Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD |Tb« world admires tli« perfrei Hani Not ••nrage, dfjtnlty, or muscular development alone, tat that «v!>tlc and wonderful force knowa to SEXUAL VITALITY which IB the fflory of Mi«nho<wl—thfl ^rlde of both old »nd youDfc, but there are thousanda of men •uttering the mental tortures ot a w< iMmnliooit, shattered nervei, and •uam.1 power who can be cured by our Magical Treatment which may DO tak?n at home under our direction! or we win pay R. R. fare and hotel bills tor tnoso who wish to come here. If we /all to cure. We have no free prescriptions,free cure or C.O.D. fake. Wo hare 9250,000 capital and jruaraMfe to cure eTery Guc we treat or refund every dollar you pay us, or lee may be deposited la any btnk to he paid ni When a cure Is effected. Write for full partlculari. HTAT£ XKltlCAl* CO., OmuUa, Neb. NO HUHBUH HKKE. Fn(!orsfi)in4 in What Couuts ttiih L-Kitn.-porl People. LODD POISON B A SPECIALTYondurrorTep llary U^UOIi J-UISON permanently cured In 15 to35 days. You can be treated at nomofomame price under smie jru:i runty. If j-oupri-fertocomohero wewilleon' tracttopayrailroadfareandhotclbills and nocharpe, if we full to cure. If you have taken mer- -• , tudlde —*" " out, It it this Secondary" 15LOOO we £uarantee to cure. Wo solicit the mo«t obstinate cii6C» and cnalleiige the world for a £"!£ W i1P«™n<?tcu«i. This disease h:is always D»nieuthttRkill of the most eminent jihvsi- clar,g. »500,000 capital behind our unwn'al- Woniilimarimty. Absolute proofssentsoulca on •opllentkin. Address COOK KBMEDY CO- 6JJiltt,oDic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL. EXCURSIONS To Indianapoli Nov. 14, 16 and 18, via Pennsylvania Lines. YOT I. O, O. F. StatelMeetinge (Grand Encampment, Nov. 16th—Grand Lodge, Nov.l'th mad 18th), low rate excursion tickets will be •old to Indianapolis, November 15th and loth from ticket stations on Pennsylvania Lines in Indiana, and November 17th from stations not exceeding:.]00 miles from Indianapolis Return tickets valid Frlcay, November 18th. Tale of Stanley's Wooing. Prom th.9 Chicago News: A prettj story is told of how Henry M. Stanley wooed and won Miss Dorothy Tennant Miss Tennant was the original of Sir Tou can't fool the public all the time. John Milais' famous picture, "Yes or They-win rind > cm out at \us-i No?" It seems that Stanley had asked Every time a man is footed. the question and the reply was "No." Another skeptic it made. The great explorer went to Africa again the remedy that makes the skeptic-. end ^^ gey&ral years murne d to It rails to keep its prom.,* London to find himself the most talked Kidney PiiLs brings renewed faith. •" Tb,y cure the r k,p, iC . ° f man Of tne da >'' The thou S ht ° £ Pk'niy of proof orihis at home Mla « Tennant was still uppermost in Cure-it:/..i^siiy ihuj cure backache. his mind. When he met her at a re- Cure nrirmry disorders, ception she made conversation by ask- Cure sick kidneys 'ing him, "Do you find London much hxpenenre nas tauifiu them th!s is <-o. changed, Mr. Stanley?" "No. I haven't Conviction tor t-vcr>- suffc-rt-r. found London changed and I'm not in UKMe.-umc.iy of lYi.nd* and neighbors. change(J ^ther," returned ^ exp]l>r . Mr'TDu^l^Urond^y, cw tractor in ! « r ' 7 lth his U3UaI intrepidity, "have imperin* HII i paim'.'ff sHys: " Aitboi^h I! y° u? " " Yes - rm changed," answered dislike taking rm^kine u« im.ch as anyone,; Miss Tennant, softly. A few days later still 1 was forced to i; uii account of my kid- j Milais received a note from his former ni-ys, Cfiufinir me so much trcuble for ihe patt ; subject, beginning, "My Dear Sir John flvu or sii years Ht«v. worn while I as m —The momentous question has been at tlib grocery busings. U!id ihe nature of my J ast decided. It is a joyful and triUTO- prebuut work, tlj.u of n painter, bundling u-ir- ! peiitiiH:. wlix li is »i-i-y hard on the kicueys, is j resiKjuoib.e lor ii,y c-ondit on. Wlien working- inbioi; lit nouif nni-ijiiijf, it is necessary to FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These we the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co,, Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. keep tae doo/ts una windows closed, and a clay or iwo of illis kind of work is all 1 can stand, us my kiiim-yMu-e in sucli a bad condition. Even less thiin tbiit aiwiiya rtsuiid m a very severe biekuehc. One day 1 went to Kec-s- liiur's drug .