Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1949 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1949
Page 4
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THE PHAKOS-TKIBUMi'S PKOGtUM Ft/r LOUASSFOIIT: !. An operative Planning Commission, !!. An Adeannte CJT!C Center. 3. Proper maintenance of streets and sMernlks. 4. An adequate Sewerage and fiarba^e Disposal system. 5. Simlcicst Parking Facilities. Logonsport In the Past When Doctors Disagree CST, DST or EST- Time Is Still Muddled Indiana's new "time" law, passed by the state legislature, which provides for .state-wide Central Standard Time, apparently will do little .to clear up the annual confusion regarding the time question, because the bill as passed and signed has no teeth in it to enforce uniformly. - Hardly had the bill been passed before several cities Immediately investigated the effect of the bill, and the general conclusion seems to be that most cities will continue to do as they see fit regarding summer time schedules. Peru has already indicated that on midnight as of the last Sunday in April it will set its clocks ahead one hour the 1 same as last year, unless the new law is clarified to make it binding on municipalities which have already passed daylight saving ordinances. It is not likely that, " any "clarification" or changes will be effected in the new, "statute to make it binding. Logansport last year likewise passed a permanent ordinance placing daylight savings time into effect dur- - ing the summer months. What effect the new law passed by the legislature will have on this ordinance is not as yet known, and undoubtedly will depend in large part , on the action taken by other cities in the state. Hoosier cities near Chicago are cheeking the effects : of the new state law, and have indicated that they will •" step around it. Included in this group are Hammond, Gary, East Chicago, Whiting, South Bend, Ft. Wayne, and Indianapolis. The chief objection to standard time by northern cities is that their economy is tied very ^ closely, to the city of Chicago. ' • "• Industries throughout the state have stated that year-round central standard time would place them two hours behind the schedule of the firms they work with, during the summer months. Rural people, who generally prefer standard time, will have gained little by the pass- • •~ age of the new time bill if cities throughout the state do not adhere to central standard time. :.. The great majority of Hoosiers had hoped the legislature would pass some time bill which would provide uniformity and include provisions for enforcement. The •:; newly passed time bill has no provision for repeal of city •"' ordinances already passed, and carries with it no teeth .-..' for enforcement. As a result, we have gained nothing '•'•-' with the legislation and undoubtedly will face the same confusion as has existed in the past. One Yt«r A«o Harry Collins, 77, ot 401 tiny street, passed away at-th« St. Joseph hospital following a Jong Illness. Winter descended MPor» Loftns- port with a vengeance tpdQy, with the temperature dropping to a low of 4 degrees abova zero, James Finnegan was elected president ot the board ot director! of the Logansport CoiuniunUy Chest. Death claimed Mr». Bertha Sc- ward, CO, ot Camden, route 1, Ton Years Ago Ernest Kendall was named i to Succeed Charles Wilkinson ^5 president, ot the Logansport Co|iimun- Ity Chest board of directors, A fractured hip sustained (n a fall at her honie, 91* Twentieth street on January 7 proved fatal to Mrs. Catherine Baumanh, SO, at the St. Joseph hoipltal. Diane Downs, 2-year-old daughter ot Mr. ami Mrs. Morton Downs 30,1 North Main street, Rochester, was drowned wlUn she fell In a lily pool, near her home. John Chapman, 8ft, riled sudden- ly'at his home in Madison town- i ship, Carroll county. I Mr. and 'Mrs. William Urban of Monticelio are the parents of a daughter, • The threat of a serious flood in this city vanished today as the Wabash river continued to recede after reaching a crest o£ 16,5 feet Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hearlck of Winavnac plan a quiet observance ot their fifty-third wedding anniversary March 21 at their home In Winamac. George W, Manmiller. 