, conducted brief services preceding.the wreath-laying. National Guard Company M's color guard was present and the unit's firm- squad fired a salute, playing of "Taps" by the Company M bugler closed the services. In the photo below, Mayor Dan Blodgett is shown laying » wreath on the grave of Rev. H . T. Dlythe. founder of Blytheville, at the old cemetery between Walnut and Chickasawba near Sixth Street. A prayer was said by the Rev. Mr. Bagley. (Courier N'e.vs Photos) Eight Enemy POW's Are Killed In Incidents at Bloody Koje KOJE ISLAND, Korea Wl—Eight Red prisoners were killed and 17 wounded In bloody incidents at United Nations prisoner of war camps on riot-lorn Koje Island nnd on Ihe Korean mainland yesterday and today. Prison camp authorities said no U.N. personnel were killed or wouncted in the outbreaks. The killings raised the toll of reported deaths from violence to 245 prisoners. The Army said 115 Weather Arkansas forecast: Fair this afternoon and tonight. Warmer this nfternoon. Tomorrow, mostly cloudy with widely scattered thundershowers. Missouri forecast: Paj r | n thc »outh, partly-cloudy in the north portion tonight with a chance ol a few widely scattered showers in the extreme north portion. Partly cloudy tomorrow, cooler in the extreme northwest tonight and in the north porllon tomorrow. Low temperatures tonight in the 50s. Highs tomorrow from the lower 70s in northwest to the 80s in the southeast. Minimum this morning—60. Maximum yesterday—80. Sunset today—7:06. Sunrise tomorrow—1:49 Precipitation 24 hours'to 7 am. —none. Total precipitation since Jan. 1 —20.51. Mean temperature (midway twcen hiRh Bnti low)—70. Normal mean temperature May—61. This Date Last y Mr Minimum this morning—67, . Maximum yesterday—Oo. Precipitation January" 1 to for Communist-led rioting In Paris and elsewhere in France, in Germany the Communists were increasing pressure on the Western Allies to underscore Soviet anger over the signing of the Peace contract with Western Germany and the treaty which approevs a six- nation, European army. nre bad for thff country and plore them." Asked if he I de- uld comment Mm Mourns WarDeadasU.5. Troops Fight On Red Rioting Maries Memorial Day in Many Parts of World WASHINGTON M'j _ Americans mourned their war dead this troubled Memorial Day. And while the folks ill home observed the day with ln | solemn ceremonies, across the seas m,. „ ......... whether the election of Sen. Ron- 1 troops fought in Korea mid ert A. Tatt would have a discour- I Colnml 'nl«ls demonstrated in Tokyo aging effect on Europe, Eisenhower replied with a chuckle: "I most certainly would not—I See NATO on Page !> County Judge Donates Years Pay For Court Room. Remodeling Job Contracts were let yesterday. County Judge Pa her White is turning back his judge's salary to help pay for the work, Miss Eunice Brogdon, county auditor said. Judge White Is a business-' man al Osceola ami already in a high income bracket. Miss Brogdon explained. He said the federal government would Ret the biggest part, of his salary anyway, so he is turning it over to the county for this work, according to Miss Brogdon The judge's salary is $5,000 a year. The work will total about S7.700. In the courtroom. rh*> judge's Jiench vsllt be movtu IOL ^ard and jcn-encd pfusagtway. built, be- 01 Crirc juHro'jm to^llte otn"e"r At the present, they, must walk in front ot the bench. Interfering with the trial, Tables {pr attorneys and parties to the case- being heard are to be placed directly in front O f the bwieh Instead of to one side as at present.' . The jury box Is to be enlarged and three rows of four seats are to be put 111 instead of two rows of six seats. A door is to be cut from Hie jury box to the jury deliberation room. Jurors now must go through the law library and judge's chambers to get to the deliberation room. A lounge for members of the jury panel not hearing a case is Frisco Y/ins Suit In Fatal Car-Train Accident at Dell A Monetle woman, the molhor of to be built at one side of the hall at the entrance to the courtroom, opposite the chancellor's chambers. Gates in the rail separating the audience from the front of the courtroom are to be at the ends of the two aisles Instead ol in the middle. Contracts let are: carpentry, plastering, marble. and tile George Gish. for S3.C38.3G; painting. D. C. Freeman, 52,075: floor covering, w. T. Shelton, $86G. Contracts for electrical work estimated at $219.50 and for furniture and plumbing at about 5BD3 have not been let. All contracts were let to low bidders, Judge White said. USSR