Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 12, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NATTGATViCK NEWS (COM?.). WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12, 1949 Bvwy Kvenlac Sunday) by fHE NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* AD De and tfiotered u second claM matter at lh» port office In NaugmtucV. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance i Month ...$1JO 1 Tear ..HB.«0 Member: American Newspaper Pub. AH*n N. B. DaBy Newspaper Pub. AM'U Conn. New«pap%r PubU«her« Asa'p WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1949 Hail, Columbus Columbus Day. 1949, has a very special significance in Naugatuck. Today the world honors the great Italian mariner who showed Europe the -way to America four centuries ago thus opening the gates to the .wonderful new •world that has been built amid and from the fruitful lands he discovered. Naugatuck. as has been the custom down through the years, joins in that commemoration. But this year, today, the observance has a very special local • flavor. For today marks the beginning of ceremonies scheduled tp reach a climax Saturday with the tformal dedication \of )the new Cristoforo Colombo Society quarters, a fine building, a new monument to the society's patron, Christopher Columbus. The Cristoforo Colombo Society in Naugatuck had its beginning nearly half a century ago when about a dozen of the borough's early Italian residents, whose numbers now have increased to several thousands, organized for the purposes of benevolence and frateraalism. Those exemplary aims have been achieved in countless occasions in the past half century; they are to be fostered and advanced with new strength of numbers and purpose in the years to come. For the Cristoforo . Colombo Society, numerically and structurally stronger than ever before, has come a'long way since its organization in November, 1902 in the basement of Luigi DeCarlo's South Main street home. It has literally outgrown its first ^ome, built in 1903; it's new quar- :ers are truly a credit to the rociety and to the Borough of I Taugatuck. Without staunch and ,depend- rble leadership, the Santa Maria, i lie Pinta and the Nina could '.-ever have reached safe anchor i.i the harbors of the new world. And without the same leadership the Cristoforo Colombo Society might never have arrived at the •-osition of prestige it now enjoys in Naugatuck, and Jn the state. All credit to Christopher Columbus, pioneer mariner, on this, -iis national day of recognition. No greater honor could be paid him than that which is his in Xaugatuck through the efforts of the Cristoforo Colombo Society. Wasted Effort Following the assertion that Russia is making progress in the development of the atomic bomb —if that is how the reds are obtaining it—it was to be expected that a face-to-face conference with Stalin would be suggested in some circles It has come from members of the British Parliament, who suggest a meeting to include President Truman, Prime Minister Attlee and the Russian dictator. It is remembered that a similar meeting was held with Hitler, in 1938, when Chamberlain of England and Daladier of France sought to solve the Czechoslovakian crisis in a conference with Hitler. Hitler made certain promises at the meeting for the purpose of blinding other nations and provide time to perfect his preparations for a great war. Stalin has taken the same attitude in the past, declaring that his country is dedicated to peace, but continuing to enslave small neighboring nations and .to prepare his own country for further conflict. No doubt he would sing the same tune at any future meeting with representatives of America and England. Such a conference would be justified only on the assumption that Stalin was a. reasonable man with whom it would be safe to do business. He has proved himself to be otherwise, as did Hitler. Future conferences with him •would be so much wasted effort. GI Education Benefits Canceling by the Veterans Administration of its order whereby restrictions were to have been imposed on the use of educational benefits under the GI Bill of Rights followed protests by members of Congress and from veterans the country over. On the part of the Veterans Administration there is no backing down from its thoroughly justified attitude that abuses exist