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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 51

Chicago, Illinois
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Saturday, June 26, 1965
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"'la"Tjj;T"-jg --giiip-ur" CHICAGO TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1965 Section 2 - 3 "y ETrTTn"lrJ"1lir't'' S V Fleckman' s 281 Wins i NX.A.A.GolfCrown Beats Wiechers by One; Finger Ties for 3d BY CHARLES BARTLETT CMcrt Trffrene Press Service Knoxv file, Tenn., June 25 They switched the script of the show, but they could not take the old college try out of it. Champ don Martin Alan Fleck-roan arid " Runner-up James Lawrence Wiechers proved that thii pleasant Tennessee af ternooii as they put on an old fashioned campus cumax to the 63th golf championship production of tlie National Collegiate Athletic association. Fleckmen, 21, five-feet, 11-inch Univ ersity of Houston junior, holecf a 12-foot downhill birdie pu,t on the 72d stage to win the championship with a 72-hole SC ore of 67-68-72-74281, seven untier par for the distance on the Holston Hills Country club's acreagp. Wiethe rs One Shot Back Wiecherr;. 20, six feet 1-inch 205-pound .Santa Clara student, put the pr essure on Fleckman by scoring birdies on the last two holes a J a run of 70-69-72-71 282, the c nly card in the field which did not exceed Holston Hill's 6,944-; Pard par of 36-36 72 in any round. Fleckman, handsome, black- haired son .of a Port Arthur lumberman, ; this evening completed a double mission when he took thf individual championship with that sliding 12- MAC DIVOT I Golf Box Score fChicoM Tribant Press Service! Knoxville, Tenn., June 25 The Chicago Tribune's box score for today's 72-hole leaders in the 68th National Inter-Collegiate Golf tournament at illusion nuia v.uuiiu j' ciuii; j IPr, ii-U 71; Vrts, ,U1 PHP R BK IP 3P B SCORE FleckmM 13 3 I 3 74281 Wiechers 14 4 1 5 1 3 7128? iFineer 13 1 I 2 71284 Doklu 14 4 4 3 3 73 2M Anfcrork, Jr. ....14 2 2 7 3 4 4 187 Collins1 10 3 4 74 2M Dickson ...13 2 3 7 4 2M GnmliJ 12 7 1 3 7121 Hammer 12 t 1 4 2 1 75291 Littler 13 4 2 4 3 7222 Greene 14 2 1 3 1 1 7424 Small IS 2 1 2 2 7324 McDermort 9 4 1 4 7228 xFinter drove out of bounds No. 17. 72-HOLE BOX SCORE Y Fleckman 54 22 4 20 3 13 47-48-77-74-281 Y Fleckman eavled No. 7 and No. IS Wiechers . 5 1 4 1 1 13 704 72-71 -282 in the first round. LEGEND: PHP. Pottino Areas Hit In Par. or less. R. Times in ravtht. BK. Times In Bankers. 1-P. One ott freens. 3-P Three-putt tree". B. Birdies. S S. HIS SAME SO I'P SETTLE FOE ONE X WAS J PLAVEP. OUT OF EVERYBODY, VdURCOMR- (AST SEE IT, THE PROBLEM HE CAM PLAY CERTAIN I COUU? gfclNG ABOUT. MAC BUT I'VE NEVER KNOWM PENCE, BUT 15 (SETTING SIP CROSS TO j TO THE 12- HE . OJ TO FAIL IN FINDING A WW I ALL I'M A ACCEPT A HANDICAP HE REFUSES TO -vvTV kmtM TO MAKE PEOPLE ENJOY PROMISING rS JH JrZrs GOLF! TItLTRY, ' - ' i I. IV-lfe-rr'-' Ik5 -, i - X AP WirephntrO Marty Fleckman, ftcr wincing N. C. A. A. ifolf title yesterday in Knoxvil le, Tenn. He shot 72-hole meetun 281, seven under par. footer on the last greeri. Yesterday, Marty led the Houston Cougars to their eighth? team championship in the l.ast 10 seasons on the strength- of a 6763135 that set a o-hole N. C. A. A. record. i Finger Ties for 3d i Four strokes behind Wiecliers golf champion, and Randy Petri, only other native resident Texan of Houston's team champions. Terry Small of San Jose State, who may have been the last