^tort-find frot Uoiin's Kidney I'il.u, a* 1 WUH told louuy jjtople hue been cured by their use. I hud wnly taken a fa dosc-e when ! wad bunefltted. audeoniinuel the treutmunt until 1 tonk tbe whole uox, 1 liis WHS some time M(,-O. and frutu my experk-nce 1 am more convinced than ever ibat they are a Hne rt-inedy." Ujun's Kidney Pills are for fale by nil dealers, price iOc prr box Sent by mail on receipt 01 price by Foster-Milburn Co .Buffalo N. >'., sole agent* fo- the U.S. Hemember the name Dunn's and take no other. He JSTevcr Did, HOT? !tfoz»rt Composed HU "Reqnlem.*' If it had not been for a presentiment Mozart would probably never have composed his immortal "Requiem." One day, while he was sitting alone, lost in a melancholy reverie, a stranger entered the room, and, laying a handsome sum of mon»y on the table, requested him to compose a "Requiem" In memory o' a d«ar friend who had Just died. Mozart ajrreed to do so, and he btgan work at once. Night and day he labored with extraordinary zeal, until finally his strength gave way and te became 111. When his wife tried to cheer him he said brusquely: "It's no us*. I composed that 'Requiem' for myself, and It will be played at my funeral." Nothing could rid his mind of this id»a. Nay, he was even con- Tlnoed that the stranger was a. visitor from the oth«r world, who had come to warn him of his approaching end. So he worked at tha "Requiem" until it pras finished, but when the stranger came for It Mozart was dead. A Thine to Bouc Off. ifchoolfellows learn each others' fall- Ings if nothing else, and recall after y«ars of separation the characteristic thing about an old seat-mate. Two men who had been at school together when they were boys met. and talked of old times. "By the way," said one, "I saw Smith when I was out at Seattle." "Did you? And what was he bragging about when you saw him?" "He was braggin gabout his modesty Just at that moment." ''Dear old Smith! Just like him!" NOT GHOSTS. Bow Strange Figaro* Occur oa Photo* (raph NigfttlTM. Some unexplained mysteries of photography, most of which seem to depend on some previous exposure of a plate, without the owner's knowledge, either to light or to some form of chemically active dark radiations, are thus described in the American Journal of Photography: "It is no uncommon experience to find upon new plates certain images of which there g«ems to be no possible explanation, their startling and unaccountable appear'-nce being 'wropt in mistry-,' causing astonishment not unmixed with uncanny feelings. A gentleman made an exposure upon the interior of a friend's house; he was doubtful of the time, and proceeded to develop for under-exposure; to his great surprise the plate developed quickly and to his greater surprise the image was an interior quite different from that upon which he had exposed. The plate was from a fresh box and could not possibly have had a previous exposure. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER ETHING b«» Tv.--^;?2! Ts.T-.-A /• -•V?'^: !v.c!i:'.ce of the world's best cleanser u-i.i-1. stiM irT-.-Li^ri-i-'iiinnii- in 4-pound i X. K. FA 1KBASK COMPANY, -• ' • "-'• - Yivk. Boston, l'l Hi Sh —I wish I had poker. —Probably you never CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. LCATB for ChioBgo*3:15 n m ;*5:30 a m ;*1:25 p m *2:00pm;"4:80pm. Arrive from Chicago *1:00 a ra;*12:30p m,*l:0« p m: "1:40 p m: *8:16 p m. BIIADFORD AND COLUMBDS. Le»^eforBredford*l:15a m;t7:40am; -1:45 p m-t4:30p m. Arrive from Bradford *S:OOaa; tlO:20 am •1:20 p m: t4:15 p m. zrrsEK DIVISION. L*«Tefr>rKfftiert8:OOam; t9:00» m-ta:05p m 5pm Sunday only, AITlve from Kffner "7:35 am;+1:03 p m: 12:45 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. LMTB tor Richmond n :20 a m: t5 :SO a m; *1 ::0 pm;+2:20p m. ArrtTe from Rlobmond *2:65 a m; t.U :00 a m •l:50pm;+ll:20pm. IMWANAPOLI3 AND LOUI8VILI.I. LMLV« for Loulivllle *12:55 a m; *1:05 p m. ArriTe from Loulivllle *3:05 a m; *1:56 p m. j. A. MCCULLOUGH, Agent, Logaogport, Ind. LOOAN8POKT • O. IABT BOUND. I N f and Boston 11m (itlly) „... s.