Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 10, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1949
Page 7
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CORDUROY SPORT COATS All Colon — Sizes M to 4* $17.50 CORDUROY PANTS Sizes 2 to 42 — $2.95 up EMBRUSKI HRM^inB| MA1> ST. T1SL. SJMI7 Open Fri. Till 9 IANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batteries Washing Machine*, Baby Carriage* BIcpclM, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPS7TED «• Bobber Are. Phone 6S77 COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC BEFRIGKBATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 7430 Emergency C-U1 6557 A OUTAWA* FOK 'i'UA'l IMPOBTA_NT JSVBMT1 Ws Cu Ftt Son Too Bit IMBIMBO'S Them All i> Puloa flu, Wtky. «r email Pkose I-8I»» Oeo. Wigglesworth & Son, Tnc PLUMBING, HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING MAPLE STREET Hour Oil Burner Service TEL. CMS KE THE NEW UNIVERSAL WASHER at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prices — 107 SPRING ST. UNION CITY TELEPHONE !651 FOB QUICKER BKSULTS — TBY NEWS WANT AO8 For Sale Houses for Sale List Your Proiwrty lor Quick Bale. The A. R. Mnrtlno Co. Real Estate And ApvralBals 201 E. Main St. Phone 3-32Bt> Wtby. MODE UK 4.KOO.M buniittlow In A-! condition. Large level lot, urice only $i;,iioo. FllOht'ECT—Just two m!lu« (ram Union City. 5-room huUKo, all modern Improvtments, »V4 iicrus u( land, iiontl. IIKAC'O.S KA LLN — Plnosbridgu, vacant, brand-new^ modern H-room home, large level lot, priced reasonable. Call A. SHEPLEY. 2433 «r 5144. P. A. SRA21CK1 — Real Eatat« — , 174 PROSPECT ST. PHONE: 6421 PATSY LAUB1OLA Itinl Estate Phone Naug. UM ur Wthy S.8849 FOB BALE—1 lamlly, 4-5-6-7 room houses. J7500 and up. JOHN BEALY, Church St Phone 6031. WALTKH A. NORWASH, ABy. INSURANCE REALTOR 209 Church St. - Phone 4784 N-<*<. FOH SALE—Now D room up to date home, 'i rooms unfinished, all improvements, garage. Good home lor O.I. ALSO—8 room 1 lamlly house, 15 years old. Sun parlor and sleeping porch. Nice home for a large family. PATSY LABRIOLA. Heal Estate Phone Naus. 3458 or WHiv. E-2Z4JI S Houses For Sale BYROLLVb HEAL ESTATE 48 Spring ft. Tel. 3-2681 Waterbury, Conn. FOB SALE—4 lamlly house on OrcharO Terrace, In excellent condition. Very good investment. Priced lor quick sale. F. A. BRAZICKI Real Estate Phone B42fp CAESAR KRZYKOWSKI fainter — Decorator IB BBENNAN ST. TEL. 878B Free Estimates Pull Insurance Coverage r or Sale Houses for Sate James Moors' —Real Estate— , Phone 3658 . . ' • 1,B«0 CASH »1,80U (Pay Balance In Rent) Will buy 5-room house brand HluuikiriK new. Kxtra large lot. l^ow tjixea. Fine location. A. IIOOKKJt Corner of Clark & N., Haven Jioad. KOlt SALE—'Lovely .0 room bungalow air conditioned, tile • i^ith, \jgaroee, lanCseapinl, immediate • occupaiicVJ Priced lor quick salt. WADOrtNO. REALTY Oxford Tal. 26fyi, Seymour llujf or Noli * I)u»loe»». JOSEI'll HALPEB1K, Broker Insurance, Lotx, Hi'al Estate' 2* K. Main St. Tel. 4-6833 YUbj. Root and Boyd, Inc. / Realtors Insurance 174 Orand St. Phone 4-3161 Wtby. BEAUTIFJL'L—0 room house located in qulbt nelKhborh<jod. All improvements. 