69, retired AVabash railroad engineer, succumbed at hi? home, 1P7 East Eighth street, Peru, after an Illness of several years. Commends "ransfer Of ifjhf Agencies •JHoover Commission Wants Selective Service Placed rer commission said that since congress was considering the question, it would make no recommendation. i Emphasizing that labor "has been steadily denuded of functions at one time established'within it," the commission recommended that certain agencies bo turned over to thc department in a move to' strengthen it, including: board, bureau etaoln etaonl sthoni .:.: Under Department of Labor. Twenty Years Ago C. E. Jflddleton resigned as chi»f Boy Scout executive of the Logansport council. Miss Catharyn Covalt, 326 Eight street, filed as a candidate for city clerk on th« Republican ticket. Mrs, Maria-Kistler, S4, died at her home in Royal Centre. T. C. Johnson was elected presi. dent of the Cass county Bee Keepers association and M. A. Cornell, secretary. Twelve new members from this county were added to the organization. Another reco.rd of sorts was reported to the Pharos-Tribune by W. 0. Martin, retired farmer of near Burrows, who claimed that his farm wagon in use for 55 year* was probably thc oldest farm implement in use in the county. The Loganberries were preparing to meet Columbu* in the first game they play in the sixteen- team state finals at Indianapolis. I Monday Eve., March 14, 1949 By Walter Wincheil / Broadway and Elsewhere Man Playing the Typewriter One tune these ears never weary in. of .on the networks is "Once Love With Amy," as Ray Bolger renders it from I' Ills s t a r r e r, "Where's Charley?" He does it the way it's done in that hit ... Then there's Helen Forrest's job of igniting one of thc better ballads, "I Don't See Me in Your Eyes Anymore" ... Thc movie, "Caught," has the oddest method fr getting rid of its villain. He's killed by a falling pinball machine ••• Add startling sights: The S-story billboard (at 47th and The Big Apple) featuring a full-sized color sketching ot Robert Mitchum, heralding his latest cinema, "The Red Pony" ... Quite a few of the midtown drugstore fountains have shaved the fee for a cuppacawfee from a dime to a jitney Wonder if Danny j and intelligent ... The folksy cap- Kaye and Zero Mostel know they j ering of the cracker-barrel comics are both going to the same psycht- j on. the airwaves only reminds you atrist? ... Good to have Mister how wonderful Will Rogers was Berla back on his television show, i at that sortathing • • • The ditty Without him it was like Broadway called "O'Brien to Ryan to Gold- without the lights. berg" (in the "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" flicker) is Hit Parade The Big Burg's apartment sit-1 fodder... Mark's Halrem calls on« nation hag eased considerably. Al- | of its hair-dos "Waste and Deso- most a full page of classified ad- j lation After an Atomic Bombing." verts in one gaiette. For 5 years ! Oh. now go away! --. Another les Laughton's talent is wasted In those B-films. They, aren't even rated good enough for a Broadway premiere. Usually relegated to dullbel features' at neighborhood bijous ... Maxwell's in Miami Beach (n dairy and blintzes spot) worried about the season. The other day the police had to warn th» owner about the crowds waiting to get in—clogging the pavement outside ... Joe's Stone Crabs rendezvous is probably one ot the few popular places where they never raise the prices. "I just want to make some—not all the money," is the prop's logic ... Bogart, teps at playing tough-guy roles—gi.bi with a. litbp. New Yorkers are on the side of the cab drivers in their current quarrel. The John L. Lewis outfit is causing all the trouble, say th« insiders Jackie Robinson is one of the few ballplayers who doesn't hamper radio interviews with hem-and-haw chatter. He is glib it was hardly more than two columns ... They are .now off ering a dollar necktie "guaranteed for life" on Any Door," One of the fancy slick mass newcomer with the Stardust touch is a gal, Allene, Roberts, in. "Knock fCharm) uses a brown typewriter The X. Y. Philharmonic broad- ribbon on its baby blue stationery ] casts