-l I a-u »»«t mall (dally) 9:48 a,n Atlantic Sz.dally except Bun. 4:56 p, a, W»8T BOT/ND. Paolflo Ki^ dally except Sunday..10: It) a. a Kansas City Express (dally) 2:40 p. a 1 Fast Mall (dally) 8:13 p, m I It. Louis Limited (dally) 10:14 p. n IBL BOTH DIVISION. WlSTgrDE, B1TWMSK LOOA»IIPOKT AHD CHILI. WIST lOnMt). 1(0.16 _ Arrives........ S:SO a. c Ko. 87 ~ Arrives-.,..,,..,, S:SO p r •A8t 10UMD. •0. M —-Leaves 9:05 a, n. HO.M ^.-....Leaves 8:46 p. o. VAN DA LI A LINE. Time T»blo, In effect Sept. 28,1897. TralB> Leave Lorfcanport, Imdlmji*. FOR THE NORTH No. 8 -.10:36 a. m. Ko.8 - - - S:S(i p. m. FOR THE SOUTH. Ko. « 7:05 a. m. HO, S S:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, Rlvitxg all trains and stations, and for full Information as K> rate*, through cars, etc., address 1. C. BDOIWOBTH, apent, Logansport or K C FORD, General Passenger Agent, St. LOIL'J. Mo. R. & W. Time Table. Peru, Ind. Solid trains between Peori& and Sandusky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connections to and from all points in the United Itatw and Canada. iRHTVI SOUTH BOUiTD DKPABT No 21 \ndlanapolls Exp dally 7 :10 a m U:«lamNo2S " Mail Jt Eiplll:SS a m (dal !y except Sunday) No* Xndpl's Krp ex Hun..... 3:25 p m »:Jt p m No S» Passenger exeept ban No 1S1 RochMttr local arrlv* :4S f m except Sunday, NORTB BOUKD. *. <:45pm :•• m Ho M D*tr«h Kxp MX Bni N» 110 Acoom eioept Sun... f:45aiB •Dost not rua mortk or* P»m on Sunday. •u ttokM rmtM •a<U*»«r«l Inf onmaUon-oall ~ ~ ' , Uotot ajfvmt L. X. * W. Jlao and Bear Fight a Da el. Cy De Vry, animal keeper at Lincoln Park, Chicago, fought a desperate fuel recently with a big brown bear. The man was armed with a slight whip, bruin with the weapons nature gave him. For a sb.ort time it looked as if the infuriated beast would kill his keeper, and hundreds of spectators crowded around the pit. shrieked with terror. Finally De Vry struck the animal a terrific blow and managed to get out of the cage. Then the low of hlood from his wounds made itself felt and he fainted. The bear bit a Urg« chunk out of the keeper's leg. H« will be laid up for two or three w»«ks. A Colored 1Cconomt*t- "John," said a Georgia farmer to one of his field hands, "you ought to b« laying up something now. I pay you 60 cents a day." "Tee, iuh." "Well, how much do yon save out of itr "Forty-ave cents, suh." "Is that all ?" "Good God, Marse Tom! I got to live on de balance!"—Atlanta OonMl- tutlon. Proof. AB the man In the white flannel suit went by she turned away and also turned up her nose. "He doesn't amount to anything aa tennis player," she said, contemptuously. "How do you know?" demanded her country cousin, who wa« not posted in •uch matters. "Why, h« doesn't turn up the besoms of his trousers," she replied with conviction.—Chicago Post Bfoon'g Phfti4«« A man named Moon was presented with a daughter by hia wife recently; that was a new Moon. The old roan was so overcome with joy that he got drunk; that was a full Moon. When he got sober he had but tweaty-flva cents left; that was the last quarter of the full Moon. But when the old lady Bet him with the rolling pin there was a total eclipse of the Moon, with myriads of stars in the scenery. A Pacific Settlement. Youth's Companion: An unsettled boundary question has for some years disturbed the relations of Peru and Bolivia: and the question assumed a threatening aspect a few months ago, when Bolivia occupied by force territory which Peru claims as he own. Wiser coun««ls have prevailed, however, and the two republics have submitted their dispute to the