Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 16, 1967 · 62
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 62

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1967
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22 - Section 2 CHICAGO TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1967 MOTION PICTUHES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN motto: pictures downtown MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN n n rrnnn ULis Via mm II f 5 J; : Sf :i m M 1! m 5: .? "TO7miTr mm it Uf Mm (is n Budget Goes Up in Bond Venture BY CLIFFORD TERRY "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" Bond is first "killed" as a Directed by Lewis Gilbert, produced by Albert Ft. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, screenplay by Roald P?M based on the book by Ian Fleming, a United Artists release, at the Chicago theater. THE CAST James Bond ............ - Sean Connery Blofeld ............... Donald Pleasence Aki Akiko Wakabayashi ' Tiger Tanaka Tetsuro Tamba Kissi Suzuki .............. Mie Hama Osato Teru Shimada Helga Brandt Karin Dor Miss Moneypenny Lois Maxwell "Q" Desmond Llewelyn Henderson Charles Gray. "M" .Bernard Lee Budget-wise, the James Bond movies are certainly on the rise. In the latest, "You Only Live Twice," the production of a giant volcano that houses a space rocket, monorail, and helicopter platform, cost $1,200,000 more'than the entire expense for the initial 1962 (venture, "Dr. No." Unfortu nately, however, as the price has gone up, the quality has gone down. In Sean Connery's fifth film, very loosely based on Ian Fleming's 11th book, 007 is sent to Japan, which gives him a chance to drink not only vodka martinis stirred, not shaken, but cups of sake served at the correct temperature 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The newest insidious SPECTRE plot is to set the United States and Russia on a collision course by kidnaping their space capsules with a device that looks like an aluminum alligator. Sent into the breech as a one-man Oriental Express, II They fought... They blistered... They froze.. .They cursed.. .They hid with the buffalo... They drank with the Indians... They sinned with each other! And nothing made by man, created by God or born in Hell could stop them on THE WAY WEST! i 5 ml" rrj mnmnWN 1Jhu-t-'" Urn f FT ' I m ..v.v..- jf? jjF pty 'SO-10 ho' Hf it f i 4 HAROLD hots" TO OflV DEiT LOCa ALBRIGHT- and Introducing MICHAEL WITNEY- STUBBY KAYE SALLY FIELD as'Mercy' Directed by MUSIC- f t... L.. k iii-rni-iMili- liin-rinr- OUieeiiBId VI B-,rA K D (Tor Dr to.u, nn riUUULCU u rAl HbKIIMb JUbllLb BEN MADDOWmj MITCH LINDEMANN -b,A.B.GUTHRiE,Jii HAROLD HECHT ANDREW V. McLAGLEN BRONISLAW KAPER ORIGINl. MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK ZTZ. I AVAILABLE ON UNITEO ARTISTS RECORDS PAUAVISI0S1 COLOR by DeLuxe M: Starts EICSI0 THRU, i t a a IaJnitedv I JlllSTS) TRANSAMEHICC0MMKT riJAV-9a.m. LAST FEATURE 10:15 P.M. ff IF SPLENDID SAM LESNER. DAILY NEWS "MAGNIFICENT!" jf4L CHICAGO AMERICAN ' "An Achievement f j?fK Of Mighty CUicieners 11 k THE MIRSCH CMPOBATIOS PRESENTS JULIE ANDREWS -MAX VON SYDOW-RICHARD HARRIS k THE GtOMX KOY HUX WALTER WRISCM PROOOCTION "H