Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 26, 1965 · 46
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 46

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, July 26, 1965
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12 - Section 2 CHICAGO TRIBUNE, MONDAY, JULY 28, 1965 'Sandpiper' Scenic, but Tasteless "THE SANDPIPER" Produced by Martin Ransohoff, in color, released bv Metra-Goldwrn-Mayer, directed by Vincente Minnelli and presented at the Chicago theater. THE CAST Lanra Reynolds Elizabeth Taylor Edward Hewitt Richard Burton Claire Hewitt Eva Marie Saint Cos Charles Branson Heindricks Robert Webber nanny Reynolds Mornan Mason Robinson Tom Drake Larry James Edwards BY MAE TIXEE To put it briefly, this is just a soap opera, loaded with sex, embellished with scenery and incredibly silly. It also offers some dreadful dialog. An erring minister says to his mistress, "I've completely lost my sense of sin," whereupon the lady assures him that ft was one of the very best things he could lose. In the finale, the repentant clergyman announces his retirement as the headmaster of an expensive school for boys, and embodies the varying philosophies of both his wife and his bosomy paramour while both ladies listen with tears in their eyes. Shot in the Big Sur region, the opening scenes look like one of Disney's nature series, with sweeping waves and mountain scenery in many moods, but then things get cluttered up with people. A boy shoots a deer and his mama is hauled into court. She's unwed, and proud of it and the judge decides that the free-wheeling Laura Reynolds and her beatnik friends are not fit company for Danny and orders him sent to a boarding school. After exchanging insults, the headmaster and the nonconformist, Laura, promptly fall in love. There are a lot of stock characters and situations; the perceptive, gentlemanly Negro who warns Laura she's heading for trouble, and the big money man who, and so help me, I quote, "had carnal knowledge" of her, and tries to donate some money to the school in a way that may be legal but is hardly ethical. Most members of the cast seem awkward and ill at ase. and with this script, who can blame them? Miss Taylor's voice is shrill and her figure top-heavy and overly exposed. Burton's Edward Hewitt seems slightly stupid and is badly in need of a haircut. In general, it is a tasteless offering aimed at the gullible; others may be affronted, if they are not bored stiff, as I was. DENNIS THE MENACE n o o o ; i ' 1 Tivo Kinds of Discipline Discussed ax u.