arbitration of tk« qu«en recent of Spain. Th« Ol«T«r Sultan. -Wflat are your •ommande, sire?" "Jwt enlarge the harem by about Ifty new jirls." "That will make about a hundred and a«v«nty, gire." Te*. I guess wh«n I *et »ix«4 vy with that crowd they'll tod It pr«ttr hard to hit me with a W»b." -Clirr*- Ptata-Itaaler. UftM tb* Bt»t« »*•«•* COM*. Di*I»—Canon arvar* pay* M fe* h« not? New England Erudition. Oc a telegraph pole in the suburbs of a New England village is tacked this notice: "LOST—Between here and the post- office, a real lady's hair switch black mixt with gray with shoe string tied around one end the above which please return to the postmaster and git 50 cents with thanks of owner who needs It badly and will be thankful for the kindness of any Lady or gent who will return what cannot be of no use to them, but which is a needcessity to her." Reed and HI* Typewriter. Speaker Tom Reed has been learning to use a typewriter, and often practices on the machine in the ways and means committee room. One day after the assistant secretary of the treasury had been telling the committee about the finances of the country Reed sat down to the typewriter and gave to Bourke Cockran the following Interesting opinion on what he thought had been the result of the conference with the Democratic committee: —x—qwerty SXBBBBMNHTG?] !*..*• 8x77-7-11. Disqualified. TJabsley—"Well, I suppose your son will soon begin his last year in college." Parks—"No; he isn't going back this fall." Dabsley—"Oh, that's too bad. He ought to go through, now that he's got along to the last year. What's the matter?" Parks—"Why, didn't you know that he had had a fever and that Ms hair had all coaie out?"—Cleveland Z^ader. BUmnrck'M JR«tort. Bismarck, who had worn himself out "Another instance of this kind, hav- | j n ^ e service of Germany and of his ing quite a sensational and tragic end- j emperor, rarely referred to his labors Ing, is on record. An exposure was j f or ths Fatherland. One morning he made upon a view havlng-a river in the foreground. The photographer, while developing this peculiar plate, was perfectly astounded by an appearance which he had not seen while taking ;he photograph and for which he could n no way account. On completing the development there was plainly revealed, in the .foreground of the picture, ;he figure of a woman, apparently float- Ing upright in the water. Not many weeks after, to complete the mystery, the body of a woman was found in the' river at the exact spot where the photograph had been taken. Again, not long since, the daily papers were agitated over the account of a traveling photographer who, upon making an exposure upon the exterior of a reputed haunted house, discovered at one o the windows a portrait of the murdere man through whom the house ha gained its evil name. In another cas three distinct images, having no con nection one with the other, were im pressed upon a single film. The plat was exposed upon a garden In the even Ing—nothing remarkable being seen— but when placed in the developer man's hat of old-faahioned shape, child's dress and a dog were diutrib uted over the image of the garden Such mysterious images were mon common in, the days of wet plates than now. "A few years back Prof. Burton in vestigated the matter. Upon tracing back the history of the glass he fount that it had been used for other films and that the images which appeared undoubtedly arose fro7n the remains 01 previous imageg. The old glass was thus proved to be the source of the ghosts; it only deepened the scientific mystery, while it cleared away the supernatural. The glass traced by Burton had been washed for some weeks immersed in strong nitric acid, anc every means taken to insure chemica! cleanliness, yet, in spite of all this enough energy remained latent to form a developable image upon the new film, whether by chemical or physical force remains to be discovered. A. Th«atre Hat That .Fc!d« Vp. A remedy has been devised for the matinee hat Of late a collapsible hat has been brought out, not quite on the principle of the opera hat, but practical In a way, as the brim divides in the center of the back and front and folds over the crown, which enables it to be packed much more easily. The openings fasten beneath 'rimmings. Fulioma. "Why does the average clergyman think himself bound to indulge in such fulsome praise over a man's coffin?" "Search me." "Were you at Jinks' funeral? No. Well, the minister actually got up and said that Jinks rode the best wheel that ever was built Faugh!"