AWAH" htarf He. UNITED AKHSTS Offic. Open 10 KM 9 PM Daily 11 AM 8 PM Sundqr FOR THEATRE INFORMATION CALL RA 6-5400 EVES: Mofi-Thurs: 8 PM. Fri & Sab 8:30 PM. Sun: 7:30 PM. MATS: Thurs. Sat, Sun: 2 PM. Randolph at USall. TONIGHT AT 8:30 P.M. THE DI NODE LAURINTIIS . ThEBIBlE ...In The tofmmnj Filmed inD-150' Colwkj Tk L TRANS-BEACON JJ. ODD THEATRE C0AST-T0 C0AST STEPHEN BOYD AYA GARDNER RICHARD HARRIS JOHN HUSTON PETER O'TOOLE MICHAEL PARKS GEORGE C. SCOTT FOR CROUP SALES , INFORMATION CALL MRYyV WAGGONER AT 372-0971 170 N. Dearborn St 372-09U A NORTHWEST WEST NORTHWEST BYRD "IN LIKE FLINT" OPEN 4:00 "SHANE" BOTH IN COLOU CTHD & GARTER. Op. S A.M. "KILLER OlAll Madison-Halsttd LEOPA-RO" "P. T. 109 DIAL RED O" NORTHWEST NORTH WEST HELD OVER 2ND BIG WEEK! a 61 s8i4 W. Madison Cool Doors Open 1 :43 Last 2 Feat. 80 3 353' W. Roosevelt Cool D jr Open 1 :30 Last 2 Feat. 80 The New flint r Adventure JAMES COBURN th in COLOR "IN LIKE FLINT" plus CORNELL WILDE in "THE HAKED PREY" 5216 W. Lawrence PAULHEWMANf n Cool -Free Parking: on Premises! Open 1 :30 Feat. I :45- 3:50-5:55-80-10:10 "IIOMBHE'l culuk by ueiiLxev, .a mm jack LEMMON Shirley MaeLAINE ITIIF ADADTMCUTI At 9:45 135 Milmaukee Ceoi! Open 1:45 Last 2 Features at 8:00 4050 Milwaukee Coal! Open 1:45 Feat. 2:15, 4:15. 6:15. 8:15. 10:10 Recommended For MATURE AUDIENCES LYNN REDGRAVeC tmUmiU S6O3D5enB!?5s.0,i BfcSI Bfcl! 2 bl eve McyUEcNS! "THE GREAT ESCAPE" James COBURN James GARNER PLUS! "CINCINNATI KID" ANN-MARGRET Edward G. Robinson Next Fri.: 'SNOW WHITE & 7 DWARFS G33ID 4743 Belmont Park Free! COOL OPEN 5:00 2HIVAG0" at 5:10 and 8:35 OMAR SHARIF JULIE CHRISTIE DOCTOR METROCOLOR PANAVISION George segai Qujer Memorandum' Sen au1"er"r5:30.9:30: 'Hombr.- 7:15-10:30 STEVE mcqueen JAMES GARNER JAMES COBURN At 6:45 ituc r.pciT pcnADr' COLOR a ill. wua-ma .wwni .1ILF0RD L WARNI "25TH HOUR" Pulaski at Milwaukee ADULTS 5Uc 'WARNING SHOT' 106; Anthony Quinn 7:55 only. L00HI3 2 Disney Hits "SHAGGY DOG" 2646 North Milwaukee 'Shaggy" 1:30-5:10-8:35 'Professor' 3:20-6:50-10:15 "ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR" SOUTH cover and subsequently displays his blase bravado by posing as a chemical company executive, which enables him to get whacked with a samurai sword, trapped in a burning plane, and threatened with dripping poison and a plastic surgeon's knife. He also runs into a good girl spy Akiko Waka-bayashi and a bad girl spy Karin Dor, gets "married" to an almond-eyed charmer Mie Hama, and squares off against SPECTRE'S number one hone ho the bald-headed, scar-faced Ernst Blofeld Donald Pleasence and other villains who all seem like kamikaze alumni. Directed by Lewis "Alfie" Gilbert in his first Bond attempt, the film contains several moments of entertaining escapism a helicopter dogfight, a Japanese martial arts training course sequence at the Ninja Commando school, and a high-budgeted, frenetic finale in the volcano that looks like Disneyland Far East. There also are a few, but effective, gimmicks to appease Bond boosters an electronic safe-cracking device, a high-powered cigaret with plenty of unpleasant aftertaste, a magnetized helicopter that serves as an automobile disposal and another compact helicopter- arsenal that looks