Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 13, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 9
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•ee Bishops At Methodist 'arnegie Hall Mass Meeting few York—Two visiUng Metho- list bishops will aid Bishop G PBromley Oxnam in conducting an multaneously by. the church's eight and a half million members. As first steps in "this positive eromiey uxnam in conducting an As first steps in "this positive all-day meeting here Friday, Oct. thrust at secularism and indiffer- a. to launch the teaching and I ence." the subjects of Friday's BISHOP DAWSON BISHOP RAINES preaching phase of the denomination's four-year program, the Advance frfr Christ and His Church. This is one of 78 similar meetings being held this month across the nation at the direction of the quadrennial General Conference. The New York meeting will be attended by representatives from ' about 900 of the 1,300 churches under Bishop Oxnam's jurisdiction, the others being served by a meet- Ing in Albany the day previous. Bishop Richard C. Raines of Indianapolis and Bishop Dana Dawson of Topeka, Kan., will speak at the evening mass meeting at 8:15 in Carnegie Hall. A,combined choir of. 300 voices will be led by tl>e editor of The Methodist Hymnal. Dr. Robert G. McCutchan of Pomona, Calif. Sessions at 10:30 a. m. and 3 p. m., a luncheon meeting and a youth banquet at 6 p, m. will be held in Christ Church, Park avenue and 60th street. These mass meetings herald the beginning, in November, of 'a month-by-month emphasis throughout Methodism upon each of eight cardinal doctrines. Bishop Oxnam. representing the denomination, led in the preparation of eight "Our Faith" booklets, to be studied si- Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches I speakers will be: Morning, "Rear- I ing Our Children in the Christian j Faith", a symposium, introduced 1 by Mrs. Frank G. Brooks of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, national president of the Woman's Society of Christian Service. Luncheon, "'Our Faith in the Kingdom of God", Kinsey N. Merritt of New York, vice- president, Railway Express' Agency. Inc. In the afternoon Bishop Oxnam wii; speak, followed by a symposium composed of a laywoman, a layman, a pastor and district superintendent who will discuss' ''The Advance in the Local Chuloh". Bishop Raines will address the youth banquet at 6 p. m. on "The Claims of the Faith on Youth." Evening subjects at Carnegie Hall will be "Our Christian Conception of the Worth of Man" by Bishop Dawson and "Our Faith in Christ" by Bishop Raines. Wb«n dliordcr of kidney function permit* podoBoiu matter to remain In your blood, it majremm»rnaraina;badtach«.rheum»ticpttin«. 1<C Win*. loia at pep and energy, netting up nishta, cwellinz. puffineeg '.inder the ayes, fceadacbe* and dizzinesl. Frequent or scanty pauaces vith smarting and -burning sometime* ibows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Alk your drocgUt for Doan'a POlm, a stimulant diuretic. use3 successfully _by millions for over 40~ycan. DoanV cuu- cappr reHet and win. help the IS mileB~ef kidney tube* flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Damn's Pills. Two Boroughites Join Reserve Units Pvt. Prank P. Errico of 13 Hotchkiss street is among.' the group of men 'in the Waterbury area who recently completed Army duty and have been assigned to reserve outfits. Under Public Law 758, these men complete one year in the Army ind are later assigned to an active reserve unit for six years. Cpl. Catherine K. Conncll, WAC. of 471 North Main street, Union City, is among the group who have reenlisted in Organized Reserve Units. BOTH HAVE ANTLERS . -Duluth, Minn.—Caribou and rein- deef'are the only member's': of the deer family in which both sexes Have antlers. bJinsL Ws&k. "Enjoy The Bounty of the Vine" IT'S SO SIMPLE TO SERVE-ANO SO 600D COAST TO COAST CALIFORNIA WINES PORT--SHERRY--MUS:ATEL~WHITE PORT STH rcc BOT •*•* HALF | AQ GAL I SSI CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA NEW YORK STATE GALLON A «ft JUG A.AT STH BOT STH BOT STH BOT STH BOT 79 C PETRI MOUQUIN ROMA ESTATE N-Y-S A&P Has A Wide Selection Of Choice Wines At Everyday tow Prices COAST TO COAST RED TABLE WINES BURGUNDY--CLARET--ZINFANDEL 5TH AO C HALF OO C GALLON 1 A A BOT •»' GAL * * JUG • 'OT RODERICK DHU GLEN CRINAN MALCOLM STUART GLEN GRAEME THISTLE SCOTCH TOM MOORE NELSON COUNTY BRIARCLIFF LYNNBROOK GREEN RIVER COLONEL LEE 86.8 PROOF 86 PROOF 86 PROOF 86 PROOF 868PROOF 5TH BOT STH BOT STH BOT STH BOT STH BOT 3.89 3.89 3.89 3.99 3.99 KENTUCKY BOURBON 86 PROOF KENTUCKY BOURBON 86 PROOF ILLINOIS BOURBON 86 PROOF BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF BONDED BOURBON 100 PROOF STH BOT STH BOT STH BOT STH BOT STH EOT STH