Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1949 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1949
Page 10
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lO.Logansport Pharos-Tribune" Josephine Lawman Aqua Resistance Exercise Corrects Round Shoulders Angelo Patri In this position, JjrJriif the amis down tlironyh the ivntcr In this Aqua-resistance exercise to develop liack, chest and ami muscles— correct round shoulders. Of conrse you do It In the pool, but the photographer .-wasn't water-proof. This week I am passing along a> • A f*\ L /">• le-w of the aqua resistance exer-j Pyramid LlUD LilVeil cises which are to be taken in! Approval By Three •water. A swimming pool is not necessary in order to do all ot the «xerclaes. Many can be taken by | merely standing in water, shoulder level. Mr. Robert Rend says, "Should Judgts In Buffalo BUFFALO, N. Y.. March 14 (UP) —Pyramid club addicts here today had what amounted . to a virtual "ok" from three city court judges to go ahsad with their efforts to there be no support available for make friends and acquire a bank- lower body work an ordinary auto- roll, mobile tire may be used. By plac- j . A special sessions court dis- ing the inner tube over the head i missed charges of "advertising" a and lowering it until it is under | lottery against Frank T. Johnson, the arms at chest level, it may bo | 43, of Greenwich, Conn., who intro- •usod as a means of support, and | duced pyramiding locally. The case was thrown out of court, after two days of testimony, on a motion by Defense Attorney Charles McDonough n-ho claimed almost all of the leg exercises and •waist twisting 1 exercises done." can bo Today's exercise is for the shoulders and chest. One arm is hald i Assistant District Attorney Ralph straight out in front o£ you at •water level. Keep the elbow straight as you bring the arm down and back toward the rear of the body. The palm Is turned in order to resist the water. Return arm to starting position and continue. You can do this exercise first using one arm at a.time. This is splendid for correction of round shoulders because it strengthens the back muscles and it will also tone the chest muscles and those of arms. the In order to keep your balance Simon felled to prove a* lottery existed. "Yes. I iruess we're agreed on that," City Judge Michael E. Zim- Child Must Answer for His Actions There is a reason' for what a child does, always. Just what'it is may not be clear either to him or to his elders; but we know it is behind his action. If the acts are good, wo do not bother about the reason for them. Goodness is its own right for being. 1C the acts are not good, we should search for the reason, for until we get .at that the remedy will not be found. That is what concerns us. When we find why a child did a he did, we usually can show him where he, made his mistake anc direct him accordingly. Usually he is willing to do the rlglit thing when the situation is made cleat to him. Children often go the wrong way because of forces that are hidden from their'minds. Such, things may be called. the reasons for acts they perform. Reasons are not to be made excuses. Excuses are different. They are too often evasions ot facts. To be healthy-minded,, the children must learn to face tacts bravely and deal with them for what they are and not try to evade issues by excusing themselves. A child is warned not to get his feet wet. "VVlien he comes in from play, he is soaking wet. He went paddling in the brook. There was a reason for that. Instinctively ha wanted ,to get into the water. Many children do. The water was there. So ha-went in and he got wet. He disobeyed, maybe he endangered liis life by going into the brook. He is not to be excused because he loved the water, which •was the reason he disobeyed. When , those two factors are kept distinct j in the minds of mothers and teachers, some of the disciplinary pro- A Thatched Hat L Hat News : Mbnday'Eve., March 14,1949 Dorothy Dix Article of 40 Years Ago Is Still of Timely Value Dear Dorothy Dix: The other i It is »unshlne and rain. It Is tears day I accidentally came across a ! and laughttr. It is heartbreak and time-yellowed clipping in an old ['heart's delight. But only those have dictionary. It was an article that you must have written 40 years rje() ago and that you have doubtless Jong forgotten; but it still hits the nail on the head, and I am really lived who have been mar- Then. I asked Hilda, our maid, what matrimony was, and she said: wondering if you won't republish I "It is what gives a gentleman the it just for the heck of it? j right to talk to his wife the way MRS. JOHN S. j he dasn't talk to the cook, who Answer: Well, inasmuch as hu- can give notice and quit, and which man life and human nature are always old and always new. it doesn't matter' being a repeater give a "woman the right to wear curl papers and a kimono at home, and sass her husband to liis face." (hen. So ho.re's the article .And Hilda says that when a man which was entitled "Little Mary's and a woman, who have been sweeties, get tired of being polite By PRUNELLA WOOD Mmf. paullnt COMERSET MAUGHAM never played a the garden by the roots and woven aloft ^ story under a roof more thatched than bjrskillful native fingers, the one this hat sports, a fashionable brim — - - indeed for all its bahia architecture. Ji.