like a drop-out from a carnival ride. However, a large percentage of "You Only Live Twice" is disappointing, lacking the wit and zip, the pacing and punch, of its predecessors, especially the first three. Roald Dahl's script is larded with sex-slanted jokes that are either pathetically feeble or sopho-morically coarse, Bond's patented puns are punier, and even Connery's enthusiasm for his shrewd, suave, and sensual character seems to have waned. In addition, some touches such as the diabolical use of piranha fish and even the climax have already been worn out in inferior Bond parodies, such as the Matt Helm and Derek Flint series. Producers "Cubby" Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, who own the screen rights to seven more Fleming novels, recently announced a world-wide 'search for a new protagonist, since Connery has concluded that enough is enough. Judging from his final venture, his decision seems to be a sound one. Still, with "Dr. No," "From Russia with Love," "Gold-finger," and "Thunderball," it's been great. Sayonara, Sean-san. MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN X.7 oAi V S 2V '' n ..... .HA. 7 Hi s f v Mi 4 y i NON-STOP EXCITEMENT "V ifV "WEEK! iHH TECHNICOLOR PAN AU1SI0N- HOWARD KEEL- ROBERT WALKER KEENAN WYNN BRUCE CABOT JOANNA BARNES A Universal Picture "1 j Open 8:45 a.m. Last Feature 10:15 p.m. "A SUPERB FILM! " ivr wtTfpR--rr ff jrfpHSTptrKppT'rHtrTirwi JAMES JOYCE'S 128 mi 11. ILTSS.7BJ! Vita Magazine TONIGHT at 8:30 BOX OFFICE OPENS 10 A.M. SEATS at BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL Eves. Daily at 8:30 S5.50 Mats. Wed.. Sat. Sun., 12:30 p.m.) $4 WORLD Playhouse 410 South Michigan Ave. City Parking at our door EXCLUSIVE SHOWINGI UNTOUCHED! U I1UU I : WWMrkE I s: Admittance will be denied to all under 18 years of age HA 7- 2303 ALL SEATS f Limited Number of Student Rate Tickets 4vof-RESERVED able to All Performances (except Sat. Evening) SOUTH Out of Today'a Headlines At 7:00-8:45.10:25 "CLOUDS OVER ISRAEL" PHOTOGRAPHED UNDtK hint ON THE ISRAEL-ARAB BORDER " 111 Open 6 J a met Coburn B3"IN LIKE FLINT" presSley"EASY COME, EASY GO" n ft CCI hlin H3th . Michigan. Open S nUaCLAlIU Aircond.I Artmnl Thrillt! "Parntioop Command" oi. "Tank Commandos" "Submarine Seahawk" & "Suicide Battallen" SOUTHWEST SOUTH SOUTH AT ALL 3 THEATRES 1 1 Oth & MICHIGAN A WINNER 79th & RHODES B- ClLlaa ACADEMY 47th & S. PARKWAY AWARDS ! JULIE CHRISTIE OMAR SHARIF III FA a I J- I VI ' ZIIilAGOi fi UVIIIliaic V USUI LtUIUI ar I State-Rhodes 5:30-8:45: Met 2-'5:3'0-8:40 i79th & Stony Park Free! 79th &. Ashland 'Park Free! JAMES COBURN "H "in LIKE CI IMTH a kill I Both Color Op. 5:45 & ALAN LADO aa "SHANE" 95th-Ashland Q WlH IP BE 3-2800 Paul Newman Fredrle March HOMBRE In Color at 2, 4, 6, 8. 10 CARTOON "Herb Apert's Tijuana Brass" Zl.t-Jeflery 0)33330 HY 3-3333 Paul NEWMAN Fredric MARCH HOMBRE In color at 1:30-5:00-8:40 Dean MARTIN Carol Burnett "WHO'S SLEEPING IN MY BED?" In color at 3:20.6:50-10:30 HY 3-1 121 Acclaimed Adult Comedy! Lynn Redgrave James Mason GEORGY GIRL At 2. 