are always big-time. Even ... A publisher has Issued a book | the intermission coiiimentatiqg hlt» called "The Etiquette of False | the right notes ... The one ra- Teeth," of which the Army has or- sponsible for tlie subway posters blasting the bigot* merits a sa- Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round jj President Peron pinned a medal oil his breast—the same kind of medal given to General Vaughn. After lunching with Peron, Mc- dered 600 copies ... Sam Rosoff, thc subway-builder, wishes the lute, it they'll accept this one .. kldriers would lay off him. He says j They certainly have Richard Wid- he was at no party where anyone i mark toiling hard. In the ls.it shot at him If you think Os-! month he's appeared in threa cars are important—quick—gimme J Broadway clicks... Loretta -Young the names of last seasoTi's winners ! isn't afraid of losing her glammer Jf you're left-handed, then your rep. She is the mother ot a col- i Cormick informed the press that {he and the dictator were in com- j '° rt pedal Is larger than the right j legiate in her latest ... Things t I plete accord ' on western.' heuiis- M e. Ask any shoe salesman -..j Waste More Time Trying to De! Showdown due hehvccn 'Iranian and Lewis on Boyd appointment I pheve affairs, | Society is going mad about the] cipher: Why the classic show, i 1o hciul Bureau of Mines i Loafing 1 Dems nn House foreign affairs | Other things about the Colonel's j llew ? in K*>"« fr°m Argentina. ] "Blossom Time" (revived in Ixw- (•ommlttec contributed to Sol Bloom's death; San Diego newspaperman n rciil Servant of Brotherhood. WASHINGTON — John L. Lewis i So far statesmanlike recently won some votes in favor man Charles Eaton of New Jersey, provisions which most — the right to halt strikes against, the public Interests. The National A s s o c iatlon of m a n u facturers backed by George SokoUky and a labor dislikes | taken advantage of this. But he of injunction | could easily turn the tables ou the Democrats and put the Hepubli- Outcome of the game was consider- ! battery of propa- ed a "toss-up" by the experts. wndists couUm t Local residents were hoping they would eecape a cold spell resulting Employe's Compensation Appeals ' Board, Bureau of Employment • f ~ »s " T*I i J I Clime ncoi m vuc -WASHINGTON, taarch 14-CUP) Security, and Bureau of Employe * b ,, mr| j B in history . . . j . ; Compensation, all presently m the —The Hoover commission urged to- j Fljfleral Security Agency. Placement service and unemploy- liave been halt as effective as John Lewis. For trip were interesting. One was the j Played with two decks. way American Ambassadors kow- i towed to McCormick, giving '-the 'don), is named "Lilac Time" .. i One editorial writer insist* Holly- can't purchase Dun £ Brsd- wood can improve Impression that, the publisher's street's reference book. 'It Is only turning out more Views were sympathetically re- loaned ••• Kitty Kalian's record- ceived in Washington. Wherever 1 •'>'£ of "Kiss Me, Sweet" is another lie stopped McCormick was wined melodic dimple ... Many 3rd Ave- and dined by the U. S. envoy, with I nue bars are goldmines. Guzzlers top government officials of each cans in the position .of running country .invited. American 1 foreign policy. As a-result the first act of New Another interesting fact was Mc- are 3-deep at the bar • Onow-j lookahere! They are offering bras- sieves with embroidered hands on business by flickers like "The Iron Curtain" and less like "The Snake Pit." The latter is a. top coia-maker. The other a costly flop. Gormlck's rabid attitude toward i ' Democratic. Chairman John Kee, j Europe which became so violently when he took over following. Sol manifest that even his own inter- Harold- Shattuck (the from the icy weather holding the j entire -west- in one of the worst | Lewis' Lieutenant, John Owens, .flay that selective service and sev-1 en other agencies or functions be transferred to the "denuded" department of labor, ^ "The department has lost much 'tit its significance," the commission told congress. "It should be given ;raore essential work to do If it is To maintain a significance com pa v,able to the other great executive flopartments." " But