BOT HANI OTHER NATJON41LY KNOWN BRANDS 299 2.99 2.99 2.99 2.99 4.39 AVAIlABLf 175A CHURCH STREET Naugatuck Expert Square Set Callers To Appear In Borough Sunday Greenwich Village comasi to Naugatuck next Sunday, when the famous caller from the Vniago Barn, Harold Goodfellow will be seen find hoard in action at the Naugatuck Sfluare Dance Festival at Bauminer's Recreation Center. The event is sponsored by thn Junior Police Corps His verse and vivacity literally carry the crowd to a his;h pitch of excitement as he prompts them through the various steps; while those watching are seen 'to be putting- the English on the danve as they keep time with his magnetic calling. From Washing-ton Conn., comes Swede Stolt to demonstrate why he was chosen HS a caller at thy Si-eat World Fair in New York; for th'c NYNH&H RR famous K>nt Husking Bee, and why he wns featured on Waterbin-y's WBRY. Tommy Gamberdella has called at only three places in 'IHe last three years BUT that was night after night. Through all those years he has worked through the week at the Ritz Ballroom in Bridgeport and Saturdays v e ar after year at the Westvilje Masonic temple dances through the winter.?. The summer months see him at the Sea Cliff Hall Room at Morris Cove. The England Folkways is proud to present with them Charlie Thomas, editor of the national 200,000 circulation National Squares magazine. As. a caller and an authority he. iii a national hc;- ure and a sample of his directing- will be soon in his exhibition team: The Camden YWCA Dancers. An afternoon session starts at 2 p. m. and lasts until 6 p. m., then an evening session begins at 8 >p i m. and go through till midnight. Bus Petition Again Delayed By PUC A hearing on a petition of the Arrow Bus Line, of East Hartford, to operate a new line between Hartford and Bridgeport was continued to' Nov. 16 by the State Public Utilities Commission Tuesday. • The proposed line would go '.hroujrh Hartford, West Hartford New Britain, Plainville, Southington, Plantsville, Cheshire, Prospect, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Seymour, Ansonia, Derby, Shelton to Bridgeport. Three sesnions have been held on the petition, .with about 60 residents along the .proposed route appearing in favor. It is opposed by the New England Transportation Co., the CR&L,, the Flying Eagle White Lines and the Cookp Street Bus Co., of Waterfrury. Merino sheep, natives of Spain, produce the finest wool known. LIGHTNING BOLT WRECKS BUILDING SHORTLY AFTER BEING HIT by a lightning bolt, the rear wall o£ a four story Chicago building collapses, sending the entire structure toppling. S1 * Persons were reported badly hurt (.International Soundphoto) Routine Business Faces School Board The agenda of the regular monthly meeting of the board of education consists mostly of routine business, Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chittenden reported today. The board will receive a .report from Mr. Chittenden on transportation of pupils, including one or two requests for additional transportation. The superintendent said that he will also report on his recent conference with the newly- formed board of park commissioners and the progress being made in the construction of the three new schools. Other business to come before the board includes a report on the school enumeration,, a discussion of the recent teachers' visiting day and other school activities and reports on the evening schools and the 'home making division of the high school, which- has been transferred to the Tiittle building. The meeting is scheduled for 4 o'clock this afternoon in the Tuttle building. Ys Men To Note Fourth Anniversary . Walter Harris and Edward Mul- Jor were named 1 to a committee to prepare a (program for next week's fourth anniversary meeting of the Naugatuck Y's Men's Club, at a meeting of the group Tuesday night in the YMCA cafeteria, it was announced by Y General Secretary Herbert E. Brown. • The evening will be a guest and ladies' night. Members planning to take guests are asked to contact the 'YMCA.. office by next Monday, noon. The program for the meeting will be announced later this -week. • Tuesday evening, Oct. 25, boys who participated in the second annual . Coasting Derby will be guests 1^3.1 a banquet. Mr. Brown ulsb announced that a group of potential Y's Men's,Club members from "Wjiterbury wi'irbe. "present. The group is attempting to form a . cl »3 in Waterbury and seeka sponsorship from the local cjub. Th« "Golden Throat" RCA Victor's famous 3-w«y Acoustical System meant, dollar for dollar, the finest tone you can buy. Only RCA Victor has ill IT'S BEAUTIFUL IT S A Great Performer IT S A Terrific Bargain RCA 7 DAY FREE TRIAL Try this amazing new RCA Victor Radio for a week. If you don't agree that it is the biggest Radio Value you have ever seen — return it — get all your money back. 9 95 RCA VICTOR TELEVISION Big 10" Tube ...