-wiv niwtiv . icajuuoure tu expect ior meir wny. tie will surely need re- Discipline is and has always child. This will depend upon his minders along the way. Chil- been a most important aspect age, the neighborhood, and his dren often forget when they are of parent-child relationships. It present development. excited or involved in an in- involves much more than pun- Do not expect a child to be teresting activity, ishments and rewards for vari- perfect. A group of children who Another important rart of dis- ous kinds of behavior. The are playing will not be quiet, cipline, regardless of the type, way in which parents handle They can be expected to avoid is consistency. Do not keep their children's behavior will dangerous and wild actions. If changing requirements and often affect the way in which you are having difficulty deter- standards. This will only con- these children will act when mining a standard, listen to a fuse the child. If a change is they become adults. group of adults when they get needed, the child, should know Thoro 9r two Tnflior kinds of logemer ior a small party or the reason discipline. The one most com- HEY, MOM! THE TEAKETTLE WANTS YA ! Project Concern Fashion Show Set The lakeside Wilmette residence of Mrs. Orrin W. Clifton will be the setting of the August Tea House benefit fashion show and luncheon the North Shore Woman's auxiliary of Project Concern will give Aug. 20. Mrs. Clifton and Mrs. Robert W. MacDonald of Winnetka, are making luncheon arrangements. Mrs. John H. Piatt of Winnetka and Mrs. Norman S. Parker of Evanston will assist as hostesses. Colorful silk fashions from Thailand will be modeled. Mrs. Cyril N. Bell of Winnetka is in charge of reservations for the luncheon. Mrs. Bruce K. Thomas of Glencoe is ways and means chairman for the benefit, assisted by Mrs. Clifton, as co-chairman. The auxiliary funds are used to further the work of Dr. James Wesley Turpin, a young American physician and minister, who gives medical care, food, clothing and vocational training to thousands of home less, destitute refugees in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Project Concern, founded in 1962 by Dr. Turpin, is an independent non-profit medical relief organization which has three out-patient clinics in Hong Kong. monly used and understood is that kind which is required and enforced by an outside source. The teacher, principal, police man, and parent are usually the enforcers. They obtain good and proper behavior because the children do not wish to be punished. The other major kind of discipline can be called self-discipline. It is the type which an individual imposes upon himself. If this can be properly achieved, i t is o bviously the more desirable and effective. The individual who is self-disciplined does not require constant supervision. His behavior is acceptable in all situations. He tends to be a more responsible and dependable person. How can parents