The Lima News from Lima, Ohio on May 23, 1913 · Page 1
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The Lima News from Lima, Ohio · Page 1

Lima, Ohio
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Friday, May 23, 1913
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Slurrin WEATHER--(OHIO)--GENERALLY FAIR TONIGHT AND SATURDAY, WARMER SATURDAY. THE LIMA DAIDY NEWS --Use for Result*-News' Want Page --Read for Profit-SEVENTEENTH YEAR LIMA, OHIO, FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1913. HOME EDITION PRICE TWO CENTS But Charge of Murder is Thought to Be pause FORMER COLORADO STATE REP- RESENTATTPE REFUSES FOOD AND DRINK. (By Untied Press." Cripple Creek, Colo.. May 23.-Jail attendants believe James Bacon, former state representative, is trying to commit suicide via the starvation route. He is charged with the murder of his wife and stepdaughter. Gaunt and drawn, he has eaten or j drank nothing since last Monday when he 'was* arrested but he declares it is merely because he has no appetite. "I am not on a hunger strijte," fie said today. "I will eat and'drink when I feel the need." Nevertheless ins failure to eat has alarmed the authorities and today they attempted to force him to drink. Bacon clenched Ms teoth, however, and successfully resisted all efforts to force water into his mouth. He sits in his.cell all djiy holding his head in fiis hands.'" Mrs. Bacon, and her daughter were ^lulled by ,n explosion of dynamite which some one placed in the kitchen stove. SOCIALISTS CONFER WITH A GOVERNOR Charleston, W. Va., May 23.--Eugene V. Debs..Victor Berger, former Wisconsin congressman and several other leading socialists, conferred today with GOT. Hatfteld on West Virginia labor conditions. Before meeting Bergei and Debs, Gov. Hatfleld had released from jail j the socialists party leaders in this state who had been charged with inciting riots in the Paint and Cabin Creek coal fields. The committee will probably leave here Monday. PETITIONS FOR AN I, R, VOTE ARE CIRCULATED WEALTH OF~FLO\VERS FILLED HOME OF UXFOim-NATK VOl'XG It.A NKEK AST! SALOON LGAGUK IS I'KE- W H TOOK I(USOX !5V M I S T A K E PAR1XU TO SPRING J.'EW ONE OX SA1XJOX1STS. --BODY LAID TO I JEST RETURNS ASTOR BABY'S PRESENTSjSf.^ LAFOLLETTE PICKS FLAWS IN THE NEW TARIFF WOULD J'KOHLBIT ALL DRY TER1UTORV SHU'MKM RESULT MAY BE ASOTHJ R WET AND DRY CLASH IX THE FAJU.. * ·:· · ·:· ·:· ·: «·;· · · ·:- * ·:· · ·:· ·:· · DRY .··ILL SUMMARIZED. MISS HELEN BUCHANAN Washington May--Miss Helen Buchanan, one of the" most socially active members of "the .younger set of* Capital Society, is the chief topic of conversation-, amiang ,the friends who saw her dance' Hi tife play '"Woman" written aiid -recently produced by Mra. Barney Hennick. The play was based on a proph'ecy that woman would o«e day be released from the alleged thraldom of man "Adonis" Naryb the dancer, clad in a short leopard skfn, performed with Miss Buchanan. ROBERT EDESON THE ACTOR QUITE ILL Los Angeles, Cal., May 23. -- The condition of Robert Bdeson, welt known actor was reported critical ( today by Dr. J. W. Pollard, attend- 'tag physician. Edeson was operated upon ia*t lght following an attach of blc-d poisoning. Edema'.: illneee reeult'-d from running ft sflinter into his foot, k while playing here In "Fine Feathers." He paid little attention to the hurt tatil hla leg swelled to enormou tlse. when physicians informed Wn h* .had blood poison. Last nlff two incisions were made Edeeon'i^leg and drainage started. FAMOUS BEAUTY Of The PfMch Stage Blowing Her !»· Par Gondolas. (By United Press). Paris, May 1 3 .--Mile. Ceclle Sorel one of Ui« famous beauties of the FntMh sUf is naving built for her own oae one of the most beautiful foMol** :8h« will :|n« calto, are MM U Venice. constructed. »t on th« ito.'