Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 18, 1968 · 65
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 65

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1968
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CHICAGO TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1968 Section 2 -11 fwmitur and Furnishings' For Sole FACTORY C10SE0UTS WAITRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS Toe wmes. Can not advertise brands. ALL SIZES KINGS, QUEENS, TWINS. FULLS PLUS ODD SIZES Vi PRICE iUGHT FACTORY IRREGULARS on 10-10 Von.. Thurv. Fri.; 12-5 Sun. 10- Tuev. Wh)., Sat. WAREHOUSE SHOWROOMS 1051 W. Belmont S25-584T .. Ash .and HELP! HELP! HELP! Brand near furniture comino from moon homes ail styes. Complete 5 rms., startir9 at $268. 4 rms. S4C5 and V595. Offers oood while ley last. Funi'ure Vart Outlet, 3075 N. Lincoln. GR 2-5502. Open 7 days J" Aon.andThurs. U:X. PURNITURE VART SAMPLES 43 hide-aa beds lae. select, of sryles and colors. Loveseats reo. and Qu?en Sire From $1 19.50 Reg. .va.ues to S3v9.00. Ooen 9-0. Mon. and Triors. 9-9. Sun. 10-5. X12 N. Lincoln-av. LAJ-2288 VICTORIAN Fun. Love seat $100, touches $150-300, chairs S75-SI00 bencnes. $25 50 all velvet covers. A ore. See Sat. and Sun. 18m and lvtn. 10 a. m. to o p. m. 2144 N. Cleveland-av. Call 348-7515. BIG FURNITURE SALE Model homes. Thurs.. Friday. Sat., and Sunday ONLY. Len Cooper's 4 mofleis. 3o41 VV.1 23d or Ca 1 1 468-1134 MODEL HOME FURNITURE If ycu ant to Ouy furniture at a fidicu'Ous pnce. here is your chance. FREE DELIVERY Cashpr terns. 377967 AOD. DIN. Rm. table W-4 chairs. Wai. formica leatherette seats. Pert, cond. SiOO. Contemporary liv. rm. couch SoO. matched chairs and Ottoman $50. 539-1143. 1 BAR sized fre-zer, 17,000 BTU a:rord., 8 pc confcnp. din. rm. set. II Hi 1. 2 Sr. metal . caoine;s. A.I like new Mil 4-1436 after 4 "SOPA Beaut., custom-made 100" off-white, 3 vr. old. TV Admiral console 27". Port, dishwasher, 8 mo. old. SI40-S23S. 761-97 89 SIMMONS hide-a-bed w-custom designed slip cover. Hollywood bed s:p covered to match hid-a-bed. Bolsters inci. Good cond. 338-2748. 4 RMS Furniture Oh9. $2,500. Includes 1W. rm. bdrm. din. rm. and d nette. 3 mo. old. 95u. Will se. Terms Li.9-4i34 TT COUCHES $20 ea.; 3 chairs. $8 ea.; dinette set, $25; lamps, $4; dresser. Hi; vanity. $15. Ruas and misc. ReasonaDie. 764-1 i34. LEAVING town Must sell 42" round pecan tin. d n. rm. tbl. 1 rug 15x18' dam ooid. 528-5681 weekdays after 6. All cay Sun. Jit. W. KINZIE Interor decorator samples. Frencn, Ens., and Mediterranean turn. Antiques, bric-a-brac, lafcs. mirrors, and misc. items. "CHEST and dresser Lot. mah. $45; D- $lu; wnt. uDnoi.. dol. bed hdo'rd. Siu; 2 nuhtstands $3 ea.; lge. hv rm. crair $20. Gd. cond. 460-883 PIECE din. rm. set $210 Twin bdrm set Si85. Owner leaving City June'l. Will sac Must see to realize va.u3. After 5. Di8-5220 f.-UST SELL FURN. FROM 72 MLUcL MU-iiES. icRMs W-ll 1734 W. CHICAGO-AV.. 226-4164 T-PC French Prov. dining rm. set Like new. Terms. Will Sep. 453-BU" f PIECE Italian Provincial Dining Rm. Set-3 mos. old. S435. Will seo T?ris 965:4303 "FiNE Quality new-Used Caroets-for V- -s. s:air at -remendous savings. ACTIVE CARPET 3315N.CJark EVERYTHING Prom 8 rm. use. 10c to SiOO. 4229 N. Kedvale. 10-3 and 7-9 o. m. . "LTke new- 3live. Mr. ard Mrs. cnairs, 8- sofa. iTST $o0. Ca t before 525-9150 1 n CON" EVPORARY Bdrm. set Headboard, tuohoov, triple t! a-3 cn3ir4:5. HSs! Deerfield "c n RV. s T Carved oak. 9 PC. E.d cond. $525. Paul McCoob, Sect 50-j. US GR "HiDE-A-BED port. TV. freezer, kit. a-c- o n. rm. m. Cp.g S-V) will seo i6.27 5J21. tvEROO" CARPET RcW' T;o Qua tv. All sues and colors Sifiwaf Carpets 70C5N. Park. T-ciilTi nf a kind. SamDles. Must "VWi Mtf.TS. Your cho.ce. T :t. A'L- Li 9-2740 handcarxea $250. Mw" . . ... d i. set. S6JO. 1.SC. Iienu luiat T'J 9-3?s6 a:ter 6 P- m. 22- V. AL. TV-Ster." comb. $125. I r-;d. leatn. and wal. cnrs. oo. W J--i. -: -r.. A 9o". 4 loose cushions wjin 75 YD Grey caro'g. $525. 3 PC. b;L s,ct oral s,ta-$. 2 ceramic tjo. T,rMTAL russ Finest quality, "vLV s-ze. Cost Pius cus-om ouy. Rare cna-ice. 484-8. 4. H a AV E Y PROBER "'.: sot. Cr:g.$l 2LJhK7S--iQilli -WAHOO. din rm. set 5275 8- red. sofa S'5. Id. -eat $50. Vise wrsi a-j) tafi. ES5-au7V. 3-PiECE Sec 2 e'"d tabies. tao e. and orum tab'e. 6"3-"4c0 after 430 P m. . tHCLSTE5cD aray Kira ir.a pa.& tiwn t-c 973.7694 anytime GOLD soa-90.' Like new, rw. B.I. leather recln. chair A,so he ne. $00. Call 627-5180 SDFA-Cost $300. sell $10. Custom-made almost "e'?&rh mat Fine imp. paintings. WHW56 "EARLY Amer. Dm. Rm. Set. $150 Frp,c screen. $20-9l2 run. $75. RE l-8? 1 R'S of turn. Like new. Colonial it.,e. 3 ks- dd. $150-5300. ' CallJ89-2330 , CHERRYyv'OOD Cocktail T " I . jsf 5 genuine Walnut tables, $ WO Humidifier F4nos.0ld!i259S-6471 "F'jRiiRE Sale m biSrs 4 mMel Vcmes. W.ll seo. 40. to 40. . off. PEIGE Tr.d. sota-$50. Maole Boston r-c.r. $20 Call543-e4 MARBLE "tt'e. $50. Chrs., clothes. m:sc. S5ro $15 . 679J334. "TV? bed. 2 dinettes, guitar. 1 encvl., $340. 237-8835 MAHOGANY dining toT7 riM rs. s 3. .1.011 - DRESSER heaucrd. refinished. 642-5613 alass too. $50. OR 4-7399.. . k . jotj t .. ... n. nnfl a mo old. Terms. Ll 9-6J8 "ORIENTAL RUG S A 1 1 kinds, sues. Mr. Kaui saurian r-5r-,v D R'.'9$ and Carpeting a.i sue;. .1 Mil JOOO ...Miri. 3 EAut6rms.-Fren.-lUI. $35 to ijOO. Qu tejte. Mo'ina. 44a-a2a b;inin $150 374-1495 PC." Liv. Call USE! I PC. Italian rra. 0",".ic "o.. r-X-i 12'0 6 god nylon rugMSoSoOS. 4X17 BLUc rus ''-SV-ias window fan, 4-hi.ttnn. $15. 463-5035 Tm m i Kifi Dm" Set $200. Sofa $0. DesK, svj. yrui ic. . - Sectional sota trearn Misr items. 