Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 13, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 10
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?nbH«hed Kvery Evening lAxaept Sunday) by EBB NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* 2128 and 1129 All Entered as second clan matter at the port office in Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month ...S1JO 1 Year M amber: American Newspaper Pub. AM > H N. K. Daily Newspaper Pub. Ara*n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Aaa'n THURSDAY. OCTOBER 13, W49 Wanted: Police Radio Just as regularly as Halloween and the New Year there is raised the question each year In Naugatuck: "Why no radio communications system for the police department?" It's a good question. The annual answer is given in dollars and cents and tax comparisons. Even unto this late date the annual answer has been negative, despite estimates that the cost would be less than half a mill on the tax list. And an offer of a fraternal organization, The Elks, to help stand the initial expense of essential equipment was allowed to pass unaccepted. Communities of smaller size and population than Naugatuck have gone modern to the extent of recognizing the inadequacy and obsoletion of the signal system in use for all these many years between headquarters and the emeregncy patrol cars. Many have installed radio systems; others have made excellent use of central equipment of state or nearby city police systems. Arguments or descriptives in favor of adopting police radio are overwhelmingly favorable to a point requiring no repetition. The test of administrative action required to put it across as a borough service will come again at budget making time. The time, it seems to us, has passed when an emergency, crime and accident pre\ r ention and investigation auxiliary of this type can be viewed with the eye to cold calculation of its cost. Rather, it should be considered from the other extreme: How much has it cost Naugatuck to have continued this long without police radio? Expert Testimony Airing of the Soviet-Yugoslav quarrel before the world comes at a fortuitous time. It comes when questioning is raised as to why Western negotiators in the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission have failed to enter into a treaty with Soviet representatives for control of atomic weapons. Ail along the Russians have said they were willing to sign an agreement for prohibition of the bomb. Western representatives have maintained that a treaty would have no value unless accompanied by safeguards which Moscow was unwilling to accept. They lacked faith in the unsupported word of the Kremlin. In April, 1945, Moscow entered into a treaty with the government of Marshal Tito in which the reds pledged friendship, mutual aid and postwar cooperation. Molotov, then foreign minister of the Soviet Union, assured the Yugoslavs that the treaty was to insure "that our peoples, each along its own path, might go forward along the lines of national independence and real freedom." Now Moscow dissolves that treaty because Tito took the Soviets at their word. The treaty is dissolved not by mutual consent, but by unilateral action. It was a scrap of paper to be torn up when Moscow no longer regarded the honoring of it as advantageous. The reaction of Yugoslavia is interesting as 1 throwing litht on the charges raised by Foreign Minister Vishinsky against the United States and Britain as being the obstructors in the atomic negotiations. They are plotting war against the Soviet Union, he says, and desire the bomb to use against it. The' latest Belgrade note to Moscow s«ts out that: "The Soviet government is trying in its already customary way to shift the responsibility to the Yugoslav government, setting out slanders on alleged hostile policy toward the Soviet Union, founded exclusively on fabrications." As for the threat of war. Tito himself laid the blame to Russia. Addressing a group of army officers, he accused the Russians of "lying about us" and "slandering us in ouri own country." He also reaffirmed Yugoslavia's determination to fight if necessary. Yugoslavia knows Soviet methods from the inside. This is expert testimony. two particular epicures appeared on a harmless enough radio program to discuss the famous fish soup. They got around to an article -on the subject that had appeared in a national magazine. One, epicure said the author was wrong when he suggested the use of water. The other epicure shook hiss head and shouted "No!" One word led to another. Tempers frared, then fists —and the two were ushered out of the studio into the hallway to continue their battle. But the battle is not over. It has spread to New Orleans, where the experts say it's not a question of water but oil. Cottonseed or olive—or perhaps butter! It could also be a question of pronunciation of the dish or even the spelling of it. Steering clear of the firing line, all we can say at the moment is that b — 11 — se is fundamentally fish and in the future, when we go to a swank restaurant, we shall merely point to the word and 'say, as so many cautious Americans do, "Give me some of that. Move for government economy,. presumed to start in Congress, seems to have been sidetracked on a detour of more spending, and has lost its way entirely. California man raised a ton of turnips from a dime's worth of seed. Whether he made anything on the deal is not reported. In case of fog turn on the lights, safety officials advice. It is hoped Washington is listening. