Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1891
Page 8
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=2 Leading Features Spring Dress Goods. In the stock we are showing all the new weaves, colors and fabrics. In Pattern Suits we have the latest imported combinations. Trimmings—All the latest styles in gold, silver and iridescent trimmings. Spring Jackets—We are the acknowledged leading cloak house of this city and this spring we are, showing a most complete line of black, white and colored Blazers I* and Reefers in gold, silver and silk braid trimming.—We cordially invite inspection, SCHMITT & HEFFLEY, GOLDEN RULE. $8. 8$. PANTS, PANTS. have secured ! 30 styles of Worsted Pantaloonings fwhich sold heretofore and are sold everywhere for $10, jtrat which I seH now for the low price of IBIGHT DOLLARS i The Isecure choice. biggest bargain I ever had. Gall early and JAKE HERZ. Daily Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH. 8. PRING STYLES / - For Suits, Pantaloons and Overcoats have arrived, ic assortment is complete. Call and see them. Harry Gr. Tucker, The Pearl Street Tailor. 'he Best on Earth Ben Fisher's ure Baking Powder 311 Fourtn Street. Kick 'em Out! > it will take them some time to kick these out. OUR NEW SPRING HEEL SHOES Are "worth your Inspection. ALKER & RAUCH :•.'••-.- 42O Broadway. tor the Next Four Weeks I will sell y,ou an elegant suit for CASH. this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to join's city T u^ Tailor, 323 Pearl Street. Natural gas bills for March due today. Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic. eod&w CHy orders for sale.—Victor E. Seiter. mch-idtf Fl C. Cleaver, of Terre Haute, is visiting in the city. See the ne\y spring jackets, also musiin underwear.—Trade Palace. We are still selling all the standard makes of Prints at 5 cents.—Bee Hive. Mr. Wagaer, of the Murdock Hotel, will serve strawberry short cake for dinner to-day. Mrs. H, C. McMinn has returned home after a protracted visit with rela- iives in Richmond. C. B. Landis and family, of Delphi, are spending Sunday at Mr. Landis' former home in this city. We are rushed in our carpet department. You can save money on lace curtains at the Trade .Palace. Any citizen who served on the Brooks-Carr Coroner's jury in 1868 will please report to W. T. Wilson. "Listed," as the brokers say, at "100 doses .one dollar," Hood's Sarsaparilla is always a fair equivalent for the price. 4 L. J. Andrews has disposed of the City Hotel and will remove to-inorrow to Anderson County. Kansas where he hereafter reside. Monday will be a Banner day at the Bee Hive. Great many new high Art Novelties in dress goods on display there. "We invite you all to come. This Tuesday you can find on our bargain counter two pair regular made misses and children's hose for 5 cents, or one pair 3 cents.—Trade Palace. At the First Presbyterian church ,his morning Pastor Putnam's subject will be "Learners Called Christians." '.a the evening his subject will be 'Stones or Bread." A cordial welcome or all. As the Easter season approaches the average young man wants to look his sest, and as a consequence goes to Pafc- erson, -the Haberdasher, for his neckwear. 'Jim" Stutesman of Peru, has been appointed an Inspector of the Department of Justice with headquarsers at Muscogee Indian Territory. The ppointment was made by Attorney 1-eneral Miller. There will be services to-day at the Wheatland street M. E. church as follows: Preaching, 10:SO p. m. and 7 p. m,; Sunday school at 2:15. Epworth prayer meeting at 6:15. All are cordially invited. Four new books that everyone should read: "Light of the World."—Arnold; "In Darkest England."—Gen. Booth; "The Greatest Thing in the World."— Drummond; • Rhymes of Childhood." Riley. Where? At Giffe's Book Store, Legislative NoteN. In the session now passing into eternity 380 bills were introduced in the Senate. Mr. J Shockney, of Delaware, and Randolph counties leads the procession with a record of twenty- one bills introduced. Mr. Magee of Cass. and Mr. Ewing of Decatur and Shelby, are a tie for second place, each having introduced nineteen bills. There is yet time for one or the other to get ahead and make a record. Mr. Kopelke does not lag far behind, as he has a record of fifteen bills with his Teutonic signature attached. At the other extreme no one can compete with Mr. Carver of Lagrange and Steuben for the red ribbon. Mr Carver bears away the unique distinction of not having introduced a single bill. At the beginning of the session the members of the House were furnished with copies of the revised statutes with instructions to return them to the Secretary of State at the expiration of the session. A News reporter took a hurried inventory of the copies in the members' desks this morning and could not find more than twenty copies. The rest are probably in the hands of the members ready to be taken home. Senator Magee's bill, to prevent and punish fraud in the gale of goods by itinerant venders, and to provide for city licenses for such venders, was read a third time, Mr. Faulkner—I demand the previous question. The Speaker—Thanks. [Laughter.] The bill was defeated—yeas 28. navs 49. The Senate yesterday afternoon refused to concur in the amendments made by the House to the World's Fair bill. These amendments reduced the appropriation from $100,000 to $45,000, the number of commissions from twenty-six to thirteen, and provided that six of the thirteen shall be women. • The members of the Legislature did not dare go back to their constituents without passing some fee and salary bill, and this crude and poorly considered measure is the result.