5 5-21 c c t , rhrs.. Asking $75 If OO'. $;50. KTT7 tbi. custom, wh. oval 4-JIT?, pYECBiond Din. Km. Set Good rond. $;10. JJr,J 44 SQrvds. rose wool Broadloom oaa. uv. . "DANISH Mod. Sofa, chair, cttoman ?7 77i)7,l or 4j9-2272 3 Pc'Tbearm. set S90; 6 Wrome cnrs $5 ea. AAisc.Jtems. HI5-7?47 pC contemo. Cherry dm. rm. ",.ti?5 Northbric. 498-0415. or ' c-r.nnai sofa $50; catering ;, iii 422-7078 tFGENCY Dinl rnv set Table, cnSrs S80 or offer. 764-7223. To PCrom. rm. $250, 4x6 mirror $50. Elec "stove $50. Ki 5-4202. , 3 PIECE Bedroom set 7 piece dmirg set, stove. 58I-U41 tin 84".Eic. cond.$95.ES5-9u2. "5 PIECE Bedroom set Asking $150. Call 344-5949. . . 4 wiCKES chairs and bench $300 Va-itv "M DE 7-77V4 fccTcpi im,u-;teRLING. Horizon Mftirn 4 stoV 5300 orotter293-791 3 Bik. r." j. Tut-.n-s-TM. BU 1-3573. tw'iM beds Chest to niatciJ75. r.rl rnid. 736-6738 BRASS iter ani rrvsta 5andle cnanae- r.nM rnnd. $40. 692-326? "unA'ion Prm. couch 9" long. Brn. SS5 or best qfr348jj 38L SDFXS35 4 chairs $35; 2 lamps $15 ...- tn m ant. 333-6917. jim Rpr.s Also 4 pc uaies c- OJt.7977 wk-dS. "bAR Walnut 8 PC din. room set. tiw nr offer. BE 8-9593 HO A ELL K 'cn. sei 1 1 or, iafl Oris. $170. Sell $5S.BE4799 COUCH and 2 chrs.. wringer washer, CHUt-"'"ArRIFICE. IN 3-2032 . . . . ?- 1.. cat I M ml I amrvk Redrm. set. 274-2151 . . '. . .. aw rrrtemD. Etcel.JondSlSO-pfr. 337448 ovS Liv. rm., bdrm., and dinette 3-uK,l, furn. $375 comp. 287-3390 OVAL oming table Iniaid border walnut $60. J48-1436 . . . - ... . . . R.ina All Eire. cona.souu.Kw w-t n,n Rm. set sou; . ues. 731-8132. after 6p. LEAVING Must sell wool. PC. lf turn $1 to vin (07-8971 eves or weenenos. BAEVENT Salt Saturday and Sun. n.i r.,..ii,ran. Berwyn, III. rcrnSiTOP and" child's bdrms. rT... imM nfr . etc. 969-6661 Lr'RGfi7efria . 10 cu ft. $8; 9x13 & s Qmirh ma $30. 463-5 53. ciwr.i F BED Walnut hdBd. Serf;Drinas. $70 offer. Bi 8-9308. feLCND Modem dining rm. set. 8 tuTisF furniture 5-rm. apt. Very .;ri. 525-3990 3 PC. bdrm. set With "rings and .t. $35. 425-0175 ..pnnv thl and A Thai $-0 AtSO 10'lt8i,M..$25.. 38&7$2i RCA color TV 21" A-l cond. mov $:7Sor rtnff Robert SO 8-6475 Pt French Provincial din. rm. set. i ... n F5 5-5162 aft. 5 P. j. - - ... jj r K . r . h o T. tin. c i .... Bond. $'5 or offer. REMW . in Top. $55. Am. seating, 6.9-3633 " Jen.rn TV 21- ec nd. $40. nr veneer dresser. $35. 721-4763 rn n;FD Cleaned Ruas All sizes. i, cicnn ju w Chirnqo-av. "l.-ypi uvP ?et if Great Books of Western Wo'ld. $250. 490-6477 Furniture and Furnishings For Solo USED AUTO SHOW CARPET 9x12s FROM $10 NATIONWIDE CARPET 8515 S. COTTAGE GROVE 6332 W. CERMAK-RD. 5137 N. BROADWAY 271-2700 Daily 10-10; sat. 10-4; sun, n-s , WANTED-RELIABLE PARTY TO TAKE OVER FOR BALANCE 3 ROOMS FURN., LIKE NEW. Living rm.. bdrm., dinette, amps. taoies. ruq. etc. This is NOT iunk. Ail for $198. Terms. $2 weekly.Also refrigerator, gas range, washer. IV. 7839 S. Halsted TR 4-6303 MAY STORAGE CLEARANCE French and Italian PROVINCIAL Selection of furniture, lamps. Ibis, to match; 3 rms. of furn. also available. $129. Ooen daily, Sunday 11-4. AMblADIfcR'S STORAGE 7315 Cottage Grove AB 4-7444 LOUIS XV Din. set Solid walnut const., walnut figured veneers, hand chased $800. King size solid blech. man. bkcase. type hdord. for twin beds $20; Walnut French Prov. piano bench. $20. MA 6-2836 eves, and wnends. CARPET mill ends all sizes colors Reduced tor Quick sale PEERLESS RUG C0.-EST. 1938 3028 N. LINCOLN LA 5-4876 Mon.-inurs. 'til 9:30 Closed sun. 20,000 Used Rugs and carpets form Major Commercial installations Low as $1 yd. 9x12 only $10 Da. 9-6. Mon.-Th. 9-9, closed Sun. Carpet Barn. 2163 Lincoln. 243-0855 4 PC. L9e. Bdrm. set (Mat., bsprg. ok. cs.. no. ora.. aressers, ice. mir.. nife tble.. chestl $175. Winthroo desk $25, bk. cases $15. port TV $45. Hi-F $135. hvv. end tb s. $15, lamos $5. frplc. set $5. 465-2992 40 TO 60 OFF Furn. In De luxe Model homes. Cash or terms.Free del. 358-6800 140 YDS. Powder blue cptq.. $500. 2 air cond., $100. Drapes and match. blue valance. $100. Occas. cna rs- powder PI., $50. Misc. BR4-3057 auiikiAN Kutts Lt. trn., i-eoxvi. 2-80x36. 1-80x144 plus shades. 6 mos. old, $250. Rattan, Fr. Prov. fi.rn. from 520 to $125 309-2486 CUSTOM Made tapestry cloth Fitted twin bed spreads, pale beige and brown, including ziooered pillow covers. $50 . 943-5313, afer 5 For the Juveniles TWO 6 Y R. dressers $20. old beds $15 each. 3 Bargain! 625-7324 BASY tuggy 1 year old, haif price. $25. BABY BED Exc. cond. Incl. mat tress, guard, sheets, sju. 24-0214. Wtd. Furniture-Furni$hings 0R3ACH PAYS TOP PRICES For French furniture, curio cabinets. old cut glass, painted china, old gold. silver and od leweirv, German Peer ste.ns, 90ld coins, marble and bronze statuary, etc. Call: Days: 728-7035; sun.-fcves.: 25-5059 FOR THE BEST DEAL Oriental rugs, fine art, pianos, period furniture, pa.ntings. coins. Ca'l Archie Shore OR 4-6900 SHERIDAN ART GALLERIES Highest Prices in Cmcago Exoert Aooraisals. AR l-aaOO HOWARD ART Galleries pays higher prices for fine furnishings, orieniai rugs, antiques. ai-iuu SELL FOR CASH HA 1-6198 We will buy any furn. in your home. Liv.-diTL-barm., orient. ru9s app. 2 YR. old Wasnsr-Drver. Decorator color turquoise. v.osi 4uu wnen new. Sen for S175. OR 5-2349 SU 4-6000 CASH AT ONCE Furniture, Oriental rug. Antiques Liv.-dln., bedrm., Hide-aoeds,China PARTY Wants fine furn. Ital. or Fr. Iiv.-din. rm., mrbl. Stat. Lge. or.enrsi Karastan rugs. 238-3268 ORIENTAL RUGS Wntd. All kinds. Can Mr. Paul sounan. nc h-juuu Chicago Art Galleries pavs hiqnest oocesMiss n.ey. lu i-o CASH For bedroom, parlor, dinina furn., stoyes. refrs.. beds. Ji-Uiyj 30" GAS Stove-$35; refrig.