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Ronald Jones was named chairman of a nominating committee to name a slate of officers for the Salem School PTA. Jack Conway, director of the Playmakers, was so pleased with the cast of the Knights of Columbus radio play, he asked several of them to try for parts in his next play. Incidentally, have you got your tickets for "Heaven Can Wait"?. ..Speaking of the radio play, Al Vcstro, genial announcer of WATR had a nightmare on his hands last Sunday evening. With the cast waiting to make the tape recording, difficulties at the transmitter caused WATR to go off the air for nearly a half hour. Al spent a busy h£.lf hour calling the transmitter, engineers, and answering queries of callers who wanted to know why the station wasn't broadcasting... , The current weather conditions make this observation appear out, of place... But the month and date give indication that not much time will pass ere Police Chief John Gormley issues his annual instructions for an all night parking ban... WALTER WINCHELL In New York Mr. and Mrs. Charles Staskiewicz were visitors in Long Island over the week-end... Don Harvey visited friends in Stamford. Several of the new, double duty parking, meters ordered by the borough have been installed on Division street...One of the new meters does the job of two of the old type... They will take nickels as well as pennies, a welcome change for motorists who are away from their cars for a considerable amount of time. Chairman Donald Fowler reported that the Girl Scout Fund campaign had passed the halfway mark. The quota was $1,000. 20 Years Ago John A. and Anna M. O'Don- 'liell purchased a house and lot on Frederick street from Charles and Margaret Lins. William Hoadley, president, was named chairman of a membership committee of the Top Notch Club of Beacon Falls. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. How can a divorced woman who is using her maiden name in- clube "Miss" in tront of her name when sending out her daughter's wedding announcements? A. A divorced ••woman with a daughter should not be using "Miss" in front of her name, as it leads to social complications such as this one. However, in this case, she can put "Mrs." in front of her maiden name, and give her daughter's full name on the announcement. Q. If a toast is proposed to a person, should this person drink "rom his glass too? A. No; he does not rise from his chair, nor does he drink the toast. Q. Is it obligatory for the bride's attendants to wear gloves? A. It is preferable, although not absolutely necessary. Speaking of parking meters, we understand that several of the borough's so-called politicians park their cars all day long without bothering to pay the necessary four-cents per hour fee... Several have been given tickets, but have yet to hear of any paying the $1 fine.. .Too bad that we all can't enjoy diplomatic immunity.. Dorothy Lagyna has learned that her super-special eight does not run on air... She ran out of gas the other night and was rescued by an able garageman... Mary" Brandien is back to the Chemical Co. switchboard after a recent operation... Fire Chief Jim Fettit of the Footwear Plant modestly says all credit for the Maple street display for Fire Prp.^ntion Week goes to Bill Linskey. . .It's an attractive sutup and leaves the viewer no doubt that this Is Fire Prevention Week... Tom Chiswell. of Tolles square, a member of the "Salem Village Four" barbershop quartet, had the distinction of being highest tenor among 14 quartets compel-. Ing in a contest at Watorbury Saturday evening... Congratulations, T. We've talked to 16 policemen and they all say faint so, with reference to a recent blurb about morale in the department being low...But many of the department's supporters are wondering how much longer they can afford NOT to have a radio system for patrol cars... Waterbury police recently were asked to make search for a violin owned by Francis S. Smith, 104 Grove street... Francis was scheduled to play -3ie violin at services at the Second' Advent Christian .Church, Waterbury... He left the Instrument unattended for about 10 minutes and It disappeared... HAM & EGGS, BROADWAY STYLE . .Critic J. Chapman's annual book, 'Ten Best Plays of the Year," amusingly enough, omits "South Paoific"... M. Chevalier asked for so much coin to appear in Sing's next film that Groucho Marx got he job... Canada Lee, the Negro star, will address a Vets' rally near Peekskill, Nov. 8th. He will wallop P. Robcson's "Une"...X. Cugat is turning over all of his share of "Thrill Me," the new rhumba click, to Buddy Clark's widow. Buddy did the vocal... Newest garter for eve'g- wear (now that frocks are shorter) is ruffled black satin mit rhinestone pendant... "Kiss Me, Kate" is giving Chicagoans the same sort of ticket-scarcity trouble like here... Remember Dorothy Beattie in "Edward, My Son"? She irforried lawyer J. Adams of Asne- vile, N. C., the other matinee... It'll be 10 years before the W. Wan- gers (Joan Bennett) retrieve