Council Bluffs Nonpareil from Council Bluffs, Iowa on January 11, 1955 · Page 10
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Council Bluffs Nonpareil from Council Bluffs, Iowa · Page 10

Council Bluffs, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1955
Page 10
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P/GE TW6 COUNCIL BLUFFS IOWA NONPAREIL--JANUARY 3# 1955 Tto WHrllgig After All, ]aana Was Only Told Half The Story Political sud- A NONPAREIL PHOTOGRA- ] ing to the teacher, Jaana pher Vent to Longfellow School; denly bi^-st into tears, to take a picture of some first T - -·---.----- ^ grade pupils. ·eache*- asked Jaana Ja- - was being punished in some way. * * * A NEW WRINKLE IN AD- vertising has been put to test here in Council Bluffs by a lo- ca! dry cleaning plant. Some of the plants sent out coupons which saved customers so much money for each item of clothing cleaned in their plants. That was okay. Nothing really unusual about using coupons for advertisement purposes. But, after more than one firm sent out coupons, the cleaners advertised they would ''honor any and all coupons" issued by other cleaning plants. * * * DON'T LET IT BOTHER YOU --everybody else is forgetting and Announcement Seen Premature Two Candidates For ASC Pest · By ROBERT HOGAN DES MOIN'ES (IDPA) -- Tne Washington announcement by Congressman Henry O. Talle that cobsers. daughter of Mr. ar.d Mrs. · V.'ayne Jacobsen of 2030 S. Uth 1 St.." to stay after school. But the teacher forgot :o tell Jaana why she wanted her to s:ay. Jaana worried about it. And \\.isle the photographer uas taik- Worry And Grief Deadly As Bullets Carlsen Explains Role Of Chaplains Worry and grief can kill or wound men easier than bullets, the Rev. Yeroer Carlsen told the Ki'.vanis Club Monday noon at the Hole! Chieftain. The Rev. Mr. Carlsen. pastor o! Our Savior's Lutheran Qiurch. It developed Jaana didn't know' c. J. Knickerbocker. Fairfax Re"that man," and was afraid she pubhcan, has been named a member of the Iowa Agricultural Stabilization (formerly PMA Committee apparently w a s premature. Department of Agriculture officials say an appointment, t o fill the vacancy caused by the e x p i ration of the term of Edmund J. Gibbs · Robert Hogan of Bellevue. a Democrat, has not been made. ' Talle has told ~Iowans the appointment has been "decided." i The Gibbs appointment to the "committee, a year and a half ago. stirred a Republican patronage uproar. In fact, it is reliably i reported, the Iowa congressman !had continued to press for the I firing of Gibbs from the committee, even though the" Believue farmer had strong Farm Bureau i support for the job. : Talle reportedly withdrexv his spoke on the role of clergymen in uniform. He served with the Navy j E »JII writing 1954 on their let- objections just this last summer during World War n and with · ters. i on the promise (Department of the Marines during the Korean" * * * Agriculture) that Gibbs* succes- War. A NEW P A R T Y GAME' sor on the ASC would be a Re- He said much of a chaplain's j ca ji e d "itsy-bitsy" is swooping pubhcan from Taile's own Sec- time is taken up in counseling { yj e Council Bluffs area. As far, ond district, with servicemen and assisting 35 we can tell, it \vas brought. Caught By Surprise here by college students home j First you find a "fall guy"--the erOUDS ln this state by surprise. them in solving their problems. "It is also some of the most gratifying time a chaplain has," he added. The Rev. Mr. Carlsen said men The ' ment groups 'Nixon Deserves Another Term' Draws Support From Sen. Smith Suffers Irofcen He*/... Sperry Counts Blessings After Falling Off House A 42-year-old man who fell from i j the roof of a two-story house was' ^^~~* WASHINGTON dent Nixon, a target for much, j_' counting his blessings Tuesday at Mercy HospitaL Democratic criticism, was backed: RoiLt Sperry, ±0 N. 1st St., suf- by