which need correction. It feels that any veteran is entitled to 48 months of educational benefits before July 25, 1956, only if the government subsistence payments -of'from $75^ to $100 a month are put to profitable use. In its "Instruction 1-A," now canceled, (veterans had to obtain authorization to return to interrupted courses, take up different courses, transfer to other schools, do postgraduate work or enroll ID schools established since 1944. How far this order was out of line with congressional intent the VA wants Congress by legislation to specify. Veterans Administration Gray is right in taking the attitude that these educational benefits should be benefits to the veteran in fact as well as in name, not made the pritext by many for four years of government support that does not enhance veterans' opportunities in after life. Congress will not relish rewriting the educational feature of the GI Bill of Rights and imposing limitations to its use. But, as Mr. Gray points out, were all 15,000,000 veterans to utilize educational benefits for the full authorized period, the national debt would be increased by $60,000,000,000. Adjusting educational benefits to the needs and advantage of veterans is a task that must be faced, and the Senate Labor Committee will study both VA rulings and recommendations by Mr. Gray. The World Series ostensibly was between New York and Brooklyn, but Uncle Sam was in the lineup. He took 20 per cent of all gate receipts, and a large slice of the clubs' profits and of the players' diwy. Do You Remember? One Year Ago The Little League proposed for Naugtuck was named for Peter J. Foley, late Naugatuck High school coach and director of athletics. Samuel E. Pelgro, a veteran of three years service in the U. S. Army, reenlisted for another U|ree year hitch. * ' 20 Years Ago George Woolson returned to the Jborough after a trip' to Central America. Henry T. Moeckel took s. position on the faculty of, the Wa- terbur.y YMCA evening school, teaching blue print reading and architectural drawing, and structural engineering for building tradesmen. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q.'Should the parents of a child reprimand him if he misbehaves at the table when guests are present? A. No; either the father or mother should quietly take the child away. He should not be scolded or punished in the presence of guests, but neither should the misbehavior be ignored. Q. Is it all right to use the typewriter for writing a note to a hostess, thanking her for a week-end? A. It would be better to write it by hand on personal letter paper. Q. When one has finished eating cereal, should the spoon be left in the cereal bowl? A. No. Cliff (Doolittle) Warren, a native of Naugatuck and late of San Antonio, Tex., was heard, and seen on Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scout" program Monday evening. ...A singer of Western songs, Cliff received the second highest rating given the four contestants j on the applause meter...He was introduced by his wife, Ruth (Dethlefsen) Doolittle. also a native of Naugatuck... The ad-lib- bing Godfrey labeled Cliff as "The Singing Sheriff of San Antone." "Cappy" Furs is doing a fine job as ticket chairman for the PA grand opening party... Henry Wltkowski and Art Dugals are composing a couple of notes for Polka dancing.. . Joe Zdanowicz says he'll stay home from Waterbury Saturday to attend the grand opening party... Jesse P. Davis, director of the Men's Chorus, tells us the group is coming along nicely for their concert of Dec. 2. A guest artist has not as yet been chosen, but the committee hopes to make a choice soon... Mary Galeski of Greenwood strest was pulling for the Dodgers during the series... A Dodger, Gene Hermanski, is a cousin of her's. ..Wait 'til next year.... Rev. Leo Sutula, assistant pastor of St. Hedwig's, is calling a basketball practice for his grammar school hopefuls for this week... Paul Anderson, cheerful vice- president of the Men's Chorus, slowly becoming settled in his Dunn Avenue home... Also observing birthdays recently were Mrs. Joseph Durette, Bernice Benson, Dennis Curtis, Dennis Knapik and David Weav ing... Congratulations one and all...Little Billy Zembruski, son of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Zembruski, of Prospect street, was one year old Sept. 