203 Juhnaon St. Phone 3570. NAUGATUCK HAUSOIl 'AVE.—Small attractive 1 family, has everything, oak floors, hot water heat, downstairs hath, extra lavatory. Large fenced in yard, shade trees, outdoor fireplace. Owner moving, must Htjll at once. THEODORE F. CARROLL 111 Omnd St. Waterbury Tel. 3-77r,4, Res. 4-1531 Wantyd to Buy I*ANTK1>—Qooa 3 lam'.'.y houxe, 5'or I rooms on each floor ureforred. I havi a caBh customer watting lor i>ucb i listing. HENRY M. MURPHY Real KsUitfi and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Waterljury * Land for Sele-. . i _- ' - FOB SALE—2 building lota on Haze Ave. Size 75 x 140. Call 3740. FOB SALE—bevMral building lots ol New Haven Rd. Rea'sonahle. CltJ wate-r. Phons Hurry Schmlts, 4881 after A p. m. I QC SWEETER, WILL MX) PLEASE STOP BLOWING OJ M3UR SOUP?.. /SND WILL BOTH OF VOU BOMS KINDLY TAKE "MOUR ELBOWS CJF THE TABLE? MU6GS, PLEA96 TAKE THE SPOON OLTT OF 1OUR CUP.' AND,SKEETER MOW MAMY TIMES DOT HAVE TO TELL YCXI TO BREAK VOUR BREAD INTO SMALLER PIECES P NOW, POMT FOR6ETTOUSE YOUR NAPKINS AFTER DIMMER.' AND \OU'RE NOT TO LEAVE THE TABLE TILL MOU ASK TO BE EXCUSED.'.' WHAT 16 THIS. BRADFORD ?? WHO PUT ME. ON DRY LAND?.. WHERE'S MY SHIP?.. WHAT .Tn^E IT 6ASY.OAPTAIN...THE •EYE" KNOCKED XOU OUT FOR A SPELL.' WE'LL FILL INTKE v BLANK SPACES LATER. ,J THATWWSSOOO ADVCE GRANDFft GAVE MDU; I HOPE VOU'LL PROFIT Bvrr/ WE SURE wia_) WELL KNOW HOW (O W BE HAVE AT THE TABLEi RVSHT NOW WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE. JM FERTILE TERRVTORY , FOR FUZSTHAND KNOWLEDGE [OP THE VANISHEO'MALINOl VOU CAN TAKE IT FIRSTHAND* FRCMA A DECK HAND THAT •• IT'S FUTILE TERRITORY, FRIEND/ For Rent 7a Wauted To Bent WANTKB—Veteran, wile & child. I , Drastically in need o( 3, 4 or 5 unlur- nlshed rooms. Cull B411 alter 5 p. m. I WASTED—Fturll.y ot three desired lour I or live rooms untarnished. Phone I 5719. WAJfTEU-Mlddle-aged working oouule desires 4 or G unfurnished roomH. Cull 2632. WASTED—3 or 4 room rent. Will redecorate, no children. J>honc 7170, mornings until 12 noon or alter 9 p: m. . . . . 7b Stores For Bent FOB BEHT - Office* lor professional man In Naugatuck. Tel. 3-9865, Wtby. Apartment* For Rent FOB BENT—Centrally located six- room apartment, unlurnlshed, all conveniences. > Keferencea required. Write Box '3", News. . FOB BEWT•'-. 4 room unfurnished apartment with-bath, Blackberry Hill, Beacon Falls. Te|,444S. FOB HEHT-rSiiwW room In Union City. Phone 3422, Mrs. Grossman, 410 No. Mali) St. .