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The Nortonville News from Nortonville, Kansas • Page 1

The Nortonville News from Nortonville, Kansas • Page 1

Nortonville, Kansas
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8tHtj frit hp FRIDAY DECEMBER 5, 1902 VOLUME 18 NUMBER 49 A it ititi fi f-i Sb: tJews1 Dispenser and $cst Advertising ffledmm for Jefferson and Btcliison Counties i 1 1 I 1 1 i i i i i i if i i i i i mii mi mi minnnit intim A PHILOSOPHER'S VIEW I uf Stock Is lete Oil! Roach--Clinkenbearl. On Deem ber 3, at the rcsid-'net of tbe bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKenna, living east of Nortonville, Mr. Andrew Roach of Cummings, was married to Mrs.

Sylvia Clinkenbeard. llev. S. M. Hood officiating.

the Us farmers in the country, as seasons go and 1 Get ready for the NEW YEAR by buying1 Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes and Men's Furnishings of us. Our Stock is com- i plete and every article is of the latest Style. i i cvm be fojind all the up- iij Old Soldiers Meet Tuesday notwithstanding the dripping of the ram a f.iw of the old soldiers their wive? and friends found their way to the home of Win. McCoy where the G. A.

R. social was to be held. Tbe cordial welcome given by Mr. and Mrs. McCov and the in-vij-ing comfort of the cheerful rooms made each guest instantly forget the inclement wsather and ALL UUI JJiy VJTUUUO JUcll L111U1JL to date styles of JJresa 1 3 3 6 i 0 i 3 1 Goods, Blankets, Curtains and Ladies Underwear, Skirts.

Etc. 9- a 9 a 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 9 4 3 4, 4 4 9 4 4 3 4 come, Is purty much like other folks we're apt to grumble some. The Spring's too back'ard fer us, er too ary one We'll jaw about it anyhow, and have our way er none. The thaw's set in too suddent, er the fiost's stayed in the soil Too long to give the wheat a chance, and the crops is bound to spoil. The weather's either most to mild, or too outrageous rough, And altogether too much rain, er not half rain enough.

Now, what I'd like and what you'd like is plain enough to see, It'ei jest to have old Providence drop around on 3 01 and me And ast us what our views is first regardin' thine er rain, And post when to set her off, or let her on again, And yet, I'd ruther, after all considering other chores l'ye got on hand, a'tendin' both to my affairs and yours I'd ruther miss the blante I'd get, a rulin' things up there, And spend my extra time in praise and gratitude and, prayer, National Tribune. is complete in itself and deliver- Our GrOCery Department iesare made promptly to any Let us supply your wants in this hue. E3 part of the citv for some of those bargains in our Men's Department in the EE; Get in line way of Clothing. Shoes, Hats, Shirts, Neckwear, Etc. Below are a few of the prices in our various departments: proceed at once to have a good time.

Dinner was served to seventeen and it is sufficient to say that the quality and quantity wore such thai, not a single old soldier was heard to lament the absence of the Army bean. The afternoon was spent hi games of carrom and crokinole enlivened by piano music, until time to go home came all to sion. The guests were grateful to host and hostess for a delightful day and Mr. McCoy says whenever we want rain appoint a social at his place. Causes of prosperity.

Xo country has ever occupied a lii'dier nlane of material well- Hats from 85ct8. up to $3 Overalls from 25cts. to 95cts. Blankets from SOcts. to $7.50 per pair 1 Men's caps from lOcts.

up to $1.50 1 Work.ehirts from 25cts. to Rubbers from 50c ts. to $1.90 Tapestry curtains from $2.75 to $5 per ptadr Outing flanueLfrom 4Jcts. to 17Jct. a yard Morning Glory Coffee 20c nor pound Morning Glory Bluing lOt.

a bottle Cero-fruito, 2 packages for 25ets. Cotton flannel from 7cts. to 20cts. a yard Ladies' underskirts from 85cts. to $3.75 Daisy Oats 25cts.

per package Mayflower Baked Beans lOcts. a can Ralston's Barley Food 15cts. Jersey Mince Meat, just the kind for pies, 8 packages for 25cts Yours For Business, -Jl being than ours at the present 1 C. .0. MoGARTHT Bible School Convention The Jefferson county Bible School association held its annual convention in the Methodist church, Valley Falls, Nov.

24 and 25. The weather was pleasant and so were the good people of Valley Falls, who entertained the delegates so royally. The attend Kansas. of the work of the church is de sired by many and shall be earnestly sought after by the officers and other workers in the Jefferson county S- S. association.