two- thirds of their personal cash investment in "Joan of Arc," Ingrid's top flop...How About That Dept.: Elliott Roosevelt visited the set of "Guilty Bystander" (the last day) to witness his estranged-spouse (Faye Emerson) emote. The other actors report they were like honeymooners! James D. Lynn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Lynn, 27 Wai nut street, has entered the freshman class at Brown University and will study for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. .. Brown has begun its 186th academic year with an entering class of freshmen... That's about 70 er than last year... On Monday's Telephone Hour the featured pianist (Guiomar No- vaes) developed temperament.... Floyd Mack announced she would play "The Butterfly Etude".. .Guiomar got up and walked off stage. .. .Don Voorhees did a fast substitute. .. Later, she returned to play another number... "What happened?" they asked her in the wings, "Oh," was the Retort Ridiculous, "my left hand got tired." year ' 600 tetv- Friends and neighbors of Alice Monroe, Wooster street, called to wish her many happy returns on her birthday, Tuesday... The Rudy Andersons, of Pleasant avenue, entertained guests from New York, Sunday.. .Charlie Bengston, of Walnut street, ace WATR announcer, was in New York city on business yesterday. There's no fuss with Tom Leary, of Francis street, about the comparative merits of Connecticut and Maine lobsters... He just enjoyed a good batch brought to him directly from the Pino Tree State. Tom Keating and Jack Curtin were busy on their day off Monday, taking down awnings and cnutting the grass at Johnny Breen's Meadow street home... Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Rosenblatt, of Cliff street, who will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary Friday. Little Terry Lynn Butcher put two candles on her birthday cake Tuesday. The tot is the daughter of Frank and Barbara Butcher of Glcndale Manor, General Patton Drive. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. Davis, High street, who observed their 39th wedding anniversary Oct. 9... Joseph Durette was a year older Oct. 7... More birthday greetings: Adolphus Ashe, Beacon Valley road, Oct. 11; Joan Swan, Beacon Falls, Oct. 11; Mrs. Arthur R. Andrew, Beacon Falls, Oct. 11; Robert Evon, Oct. 12... Somebody saw an item about Ann Granger's birthday here and she received a nice cake... We're still waiting for our slice,... Fresh alec youngsters operating on the West Side will be made proud to know that the little old lady they nearly scared to death the other night has been confined to her bed on doctor's orders... Let a real man put hand to some of these sneaking;, skulking, nightcrawlera, and It will be they, not their victims who'll be calling lor help... OPEN SEASON Bouillabaisse Or Is It? Epicures are getting themselves into a stew over bouillabaisse and its preparations. It's the sort of quarrel that can develop, and has. over chowder—milk or tomatoes? The latest fight started when Over at Helen Dunn's last night a group tried explaining the sudden heat wave in The Big Burg... "Aintcha heard?" cracked Bruce Howard. "Jane Russell's back in town!"... One of those weary, dreary blues singers (who linger sooooooo loooooong pver each and every line of a ditty) asked Irving Berlin how he liked her version of one of his hits..."It took me," he quipped, "less time to write- it" Tullio Carminati, last seen here in •'Strictly Dishonorable" (and who fn real life played Fasheel for II Duce), has been offered a job by his old producer. Front-rowers will risk getting their pretty dress clothes stained with rotten eggs, you can safely wager.. .New York's •'largest Howard Johnson's" opens on the site of the defunct Cardinal restaurant, next to Schrafft'a on W. 57th Reuben's lost a mine there. .. .When Flo Muir said New Yorkers always knock anything that originates in Hollywood, did she forget to recall the raves that welcomed "Lend an Ear"? And You KnoWWhose Scoop: "It belongs on Broadway!" Some of the critics complained that Irving Berlin's score in "Miss Liberty" was not "up, to his standard." The show (which is playing to standees) has three songs on The Hit Parade... Berlin's score in Annie Get Your Gun" got the same brush-off from Brooks Atkinson in the N. Y. Times. He found the score "undistingushed." This was the hit that contained "There's No Business Like Show Business," "I Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night," and "Doin' What Conies Naturally," to name three clicks. Oh, Nutz! Dept.: A florists' group on the coast telegraphs: "We resent your radio remarks about omitting- flowers from Mr. Hannegan's funeral".... We relayed a relpbrt (that came over j the news sevicc teletypes) quoting •the former Cabinet member's widow. She requested posies be' omitted and the money sent to, Cardinal Giennon Memorial Hosp., St. Louis. .. .Fine talk. Have the florists forgotten w/ho invented Orchidi To You?. .. .Jonathan Lucas, who got an orchid here several colynms ag-o, got one of the leads in Geo. Abbott's "Touch and Go" revusical, which opens tonight George Frazier's final installment on the Christian Science Monitor is in Collier's. He has just completed a study in words of Fleur Cbwles publisher of the new Flair magazine. This is the first she knows about it....This is what comes from beting a smash hit: The cant of "S. iPac." had to tike injections for colds the other matinee, The State Dept. (s'helpus) was recently called In to helpi Britisher Bevin get to see "S.. Fajcinc"! This is why they say a pun is the 'lowest form of wit (pun my soul it is!): "Peter Donald says they call it Indian Summer because it gets Sioux hot." (Joke over).... Thankxxxxx to the fans who sent the Runyon Cancer Fund all thos»> Series tickets for games 6 and 7. They came in bunches.'