•:>'.• Announcement* 11 and POM* LOST OB STOLES—Beagle hound Black, brown and white. Call at 66 Olive street or phone 2747. 1.ONT—Hall-grown i gray & white an gora cat. Reward. Call 2713. I la Personate LET'S SEE, PANCHO-POESN'T FRONTIER OIL OWN A LOT OP LAND IN THIS COUNTRY? NO, JUT I HEAR ITS VSRY INTBRE5TIN5. INCLUDES A LARGE STAMP OF WAHOSANV, MA.YAN KU!M6, EVEN A BANANA PLANTATION. THE &ANANA PLANTATION. FINE. ^ WEIL-AH-I'M AFRAID MK. I'D LIKE \ HARSTAIN WOK'T APPROVE Dfi TO SEE / MY TAKING YOU TJtERE, RlZ. IT. J. TOO HOT, HE SAV5. TOO MANY MOSQUITOES. YE6. DOWN OKi THE BORPER. HAS SOOP OIL POSSIBILITIES, FHflNKV. FELLERS!! MR.TVLER'S IN WITH HIS BOARD Of DIRECTORS wow, HES THREATENED TO FIRE THEM fill. IF THEV CflNT RftlSE WORE ClOTH FOR PATCHWORK HUH1.. NO, 1 WA* TALKIM4 TO NAME 19 WO&TE6N...MV FRIENDS CALL AI6 "FROSTY" — FOR SHORT. AND VOU— VOU AWST BE- TrIE G-MAN MR. PACK TOLP ME ABOUT* -BROOK*. ... FR09TV BROOK* H FORMAL...PHIL CORR10AN 1$ THE PULL TAG I AND * FROSTY" GOES MADE VOU THINK VOU'O) YOUR NAME'S THAT THIS OEAKJIN& BOARD WAS pgogry I BUT... THE REASON, DOESN'T IT JEEP6CS..IMOOe AU-1U03- SOLD 1SN7- PHONV VJBU-,MV soy..* ir LOOKS LIKC VOU MIT TUB JACICPOT. 7H6SE OLD COIMS AND EVERVTVIIMQ V4ELL Nor RICH/ TUONSOOUT TO BS RCAi. WHEN Oea&y AMD WHAT IN THE •WOW.D IS ACTUALLY TAKWS SO DuSuP AM OU> PlOATE cwesr.r AND SO 6NOS HAPPJLV THE • TUB GOOD SWlD BOXKD ASSORTMENTS ol Chrlstnwli cards. The nationally famous Hallmark, Rust Cralt, Paramount, Crest- wick and Volland lines. All leaders Inthe Greeting Card .Industry. Dozens ol different assortments to select from. 82 lor. $y, 84, Jor »1. 12 lor $1, 15 for 60c, iy tor BOc. Special boxed (LHftortment lor children, ftOc to Jl. They are ready now, £et yours today. BETTER CARDS—LOWER PRICES "Your Year Round Card Dealer" SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORE 213 Church St. Naugratuclf PKBHONAJL CHHI8TM,\H CAKIW Should be ordered now. Sample boolt.n . arc ready—Hundreds to select from. SO lor ft and up Imprinted with nnme. Better values—txwer prices. Your year round card dealer, SWEENEY S AtlT AND STATIONERY STORE 213 Church St., Naugatuck. lib BuslnoM Opportunities FOH SALE—Retail florist business In Waterbury. mane 4^5036. All Forns •! Jsusriuiee WEBSTER* INUUBAlfCE BEBTICE II W«»t M«ls St., Wtujr. Tel. i-0«l THIH1TYI Stop At The STBAITSVIILE SPA Wew Have* BOB* • Vhi>». 48(4 Fitzpatrick-Romano — IPubtlc AccoanUnts — ' Phone Nau«. M06-S007 W BuslneM Announcement* G. E. Refrigerators, Washers, Ranges Water Heaters, «tc. Beacon Falls. -Phone "7430 Nauu. FO1I 8ALK—MuHhroom bed. The besT known fertiliser^ for plants ' & lawne. 