-$40; 23" co;or iv-5230. aii-iri DON'T throw your o.d carpet out. It's worth money. call 4-bwj yVE BUY furn. by the house or ant. fun. .V;d3rn or a"t aue. B-..J-4U Store Fixtures INVENTORY CLEAN-UP Specials on suoer market and rest, eqpmt., bars, showcases, refrigerators, a.r ccditioners. slicers, fryers, regis ters, ranges, large selection, new ana used. METER PLAN MARX. 5615 S. Halsted TR 3-604Q TAVERN Liquor Store Fixtures 30" formica front and back bar. direct draw, bottle cooler, sink, stools, glass door w a I k -1 n cooier, shelving. reqister. Wi separate. .2645 W. LAWRENCE 334-2419 4 SHOWCASES 8'x8x20", lighted. qiass slidina drs. Storage soc. in I. $53 ea. Instant removal. House of Eaton, 2030 N. Ciark-st. Ooen after 12 noon. 7 days. . TAYLOR freeze Twin head, 3 Rh. water cooled, used I season, must sacrifice, make offer. Call 835-4441, 664-7044. or FR 2-1129. TAVERN-Resfaurant Eost. Sold re- mooeied. traced. Low Drees. 44-41 BernS;CcoBer 2645WLarence NATIONAL cash register Showcases and assorted display fixtures. Phone 847-3059 SNACK counter w-16 stools, 2 booths. 2-dr. pizza oven. 433-UiUH, 4J4U nnann-heim. Melrose Park, III. COMPLETE Store---Children's snoo. Fixtures. Lease avail. vrs. rms 10c. 25 w-i'l-flr. cases. SP2-3388 GROCERY fix. for sale Very reas. Must sell ov May it. ku 4-ijoi on Sun. HO 543981, .2709 W. Devon-ay. 5'. 4 DR. St. reach-in dairy case, no alass, $5. oxiu nonvwooa wa'-m With comp. $120. iZ?2! WALK-IN cooier, also 2 retngs. tor sausages. vegetaDies. tn.. 3818 w. Laurence 539-1499 GLASS SHOWCASE. 7 FT. $25. SO 8-3214. PORT. tiec. pizza oven-$65, 327-4585 wxends. Anytime-wkday. eves. . "ELECTRIC Nat'l. cash reg. Exc CQPd. S :U1J. tSA I-I7Q on. q. caont, mirrors. j3-uf. pi E Case Refrigerated, stamiess steel. Like news. " BUY 5ELt TRADE JV.acco Store Fixtures RA 3-4055 RESTAURANT equip. 8. dairy case-Good cond.Reas. 1901W. 59th-st, 24'' GRILL w-2 side burners: dep fryer; malt machine. 969-0044. TAVERM Pus. Fixtures Old Olszewski's Place 227-5419 "NATIONAL Elec. cash red. for sale-Like new. S50 OR4-8040 FLITE-TYPE Dishwasher 21' lori9. Best otfer. . 7433942 STORE FIXTURES R W. McGrath 1665 W. Qgden COMPLETE All or parr. Supermarket Reasonasie Fixtures 463-1402 Wonted Store Fixtures TAKE-Oul Cooier Ideal for srocery or tavern. 6X10' Good cond.. $450 Call bet. 4 and 7. 749-4565 Antique end Arts FINAL days of our clearance , of English 18th century furn. and paintings, chests, clocks, gate legs, prs. cnairs, dumb waiters, secy, bkcases, e'c. Closing for the summer. May 25th. Reopening again Sept. 7th. Thanks to all for a successful season. William Firth, Antas. Oswego, III. 554-8136 . DEALERS, Decorators 8. Collectors welcome to the antiaue show! After, visit the Antiaue Mart 2 short biks. S -1006 S. Michigan. Pkg. meters across the street. Garaoe around the corner to accommodate cars 8. trucks. ALL thoe crazy collectibles 5c to $100. 100'S of things you wish you'd find at backyard sales will be in our yard 8 a. m. Sat., May 18 and more cn Sun. 19th. at 5934 N. East Circiev-.JhicagOj, . SALE 14 Cheret pasters, $150 to $475. Sun. May 19, 2-5 p. m. DuPaqe County Historical Museum, Wesley and Main, Wheaton. Benefit Central DuPage Hosoital. . ELEGANT unusual dec furn. Frt-wd. pecan 31 '-V hutches $50. rnd. 37" Fwd. card tble. $75. Rosewd. Wal. rm. div. desk $175 OR 3-1923 PRINCE CROSSING ANTIQUES 5 min. west of Du Page county Fair amund?. S w. Cor. Prince Crossing and Geneva-rds., West Chicago, III. 3 GRANDFATHERS Clocks for $350. Edison phono, $75 Jim Beam whis-kevdecant.!$5-SB5.A.C. 219-932-0111 "SVC. for 6. 24 Kt. gold band pra-W. W. I Maviland f-'-na. $100. 34 5-43 1. ANTIQUE grandfather French clock, over 400 yrs. old, good cond. For appt.. Monseigneur Mollov. 488-1203 GRANDFATHER clock, oak, English f tall. c. 1750, brass face, 30 hour. $300. 386-9356 wanted Concerm ng I nomas INFORMATION artist Felix Russmann. Yanul. 9860 S. Prospect. WANTED to buy Antiaue dolls In any condition. $5-25. Or will trade. 378-9675 SILVER Creamer Handcrafted in Dublin 1732-1801 $200. 477-0910 NEVER used 7-oc sliver tea and coffee service. $150. TR 4-7371 GRANDFATHER clock and other old clocks. $25 to $300 NE 1-0022 ANTIQUE Burdett orqan, $40, needs wort o-iojT "FINE antiaues, and furniture. 1840 W. BELMONT OLD 45" high iron rod fence Vi 8-5466 -72". $80. OLD wood mouldings Vsx' to "?x3 caryed. cut. 5c-2Sc. Vi 8-5466 WANTED Old clocks, watches, guns. Bex 112, Franfort, III. 60473. JULIET by Cybis $1,300. Private collector. 312-523-5959, eves. 1B7 STElMwAY GRAND Serial 34616. $375. Call 469-0472 Jut 11 c nA rream cans, coal scuttle. Rare, unique. $4.50 ea. Musical and DroiTratic I Wtit accompany smqers, string instrumentalists and duo pianists in my home. Highly exo. ti-Vi nr. 6300 jr, 1 1 C0W. 743-5200 f -T?D bass plaver waited for blus and experimental rock. Must sing. Ken BE 3-4S3 SAX man wants wknd. worn. "PIANlSTTTass a"d drummer If In- terested call 4?8-34l2 Sun. 9-9. NEED lead guitarist for lounge work. Call 334-V4V. asx Tor umi. Diiwa pi ayFR rOr Orgsnl $7 Sun. 11 a. m.-8:30 p. m. 666-1377 Dogs, Pets ortd Equipment Affen, Chihuahua $65, Dachs'ds $60, Schnauzer $85. All AKC POODLES-$55 UP All colors, all sizes. AKC. Stud Service. Bank Cards Welcome. GEORGIA'S. Ooen 7 days, 10 'til 10 5727 S. HARLEM 536-6529 AF F ENS Bcstons, Toy Foxes, Cockers, Wires, Dachshunds, Border Collies, Pekes, " Collies, German Sheo-herds, Labradors, Toy Collies. Beaqles. Manv others,. $10 and uo TOP QUALITY SAVE $$$ over iuu pups to seiecr MIDWAY KENNELS 4159 5. Cicero 581-5280 AFFENS OUR 20TH YEAR WE RAISE OUR OWN Cairns. Scotties. Westies, Poodles, Schoaurers, Dachshunds. TROPICAL FISH AND BIRDS MAJESTIC PETS 3749 W. 95TH-ST. GA 2-6677 AFFENS -Beagles-Bostons-Cockers-Poodles-Wires-Toy foxes-Collie sheps-Schipperkes. Otners $15 up. Est. 40 yrs. Open 7 days 10 to 9. LYNN'S KENNELS 6260 N. River-rd. TA 3-1857 Af fens-Beagles-Cockers WE SELL ALL BREEDS ! BUY NOW and SAVE $$ $10. $15, $20 NO HIGHER Archer Kennels 458-9793 5444 S. Harlem Open 7 days AFFENS Cockers . beagles, dachshunds .scotties. wire hair, pekes. Beautiful Mixed Puos Gilded Cage . 