Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 12, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1949
Page 7
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FKEIVS Ill-WAV UIULLK Mil Soufh Main Sit. Bujrutar Dally Dinner OOc up UATKKXNG FOK WKUDINUO 8HOWEBS, STAG PARTIES, EU« Banquet JKootn, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFBIGEBATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 7430 Emergency CiU 6557 Employment Help Wmito.i— WA.NTKK—olrl lor gum-nil Work. Call NnUK. i'SKli, Notice lln anil alter tills ilutc 1 will nut lie i.tll'M- than by inyiirll. WM. II. KM I Til, I'nlim City III).. NauKiilnHt. Hati-il nl NuiiKaliirk this xth day u( (K'liibvr, 1!M9. Geo. Wigglesworth & Son, Inc I'LUMBING, 1LKATINQ and, AJK CONDITIONING MAPLE STREET 24 Hour Oil Burner Service TEL. EZ63 >EE TIIK NEW UNIVERSAL WASHER at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prices — 107 SPRING ST. UNION CITY TELEPHONE £651 SANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batteries Washing Machines, Baby Curriaget Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED 480 Robber Ave. Phone 6377 For Sale I." -.... -i-.=r= -..:-.. •.:•- HOIIHUH Jfor Mult) LlHt Your property lor Quick Bale. Tim A. It. Mnrtlno Co. Kuiil JGHiulu And AiipraiMiLln K08 IB. Atnln St. I'huiia »-Z'titti Wtby. .1101) Kiev |. 1100,11 inniKalnw III'A-I cciiiilltlnii. Lurjii. level li,i, prii-,. only Jii.'.>»». I'UO.SI'WT-.Jimt two mllii.s Irrin, l.'illiin tllty. :,->•'/(,in liuuMe, all in<i<l"ru Impriivi'iiiriilH, 3J/j arre.H i,| innil, iiiinil. IIKACO.N KAI.LH— 1-MnenbrldKe, vn- fiuil, itrand-n',:w rnoUei'n ."-riMnn hurno, lurgu luvfl lot, iirlccil n'ason- aliln. Call A. filllOl'LHV, a-1311 or r.144. for Sale HouNttM Tor Hale JuinuH Moor* — lldul Kstttto Phone 3508 Hoot unu Boyd, Inc. Koiiltora Innurance 174 urund St. Phonn 4-81(11 Wtuy, F. A. BHAZICKI — Real Kstate — 174 PROSPECT ST. PHOKB 6425 1'ATNV LAIIKIDl.A Jli'ul l-:»t«t« riiolio JViiupt. mis ur Wcby 6-S2III FOIl 8/11.10—1 \amlly, 4-6-G-7 room houses. ntiOV and up. JOll.N HEALY, Church St, Phone bOiU. WALTKR A, NORWAS11, Agy. INSUIiANCK REALTOR 209 Church St. Phone 4784 N-ws. KOIt SALK—New C ruum up lu dot,: liomo, ^ rouina unlinlslKxl, all IniDrovu- nionts, £:inisu. Good home lor G.I. ALSO—S room 1 family house, IG yuiirs old. Sun parlor and sleeping iwrcn. Nice hcme lor a larpu (amily, PATSY LABILIOL-A Heal JSHtiita I'hone NauK. S'lfiS or Wtliy. C-2249 BYHOLLYTl HEAL ESTATE 48 Spring St. Tel. 3-2681 Waterbury, Conn. KOlt HALE— 4 lamlly house on Orchard Terrace, In excellent condition, Very good Investment. Priced lor quick sale. F. A. ERAZICKI Real Estate Phone 5425 Buy or Sen m llnslness. JOSEPH JIALPEIUN, BroSer Insnranee, lota, Real Bstate SO Z. Main St. Tel. 1-S8S2 WtbJ. KOH SA1.K—4 acres, hay land, brook, large uarn, Jii.ODR. MADORNO REALTY Oxford. Tel. 2«91, Seymour —G room IIOUMO loouhui In niiii:t nulr,!il>orUo<jil. All lin)>n>v«- iMHun st. I'lioiM- :!riV:i. NAUGATUCK HA 11X011 A VK.