Would Restore Tap Berlin Telephones 'Russian sector offered to restore telephone aerv- in but only oh certain lines that would be controlled by md thus open to tapping. ~» West German postal authorities rejected the offer, and said they had'dcmanded "full and free" in- Highway Deaths Mounting Up Nation Celebrates Long Holiday as Many Are Killed 8> The Associated Press Accidental death claimed the lives of 53 people before the lon^ Memorial Day holiday had hardly starlcd. Of [lie tola! -M died in (raffle accidents, including a six-car pile-up al Auburn, N. Y., which killed thret. Two cars crashed bead-on and tlie olhers became onlariKlcd when one driver slopped to sec what happened. BERLIN Wl — Tlic Western Allies filed sharp protests with Ihe Ilusslinu today against "obstructive measures" laken in ICast Germany in the last few days and demanded Allied auloniihn patrols between Berlin and llelm- stcad be pcrmlllcd to function. tra-city communications as they had existed before tlio cut-off lust Tuesday. The East proposed to open 70 lines, all of them running through the central security polirrt switchboard in tho downtown Soviet sector. More than S.OOO lines between (he East and West sectors have been snapped. The rioting Martyr's Day was part ceremony. of Police - —"J "> »->,,>j>ij , I-UJICK. Dime up the demonstration aflrr a brief Hurry during which flaming torches of fuel oil were hurled Three were killed. 11 I'crsons Arrested Eleven persons were arrested Two policemen and three newsna- irermen were injured From American headquarters in Tokyo came tills Afemorml Day message: "We best honor our fallen comrades by our devotion to the great causes for which they died and for which we continue to battle," Clark Gives Tlionghls Such was tlic Memorial Day statement. In Tokyo by Gen. Mark Clark the new supreme Allied commander !n (he Par Ensl. His thoughts turned to Koren, whore United States and other United Nations troops are engaged with Communist forces, he added: "II is here that we meet the test of America's determination to uro- ect a defenseless people from tile brutality and terrorism by which Ihc forces of Communism have degraded and enslaved millions of human beings." At home, shops ami offices wore empty. The workers and their families paid tribute to their war dead and then relaxed for the holiday. The disorders in brief: TOKYO—Three demonstrators were killed on Communist Martyrs Day as they hurled [laming torches of fuel oil and shot sulphuric acid from water pistols i n a Harelip in Western Tokyo Japanese police arrested 11 demon- See MEMORIAL DAV on I'age 6 60 Physicians Att&nd District Meeting Here Approximately CO physicians from seven Northeast Arkansas counties met here j-esterday afternoon for the !)0th semi-annual meeting of the First District Medical Society The sroup voted to hold its next . j meeting at tbe Crlttcnclen County German trunk calls between the, I Ho5|>ital .'" West Memphis this fall. Peace Move' Sec. Acheson Back In U.S. with Report Sn,, (AP>_ President Truman, greeting. Secretary ot State Acheaon at National Airport, declared to- d«y that pacts allying \ Vest Germany with the western ant° " " Inside Today's Courier News ...I,u\nra News.. -Page 9.' . ..Mlssca ranks ZGIli in buying power survey...On aiissro Farms with the county ajjcnl, . .farm ileus and review .. .I'ages 8-fl, ...Sunday In the Churches I'iiRc 5. ...Slate potato crop won't ease shortage, . .Ark:ni.s-:i5 .Veils llriefs ...I'ase 12. ...Society... Page 2. ,. .Sports... Tape 7, . . . Maylie the governor lacks friends here . . . editorials . . . I'aut 1. Nam 11 Drops Hint Of Red Reprisal UN Prisoners Negotiator Calls Koje Incident 'an Atrocity' in Attack By SAM SUAIMERMN MUNSAN, Korea (,1V—The Communists' chief truce negotiator today called the killing of a Red prisoner on Koje Island nn alroc- i'.v, And he dropped a tbtnly- vcllcd .hint ;0t possible reprisals at'iiinsl Allied prisoners held In North Korea. United Nations authorities „., Koje had reported one Communist prisoner was killed imn another woujidert Thursday by tlie ac- ciclenlal discharge of a guard's rifle. North Korean Gen. Nam II demanded that the Allies •'immediately stop these atrocities." Then he told the U.N. lie-legation: "I clearly remind you that to protect the war prisoners is a mutual and reciprocal responsibility of both belligerents. You should not fail to see the .consc- 1 Sec TRUCK on ['age 0 -* Achceon snid agreements signed to (he past week at Bonn and Paris will mean "very much to the security of our nation, our allies and