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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 14
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 14

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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14 Section 1 CHICAGO TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1966 (Thicaao Mime FOUNDED JUNE 1, 1M7 HOW TO KEEP WELL by T. R. VAN A LINE 0' TYPE OR TWO Hew to the Line, let the quips faU tehere they may. Pn.Oflle WORKING AFTER A VOICE OF THE PEOPLE Writers should confine themselves to 200 or 300 words. Give full names andxtddresses. No manuscripts can be returned. Space for letters is obviously limited. Incoming mail far exceeds it. The right to' condense letters is reserved. Address letters to Voice of the People, THE TRIBUNE. i. HOWARD WOOD, Publisher W. D. MAXWELL, Editor gestion, Arutyunan quickly passed on to other matters in his formal report. Nor is there any reason to believe that the issue was considered at the Soviet Union's 23d party congress. Leonid Brezhnev is slated to be reelected the party's secretary general as scheduled, and no one suggested it might be more meaningful if he had an opponent. But in the weeks and months and years ahead it is probable that someone in Soviet Armenia will ask: "Whatever became of Nagush?" CORONARY I Br The CHoso TribuneJ CAN A MAN work after recovering from a coronary thrombosis? Yes, depending upon the severity of his heart attack and whether THE BIG FOOLER Chicago, April 2 I have just ANTI-WAR PROTESTS MAY PROLONG WAR Chicago, April 4 I am thoro- finished computing my income -H3j working leads tax return. It brought into ly fed up with the trying-so- Friday, April 8. 1966 THE NEWSPAPER is an institution developed by modern civilization to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, to inform and lead public opinion, and to furnish that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide. hard-to-be un- focus the hypocrisy of the Great Society. convention a 1, peace -at-any price Vietniks to chest pain, shortness of breath, or an irregularity of the beat. Those doing heavy manual work and those DECENT HOUSING FOR SKID ROW Chicago, April 1 Let's not forget the inhabitants of what we call skid row. These men and women are without an eloquent spokesman. They lack leadership, organization, and political power. As Mayor Daley has pointed out, very few of the residents of this area can be called "derelicts." They are retired men living on small income, or men with physical ailments, or men who were told they had paid their debt to society. THE TRIBUNE CREDO CATS, HOUSE What becomes of the resident, or house, cats employed by the" International Amphitheater during the yearly dog show? Well, this grimalkin corps, variously toted from eight to 13 in number by different employes, mostly rest on their laurels while the dogs are having their two days. It was estimated that seven to 12 of these cats, depending on whose cat count you take, loll around room 4, have an occasional nip of sustenance, and lie to each other about the dogs they have whipped in their day. The wide variance in total cats, it is believed, may be explained bythe companion cats, which drop in occasionally for little visits, and to sample the lavish table set by William Wood Prince. Twelve of the 13 cats, if you accept this total, are lady cats. The 13th, Red, a heavyweight Thomas cat, is a veteran of at least 283 grueling fights and has no intention of hanging up his gloves. His well-muscled ears are deeply cauliflowered, and head, neck, and even his tail have been copiously chomped by incisors of various opponents. He, said Jack Farrell, retired assistant chief of Stockyards police, takes an en Sit whose jobs in- who call for an immediate end to the Viet Nam war on any old terms, dishonorab 1 disastrous, de-pressing, or otherwise. I am equal By living conservatively. 1 manage to put something aside weekly for a rainy day or the day that I retire. Apparently this is against the concepts of the Great Society, for I am forced to pay the government part of the interest which this money earned. Conversely, if I spend every dollar I earn then I am guilty of contributing to inflation. Yet this is the very thing which our government practices with such prodigious extravagance that it taxes even the erable mental THE FIFTH COLUMN RUN WILD stress may need to make ad tMany are alcoholics suffering Rentschler as few of us have ever suffered. justments. Statistics vary on the percentage of men returning to work after surviving one heart Since 1909 the Chicago Christian Industrial league has attempted to serve these men with food, clothing, and clean beds. But the hundreds we care for are only a small percentage of the totaL The primary responsibility for these men seems to rest with an already overburdened attack. In a recent survey among 212 London workers under age 60, 55 per cent were back at work within three months and 82 per cent within six months. At one year only seven were still off work. One The whole fabric of the