Sea. H. Alexander Smith (R- fered only a broken right heel in NJ) Tuesday for second place oa bis 20-foot drop. His condition the Republican ticket in 1956. , was good. Smith, who recently told a New "If I hadn't landed on that Jersev rally he is dedicating the chunk of frozen dirt. I wouldn't next "two "years toward getting have been hurt at all." he said, j p President KSsenhower renominat: "I felt myself falling, so Is i led. said in an interview he thinks; straightened out to land on my Nixon deserves another term. \ feet," he said. "The only rrouble "I think Nixon is a fine, upstand-. was, I landed on that clump of iag young man who has done a'dirt and twisted my foot." Slipped On Snow Sperry. a furnace and sheet metal worker for an Omaha heat. . ing companv, was working on a man Leonard \\. Hail said in a ^^ j at lhe e ^ fre o j ^ e j^f statement Monday night there is rf m Omaha honi e Monday, under way "a highly organized- .. rnere was a frozen spot of snow campaign to besmirch tne vice op the ^^ _ rd j s ij pped ori it _ president of the United States." TJ,^ was nojhing to hang on to." i "The technique is to smear rum* by falsely accusing him of smear-' to ing others," Hall said. No Proof good job for the country," be said.. . While Nixon himself declined; comment on recent Democratic auf Hall said Nixon's "detractors at- fellow worker drove Sperry j s home here. From there an ambulance took him to Mercy Hospital. I must say." he con- tack him without offering an «ota ; tin ue d, "I certainly was lucky I of proof, because they have none."' Didn't get something like a broken ( Former Gov. Thomas E. Dewey; Dac k. i guess it's all in the \vayj I of New York told White House» you j aw j" ( !newsmen yesterday he hopes the J This was not the onlv time' A _ from Sen. Smith said it is not true.«^^ er two-stonT house. That, jas many Democrats have asserted; time he su ff e red two broken ribs.] Hospital attendants said Progress Made In Peiping Talks U. N. Spoktsmm DM!*S Dog Failed 1956 GOP ticket will be Eisenhuw- Sperry has fallen from a roof. : er and NLxon. | coup i e of vears ago he fell fro ' Weather (By U.S. Weather Bureau) UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. *--A U. N. spokesman said Tuesday Secretary General Dag Hammar- skjold had made progress in his Peiping talks toward the release of 11 imprisoned American fliers. The spokesman declared "the secretary genera! has not failed." He added, however, it would be jnecessary to give the problem "a j little time" before the outcome is known. Tne spokesman said he was basing his statement on the joint communique issued Monday after Hammarskjold concluded his talks, and upon additional confidential information received from the secretary general. Hammarskjold was in Hong Kong Tuesday en route back to \ the United States after the conj ference with Premier Chou En- ilai in Peiping. Await Return ! The spokesman said a full re- j port on the talks would have to ! await the return of Hammarskjold late this week. He explained he was issuing his statement in response to inquiries about a published report that Ham- marskjold had failed in his mission to get the_ release of the H American fliers and other U. N. i that the vice president accused · ' them of being soft toward communism. The vice president has told j friends he hit hardest against Dem______________' ocrars he listed as "left - wing. Knickerbocker announce- Twentieth-Century Fox directors : ADA" (Americans for Democratic apparemly caught farm ^ in Hollywood" hope that Mimi Action*. ~~ Gibson. 