50c a bushel •delivered. Special price on loads. Also ashes -removed. Fraijk Gilroy 70 Carroll 8t. • 'Phone 7049 UF.ST HOME FOB~LAmE8 ONLT- RUBY'S BRIDAL SHOP 851 No. Main.St- Tel. 3-1834 Wlby Gowns—hridea, bridesmaids, (lower girls FOED UBUQ STORE t Ctarek street Pilose »«»9 Dependable prescriptions Frank BrlgHa Asphalt Driveways — 3 Years to Pay 94 Reymond St Phone 3-»442 DBE8SMAKI?fO snd Alterations done reasonable. Phone 5841., Mrs. Louise McGulre. 47 Blngham St. LANDSCAPE OABDE.f I2»0- Loam lor Bale-Also bullfl stone walls. I. Paul Martin. Seymour: «o»0. WALTJBR OK08KI Electrical Contractor Industrial — Commercial — Domestic Beacon Falls ... Phone 460C, Nau«. Visit Osr Soda Foantsls Open 7 a. m. to 6 p. m. Except Sunday ANDY'S CAMPUS - Church Street 12a Auctions GILBKBT-a AUCTION BABW, Monro«, Coiui. II you have anything to sell, call Trumbull t-0474, reverse chances. For complete auction •«•»toe call HOT GII/BEBT. Automotive Auto* For Sale FOB SA1.V:—V986 Dodge 2-door sedan. 175, Tel. 2621. FOB S.YIjE—1941 Chevrolet club coutie special deluxe, perfect tires & running condition. RAH, Tel, 3198. Winter AccesiiorleB BALDWIN ST. .GULP STATION Jos. Clrlello, Prop. Tel. 3-994C Wtby or 4966 FOB SALE—1941 .Pontlac 4-door sedan. Pair condition.'Fair Price.,Tel. before 2 p. m-^-r>9n. r 14 Autpmojtive Autos For Sato AT REA BEB Prices Are l^ower. Not Higher 1947 Bulck Sedanette , ;»149B 1046 Fontlac Conv ,...., 1941 Studebaker Sedan 1341 Oldsmoblle Sedan 1.94.0 Packard Sedan 1940 Dodge ftcdan 1W40 DsSotb Conv. Special 1989 Oldsmoblle Sedan ... 1938. Packard Sedan sedan 19 t^»i- 1837 . 193.7 Ford. Coach • ., 1930 Reo Sedan. Special ....» 69 T-B-U-C-K-S . * S E?" 5 3 "» To " Pickup '....*1Z95 1946 Chevrolet 1-2 Ton . I. 450 1946 Chevrolet Pickup 1-2 Ton . f (195 1940. White Panel '..;.. t i on 1939 Ford pane) 1495 1»3S International Panel ..... ]| 250 1938 Chevrolet Panel 3-4 Ton ..$ 175 1»38 White Dump f 495 1947 Reo Tractor $1(00 l»4° White Tractor ..... .... I 890 , SEA BEE MOTOR SALES ' Member ol Used 1 Car Dealers Assn. 1678 Thomagton Ave. Tel. 5-0169 FOR SALE—1938 Ford, motor and tires good, heater. Tel. 3J80. 1840 Bulck . ;.. 1450 1938 Bulck 25fl 1940 International Panel ISO E-Z Terms — Low Finance Rates - • A & B AUTO SERVICE 614 Bank St., T«i). 0-1322, Wlby. "NAFCO- . ., BETTER T78ETD CABS THB WACGATCCK FUEL CO. MS" CLIFF ATWOO1) Dsefl Cam••- Pkoav 107* ffatertonn Stop »« ike Bend A & B AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 614 Bank St. Tel. R-1322 Wtby. Body And. .Fender Repair : i Hydroma- llc Sedan. Excellent condition throukti- out A. rMl buy. Completely rebuilt' Packard Waterbury, lac Packard Bales A Servian i,m » i"A ^*' e PSttc * to B ">" 48* Water town Ave. Dial 4-6109 MEMBER OF WAMA FOB 8ALK-1941 Dodge 4 door sedan. A-l condition. R&II. Call 3432 anytime. «TCDBBAKS1l TBCCKR avallmble All Models and Staes RBICKSON MOTORS 129 Rubber Avo. Phone 4K38 — Studebaker Carn A Truck. _ Huhtuirs bervlo* Station 1*6 Rubhnr Ave, Phone 4»47 — Washing—Polishing—Waning >— HOTCHKISS ST. GABfAGK DODGE Job Hat6d Phone S727 TruckH 8BA BEB MOTOB HALES -, \* 7 ? .Thoinajtwii • A?e., Watervllle Tel. t.OK*—T7SED CABS * TRUCK!