-.sa.y," and which ran as follows: My teacher told me to write a composition on matrimony and I asked my Papa what matrimony and agreeable to each other they get married' so they won't have to wear out their good manners was, and my Papa said that matri- [ no more, mony was an agreement that a i Then I asked pretty little Miss man signed up for a continuous i Mamie, who lives next door to us scrapping bout in which every j and who has a great, bis, new dia- kind of a foul and strangle hold mond ring, what matrimony was, 'was allowed, and where the man i and she said, with her eyes shin- generally went to the mat. | ing like stars: "Ofc, child, matri- And my mother said it was a'! mony is the Lands of Hearts' De- shame to tell a trusting, innocent little Child such a thing- as that. She said that matrimony was a guessing- game in which the woman nearly always guessed wrong, because she thought she was getting- a husband who was a grand, noble hero who would spend his life in cherishing her and buying her new gowns and automobiles sire and I've got a glory ticket to it." When I'm grown I am going to try matrimony for myself. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a woman 33 years of age. in love with a man three and a halt years younger than I am. We are both college graduates. Have the same religion. Like to do the same things and things. | together. Everything's all right, ex- MiseraMc Shrimp cept the matter of age. And what she got was a miser- Do you think that this difference able, little human shrimp who was in our age would be a paramount always rowing about the bills and thought that a woman ought to wear her year before last's furs. problem now, or even in later life? PUZZLED Answer: While adolescents are The trim for this eye-shader Is natural looking roses, and velvet ribbon bows, with Straw, of course, and appropriately the same ribbon used for an under-chin earth color, as if it had been yanked from bonnet string tie. successfully. In "Helpful Habits," leaflet P-14, Dr. Pntri offers fnr. blems they face will appear sim- ther advice on this subject. pier. A child is hungry so he helps himself, and that is bad. A child To obtain n copy, send 5 cents .In. coin and a stamped, self-ad loves flowers, so he robs the i dressed envelop* to him, c/o this Station G, mer said in answering the motion. neI g hbMa > £lo ^ r gardens . That | paper, P. 0. Box 99, "The people muit show that this is wo ^, t do A child lon^s to speed I v v v 10 -w y a locteiy. | through tiie "world like a bird i m McDonough read various lections . * ^ five sn h takes off I (" e ' eaBe( i D y The Bell of the state-penal code to a ; court- . air -o;,ne and risks his life ' I BC -) read various of the state penal code to a courtroom packed with jyraroiders mostly •women. Then he declared no drawing, no prize in the absolute sense of the words.' 1 McDonough then outlined the while you rlo these exercises, s'ep- j operations of Pyramid clubs and arate the feet or place one In front of the other. Use either method, contended "the primary purpose was to jneet people, have fun and whichever seems easiest for you! j In =l cl1 , enta " y f, et "me money." ' The following exercise Is good 1 , , When the tlu'ee appoint- he takes in an airplane and risks his life and that of others. The reasons are clear, but they are not to be taken as excuses. Children must learn to accept responsibility for their' acts, and to'| know that the reason they, did j wrong will not excuse their doing so. There is a stronger reason for doing what it right. Every f •wrong act takes its toll of | Exceptional Casuaf happiness. ready Indicated. Bring the elbows down toward the body, move up- ivard again and continue with a circular motion. Repeat a number of times and then circle in the opposite direction. Watch for some of the other Former Local Woman Receives Divorce Mrs. Mary Day, former Logansport resident, was granted .an un- aqua exercises this week. Later j contested divorce and restoration you will be given some for the j of her maiden name, Reeser, Fri•waist, abdomen and hips. I day at the Circuit court in Michi- Our leaflet No. 22 "Learn to courtroom cheered and applauded. Swim," may be had by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope •with your request to Jqsepntne Lowraan in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1049) gan City. Grounds for the divorce against the husband, William Day, of LaPorte, Ind., wera non-support and cruelty. The couple was married here December 25, 1947, but had no children. Love's Perilous Path A Sequel to Love's Fair Horizon By ADELE GARRISON * * * Madge Approves Dicky's P,'an for th« Evening, Then Rejoins the Boys, Who Look Despondent and Upset endurance and joy. No child is to excuse hln'.sslf for doing wrong because there was a reason. Excuses are weak things. The best thing to do 'is to avoid doing wrong, so there •will be no search for the reasons, the justification, and no need for excuses. Starting; young Is the secret of developing the correct routines by ivhlch