5. top. will prove an ; The "left-wing. ADA" phrase oc- s speeches. | one who has never played it be-: The Farm Bureau reportedly is able successor to former child: curre( s often in Nixon' i fore. Then one person smears lip- j stron gly supporting Max Soeth of star Shirley Temple, bortom. H . declared in Bi Iowa: Five Day period --Tern-1 personnel held in Red China, the ! peratures will average 2 to 5 de-i The statement said: is a bad one. Sperry j grees below normal Wednesday] "The secretary general has and thought he'd! through Sunday. Normal heighs 25' failed. He has made progress take tt easv for the next couple'north to 33 south; normal lows 7, ward the goal set for him davs "Mv foot is still paining me north to 14 south. Turning colder General Assembly. He was oreitv much." Wednesday and Thursday with by the General Assembly to 'make * *" 1 slightly below normal tempera- by the means most appropriate in f i l l * i f" tares remainder of period. Pre- his judgment continuing ar.d un- VppK AnQllCQnTS rOr c *P' tat i° n v "a average .10 to .40'remitting efforts' for release of must undergo great adjustment in | s ti c k all over his fingers. the service. "They lose all in- j jj e starts the game by reaching representative dividuality. lose their former j up on the forehead of the fall guy" freedoms and have to change j aj,^ saying "itsy-bitsy on the their habits." j forehead." The lipstick transfers Both men h; "Spiritual Shepherd" j from the leader's fingers to the "clearance" He commented that while the' sucker's forehead, country hcs made a "Goliath" of, Tne fall guy does the same to e r ex~en though the assistant who 1 miltarv machines, "the core is a i the person next to him--except · made it has since retired or man and if that man fails, the; no lipstick comes off. After that, resigned machine fails." j it's a follow-the-leader proces- He pointed out .therefore, the | sion. Esther* ille. former GOP state -Miml seems to be as bright-eyed and now an ASC a . nd - Drett y as was Smrley wnen crna rrfa»~*c»H His*- **o--£W3i- of mo ocra ie committee post. There are many involvements, ive necessary GOP but the promise · made to Taile may be the clinch- 1 However. Knickerbocker's age. 71. above the department retire- "Comn-upist" 22 iha. tne Coa-mu-ist, Police, Fire Depts. . I party. U npn U nUCUn ^^ i \f\ I U| San rrar-cisco Oct. 29. Nixon; J ohnsop - jsaid that if "the Stevenson-Mitch-. ^^ lce wing of the inches as snow Wednesday and' the 11 fliers and other U. N. j occasional period of light snow or! mand personnel still detained. i snow flurries remainder of per- talks in Peiping were "useful" to- iod. ! ward this end. They established a upon which further progress be made." Wedr.esdav i DES MOINES -? -- Gov.-E!ect and Mrs. Leo A. Hoegh invited s^""^" risk program will be . Applications are now open for ; S vac-ncies on both the police and' Neb.: Five Day Period -- Tem- Sfire departments here. Wesley p.'peratures will average 5 to S de-, I Tnbn-np head of the Citv Ci'-il'g^ees below normal Wedr.esdav| i - ^ - Commission said" Tues- j through Sunday. Normal highs 39s One-half cup of cottage j west to 34 east; normal low near i provides as much protein vacancies in 'l-*. Cold throughout the five day j four-ounce serving of lean meat. Johnson said., period. Precipitation will aver- Salaries "ar e S2SS per month for age 2/10 inch occurring Wednes- bcth beginning firemen and po- day and again Friday as snow. . jrac ^AJtiiitu. «^UL. ,4_ii_ii_-vi --» v-.*- j **.^.., .--. -- -- ^ - - --- --i--- - - diiti _tii x*cy jn. nvcs*» 1*1*iievi _ , , _ , , , MULII ue^ii*isi»*s j.-i^** iii - ii oii\* t^^ -- *·» -- chaplain is a "spiritual shepherd | The only one who gets painted ment age. is believed a stickler. ^ members of jh e Legislature to' Sm - Ded at. baagered ana sabotaged j5 cemen pj^ aa annual $T5 Hourly temperatures: to bring man to God and God to j with lipstick is the one who hasn't' On the other hand Soeth is from ' ar ««-on- tm-n . . - - . .. , attend a "coffee" at the gover-j atTel ?P" '. urn ! The men are encouraged' played it before. The game goes fh e same geograpmcal region as nor .. s home Wednesday af ie rnoon ; In ms electlon attend church services. re! on from the forehead, to the nose. Dwight Meyer of Odebolt. chair- ^^ 5,,^.