28. Junior Police Commisioner Bill Stokes tells us that there will be square dancing for the benefit of the Corps, next Sunday at Baummer's Field street recreation center Sets will be called by several top-notchers from out of state, scz Bill. Mr. and Mrs. Wally Ploski were emerging from the theater when we spotted them on the main stem Monday evening... Just about that point a local motorist was flagged down by alert Patrolman Frank Mariano, for a little too much pressure on the gas... Naugatuck High school's Acting Principal, Raymond K. Foley, tells us that the paid attendance at Saturday's Naugatuck-Torringr- ton night football game was, in round numbers, 1,500... There were 200 or 300 additional fans who .came in by means other than the gates... The figure was a ' surprise to us... We estimated:, the crowd was much larger. ...This week's crowd, for the Naugy-Shelton game, is expected to be much larger. ..Shelton has a powerful squad which has been winning games and they have acquired a large • following. Wanda Krykoski was quite thrilled at the outcome of the World Series... She's a dyed-ln- the-w«ol Yankee fan, we're told. . Notes from the newly decorated Polish-American Club—The boys are all getting out their fanciest bibs and tuckers for the grand opening Saturday night... Joe Kloc and Joe Warren say they're all set for the big affair. ...Vic Vitalis, the sing-ing waiter, promises a number of new songs... Joe Gesseck says he'll delay his trip South until after the big affair... A local committee is reported planning to submit a program to the Highway Department lor the elimination of the Naugatuck highway bottleneck... The department has no plan... It's up to the locals... City court personnel of Derby were honored Sunday at a testimonial, with Borough court Judge Martin L. Ciilnn as principal speaker... Huppy wedding anniversary, and many, many more, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evon, 179 Qulnn street... The Playmakers' prexy, Mrs. Barbara Squires, is leading the way again, having already made her mark selling 89 subscriptions for this season's productions... Bill Leuchars, our ace reporter and photog, is home in bed—and with of all things, the German measles...At your age, William. WALTER WINCHELL In New York Soldier Tom Walsh, stationed at West Point, has returned to his base after a 15 day. furloug-h spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh, George street. • William and Edith Evans are hoping to be in their new Spencer street home before another week is passed.. .Joseph Suchenl ski,- who knew all the : time, the Yankees would win anyway, disappointed in that the Dodgers didn't:win at least another game. That would have brought the series to New York for which game he had tickets. TJIE BROADWAY EXPRESS Celebs About Town: Britain's UN man Hector McNeil and Parliament's prettiest member, Barbara Castle, meeting the Stork Club Set. ... Joe DiMag ic amazed at the rumor that he "plans retiring"... Roy Roberts, the Kansas City Star publisher (calls himself "just a country boy"), proudly reminding City Slickers that most of the N. Y. Yankees "came from Kansas" ... Barbara Stanwyck's feller, Robert Taylor, winging all the way from Glammerburg to witness the final and dullest game of the Series... Comm. Chandler's jolly pa- ter (his look-alike) going over big with New Yorkers. Introduces himself, "I'm Happy r s pappy!".. .Alice Lacsen, socialite modelooker, who has a baseball "name" and a former President's son competing... Narita, the rhumband rhythm- maker, getting that long-waited- for break. Just signed by Margo Jones for Tenn. Williams' touring "Summer and Smoke" in the "Rosa Gonzalez" role. That was her mother's maiden name... Sally Eilera and Henry Dudley waving away the Coq Rouge hocus-focuser. Sallies In Our Alley: Art Ford's report of the dialog after DiMaggio belter a homer in the last game. His little son (in a box) yelled: "Hey, Pop. I lost the ball you gave me!"..:"That's all right," replied Poppa, "I just lost one, too!"