$199.95 Big 16" Tube ...$395.00 2 YEARS TO PAY PAY ONLY $ A WEEK Lincoln i) Store 61 WEST MAIN ST. PHONES 5-2268 3-1011 Marshal Weaving Talks Fire Prevention At NHS Assembly The importance of an energetic Fire Prevention program cannot be over-emphasized, Fire Marshal Edward J. Weaving today told Naugatuck High School students at a special assembly. Tomorrow, he will speak on Fire Prevention to the students of St. Francis' School. W. S. Coe ' of the Chamber of Commerce Safety Committee, was Fire Prcvetftlon speaker today at the Rubber Avenue School. Marshal Weaving pointed out that in this country, last year, we burned $715,074,000 worth of property—the highest fire loss in history. Naugatuck's share of this loss was $38,000, which may seem like a good record, but we must keep in mind that our share of the national population is , only an estimated 20,000 out of 140,000,000 people. He continued: "A spectacular fire like the recent Noronic ship disaster at Toronto attracts wide attention because of its unusual character, yet day after day thousands of small fires cause just as great loss of life and property. No nation, regardless of how. prosperous, can afford to squander its human, and economic resources in this way. "Let us remember 'that' many industries, stores and other businesses, destroyed by fire never resume business which means that workers are deprived of their jobs and opportunities for employment are lost. "We can well afford to take a few minutes out of our busy lives during this Fire Prevention Week, not only to think about preventing fires, but to do something about eliminating the fire hazards which may exist in our homes and in our places of work or recreation. ''The inspection forms being brought home by school children this week should receive the careful attention of every parent. A routine check-up, of the points listed on the form could mean the prevention of an unnecessary fire it is your duty to Naugatuck, and to the children who bring you these fdrms, to inspect your home and increase the safety of those who live within its walls." ffAUGATPCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY,OCT. 13. 1949—PAGE J> New Maps Covering Four Cattle Breeds Published By State As an aid to persons seeking farms dealing in purebred livestock, the Connecticut Development Commission announces publication of a series of new maps covering four different breeds. This now brings the .series to-five maps with at least two more in preparation.. Last year a map was issued in cooperation with the Connecticut Purebred Dairy Cattle Association and the Connecticut Guernsey Breeders' Association listing Guern- RCV herds. The latest additions to i the series include maps showing | the names and locations of the 156 I purebred Holstcin-Friesian breed|TS; the 51 sheep breeders; the j 42 Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford breeders; and the 25 swine breeders. Still to come are the maps of the Jersey and Ayrshire herds. In preparing these latest maps the Commission had the complete cooperation of the state associations of the different breeds as well as the aid of Don C. Gaylord, Extension Animal Husbandman of the Connecticut Extension Service at Storrs. The mr-ps show not only the names ::iid locations of th<? farms and the owners, but list facts concerning sizes of herds and the various forms of testing used to assure the best health and production standards. Copies of any or all of these maps singly or in quantity, may be secured by writing to the Connecticut Development Commission, 477 State Office Building, Kartford 15, Conn. EDWARD J. WEAVING (Marshal) Suggests More $$ For Teachers To Keep Schools Free Of Reds i (By United Press) There have been all kinds of suggestions on how to keep communism put of the classrooms. But President Henry H. Hill of the George Peabody College for teachers at Nashville, Tennessee believes he has a sure fire solution. The college president munism can be kept out of schools by paying teachers good salaries. He suggests as a noble experiment for a few years a minimum salary of $5,000. Dr. Hill spoke in Hartford at the 10th annual convocation of the State Department of Education. KILN-DRIED WOOD Wood was first kiln-dried at Norfolk, Virginia in 1879. WATEB DIFFUSED Des Moines—It is estimated that corn plants diffuse two and one- half tons of water into the air in producing a bushel of corn. EASY DOES IT WITH FIAKDRN CORN MUFFIN MIX Corn muffins made with Flakom are always delicious and always 1 easy to make. Ingredients of finest quality, precision-mixed for sure results. Tsy Flakorn. 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