golfer to win the National Collegiate crown at the classic match play pattern he won as a sophomore last summer at Colorado's Broadmoor, finised with a creditable 72-74-75-73 294. Both Fleckman, the new champion, and his closest pursuer, Wiechers, played Holston Hills' four par five holes, the 552-yard fifth, the 478-yard seventh, the 535-yard 17th and the 547-yard 13th, exceptionally well. In 16 trips to them since the tourney began Wednesday, Marty scored two eagles, six birdies, two bogeys and s i x pars. In Wednesday's opener the Texan played the par-five holes in Five under par collecting his eagles at No. 7 and 18. He drew his final birdie today, the one that clenched the title with a driver, a 1-iron, a wedge from the thick left rough and that touchy 12-foot putt. Marty Fledmnn, Houston, 47-48- 72-74281 Jim Wiechers, Santa Clara, 70-49-72- 71282. Arne Dokka. Cal. State at L. A. 48-73- 77-73284; Sherman Finoer, Southern California, 70-73-70-73284. Randy Petri, Houston, 72-77-70-48287; Alex Antonio Jr., Ohio State, 73-72-74-M 287. Tim Collins, Vlrolnia Tech, 72-71-4t-75 288; Bob Dickson. Oklahoma State, 72-75-72-49 288. Dennis Rouse, Miami IFla.l, 72-74-74-70 20; Robert Morphy, Florida, 73-74-74-49 20. Lauren Hammer, Florida, 49-71-74-74 291; Jim Rheim, Stanford, 75-74-72-70 291; Jim Grant, Honston, 72-73-75-71 291; Denny Lyons, Florida State, 71-72-71-77291; David Gumlia, Minnesota, 75- 71 74-71291. Leroy Nirnlk, Seattle, 72-72-74-72297; Bob Littler Jr., Ohio onlverslty, 70-79-71- 72 292; Rick Talt, Arizona State, 75-71-73- 73 792. Bert Greene, Tennessee, 49-75-74-74 294; Terry Small, San Jos ICal.J State, 72- 74-75-73294. Dave Eichelberver, Oklahoma State, 72- 73- 74-75294; Bill O'Connor, Cal Stat af L. A., 71-74-75-74294; Don Joan, Arizona State, 74-70-70-80294; Shan Smith, Tennessee, 73-74-75-72294; Ralph Coker, New Mexico, 74-74-75-71294; Ken Ellsworth, Cal State at L. A., 74-74-73-73 294; Jerry Preuss, Southern California, 49-78-49-80 4. Ron Schmedemann, Kansas State, 74-73- 77-73 297; Ron Cersudo, San Jose State, i 74-75-73-75297. William O'Donnell, Duke, 74-75-75-74 ' 798; Eiwin Fannin?, Houston. 75-73-73-77298; Joe McDermott, New Mexico, 74-72-80-72298; Bruce Summerhays, Utah, I 75-72-78-73298. Kino Knoi, Franklin and Marshall, 75- In Front r:; n - rAv. EAST-WEST i GAME TONIGHT '65 Graduates Battle in Buffalo Buffalo, June 25 (UFD Sixty college football players clash tomorrow night in the fifth annual East-West All-America game which will feature a quarterback duel between the 1964 Heisman trophy winner, John Huarte, and California's Craig Morton. The teams have split four previous summer games presented by the American Foot- ,'j ball Coaches association and a m Buffalo newspaper. mWf Prill ft Tlle head coaches. Notre A-Jt'o) jL ItlXIj Dame's Ara ParseErhian of the East and the West's Frank Broyles of Arkansas, had a combined won-lost record of 20-1 in 1964. Fifty-two of the 60 players are on the threshhold of professional careers. The National Football league signed 32 and the rival American Football league, 20. AP Wirephoto TOMMY AARON . . . just desserts? Aaron Has 2-Shot Lead Caddie Sweepstakes W.stWW''iWf - S ' aiiss l. ' ' f" '"" """I"" "" " "' " "" "'WU"W W, f t - . ; - s . . - HIESSENRIPS GERMAN ACE AT WIMBLEDON Continued from first page sen said afterwards. And he was exactly right. "I watched Bungert last year and I noticed that he stood about a yard or a yard and a half inside the baseline to receive service," Riessen said. "So I decided to serve deep to make him hit the ball up for my volleys. That's the way it worked out." Bungert had reached the semi-finals here the last two years. MEN'S SINGLES Third Rsond Marty Riessen, Evanston, beat Wllheltn Bungert, Germany, 4-2, 7-5, 8-4; Ken Flet- cher, Australia, beat Premjit Lali, India. 