—humII aUracllvo 1 family, Inus cvurytiilitK, i>ak Iloorn, hot wa't*;r In-lit. downMtith-H bnth, extni lavatory, l^aI-K« lencvd In yard, Hluid</ trues, outdoor llri-plnce. Owner mov- IriK, inu.'it (;cH at cmc»^. TIIIOOIJOUM F. CAIiltOM, I I I cinmd SI. WiiLurhury ' Wanted to Buy h'AN'l'El*—Good 2 lamny, 5 or < rooms on each floor preferred. I iiavi a cash customer waiting lor such i listing. HEN71Y M. MURPHY Real F,»t:U<! anil Appraisals Telephone li-40112 Waterbury 1 Land for Sale KOH SA^E— 2 uulldinK lots on Haze Ave. Size 75x140. Call 3740. FOIl RAI.K—bevural l)lllldln(! lots ol New Haven ltd. RenBonatvlo. Olt' water. Phone Harry Schmlts. 4681 after 6 p. m. FOIl SA !,!•:—ItiiililliiK lot at 3r,4 Scot: St. Prank Nltuwnkl. i'hune 21)00. For Rent 7a Wanted To Rent (VANTKK—VMloran, wile £ child Drastically In need ol 3, 4 or 5 unfurnished rnomg. ..Call 15411 alter 5- 1>, m WANTED—Middle-aged working couple desires 4 or 5 unfurnished rooms Call 2632. , Ib Stores For FOIl RKNT — Offices lor professional man In Nnucatuck. Tel. 3-!)S8r>, Wthy For Rent ApurtmenK For Bent KO.B HKPJT—HlriKln room In Onion City. I'luiiiu ;t'i22, MVH. UruHHimui, *ll) N'i. Milln Ht. 11 Annuunccmenia Lost and Found' I.OHT— Hnmll Kolil iiunOunt, «t vornor nl Churuh & Muiild HtH. Flndur pl«u«i) relurn^to NEWS olltce. Hewai-d. Penonato HOXKII /VHNOIITMKI«TS ol Chrlotmiui MirdH, Thu nationally (amoun Hall- innrk, Runt Craft, Paramount. Cr c nt- wlck nnd Volland llnefl. All leuclern Inthe Drniit'lnK Curd Industry. Doz«n:< ol (lllli.i'cnt iixnurtrriontn to 'Mel«<;t Irom. IIS tor »l, 22 lor $1, it lor $1, IB lor Me, 12 lor r,0c. Special hoxud aHHortmfint lor clill- ilrun, r>0c to tl. Tlipy nro reiuly now Kfl yours todny. 1JJ3TTER CAnD9-LOWER PRICES "Your Year Round Card Dealer" SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORK 213 Church St. Naugatuclc /., CAUDS •Should l>e ordered now. Sample books lire ready— Hundreds to select from. no for Ji and up Imprinted with name. Butter vulutis— Ixiwer prices. Your year rounfl card dealer, SWEENEY S ART AND STATIONERY STORE 213 Church St., Naugatuck. lib Bunlnem Opponunttim FOB SAI/E—Retail llorlat business Waterbury. Phone 4-5086. All Forma ol Innar*ae» S ^ RAI ? CB 8E ., Wtby. T«l, «-041| HUJTOSTt THIK8TT1 Stop At The 8TBAIT8TII.I«E SPA Ne-w HaT«B Koad Vliun. 4t>i1 Fitzpatrlek-Rosiano .Aocopnt until — JS05-R007 12 BnalneM Announcements" KK8T HOME FOB AH- m COUNTRYMEN! THEY EAT~AT EVEI?Y 6TAT10N-AND THE MOKE ANOTHER \^TATION«, THE MORE THEY EAT. STOP" L HERE, BOY'. TAMALES. WHY, YOU'RE CARRYING A flUN. OM A BANANA PLANTATION-WELL, AM, WEMISHT RUN INTO A JAGUAR... 