^ . announced in, tioa of ^campaign. Nixon saia- ^^^ Dlan ^ annual sick House and Senate chambers- the voters f a. ced **_*»«»«*·* of ! leve. Johnson stressed. man. to ceive baptism and affUiate with a: below and above the eyes, the denomination if they have not i ears and all over the person's done so ; face. "It is a unique opportunity for ; It results in quite a mess for the a minister to have so close a per-! fall guy to clean up. clothing allowance. i eve summanza-. Tnere are added benefits such self the Iowa ASC. former state and him- 1 _. Eisenhowers me Sixth, however. ... t _L _i_ _i_ ' * * * ' 19;x s^ 5 "0 "- sonal contact with men 01 all i * * ·*· i * | v-ne invitation - also was extend- backgrounds." he pointed out. | MAX BEBENSEE OF 307 LO-, rofroi LoyOff ed {Q the u _ ;ves of rhe j^.^^.g^ "The whole program of jhe! cust Lodge put a sign on the in-! Gov. Leo Elthon never really and to the husband of Rep.Giadys Chaplains Corps." he concluded, surance desk at the Farm Bureau planned to lay off any Iowa high- Nelson of Newton, the only woin- "is one of preventive medicine. I which reads: I way patrolmen because of a an law-maker It is better to light one candle; "Old Indian Chief say--Fellow | quarterly deficiency in depart-" Koeg'n also sent the Legislature · who drive like hell, bound to get ^ mental funds reported last week.; there sooner or later." -r jlf layoffs had been necessary to ·jc · ~k ~tc | make the money last, other per- ALL YEAR LONG. WOMEN sonnel in other divisions would j worry about their figures. Now. have been idled first." . however, it's dad's time of the' But while the patrol was used year to worry about his figures--, to dramatize the fact that state which he sad in 1932 iess inability to deal headed monster that communism, corruption trols." e four-, Korea, and con- 4:30 a.m. ..21 1 8:30 a.m. -.23 5:30 a.m. ..22 1 9:30 a.m. ..25 6:30 a.m. ..2310:30 a.m. -.26 7:30 a.m. ..23'11:30 a.m. ..27 .'12:30 pjn. -.27 6:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. Humidity 81% 797i .V.-etbulb 22° 25' l 1 ^' bulb ^ 27 ' ,000 Estate } vrmd velocity S 14 miles per SAC CITY. Iowa 3"--The will of hour at 12:30 p.m. * * * * * * REWARD * A ·:· * * * for applications at the j IT clerk's office is 5 p.m. Jan. i Written examinations will be held at 7 p.m Feb. 3 at City Hall. than curse the darkness," ; shes for a successful ses- ~ ' sented. Appiicant For Greene County Sheriffs Job JEFFERSON JP---Roy Morgan. former Jefferson policeman and deputy under Sheriff William Dav- on the income tax form, is. has appbed to the Greene County Board of Supervisors to succeed Davis, who died last week. Morgan, who is temporarily in charge of the sheriff's office, said Pol! Shows Dentists Social Security I services do cost money, many pa. iToImen were considerably dis- · turbed over the incident. I $£ % % Observers will watch with keen At tlfe recent Republican House Senate caucuses. Hoegh had' suggested that the GOP set up a House and Senate liaison committee to work with the governor on, the Legislative program. However, no move has yet been_made to form such groups. Sen. Monroney (D-Okla) said in Mrs. Grace Noble, owner of a; Maximum temperature in last an interview it was this kind of farm implement firm, leaves SI,- 24 hours 30° 2:45 p.m. Monday, that Democrats re-' 000 a year for life to two long-1 Minimum temperature in last · time employes and $50 a year to 24 hours 21° 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. ' six others. Mrs. Noble, who oper-, Total precipitation for year, Add a teaspoon of lemon juice atsd the Noble Manufacturing Co.: until mid-night .19 inch. 1 to each quart of water in which since the death of her husband in I Total excess for year until mid- you're cooking rice and the grains 1941. left an estate valued at night .01 inch. , will stay separate and v.