Great Society program is one of fraud interwoven with deceit and ly sick of the Morses and Ful-brights, the Martin Luther Kings and signers-of-ads in the New York Times, the appeasers, 1 defeatists, and fainthearts who find it easier to justify decades of communist butchery and despotism than to discover in the cause of human freedom some-thing worth fighting for. When he was in Chicago recently, I had occasion to ask that brilliant soldier-diplomat-scholar, Gen. Maxwell former ambassador to South Viet Nam and onetime chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, if he thought the anti-Viet war negative results. By comparisons, The Trib police department. Many home THE CASE FOR WESTON The Tribune joins Gov. Kerner, Mayor Daley, Senator Douglas, spokesmen for nine western suburbs, and millions of others in a cordial welcome to Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, chairman of the Atomic Energy commission, and the other members of the AEC team touring sites proposed for a new 375 million dollar atom smasher. The group will spend this morning inspecting the site near Weston, a community east of Batavia and south of West Chicago. The short list of eligible sites includes, besides Weston, Upton, N. Denver; Sacramento, Ann Arbor, and Madison, Wis. Withdrawal of South Barrington, EL, from consideration as a result of local protest did not improve Illinois' chances to obtain this much wanted installation, but it should not have hurt them appreciably, either. The Weston site is more nearly level and has a surface closer to bedrock than the South Barrington site, with which it shares the major qualifications common to both. The competing sites outside of Illinois do not fully share these major qualifications. The Atomic Energy commission wants the new proton accelerator to be near a major concentration of industry and scientific personnel, so that the facility may exchange stimulus and support with an established roup of specialists. The site should rmvenient for jet-age travelers. If it is near another working group of AEC scientists such as those at Argonne National laboratory, so much the better. The location should offer cultural and recreational attractions to people who can less men are crowded into tjne "Little Fooler" must take a back seat to the "Big police cells each night simply because there are insufficient in seven changed jobs and this is understandable because most of them did heavy labor before the attack. There was no evidence that working was harmful to the heart regardless of occupation. Fooler" the Great Society. Stephen E. Irmcck decent sleeping facilities. As we plan to spend millions to beautify our city, can't we 'HUMOR IN WASHINGTON Western Springs, April 1 Americans are lucky to have a do something to provide decent housing for decent men who are unwanted, lonely, and sick? Rev. George H. Borneman Executive director. Chicago Christian Industrial league tirely different view of dog shows. There was a time, several years back, said Mr. Farrell, that Red heard about and decided to attend the Saturday session. "Red arrived cursing at the top of his voice," said Mr. FarrelL "He was perspiring freely, and you could see he had had a good workout and was ready to challenge these dogs one by one or all 3,300 of them altogether. He, just got to the door of the arena, and began to hiss horrible abuse at these dogs. It took six of my best men to take him from the hall and persuade him that this was not the time to stamp out dogs." Red, of course, is not strictly a house cat, as he is responsible for the entire yards, and takes his work quite seriously. Mert Thayer, manager of the building, was lavish in his praise of the cat corps, and said they had run up a tremendous score in mice in the old days. "Of course," he added, "they are so efficient that you seldom see a mouse any more, except maybe an ill-advised field mouse." He added that these cats were vastly different from a 'personal house cat which he had at his home. "This cat had an entirely wrong idea about the game," said Mr. Thayer. "He thought it was his duty to deliver us mice. demonstrations and Fulbright committee hearings are dampening the morale of our troops and the South Vietnamese citizenry. "No," he answered, "I doubt that the demonstrations and debates have had much effect on our fighting men. They are far too busy fighting the enemy to have the leisure to reflect very much on these activities of the home front. I also doubt that these events affect the mass of the people of Viet Nam, who, outside the President with a sense of humor! On April Fool's day, April 1, President Johnson suggested that housewives sacrifice to halt inflation and forgo en-sive items. Johnson had already sug Guest Editorials PASSOVER IN MOSCOW Washington Post The Soviet Union's treatment Some of these persons died and others had a recurrence in the three years following the initial attack but again, there was no evidence that returning to work had any adverse effect. There were many other factors having a greater influence on the outcome than