6-3, 6-7, 4-1; Bob Howe, Australia, beat I Herbert Fitzgibban, Garden City, N. Y., j 6-3, 6-2, 6-4; Keith Diepraam, South Africa, bent Francois Jauffret, France, 6-0,6-2, ! 6-2. Rafaei Osuna, Mexico, beat Inoo Budlna. Germany. 6-4, 6-4, 7-5. Cliff Drvsda'e, South Christian Kuhnke, Germany Allen Fok. Los Angeles, beat Eugene Scott, St. James. N. Y 6-4. 7-5, ! 6 2; Arthur Ashe, Richmond, Va., beat Bob Carmichael, Australia, 7-5, 6-3. 8-6; Fred I Stolie. Australia, beat Billy Knlaht, Great I Britain, 6-4, 6-4. -8, 6-4. Thomas Kocti, Braill, beat Aleksander I Metreveli, Russia, 7-5. 3-6, 15-17, 4-3. 8-6. MEN'S DOUBLES First Round C lark ftraehnpr. RMrhwfwwt. O . anri Will be included in the playoffs, ' Marty Riessen, Eyanston, beat Terry Ryan r J and Abe Seaa . Soutn Africa. 4-4. 17-15. 4-1. whirh unll hp mfpr-divicinnal ! four teams in the final stand- N.H.L. EXPANDS; PICKS 2 CLUBS i l A I Oil ! Germany. 6-4, j 'Los Angeles, St. Louis ! tft to Get Franchises Continued from first psgej games. Teams in each division St. Paul, June 25 (UPP Tommy Aaron battled gusty winds today to shoot a five-under-par 66 and take a two-stroke lead after the second round of the $100,000 St. Paul Open golf tournament. Aaron, 28, who has yet to win a tournament in five years on the tour, had a 67 in the opening round for a 36-hole total of 133, nine under par. First round leaders Lionel Hebert and Dick Mayer, who had shot seven-under-par 64s over the 6,702-yard Keller Golf course, skied into the 70s today Hebert to 72 and Mayer to 73. Tommy Aaron 67 66133 ELLICOTT GOLF TOURNEY LEAD TO WHITWORTH Caddies who were given the first three choices in the annual draw for top pros competing in the Western Open at Tarn O'Shanter July 1-4. Left to right, they are Mike Ryan of Ridgemoor, who drew Julius Boros; Glenn Lenzen of Glen View, who will carry Billy Casper's bag; Mike Casey of Beverly, who had first choice and drew ChiChi Rodriguez, defending champion; Eddie Barr, Tam O'Shanter caddie master; and Marshall Dann, executive director of the Western Golf association. itribune staff Ph0fi Record Fleet of 127 to Race to Waukegan Today BY FRANK HEYES i A record fleet of some 127 1 new 62-foot Esbro VI, which led j sailing craft awaits the start Ellicott City, Md.. June 25 (TJPn Tv" o f K x 7 XVi I y. i r r Vi oil xi - rf with four birdies on the back th's morning of the 31-m le run 1 1 Llir- ifnitv . -. , , I & u n -i ,M mmr 1 o!nnrt tkA I tnAin linn in joe camobe.1 45 70-135 j nine, finished with 0 today to,. ;0 w,,,! tl UJB 1IIM 1IJUIIU Ifdll in lilt, j ... lc- TJl,i TIT U.- o pan rare s p u il a u I tru uy uie ! uaas nunviuaju iii uv umv i Bob Goalby 44 4 135 Bob Batdorff 6R 4713$ Oea Refrain 46 6 135 Jacky Cooit 6 46135 Lionel Hebert 64 7J 134 Ray Floyd 66 70 134 Dick Mayer 64 73 H7 Frank Bear M 4 137 Jim FerrieH 67 70137 Bruca Devlin 70 47137 Gene Littler 67 70137 Johnny Pott 47 70137 Charles Slfford H4 70 I3S Randy Giover 71 67138 Bob MeCallister 70 48 134 Dick Sikes 6 69138 Tommy Jacobs 65 73138 Jack Nicklaat 70 69139 Billy Casper 69 70139 Doug Sanders 67 72139 Georoe Archer 67 72139 Johnny Cook 71 68139 Tony Evans 69 70139 Tom Weiskoof 65 74139 Billy Maxwell 68 71139 Brigham Young Wins