... {•A gambler'B tip on How You Can Tell the Winners in a poker game: The Winners ' keep telling dirty jokes and the Losers keep hollering: "Deal!" Memos of a Midnlghter: Mid- towners are sizzling over Truman's staying away from the funeral of the man (Bob Hannegan) who finagled the nomination for him. He found time to fly to the funeral of ex-convict Pendergast... Hugh Herbert, the comic, is being sued for $27,000 by El Rancho Vegas—a gambling debt. Herbert lost $54.000 there one session but his bank stopped payment after paying half. The bank suspected his handwriting was plastered... Art Mooney feeds those two lion cubs from a milk bottle... NBC will give the Grande Build-up to Tony Romano and Johnny Bradford, a pair of canaries from Washington... Walter Shirl«y's tab at the Stork's Blessed Event Room the night before last was almost $5,000.. .Jackie Robinson & Co. should cheer up. They're not the first stars who looked bad on television. Tansies are blooming- these fine October days that are reminiscent of June.. .Mrs. Mary Solberg of High street brought the proof to work yesterday at Bill Parker's stationery store... We now have it on our desk.. .Thank you, Mrs. S. Mr. and Mrs. Bertel V. Olson visited their daughter Barbara at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., over the week-end. Miss Olson, who did such a marvelous job of publicizing the Pops concert here last month, is a student at Vassar... Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bulakites were visitors in Westport over the week-end. ..PaulFoley, Webb ro*sd resident, reports digging out lilac bushes is one of the ^hardest jobs to tackle, especially on a warm day such as we had last Sunday. VINTAGE OF 1949 French Ballet at the Winter Garden. Such goings on! No Business Like, Etc: The Sadler's Wells Ballet delighted the Met first-nighters and Margot Fonteyn's Princess Aurora (in "Sleeping Beauty") is the talk of the town. But the luminous star of "Red Shoes" (which is stiH a big click on Broadway and throughout the nation) is given bit assigrtrrients. .. .The London producers of the Ballet decided not to give Americans what they want to see. Moira Shearer, the "Red Shoes' 'star, who for reasons of "company discipline" win be kept in the background All the leadia are for La Fonteyn, a magnificent ballerina.- but Moira Shearer (established box-office r.ver here) is devalued by the Brit- jsh 'producers! , Sounds 1n the. Night: At Bop City: "A communist is a guy who'd rather hear Paul Robeson talk than sing".... At Freeman Chum's:' "The Dodgers turned out to be a lotta 'game-droppers".. At Eddie Condon's: "She has her chaperuin with her" At Armando's: "He's too young for her. She wants a imam with Jolson's money, Pinza's voice and 'Barkley's Know-how!" Midtown Bellylaffs: Many listeners phoned the Mirror for the following, which we reported on the air Sabbath eve, so here it is... On the way to the last Series game a motorcop's screeching siren (the kind used by police emergency trucks to save somebody's life or break up a riot) blasted us out of the way.. .We wondered Just Who Rated All This To-Doodle... We looked at the lone passenger in the trailing, limousine and he didn't resemble any President or Governor or official we ever saw, so we tailed him, passing all the 199 red lights he passed. 1 .. We also waved to many other motorists to Get in Line and enjoy it, too...Oh, Brother! What a Parade All the way to Ebbets Field... We have always opposed Special Privilege, but we certainly enjoyed it (along with banker J. P. McGulre's Personal Police Escort) Sunday Awfternoon. Broadway Ticker: The Normandie Theater one of the town's, pet places, will have to vacate by New Year's. Lever Bros, bought the bld'g. ...The E. Parnell Joyces had 1 their 8th blessed event , a girl, at Columbia Medical Center. Pop's the one-time Columbia track a'ce....Dr. S. Rogers weds Jeanette Kamins in Dec. She's ass't to producer Cheryl Crawford... How About That Dodft.: Why doesn't the U. S. have a Sweepstakes for , our vets the way the Canadians do for theirs? Remember LJU-! cille Goddard, one of NTG's gels ' at the Silver Slipper? Well, she's Baltimore's only femme_ auto salesman.., .This, is why Series tickets were so tough tp get. Many business firms, ad agencies and others bought them in bunches for clients. One bank purchased 1,000 strips for big depositors and stockholders.. ..Five Jap reporters had no difficulty getting press seats. The best a Stars and Strilprai man got was a roving badge. No seat (foo!) Curtain-calls: The bokay of 16 beauties at the Riviera.... Ashley Miller's organ magic at the Park