all the free world." The task now, Acheson told tha President, is to proceed with legislative action. In the U.' S., that means Senate consideration of lha agreements which have been completed and signed but which must still puss the test of ratification. Acheson signed the German peace contract at Bonn, observed the signing of a European Defense Treaty at Paris and himself signed an amendment to the North Atlantic Treaty broadening security guarantees to include West Germany. "Hello Dean," He Says As Acheson stepped down tha ramp from Truman's own plane "The Independence," which had brought him home from Paris, the President with outstretched hand said: "Hello, Dean. How are you? Congratulations — you did a grand Job " Acheson thanked the President for meeting him and hts party. The two men then exchanged more formal statements for the record. One of the major problems before Acheson is that of countermeasures by the United states Britain and France against tha tightening of lines between East and West Germany and the Sovlet- Imnoscd travel .difficulties between West Germany and Berlin as reprisal for the forging of new German links with the West. Show Power? Some consideration has been glv- , Deaths on the highways began seven children, was -ho loser to-! to mount today as the nation cele- (tay In a S90.000 damage suit shcjbralcd the long Memorial Day holl- broufjht against the St. Louis-San i (!a >'Francisco Railway as the result! Traffic mishaps had produced 24 of a car-train wreck near Dell j n ! fatnl " ies f r°m 6:00 p.m. local time East and West Zone have been subjected to these Communist tactics, tho postal officials said. All long distance lines that cross (he Elbe River frontier now arc routed through Leipzig and undoubtedly (exposed to censorship crews of Ger' man workers under the direction of tbe Peoples police continued Gas Pipe Laying Begins at Steele of these died al the bands of fellow compounds dominated by 'hard wtlicn ller husband was killed last Thursday through 10:00 a.m local I thcir sealing-off operations against core Communist POW's. . ' October. • nm» TT,IH».. TV,.-, _„,., t w- c . ii n ,.n., Four Norlh Korean prisoners ( Judge Thomas C. Trimble ruled were killed and 13 were injured i against her in Federal Court in' yesterday in a brawl among cap- i Joncsboro. an Associated Press lured personnel moved recently j dispatch said. He ordered a direct- from Koje Island's massive prison I cti verdict in favor of Ihe rail—.... prison camp to a new compound at Yong- chon. 60 miles north of Pusan. temporary South Korean capital. North Korean Killed One North Korean prisoner was killed and another wounded vesler- time Friday. Total accidents deaths by drowning m Tape 6 Miss Turner to Attend State Education Meet .s Winnie Virgil Turner, supcr- ol elementary schools here. sidei has bcen mmc<i R delegate to,at; tend Arkansas' fifth annual Health i over a spur y during a guard changein Compound 66 on Koje. Tile accidental shooting took place two hours after about 100 U.S. and British troops raided the compound — holding 2,700 North Korean oificers and 650 enlisted i Vuknvlrh /c I An ,r Red orderllcs-anrt destroyed their 'i UfCOVIC " ls Leading headquarters and dispensary road. The woman's husband, Bruce: Mil Wilson, was killed when the car he : V ' sor was driving crasher! im 0 'he «; Y ?s«?sist:^,; rr'tz™™* * K Maws-- -^ss.-.isrt TV, »' . M?ncttc. .sponsored June 15-30 by the State The diesel cn 8 me was pulling a , Board of Health and Slate Dcnart- freight train from Dell to Wilson I mcnl of Education Miss Turner shacks. The U.N. guard troops went in with lixcd bayonets. They used tear gas bombs but fired no shots. There were no casualties. Koje authorities said the four North Koreans killed yesterday died after one member of their work party attacked a U.N. guard during a rest period. INDIANAPOLIS l,v, - Bill Vukn- vich ol Fresno, Calif former na- lirTirr?™ "Y 10 ^°"' 5 ^""-'p, lea the 500-mile Memorial Day race at 40 miles today at a record g 1 " of "28.974 miles an hour. will be a delegate to the sectional meeting at Mt. Petit Jean, near MorriJlton. June 18. Miss Betty Black of the Sudbury Grade School faculty also will attend. The sectional meetings have been planned so each group can study the health problems of its own area. Topics to be studied Include 'Healthful School Living," "Health Instruction." "Health Services" and " Administration." bc- lor 'Electric Home' Open House Ends Tomorrow Tomorrow will be the last day ol a week-long open home at a model "electric home" here. On display is the new home of Ml and \ir.v .Jam?; Kcblilit at SlC'fnins Illmuis. Il features lite use ot elrc- ' trical appliances and adequate wiring. Total of 60 Firms Are Enrolled In 'Value Days' Program Here Thirtr.en more firms arc to participate In a BVD promotion Blytheville Value Day., _ according to this morning's report. The total Those reported today are The New York Store, Zellner's Slipper Open house hours are from 2 to 4! Shop. Drcifus. Hur^nr Cleaner* irm and from 7 until 9 p.m Spon-i Family Shoe store, "k. ^Hughes' soring the open house ere Arkan-I Stead's, W 11 r. o n Ihnp 5hnn ^-Mi.