the commission made no ro commandation as to whether such agencies as the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, the National Labor Relations Board should be put within the labor de- '"partment. The administration's labor bill which would repeal the 'Taft-Hartley act would put the fed- rral mediation service back in the labor department, but makes no provision for the others. The Hoo- nient compensation, including the veterans employment service. Most controversial of the proposals In this 13th of IS contemplated reports .by the commission on ways to streamline the executive branch of government was that affecting selective service. The draft, agency is Independent and reports directly to the presl- ent. Selective service was revived In 194S to begin drafting single. non-veterans 33 through 25 years of iige to swell the ranks of the peacetime army. INDIANAPOLIS, 1ml.. March 14 (UP)—The state conservation department today announced the appointment of Mrs, Msrcta Murphy ns manager of the Turkey Run Inn at that state park. Fifty Year* Ago A daughter was born to Mr. and I as director Mrs. Charles Baker, of GJJ'.'ge Mines, street. The new school building on Cicott street war, nearlnc compla- hinted before a senate committee that the miners would strike It the __ I senate confirmed Dr. .Jamus Boyd | u , e gan D(ego j ourna i r , V as of the Bureau o£ Several senators who have been on the fence regarding injunctions new believe that injunctions may tlon and Contractor Troutman had j be the only w-ay to deal with^a _____ _ ^ _.__.__ .. the building ready for the plast- j labor leader who threatens a slri/ce | the sorrowg 0 ( others and doluf Bloom's death, was to warn Democratic congressmen It was time for them to quit playing hockey.- Note — Sometimes It has tven been necessiry to telegraph Democrat Joseph L. Pfeifei- ot Brooklyn at hlg home to Insure hla attendance for conimittee votes, Kcnl Servant of Brothorheprt When Forrest Warren,' new on a reporter on tho Atcbison (Kan».) Globe, he lost his wlfa under the wheels of a train. Perhap* thai? tragedy had something to do with cnusing Warren to spend much ot his time since then listened- to Schrafffs chief) started a $100 Pyramid Club from his hospital erei;s. if congress exercises its constitu-1 something, about them. Fire was discovered in the ' tlonal right to confirm a preslden- j At any ra t e) warren hag become frame building occupied by the John Bowen family on Sy.'amora street near the VandaHa station while the family was in South Bend. Mr. and Mrs, Ellas Elliott, of Xoble township, became tho parents of a son. George Palmer started his saw and planing mill after a two months shutdown. Arthur Keesllng, who left here tial r.ppolntment. Inside fact is that previously John L. Lewis un«d to dominat: a tireless worker for 111* fellow men. He has organized a revolving wheel-chair service in which the Bureau of Mines, He hid a bro- j n lere arc 'more than 600- wheel tlicr-in-law working chore and a.'so| C | la ; rs ail d ninny- walkers for polio helped pick the bureau's dire&or, ] vjctin , g . He originated the San Di- Dr. 'R. R Sayers- Eventually it dc-1 ego sho -g' {unrt( collection *in,flOfl veloped that Lewis knev- as mucn ancl nlore tnan ico.OOO pairs of what was going on inside the bureau us its top boss. Secretary of the Interior Krug. Shortly after Krug discovered this, Saj'ers step- to take a position on the India- i l' e d ollt to ta)ce fl J° b wlth thc napolis Journal, bec»m« a mem-ignited Mine Workers while Krug ber of tho staff of the Cincinnati! appointed Dr. Boyd, then dean ot the Colorado School of Mines, to luke his place. Lewis has held up appointment ever since, through G. 0. P. Senator Eugene Millikin ot Colorado? Post.' Margaret, the 6-ycar-oM daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. John- Boyd's son, died at the home of her par-1 chiefly ents at 232S Broadway. Miss Maud Cunningham, of 305 Market street, left for Chicago to visit friends for a few days. Anfi-Liquor Course In Schools Upheld TALLAHASSEE, Fla, (UP) — The governor of Florida thinks public schools should spend I (id time waging war on liquor and devote more hours to teaching