—Indianapolis Sun. Tlic Fast Mail. Carter's great play to be presented here to-morrow night in all its spectacular excellence, is without a doubt the dramatic success of the 19th century. The story is simple, yet full of interest, and is a bright, well constructed composition, somewhat original in its style and excellent in tone. It'isbrimful of fun, both in lines and. situations; it has elements of romance and picturesqueness, a balsamic Western flavor, love and merry making in abundance. The unraveling of _ the tangled skein of incidents that lead up to the dramatic denouement is accomplished in an extiemely simple and straightforward manner, and very little ride play occurs to turn attention from the central idea of the plot which is exceedingly clever in conception and carried Out faithfully as to detail. The advance sale already gives promise of a big house and seats should be secu-ed early. AT HARRY; FRANK'S ANNUAL OF PRESENTS Wm. Graham, city, received dinner set; RudolphBerndt, city, received table; B. C. Mead, Roya! Center, received watch. \ ',: .! The following received at eel engravings: C. "& Ca'stfer, Aloozo Clary, F. Sanderson, Henry Mucker, A,-;JB. Keeport, V. P. Winslow, Jacob .Morelurt, Mrs. B; Rideel, J. H Wirick. - • .,.,. ,. PERSONS HOLDING The folio wing Numbers will find it to their interest to call: 2383 4858 2509 5402 2850 9120 359110166 4394 11359 4770 11877 HARRY F R AiN K "TO BE SURE. Wilson, Humphreys & Go. 2OO and 2O2 Fourth St. of course. Will Engelbrecht has so far recovered his health that he was able to undertake the journey to. Richmond yesterday to visit his family who were victims of the recent Hagerstown disaster. He will return before finally leaving the city. Services at the Baptist church at 10:30 a. m. and 7. p. m. Young people's meeting at 6:15. Preaching by,the pastor, Rev. W. H. Marsh. Morning subject, unseparable." Evening subject, '-Ancient African Modern Explorations and Missions. The Street Commissioner should come out and clean the crossing's this muddy weather so thai, the 'ladies can •et out without getting their dresses so'very muddy, but yesterday .a great aHy came down town to Patterson's, ,he Haberdasher, to buy those lovely rid gloves which he fits to the hand. They Came Early Bat Tliey Didn't "Co Homo 'Till ITIomln- » Every few days some of Kokomo's people visit Logansport unintentionally. The citizens of that villiage should learn the peculiarties of fast trains. The Gazette-Tribune says: "lian Wilkins, jr., and Miss Caddie Anderson went to Logansport Thursday afternoon. The trip, however, was quite involuntary and unexpected 1 on their part. They set out to accompany some Logansport friends as far as the Junction. Instead of the train stopping on the Y as it usually does, the'engineer threw the throttle wide open, and before the conductor could be found they were several miles out of town. Nothing was left to do but accept the situation, which they did with allthe equanimity at their command, returning home on the early train this morning." What a Cent Will Buy. "How delicious is the winning Of[)a kiss, at love's beginning,"— sings the poet, and his sentiment is true with one possible exception. If either party has the catarrh, even love's kiss loses its sweetness. Dr Sage's Catarrh Remedy is a sure cure for this repulsive and distressing affliction. By its mild, soothing, antiseptic, cleansing and healing properties, it cures the worst cases. Five hundred dollars reward offered for an incurable case. Last Friday evening a party of our young people consisting of ten or twelve couple went out to the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Mez. Tyner and spent a very enjoyable evening. The crowd were in possession of several musicians who filled the air with sweet strains of music. An elegant supper was prepared by the good hostess, and all dined sumptously- Cyrus Knouff a pupil;-of. the high school received word that his brother Harry of Bethlehem',Township had been seriouslly injured. Cyrus departed for that place yesterday. You can buy any ^of the following -articles for a penny at McCaffreys': ' -,,,--, •./'-T"" 1 4O Hair Pins, 50O Yards of Thread, A Paper Needles, A Paper pins, 1 Dozen Cloths Pins, A Fancy Thimble, 2 Lead Pencils. ; It costs us a hundred times as much to tell youjof; this as we will ever make on what you buy of them-but they are only samples. If a penny buys so much what will 100 penniesbuy? If some necessities cost so little, others will be proportionately as cheap and McCaffrey keeps almost every necessity or luxury that you have want for. CO S T _.:,,- Is an all important matter with you on such things. Pay $500 more than you should for a house and it is comparitively little. But pay more than you should for what you'every day find need for, and the constant drain " will in a few years take all that a home would 'cost youv.; v You pay for all things just the least that they can sell for by • : ...-. .'. . ,, , ..;/,,; , •• ,.,,.;; ... M. McCaffery & Co, L

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