work. Fatigue should be avoided. These individuals can do an honest day's work but should use discretion about extramural activities. Cigaret smoking is related to coronary disease and should be avoided. Weight reduction is important in the obese. In addition, avoid foods with a high content of fat of its Jews is a standing rebuke to a nation that claims' to be Clarke humane and just. This contention was dolefully documented gested that everyone excepting his administration sacrifice by It was one of Franco's generals, Emilio Mola, who coined the phrase "fifth column" during the Spanish civil war of 1936-39. Leading four columns against Madrid, he predicted that the city would be taken from within by a fifth column of sympathizers. The Saigon government of South Viet Nam has to contend with its fifth column, too. While the loyal Vietnamese army, with massive American forces in the lead, attempts to fight the Communists in the field, its rear is imperiled by chaos generated by Buddhist conspirators, communist undercover agitators, war-weary elements of the population, refugees driven to the capital from their homes, and packs of young students who are highly suggestible to incitation to riot. Yesterday this disorderly rabble savagely beat an American and then kidnaped him. An army jeep was burned in the streets. The plant of a Saigon newspaper was reduced to wreckage. The police, as usual, resorted to tear gas grenades to disperse the rioters, but the formless pack merely retreats into the pagodas, the alleys and the shadows, re-forms, and is soon back in action. For four successive nights "the street" has been mobilized for anti-government and anti-American demonstrations. It is no coincidence that every time American arms show promise of impressive success against the Viet Cong guerrillas and the communist North Vietnamese regulars, the fifth column is brought into action to disrupt the rear and any stable base of government. The cry this time is that the military government of Gen. Ky must yield to a "civilian" regime namely, the representatives of those very elements which have been sent into the streets to hamstring effective military action. What is American policy, if any, in response to this contrived sabotage? It is to put on an elaborate pretense of "neutrality," as if the United States could be totally indifferent to the outcome of this test of force between the army and government we support and the fifth column which is out to undercut the American effort to keep communism in check. Gen. Westmoreland's garrison in Saigon is under orders to keep hands off. At Da Nang, a town to the north adjoining the big American coastal base, American troops are pulled back into their compounds while rebel Vietnamese troops confront loyal elements of Gen. Ky's forces. choose where they will live and work. Re holding down wages or by cutting back on capital expenditures. Why, Johnson even in at a recent meeting of concerned Americans in New York. Sitting as the Ad Hoc Commission on the Rights of Soviet Jews, they reviewed fresh evidence of how assimilation is enforced on soviet Jews by policy made at the top of soviet dicates that he may be willing to help everyone sacrifice in quirements of size and configuration of site are more easily met than the intangibles just enumerated. No other site under consideration can fully match Weston in measuring up to Today's Health Hint voluntarily, of course by in cities, do not have easy access to foreign news." Then Gen. Taylor loosed a thunderbolt, by adding: "There is the strong possibility, in my opinion, that the demonstrations and debates are misinterpreted by the communist leaders in such places as Hanoi and Peking, who are hoping desperately that some split within the American people will bring them a success which they can creasing our income taxes! What a humorous President! society but denied them by bias He would fetch them into the house and existing at the bottom. Caught in this fateful bind, the three Johnson says, of course, that free them unharmed." GYM CLASS Research reveals no special benefits due tt calisthenics. News item. federal spending is not causing inflation, tho Congress is in million Jews of Russia are in a state of cultural and religious and often, personal despair creasing his budget requests. We must fight poverty, and Arise, ye scant of might and muscle, It is a despair keenly felt at this time of Passover, the holi when that program started the not gain by force of arms. This illusion, if nourished, can be serious, and can contribute to Develop inner tranquility. day meant to mark the deliver specifications. The Upton site is out on Long Island more than 50 miles east of New York City. People familiar with commuting lesser distances on Long Island may sneer at the assertion that Upton is "readily accessible" not only to New York's universities but to Princeton and Yale as well. The site there is at least 90 minutes from Kennedy and La Guardia airports. The Colorado site is not supported by proximity to a university-industrial concentration comparable