help their child develop proper behavior patterns? The first step is to become aware of what behavior is discussion. The next step is to make sure that the child knows what is expected of him and understands Your child needs to know that you have confidence in him. Give him responsibility. United Press International MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN I ni 1 -"P SKoumt .!.fj!?..?.?.ul!!!lr!!Lptfor'''t Universal City Sludio$ f oooooooooocoooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo V v 4 I MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN r-'rV m MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN TeZLdTCJ ... tOP Century Fas presents mi 7 , f V DAILY MAT. at 2 P.M. EVES MO P.M. -SUN 7:M KITS I0W IT 101 OFFICE 01 IT MIL PlNESTAGE. cot ta etMsf MAIIOtM AT' LA in 7I2-S2)t Far TUit-w laW Cell Mary kanaw 712-1710 torn NOIUNIS Asm Dow; -tow.. eVMAVflW'JF 9 CNlYAFREi Nc1Fa Extra -8 :20 p.m. Trtlll AIIT I U 1 1 1 U 11 I Hilarious Surfrisi-Frem f t MAJOR STUD!0.W cwfTeH Yi Han! .11 . u in i vim Art n nnpiiipiif live.... iiwwvuUL IIL 1 Time! "SNEAK Come as early at 6:25 p.m. or as late as 8 20. p. m. see preview and - ?. "Art of Love" loo IN TECHNICOLOR LAST 2 DAYS Open 9 a.m. Last "Art of Lovt" nt a tr J '.ui m ii imnii ,.ui mi umommmmmmmmma 10:20 p.m. Music Note The Cleveland Orchestra will rent monaural and stereo tapes of 26 two hour concerts to radio stations next season. Planned for national distribution, the series will be drawn from all sides of the orchestra's repertory, including the summer "pops," children's programs, and the recent tour of Europe and the Soviet Union. The orchestra's pension fund will receive the rental income. Ope a.m. last Feature 10:05 p.m. HG Man FllMwAYS ) PANAVISIOM and ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON EVA MARE SAINT and MCTROCOLOR MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN The Motion Picture You'll Want to See Again and Again! SEATS AVAILABLE TOR ALL PERFORMANCES AT BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL! MATINEES: 2 P.M.: Tuu.. Wad.. Thurj.. Sat. n Sun. EVCNINOS: K". -Thoi. P.M.; Frt. and Sat.. P. M.; Sua.. 7 JO P.M. WINNER OF S ACADEMY AWARDS PALACE THEATRE RANDOLPH AT LA SALLI HTT mm. hd Open 8:45 a.m. last Feature 10.30 p.m. Peter Sellers Roma Schneider Calcine W Paula Prentiss 4 Woody Alien Ursula Andress .Peter OToole 71 J ROCKHUDSON LESLIE CAR0N CHARLESB0YER THt could mm such... MATINEE EVERY DAY AT 2 tt tenm, vara U hetrtrCl ft 1 t3q. Cf ZJk 6 looo-vr m u. r Mr f i 1 .... -. -. . wm : . . IP j 1 m I . 1 : , "9 1 I WT I Iiiii aniiM 1 I auRffia ' 3 ! i M IVCS.tM P.M.