4950 W. Irving Park AU JL1231 AFGHAN Silver male, champ, puo, 11 mos., obed.-trnd. $200. 344-6394 AFGAN3 mo. Champion parents. Shots. $150 uo. WO 9-7363 sire AIREDALE Pups, 8 wks. AKC, cn. iviniaire Guy uarnapus. $95. 565478 tMundeleinl AIREDALES Line bred. Champ sired. Snots, wormed, $125. 231-1732 AIREDALE buds. Champ. . AKC reg. $150-ea. sire. 3 mo. 534-6746 AIREDALE PUP F. AKC . Guar. $95Home raised. 733-9450 ALAsKAN Malamute Pups AKC. Home raised. $75 up. 636-4105 ALAS. Malamute Ch. sired. Fern. 4 mos. Perm, shots. S150-UP. 945-2849 ALASKAN Malamute puos AKC. Exc. wtendg. Gentle w-kids. $100 . 537-7934 BASSET Male. Selective breeding Sire is show doa. Flashy r. and wh. All shots, housebroken. $125. 798-4911 BASSET Lovely dual. Pet bitch suitable for sd. breeding. AKC, $150. CO 7-1421. BASSET Pups M.-F. 7 wks. AKC. Champ, sired-shots., $125. 9653?39 BEAGLE Pups AKC. Ch. sired. $50. Call alter 5:30 p. m. S-2J4. BEAGLE PUPS $20 FARM RAISED 339-4083 "BOSTON Terrier AKC. Male. 1 vr. Shots. Housebroken. $150. 445-5931 BOSTON" TERRIER Male; 3 mos. AKC. S85. 537-9268 male. BOSTON all shots. Terrier $100. pup 5 mo., 436-4753 BOXER Puds Fawn and flash. AKC. S75. 815-675-2206 BR ITT NY AKC, 3 mo. male. Sac. $40 . .11 del. 1 81 5 1 42B-7Q57 BRITTANY Spaniels Pups. Good hunting stock. AKC. 636-5433 BRITTANY Spaniel puos AKC. Pet- hunter, 3 mos. $45. 969-4718 BULL DOG lEnglish Puppies AKC. cnampion oiooonnes, iou. nuyer Yeager, state Lenter, towa. 515-483-2351 CAIRN Terrier pup Male. 8 wks. Lream wjik. masx. siu6pj. CAIRN TERR. PUP $75 AKC C R. Good. Flanagan 815-796-2657 CHESAPEAKE retriever pups AKC. 8 wks. $30 up. Watchdoa and nunting stock. HA 7-7350. Wknds. and eves. Lal t-A 3-42-iZ CHESAPEAKE Bay Retriever Puos AK.CAIISnO!SSI". JO-03UI CHIHAUHAU AKC. M. $75. Slots. Pvt. F. puds. After 6. 342-7535 COCKER Spaniel American, male. 9 mo., akl reg. Lnampion oiooonnes. M 771-7088 COCKER Black maie 8 mo. AKC. $50. terms. 383-0941 "COCKERS 7 wks. AKC, ch. sired rAiiefl w-fhild. S45-UO. 2V?-4605. COCKER PUPPIES AKC reg. Exc. temperament sou. c jj- uti COLLIE PUPS SABLE-WH. PURE BRED AKC REG. CH. SIRE AND DAM EXCELLENT SHOW STOCK Wonderful dogs for children. Shots-wormed-health guar. $85-up 946-7770 COLLIE PUPPIES AKC 4 mo. Home raised M-I-. in -t- saoie. Absolutely must go. $75 or pfr. 255-3258 COLLIE Pups Male, AKC. 12 wks. Wormed. $40. Call RE 4-5856 COLLIE Puds, reg. tri-colored. 6 wks. oid. Sioo-si2a. ivz COLLIE pud Reg. Beautiful. Bred for temp. 54U to S3U. j-oyi COLLIE Pud AKC. 10 wks. Shdts- orrnedSle.$65TWJ162 hi I IP Qh,n nnn WonTted PVT. Ga.watcn doijs. $25. LA92015 LOLLlt CUfbSfll FAPM PlUFn 339-4083 COLLIE Tri color. F. Paoers. AKC." GO. With klOS. $00 264-4014 Days "COLLIE " duds AKC. Sables, tri's. hnts. wormed S.i5 uo. 8 5-23-5 20 "DACHSHUND pups AKC, red, blk. AKL. SOU. 02 a. nariem joo-ojt DASCHUND AKC reg. 8 wks. o.d. 1MS0J fern. $65. 312 637-584 DACHSHUND Red, male. 1 vr. old. Housebroken. AKC. $7S. GA 5-3432 "DACHSHUND Cahmo. min. 7 wk. male ouddv. Blk.-tanAKC. 867-5221 DACHSHUND AKC, 8 wks., shots. Healthy M-F.$65 ea. 841-2031 DACHSHUND Pups 9 wks. AKC. S65-UD. AfterA, Sunday: CL 3-9191 "DALMATIAN Ch. bl. line AKC. 6 wk pups, deliihtful' Your choice, S100. 824.4049 wkdvs. aft. 5. "hALMAf ION AKC. 4 mo. male. "DALMATIAN 3 mo. Male. Crown Jewel line. $o. y j-. DALMATIAN PUPPIES Shots Reo Wormed. $50-560 FR 6-2129 DALMATIAN PUPS AKC, 10 wks. F. pet & snowiuai. sou-siou. jq-tv. DOBERMAN Pinscner 2' i vrs. F. $25. No children. Phone 274D151 DOBE PUP F. 3 mo. Ears uo. Perm. Beauty! ST35. eyo-oyj ENGLISH POINTER PUPS 7 mos. Shots-wormed. Reg'd. field i Jig nc-u i.ii. "ENGXTSH pointer Prof, trained. Reg. oun dog. S253-otter. au o-u4 ENGLISH Setter Pups 10 wks. old. reg c.rereo. -vi.j ENGL. Bull Dogs Ch. sired, M.. 5 wks. Show or pet $250. PA4-4848 "ENGLISH "Setter pups 4 wks. Field reg. huners$7 231 -0051 GERMAN SHEPHERDS FINEST IN MIDWEST Pupoies and qrown guard dogs BARBARA WOODS 10360 S. Harlem 436542 GERMAN SHORT HAIR P O I N TERS Futurity nominated AKC N. G. S. P. A., registered AKC and FDSB. Started shots. Field Stk. $75-S5: Vi7-4963 "GERMAN SHEPHERDS AKC 3 F 7 mos. 1 M., 1 F.-lVi yrs. Excl. temperament. Raised with children 362-3406. . GER. Shorthair Pointer Pups AKC. r.nnH watchdoa. oet. Exc for hunt ing. $60. 5??-64?3 rcDUAM Chan, fpm AKC 15 mos. Good watchdog! Loves children. $65. call aft. :uu p. m. vo-zvz " GERMAN SHEP. PUPS $75 UP CHAMP. BLOODLINE SHOTS Phone 264-8796 aft. 7 P. m. GERMAN Sheoherd AKC bred for temperameni p:us cnaraner. vjuaitjn- Teea. 5o-up. djj "GERM. Sheo. AKC reg. M-F. All rnior Chamo bred. Pvt. owned. NW sub. $75 and up. 562-8847 r.cou thorthr. Dointer duds AKC. Excel, champ stock. Shots. Perf. for Fall. $60. 447-1273 eves, or wkends. GERMAN Shepherd 8 wks. AKC. Blk. and tan. Imported stock. Big boned. Gdtemp. $100-up339-4687 GERMAN shorthair pups, 3 males, 10 wks., AKC, aood confirmation, sell $75or trade for oun. 448-4569 GERMAN Sheoherd guard puDpies, healthy, AKC Graylane Acres, Wilm- in9tonll. 815-476-9069 GERM. Sheo. AKC. Ch and Import" sired. 8 wks. M.-F. Quality makes a difference. Guar. 5125-up. 358-1142 "GERMAN" Shepherd AKC. 7 wk. old pups. cn. sired. Blk.-silver. SI25-U0. 296-4363after 6 and week-ends. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS Champ sired. AKC. Heavy Black Saddle. Large boned. $85. 458-9793 GFRM. Shep. duds 7 weeks. AKC. Healthy. Large bones. $35. 585-8710 GERMAN Shep. Pups Rare blacks j ad sables. S75 and up. 282-2354 GERMAN SHEP'RDS AKC, Champ, sired. Lge. Pups. $100. 525-3296 GFRMAN Sheoherd Male 2 i vr. A K C. $250orbestpff er. ?66TI r.FPUN SHEPHERD PUPP E5 Real Beauties. $20 458-9793 r.FPUAN shorthair pointer M. 3"2 yr. ; field trnd. A KC.