Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 11, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1949
Page 7
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Chief Sheridan, Sgt. Smith In Fire Prevention Talks Fire Chief John J. Shrrldan and Pollen Sergeant Gcortre Smith gave brief addresses on fire prevention today in two of the borough's schools. Chief Sheridan spoke at nn tumcmhly at Hop 3rook School and Ht;t. Smith c.poku (H St. ll'id- v-'fK'n Bchool. In n separate statement today, Chipf Shoridan pointed out that n couple of Imui-H ilurlni; tlio day may he t-nuuith limn to rid your home of the moat common flro hazards. It is estimated that otic- out of every three home fires bc- Kins in the cellar, so the first step should be to clean out the basement. HP aala that because of the things uNunlly .stored In a basement, it is usually hard to control a basement fire once it has started. He recommends the usa of mct- KA3VGE BURNERS STOVE and FCBNACE PIPES PITT8BUKGH PAINTS GALLAGHER S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET Free Delivery Telephone 60*4 .IOMN 3. SHERIDAN Clilof al containers lor removing furnace <i!:he:.'i, and an far aa attics are con- CAPITOL SINKS a*tc( STEEL KITCHEN CABINETS FREE Estimates Measurements Installation of the Cabinets Call Us for a Kitchen Expert To Help With Your Problem MAKE -YOUR KITCHEN THE CAPITOL of Your Home EASY TERMS Excellent Parking Facilities CONN. FUEL-GAS CORP. WATERBCRY ROAD, WATERTOWN, PHONE 275 jOpen All Week Mon. Thru Sat Open Wed. and Thurs. Evenings Until 9 o'clock corRf! S ml Hi Sergeant ccrned, he suggests that all worthless articles he removed to lessen the fire hazards. A chock of the rest of the house for defective wiring nnd faulty electrical appliances, Is also urged. Residents should also know the location of fire alarm boxes und know how to operate..a fire alarm box In the event of "not having a telephone available at the time of a fire. i Slight Increase In Poliomyelitis Ca$es There wan a ullKht. increase In the number oC new c:r.iaeB of poliomyelitis during the .past week, according to the summary of reportage diseases insuerl each Monday by the Stale Department of Health. Forty-lhren cases wore reported compared to -10 for the previous week. Other diseases which showed an increase were Rhickenpox, gonorrhea, syphilis, and whooplnp cough. Chickcnpox cases rose from 12 to 14, gonorrhea from 19 to 32 syphilis from 12 to 21 new crises! nnd whooping cough from 28 to •15. New cases of bronchopncu- monla increased from 23 to 30, streptococcal sore throat from one to four. Diseases which were on the decline during the past seven clnya were mumps which decreased from 55 to 28 new cases, scarlet fever which decreased from six to no cases, and measles which dropped from seven to six cases. Cases of meningococcal meningitis declined from two to zero. Two cases of diphtheria were reported. One from Stratford and one from Westport during the past week. These are the first cases of diphtheria which have been re- I ported in the state since Aup. R. COfcDUROY SPORT COATS All Colors — Sizes 36 to 44 $17.50... CORDUROY PANTS Sizes 2 to 42 — $2.95 up r EMBRUSKI NORTH MAIN ST. TEL. SSOT Open Frl. Till 9 3ANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batteries Washing Machines, Baby Carriages Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED 4SO Ruhhnr Are. Phone 8S77 "Wotcrbury's Friendly Department Store" STYLE AND CHIC WITH THRIFT Our Own Exclusive ARLURE NYLONS IN 3 PROPORTIONED LENGTHS 45 GAUGE 30 DENIER 51 GAUGE 30 DENIER . 