yon cnn raise your child New and Beautiful SynpviU: In the bedroom of hfs Hot« LAnificld suite, Dicky Graham flylvcs the , jirobltm of how hi» wlCe, M»dne. will bo able , to b« eicortad in and out of the hotel to- nlcht whdtw In rllBwllno nhe /ollowi her jounf ton l(nd nephew. Junior i\nd ,Rod. crick, to ihefr rtndcivout with a blackmail- inc Runtrater, anil jtill have her escort, a Secr«t Service jruard, Adam*, none the wlacr. "Hnro Knthnrlni Ciclttlt tell Adnmi you art » friend of hen who has called un. *xr*ctfdbr nr.d must b« noorted out of the Hotel and later buck ngftln/' bfl cayi. "Sec any holM In that plan?" . "NOT even a pinholc," I told my husband, and would have made the same answer if I had seen vital objections to his plan for keeping j\dam» and Winters in ignorance of my identity when I should leave the apartment to trail the boys. "Then you'd better get Katrina busy on it," he naid. "I'll do that," I said rising;,, but ho caujrht at my hand. Wants Attention "I didn't mean that you had to mount your broomstick and fly out of here," he said, a bit pettishly. "I'm seeing next to nothing of you, and I'll have you know I'm n seriously wounded man, and I craves attention." "I'll give you plenty as soon as we get this business ol the boys let- tied," I assured him, "but just now I haven't nn extra minute. I should be in there now, getting them rounded up for dinner. Are you going to join us?" "I «uppo»o that depends on Katrina," he said, and I made the mental comment, that, while hi slangs my kinswoman constantly, he obeys her commands meticulously. "She may decide to bottle-feed me." "I'll save you from that fate," I promised, stooping to kiss him, "and I'll see what I can do in Retting you • place at the dinner table." j "Oh, I forjotl" he exclaimed wh he had returned my kiss. "I cal cot up my own 'food! I »uppo«e ,' better bo fed in here." "Don't be an anointed idiot, j» because you know howl" I <j\iot< "Thero are plenty of valia trencher men and women »-ho -w be delighted to serve you, 10 do) talk along that line nny more. Ar now, I really muit get back to t living room. Au revoir." "So long, Sw««t!" he laid, »nd went back to the Hvinp room wi the words hugged close to my.heai I found Faith fast mleep on t couch, Mary o»t«niibly reading, b> with a surreptitious eye'on Rodcri> and Junior in the a!cov« windo They were gazirg moodily out of t! window, but they roio dutifully > my entrance. "Is Dad all right?" Junior »sk. anxiously, but keeping hig voi muted so as not to waken Faith. "Very much all right," I » swcred in the «ame tone. "He wan to join us at dinner, if Aunt K»t arine will give her consent." "Oh, she must," Junior said wi emphnsii, and the tinkle of the tel phone punctuated hi* »entcnc«. "I'll bet she's on the wire now," 1 said, and as I lifted the receiver ai heard Katharine's roice, I nodded him. "Madg«?" Katharine said. "P all ready to come back. Will yt •end the boyi for me, please?" "They'll be right over," I told hf and turned to the) boy», who alreat were coming toward the door. "Ill let you out and stand at tl door until you get back," I told thei going to the door and unlocking i (Continued tomorrow) Mice Kept Deep In Mine To Aid War On Cancer though, goodness knows, they were j still growing and changing and not In style at all and anybody j developing, a difference in age is could see they were mangey. I important, but after a man and wo- Then I asked my Aunt Amanda, ! man have reached the age of dis- who'Js an old maid and who Ic^ks j cretion a few years are of no con- the door when she puts on her i sequence. Children do not know complexion, and she said that mat- what they are going to want in a rimony is one of th,e things that! mate, but the tastes of the mature a woman is perfectly miserable | men and women are settled and about until she gets it and utterly | they are likely to make a mistake wretched about after she does, i in picking out ihelr mates, because And then she said: "Run away, j they marry for congeniality, not child, and play." j by the calendar. So a few years I asked my uncle Bob, who is I either way makes no difference. Bv ROBERT M. SHAW j immediately to the Banting Insti- United Press Staff Correspondent [ tute laboratories here. TORONTO (DP) — The war | Tlisir cases will be carefully di- against cancer hag gone under- i agnosed. If a cancer has developed, ground, and Dr. William R. Franks, j they will then be used for experi- University of Toronto researcher, j merits for curing the plague. Mice a as P ne to ancer as is leading an. army of 2,000 mice | In the battle. , humans. Their life span, is a mere | two years . f or those rsasons, they Read the Classified Ads Anne Adams Tell the world you have perfect Qn the . grOwth of cancer , Franks, one of Canada's leading j are particularly well suited to the scientists, attached to the famed j experiments. Banting Institute, is the man who solved the "blackout" problem, for airmen flying at high spceds.