$1 25. 687-2900. GERM. Snep. Pups lpoa temp. Shots. Dewormed. $25-$50 448-2837 GER. Shep. M. 10 wks. AKC. line-bred. Arbvwd. b. and t. $125 392-3094 GER'A. short-hair pointer F. 4 vrs. AKC. Hunts well. $85. 758-9461. r.FOMiN Shenhprd cups 4 Wks. R g. Pvt. $50 and up. 581-0815 GERMAN Shepherd AKC. fern. obed. train. 2 yrs. $125. SA 1-4630. GERMAN Sheos All colors, beauts., large boned. $25. 581 -5280 GERMAN Shepherd Female AKC Registered. Born 4-1. $75. 231-3023 GERMAN Shepherds AKC. Exc. puos. 1 male, 3 fern. $35 ea. 742-6534 GER. Sheo Pedigreed 4 vr. old fern. Good watchdog. $25 448-1628 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS $20 FARM RAISED 339-4083 GFR VAN-SHEPHERD Female. 4- i mos. $35 . 722-4172 GERMAN Short Hair wks.. AKC. S40 and uo. Pointers 6 827-1730 r.FRVAM hnrt-Haired Painter M. Neutered. Gd. hunter $100. ID 3-3637 GFRMAM Sheo Puns 3 mo. Champ. lire. Show and pet. $100. 247-4050 f.FDV.AM henhprrl minnip AKC. 1 solid black. $125. RE 4-4028 GERM. sheo. puds AKC. Chamo srd. mi. fnceo to move. $60. js-joii GERMAN Sheoherd. 5 mos. Female, S10S. 555. 798-6J202 GER. SHEP White AKC. 1-vr. Schooled. Friendly. $125 437-1775 GERMAN SHEPARD Exc watch dog. Very protective. $50. 259-5372, GERMAN Sheo. 7 wks. M. and F. AKC $50. Call 278-2218 GOLDEN Retriever puopies AKC rq Chamo stock. Pedigree paoers shown on request. 2 ma e. 4 female. $150. 296-3431 or 464-3495 Dogs, Pets and Equipment GORDON setters AKC chamoionshio breeding. Beauty, brains, bird sense. $125 each. 799-7209 GREAT Pyrenees ouPDies Beaut. lge., wht. working dogs. Exc. w. kids. Sire Ch. Rogue LaRue of So lei I. SUU-SJOO. R. Boulder, Colo. Darr 1116 Marine, GREAT Danes Outstanding pure blue Dane liner out of Lollioop of Juie-mar and Blue Chip son of Iroquois Show material. Too lines. Reg. 12 wks. $250-300. Call 422-0452 GREAT DANE Brndl.; 5 yrs.; fe male; champ, cond. pprs.; gentle; reeds home; only Dane exod. people need aoply 666-8587; EV 4-9854 GR. DANE Lqe. fawn M., ch. bred. 2 yrs. Gentle, protective. Raised with children. $200 . 848-5318. GREAT Danes AKC. Ch. sired. r awn, cropped, shots. $150 . 968-1051 GREAT Danes Black and brindle. S50-UD. AKC. 798 8584 GREAT Soayed GREAT Dane 2 vrs. Pet. $75. Dane nun 9 wks. snots, cropped. AKC Female. 276-0327 F. Fawn. 562-3225 GREAT Danes F., AKC. Blk. pets. snow nans. SI25-UP. B-6I6Z IRISH Setter Pups Dam and sire. Obedience. Title and trophy winners. AKC. shots. Exc. hunt stock. Male and female. Pvt. 5100 . 721-1672 IRISH setters Hunting-show. -AKC, $75. IRISH Set.- bred in Ire. 6 mos. $300. shots. Quality. 219-932-2554 old female. I.K.C. 833-9517 IRISH SETTER PUPS 7 WKS, A KC-5HOT5-575 729-5272 KEESHONDEN Pupoies AKC ch. sired. $100. 219-255-9575. LABS. reg. Blk. and yel. AKC. 7 wks. Sire ch. Shamrock Acres Sonic Boom. Qual. bred. For bench-field. $100 up. Phone 22-0237 LABRADOR puds. Blk., .Home raised. $50-up. male and 223-5317 LABRADOR AKC. 12 months Housebroken. S50. 392-9694. old. L A B R A D OR Retriever Golden. akc. 10 mo. Male, sao. 3Bi-c38. 5 LABRADOR Black. AKC. retriever Fern. $55. 627-1431. mo. LABRADOR Retriever pups Field ch. backgrnd. AKC. $80. 279-5796 LABS 9 wks. AKC, yell. Great child and field. $75. 849-8140 MALTESE Pups AKC Champion 4JV-U5J2 $150 blood line. $100 and uo. MALTESE puos M. F. AKC. and up. AV 3-9259 or 685-8120 eves. MUTT for Loving Family. Tri-coior, 6 mos., has snots, mbt. 425-440 NEWFOUNDLAND AKC reg. 14 months. Male, HouseDroxen, aemie, loveable. $150. 928-4692 NORWEGIAN ELK HOUNDS Pups. 6 wks. Natl, sled dog and hunter of Norway. Exc disposition. Gd. with children. AKC regis. Cham- p 1 on sired. Reasona pie. 06-3414. OLD English Sheepdogs Shaaqy Pups. $200-300. esj-oxi? OLD Eng. sheepdog X-ray proven. Fantastic litter. $300. bjo-20j OLD ENGLISH sheeDdogF. 4 mos. All Shots. AKC 54UU. B4B-Q3gU PEKINGESE 2 year old, F. Hse. broken. $65 4v-4m PEKINGESE And Poodles, puds. AKC sj-up, siua serv. joj-uto POODLES PUPPIES WORLD'S TINIEST All Colors . . Stud Service unesr selection in nniowesi BARBARA WOODS 10360 S. Harlem 636-5142 POODLES Silver min. 1 male, 1 fe male. 6 wks. Home raisea. iou. Call 965-621 POODLES Standard. Silver-blacks. Also chocolates, akc 3 weens, siuu to S125. 452-7566 POODLE pups Standard. Dark choco late. $100 up. O0fl-UI4 POODLES AKC. Finest blacks or Whites. S65l , MA -43I4 POODLE Tiny Tea Cup Size. Ch. bckgd. AKC. White swan. bjo-jj "POODLES-tovs AKC registered. 1 mo. $50. 2oi-yjj "POODLE Standard. Blk. Fern. 4 mos. $125. rjJL' POODLES 6 wk. old blk. F. $35. . Also mother. V12 yrs. 6V4-2B4. POODLE Min. white m. 2 vr. old. SlOO or best otter. jio-ttim POODLES Tiny ouppies. Blk , sil.. ChOC. AKC J llliers0r4rJJ. POODLE Lge. min. Lite apricot. Ma:e. akc. aii snots. S4a. m o-g; POODLES WHITE TOY MALES. $85. Also stua service. -tt, POODLE MALE. $75 248-8590 AFTER 6 P. M. "POODLES TOY. AKC. White. Fe male, wtrn papers, siju; wnnuui, Call38?3528 POODLES TOY WHT. MALES Your choice $85. Pvt. GA 4-2997 POODLE Pub Black Min. AKC also silver male 1 yr. sou ri o-i POODLE Pups Silver toy. akc. shots. Peg. 5120. r-vi. o-jt. POODLES Sil. toys. Fern, akc. shots, 11 wks., rrno. su r-j i-juq POODLES Finest white min. Chamo sired. $150. Call 945-0457 "POODLE Std. 8 wks. Male. AKC pjiwn Anrirnt. $85. 477-0464 J i ne. bredA K C. S200 . 629-3779 KUUULC MrvC.. j. ran mos. Dark apricot. $nu. is-irt POODLE Dark mah. male, 6 mos. Toy. AKC.Petonly.S70. 423-7921 POODLES Min. Blk. Trained. Shots AKC. $70. 446-1078 "PUG Puppies AKC M. & F. fawn. 1 rare blk. F. $75. 525-4350 PUG Proven stud. Apricot w-blk- masx. siuu. Aupurn, ina. it-tj-ujj STBTrnARD 3' j vrs. AKC. Fern. $100 776-5235 bet. 9 a. m.-l p. m. ST. BERNARD F. 10 mos. AKC. caca home omy. 50. ... - ST. BERNARD Ex. nuns AKC. M.