—Detroit Journal. Twenty-Four O'clock In Beldam. Concerning ths change to the 24-hour system of time notation on Belgian railways, the minister of state railways Issues the following notice: "The naming of the hours of the day will be made from 0 to 24. By reason of the adoption of this new regulation, the indication M (matin—morning) and E (soir —evening) appearing in the official railway guide will be suppressed. The minutes comprised between midnight and 1 o'clock in the morning, such as 12:02, 12:13 and 12:47, will be Indicated by a zero followed by a period and by the number of minutes corresponding, viz, 0.2, 0.14 and 0.47. Midday will be always indicated by 12. Midnight will be indicated, according to the circumstances, by 0 or 24. For a train which leaves a station exactly at midnight, it will be written that it leaves at 0 of the day during which the train is in movement. For a train whJch arrives at a station exactly at midnight, it will be written that it arrives at 24 of the day during which the train has been in movement. The dials of all the station clocks will be completed by the addition of the figures 13, 14, * * » 24 placed, respectively, Just beneath the existing figures. 1, 2, * * * 12." An Aca.dem.T'0 Centennial. A few of the academies for which New England was famous in days gon« by ::urvive, and one of them.the Peacham academy, in Vermont, has just celebrated its centennial by guns at sunrise and a dinner at noon, at which th* alumni ate and glorified the institution's past. Kaifly Ple«4ed Otrt. George—"DearaBt, I would gladly lay the whole world at your feet if It were possible." Qraoe—"W«ll, as it lan't practicable, why not compromise •& a honeymoon T" 1897 NOVEMBER. 1897 Su. Mo. Tu. i 2 We. 8 14 15 21 28 22 29 9 10 16 23 30 17 Th. 11 18 25 Fr. 12 19 26 Sa. Thl* ThUf It Ecccntfl*. San Francisco has probably one ot the most peculiar thieves in the coua- try. He ii William H. Kinney, a middle-aged Australian, who takes any- and the Emperor William were riding j thing In «Sght when drunk and than together in the park. The? had not gone far whtn Bismarck complained of fatigue. The emperor, who was quite fresh, said somewhat testily: "How is It that, though I am an older man. thaa yourself, prince, I can always outride you?" Bismarck's reply was as reproachful aa it was epigrammatic. "Ah, sire,'* he said, "the rider always outlasts th» horse." when »obor fires hims«lf up t»> police. Ten years of his llf« have •pent In jail for petty thefU. of whlrt. no one would have kcowii but for hi* voluntary confession. Only a few days ago he waa released from jail after serving six months, but yesterday h* saw a nickel-in-the-slot machine in a saloon, a-nd when the barkeeper's back was turned lie stole it and pawned th* machine for 75 cants. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of the Pennsylvania Llnef will furnish Information refrardfn? Home- Seekers' Excursions to various point* in the Northwest, West Southweei and 8Auth. It will pay to Investigate if you contemplate • trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. W. .Richardson District Passenger A,-ent IndUnapolis.Ind 13 20 27 Home Excursion FOR November and December '97 -THR- - ave authorized reduced rates to many oints in the "West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. 