/ jnit u similar . Sorel, of CkMMt* -Praacaise, formerly on Oik Champs Elysees. She »*«· to tl* Qn»T d'Orsay, n«r Mftur tie river. Society ft * said, are to follow suit Kite. Sortf h*fn« one of the fa-Won ·Htm of Ftrta, h«r fads too* be- Us* fate *f tit* ultra-ultra. BRUTAL ATTACK ON LITTLE GIRL NEAR THE SCENE OF KECEXT CRUEL MUKDER OF GRACE « JOHNSON. Makes it a misdemeano · to · ship intoxicants into any dry · territory of Ohio, for beverage · purposes, or to accept them. · Causes liquors so shipped to · become contraband and forfeit- ;· ed unless owner files written · · claim within five days. · Makes only exception in · · druggists who have stores in · dry territory. They must file · » sworn, itemized statements of · liquor received and sold. * Prohibits an individual's * * carrying into dry territory more · than one quart of any iutoxi- ·:» eating liquor, including beer, · for his own private use. · Makes all books, way bills · · and other papers used in ship- · · ping liquors subject to inspec- * · tion, and requires railways and · · interurbans to keep separate *:* books for record of liquor ship- · ments. «£· Gives Common Pleas Judge, · P obate Judge or Mayors in any · ;ounty final jurisdiction in trial »J« of violations, and provisions of ·!· law made applicable to inter- « state shipments. · t* ·:· «:· ·?* ·;· · ·:· ·;· ·:« « ·:· ·:· ·;· · « · · The Ohio Anti-Saloon League has been circulating petitions for more than a week on the league's initiated bill 'to prohibit shipment of liquors into dry territory in Ohio, and already enough signatures probably have been secured to assure a Statewide vote on the measure at the Fall election. More than 3 per cent of the vot- ters of Ohio having signed the initiated bill last fall, it requires only Matron, Ga., .May -3.-- Flowers a l - ! most filled tlic W a l k e r home, i n v o s t ! ed by Macon peopli w i t h a tender I sentiment because it was tin-re tbut i j Sidney i-anier, the poet, was born, whjre lies the body of 15. Sanders Walker, the young banker w h o early Thursday morning gave up his grim fight against a slow but certain poison. All afternoon they came. It took three hours to transport them to the special car which left this morning for Monroe, Ga., for the burial. The Walkers have lived in Monroe for generations, and today it was found that the family burial ground was full, on all sides were the plots of neighbors, and for a time it looked as though the latest of the house to die would not rest among his fathers. Ex-Governor Henry Dickinson McDaniel, of Georgia, relieved the situation when he offered space in his plot just next to the Walker ground. Today a telegram was received from United States consul at Amsterdam with the information that the Dutch had found that powdered aluminum was an antidote to bichloride of mercury. This, however, was already known to Macon doctors, but when they were jailed to Walker's bedside the poison had already been at work four hours,- too long for nny help to be rendered. The funeral services at Monroe were conducted by Dr. E. C. Darga, of Macon, Chairman of the SouUiei ;i Baptist Convention, which has j u r i closed its sessions at St. Louis and by Dr. W. N. Alnsworth, of this city, prominently mentioned as the next Bishop to be created in the South. 3 per cent to assure (By United Press). Pittsburg, May 23.--A. 1 second brutal attack upon a young girl came to light in Weal Moreland County today when parents of Miss Mary Newman, aged 18. of Shaner, put the police on the trail of a man who entered her room and choked her into semi-consciousness. The man had r crippled foot, abe said. Mrs Charles Amend, who lives near the of the Grace Johnson outrage, put the detectives and state troopers at work - on a new clue today when she told of giving a cast-off shirt to a man 6a last aion- day the day of the murder when he appeared at her hOor representing that he fell down an embankment, injuring himself and bloodying his shirt . , · ' - '_" CAN'*. ·A- (Bjr-'-United Washington, May 2Sv--President Wilson decided today when he got over to the executive .offices and found there was not one engagement planned for him that he would try io s«e the Washington Nationals