-aa.Sal. TLIM MATINEE' EVERY OAV AT 2 Ma. Fir. A Mazz. Bala. Evas. Ma a. thm TNnr. S2.0 S2.20 Evas. Frl Sat.. Halt. $3.50 (2.50 Matiaaaa S2.50 $1.75 All Pricaa Includa Tai mtaral aaarr a HtM ""!. TIZtlM M oarvaa aa aakr aa) mm. 9mu.r a a at to a a m a'W - CoauTT naaer CSETS I PalfUK. 73 PC. MATINEE EVERY DAY at 2 P.M. SEATS luW it twtwttc w n , ana. TaMj uit rnaaat taaaat t P eantM mm m Pm. IL ) rm nnnci a M rm Mad MK.Ul' i ta iaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaV mm ar Srta TtXZM II SUBURBAN ADULTS ONLV! -EVANSTON- i V I WALTER SLEZAK-DICK SHAWN - LARRY STORCH - NiTA TAI RDT jgtaMnnSHMiaiMltllO TECHNICOLOR. amm WEDNESDAY Sm-Glrl In Ftoom 13" (Iff . A VAN BUIt CP. MICHIGAN CONTINUOUS ,m Cool LIFE YOU HEVtt fLOr CEK IIUI ECC " V. YOU LOOK THl n ana in Ivinitur . " - a I f sin1 IF i J Qfla mi II I i lx 1710 Sharmaa Ava 7 liKll!J Matin.. Dally Open 1:30 Featura 2:35-5:65-9:20 Q GREAT STARS! .mffsnj 1560 ShRrman Ava. exclusive area engagement: Open 1:15 featura 1:35-4:15-6:55-9:35 WINNER OF 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! CnBnTflE GREEK BURT 817 Chicago Ava. Open 6.15 Feat. 7:10 A :40 XT LANCASTER1 CVAMCTnil fRK FREE 1716 Central LIHIIilUII Today at 5-8 05-10 no !?aengeVakpeerck "MIRAGE" NORTH TECHNICOLOR -viiavjlea mm hits 4 rj j . ;larWy Auitoum PCTUK$ DEAN Open 9:15 a.m. Last Feature 10 p.m. WAYKS-T.lJ.HTi.. the SOUS oilCATIE ELDER TECKMIC0L0B' PaHAVI8IOV MARTHA HYER - MICHAEL ANDERSON, JR. WiMM K0WAHDV IU liM Nav Italian Star RAfFAiELLA CARRA J'inlro hail 9 -STiVi- . .: A A 'ffiflayTA.'M' 1 - ROD SHEER THE PAWNB RQKER LOOP niTE V. IMD01PI1 OPEN I 45 A.M. LATE SHOW PARK 4 Hn. tSe CIETMOUND 6AI CLAIK A U HELD OVER! AT OTH THEATRES CARNEGIE RUSH AT OAK PARK 31 E. CEDAt 4 HtS. SOe t:00-a:00-IO:M CONDIIlbaj, TOO MUCK WOMAN ADULTS ONLV WORLD wMl ill i 'vi rr'.i-'. jrt ii a a . f m i- .IP -w. . i I SUBURBAN llfflJ i Sheridan Road Wilmette AL I SOHO uai t nicMrvo film festival! .1. I, alk-Mdsn: CldlK fr. 2-2843 j iohn tea ti!m: ,. wsvnf ;. i -I "man who shot liberty valance" ! h. fonda. j. wayne "fort apache" 1 I (tuea: Saynnara' 4V 'nridqea at tok rt' ad: 'aaly 2 aaa play 'kind Ms. V eoninets') OPEN S:U0 A.M. ii jr:i LAST FEATURE 10:30 P.M. j,. REX HARRISON INGRID BERGMAN SHIRLEy MacLAINE THE TEJUTJ MOST SUTTEIW tAJTI ((iSl'fM -NORTHWEST- 11 i k. 4WJ11 iLL. Oafja. I III II Mlill'J: 'I I JajnajiiitT mii i 1 aavrjiaiaaaaaiiiiMi if DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. f 2:00-4:30-7:00.10:00 3; GLEiVCOE Vernon Glencoe VI .-00l TRIPLE HORROR JHOW; AU.IC01.0! RvfaSQUEarmc JED DC3TH VWCEKT PRICE . KORRGR CASTHE URSULA ANDRESS AU WW KtRCULES, SAMSON ULYSSES Of IN 00 K IlifJ MIDNIGHT SHOW 'fca.'l IYHY NIGHT a ii SOUTH Exeluaiv Area Emaiemantl BURT LANCASTER THE TRAI N,f at :S0-7-55-lfl ln Ee-t'n Dunde 4V Lcke-Cook J i Rds. 3 Aced. Awardsl Jt 7:40 end 10:05 -CC AMTHOWQUIf y i ZORSATHE QREEKrr ,RA 4-5400. NORTHWEST SOUTH NORTH NORTH B EXCLUSIVE CHICAGO SHOWING Gft THE THRILL r:t GENERATION! 