'or particulars, call on or address C, G. Newell, Apt, Logansport, Ind. Route, California Limited. A New York exc.tange says that during a gale which ravaged, the Atlantic coast, the Short Beach life-saving station on Long Island was aroused to rescue four men in a small sloop about half a mile from shore. After a tedious and perilous trip, the surf boat reached the sloop, and the crew found on board four men benumbed with, cold, and half starved. When brought to a place ct safety and thawed out , , , . , , they told their story. Thay had be*n ! Arrangements have been perfected for a out on a gunning trip on the Sound, j ^ne of Semi-weekly Pullman ^\ estibuled, and when overtaken by Che storm had ' Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping taken refuge in a deserted shanty, j Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles. Their provisions irere soon exhausted,, Cal mnnitts . throush without change, and also their fuel, wid, although 1 ~ "- . perfectlv aware of their p«b, they set! The£e cars wm Ieave fct ' LoulS eTer ? sail again, in hopes of bringing up at j Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 some place where they could get pro-' p. m.. arriving at Los Angles. Saturdays Tisioas. As a ccraseqnsoce of such ; gjnj Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet rashness they cam« ne*r losing their i Smoking c : r ^ Dinn j :ag C ar are at' tached to this train at Kansas City, run' ning through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, yia this line. For berth reservations etc. ,call on or address lives. The captain of the life savers remarked afterward tiat It was a pity to riik the lives of roo4 Men to aa.T» th* liTfes of conflnaed idiot*. »ecei>tion tkfc. I doat know a soul Lor*." Tfa. Hog»-"NeIti«r i» u to Km**. (4Uinc in country lolfe op gkua ot muddy rain wator}— ri*k tW, m«rt yrittnr Snaarfnm *o TOH wmah it ton C.B.NewEll,Agt. WABASHR.R, , Ind. The Central Passenger Association I00<! Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is for Bale at principal Ticket Offices of The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored rne year from date of sale, for Exchange i icktte over either of the following named Lines: Ann Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio. Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago A: Eastern Illinois, Chicago &;Wes'. Michigan, Cincinnati & Muskingrum Valley, Cincinnati, Haailton & Dayton, Cleveland & Marie-ta, Cleveland, Canton & t-ouihern, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago 4:8t L Cleveland, Loraln & Wheeling, Cleveland Ternjiml & Valley, Columbus, BocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandueky &HoeldDg, Detroit; & Clevelacd Steam NavJjration, Detroit. Grand Eaplds & Western. Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Citisburg;. E^ansvlile & Indianapolis, Ev»nsTilie &Terre Haute. Findi'.y. Fort Wsyne & Western. Flint & Pere Marquette, Grand HapWs & Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Naihville, Between Louisville tc Cincinnati and between St. L and Evangvllle Louisvii;e, Evansville & 8t Louis, Louisville, Henderson & St Louis, Michltran Central. Yoik, Chicago & St Louis. Ohio Central Lines, 'ennsylvama Lines West of Pittsburgh Peorla, Decatur &KvanBvillc, 'ittsburg & Lake Erie. Pittsburjr & Western, 'ittsburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louis & Kansas City, randalia Line, Wabash Railroad, iftnesviUe & Ohio river. The price nf th' se tickets are Thirty Dollars ach. They are not transferable ;f the ticket s used in its entlrcrj and exclusivelr by the riirinal purcbas'T. a rebate of Ten Dollars Is aid by 'the Commissioner of the Central Pa«- enger Association, E. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. PitlSburg, Pa Sept 30,189T ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by th«M UttlePilla. Tbcy also rclicre Disbtsifrom Dyspeprfa, adigtstion and Too Hartj Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizzmcu, Kataea, Drew*, en, Bad Taste in tie Mouth, Coated To**"" 'ain in the Side, TORP1CD LIVER. Ttaf Ref»l»t« th« Bowbla. f tarety Vegciablft, •owl PH. tmaf

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