-.ourl Po,er Co. and West- \ ^ughr* Sl, : dio. T^ifX,. 5 ^ Corp. Dime participating. Auto, and Owen's Drug. A SSM weekly budgol for BVD tlvilics was adopted by t li e Merchants Division commitiee lasl nig!it. Any surplus collected o v u , that amount is to be used for circulars and entertainment West Berlin. Barricades were bring: erected at dozens of places where the American. British and French sec- lors touch on the Russian zone. None was being put up however on the Soviet sector border within Ar, election of officers will be b'cld al tiiat meeting. Mooting at the Hotel Noble, the doctors heard addresses by Dr Willis Drown o( Litllc Ror-k. pro- fcrsor nf bbslelriis and [-ynccnlnqy ol Die University of Arkansas Scnool of Medicine: Or. I'hil Kchrier o: MrmplHs: Dr. Jl.'irolfl Hipp of Mttle Rock. clinical pro- T^g^X^^^™****^. Di ii:imm!;!h Ellis of Malvern ' stale fccrctary of the American- Academy of General i'r.nctirE Dr. Charles 15. Tibbels of Black I Rock, prcsldeiil ol the district society, presided ,inrl Dr. Don ntotl- en here, it Is.'understood, to making a show of power on -the Western Set TRUMAN DII Page 8 Untaxed Beer Cargo Costs Trucker $150 Robert I. Thomas forfeited a $150 bond In Municipal Court this morning on a charge of possessing and transporting through Arkansas beer on which state tax had not been paid. Thomas was arrested by Clyds Barker, special agent for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Wednesday when he stopped at the permit, station at the Arkansas-Missouri state line. According lo Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Arthur S. Harrison, 450 cases ol beer were found in Thomas' truck alter he had told permit station attendants he was hauling advertising equipment. Thomas, according lo Mr. Harrison, was enronte from East St j Louis. 111., to Mississippi. court (his was fined STEKLE. Mo. -Ground was broken here yesterday lor Installation of a natural sas distribution system by Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. The first spadeful of earth was! In other action iii turned by Mayor Charles Bates. j morning Buddy Spain »,, s ,„, nS-2 £b!HHiSt i S3f? ^ " c ^n« 3H ; r -onn tov.nju which pipe Inslalla- on chnrges of fishing without U' censes. UN Troops Repel Two Red Attempts On 'Luke the Cook's Korean Castle' call "Hike the SEOUL. Korea W — United Na-, Allied soldiers lions troops today beat off two, Oook's Castle " attempts by a pair of North Kr* The ncak rYsr-i t nrwi r . y. roan Red companies to capture S i vallev Hoor.s and ovc^ooks se^l towering Bust Korean peak which lnllcs of Communist front lines Reds have tried intermittently to knock U.N. troops off it for Ihe past month. One Red company struck Allied oulnosts on Ihe northeastern side nn hour before midnight Thursday. Allies Shatter Atlacks Allied artillery, already zeroed m cu every approach to the peak, shattered the attack in only seven minutes. The Reels regrouped and i struck asain at 1:50 a'm. They hit both the northeastern and northwestern sides of the peak. Artillery and small arms fire again fended them off. The Reds Rave up the attack at 3:20 a.m. Ground action elsewhere was See WAR on Page G AII'AIU - I'M. |j.(i I);,, !,,. 17. li MMJIII lr> »<. a nitinb.T ul Cumpany M. llliilir- villc's National Olinrd unit, to become trv timrth member of his family to >oiii. As CM 1 ' R E Greene, commanding ofllccr ol Company M administers the oath. Pit. Duclos' brothri.' 1'xik nn. They are Ueft to right) Pfc. Jack Dud.,.-, fisjt. Al- vin Duclos and M S K I, j,,|,n Diirlos,. They arc the '.on* <it Mr. and Mi.s. A, c. Dm-kvs of a rid or. .l.nk, a mrmnor ol Ihe Oweola 4-11 club, is scheduled to spend Inur months studying farm operations in Italy this slimmer under the International r"arm Youth Exchange program. (Courier Xcns 1'holo) LITTLE LIZ— A picnic ii one place where you con hove o real good time without tnjoying yourself (tw

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