1 n xjiiiffAfffflfl ilii Eastnrtar tCOLOR Plan '2nd AiM Hit In Ttchnicalar "MB. Pl-TEBS PETS" S1 ftno HAZA HAYHATIS 5 Open l:4j- BURT LANCAST B roadway-Lawrence mm f met. umilt Featura 2.-05-4:40-7:10-9:45 r Sheridan-Devon CUrk 4k Divie$ Oiw 1:45 Ftatur 2:35-5:50-9:10 Aft f ft r Aw a .... in harms imr Broadway- Lawrence IVE AREA agement: ennnz -hi Opan 1:15 Featura 1 :35-4 :I5-S :55-:35 aP-jr WINNER OF 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! ORBR THE GREEK Wettern 4 Devon Deora Open 1 :45 Last 2 Feat. 8:45 UKSOLA ANORtSS "SHf plui 'HERCULES, SAMSON tV ULYSSES" SB Featura at 2:30. 5211 W. Lawrane Ave Park Free Open 1:45 Air Conditioned! 5:50 aad CIO Mat Dally! Doe re Open 1:30 2135 Milwaukee Ave. Air Conditioned Matinee Daily 4050 Milwaukee Ave. 5635 W. Belmont Ate. Featura at 2415, 4:40. 7:10. :40 BURT UuiOAuILK 4743 W. Belmont Ave 'She' 0:45-10:00 'Hercules' :35 Park Free COOL! Ursula Andres, "SHE" In Color! plus "Hgreulex. Samson) 4V Ulysses" 1 .2SsSeaBSai wss&ssmM W m Jack LEMMON Let REMICK JOHN JAMPC WAYNE -STEWART THl U WHO SHOT ' LIBERTY VALANCE URSULA ANDRESS All NEW HERCULES, SAMSON ULYSSES 4 m rtr'. g i'IIiit" 79tk and STONY DOORS OPEN 1 :49 EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWING! John Wayne I Pat Neal 'HARM'S WAY' T-M-JWI! 79th & HALSTEO DOORS OPEN 1:30 4 LAST DAYS: STAGE SHOW! On Screen: "BACK DOOR TO HELL" PafAwaeeeejpwejajjeeee 7sth and ASHLAND pSlUaaaaaajeaiwAeaJ OOORS OPEN 1:45 I 11 S I Hv! B AMIl n)f-aj 1 1 S0UTHWEST 1 1 xMafMm nnapffi Kill? W a I ssz hercuies,i I i a j hi c...., a vxuai I tri urfrr wj"n 11 n irfff: . e 1 CHILDREN FREE tmSifu 1 ! ! iz a1 :i JACK LEMMON VIRNA LISI "How to Murder Your Wife" Plus Gregory Peck in "MIRAGE" 47th & Sa. Parkway DOORS OPEN I :45 2 POWERFUL ADULT FILMS! "MY BABY IS BLACK" Plus "UNDER AGE" p..:M.)T, 79th aV RHODES I DOORS OPEN 5 P.M. EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWIN6! Burt Lancaster "THE TRAIN" "HARM'S WAY" 'BLOOD on the ARROW I ALL-TIME PIXESt Today's Kevle "BEAT THE DEVIL" opart. Lerre. Lallabrlilda. M or ley Plaa "BATMAN" Serial M-I40-IOM Tenerrew'a Movie "SEDUCED AND ABANDONED" 1:00-1:00-10:00 PLAYBOY T M EAT B. ft coluubia rrcwm MBMMimS collector EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWING! John Wayne Kirk Douflae Patricia Neal Dala Rebertssa Harms' I:I0-5:I5-:3I Arrow 5:45-80 "SH "HERCULES. Ef 9 Cinema&cope and Colorl SAMSON 4 ULYSSES" C2EI2 5th-Ashland BE 3-20OO Free Parkinf! "FAMILY JEWELS" Color! 1:40-5:10.8:40 "McHALE'S NAVY JOINS AIR FORCE" Color! 