Kkpoktkr. Chas. E. Ciine the popular Atchison barber was out this week visiting Ins father M. Cline who is ill.

i moment. This well-being is due to Do sudden or accidental causes but to the play of the economic forces in this country for over a century; to our laws, our sustained and continuous policies; above all to the high individual average of Nortonville, 1 our citizenship. Great ance of delegates was not so large POLITICAL HOT SHOTS mercy now, and what's more he doth not yet appear what the em i wont get it. For Bailey to stand I i i rt i have been won by those who have as some had hoped for, but there taken Ihe lead in this phenomenal 1 but there were enough present to Kiiy aim ioi vuriw uj uiecieu United States senato'r, would be an umiiitijly luing to i'oliticd On the Senatorial Situation by Brainy Editors ol Kansas developemenf, and most make a very interesting eonven is war and war is uell, aud Mr of these fortunes have not beenjtion. The universal testimony, so won by doing evil, but as an as heard, was that the conven- Curtis is going to catch it from now on, and there's no use or Miss Bessie Burdick of Lona Wolf, is expected here Friday night for a visit wild relatives.

The infant son of Mr. and Fred Maris is seriously ill ih whooping cough. Geo. Kaudolph and wife are in Just now the all absorbing po dent to action which has benefit-' tiou was a great success. A gooc sense in being mealy outhed litieal theme the speakership Obituary On Saturday morning Nov.

22, 1002, Harold V. Arthur died at the home of bis parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W.

Arthur in North Lawrence. He was born July 30, 1894, at Pardee. In February, 1000, his parents moved to Norlh Lawrence. Harold when but program had been prepared and ab nit it. There is no more wrong the cummunitv as a whol.

Never bef re has material well fight, which is brought about by vas fairly well carried out, not in Bailey as governor lighting Curtis than there was for Curtis llie senatorial candidates. It is i ilhstanding the absence of some being been so widely diffused rente nrobable that Curtis and as a first district congressman among our people. Great for whose names appeared thereon. Oklahoma visiting relative We Long will both coma homo from iid in ire their judgment for visit fighting Bailey in the first district. The above is written bv Win.

tunes have been accumulated, and yet in the aggregate these Washington about the middle of eight years old was a remarkably ing in the southland during this preseut spell of weather. thih month when the fight will be White to which Tom McNeal of bright boy. IIcJ earned easily gin in earnest. At present it looks the Mail aud Breeze has the fol and could t-peak and decline with Abram Maris and" wife of The convention was a little embarrassed and greatly disappointed by the absence of president, I). L.

Stanley, who was detained by court being in session in Oska-loosa. A very good substitute was round in A- It, Comstock of AlcLouth who is deeply interested lowing to sav: Damascus, Ohio arrived here fortunes are small indeed when compared to the wealth of the people is a whole. The plane people are better off than they have ever been The insurance companies which are practically mutual benefit societies ease and fluency. At all the en tertainments and social gatherings at the Norlh Lawrence Chris What! ho! William, you seem Tuesday morning for a visit with Isaac Maris and family. to be letting the feline out of the meal sack.

You hadn't heard the tian church where he attende I L. E. Hummel wbo is on the mad 1,:,. i i 1 in the study of the Bible aud in uitnuis purisms, ue was always 1 story th at is being circulated bv the re-t of the crowd you pretend to speak for, had you, that Mr. for the National Rating League every other good work.

especially helpful to men of placed on the piogram and as if Stanley was practically out of the race and that he will turn his stre'iffth to Long who will sw to it that Stanley is not left in the cld. Curtis' and Longs' forces are mighty and the light will be a finish. Governor Bailey is being severely criticised for the part he has taken in fighlimi Cor-tK Mr. Bnilev's campaign was such a clean one and lie has so endeared himself to Kansas people of Chicago, was here for Tlmufca. State secretary J.

II. Engle was lghted' and pleased everyone, wil means represent ae- bailey bad selected a candidate present and contributed not a little 11s recitations. In public schools i cumulations ot capital winch are giving. will be home again for Christmas. for speaker especially because he wan ed a man who would bo abso he was a bright scholar and a gen-! the largest in this count ry.

to the pleasure and profit of the Where they spent Thanksgiv eral favorite with both his teach-1 '''''re are more deposits in the convention. It was also the great lutely fair to all parties? So vou, pretending to speak as ing Chas. Kaufman at St. ers and classmates. win livings banks, more owners of regular attendant at the Bible; 'arms, more well paid wage work- Joseph; J.

W. ILuris and family' one having authoiity, say, do you, it is the purpose of the gov schools and l'ad already developer! in this country now than jtnei in Kausan City; D. S- Curry and wife in Leavenworth: AIis A. a love for religion and for otv so young he manifested a fervent W. Johnson in Kansaii City pleasure of the convention to have 111 attendance, Kev.

L. S. Keyser, 1). I), of Atchison who gave an excellent address 011 the subject, "Everybody in the S- Happy indeed and prosperous would any community Uj if such a condition were realized. i'rot.