the crusing fleet into Michigan City with the best elapsed time and placed third on corrected time. It lost to the smaller C Milan Holecek and Jirl Javorsky, Czech oslovakia, beat Donald Dell, Bettiestfs. Mr., and Allen Fox, Los Angeles, 6-3, ings engaging in a playoff for 3 6' 2- 6Se4C01Ml RwilM) iL cnu.. -,, ! Bill Alvarez, Columbia, and Joso Arllla, LTie Stanley CUp. Spain, beat Bill Hooss, Berkeley, Cal., . . , .... and Tom Okker, Netherlands, 4-4, 11-9, Campbell said the 2-million- 4 6, 6-4. dollar payment would be ex-! wo elusive Of Various Other basic Marv Lee, Great Britain, defeated Heiaa onztt nf tho frnnrhicp inplnri. N'fen, Germany, 4-3, 6-1; Lea Perlcoll, COSIS OI me irancmse, UlClUa- , ,t8ly oefeated Caro, sheriff, Australia, ing minor league operations, . 3-6, 9-7; Moniquo saitati, France, d- . . , feated Llv Paldan, Norway, 6-1, 7-5; Julio junior player development, and HeWman, New York, defeated Ann Owen, territorial rigntS. Lennan. Great Britain, defeated Ulla Sand- r.. r , . ,i olf , Seoen, 6-4, 6-3. M. IjOU'S ann lOS Anceies ; Jutma Bricka, St. Louis, defeated Pren- hnvc ironic uilh at lcacf i W Gordiqiani, Italy, 7-5, 6-2; Tory Ann naC arenas UUP at least U.blHI . Fretz, Harrisburq, P., defeated Mrs. JWka seating caparitv and a hockev ; v,01"0; riec'?sI0fk'.iff' i,L.M.r2i , . , Robin Llnyd, Great Britain, defeated plaving Surface 200 feet long I Lucia Boss. Ita;y, 4-1, 6-1 ; Glenda Swa", K 1 t .. ah r . u i Soutn Africa, defeated Mary Ann Eisel, and 85 fert wide. All six of the 1 st. loui, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3. new rluhs would rnmp into thp Michelle Boulle. France, defeated Chris-ut-w iiuuh wiiujci eome UllO Uie tiane Mercelis, Belgium, 3-6, 6-1. -3i leaEUe at the samf time , Heiga Schultze, Germany, defeated Heather ! Allen, Great Britain, 7-5, 6-2; Judy Teqart, Pamnhpll sniri the nrnrpec nf I Australia, defeated Anna Dmitrieya, Ru- . :r r. .:..rv-r ... . : -.. iusan wade, Grear Britain, oeroarea wn, Marthe Peterdy-Wolf, France, 4-1, 4-3i Jill Biackman, Australia, defeated Iran do Lansalut, France, 4-3, 6-2; Elly Krocko. Netherlands, defeated Sonia Paohta, Austria, 6-2, 6-1. THIRD ROUND Margaret Smith, Australia, defeated Rita Bentley, Britain, 6-0, 6-1; Mrs. Ann Jones, Great Britain, defeated Christina Sandburg, Sweden, 6-0, 6-3. WOMEN'S DOUBLES First Round Nancr Richey, Dallas, and Mrs. Carol Caldwe.l Graebner, Beechwood, O . defeated Miss P. Reyes and Elena Subfratj, Mexico, 6 1, 10-8. Second Round Margaret Smith and Lesley Turner. A'.i-tMlia, defeated Jane Albert, Pebb'e Bcacn, Cal., and Tory Ann Fretr, Har-ri5burg. Pa., 6-1, 6 3. the formal draft would involve i a number of reasonable draft choices but added the plan had not yet been fully worked out. In all, the six new clubs will be permitted to draft a total of 120 players. Each of the six clubs now in the N. H. L. possesses hundreds of players in its farm svstem. i Waukegan Yacht club. The start will be off Belmont harbor with the universal and meter classes first across the $10,000 Ellicott City Open golf tournament. Miss Whitworth, the leading money winner on this year's over Mareie Masters a rookie I startinS 1 8:50 a- m-oer Mai gie Masters, a rooKie Skipp r are hoping for bet. P rrom, l na Aufaba'!ter S-eather today than en-and Carol Mann, the former , fa jMt Michi. Chicago-area player. j a rae wh U ht vari. Kathy Whitworth 36 3470;,, i , . , , ... Maroie Masters 34 35-7i ! able winds interspersed with c:' 1 J-Z! j calms beset the fleet and