Sheraton... .NBC's "Harvest of Stars" starring- Pro! Frank Black and James Melton...Billy Daniels at the Park' Ave....Ruth Duncan's 88'rig at'Town House. .. ,The The late Watch: Hey, Fans! Send your Series tickets for games 6 and 7 to me for the Runyon Cancer Fund, please? It's your Big Chance to be a Series Hero... Myrna Dell got a big bang- when she lef^ the Stork Club with Joe DiMaggio. Bobby soxers asked for her autograph, not Joe's. . .The DeMarcos, Tony and Sal, return to the Persian Room for six wks at the end of this month.... The Virgin Islands is popular as a 6- week divorce center. The Caribbean Hotel (owned by ex-producer Richard Pedder) has two dozen 6- weekers there now....The Repubs have revived that slogan which cost them votes the last time-r- "Vote American." If Lehman isn't an American, .then Robeson will be the OOP's next Campaign Manager!... .The N. Y. Times and the Herald Trlb continue to list different best-sejlers in the No. 1 slot. ...Didiez see the sign in that West 57th Street cosmetic shop" "Ye.?, We have Men's Hair Nets" . Mrs. Wm. Saroyan has taken a job wjth Al Caflp's firm, which manufactures his Schmoos. . . . Gen. Vaujrhan, Matthew Connolly and Bill Boyle of the Truman High Command are a't war with each other. Over "possession" of the President. Harry Hopkins used to call it "Harem trouble".. .Query of the Week: In the John (Times) Martin review of "Les Ballets de Paris" he questions the costuming of sexciting Renee Jeanmaire (as Carmen) by inquiring: "How can a gypsy be alluring without a i?kirt?" Shall w e tell him? Household Scra'pbook Jelly A good method of testing jelly to scv if it is ready to pour into the glasses is to pour a very little from a spoon. If it forms u single large drop and breaks away quickly from the spoon the jelly is done. Flies Kerosene applied to the window and door screens will discourage both flies and mosquitoes. Scalloped Corn Try adding some salmon to | scalloped corn. This makes a delicious dish, as the flavor of the fish blends perfectly with the corn. Trapped by Photo Look And Learn 1. What is the world's most valuable autograph" 2. Which are the two largest state capital cities in the U. S.? 3. Whose name appears last on the list of credits at the beginning of every motion picture? 4. In which state is situated the largest known mass of pure iron in the world? 5. What are the first and last I Books of the Bible? j Answers 1. That of William Shakespeare, who left only two or three signa- j tures, each worth more than a million dollars. 2. Boston, Mass., and Indianapolis, Ind. 3. The director's name. 4. Missouri; Iron Mountain. 5. Genesis and Revelation. EX-CONVICT Stanley Rogezinski, 3S and Mrs. Jean -Vale are booked in a New York police station ana charged with commuting a series ol holdups in the Times Square area. Police said an 11-year-rfd photo of Rogezinski, which had been sent in by Cleveland authorities, provided the identification and led to the couple'* capture, (International) Home-Coming NEW ENGLAND^ LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMINAL 'AMONG those on hand to greet Jacque Mercer, "Miss America of 1049," at her home-coming celebration in Phoenix, Ariz., was her grandfather, Thomas L. Mercer, who is embracing his embraceable granddaughter. An estimated 60,000 persons turned out to greet ; the pride of Phoenix. (International) BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil „ per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3541 Hawley Hardware 102 Church Street Hotpoint Refrigerator* Tile Board Tools House Paint Lighting Fixtures Hand and Power Mowers Phone 4086 We Deliver 'Waterburij'sU Dependobl CAESAE KRZYKOWSm Painter — Decorator 10 BBENNAN ST. TEL. SIM Fr«e Ectlmate* Full Iimmmce Owverage If It'* Anything for Tour Floor Can ARRAY FLOOR COVEKZNG8 M Diamond St. Tel. 691S The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children make wonderful year-round gifts . . . 88 Church St. Phone 5287 BAM'S SERVICE STATION tod OAKAOK < M Bobber Ave, TeL 6*67 — Front End Work — •j. HARVEST SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ALL NEW FALL MERCHANDISE TAKEN FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK AND MARKED DOWN FOR OUR ANNUAL HARVEST SALE "OF 'VALUES COME EARLY FOR FIRST SELECTION.

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