Blay their tint g»"» on 4fcf home grounds after the westward* Jaunt. Mrs. Wilson Is giving a garden party late this afternoon---fjntt^tho-^Preel- dent fignredjg^md see the -game. roNNEAUT-*When a can of oil CON on a iiunch In t*« harbor an additional the vpte. Rev. John S. Rutledge, of Cleveland, Di.Rtrict Superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League, said last night that the initiative petitions are being signed freely and that in his opinion a sufficient number of signatures has been secured. The petitions must be filed with the Secretary of State by July 4 to Insure the questions . oing on the ballot next Fall. An initiative vote on the anti- shipment measure would assure a spectacular campaign between wet and dry forces in Ohio neit fall. It would be the first time that a Statewide flgtit between these contending factions has been carried directly before the people. NEW BOARD NAMED FOR XENIA HOME MRS. MADELINE FORCE ASTOR New York--Presents from people residing In all parts of the United States and Europe have been received at the Astor mansion on Fifth avenue, addressed to John Jacob Astor III, the posthumous child of Mrs. Madeline Force Astor, the young bride-widow, of the late John Jacob Astor, who lost his life In the Titanic disaster. Mrs. Astor has ordered that all of these presents be returned to the donors with "thanks and regrets." They range from dainty bits of baby wearing appp.rel to handsomely carved oak cribs and all kinds of toys. Both Mrs. Astor and her baby are enjoying fine health. CO.MMKNTS I'i'OX HIS K A I L l ' U K TO :!·;!· ins A M E X D M K X T THKOUCII. DI-:'LARKS A COMMITTEE CAN NOT DECIDE RATES The new board ia the provisions of the KIDNAPER OP UTTI/E MARION, O., GIRL MAKES A COMPLETE CONFESSION X.. Marion, 0., May 23.--Late yesterday afternoon the police arrested Tomassp Rizzo, 48 years old, alleged kidnaper of pretty thirteen-year-old Rosa Del Serio, stepdaughter of Guissepa Alot. Aiot was also taken into custody. When arraigned before Mayor Claude Walters, Rizzo confessed he had abducted the girl and held her captive in a barn for more than 48 hours. He was- allowed to pleajf" guilty of attack and was held to the grand jury under heavy bond. Rizeo told the Mayor bis child sweetheart's stepfather would not consent to their marriage until $1,400 in gold was paid him. The girl and her mother were held. Columbus, O., ~Tay 23.--Glover nor Cox last night appointed a new Board of Trustees for the Soldiers and Sailors' Orphans' Home at Xenia, to succeed the board Inadvertently legislated out of office two years ago by the passage of the Central Board of Administration act. Three of the members serving were re-appointed, named under Acker law, and it said will assure the purchase of supplies from the State Board of Administration. The-appointees are: Frank White, Democrat, Clermont county, for the term ending April, 1918; Albert S. Kerns, Democrat, Montgomery, for term ending April, 1917; J. C. Roland, Democrat, Cuyahoga, April, 1916; Harry S. Quine, Republican. Summit, April 1915; Frank M. Allen Republican, Fayette, April 1914. Kerns and Allen are new members. RECOGNIZE MEXICO? NOT YET AWHILE Washington, May 23.--President Wilson made it clear today that the United'·' States Government had reaehb 'no decision as to recognizing tbe riuerta Government in Meixco. .He indicated that when recognition is extended-it will be as a result of a general adjustment of conditions in Meixco. i It. had been reported that with the negotiatlonns of a loan by Mexico iro'ipcts for recognition would be improved. White House officials declined to say whether the rehabilitation of Mexican financial affairs *wptild. hasten recognition. :" 'The impression gained at the WMte' House was that the Washington Government would await the outcome of the presidential elections in the southern republic. j Clasps Wedding Ring After Murdering Girl And Shooting Himself (By United Press). Erie, Pa., May 23.