-I-. hlnnd IW. S150 UD. 562-7470 ST. BERNARD F. Ch. sired. Gnti 13 mOS. AKC. 5100. 4I4-034-J0J "ST. BERNARD Puds. AKC. S75-tio. 6 wks. y-roTT ST. BERNARD Pups Ch. sireo. A KC. $100-up. JQIiei. tna-4Bj-rjzv SAMOYEDS Tod show, breeding lines, unusually fine Pedigree $150- UD 223-8764 "SCHNAUZERS Quality miniatures, champion sired. Beautiful salt and pepper, AKC. Pedigreed pups, beautifu furnishinos, sound bone, wonderful temperament. Private. SI 25 B. 70 E. Walton 787-7483 TCHANUZERS Min. M sired by Australian import. Ears, shots. AKC. 1125 Call BE 3-6174 SCHNAUZER Min. 5 vr. old f. AKC. f-ine stock. L,a. waicnaos. n u. best of'er. OR 4-7133 SCHNAUZER Min. M. 5 mos. AKC. ch. sired. Show and stud prospect. S200 . 383-5491 SCHNAUZER sired. AKC. 125 Min. F. 8 wks. Chamo SCnNAUZERS Fern. 5 mo. Mankit sired. faDer train, sio. oi-i "SCHNAUZER Stand. F. 8 mo. AKC. shots, home-trained. $95. 434-148 SCHNAUZE R M iniature. Fern. A X C 2' jrTnn nualitv. $150 . 863-3128 "SCHNAUZER-min. M. 13 ws AKC. ea rsclipoed$l 25, 4248542 "SCHNAUZER min. pups. 4 wks SIM and up. Pvt. 595-9470 SCHNAUZERS Min. AKC. 9 weeks. rHtjAii7ES Miniatures. AKC MH.F. S75-S90. GL8-5110 r r ii ki a i iTcftc aa; F nuns. AKC. ch. s!red. $100-up. 529-4064 tru.ili7CD C.,4 main n.lDC AKC 8 mos. Ears, shots. $125. 354846? "SCOTTISH Ter. Pups And Stud. Majestic, 3749 W. 95th. GA 2-6677 SHELTIES AKC. M. Uniaue icy biues; Sea Isle-Pocono. $100. 7 wks Tomo ihnt? 223-0673 Trl-Maie. 945-5611 "SHELTIE Min. Collie, akc. ll wks. anoi. so SIBERIAN u..,.; Tuun 1 vr nlft i rwA am Ulinnprc In the rino. Raised with children. To lovin9 l ... Qti.1, an UhitB Pprfpft nuiries uii.T- "ioli. - : markings. $200. 5-S198 aitr rh 297-6054 SIBERIAN Huskie F. hlnnri linpS. 8 WkS. $100 SPRINGER Spaniel puppies L-W. sire ch. Salilvn's Aristocrat. $125. Tall 875-4480 SPRINGER Spaniel Pups 9 wks. AKC Shots. Paper-trnd. Ch. sired, nun-doa. Dam. $100. Call 731-3181 - , n c- tiiiv rnv nn FARM RAISE PJ 3394083 Pn Terrier duds u rv reg. GR 7-169 IUT MiSioj VIZLA PUPS beautiful golden rust poinieri, j .. - I .ZJ-IVIU T,.t. a r-i:.r- X mft Q I TO lilt VF T rh S 50 and UP- " 395-3163 WEIMARINER Springer Spaniel-S140 at. C-hl trnn OO-UOUO "WEST IE Pointed Pven rr2fAtSi ci.rthor Hpta k. Call 448-6CJ01 "WESt. Hiahland wh rriers-AKC. icn 3nH on 324-5134 wlcct u.ohurS Wht. Terrier. Fe. 3 rh tired AKC. S175. 424-3677 TSTiDc uAipcn Terriers Males. 5 Lb ch. sired AKC $75. 262-4882 -r..,.. r A in nui AKC t7? I nvps chi dren. 679-1622 "WIREHAIR Terrier Frisky, 2Vi yrs. o d. needs, home with k.os to Play with and Jotsof loveS55OR:1663 "VORKIE at stud 3 lbs. dark. Imp. Clu-mor Soham bldln. AKC. vr,oi5i5TpTMTier pups Vaccinated- ninrmed. S150. MO 5-1502 for appt. CT;owiiaa A mo. AKC. Loves VV. rl hiH llnp $950. 348-7413. JsiretGR FUN FOR IHt tMKic riviiLi p. ...... AximatnrA All age fun -,ih ;..ndav. Mav 19, 1968. Lom bard Community house, St Charles- rd. at Grace-ts., uoniuom, ..i. Oberience 12. noon. Confirmation 2 p m ror .nTurina.iui. .Lii.ia.i. Rarhara Walsh, Seer. 312-867-8303 Other Pets ond Equipment i nvFABLE voung cat, 7 mo., house- . . . . im n .cio hrnxen. 10 De given. li o-ojip "CUDDLY Persian champ, parents. $50 jpo- jcw p f . A.i3. c r. numn Filfpr. Gro-lux' light. S65. RE 1-7257 CATS Short fur. Striped. $5 ea. 3412 N. Janssen. 1st. sar.-sun. eve. RiiBn.FSF Kittens 6 wks. Not pedi gree. Pets. $35. 674-2333 PARROT 8 mo. old. With cage and stand, r-ooa extra. oaa-upy iamfF rat Stud Service Guar, oood blood lines. " 345-6063 3 SQUIRREL monkeys $20 Fern, skunk $20. 30, ea. 1 383-7422 AOtlARIUMS 40. 30. 20 and 10 OS I. AH accessories. $15-$7S. OR 3-3885 PERSIAN Kittens Ped. Various colors. $25 uo. 18151 459-3946 30 GALLON Fish aquarium Complete with fish. $50. AV 2-4567 Dogs, Pets ond Equipment Other Pets and Equipment PIED Cockatiels Males. $45 each; hand tamed, elegantly colored. "The Lambs" 944-4646 KORAT Kittens Cute silver rascals. cnampion breeding. Male-Female. Rare, shots. CFA. $100-up. 271-8471 PERSIAN CAT Beaut. Needs love and care. Best offer over $35. Must sell today. 425-9644. HIMALAYAN cats $75 up. Judy Wa'dmann. Rt. 2, Jefferson, Wis. 53554?.Ph.j41 4-674-3586, RUSSIAN Blue 1 yr. fern. 6 mos. M. Registerable. $100 ea. 69-6235. LOVELY Long hair kittens. Silver blue. $5. AB 4-8751 PERSIAN Kittens Beau, cameo. M F. Also blue F. $20 up. 729-1110. SIAMESE Kittens 2 Seal point. Male. 8 wks. $30 ea. GR 5-8694 BLACK PERSIAN KITTENS Ch. parents. M-F. $35-50. 283-3381 BURMESE kittens gorgeous show types. $100 uo. Ch. stud. 689-1716 SIAMESE kittens Seal Points males. 6 wks. $20. Call 334-4105 SEALPOINT SIAMESE KITS. Papers. $30 each. 585-0026 HIMALAYAN Kittens Seal Blue. M.-h. LAII 44-5301 SIAMESE cat 3 months point. Male. $30. old. Seal-928-5225 SIAMESE kittens Seal pt. Reg. 9 wks. Affectionate. $25. PR 9-1289 SQUIRREL MONKEY Young male with cage. $35. 722-4172. Miscellaneous For Sale "MODERN Welding Practice" Book S3, welding fire-proof lacket $8, 2 prs. Khaki Enolish iodohurs $25, 1 pr. English britches $15, 1 English saddle S30, 1 pr. English ridinq boots $15, 1 electro lunch box $5. Call: 219-397-1975 BSMT. SALE Sold home. Mangier, elec. sewing machine, furn. oictures. dishes, glassware, fiction, law. ac counting books, clothes, small appliances, misc. household items. Sat., Sun. 10-4. 6228 N. Lawndale. 2 10'6"xl3' RUGS $35-575; French prov. chr. w-qr. damask $20; club chr. $15; dual cof. tble. w-Sheppard casters S100; couch w-ooen end, w-brn. and beige tapestry $40; odd lamos and elec. misc. items $6 to $15; Drapes $25-$35. Di 8:6092 BOOKS AND Recordings Courts from Success Motivation Institute personal planner. Sales manager motivation kit. Vaues up to $450. No .reasonable offer refused. 