3:20-6:50-10:20 7Ut-Jeffrry HY 3-3333 Exclusiv Stutht Burt Lancaster "THE TRAIN At 2:00-4:30-7:l5-:30 2150 E. 7lst HY S-II2I Adults Only! Exclusive Southeast 'ZORBA THE GREEK' At 2:00-4:30-7:00-:30 BURT LANCASTER fftl 1 I2:30-2:50-5:IO-7:40-I0-I0 fcT? Nfcl co noiuc iu Rt. sa a j unlit, in -mirage" Burt Lancaster "THE TRAIN" WEST- "1 ALCYON TLtSQUIRC TCCHNtCOLOPt At III. t3. 0:45. 40. I0S5 riFInU 6224 H. Broadway UCVUn JEAN-PAUL BELMONO0 'THAT MAN FROM RIO' ADELPHI "G0LDFIKGER" EZ&SSt 'Sunday in Niw York' 400 (744 N. SneHdon) 'PUMPKIN EATER" "Seance On k Wet Afternoon Feat. 7:00 S:J0 :so VI 1 1 V.U in 0.00 CMICAMomiCMIwM MELINA MERCOURI "HE WHO MUST DIE 6:25,10:05 'Siec' S:20 GRAND w 0pn Ii30 Today Disney's "CINDERELLA" Cetert Tony Randall "FLUFFY" Color I ICOMMODOREAtrtain -DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE VESTEROAY. TODAY AND TOMORROW" ! HOWARD 1121 Howard Julia -1, Dlek Andrews Va Dyka wnt (iiiinv nnnmuoi! Disney (YiAni rurrino Opaa 18 Feat at 2:13. 4:45. 7:15. 1:10 5th A Kedzie Open 12 to PATRICIA NEAL wTy-n. "IN HARM'S WAY" Alta "GUNS AT BATASI" la Celarl Burt LANCASTER Audia Murphy "APACHE RIFLES' 53d-Kedlle Opea 10 "THE TRAIN" Color I nenr7T-ll3ri A Weatara Opea 1:00 I . I faVll a Starts at 030 A 1:00 3 ACADEMY AWARDS Anthony Ouina "ZORBA THE GREEK" 5th emo" CICERO AMPLE FREE PARKINO n WINNER OF-0 ACADEMY AWARDS! ANTHONY OUINN o ZORBATHE GREEK" "OUINN PLAYS ZORBA TO lfEXANC0Nr cedent AoWt Eiiteie.en OPEN 15 CONTINUOUS nOMt'40 ZORBA AT 7J3S-10-.a a: I u.a V r vr-- rrmrr: v I "HERCULES. SAMSON & ULYSSES" ygSbfl WAYHE r - ... frrX A PATRICIA HEAL ! M"l?llli!Q2S2 fri KIRK DOUGLAS JOHN wtlMf ANDfSS -XlC k i ' "ZTStl Ml IF til W She ' 50 A 12:20 Hercules" 10:55 J "PEAR HI&ITTE" , AND ULYSSES' . i 1 lr3-i.Hi LI3 BUI.'.. U I iJUSS. ' JL SOUTHEAST itff ft SFF D".'.rE I I a aaw fit I ! I PjwjSICrtyTimini I leowi.f SA l-6444 Iri "THE TRAIN" tM'KA! WINK PANTHf "FrVpT ST AhU bW, i tra parking tnattrwc daily wmmwmm c v nit ip 0ic" 6:30 0" -4214 .rLewi. 'Th FAMILY JEWELS' 7:70-:SO HIGHLAND PARK Free Pkf. Lauph Hit 00 am. "IT'S A MAD. Taehnl. MAD. MAD, MAO WORLD" color LAKE FOREST DEERPATH "SHE" "HERCULES. SAMSON A ULYSSES" ARLINGTON HEIGHTS n i JOHN WAYNE 7 JS 10:!0 "IN HARM'S tJAV" IIH I erj: AT IOTH THCATSCS ewir PANTHEH IN "NK STAMPS" THU 7IVX1N J I5 1-00 7-50 IO TP "MIRAGE" "ep1ck Rt. S5 I Mile West of Rt. 5t Opea 7:30 Elvis Presley "TICKLE ME" Frank Sinatra "ROBIN A THE 7 HOODS" PHCfAnC OUTDOOR North Av. (Rt. (4) lAHObAUC Mils E. Rt. 59 Ph. 731-3130 CUr" "d "HERCULES. SAMSON SeTIeS" A ULYSSES" Both la Colarl OAK BROOK 1 A .(!: S-t.Va ljf MrtJtUtUlAlt OPEN 4 43 70RBA" at S (M) 7 55-S WINNER OF S ACADEMY AWARDS ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR ANTHOfJY QUINT, ZOftSATHE GREEK AT.. SUN. MAT. AT 1:30 ONLY "FIRST MEN IN THE MOON" Disney's "DONALD AND THE WHEEL" -MT. PROSPECT- SUBURBAN BERWYN- 0404 W. Cormak Read lOpea 1:00 Mat. Daily Air Conditioned! Featura at 1:10. 