60METHINS B NRDUTT TO THE •ANAMA PUNTATION I-ASDSCAPB TO LET V6 TEST OUT TH' POST ONE ON W1V OFFICE GfUS. SNUFFy TO TELL ve TH PURE TRUTH, TVLER ... I'M LEETLE SCA1RT NO!!' I'M'SCflIRT WON'T O'FIRE" DOM'T TELL VO'R6 SCfilRTT TH' GflLS WILL SMOTHER PfiTCHWO^K TIES fiRE IW FULL PERDUCTION. WHEN WILL V6 KNOW IF THEM MACHINE-MADE TIES IS ROMAGNETIC, TVLER? AFRAID NOT — TO GET INTO UNIFORM, BUT THEV COrNINCED ME THAT SQAEgogy HAP DON't HAVE TO EXPLAIN! SOME OFNOU MORE ACTION THAN A LOT OP JOE£ NEVER MOVEP UP! HE'S SOAlUCrt LIKE JIM I I'VE 60TTOSEE HIM IN THE FINE! I'LL TRADE VOU A TEA PAG FOR TOMORROvj'i 0A(}\ . CORR16AN, IN THE THE WAR BY ANV CrIANCE THAT'S 1RU6 T HAVE A PEW BULLET THAT 1 PICriED UP OM THE HOME FROWTl HOW ABOUT A SPOT OP TEA BEFOR6 TURN H4.MR.CORRI6AN* TO PI6HT THE BATTUE OP MAIN STREET'. SO RlGWr IN THE LIVING BOOM AND WATT.' ETTA WILL BE IN A FEW MINUTES.' WILL VOU STAV POB |—f'TWISTED MY ABM « / JEEPETSS/TWATS ( A SMOOTW SHOT OP V LIL' PIGEON JL^ H S°^ NOWS ^ COMB.N « f\ BEM,MOWU« CHANGS TO RAID ALBUM -" Lsre sss A CUTS ONfe- NO. BUT SHE DID SAY WE T CANT USE nr TO BUY MORE WHERE ARE ( TO THE STDCE MX) GOIN& < > TO GET BACK WITH THEM? ) THE OEFOSfTS? GRANDMA 1 DID SHE SAY WE WANTS "rOU J COULD KEEP TO HELP' flltl THE MONEY? WHEN THEY'RE BMFTV.'/ "^ AHOY, CAPTAIN.? SOME KEW WHAT IS AIL THIS "EVE BUSINESS ABOUT ^ KIND OF A BUASTED ISLANC3 tUHAT...?? PATIENCE, CRUDD... I WJLL, EXPLMN.' FIRST TKE BOYS \NIIA. ESCORT YOUR PARTY VJOULD TEY TO FIND US O. E. RelriRerators, Washers, RungeH Water Heaterw, etc. Beacon FallH Phone 7430 NIIUK. FOIl 8AXE — Mushroom bed. The best known fertilizer tor plants & lawns. DOc » bushel delivered. Special price on loads. Also nshen removed Frank Gilroy 70 Carroll St. . Phone 7049 ONLY- ri M B1 No. Main St. Tel 3-1824 wihv Oowna-brldea, brideemalds, (lower*'lrt s STOKE Frank Brtglta Asphalt Driveways - 3 YearB to Pav 9 St. Phonea-9432 D ,?. K *2tt!"£e »»*. Aieer«,l« n » Jon, - Loam bulld 8tona «""'»• ? Seymour. *060, WALTER OKOSKI i n xi, .1 Electrical Contractor Industrial — Commercial — D Beacon Falls Pnone 46 0 ° 8r 8w) » Fountain 1JSSS Anctloni AUCTION Automotive Aubw For Sale Model A " Por<l ''- Can ph » ..« H. Clrlello, Prop.Te'if a- 40«6 Nautr. BEE MOTOR SALES I. 6-010!) Wtby. ™ J «™jlMfb'a „.. *- "CHS*— __ _ P Automotive Autcw For Sato HuUbeU'« niibbwr AVe. Station Phon* 41)47 HQTCHKJ88 ST. GAKAGB DODGrE 4ob r '* led Phono 6727 TruckN SKA BKK AIOTOH MALKM 1«JM TliomUHtun Ate., Wttlorvllle Tel. t.»l«t-C8F,]» CABS * TUUCKS c»r» nowut una HoM HKil'PV MAOKE MOT OK HALK8 SS6 WATEBTOWW AVE. Tel. Wtby. 4-»»Sl or Wat mown !>«« time. ' Ito Trailer. HB1K MODERN THAILEH 1IOMK8 completi) with butliroonw, sliowurd, tuba at nydor. neanonuUle prlcert. Time payment plnn up to three yearn. Bonk rates. Traitor s*l«H, service, parts,, accessories. Open s a. m. to D p ro. dally. Ryder Trailer Co. Post Houd. Mlllord. Conn. u mile east ol Mltlord Center) Mfd 22939. IS Auto Pitrto We carry s full line ol Hartford, Kxie«. Autoltte ft Armstrong Batteries. •JUB'8 TIRE SHOP 841 No. Mate Bt. Tel. «-MU Wtby. NKW-U«ed A recupped tires ; also odd and hurd-to-get »lte«— visit GARB'S UNITED TYIIB BALES, your U. S. Royal Tire distributor. U. 8. Rubber Co, employes . discount certificates tor tires, honored here. *« Jellerson St., Wtby. Phone 1-1141. . KRJilK'H AUTO BODY