-hite. S140.000. * River stage .08 foot. i **~!*«~:-«"***«***-****- Intelligent young men ind tfomen seeking a future could htrdly find richer rewards than those offered by the profession of teacher. It is a secure profession and one for which there is a great and growing need. In America's public schools alone, over 80.000 ne*r teacher* are wanted this year and more will be required through the years to come. Whv don't you decide to »erfc the greatest of re» ards by helping children learn ... helping shape the future? Far th* fr.�� baakl«t "Kaw C«» W* G«t Enough Good TMKhen*" writ* R«*t*r Sdtaatt. 2 Wwr 4Mi Smar. N» Taric M, N. T. Better Schools Build Better Cbmmunfrie* Published zt a public sertice in cooperation tcilk The Adzertisinf Council Council Adopts Change In Rules CEDAR RAPIDS .5»--A spoke he understands there is at least man for a group of Cedar Rapids interest the television activity in one other applicant for the post, dentists said Monday that a pn- coverage of the Iowa legislature Morgan became a deputy Dec vately conducted poll indicates this session. Tne 56th GA will get 3 1954, succeeding Harold Harper. Iowa dentists overwhelmingly fa- the greatest TV coverage in his- who resigned to become as- vor bringing dentists under the So- ton.' with at least three Iowa sta-' ^^ " soc.ated with the Jefferson Bee c iai Security Act. tions planning extensive tele- " ,. o ^° and Herald newspaper. Tne poll was conducted by a casts. Cedar Raoids advertising agency Extremely conscious of the , for 22 Cedkr Rapids and one Dabu-'mass of equipment and added « Personnel was adopted bv tae| qne dennst. An accounting firm- disturbance necessarily caused by co " n "' ; canvassed the ballots. movement and use of this gear. ° ' .3?---' a r.ght to the State Executive from rulings by the state Council t r-nn'vpd tha-- count sno* e d that favo- tavo. their reporting * * * Takes Another Road '. Bob Hullihan. the capable pub- liictv man who has served the President Sends In Nomination -- Presiders; sent to the Senate for a second time Mondav the norn- tists and 120 oppose it. ination of Judge John Marshal! were sent to all of Iowa's 1-"00 Harlan of New York to be an as- denf.sts and of 9?T ballots returned sociatg justice of the Supreme 926 took a definite stand. Court. * -At the last American Dental Harlan's name vas put before Assn. convention the vote of dele- the November-December special sates was 215 TO 167 against so- Seiate sess-on as proposed succes- cial coveraze. Iowa's delegates to department of public safety for sor to the late Justice Robert H the convention voted 4-3 against the last five vear. 5s leaving Jackson but the Senate didn't act coverage on :t at that time. Since this :s a new- Orsgress. the nomination had' Alumni is the plural of alum- to be resubmitted. · rus. Kulhhan i*; the author ?nd or | s:n?tor of the H:shway Story, a weeklv column carr-.en regularly by 100 Iowa paper-* that drarna- iw ac^i:, 3 .] acrider* ?jtuatirr:s on Iowa hlcnwavs or illustrates vital safety points ! Turn About Secretary of State Mel Synhorst / folks have had several meet- introduced the rule change prooos- £1 in an attempt *o plan pro- al. Ke said it w-ouid eliminate "one i that will create the least man control of personnel." j Until now there has been no; formal means of appeal from rul-i in 2s by tne personnel director. . | Tne resolution provides the coun-j cil shall have general supervisory! nons in the division of personnel If there is an appeal from a rul-i inj: by the director, the decision 1 of the executive council shall be' final. . state employrrent to become public relations director for the \Ves Day advertising agency in Des Award Winner ACKOSS t Award ·winner, Dr. John F. award for his . polio research , 13 Motive j 14 Oleic add ,, ester * 15 Sofa ; 17 City in The \ Netherlands 18 Mouth part 20 Before ,, 21 Wavers : 25 Writer's mark: 28 Redactors J 32 Unclosed . 