Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 24, 1966 · 50
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 50

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, February 24, 1966
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4 - Section 2A CHICAGO TRIBUNE, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 19 LOVELLS GIVEN BIG RECEPTION IN MILWAUKEE Astronaut, Wife Ride 4f Thru Ticker Tape Milwaukee, Feb. 23 Ur-Mil- waukee turned a bleak and damp winter day into a festive occasion today as it played host to James A. Lovell Jr. in a big civic celebration for the astronaut who piloted a space capsule around the earth for a record 14 days. Capt. Lovell and his wife, Marilyn, both of whom have roots deep in Milwaukee, were honored in rapid series of events highlighted by the city's version of a ticker tape parade thru the downtown area. Police Inspector Hans Kreimsreiter estimated that 100,000 persons watched the parade. Appear to Enjoy It The smiling Lovells and their three older children appeared to enjoy every minute of it. Tomorrow will be Madison's turn. The astronaut and his family will head for the state capital and another full day of motorcades, receptions, honors and speeches. Despite steady snow flurries and temperatures in the mid-20s, Lovell opened the top of his bubble top limousine and waved to the thousands who lined Wisconsin avenue, the city's main street. The 37-year-old spaceman used a loudspeaker in the car to tell his welcomers how much he appreciated it. To a group of Marquette University students, he shouted: "You aren't cutting classes, are you?" Only a few minutes earlier, the Very Rev. John P. Raynor, president of Marquette, had presented Lovell with the Pere Marquette award, named for Father Jacques Marquette, the early Jesuit missionary and explorer. Attended Milwaukee School Lovell and his wife, the former Marilyn Gerlach of Milwaukee, are graduates of Juneau High school on the city's west side. There the school's most famed alumnus made the first stop on a motorcade from the airport. He received a tumultuous welcome from the students and teachers who packed the auditorium. Lovell received an Eagle Scout award and in turn he gave the school the flag he wore on his space suit on bis flight in Gemini 7 and a photograph of the capsule in flight. The Lovells also received a framed engraving of the school Lunchtime, Japanese Style r-J ... -v ...:r.v, 1 1 TEST OF SOLID Bad Weather Again FUEL MEWelays Saturn Shot MANNED SPACE AP Wireohoto: By Cable from Tokyo' Astronaut Walter Schirra and his wife using chopsticks, she with her left hand, during visit to Sophia university in Tokyo. Co-ed wearing kimono is university interpreter. TOKYO. Sept. 23 (UPD Astro naut Frank Borman predicted today that people would whiz thru space aboard commercial flights in 20 to 40 years. Borman made the prediction at a press conference with his Gemini "rendezvous-mate," Walter Schirra. "I'd say we are now at the stage in space travel that aviation was about 40 years ago," Borman said. Schirra and Borman arrived in Tokyo last night on the first leg of an eight-nation good will visit as emissaries of President Johnson. DALEY GIVES APPROVALTO CRILEY FIRING Mavor Daley said yesterday that he approved the action of Clarence Cash, director of the Lawndale Urban Progress cen ter, in removing Richard Cn- ley, an accused Communist, from the center's advisory council. The mayor denied, However, tnat ne inmatea tne action, as Criley had charged. The mayor repeated previous statements that he would not permit known Communists or communist front organization members on the city payrolls. When the mayor was asked why Dr. Jeremiah Stamler, $20,322 a year director of the health department's adult health and aging division was still on the payroll, tho he had refused to testify about alleged communist activity last year under subpena by the House un-American activities committee, he replied that Stamler had filed a test suit challenging the committee's authority and this was still undecided. U. S. CANCELS GEMINI GROUND LANDING PLANS Houston, Feb. 23 (LTD The United States space agency has canceled plans to bring orbiting Gemini astronauts back to landings on ground, an official said today. Charles W. Mathews, a Gemini program official, indi cated there is not enough time left in the program to develop hard-ground landings such as the Russians make. Ground landings were once a top goal of the program. Instead, 700 delegates to the opening session of a three-day Gemini midprogram conference learned, American spaceships will continue to make ocean landings for what one agency spokesman called "the foreseeable future." ADVEKTIHEMENTJ Dentures or 'Bridges' Must Be Cleaned like fine jewelry Find Saloon Owner, Porter, Woman Slain Detroit, Feb. 23 (UPD A saloon owner, his porter and a mother of five were found shot to death in a neighborhood saloon today. Police said the owner, Philip Laudiciana, 45, and the woman, Ruth Dukes, 34, a friend of Laudiciana, were tied up. Police said the killer apparently bound them at gunpoint, killed them, then shot down the porter when he reported for work. He was identified as Philip Hood, 67. CHEERS NASA (Picture on back page) Homestead, Fla., Feb.' 23 Lfr A 1,200-foot mountain of flame spewed out the tail of the world's largest solid-fuel rocket today, marking a major milestone in an experimental pro gram to develop huge space boosters with super-quick fuel. ujupiea witn an announcement that the National Aero nautics and Space administra tion will seek money for additional test firings, the ground test of a 21-foot diameter motor gave an impetus to the pro gram for developing solid-fuel rockets. 