to those near the other contenders. The Sacramento site is conceded to be "only moderately acces ance of Jews from oppression. In the last year or so, has taken a few steps to recognize and' repair their and cholesterol. The outcome is worse among those with coexisting high blood pressure, but this is nullified by drugs that lower the tension. plight. A few more Yiddish books have been published, a Flab of front and fat of bustle, Heed the latest expertizing On the good of exercising. Mighty thews and biceps bulging Simply mark the man indulging In unprofitable labor Quite, as fragile as his neighbor TVor are antics sudorific Good for anything specific, Nor does man live better, longer Any whit, for being stronger. Neither nature nor genetics Reap rewards from calisthenics. Feeble friend, live on in clover, few promises of religious arti cles made to synagog con gregants, a lew civilities ac prolonging the war." Yes, in this land of ours all men have and are entitled to the right to speak out as they see fit. But what classic irony that those who beat the drums for peace at almost any price may actually be responsible for extending the war. For the peace demonstrators, who in many cases mean well, pursue a course far more likely to lead to the terrible holocaust they fear with Red China than those whose posture is rational but firm, whose sense of purpose is undiminished, who understand the stark lessons of history. William H. Rentschler What about retirement? Those nearing the age of retirement may have good reason to do so early, but a heart attack need not be a cause if the person wants to continue working. corded Israel, a few general public statements made against anti-Semitism. Yet these gestures, however welcome, only Congress mostly of Johnson's party decided that charity starts at home. So Congress increased the salaries of its members by 20 per cent to $30,000 a year a good example in sacrifice. The poverty program got rolling, and a recent survey showed that 24 of the top officials of that program received more than the base pay $23,2681 of Gen. Westmoreland, our commander in Viet Nam! A nice way to fight poverty, and with our money too! Next fall we have a tradition called "Halloween," followed shortly by another called congressional elections. At that time American taxpayers will have their opportunity to play the game of "trick or treat." After all, one good trick deserves another! Terrel E. Clarke scratch the surface of a deeply sible to the majority of the nation's high energy it is two hours from Stanford and California universities, not handy to any major airport, and on the western edge of the country. The other midwestern sites, Ann Arbor and Madison, are stronger contenders than the ones just mentioned. But Weston or, to be blunt about it, suburban Chicago has clear advantages. Here is a site only In an American report in rooted evil A full-fledged cam paign to give soviet Jews the Arise, relax, and think it over. Francis Out in Pullman a newlywed husband reported a UFO on the kitchen stove an Unidentified Frying Object. 112th St Wag volving 415 persons of both sexes, ranging in age from 30 privileges and liberties which already belong to other soviet citizens is essential if the coun to 89, the over-all rate of return to work after the first attack was 59 per cent. In another try's reputation is not to be 40 minutes from O'Hare field, the cross- permanently stained by the re report, 82 per cent of 184 em- I see where Cassius Clay failed to ap- To observe this spectacle of rudderless I roajs Qf fte continent of major ligious and cultural death of pear in a Chicago traffic court. Supposed Ploves 25 resumed All that it its Jews. work. agreed pro he rushed out and joined the army? vides a psychological boost EQUAL RIGHTS PLUS universities of the Chicago area can be reached from Weston in an hour's drive, without crossing downtown congestion. Chicago has no rival in strong and diver purpose, it might appear that Washington had totally forgotten that its declared purpose in Viet Nam is to convince the Communists that aggression doesn't pay; that i( has forgotten that it has committed close and minimizes the chance of becoming a cardiac neurotic. C. Ray Erler Add to the facilities in the Civic center a small, tucked-away bar, to be called the Loophole. Lawyers should be sure to Those who continue to have sified inrinsfrv Arpnnne is a close neieh- symptoms may consider the to 300,000 American fighting men to that bop ResideIlts of western suburbs have mission, many of whom have been killed arrpss th uUural offerings possibility of corrective sur find it. Tia gery. or wounded, and that it has also forgotten metr lis and the recreational Bloominfton Daily Pintatraphl If minority whites in Mississippi, for example, fear the consequences of the Negro vote, they should have a look at Apache county, Arizona the home county of Secretary of Interior Stewart L. Udall. Apache county has 38,000 residents, 30,000 of whom are Navajo Indians. The voting rights act of 1965 gives them the right to vote without a Questions