Samuel Tracey of Topeka had char ge of the music and de- ernor elect to give Mr. Curtis lu ll? We had fondly supposed, and we were led to that belief from what Bii.l-y himself said before election that he purposed to lie the govern or of no faction, but the governor of the whole people. If it had been announced by anyone having nerore in us history, wr course w't en the conditions have f.ivored the growfh of ho much that was good, thev hive also favored somewhat he growth of the evil. It is eminently necessary that 'Ve should endeavor to cut that it is much to be regretted thrit a lirht sliould be made oi him now. It seems to a majority the people however 1 hat he Ins made a mist -iUh in taking suHi a personal inU rest in tlie IIoihc or-g iniznl ici) and in engairing in an-otV-r bitter fight against Curtis.

may be sai 1 on either side and in order to hh iw the wa'-inili and zealous spirit, (hi account of a malformation of the heart his life went out. lie possessed a sunny nature and was loved by all who knew him. At the funer tuiUioritv before the election that Mr. Bailey would devote Ids finx out his evil, but let us keep ajiighud everybody present with due sense of proportion; let us not 1 the manner in which he conducted after lection to giving a man hell -Miss Alice Curry in Topka; Mrs, Henry Ellerman at Lowe-niont; W. M.

McBiair and wife at Boyle. Joshua Simmons of Leavenworth was in town Tuesday and Wednesday visiting his wm, (). A. Simmons of the Exchange Mato Bank. He attended the old d-dicrs dinner Tuesday at Wm.

Mo Coys and enjoyed visi'jiu two of his regimental comrades, John Weir-h-iar and Henry al services which were held in (he north side Christain church and conducted by Kev. T. M. Mdlale who had chanced to be ormosd to him betoie the im nation.we ven in fixing our upon the lessor evil forget ihe greater good. of argument being used we will quote mi article from the Emporia (iazette and in answer from the and Bre -ze.

ture the opinion that Mr. Bailey's the song service. The secretary succeeded in getting reports from TjI schools in the county. There are 5 or 0 The evils are real i souk1 of them are menacing, but they are ijie iiics would not have been someu here clove to 0,000. The Republicans of Kansas believed in Bailey.

They thought outgrowt not ot misery or deea-. schools which no report was deuces, but of prosperity of lie received. The reports received in on November, 2:, there was fhe largest attendance of nnv funeral ever held in that church. His bereaved parents have, the heartfelt sympathy of f). whole community.

TImto is no death Tin1 Murn (to dnw a Turin' upnii some fiilri'r shori', And lirlalit in heaven Juvri'V-J crown TIjc.t shtiio f'ircv-cr in pro -T' ss of nor gigantic iudusli ia! 1 many respects were very encourag-1 Mr. Simmons formerly resided Tips indusf 1 bi I In all the schools in the dcvelop uneiit must not t. checked county there are o0! officers and but side be hide with it t-hon 1 teachers and 127 scholars' Last go such progressive regulation year the addition to the church tis will diminish the evil. We 'from the Sabbath School were l'2d. that he was big enough man to rise above faction and be fair as governor, but here is William Allen White, the biographer and herald of Mr Lehind and the assumed mouthpiece of the incoming' administration, who says that he will no only the power of his position defeat Curtis fr thewnate tint he will give Curtis hell.

If vo'i keep up that lick. Wil- Overalls ami worn shirts that are good as the and better near Nortonville. The new home of John Soever and wife on West street whs th scene of a pleasant surprise lust night where veral friend' and neighbors mot and surprise I the Soever household. Ninnerous g'unes helped pass away the evening and nniMC was od by Mi-ses Gertrude tmd l) rv should bid our duty if we did i ie'iicdy the evil-, i of than some. Griffin itpoilt izpffe: Thi- L-iwicnce Journal.

Bitwersock, and she Tnf "prescnt-i i if Curtis, life at. llieat-tilude of (io crnor ct Bailey in faking a hand Hgnitot. (Uutis in 1 senatoi i'd fight. Tln.s two feiiMtive 4 will hive to bear tbe haih world a little lon-g'-r; for it mav as Well Ik; given 1. nt i th'it Bailey furri-d the 'her check the bi-t line.

When (J 1:1 rt is violated tfif" rr 1 meet, Baih-y JiirneM 1 inl i check he 1 ad. i C'irtU. a sennforial esni'li-d it-, nod a n-riessman eN cted fi of broken pledge, from Wnhi'igfon, he 111 the gnvermir fig! if, find 1 i. i'ev toolh and toe nail. 1 1 i- 'i: i-h for hill) to ex peel Thomas McConnell of Os-kaloosa was elected president of the the coining year.

Kev. S- M. Hood was -elected to the office of secretary i I trea -urer. It as left to the executive eommittep to fix the pi. ice of ihe m-xt convention.

The i we sh'il! sucei'i'd only if we pro coed itieiit lt', with pim ticid I common as well ik tions, s- i ii iiting tilt good fr the bid and tio'ding on V.w former while end vu-ing fi rid of of the laftVr. Theod p. i h.s as li'im. Bailey will have regrets that vmi did not settle permanent-! Iv oijf on C-itn'ena Lbind. where! you 'iiid listen to the swi-h and swa -h of the sad sea waves, and in li-to iing you might, have for-: make any raw cracks! Knnift'-i polit ies.

Tli'is the battle is rngiug and WANTED See us before selling YOUR conx We want a large amount to fill contracts to feeders Skinner Eycrly A bountifrd lunch was served an. ill were graciously onto' hnijed. For a good time vo: outfit to be a. member of ltd oouituiitee wni nagnoi to rcciive is f.a ci'Min- invitations in due season. A I ival interest in tins department family..

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