* Cur* Bought -and H»M SKIPPY MA (IKK MOTOB HALES K6 WATEBTOITS AVE. Tel. fftby. 4-8*81 or Watertows 1*4* time. • 14a Tranen •BE MODERN TRAILER HO&tEH complete with bathrooms, showers, tubs at RyAer. Reasonable prices. Time payment plan up to tbruc years. Bank rates. Trailer ables service, parts, accessories. Open 8 a. m. to 9 p m. dally. Ryder Trailer Co, Post Road, Mlllord, Conn. tl mile east 61 Mlllord Center) Mid 2- 29S9. Auto Part* NEWS (COMM.), MONDAY, OCT. 16. 1»I0—PAGJB 7 Contractors tla Truclttaf—M« WXBXLT TklPsj. to. Nur Tork. New andPNew Jersey RobllUrd . kuid. T. W. »•»,«!. ^UrWHO—Protect and beautify your home at a reasonable price. Call Nail?. 6003. INVESTMENT is to paint your property. Call 4071 tor (res estl- matex, W. F.' Cots, 15 RAYMOND J. HXIQHK8 Palnthi* — PaperhinitnK Bt Pnope INTERIOR PAINTING • AND PAPEBHANOING Plionq Joseph a»n A^gelo'— 7170 MARIANO BROS. Palntlnx, Pnperhanirtn* — Bxtarlor « Interiors Pull Inmiruic* Coverace. Ttfephone 1M1 Poultry—EfKS UNION CITY POULTRY MARKET CHICKKNS—Fresh killed or frozen FBE8I1 EGGS—Free Delivery. 15 School St. ' / Tel. 2591-C427 ffved » Tnel WOOB — Well seasoned hard wood, stove or fireplace lengths, Great Oak Farm a Phone C049 t7a Office Jk Other Equipment USED 8CPEII MABKKT—Cash registers. Excellent condition. Very rea- . sonable. Trades accepted. Solomon's Sales & Service. 37 Cooke St. 4-074S. Merchandise 28 Household Article* FOB SAI.B—Hot water heater. "Smith- way," new. 528 High Street, Union City, Naug. GAS BANG E—Table Model. Slightly damaged by freight. Oven, lood spacer and broiler. Value $119 at M9.»r>. HADLET ANNEX, 103 Meadow st, Waterbury. FOB SALE—White Quality comb, gas * oil stove. Good condition. Call 6362 alter 4:30 p. m. C8EO BEFBIGEBATOBft FOB »AXBI-W AMI tJP AJTDBOPSY APFXIAWrE CHIOS CITY TB1.. Itll Venetian Blinds (Custom-Made). Slip Covers, Uade to Order, Free EtattatrntM - Phone ERB«. •AFPBUfS B08T01* 8TOBK « PIECE-BoBd Ternont maple bedroom suite. Slt4.&0. Oakvllle Furniture Co.. 1(4 Main St., Oasvllle. Tel. £tn JB4. Waterbury Brsnch. 635 Bsldwln 8t Tet (-S8SI. UM oar " Pisa." -SH ArUcles For Sale FOB SA1E—I new Kelvlnator Ice- cream cabinet. 2 compartments, i new Artcralt combination bottle cooler & refrigerator, A. R, MART1NO 20 E. Main St., Wtby. Phone 332xr, TRACY STAINLESS STEBL SINKS Double Bow), 66- inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No. Main St. Phono. 