youngsters how to got along with ' people. Oov. Fulier Warren led a losing Now Truman has called for a showdown between himself and Lewis ae to which controls senate confirmations. loaflnj Dems Overworked Bloom One thing that contributed to the death of much-loved congressman Sol Bloom was overwork. Ar.d his work load was increased by the fact that many Democratic members of the house foreign affairs committee brazenly loafed on tlie job, leaving most of the work to Sol and the Republicans. While the 11 Republican mem- battle to cal out a special temper- i 1jCT * ot thc «>nimlttee usually are ance program in Florida schools, i !^!t"!:'_? 0 T. iT C !.*L° W " ^'l! He suggested, Instead, courses In public relations and the art of handshaking. "I believe in temperance as much I as anybody, but I don't believe the taxpayers should be taxed for an agency to propagandise against lifjuor," teetotaler Warren declared. The Florida chief executive, considered a master of oratory and Democrats .have turned up. This oiice caused conscientious con- trtssman John Kee of West Virginia to remark, "maybe what we need Is a police force to got our to attend meetings." shoes that were repaired and 'given to needy children, At Christmas time Warren conducts a Santa-helper program by which 4,000 men, -women and children ar» cheered with holiday present*. He has collected 'money to buy books projected on the celling via films so that fltit-on- the-back patients may read pages on the ceiling above their beds. Warren, now 7i years old, doeg nil this in addition to hli regular \vork on the S«a Diego Journal. Ho is a real servant of - brotherhood. JlcCormlelt Flumps For Peron No newspaper In the U. S, A. has fought Harry Truman more vitriollcally, vehemently and vigorously than the Chicago Tribune. These attacks hav« also been centered on Truman's military aide, Gen. Harry Vaughn. Nevertheless, Tribune Publisher Colonel McCormick has now found something in common with Harry Truman and Harry Vaughn- He Is an admirer ot Dictator Peron of Argentina. Col. JfcCormick .has been travel- preter toned down his remarks. In ! bed. Thassall, brother! Quito, Ecuador, for Instance, Me-1 Lardner's epic, "The Champion," Cormick told local newsmen if thej was previewed. It is tough enough, Red Army invades western Europe, hut they've buttered it up a. bit by the only thing it can accomplish is j having him good to his mother. In to destroy Western Europe. And' the original he knocked her cold. he made a gesture indicating his | indifference to guch an outcome- j So a college education pays, eh? But Jack Dubols, tnt 'Tribune's | Last year movie star Jean Arthur roving corre»pondent in Latin enrolled -at a university for a course in marital relations. The . Another Music Hall stage ty«- catcher is ' the "Singing in th« Rain" number Television IB America, in IntBrpretlng, gave no indication of "how 'little his publisher thought of Western Europe. So in translating he changed the sentence to "Destroy Eastera Eur-1 Loos' new musical making great strides, no doubt. But it's still minor league wh*n it Is forced to show guch ancUnt films as those starring Jack Mill- hall ... Few professional comedians can match Ronald Colman'a knack at flip crax. His fooling on J. Benny's stanza wag responsible for the orchid-winner the' other program ... Those dfsc-Jox with more chatter than music are ut- ually something to take white having a tooth yanked ... The new- other day she announced plans for (ice cream sotjamatg along Broad- a 'divorce Lena Home has PUBLIC FORUM People's Forum, Pharos Tribune, Logansport, Ind, Dear Sirs: . Indiana ranks as one of the lowest of the 4S states as far as its health standards are concerned. Why is this? It's beciuse the people of Indiana are letting it be. that way. "They are letting the medical profession lead them and their representatives around like sick dogs. In this last legislature there was a Senate bill passed by both liouses. Thc purpose of this 'bill nlx'd the role of the lead in Anita Bad Arithmetic: Film profits plummeted, but movie admissions reached a new liigh, according to a survey . Bitter protest* have come in over the "American Minstrel" program