4:00, 1:35 and :50 9, ARMITAGE,5MM.r-M,rE..?p, "BEACH BLANKET BINGO" -I RICHARD BURTON IRVING Ni Jaasaa Bend's "DR. NO" Beeatv PETER O'TOOLE Ursula A a drees as "SHE" Herealea, Saojooa. Ulysses" Colorl By Popular Demand Year's Bil Hit At 6 :45 and :S0 "BECKET" WEST PiMifl"THE TRAIN" 1 lJWlWrMagJ BURT LANCASTER I GREGORY PECK "MIRAGE" Mat. 1st Show "PIRATES OF BLOOD RIVER ESOSTBSH. FAJt t--H G060L'S Brllllaat "THE OVERCOAT" 1st SH0WIN6I 7:05. 1:45. 10:25 TOWN e aooo a. CLAM (400 SheHdaa Road At 8)9 ONLY I BALMORAL ii ii EAfsn A rn A M 1 1 C I f U A Y 1755 e"thpert COOLI mUOlU DUA URSULA ANDRESS la M. Rider Hecfard's SHE plus 'HERCULES, A at SON A ULYSSES" Beth la Celarl RRVU MAWD H "I'LL take! DM IN IrlArin SWEDEN" SO. M "BATTLE OP THE VILLA FIORITAw :I0 ucwncnnv lie. II eetaaillll R, I "FLUFFY" Mltehaaa HR. MOSES' V CUnDC Eneleaed Parkinf 50 Cants lrVe JllUlaC 1175 Bdwey f:40AS BURT LANCASTER 'THE TRAIN1 I IfCeinC 47,1 "rldaJi Ope0 a.MII.OIUC "AMAZONS OF ROME" "Men Fram Birttea Willow" Dala Rabertsaa 'ROBIX)N CRUSOE ON MARS" ft? ME C "MIRAGE" e Opea f Nw "McH ALE AIR FORCE" f urn w8t,&sxim Aseaaaaasaastasr AIR CONDITIONED! Open MS Featnrp 2:IO-440-7:IO-:40 HHHI-J1 1 ':sd URSULA ANDRESS "SHI" plus "HERCULES, SAMSOM i, ULYSSES" UflDUII 45W. 119th Open 1:13 NUnmAL Free Parkinp Taehnieelar JULIE ANDREWS DICK VAN DYKE at 15-4 20-7 :00- 20, Walt Ditney's "MARY POPPIWS" COMMERCIAL "I. MOBSTER" "TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY" 63rd A Halsted "APACHE RIFLE" Burt Lancaster "THE TRAIN" "4 HITS ANO A MISTER" EMPRESS 1162 E. SSrri St Open 12:30 "THE MAN FROM 8ALVEST0N" SKI PARTY" A "MISTER MOSES" LEX cool fy pAODERN ( tY.YTiti ROCKING A I Til I JV THfATER5X2Alt4. a. IM-11M aenaoo e Open 1:00 Feature 1:05-3:50-6:40-3:30 P.M. lANDHuKSTeT; aeJ!. johm wayne xHrinKili JCIRK DOUGLAS RfllV AT - JF 1-4-7-10 MT.PROSPECT' DT7 0343 Raosevelt ST 8-4660 Open I "I I L Tony Randall 'FLUFFY' at 135 Greiory Peek. D. Baker 'MIRAGE' t:30-l:S0 LA GRANGE 80KI LANCASTER plus "GUNS AT BATASI" 53 E. S3rd Stmt Doors Opea 1 :0C Last 2 Feat. 1:00 "THE TRAIN" Open 1:30 Matinee Daily Air Conditioned Featura at z:05. 4:40. 7:10 and 9:40 P.M BURT LANCASTER -ELMWOOD PARK- OTITP IIOtk-Mlchltaa CI OIMIC iieu rn in e n at. COLOR til 'HERCULES, SAMSON A ULYSSES" : 0" .1 a. . Pill M M n aSprf.Halrtaat fln. 103 IS-t45 tMULtWUUU "APACHE WOMAN" "Hercules, Samson & Ulysses" "SHE" with Ursula Andreas, Joha Plena rd sow NORTHWEST BYRD URSULA ANDRESS ii SHE ii LOGAN 2S4I Mllwautea Nr. Kedile "Mall Flanders" IS.IdO.tS SEANCE aa a WET AFTERNOON' 10-7:53 IV fill 1,27 Fallsrtpa A lull Mokrvkoetalel A OA F-21 IS Kaatavaraldaa 01 Yperlfaael Brook Fllara uii rnon nia.1 UIIU "THIS IS HY HOME" (Ma AH Pellea Sap r KOMI" (Maea Ta Sen Dees) A 'Slueepplaa" Wlaaerl BATIfi MM lr- pk- -MIRASE" r A 1 1 U. "FLUFFY" Tony Randall Madia?. 