on medical topics that this is costing the United States a MRS. GANDHI'S CRITICISM Chicago, April i The prime minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, had no more than been assured of our handout when she acted true to form, along with other foreign aid recipients, and began to criticize the United States. Before she took off for Moscow, she told us we should have prolonged the ban on bombing of North Viet Nam, thereby placing the blame for continuing the war not on the Communists but on us. It sort of makes us wonder if there isn't a clause in the contract that they receive the aid only if they promise to blast us for something to make the Communists look good and us bad. Velva Bay possibilities of lake frontage and country will be answered by mail, if stamped, self-addressed enve lope accompanies request TOMORROW: New Hope for side in Illinois and Wisconsin. Of no other site considered for the atom smasher can as much be said. We welcome the men who come to us today with the power to decide the site, and we have high hopes that they will decide in favor of Weston and Illinois. Cirrhosis. SHE'S LUCKY Mrs. F. writes: WTiat would cause a blood pressure of 110 in a 60-year-old woman? IDLE LAND FOR CONSERVATION Moline, 111., April 4 In a recent letter one of your contributors suggested that it might be p6ssible to educate land owners to leave a certain amount of land in its natural state for the benefit of game birds. I am neither a farmer nor a hunter, but I am a conservationist. Why expect farmers to donate thickets, when the county, state, and federal highways all have land set aside over and above the width of the road which could be planted and left untouched? The grooming of these roadsides and median strips is expensive and a waste of money. The next time you drive an interstate highway, pay attention to the unused land on either side and in the middle. Why expect individuals to provide land when we have so much land lying waste that could be used for that purpose? All wildlife would benefit, not just the hunted kinds. E. H. Roberts REPLY If we knew, we might have billion dollars a month. We are not confronted with an Easter parade. The rioters carry knives and grenades. They maul American service men in the streets. The parents of these boys are not going to take it kindly that the United States government is abandoning their sons and offering them up as sacrifices to the mob, while all the progress of the war goes down the drain. It is more than time for Washington to realize that the war can be lost more easily behind the lines than at the point of contact in the field. American troops should be given the go-ahead to clean up the mess behind their backs and reestablish necessary security so that the field forces can get on with their job. Under the conditions now prevailing, our troops are as frustrated as a slice of bread sandwiched between two layers of jelly. the solution to the blood pres THE NEW EVANSTON SUPERINTENDENT Gregory C. Coffin, school superintendent of Darien, has been named superintendent of Evanston elementary schools. He is described as "a dynamic personality" in an editorial in the Darien Review, literacy test. Obviously, if they all registered and voted, they could control the county. But most of the Indians live on reservations. And while they can now legally vote and have the potential of dominating the county government, they are not legally bound by any laws they might enact or any taxes they might levy. Indian reservations are exempt. They have their own laws and customs. No crisis is likely soon. But the complexity of equal rights is something to contemplate. A tiger in the tank is all right, but there are too many cars with a monkey at the wheeL Regina SaskJ To Tell the Truth Honesty is the best policy. The phone book has 2 "Honests" and 5 "Honestys." Forget the 6 "Lies" found previously. Edna H. Naegel I went to the flower show and was pleasantly surprised to find that they named a plant after my mother-in-law. Had you ever heard of crab grass? Jack Herbert My brother is convalescing in the hospital and can sit up occasionally, but the doctor says, "But not on a full stomach." Sounds like a good trick, but whose? Smittee MY BOY Dear little rascal, Being: eight is fine. But I can't wait For you to benign. Ardele L. Jessen Political plums don't grow from seeds; they result from clever grafting. Rose of Iowa Prince Andrew of England, 6 years old, will get, in a few days, an $11,000 miniature automobile which will go 6 miles an hour. Wonder what ever happened to the English navy? Thomas Morrow which comments on his resignation and urges the board of education to select a superintendent who will "provide continuity and home-town purpose to our school system." The editorial continues: WANTS FOSTER CHILD Chicago, March 29 It surely is sad to read in The Tribune that foster homes are needed for children. We had volunteered to give a child a home, but the authorities want younger people for younger, children. We're both past 50 years of age, but we would enjoy having a child