3.6-Million-Lb. Thrust Clamped upside down in a 160-foot test pit, the motor gulped rubbery, reddish propel-lant at the rate of 12,000 pounds a second as it produced a peak 3.6-million pounds of thrust-double the muscle provided by any American solid-fuel rocket flown to date. NASA termed the firing, near Everglades National park, a superb success. The test, which lasted 130 seconds, was the last of two ground firings for the 80-foot-long motor, and completed a 25-million-dollar NASA contract designed to show whether solid fuel rockets should be used instead of some liquid-fuel boosters to heave heavy payloads into space. A. O. Tischler, director of the chemical propuslion division of NASA's office of advanced research and technology, said he will try to get money in the fiscal 1968 budget for another test firing of a Cape Kennedy, Fla., Feb. 23 The federal space agency today again delayed launching of its giant Saturn-Apollo space vehicle because of bad weather. Officials said the flight, which is to test the moon ship, would be put off until at least Friday. Meanwhile, the agency win attempt to loft a weather satellite into a polar orbit to morrow morning. Electrical Bug, Too Coupled with the weather to delay the Saturn rocket lift-off was a down-range, electrical problem, one that may have to be overcome by shifting to commercial circuits. The Saturn-Apollo shot has more instruments aboard for checking purposes than any previous space agency flight.! Good camera coverage without clouds is essential for the test which will last only 39 min utes. Altho weather is expected to remain poor m the morning with high winds and scattered BY WILLIAM ANDERSON showers under an overcast, it is not the main factor in the weather satellite shot No ground cameras are needed for this lift-off. The cameras in stead are in the satellite to take pictures of cloud cover once it is high above the earth. 13 Hours from Lift-off The plan was to send the mooncraft in a suborbital flight The Saturn shot originally had been scheduled for today and the countdown was only 13 hours from-lift-off when the wind and rain combined to cause the first delay. Then space officials had been hope ful that the experiment could have been conducted tomor row. Time becomes a critical factor because a big recovery force with the aircraft carrier Boxer is standing by 5,500 miles southeast of here to pick up the Apollo spacecraft The Boxer also is needed in the next Gemini manned launch set for March 15. solid-fuel booster that can produce thrust up to 4.5 million pounds. ' Rocket Starts Ignition Until this money is obtained, the research on the experi mental program will continue without actual live tests. The big motor roared to life at 7 p. m. after a flawless count-down. The 5,500-degree inferno was triggered by an gmtion rocket with more than a quarter-million pounds of thrust more than that gen erated by the first stage of a Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile. The tower of flame spewed skyward thru the end of a 20-foot-tall rocket nozzle. A thunderous roar rolled across the swampland of the Everglades park. The test took place at an Aerojet-General corpo ration plant 35 miles south of Miami. Officials said the smoke and flame could be seen for nearly 100 miles. HINT RUSS PLAN SPECTACULAR MOSCOW, Feb. 23 Ub There was speculation today that Russia's launching of two dogs into orbit was connected with future prolonged manned space flights, including soviet efforts to land a man on the moon. If the dogs, Veterok and Ugolyok, stay aloft for an extended period, it would provide essential data for longer manned flights, such as soviet attempts to build a station in space. Cosmos System Used The announcement when the dogs were launched yesterday in Cosmos No. 110 said the purpose of the flight was "to conduct biological studies." Another possibility of the flight is to test the effects of the Van Allen radiation belt high above earth. A brief dispatch from Tass news agency said biological studies "will precede every new important step of man in space." These were the first dogs launched into space by the Rus sians in nearly five years. Several dogs were sent into orbit before Yuri Gagarin made the first manned spice flight in April, 1961. The dogs are in an orbit reaching from 116 miles to 564 miles into space. The latter is close to the lower Van Allen belt, which extends from 600 to 3,000 miles above the earth. The outer belt is much higher. Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts have never ventured near the belts. Hazard Studies Noted The belts are composed of high energy protons parts of hydrogen atoms and electrons that presumably would present a hazard to man flying thru them. A United States air force study in March, 1962, based on unmanned satellite reports, said space ships probably could sail safely thru the hole in the doughnut-shaped lower belt. Air force scientists doubt that the outer belt would present a great hazard to man. 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