'Hercules, Samseil Ulysses MARSHALL SQ. "SHE" "Hercules, Samsoi I Ulysses" 2730 W. Carasak IMDFRIII 52 "HE" Task. ImrtniAL. 'incident in an alley' "HERCULES, SAMSON A ULYSSES" (TIB BARTER 0a.Sa.B3. "SO FOR e I Afl Madlaea-Hilstad BROKE" 'ALL IN .A NISHT'S WORK" A TRUNK 4 STAR I. latltatJpa at LnV f. 'Klaala Ceaelas' s. "Viva Laa Veeas' RAMOVA"4 Grsor Pack Halsted Tony Randall "FLUFFY" "MIRAGE" PEOPLES 47th and Ashland Opea 12 MS "SHE" "FLUFFY" "HERCULES. SAMSON A ULYSSES" on l if ej i ) aa ; I ji ' J. pub i in a j lyi i j wWejfT&S22JS5iBlwjaa -OAK PARK- UatSiAA ANDRESS "SHE H0rCU.ES SAMSON M.YSSES BANDWAGON Cyd Charissa Fred Artalre 'SiPfin in Rain' Daboia Reynalds sa39! -TOWajajaj "kANDkO-aeerCINTIAl AiPLTJ TO 2 ML a MaFOPTllLr ppaU X coTot "HERCULES, SAKSn 1 WJUDRESS " ULYSSES J lilP-aJP4:ii ldM:M:M J PROSPECT "MIRAGE" -PARK RIDGE- I Open I AO Featura at CHELTEN GREGORY PECK 79th 4 Exehanie ES 3-3042 8:55,9:10 MIRAGE" ROSELAND "-"" ,. "APACHE RIFLES" "SONS AT BATASI" w& (ID )M for th youngstars . ... p thatn cool, (af mcJ eomfortabla . . . tTt MOVIFS y Q 15 RE AT STARS! Matinea Daily Air Conditioned 1:10. 35. i:5 and 95 P.M. LAKE - LAMAR 'She' 3:40-6:55-10:10 'Hercules 2:13-3:30.15 "BANDWAGON" 6:10. 10:05; "RAIN" 85 CICERO rtl VaJDIfa CI 31 W. Canaak li I III a I W SPECIAL POPULAR PRICES BURT LANCASTER "THE TRAIN" 'J5,! 2rar.'o"TAn00ED POLICE HORSE" mm 09 g Kim- DUNDEE nilUnlllC DRIVE Rt72Eastt25 UUnUALt IN Childraa Free John Wayne "SONS OF KATIE ELDER" "A BOY II FEET TALL" Eda. S. Rehineep ELMHURST- 'MeHALE'S NAVY JOINS AIR FORCE YORK 235. 3:33 8:50 12 30-4:00 7:15-10:30 "FAMILY JEWEL" iV MAYWOOD .2 30 7 a.pEPE" SHE" 17. 7 OA LIDO URSULA ANDRESS TRANKLIN PARK ROSE '. Raa,4all ELVIS iTinifl P UP I" PRESLEY e.wre. r..COLfJR "FLUFFY" Saa8iM) -GRAYSLAKE- mm "HABU'5 WAY" Open K)0 P.M. 6:40. 95 DES PLAINES . "MIRAGE" Til Take Sweden' 30, 10 At S2S anry ELGIN- DOWNERS GROVE Park "Return" 5:35 A 10:15 Free "Peyton" at 7:SS P.M. Turner "PEYTON PLACE" "RETURN TO PEYTON Color Plue PLACE" A 2 P.M. Only One Shaw "JUMBO" GLEN ELLYN BLUE ISLAND ft CU Srepery Peck and Walter Matttna UL.EI1 "MIRAGE" at 830 A 18:13 las CARV GRANT and LESLIE CARON la "FATHER GOOSE" la Color 8l2S WHEATON WHEATON SaVTa. TRAIN' 12952 8. We.tern 9.8I Opea 1 :00 Air r..nfiiiaMA 'Matinee Dally Free Parfcinal Ursula And ran "SHE" In Colorl plus "Harcakra, Samson A Ulyssas" DU PAGE -LOMBARD- HINSDALE Hercules, Saeseea A Utysaaa 7 A 18:13 ate "SHE" aeU HINSDALE . "CINDERELLA" T aad f a:ip 'Tatteeed Pall

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