lim- Sybil Griffin 37 3S 72 ..... . .. , t-i-i- Mariene Hasoa 39 3372 j ited the potential capabilities HIS it:" of many of the new boats which Barbara Romack 38 3674 raced for the first time this j.S.r:::::::::::::::::::5 it:!year. Last year's waukegan Clifford Ann Creed 38 36 74 i rare was called no contest la-Janice Ferraris 38 3775 I , . , , , C Ml A ' 5andra Spurich 38 37 75 ; 'ir 'c uuou rrcic un-ouueu III lJUUlll SiintTlVfl Donna Caponl were his final playing partners, j 74-75-75299; Steve Robbins, North Car na, 73-49-78-79799; Jo. Danielson, Flor- Chicago s Sherman Finger 1IT!'" s'. 77-77-77.73299; Micoaei oery. . c,,i r-i;,;- ,r1 i Purdu' -7S-75-729; Ron Consolver, from Southern California ann ; WltBjt, stJ,t(!, 299; Rert Norway's Ame Dokka from j "J 6ll,i . a-. . i iia smiTn, T. C. U. 773-75-77 79. California State, the lift 'e j L- school which last night was Azalea Golf Dale runner-up to big Houston forl4 D , ... . thP fpam rhamninnshin i froaUCCS LOW lift 'ii 111 cuju ru 11c iiuioiiv u " mi 286's, a shot ahead of two golfers who had 68's best rounds of the day Ohio State's Alex Antonio, Jr., son of the former three-time national left-handed Wilmington, N. C. June 25 LP The Azalea Open Golf tournament will be held April 14-17 next year despite a conflict with tJio Tournament of Champions, generally televised nationally. i 1 MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, I caWi Ann MaHiynV" '."V. i Tnno 9 (ITPTI A Innrinn Rn"rrVi-,rv 1 a Amateur. Young university basketball ' TVTTQQ PUTT I TT2 team defeated Penarol of1"100 IIvll o , Montevideo, 92 to 77, tonight. TAKES STATE I GOLF CROWN ; Alton. III. June 25 IP Doris j Phillips of Belleville overcame a three stroke deficit in the final eight holes and defeated ; Mrs. Paul Fullmer of Chicago. 1 up, today in the 3fi-hole final of the Illinois Women's state golf tournament. Miss Phillips won the title in 1963 Mrs. Fullmer was runner-up for the second consecutive year. Miss Phillips took the winning margin on the 35th hole, scoring par while Mrs. Fullmer bogeyed. Both bogeyed the last hole. m itZ ne Waukegan harbor. .3 3874 j minutes on handicap On the return trip, Esbro VI again turned in the best i i i j r , !.. diiu ..,. iu "'i.-Weatherly. the successful de- uie enure iieet, oniy iu ue u.s- fpnHrr nf ,hn Amprioa-K rn in Academy Given W e a t h e r I y, Cup Defender Kings Toint. . V.. .June ?5 & qualified because she started two and a half minutes before her starting signal. However, she picked-up 7 minutes on Dan Von Jenef's Amorita and 10 minutes on the ultimate winner, Blitzen. Jazy Helps Relay Team Set Record PARIS. June 25 Reuters Scores Second Ace on Same Golf Hole! Mobile, A!a.. June 25 Mrs. Martha Donald of Mobile is beginning to get the hang of it. On Oct. 18, 1963. she scored a hole-in-one on the 141-yard fifth hole of the Mobile Country club course. She teed up her hall on the same hole today and hit it into the cup. Mrs. Donald used a five-iron. Esbro VI Shows Potential The boat that showed the most potential in last week's race to Michigan City and back was the Spanjer brothers' 1362, was givert to the United States Merchant Marine academy today by Henry Mercer, head of the svndicate which constructed the 12-meter yacht, j Michel Jazy, who has broken In accepting the gift, Adm. three world records this month. Gordon Mrl.intork said the ! shared in a fourth tonieht when The fleet will spend the night ; Weatherlv would be s a i 1 e d he was a member of a French in Waukegan as