4, 6, 8 and 10 Araomu A w rA W!nn!nn Crtnci ADDED: "Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass" lil-AI N0rM BOUilF WIST ' LYNN REDGRAVE Academy Award Nomine Georgy Girl U-AI SOUTH Douatr tasr one million years Jerry LEWIS 3 ON A COUCH Naked Prey. m Mi"i'i'"l 855 E. 63rd Street mv.i-tWJ 0p, ;3o p.mCool 1 n:.4a JAMES COBURN IN LIKE FLINT . 1:45-3:50-6:00-8:10-10:1 S ' LYNN REDGRAVE Academy Award Nomine GEORGY GIRL l :45-3:45-5:45-7:50-l 0:00 "THIS YIAR'S DARLING" N.Y. NEWS "RARE,. GREAT, . WllD"-N.Y. POST SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES EZ mefQf fSP 525 Division 287-3266 ROCIUlE Airconditioned!-: Adults 90c Perfect Family F urt ' nSL: Absent-Minded Prof. ,5$ yis"y , u9ii 8:zd ez w ni:i: v uuu n: ."." aJURT a ar m IS 1 Only 3I0S Irvine Open 6:00 I in:ilT ciippbi;f HIT I" ; wiW'J IMPERIAL 2329 fARSALL SQUARE 2879 West Cermak Road Open 1:30 "IN LIKE FLINT" "SPACE FLIGHT IC-1" UlirvlMUMUnc air conditioned MM LIKE FLINT' NATALIE WOOO a DP4ITH PC 3553 W. Armitage Op. 6 ftSMlIASf "I L'KE FLINT" "EASY COME. EASY GO" HU3 CHICAGO 'IN LIKE FLINT' Open 3:00 Ernest Borynine "CHUK,." COOL Walt Disney's "Yellowstone Cubs" Htmil 3327 FULLERTON CA 7-2119 AVUil 01 PROIKOTHIRES H STORGI GREEK FILMS "FRANKENSTEIN thccubTd8 "GODZILLA vs. THE THING" JMC IRCUS OF H 0 R R 0RSM UnDMnl 456 W. II 9th Street Op. 5:45 nUlllllML. Free Parking Tehn. color! james iiiu LlifE FLINT" 6:10 coburn ,n t,c run I 0 :10 Alan Arkin Paul Ford at 8:10 Only! "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING" I CV H62 East 63rd Street Open 10:30 L.CA "RED DRAGON" "McHALE'S NAVY" ERNEST BORGNINE & MARA Or THE WILDtnntaa PAUL NEWft'.AlJ Alan Ladd "SHANE 59th-Kedzie Open 6:00 "HOMBRE" All Color Show LYNN REDGRAVE 63-Kedzie Open 6:00 Starts 6:10-8:10-10 "GEORGY GSRL" "BLOW-UP" Vanessa Redgrave S3rd-Western Open 5:45 Starts at 6-8-10 ADULTS ONLY 95th at Cicero Ample Free Parking Open at 5:45 HOMBRE U C A U C U A U Vv Paul Newman IS 6:00. 8:00 and 10:00 iMM) WW U QhiE -lrr-Tht-aaaioT'""'Jfe- ALL COLOR JAMES COBURN IN LIKE FLINT" ct 2:00-5:55-9:55 & The Original On and Only 'SHANE" at 3:55-8:00 ALAN BATES LYNN REDGRAVI "GEORGY GIRL" at 3:15-6:50-10:15 "DEAD HEAT ON A MERRY GO 'ROUND" In Color at 1:30-5:00-8:40 , Op.4:45GA4-3070 Stn-Kiageiana at 5:00. 8:35 WINNER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARDS "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" JAMES COBURN LEE J. COBB ".r,f1ELWrt DICK SHAWN "HERB ALPERT A THE TIJUANA BRASa Adfcl frryrr's zi Frscsdng Page FOUR ST AH .drwoIv ""ru"" PATIO "CHUK A" prevs'lev"EASY COME, EASY GO" I If 111 1612 Chao. 'Hell Bent for Leather' Hi. I 111 Open 10. 'Zebra "WHEN THE BOYS MEET ip the Kilchen' HE GIRLS" GiOH5 V Jenry LEWISI mi LYNN REDGRAVE) Janet LEIGH i3an Couch EMPRESS 'KirCA'N0 NEWMAN "HOMBKE" "Get Yourself a College Girl" DCftDI 47tn Ashland Open 1:30 james coburn In rUiUI "FANTASTIC-VOYAGE" "BUGS BUNNY FESTIVAL" SOUTHEAST Op. 7:00 Free Kidcylana JERRY LEWIS WAY, WAY OUT' Paul Nfwman "HO MBR E" James MASON IN COLOR OPEN 7:00 Ji'TI-lj.'! ELECTRIC IN-CAR HEATER 79th & Exchange Avenue PARK FREE A- ES 5-3042 "SN L5KE FLI8T" IZ CHELTEN NO. 2 OPEN 5:30 i 3948 W. 28th STREET! LIKE FLINT" ATLANTIC JAMES tftflftJ rnRiiRN "PENELOPE" naoAodE RAMOVA hu JAMES COBURN " "TRUNK Tp S5tk and HALSTEO LIKE FLINT" CAIRO" SEE ADDITIONAL PRECSD1HG PAGE f V

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