33 Craze 34 Fruit skins 35 Measure of paper 37 Venerates 40 Succinct JI Harvesters 7 Trimmed, as tree branches 8 Matt drink 9 Ocean 0 Cabbage 1 Eternity (ab.) 2 Interpret S Follower 1 Auto part 2 Near 3Edg* 4 Looks fixedly 5 Apple center 8 Sacred bull of "Egypt "Lease 9 Heavy blow 0 Narrow inlets I Identical 1 13 6 17 i 3 Mindanao ^______ 46 Sorrowful 47 Fairy fort 50 Talking bird S3 Form a notion 56 Type of fur 57 Conductor 58 Grater S3 Penetrates DOWN 1 Gaelic 2 Require 3 Palm fruit 4 East (Fr.) 5 Fish eggs 6 Short flshiof line 25 32. W 'HI it 73 IS 3V a, !A w 45 H 9 " m m i Answer to Previous Puzzle "s 0 JL s p E t K ^ M O e u M T E R fi O T Y e H £ C 5 S A R Y O i u 0!0 Ml U L o s E ·2 M U 1 E O s T C L. ''* £ S T A T E T A O JL R A A R .J' ft ^s£ S ' st-i f R E ; ·£ . R A G A . A · · R 4O N . H^ R i e A D WT M E 0 0 s 1 R 1 S " M E. S N £ M E N A L ? P 1 f Eff tt O R E ' I. . $ r E L ( I t N 3 N 5 E S E * D 4 £ = K ? S 3|T E T * A 1 P DIE E 35 Observe 45 Weapons 38 Subdue 47 Burden 39 Health resort 48 Roman road 40 Troop (ab.) 49 Weights of 42 Roman India magistrate 51 Tear 43 :'irnicker 52 Individual 44 Ancient Irish 54 Low haunt capital 55 Consume 5 ^ LL * '45 m " b 18 P m '·jj. 36 % ·H 2B '///, ?4 'M »' 1 W » W^ $ $. ti bl 51 W 8 m u 33 '9 w tyfa ·'% b-J 9 '^ a IO 20 i IZ 29 % I 30 Sl J m fl t W It legislaTors .Tav 'of ITarian ar.d Arthur II; 1 Inwood. STC rurnirg * on one another " f s«or. of taMcs rnairman o: TiTlS | who sorroJary 3 on fhe ccmrni'tee as and wa"! elected for ran out to he Ioi\a House of ii\o« whe-e he started th-.s week Xr.v Vrausp Hanson has boon Delected a= spr?ker and pros'dins officer of the House, he it "boss" over Colhurn Of course they are rood friend*. T?i a * was m^i^ated WTITI Hanson a^ked ail Hou«c mem- hcrt to !is* for him their committee choices Cblburn -i fi'l-' irij; out ni« form said: "Wherever you want me." ' Opening Day Record 1 For Bills In House i WASHINGTON .? -- The House set an opening day record th;s ear in po'inrs new- bii'.s into the lesrs'.ative hopper. ~-e H'»use bin clerk report--^ '. Tr.S Tioastires were introduced at the opcmns; session last Wednesday -- the highest fisrore in mem- or' °i veterans m the House «a" · The ST.rd C^sress recorded !.1I7 1 -,»·*- Knase b;:is on its opesir.g cay^ r"--- years ag") J Kids Wrinkled i and Spotty? : Spruce 'em up in an Hour .., ONE HOUR CLEANING Go To}:e a long look . . . and voull long for more than a look! Well, don't be *ati*fied with Dishing because *e have a "Rocket" 202 Oldsmobilc waiting for von right now! ?o come in and take the whrci. Fcci the touch of your toe translated into instant action. 5«- how- easy every driving moment can be. How hills «eetn to flatten as the '"Rocket" wings vou alonff. And feel how rough roads iron out in this most comfortable of all Oldsmobiles. Even if you've driven a past "Rocket", you're missing something until you try this flashing all-new "Rocket" 202! You're welcome to test it... soon. Then you'll want to make this your year to go ahead with OldsmobUel Insects in the United States cause an annual agricultural loss amounting to alKuit $3.600.000.000. li Oldat40,50,60? -- Man, You're Crazy Forpot vnur nffn' Thnu^and* sr*' prppv nt 70 Tr\ p'-pplnn u p ' w i t h CKtrrx. Contains tontr for weak rundown f^flinp due ^o!rl to hod-\ ^ lark of Irnn w h i c h m*ny m-n fcnrt Trnmcn CA!! olrt Try O**:f Tomr T»hlrt« for you t err rprllnp prp. thl* Tcrt rtat. ' Ort nccu.tntcd" *lzfl onl5 60c. At «Jt ' Kew servic* offered cl cil ten V.o.ker p i e r . 13 en r.orr.ial c.ecr.T.g )obs brougnt in ce- io;* 4 p. m. wetkdajs or 11 o si. Saturday. Pioneer Motors, Inc. 125 W, Pierce Phent *60$ Bernard Brothers, Inc. 252S Dodge Street Siarnaman Oldsmofaile, Inc. 2010 Haraey Sit DON'T M!5S "NAUOHTT MARIITTA"! HA 7070 AT 7»33 ANOTHER O A L A 90-MINUTI MUSICAL ON N S C - T V KWSPAPLRl

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