HOHKS 128 Water town Ave. Wtby. »-«341 Body and Fender Work — Complete Auto Painting — Wheel Aligning - Dmamlc Wheel Balancing. Complete l.lnt Ol Seat Covers Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge St. Phone 4970 Large Selecllvn ol New and Uaed Auto Parts, al*o New and Used Tires Everybody's lined Can and Parts 639 No. Hiverslde St. Txl. 6-0492 Open Sanday Mornings Contractors Contract Uj it liUILDEH-Carpunler. Wo lob "X> large or small.. Reasonable rates. Robert Frock, Pearl Hoad. Tel 7*H M. V. SCHIAROLI — Building Contractor — Phone 6047 to BuUdtn* Materials Seaaoaed Wood Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand. Loam A Phone 654S or 3354 Mariano Sand * Stone The Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. 94 Benedict St Tel. 5-4183 W»bv UKDICHETE — Strength — Beauty 21* Trucking—Movers WEKKLT TBIPft to N'W York. New JerHtiv, and New Bug-land. T. W. Roblllard Van Lines. Wtb. l-»',8t. Painting VAIJtTIHO—Protect and beautify your home at a reasonable price. Call Naug. 6003. BEST INVESTMENT la to paint your property. Call 4071 tor Irce estimates: W. F. Cota. RAYMONI> J. HUGHES Painting — Paperhanitinit 15 South, View 8t Phone J801 NAJJOATUOK NEWS (CONN'.). WEDNESDAY, OCT. U, Merchandise Artlelei 1TOB NALK—Hot wnt«r linutcr. "Hrnllh- wuy," miw. r,42 Hi«h Street, Union City, NIIUK. J'Olt SALU—White Ounllty comb. BHH & oil ttlovtt. Good dominion. Cull 6302 ultur 4 :!i« p. m. Articles For Sale KRBI2 TliAN.SI'OHTATION 'J'O ANU FltOM OUK 8TOHK NO OULIGAT1ON BIO FURNITURE BARGAINS! BUY NOW FOR XMAS FHIOK STOHA010 UNTIL XMAS in *r. | r> *r, fr> sr. ,$n ?r, »:, I nut H nil — HcHcrve it llenutilul dinotlu HCI or n "UnlverKal' WAHhlnn )n:u:hlno. »10 JIG »10 »IO *10 $10 $10 $10 $10 That's all — Reserve a "WcmlnK- house" or "Phllco" electric re- frieerator or a "Benfral" or "Columbia" Combination Range. $10 »is $:r, $ir, $15 $ir, us $in n-, That's all — Reserves a 3 room outlit ol brand ntjw luriilturo Phone Waterbury 4-3H4 or write or come In |iernoniilly (<sr more Information nnd detailH. A-L-B-E-R-T-S _ 206-74 So. Main St., Waterbury Closed Monw. Open Tliurs. Til 9 p m Kvening Appointments gladly arranKe«l. I-ree t)-anaport;ilion to Wtby. & back.' YARD'flOQim and remnants ol all fine drcMH material, blouses and underwear very cheap. Cull 5805, Mrs. Ruth Pliskln. BOY'S 88" BICYCLE-W111 aell or tx- chanue (or «maller wlzc. Oood condition. Call at 132 Gorman St. FOR SA'LK—I new Kc-lvlnator Ice- cream cabinet. 2 compartments, l new Artcralt combination bottle cooler & refrigerator. -A. R. MARTINO 20 E. Main St.. Wtby. Phone 332S5 FOB SALE—Dining room set. refrigerator and stove. Reasonable Tel 4081 alter 7. p. m. TRACY STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl. 66 Inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No. Main St. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. INTEEIOB PAINTING AJTD PAPEHKAITGlNa Phone Joseph San Angela — 71TO MARIANO BROS. Painting. PaperhanglnK — Ellerlor A Interior. Full Insurance Coverage. Telephone 2G«1 24a Poultry—E(fg» UNION CITY POULTRY MARKET CHICKErTS—Fresh killed or lroz«n FBKS1I Kfl-OS—Free Delivery. 