51 GAUGE DENIER . $125 Pait $145 Whatever your size, whatever your leg- length... these wonderful stockings have been tailbred to fit... to hug thighs and knees to follow the curve of your calf ... to mold and trim your ankles. Each pair has snug fitting heels and fine needled seams. Full fashioned, first quality and every pair tested and approved by United States Testing Co. Laboratory. Short, Medium, Long Lengths. Colors of Rustlure, Gold- lure, Brownlure, Cocolure, Shadow- lure, Moonlure. Sizes S l / 2 to 11. STREET FLOOR Seymour Woman Elected Head Of Artists, Writers J.-llllnn Wood, of Seymour, wn» i-cclectcd president of the ArtlatH and WrltcrH of Connecticut at a meeting; In tlio Sonthbury Conpre- K'ltlnnul Church nttnnded by BOmo 75 jii.'rrionn Huridiiy nriornnon nnrl wnlnp. Oilier offirers named were: H.-ilph Nplnon, of ttcthlohatn, first vl,' n-prp.Hldent; Cnrlntnn A, t.pavpn- wurOi, of Hniil.lihury, iidflonrt vluo- I'l'riildrnl.; Mury (I. Sluriwl, of Tor- iKlon, Hor:ri't.:iry; Annla I^lttoll, l Wrat TIn'vcn, Iromiurnr; nnd ffh; R. Skllton, of Wutcrtown, rreHpondlng sncrctary, ON THE AIR 5:30—WATR NAUGATUCK NKWS WTIC—Jtmt Plain BUI WWCO—Capt. MlilnlKht a :4S—WIIRV— CliK MaHNOy WTIC— Front PiiRfi li'nrriill f!:flf>—All Stutlotm—NDWM fi :in—WATK—SpoftH of the Dny fi:ir.— WATll—Al VoHtro-HportH ol lli« May WI.CIl—HfKirtH W'I'M •--Htrli'lly Kpurtn WBUY—Yi>u & thn Modern Man «:30—WATlt—Von Tohel ' WWCO—Wlm'H TalklnR WI1RY-—John A. Cluncy. SportH WTIC—WrlKhtvlllQ Folkn WIXJR—8npp«r Serenade Oi'lTi—WATlt—Sunimy Knyu WBIIY—Lowell Thomas WTIC—S Star Extra 7:00—WBI1Y—Nausatuck Valley In- WTK, 1 —LtKht UP Timn Wwco—Kiilinn l,mvln WLCl.t—NCWH .Just, fnr You 7 :05.—WATR—HeiMlllno Edition " WBKY—3 Suns 7 :15—WATR—Rllvnrteora WTIT!—N«w.s WWOr>—rarartn r,| nandu WUIIY—Ciov. UuwlRH 7:30-WATR—David HardlnB WTIC—Hollywood Theater WBRY—Club IT, WWCO—finljrlnl llRlittnr 7:4n—WBKY—Krtwnrd K. Murrnw WWCO—I IXJVR A MyHtcry 8 :()()—WATIl—<!iirncRlo I till ' WTIC:—Cavalcade WBRY—Mystery Theater WWCO—Butler Talent CJuewt 8 :30—WATR—Town Meeting WTIC—Allan YounK WBRY—Mr. nnd Mrn. North WWCO—Olllclnl Detective 9 :00—WBRY—We The People WTiC—Roll Hope WWCO—.lohn StBKl !i::iO-WATIt—Krwln IX Oinlinm tVTKl—l.'lliliur Mr-f.lcn WHKY— J.llo With, LulKl WWCO—Mysterious Traveler 9:4r>—WATR—We Care 10:00-WBRY;—mt the Jackpot WWCO—News Commentator WATlt—Dick Jurcen WTIC—BlB Town 10:1 S—WWCO—Newsreel 10 :30—WBRY—Claud*. Thornhlll WTIC—People Are Funny WWCO—Music You Want WATR—A3 Wo See It 10:45—WATR—It's Your Business ' 1/:00—All Stations—News 11:15—WATR—Joe "Hasel, Sports WBRY—NiKht Shift WTIC—News WWCO—UN Today 11:30—WATR—Dance Orch. WTIC—Polish Orch. 32.-OD-AII Stations—News TEI^BVISIOU Wimc-TV Channel R 5 :00—Teletunes 5 :45—Howdy Doody fi :00—TEA 0:30—Lucky Pup (i :4fi— Easy Does It 7:00—Kukla. Fran and Ollle 7 :30—Morton Downey 7 :45—Newsreel 8 :00—Milton Berlo b):00—The O'Neills 9:30—Suspense 10:00—Amateur Hour 11:00—Late News WCI1S Channel a 4:30—Music Program Preview 1 4 :45—Classified Column 5:00—Vanity Fair 5:30—The Chuck Wagon 6:30—Lucky Pup fi :4i>—Boh Howard Show 7 :00—Messinga Prize Party 7 :30—CBS—Television News 7:45—Sonny Kcnflla 7:55—Ruthle on the Telephone S:00—Film Theater 9:00—We, The People 9 :30—Suspense 10 :00—Week In Sports 10:in—Blues By Barey 10:30—T'antomine Quiz 11:00—NewKreol WNIJT Channel 4 (i:]5—Judy Splinters fi :30—Howdy Doody 6 :00—Oobo's Circus 6:30—Easy Docs It 6:55—Weather 7 :00—Kukla, Fran and Ollla 7 :30—Showroom 7 :4 5—News Caravan S :00—Milton Bcrle 9 :OC-Fireside Theater !