-vJJow he is- pitting his mind against mankind's greatest killer next to heart disease, cancer. The new battleground in • the war against cancer is at the 2,800- foot level ot the Mclntyre-Porcrj- plne mine at Timmins, Ont., in the heart of Canada's gold-producing country. A compkte research laboratory Is being established in the mine, in. co-operation with a research staff of th'e Mclntyre Foundation, j Here, 2,000 mice will live in a ro- I dent luxury for the next two i years. I Depth Jfe€<led | Franks is trying to determine j what effect various types of radia- j tion have on the growth of cancer- | ous tissue. Thrf only wat in which I the mice can be protected against j all types of radiation, including the most penetrating of all— cosmic 'radiation — is to place ttam deep in the ground. Two small laboratories have been built to house the mouse colony. The rodents will be raised on the best ot food and under ideal conditions. A second colony ol mice will be kept on the earth's service, at the Banting Institute laboratories here, as a "control" group. By comparing the incidence of cancer among the mice above ground, with those kept underground, it can be determined what effect radiation has an old bachelor with a funny bald spot on the top of his head and a Inc.) bay window and lots of money. ' what matrimony was. and he said it was what a man got for talking too fnuch to a lady in the moonlight, and not being foxy enough to dodge the traps that were set for him. and that it served him jolly right for being such a mutt. Then I asked my Grandma what matrimony was, and she said: "Well, in my time it vas a life job, but in your mother's time it seems to be a temporary engage! ment, and by the time you are grown up I suppose there won't be any.'' And then she sighed and said: "Matrimony is life, ray child. (Released by the Bell Syndicate, CHANGE >f LIFE? Are you going through' the functional 'mlddl< nge' period peculiar to women (38 to 52 yrs.)? Doe* this make you suffer from hot fltahca, Jeel so ncrc- tnu, hlKi-struas. ttred? Then Do try Lydla E. Plnkhum'g Vegetable Com- pouad to relieve such symptoms. Plnkham'g Compound also has what Doctore call a stomscMc tonic effect! LYDIA L PINKHAM'S the home permanent 9 out of 10 women buy taste! Wear this chic casual with Previous cancer research haa its trim details. Stitched pleatsire- ho that the meli g nant tissue lease fulness at back and there b cultivated experimentally are no side-skirt seams! Pattern 4576 cornea in sizes 12 Follow the easy chart for your new classic chair-set! A pair of lorses in filet - crochet makes a perfect decoration for any chair. The whole family will love it; ou'll find it easy crochet! Pattern 196; charts; directions. Send TWENTY CENTS In coin* or this pattern to Pharos-Tribune, Household Arts i Dept., 554 West andolph Street, C'.tcaeo SO. 121. int plainly NAME, ADDRESS •ith ZONE. PATTERN NUMBER. 14, 18, 18, 20. Size 16 takes. yards 35-inch fabric. This pattern, eai-y trt use, simple to sew, Is tested for Clt. Has coni- pleto Illustrated instructions. Send TWENTY-FIVE cent* In eolnn tor this pattern to Pharos- Tribune, Pattern Dept., 130 N. Clinton St., Chicago SO, 111. Print plainly (your NANE, ADDRESS, ZONE, I SIZE AND STYLE NUMBER | Don't 'miss our latest Pattern Book for Spring by Anne Adams! Do you know the best 'lines for YOU —' your particular type and figure? Find the, answers here — a fas'iion guide for "every age, for tall and short, slim and not-so- slim and there's a FREE pattern of four stoles printed right in the book. Send fifteen cents more for your copy today! 00 THIS IF YOU'RE ALWAYS Ready now! The fascinating new , j lir-io "I3T*nr-ilra NTatirll r»wnT*lr f*<-ita'\nrr _ Brooks Needlework Send fifteen cents for this book oday! A world of beauty in the 09 designs Illustrated: crochet, :nitting, embroidery, quilts, toys, 'lus FREE needlework •'pattern printed In. the book. try '•• vegetable' DR. EDWARDS' OUVE TABLETS Natfon-wide $wrv«y of r*tail ttores shows women prefer TONI over any other home permanent by an overwhelming majority 'A' Toni gives the most natural-looking wive you've ever had. by certain chemicals, or by rays ot various types, and in some cases, by viruses. Knowledge Soncht "What have these diverse factors in common?" is the question I of immediate concern to Franks. | It is known, for instance, that j electrons, the negatively charged j particles found in. atoms, are piv-1 en out by cretaln chemical j changes, and also result from radiation. Franks wonders whether they' play any part in the development of cancer. In their underground home, the mice will be protected from all types of disease, including the common cold. If it is suspected that any of the mice have developed cancer, they will be brought MIGHTY FAST RELIEF in RHEUMATIC ACHES-PAINS MUSTEROIE "fc Contains famous Toni Creme Waving Lotion—developed especially for waving your hair at home. "fr Toni has been awarded the Parents' Magazine Tested and Commended Seal. « No special training required to give yourself a Toni. It's easy as rolling your hair up on curlers ... tut the wave itayj in for months. •fc Your Toni wave is guaranteed to look jusf. as lovely and last just as long n a $15 beauty shop wave-~ or your money back. with plaific curlan UfSII Kit without curl.n *] fliultu Over 37 MILLION sold Busjahn's Drug Store 308 Fourth Street Phone 3774

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