75 SclltMil St. Tel. 2r.91-B427 WOOTI — Well seasoned hard wiod. stov« or llrefJlare longthH. Great Oak Farm Phono 504D Office & Other Equipment USEB 8UPEJV MAHKKT—Cash registers. Excellent condition. Very reasonable. Trades accepted. Solomon's Sales & Service, 37 Cooka St. 4-074S. Merchandise Household Article* FOR SALE —Easy Whirl-Dry apartment size washer. Tel. 5715. COAL HANHK—In very Kood condi- Uon or combination ranee, -4 oil, 2 pan. Your choice $4B.9S. HADLEY ANNEX, 103 Meadow St., Wtby. USED -HKFEIOEHATOHS FOB SALE—»60 AND UP ANimoPHY APPLIANCE UNIOH CITY — ««»! Vtineilan Bllndii (Cuntom-Made). Slip Oovera, Made to Order. Free ISstlmnt** - Phone 6R5«. SAFFRAya BOSTON 8TOBE 4 PIECE—Solid Termont maple 08-1- room suite. 1194.60. Oakvllle Furniture Co.. 184 Main St. Oakvllle. Tel. Wtn 224. Waterbury Branch. 635 Baldwin St. Tel. E-1S21, TJ».» our Plan," A codfish lays A million eggs, The helpful hen lays one. But the codfish does not cackle "To inform what she haa done. And so we scorn the codfish, while The helpful hen we prize. Which indicates to thoughtful minds It pays to advertise. One Ad in The Naugatuck Daily News Will Cackle For You Nearly 5,OOOTimes. Phone 2228 Today . RICCARDO FURNITURE CO. 467 West Main St. Call 4-6292 Wtby. SPECIAL—On Cedar Chests, blonde mahogany or maple. RICCARDO FURNITURE CO. 467 West Main St Tel. 4-0292 FLOOH HAMPLES—8 It Phllco refrigerator, Electromaster range, Hotpuinl apartment Blue range at reduced prices. Watts Electric Straits Turnpike Bucinesa Senrtcc K«rvlceii (tendered Delco. Rcmy ami Aulolllr 8*rvlo* , W' 11 '' 1 ' »<nlt«-ry X Kl.-rtrlc Co. S7 ___ KITCIIKS AM) 1'Alll.OR HfKNRHJi ' OHDEIIS TAKES lor Slip Cover, Drapery, Spreads, Material ah °wn. Tel. KTtlj- Hunter's Alumlnuiu CombinBtlou Storm Wtailow. Insolation, Hooliug, gldlun LOP I>REXI.K11 CO. '* Htbj? «.f*U Oil BurnerH Cleanm anil HrB>lr«j I'artH Fur All Make. «|I B.r n 7r» H«rry ChurclJII, 48 Prospect St" Mtj RAY MELBOURNE C1I1MNKYS pointed a nd repaired t)» fvnftr-t AH »...,,,., (( * „.», art --t~«- »ru u j Phone 6-02C7. Wlbv. HOLLAND FimNACE CO _ Hot Air Furnacen. ^. Mam SL Tel. 4-1001 WU... » Clttton^AvI"" 30 " Cle " > "« Co - •.tin rvewa y» >uilt. Crushfci stono. We are equipped lor any «lz« lob. Anywhere. Tel 4-5424. Wtby. KjrT Bpeetal Price • Ok 4.11 W. KICHAHPS-M. « - ph., COMPLETK UuxjBcaps service ever«r<.«n«. tree reroov^. E«wrt. enctd men. Fully Insured. Also drlv«. wa- J. Belletq Tel. S848. CE8SPOOI.8— SE.PTIC TA\K8 nned iml - nTlhlnc, Ai>Twh*r*, SCOTT 8AJTITATI05T Dial tsc» KALAXAZOO Sales and Service 22 Savings St. Tel. 4-6533 Wtbr Tel. 3-4570 Wtby, SO-Inch Pebbleweave. v|ant color *od washable. Ji.49 per, yd. L. & C. FABRIC CENTER 18 Grand St. Opp IIad)«v :i ,. ~ '• H. TlVfT CO. . 