544-3540 CUTTING TOOLS ALL KINDS Drills, Reamers, Cutters C'Bores, Taos and Tool Bits. 75c a Pound. We Trade for Old Electric Trains SUNDAY 10-2 or EVENINGS 5-7 3035 S. P1TNEY-CT. CL 4-7011 CLOSE OUT MERCHANDISE Gifts, household tools, toys, etc. 50 OR MORE OFF WHOLESALE. Guild Sales Co. 2424 Milwaukee HOSPITAL bed $100. Patient lift $100. Hospital night stand, $25. Chrome walker, $10. Wheel chair. SS0. Phone 928-9154 GARAGE Sale Must Sell! Misc. turn., rugs, lamps, pictures, drapes, bedding, dishes, glassware, clothing, 10c-$20. OR 3-0825 A.-FLYER Trains 12 engs., 65 cars. 13 sw. Many access. 4 trsfrm. $135 cash or will take 3 rail trains In trade. Pvt. Call 777-5849 HOSPITAL bed Elec. side rails. trapeze, $75. Folding wheel ch.i walker, commode all for $60. 6022 N. Kenmore 1-AMER. Cleaning Corp. commercial type vacuum cleaner w. attachments. .Only 3 mo. old. Pert. cond. $125. 355-9377 ELEC. oven Motor, rad. Stereo TV console, marble table, chairs, china. 900 Lake Shore, Apt. 803. Sun. 11 a. m. to 3 p. m. WESTINGHOUSE oehumidifier, $40. Kenmore humid., S25. Lk. new. 463-2992 RELAXACIZOR Used once. 4 con- trols. S340 new, now $250. 938-8443 between 12 and 5, all day Sat. KENTUCKY Blue grass seed 95i pure. 65c per lb. Free delivery over 50 lbs. 296-8918 UNCIRCULATED Washington quart. Retail value $550. Will sell $400. 1 932-64. After 9 a. m. FA 4-0614 MOOSE head Extra large horns. Good cond. cost szoo to mounr. Will sell for $100. WE 9-2040 GARAGE Sale 2 vr. old. -stv.rfrig. T.V. Mangle, etc. 299-45J4. 2V4 a. Wi'kins. Pes Plaines. METAL RADIATOR Covers. $10-$2O. 11,000 Btu. air cond., $125. Complete aquarium setup, $30. 736-6950 5 FT. Port, bar Good cond. $30. Apt. size oil stove, very good cond., $35. 423-7921 RELAX-A-CIZOR 4 dial elec. w.-acces.,$100. 489-5137 "COUCH, $75 Fans . S10 ea. Air cond., S100. Tools, S25. HE 4-4838 "NEVER-used drafting outfit with adjustable table. $50. 335-3813 MOVING Buggy, $35; clothing, $1 up: dishwasher, $80, etc 827-2776 1 TENT 9x18 and 1-wheel box" tra He r, $1 00. 678-4361, PIANO books on opera music and its' . history. $35. 323-2276 ALMOST new 4 d;al Relax-a-cisor. , Elec. All access. $150. 588-6039 ALUMINUM Pipe '.2 inch. 10c a ft. IN 8-4064. GAS stove, baby's dressing tbl.. 2 pwr. mowers. $10 each. 771-9122 BRUNETTE human value. $85-best offer. hair fall $125 TU 9-1808 CAB. MODEL TV Needs work, $15. Vacuum cleaner $12. Phone 636-4365 WASHING" Mach. S25. and extension" ladder. $12. 848-3284 ROLLTOP desk, Maytag wmgr.-wshr. $60 . 40" Range S40. 424-8119 5 PCS. Samsonite matched luggage. $100. 933-1648 aft. 6:30 buggy French 23-963Q EQUIP. Various 833-7259 Circulating Pump 588-289 tools $275 543-7449 I Ja LIKE new Storkline provincial crib. $65. "BEAUTY SHOP items. $15-$75. B & G Hot Wtr. $15; blower mtr. $5. "3" "CRAFTSMAN power orbesrofter. 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IB, Page f CLIFFORD ASKS 420 MILLIONS FOR ARMS AID Cites Growing Unrest in Moscow Camp BY PHILIP DODD tChicago Tribune Press Service Washington, May 17 Secre- tary of Defense Clark M. Clifford told Congress today strong ties between the United States and noncommunist European and middle eastern countries would encourage eastern European nations to i free themselves from commu nism. Clifford appeared for the first time as defense chief before the Senate foreign relations committee. He urged approval &tJ AP Wirephoto Clark Clifford testifying before Senate foreign relations committee. Sad Good-by AP Wirephoto Wife and children of Sgt. Orville Fisher of Madison bid a tearful good-by to Dad, a member of 826th ordnance company of Wisconsin national guard. Sgt. Fisher and his unit will train in Kentucky before departing for Viet Nam. The unit was one of 70 summoned to meet demands of the war. of the Johnson administration's request for 420 million dollars for foreign military aid in the year beginning July 1. Clifford said approval of the request would give the Penta gon 500 million dollars for military aid, 80 million being available from expected reimbursements and funds left over from previous years. Most for 5 Nations Of the total, the secretary said, 365 million dollars was earmarked for five countries whose geographical positions exposed them to a communist threat Greece, Turkey, Iran, South Korea, and Nationalist China Formosa. Clifford said the ferment in eastern Europe, where communist governments have been showing increasing independ ence of Moscow domination, made it imperative to . "tinue aid to Greece and Turkey and cooperation with other North Atlantic Treaty organization countries. "We'd do well not to rock our boat in that area," Clifford said. "It is desirable for us to maintain relations with them eastern European countries and our NATO allies. If they see free nations v,c ung together, they will have a greater incentive to be free." Raps Aid to Greece Sen. Claiborne Pell D., R. I. criticized American aid to Greece, now ruled by a military junta. 