--With a re volver claspe in one hand and a wedding ring in the other, Jacob Demerle ws. found earjy today mortally wounded while uearby lay the dead body of ^tafie James, with whom Deraarjr' had fallen in love. Infatuated at the youn;, woman, Demerle had climbed a porch post into her room, shot' he- to death and then sent a bullet into his own brain. He died two hours later at the hosplte 1 . ·Friends c. Demerle said they understood Miss James had promisod to marry Dcmerle but last night refused him. At 3 o'clock this morning he went to her nome, climbed into tie room and is nupposed to have made one last appeal. When being refused, be shot the girl and himself. When an officer broke into the room Demerle still held the wedding ring. WITHOUT QUESTIONING .MEN WHO ARE MANUFACTURING THE GOODS. (By United Press). Madison, \Vis.. May 23.--Senator Robert M. LaFollette, commenting on the defeat of his amendment to instruct the Senate Finance Committee to hold hearings and put specific questions to manufacturing appearing to protest against the Wilson- Underwood tariff, contributes an article to his magazine of, this week, under the caption "Tariff Making In the Dark." Senator LaKollette ...ites the questions he would have had put to each manufacturer under oath before the committee anil adds: "It Is a serious mistake to assume that tariff rules can be determined by any committee of congress in the absence of specific data. "It matters not wneuior u tariff bill ia being framed wita a view *o f i x i n g the duties at a rate which shall measure the difference in the cost of production between this and competing countries, which is mainly if not wholly, the difference in labor cost; or whether the tariff bill is being framed with a view of eliminating all protective duties and fixing the tariff with the sole object of producing revenue, it is in either case vital that the committee shall know the average coat of producing the article in this country, and the average cost of producing the article in competitlng foreign countries. "So tariff legislation under Democratic control is to proceed exactly as under Republican control. The subject is not to be treatr-l as an economi". problem. Jt is to be 'he stake in a partisan game and the people of the United States are to suffer the consequences. "The Payne-AldricJ bill raised the ratns r gardless of the burdens imposed on the consumer. And the course of the democrat!", senators indicated that the Underwood-Simmons bill will fix the rates, regardless of production cost and the wrongs it will Inflict on the wage earner and OL legitimate industry." FIGHT RESULTS WHEN BULGARIA BREAKSJREATY 4TTACK ON GREEKS XEAR SA- IXJMKA CONTINUES UNABATED · (By United Press.) Athens, May 23.--The Bulgarian attack on the Greeks in the Pan- ghaion district near Salonika, continued with unabated fierceness today with the Bulgarians using artillery along their whole line. It was stated here that the Bulgarians were tne ajfresaors and that while the Greeks are defending themselves, t,Me Government is mak- in a strong protest at Sofia. When hostilities ceased, the Greeks against Turkey and Bulgarians ROT Darling »aa Arthur, badly burned. Sim. *-·« expected to live. EIPBOR OF JAPAN DANGEROUSLY ILL tar* had ***"'**,, CHEAP H£IR CUT (By United Press). Mount Vernon, '111., May 28.--A bolt of' lightning singed the hair off the head of J. A. VanWlnkle, a farmer, striped some of his clothe* and left him unconscious. Two, hours later he was' plowing again. TO GIVE IrfNKB The Loyal Ladles of Olivet church will five a dinner to special guevtB TaMday evening. The tmstees meet Tuesday evening./ The lonary Society meets with Mrs. CharkM Schrader, 101ft Bast High Wednmday afternoon, two o'clock. ' HAROLD A HIKER. . (By United Press). Cambridge, May 23.--Harold M. Wright,' a wealthy Germantown, Pa., student and athlete today assured all doubters that promptly at 4:0 tombrrow morning he will start on his hike to Rye Beach, Maine, 58 miles, to win a bet--reported to be of four figures--with Junius 0. Morgan; the late financiers grand- aon. ,Wrlg)iLwlli have to negotiate the distance in twenty hours. v TOTV GOT THKIB8. (By United Press). Columhus, O., May 23.