guests of the "against "all comers." Douglas j team whieh set a world mark Waukegan Yacht club and re-i Mercer, son of the donor, was of 14:49 for the 6,000-meter return tomorrow to Chicago in I captain of the aeadcmv's sail- lay. the Chicago -Yacht-club -spon-, team jn 19S- pjerre Vervoort ran the first sored Waukegan to Belmont j Adm. McLintock. academv lee. covering the 1.500 meters superintendent, also said that in 3:41.8, and Jean Nicolas was friends of the academy had i timed in 3:44.2. donated funds for the hiring of Jazy raced the third leg in a sailing master. Capt. Charles 3:40:2. Jean Wadoux covered A. Prosser. ; the last 1.500 meters in 3:42.3 Harbor race. CIMOLI RELEASED Spokane, June 25 fAPl Spokan 0 the Pacific Coat league, save Gino Clmoli, e-maior league outfielder, his unconditional release today. 6 XI etS 010. IMPORTED IN BOTTLE ffiOU CNB 6t H1BM WH IMPORTERS IKC. CETTfOtT. IHM. 868 PROOF. EtEND'O CKDM WHIStY. 6-2 f 19-iS by Tha Ctriro Trttamo OHET fjj World RhU RfM-rad ADAMS 'Bos, if vere in the money today, the first thing we gotta do i buy some oats!" UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY for INDUSTRIAL SALES ENGINEER , Old, stablistad nd nationally recognliad manufacturer has epaningi for Sates Engineer to work under Senior Sales Engineer ' covering Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North '. and South Dakota. We will need a man about 30 years old with experience In Industrial Sales work and, preferably, some background in Mechanical Engineering. Will call on metalwork-ing, food processing, chemical and ceramic plants. You will reeaive a generous salary plus bonus. You will share in our pension 'trust fund. You will receive free accident and health insrance. You) will get a paid vacation every year. A car will be furnished iand we will pay all your traveling expenses. Please send your resume to Box TKL 145, Tribune. Our representative will be in Chicago on Wednesday, June 30 and Thursday, July Irfc, 1965, and will contact you. EASY TO PUT IIM POSTS Using SAKRETE CONCRETE MIX is tbe smart, thrifty way to set posts. Premixed sand, gravel and cement in handy moisture-proof bags. Just add water. There are other SAKRETE products to lay brick or Hock, patch steps and sidewalks, or to protect, beautify, and repair black top driveways. Insist on SAKRETE mixes as nationally advertised in the package with the big Yellow Diamond. At your hardware, lumber or building supply dealer. FREE -How-To" Booklet; 16 easy projects fully illustrated. Available from your local SAKRETF dealer. Dry Mix Coacrete Co Franklin Park. Hlinoie SATJtETE ia a registered trad mark of SAKRETE, INC. OiW HF W I kyer repairs of concrete lliall or masonry are easy with special formula FAR-GO Vinyl Cement Mix. Add only water. Sticks tightly to concrete feather edges perfectly. Fix rough or broken concrete drives, walks or walls. 40-lb. and 10-lb. bags. FAR-GO is a registered trademark of TOM BILL CORP. nWhy people who J ike Sctcli and lcwliiH) j ! 1 1 ft. FI5 zf!R- 1 i$J&iiA kirotJlM I F3 How light is I )' IVUi i f :l Canadian Club? I ;' j 1. It has the lightness of Scotch ,4 fact: I ilUi' 6 J I j j fsri-l It s th& J f 2. The smooth satisfaction f "f.T f.l whisky in ....... iri!'affM 1 3. No other whisky in the world I tastes quite like it 1 -; - - 5 tt ,erv o ju t-jvr w fit fv..-n f y,'. v.y ker SD?;s UMro 1 Bottled in Canada I "The Best In The House"0 in 87 Lands ; f $C9? $198 1 1 l2 pt. I

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