'At the moment we are not supplying important military equipment to Greece, Clifford said, "but we should continue to regard Greece as a sturdy ally and continue help. NATO as an organization is more important than the type of government a member has. If we based aid on the type of government a country has, NATO would disintegrate." Clifford said that a growing Soviet Union naval presence in the Mediterranean was a threat to the security of Greece. Asks Infiltration Rate Sen. Albert Gore D., Tenn. came closest to raising the war issue when he asked Clifford how many North Vietnamese troops were in South Viet Nam and what the infiltration rate from the north was. Clifford cut Gore off by saving that information had been supplied to Sen. J. William Fulbright D., Ark., the com mittee chairman, m a top secret letter. Fulbright was not present today. KOREAN REDS WARNED ABOUT MISJUDGEMENT PANMUNJOM, Korea, May 17 Uft The United Nations command warned North Korea today that communist miscalculation of the situation in Korea may bring serious consequences to both sides. United States Army Ma. Gen. Gilbert H. Woodward told the 270th meeting of the joint military armistice commission that there now "exists a grim possibility of miscalculation" and "the danger of this miscalculation is twofold." He made the statement after enumerating border incidents he said were initiated by the communists along the demilitarized zone. Woodward told North Korean Maj. Gen. Pak Chung Kook, "We have no aggressive inten tions, but the U. N. command is determined to defend the Republic of Korea and to insure the security of its per sonnel. Be absolutely certain that any aggression from the north will be met with appro priate response." PANAMA GUARD WILL 0. K. PICK OF VOTE BOARD By BARRY BISHOP Latin America Correspondent Chicago Tribune Press Service PANAMA CITY, May 17 The national guard announced today that it would respect the election board's decision when it proclaims the winner of last Sunday's disputed presidential election. Arnulfo Arias, the opposition candidate, contends unofficial tabulations show him the win ner over David Samudio, pro-government candidate, by a margin of almost 15,000 votes. Samudio, former finance minister in the present government, asserts he is ahead by more than 5,000 votes. Usually for Government Heretofore, Gen. Bolivar Val-larino, the national guard commander, has been stanchly pro-government. The election board will begin canvassing results tomorrow. Arias controls six of the 10 voting members of that board. Two others are the non-voting secretary and the president who votes only in case of a tie. Nothing is certain in Panamanian politics but the scales seem to be weighing toward Arias after Gen. Vallarino said the guard would respect the election board's decision. ELGIN GIRL, 15, WINS ILLINOIS HISTORY AWARD Springfield, 111., May 17 (CPD A junior high school girl from Elgin and a high school boy from Toledo, 111., today were named winners of the Illinois Historical society sesquicenten-nial awards. Faye Ginsburg, 15, of Abbot Junior High school, Elgin, and Brad Edwards, 15, sophomore at Cumberland High school, Toledo, received two week-long trips to Washington, District of Columbia, and colonial Williamsburg. They were honored for writing the best of 67 ses-quicentennial articles appearing during the year in the historical society's publication, "Illinois History." Gov. Kerner presented the two top awards at the 20th annual student historian award day program at the Illinois State fairgrounds. Impeachment Is Barred Only a few weeks ago, Gen. Vallarino, the military strong man of Panama who many say really runs the country, stayed fast with the government of President Marco Aurelio Robles and barred opposition efforts to impeach the president and replace him with Max Delvalla, first vice president who had broken with the administration earlier. Observers believe it may be many weeks before official results are known. Other rumors, as quickly denied by the government, have it that some excuse will be found to cancel the election possibly because of fraud. TOMAN DECIDES STATE AID WAS MURDER VICTIM Coroner Andrew J. Toman confirmed yesterday that Charles R. Meader, state auditing employe found dead in the Sherman House Thursday, died of strangulation by two neckties knotted around his neck. Toman said a chemical analy sis to determine the type of instrument used to cause a two- inch cut in the victim's head will be available in about 10 days. Meader, 45, of Springfield, was found by a maid several hours after he left the hotel's Dome lounge. Police said there were no signs of a struggle in his room. Homicide detectives were at tempting to trace Meader s movements thru the hotel on Wednesday and Thursday. CAIN CHARGES 'POLITICS' IN HIS INDICTMENT Richard Cain, former chief investigator for the sheriffs office, charged in federal District court yesterday that the indictment accusing him of conspiracy to conceal a bank robbery is a "political, not a criminal indictment." The accusation came after Judge Julius J. Hoffman, of federal District court, urged Cain, who has insisted on representing himself, to retain an attorney. Cain had filed a motion to interview two federal prisoners and two state prisoners, as prospective witnesses in his case. Judge Hoffman declared the motion improper, and said: "You are too smart not to have a lawyer." Cain replied that an attorney representing him may suffer political reprisals. He and six syndicate members are charged with conspiracy to conceal a 1964 Franklin Park bank robbery in which $43,097 was taken by four armed bandits. SHOSTAKOVICH OUT; SVIRIDOV GETS HIS JOB MOSCOW, May 17 Reuters Dmitri Shostakovich was replaced today as chairman of the Russian Federation Composers' union by his former student, Georgi V. Sviridov, 53, onetime Stalin prize winner. Shostakovich, 61, who was frequently criticized during Stalin's reign for his modernistic approach to music, proposed the younger composer as his successor. Both composers have given public support to Kremlin cultural policies. Shostakovich had a stroke in 1966, and has since broken a leg. Sviridov, who comes from Kursk in central Russia studied under Shostakovich at the Leningrad conservatory. He has specialized in oratorios in recent years, writing works to poems by Sergei Yesenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Boris ' Pasternak. Hot Wheels UPI Photo This youngster intently watches toy cars at 1968 American Toy fair recently held in New York City.

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