because ot the Uncle Tom approach. To top things, the comedians are Pick & Pat — Southern Jittery piffawmers on programs make you way are swankier than many of the uppity placei If Life mar win tee! . amatcha squirm and twitch. Incompetence I news-real music. Following wants to play at catching boners, all right. How about the issu« which reported movie actress E1U- abeth Taylor in London whll« sh» was chatting with this colyum th« . other eve? The gazettes report that tlie Paramount offices -were disrupted by the numerous calls from peopla trying to check the title of their was to counteract a ntroduced to set up House bill board of examjners for the purpose of licensing- qualified members of a drugjess healing art. The Senate bill that was passed was S, B. 39. which called for a recodlffcatlon of the health laws, to modernUe them. All that was actually done was the changing and addition of a few commas, aemicolons, and [ words, which gives ths so-called "servants of the stele" an «v*n greater monopolj'. Sincerely, BETTY JANE MATHERY, Logansport. and nervousness are a terrible team to Inflict on dialers ... Things You Never Knew 'Til Now: That there are about 17,000 suicides in the U. S. every annum. Switzerland (the "most peaceful place in the world") ha« the highest ratio. Mix vlchy water and cider in the proper proportions and even the best connoisseur of wines can hardly tell the difference between that and champagne ... The entire cast refer to her as "Miss West," never by. her first handle •.. We hav« to close the eyes when Char- first hint last Sunday that our the "Stop the Music!" mystery tune was the Paramount newsreel theme song Thc Police Commissioner prob'ly doesn't knov that when you call headquarters thc line is usually busy — & fine thing: ... Paying taxes means you're making money in the United States. What a wonderful combination The dopesters are watching a horse (Its name starts with a P) that may run at GuU- stream this week or next. "One or two horses," they tell you, "that beat Citation!" Deadly Gas Shell Makes Better Coyote Trap KINGSVILLE. Texas —(UP) — King Ranch has develop a better coyote trap. A small circular affair, the trap contains a .38 caliber shell loaded ing through Latin America spend-i vith cyallidl3 .**'': J h , e ,^ ct: 1e ing an average ot thirty hours in I cockiM - smeared with halfrdecayed each ot four capitals-but spent more time In Buenos Aires where) PHAROS-TRIBUNE COMPANY Dallv 30c per week hr ecnrler. VlB.no |>»r reer I>T rnrrter. Br carrier oiit*f<Je KuirnkiMpart, 20c )*er week; 910.00 per.T**r. Br mnll in CIIN*. Cnrrull, White. PulHNkl. Fulton,' and Mlnml cAuntteN. nnd rural 'route* of Culver nml ArjiroN 90.OO per yeiirt outKlilc trnillui£ nfexiN and wltkln care how much "I don't I ?,""'„ p n ynl.le education you've "Nonsense—from all reports, it's in much better shape than the White House." got In your head, if you can't get along with your fallow man, your education is a drug On tlie market." Members of his official cabinet voted down Warren'» suggestion to j rut off an nnuus.1 $8,100 slate ap- I proprtation for a special anti-llq- I nor program in the schools. Jnornul 1S-I9 Tribune ««tnVllnh«4 1807 Reporter citnblliilird J8»O otnhlirted ISM Publltltefl *»ll7 except SnndBT by Phnro«-Trlhnn« Componr, SIT Emit n?', I,ofc"»p4>rt, fn<1|»*. Entered nn necnnil r.lnnm matter nt thc •out office nt l/o)rnn»|iort, lad., under the net of March 3, 187O. MBMBER AUDIT BFUEA1J O»r CIRCULATION AND CXITED PRESS ASSOCIATION PHA.ROS-TR1BCNE Nnlloni,! AdverlUIn* ReprcicntdtiTek Co. and stuck into th» The coyote smells the meat, tugs at the device to get it oift of thc ground, the mechanism fires, and the cyanide ' gas goc» 4 ewn his throat. In one month alone the ranch counted 150 dead coyotes. FOR SERVICE RENDERED FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UP) — Ralph Hall, whose work takes him on tlie road much of the time and involves eating at resta'urants had to eat breakfast in a hurry one morning at homo, A short time later, his wife fouud a. quarter under his plate. "Quit trying to influence me when I'm making your decisions!"

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