5, Church St. Pbnt» Plumbing -HeaUiKT-OU Burn«r gsryte J. & M. ELECTRlCAlv WOIIK8 ,. „ House Wiring and Repair 17 Barnum Court. Phone* 3494-S3J« SOLID OAK-Breakfast set »43 SO Naugatuck Furniture Co. 25 South Main St. Phono 2711. Hlloin,I>KH PADH—Embroidery, trlm- mlnKH. Buttonn. LareoMt In xtate Reliable Factory. 37 Scovlll St. Wtby. THE HAJINKSS SHOP 7« Grand St. T«l. 4-SS8* Wthy. Leather IlaniltdiKs * Sliouder Baits KAI.I, FBH8 — Full stock. Little lurs, none Iwer. Walllngtord, 2211-M DONAT FUR FAESf. 8WKBT CIJIun-Made fresh dally from sound apples at Schildgen'si Cider Mill New Haven Road. 3Sa Mattrevseti Any (nod ulrt S1ATTUESN rcnadr Int. •n IniiiirKiirliiK fqual to SEW In 1 l)sr. Mat»r««». Mattresses Remade 1 *^ y , Se ," Vl «e-Work Huaranteed Stanley s Mattress Servlc* Phone 4-9279 Waterbury 39 Cleaning & Dyeln r RUBS Drapes and Slip Govern KIEVMAN 78^ Church St. CLEANERS Phone 202S I BAHOAIN8 Reconditioned Pianos, used only In our studios. Come In and take your pick. $66.00 e»ch. Well known makes xuch as Huntlngton, Milton, Oulbran- »en, Chnraller an-?. Oraber MRCOA MUSIC COMPAyT 203 Bank Bt. Tel. 5-2845 Wtby Wd Good Thlnp* To Eat bushel & up. MIU-'H. Corl- InmlM, ni>lli!li/iiH, 1] other v«rl«tl...| Also apple uklev, Tf,c a Kal w F ~ Iteupholiterliis; ROMA J'ASTRV 501 NORTH MAIN flT. Finest Italian-American and Frenrh Pastry In all New England. Also Sim'- monl, Geliui and ic cream. Everything made on premises. Special attention given to wedding Parties or. prices are the lowest, but our mer- cnandipe definitely the best We deliver and ship anywhere In the U. S. " Tel Waterburv fi-2117. FROZBN CHI«!KK?f_RoaHter s Broilers Fryers. Delivered NouKatuck A vlcln. from farm. Call Wnn<ll>iirv ITS-'. ^duration 32 Scho«la I.EAR.V - Practical nursing. Nurses needed. Kvcnlni; clauses. Hosplla) tralniiiK. Free booklet. Institute e, ' 5 " Nursln «-' Hotel Elton Wa- Inati'uutloiu n i BM » , TO nilIV B-Call Centra, M f' e t " l ° J 3rivi »S School. 2)8 Main St Tel. 4-C252. Waterhur- TIANOE BURNERS STOVK and FURNACE PIPES PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE J7H MAPLE 8TBKET l^rco Uellvory Telephone MV4* KKIJPIIOLWTKRIJJO. RLIPCUTEK- INO. KF.W CrSTOM MA OK LlVl^fc BOOM FimNITCHP.. CARPETIJfa, OHIFFJJi'S TESTER «T. XATO. 4«>« WTBT, 4 -lit I FOB QUICKCB RESULTS — TKY NEWS WANT AT>» Have You Visited Our Second Floor HOMEWARES DEPARTMENT? Stop In and See It Store Open Daily Monday Thru Saturday . . . also Friday Nights. CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 or 6090 CORDUROY SPORT COATS All Colors — Sizes 36 to 44 $17.60 CC3DUROY PANTS Sizes 2 to 42 — $2.95 up r EMBRUSKI •Q2QBEEQI!Ils«BB*s9DQBBMI NORTH MAIN ST. TEI; MOT Open Frl. Till 8 TRUCK SALE Clearance of All USED TRUCKS PICK UPS PANELS DUMPS Various Makes Models INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. 1140 S. MAIN CALL 3-2107 ERNIE'S Auto Body Works Wheel Alignment Expert Collision Dynamic Wheel Balancing Repairs Auto Painting 128 Water-town Ave. Phone 3-6241 Waterbury >•*•*• s

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