.... A. A. Knopf will unveil John Kersey's now book in March. It is "The Wall" described as a story of the tremendous heroism of the people in the Warsaw ghetto from 1339 to 1943 Danny Kaye and Dinah Shore have recorded a set of Gilbert and Sullivan songs. They must be great. Mary Ellen Berlin will have three wisdoms yanked at Lenox Hill Hospital Sunday. . . .Oscar Berlin, the "Life with Father" producer, is wearing a. ,shirt made from a Portugese fish net. (What' No Sortilege?)....It's a girl- for the Ed Mallorys (Marion Robinson ex-Powerairen). .. .The networks backballed :the hin-billy-dil- ly, "Sllr(pin F Around." Too triple- entendre Reason given for the sudden divorce of the McCartny- Farrell male comedy team is that Glenda's boy grabbed a movie offer.... The gel most interested in Ronald Reagan's departure is a Girl Friday at the American B'casting Co .It'd a boy for the Aubrey Williamises of Nawlins, La. Mother is the former Robin Russell, radiactross... .People close to the cast of "Mr. Roberts" report that they've all been depressed, from star Henry Fonda down, since Robert Keith left the troupe. That sentiment is better than any epitaph, a guy can-set. . .Stars Are Like This: Pinza and Martin gave understudies Dickinson Eositham and Sandra Deel jpermish to record "Pacific" for a competing firm, Victor... .The Xavier another revolution. Ougats had The Associated Press, the Daily 3Vfirroi- and the Herald Tribune city desks phoned us Monday night to check a rumor that we became an Angol....It happens almost annually to Bing Crosby, Edio Cantor, Al Jolaon and other Twinkles (and Cinders) in the public eye....This one, said AP, started in Newark where "leather- lungers", yelled the spurious flash to -unload their stock...You never about such idols Maragon and John L. hear it Vaughan Lewis. From the WW colyum of long ago: "The Mayor of New York •will inarry model Sloan Simpson of New Jersey." E. S. in the Daily News: "Sloan Simpson won't marry the Mayor. She win inarry one of the Mayor's pals." From yesterday's "Mayor O'Dwyer and Sloan son will be married very soon." Daily News: Household Scrapbook Water Bugs If you have trouble with water bugs around the sink, pour a cup of kerosene once a week down the drain, and do not run the water until about a half-hour afterwards. The bugs will disappear very quickly. Drinking Tubes Sticks of macaroni will make very good substitutes for the customary glass tubes, for drinking liquids from glass or cup. Calte Tins The cake tins should be greased with lard and never with butter The salt in the butter often causes the cake either to burn or stick. Look And Learn 1. What is the approximate curvature of the earth per mile? 2. In which U. S. state is there a forest of stone? 3. What baby bird eats about three times its own weight in worms every day? 4. In which state of the U. S. are there the greatest number of high mountain peaks? 5. Which opera has been sung more often than any other five operas combined? Answers 1. Eight inches. 2. Arizona; the Petrified Forest 3. The robin. 4. Colorado. 5. "Faust." Those who are old enough can remember when the only alpha- petical abbreviations were RPD and BVD. I IN TRUE HONEYMOON TRADITION Cleared by Court LEAVING Brooklyn, N. Y., Felony Court, Mrs. Shirley Kilgore is shown after being cleared ol charges of acting in concert with her husband, Robert Kilgore, 25, a war veteran, in the possession of firearms. Kilgore, son of West Virginia's Sen. Harley Kilgore, was ordered to a hospital for observation. A policeman, who came in response to Mrs. Kilgore's call, said her husband assaulted him. A search revealed three guca, (.International) NEW ENGtAND S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE'TERMINAL BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil THE EARL OF HAREWOOD and his countess relax as a gondolier moves - que canals* takin - hone y moon 1» Paris and are leisurely taking their tune about setting back to England. (International} r gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridal-port, Conn. ^Wft, BUCKLEY («« BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTSl UIHIJSIDC FURffl tvf X^ n WATERBURY AT PL&TTS MILLS ST E: nr TEL. WATERBURY 4-96-3Z Lean, Short Shank— FORST Brand FRESH SHOULDERS __.____ Lean, Rib End, Tender ROAST PORK LEGS OF LAMB KILLED YOUNG—12 tot 14 lb. Avg. New Crop of Sun-Maid RAISINS ___ Shurfine COFFEE fresh ground 49c , b FRESH HOME MADE ITALIAN SAUSAGE FROM MILK FED VEAL JLES! J. S. No. 1 POTATOES __ ____ Fancy Eating or Cooking APPLES O for Fresh Green PEPPERS ff 25c Large Snow White CAULIFLOWER 19 C head ONIONS For Cooking or Pickling 10^450 Large, Ripe BANANAS Ibs. for 2 £ 25c

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