in our home. I think someone older is more capable of giving a child a lot of love, which they surely need. I am sure a lot of other middle-aged people would do the same, as they are more inclined to be home bodies than the younger generation is. Mrs. Bernice Kriebs "Dr. Coffin has served the board well in the capacity in which it has elected to use him. In exchange for the wide publicity for the school system that board members The Neighbors may feel reflects credit on their personal By George Clark efforts, he, too, has gained wide notice that has served to bring him to the attention of other school boards. sure problem. A reading of 110 is ideal at any age and can be used as bragging material in the class with "I'm 40 and haven't a gray hair on my head," "I still have all my own teeth," and "People tell me I look 10 years younger than my age." RESTORED SOPRANO Mrs. M. Z. writes: Will a woman's voice that deepened after taking cortisone go back to normal when the medicine is discontinued? REPLY Yes. All the bad effects and many of the good effects of this hormone are temporary. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for leaflet on these new hormones which discusses, among other aspects, the side reactions following their use. HYPERTHYROIDISM Mrs. C. S. writes: Must an overactive thyroid gland be removed? REPLY v. Not necessarily; medical treatment is adequate in many instances. The decision must be made by the physician in attendance. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for leaflet on overactivity of the thyroid gland. MENOPAUSE AND "Perhaps it serves the board members to have a dynamic personality using the town's school system as a stepping-stone. SOVIET FREE ELECTION? Some weeks before the Soviet Union opened its annual Communist party congress in Moscow, Nagush K. Arutyunan, a responsible figure in the soviet political hierarchy, apparently decided to live dangerously. The chief of the Armenian soviet socialist republic came out in favor of free elections. Had Arutyunan, a former university rector, condemned Lenin or motherhood the delegates to his own Armenian party congress could not have been more shocked. Communist elections are cut and dried. It's against communist ideology even to suggest a contest The party presents a single list of candidates. The only concern of a candidate is how many tenths of one per cent his vote tops 99 per cent. Historical Scrapbook from THE TRIBUNE'S files of 50 AND 100 YEARS AGO But does it serve the children of Darien?" Parents of Evanston children may be interested in the same question. 24 PER CENT RAISE Chicago, March 30 What makes J. F. Andler in yester-, day's Voice of the People think that his landlord's taxes were increased by only $100? My parents own an eight-apartment building and their taxes were increased $427, which is approximately 24 per cent. He should not call his landlord a rent gouger the person to blame is the mayor. This type of an increase 24 per cent is totally unfair, unjust, and will help make our whole city a large slum. E. J. Maier Laughing Matter April 8, 1916. Washington President Wilson's cabinet has been split into war and peace parties over the German prob lem. The war party, led by Secretary of r- i i ii it State Lansing, urges severance of relations with Germany on the ground that it has broken its promises to respect the rights "In our country," said Arutyunan, "the people and the classes are all united. But this unity does not mean a complete homo of Americans aboard merchant vessels of belligerent nationality. The peace party, fh geneity of all the opinions and feelings of headed by Postmaster General Burleson, the people, of then: talents and energies, opposes any drastic action that might their methods of work and public activity Therefore the nomination of more than precipitate war over the submarine U-boat controversy. April 8, 1866. New York Green, blue one candidate would in no way violate the BAD MIXTURE Mendota, 111., March 30 The folks back home, being as strong for safety as they are set against sin, would not want to divert the legislative eye from unsafe cars. Still they would feel better about it if the scope of that inquiry could be broadened to include a search' for ways and means to stop peopl from mixing alcohol with gasoline. C. F. Hendrick unity of the voters. It would, on the other hand, increase their political activity and lavender, and gray will be the prevailing colors in spring styles. The tinsel orna PREGNANCY Mrs. P. writes: Can a woman become pregnant during the change of life? reply Yes. The menopause is of indefinite length and it is difficult to telL therefore, when sterility occurs. interest, would raise the level of responsibility of the candidates toward their ments that cost so much and became tarnished are displaced by cameos, medallions, and jet pendants. Parasols are richer, "Come, let us make music together Can't say that 1 like it!" electors." Having made this extraordinary sug smaller, and more beautifully decorated.

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