--Tho.mas W. Sullivan, Cincinnati, lobbyist for tlw Street -Railway Employes Mutual protective Association In his report filed today received »335 for lobbying At the last legislature. L. l a . Spencer Of Nile*, report*J he re- I ce;v*d ·IXir.lC lobbying for the Ohio ALLIANCE--Thli city outbid Salem for the tervlcei c.' B. F. Stanton. He will become superintendent of schools at a saltr? of 12,106 a wltk Purse .at from the Ayonw and inquln** DATTON--On» hundred twwtr flood-washed pine* tanlilfr* ·4 fMA i«r«, hntjOn iPli agreed on a neutral zone around Sa- lonika, Including the Panghalon district where fighting now is going on. It is charged that the Bulgarians violated the neutrality zone agreement last Tuesday. Desultory fighting took place then and on the following day and yesterday the battle is said to have raged for 24 hours. . THREE KILLED Bl A BIG GUN WAIl rKI»AKTMENT IS NOW EN- GAGJKI IN INVESTIGATING ACCIDENT. (By United Free-). Washington, May 23.^--In the ab- sejice of i»ny explanation of the explosion ut Fort Moultrle, S. C., in which three enlisted mea were i.ill- ed and Captain Guy M. B. M. Hanna, seriously injured, secretary of war Garrison today wired to the commanding; ffficer of the fort for a detailed repo, c. AccoMinp t- unofScial advi -,s received at the war department the disaster came as. the result of the blowing off of the breach.block oa one of thrpe funs, which were being used in night firing .iractice. An investigation of the condition of the g n - n. a repo't from the officers detailed to examine it, were expected within a few daya. ANHUT SENTENCED TO PENITENTIARY (By United Press.) New York. May 23.--Attorney John N. Anhiit, convicted of offering a bribe of ¥20,000 to Dr. John Hussell, former superintendent Matteawan for Jhe release of Harry K. Thaw, from that institution, was today sentenced to serve a term of not less thar two years nor more than four ii: Sing Sing prison. INSANE WOMAN MURDERS CHILD THEN LOCKS THREE OTHER IN HOUSE AND SETS BUILDING AFIRE. JCOTHING DOING 'Columbus. 0. May 23--The Southern Ohio Episcopal Dioceseah convention in lewloa here today tailed a communication , . ,, 4 JMt Wl», diocese petitioning tha local dJocen to join eat u change ^h* name of without comment from the Fond the church ffrnft Frotestant Episcopal to American Catholic. FRESH AIR SCHOOL FINE FOR KIDDIES Chicago, May 28.-- Thoroughly satisfied with the results of the experiment tried both in Chicago and Philadelphia, Mrs. Ella Flag Young superintendent of the Chicago Schools, announced today that nxrs low temperature or 'fresh air" schools will be established uext fall. "From the comparisons we have been able to make it appear that the pupil* of the fresh air schools are freer from colds, are more alert in their brain processes and gain more In weight than the pu dinary school," said "The proper temperatur* !·« pa 4n* ta of- the or- rs. Yoanffk to (B; United Press). Toledo, May 23.--After hurling her four m .nths old babe to death in a cistern, Mrs. Jerome ..arris, colored, locked three other children, Nina, 6, Marion, 3. a n : Pratia, 4, in their home at 2131 Pomeroy street this afternoon and then set fire to the houae. Nina managed to make her escape through the flames, and ran to the house of a neighbor. Several men responded and managed to rescue the remaining tots from burning hruse. Mrs. Harris is held by the police. She is violently insane. 303 u- ;i ·m if g.a- t ^va mfai «ep rtg l'f\-!$ %- EXPLOSION KILLS TWO. (By UniteU Press). San Diego, Cal., May 23.--Two men were instantly killed and one fatally Injured today when a cylinder head blew out of the port engine of the torpedo boat destroyer Stewart, 20 milee off San Diego. The Stewart was making a speed test when the explosion .occurred,, l INEWSPA'PER

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