> :30—Life ol Riley 10:00—Amateur Hour CROMMELIN CONF2NED TO HOME SECURITY Does your Insurance give adequate protection today? DO YOU HAVE ITT See NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building costa are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, Mgr. THE CHINA INN It Harrison Ave. Waterbury Closed All Day Mondays Tuesday thru Friday Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Saturday 11 A. M. to IZ Midnight Sunday 13 Noon to 12 Midnight N'A1J<MTI)OK_N1CWH (CONN.), TUKSDAV. OCT. 11, IfUft—VAGE 7 THICK COAL SEAM INDIAN IJTKIIATL'RK Tho thickest coal Rcrim in the India Ims 3.743 newspapers an.l World. 425 fciil, IB located In Mnn- jmrliullcnlx jmbliKhc'd in 11 .Ilffcr- churla. ,,„) |., * NEW YORK SUSPENDED FROM DUTY by the Nnvy nnd placed under house arrest, Capt John Crommelin relaxes In the back yard of his Washington home H» was suspended by order of Secretary Francis Matthews on charges of divulging confidential correspondence to newsmen in connection with the comclaint bv thre«> AHmir»]« acainst. unification. < International^ Hawley Hardware 102 Church Street Hotpoint Refrigerator! Tile Board Tools House Paint Lighting Fixtures Hand and Power Mowers Phone 4086 We Deliver RADIO — TELEVISION B.C.A. — Admiral Television Sales and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Since 1925 25 CEDAR ST. TH3U. 8574 VA Extends Veterans Training Enrollment Through This Month The Veterans Administration has granted an extension of time to I Nov. 1, 39-10, for enrollment of veterans seeking to reentcr training or to change courses under the GI Bill, according to an announcement by Harry T. Wood, manager of the Hartford office of the VA. The change in effective date of the application of Public Law 266, which prohibits certain types of training- under the GI BiH, was made by Cnrl R. Gray, Jr., Administrator of Vulorans Affairs, who said he granted the extension to avoid working a possible hardship on any students who had not had time to complete plans for entering schools, before the original date of the regulations, which was Sept. 12, 1049. Under the relaxed instruction, all veterans who have made satisfac- j tory progress in school have until Nov. 1, 1949 to enroll in courses o,f training- without the necessity of | prior approval of VA for changes of .course or reentry into training after once having completed or dropped out of a course . Public Law 260, passed last Aug. 21, prohibits veterans from taking GI Bill courMCH for recreational or avocational purposes, or courses in institutions not in existence for at least ono year. Tho new instruction does not change this prohibl- tlpn, but after Nov. 1, 1949, a now type certificate muuthe used, which shows the course and school the veteran seeks to enter. This, VA said, will enable a quick screening of application!) for ccrt.lflcn.toH of eligibility to make sure the training sought is permitted by PL 266. "atY Of TIMES ffv*ryb*4y'« Horn* T«w» Accommodations ASIURID Al Th« C«nt*r Of Activity , juiis ». znr MO *OWI • IN IMHI M« MUM • miviuoii $3.50 daily tftilfl MOOHN • FIKMOOr |* AIJt-CONDiriONfD ' OININO ROOMS urn* COCKTAIl IOUMM MOJIC c nrauiMcn A BLOCK FROM BROADWAY • A BLOCK FROM STH AVt A STEP FROM ROCKEFELLER CENTER FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 5(M South Main 81, Rufftilar Daily Dinner 50c »p CATERING FOR WKDDINGO SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES, Etc iiunquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 7430 Emergency Cnll 6557 LISTEN TONIGHT At 10 P.M. On WATR WATERBURY TO "I SAW ROYAL STANDARDS" with ALL NAUGATUCK CAST This Space Donated By CHUCK'S FRIENDLY SERVICE "Dodge is today's best new ear value —in every icon/" 6ERA1O HYDE Son Franciuo, Calif. Ncrcr believed any ear priced so low could offer ao much!" W. J. DAHl S.nlll., Waihington "I*oft more of everything — style, roominess, feature* — for . let* money!" 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