1-12'JJ Wtby. DELCO REMY AUTOMTE Parts' arid Service ' Delco batteries AC Fuel Pumps Stromberg and Carter Carburetors Whttall Batterjr * Electric SerTlci 136 Rubber Ave. . Phone 871! KEW-Used * recspped tires »!so odd an* hard-tbr»et slses-vls t OABE-S UKITKD TTBE 8A1BS >•"«>• U. «. Royal Tire distributor U. 8. Rubber Co. employes discount certificates lor . tires, honored here 86 Jefferson St., Wtby. Phone »-U41 EBWIE'S AT/TO BODY ITOBK8 1»8 Wstertowii Ave. fftb>. t-tSH Body and Fender Work - CompteK Auto Painting - Whet) Aligning - lomamlo Wheel Ualanclng. W« carry a hill line ol Hn.rtJc.rd, ExlCi-. Autollte ft Armstrong Batteries. /UK'S TIRE SHOP Z41 No. Main St Tel 1-8414 Wtby Complete i.tat, Ol Seat Covers Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge Bt. 'Phone 4970 Large Selection ol New and Used Auto Parts, also New and Used Tires Everybody's- U«ed Car. snd Fart* 639 No..Hlverside St, Tdl, 6-0492 Open Sunday Mornings Contractors Contracting large or small Reasonablp rat«» Robert. Prock, Pearl Road. Tel. 7t81 M. V. SCHIARO1.I — Building Contractor — Phone 6<l«" Butldlntr Materials eo Wood • Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand, Loam Phone C54S or 3354 Mariano Suil A Stone QUICKIES The Wtby. Roody-MUed Concrete Co. 94 Benedict St TBL 3-418S Wtbv BEDICBETK — Btrmwtb — Beauty By Ken Reynolds "Everytlme I stop using News Want Ads—that storm cloud show* up!" „ Home work -benches, 8 and 10 It. Sturjly ™f *"'. ' le e*. hard manle tops. Finished. UmUed amount. Very reasonabe. Call alter 6 p.' m. — S909. MercluutdiM Musical Reconditioned PlanasTtased oalr Is oar studios. Come In and tak* your Pic. J6S.OO each. Well know" aiSum such ss Huntlncton, MUlon, Gultiru- sen, Chwxlltr and Qrab»r. ... MKCCA MUSIC CUKVAXT *0» Bank 8U T.I. 5-M« WUv Good Thlncs To But i.i * up - Mac ' K - Cort lands. DellclnuK. 11 other varieties Also apple elder, 7Sc a gal. Vf F ' PASTRY 501 NOHTH MAIN ST. Finest Italian-American and French ££i nr n ln , *',' N *y «*«'"«>- Also SpS- monl. Qelatl and jc cream. Every- thln« made on premlsek SpecSl »t- tentlon given to weddlni Psrties oar prices are the lowest, but our mer- chamiue definitely the best. We <«hv«r anfl sblp anywhere m the D. S Tel Waterbury 6-S117. F HO/EN CHIeKEW-Roasters BroU- ers, Fryers. DellverSdNsu/atuck * vlcin. Irom term. Call Woodbury i7»-* Kducatlon 32 Schools LEA J 1 J — Practical nursing. Nurses needed. Evening classea. HosbliaJ i, r ?J? •«:. p ^«e booklet, In.Ututi ^ Nurslnif. Hotel Elton Wa- St* IE ABM TO 'BJUFE-Cali Centra. »ua) Auto Drlvu* sSoSTjis Wes, Main SL Tel. 4-62SJ. Waterbury? *•'«»"« °i* MATTBESH r«sw4. "•"•^•Prta, ««M| to KEW tol ss»«rlor lUtlreM, " OABHE3r>8 CC.STOM TAILOB 147 B. Main at. Phone W11 ORDKHH Slip Covers' Hcstsr's OH Bsrntrs ^rf^^^rrte^ B»inlneaj| 8eryicaTBqi«1»i HATllELBOURNE RICCARDO FURNITURE CO. 467 West Main St. Call 4-6292 Wtby. SAVE J10S.I8 - SAVE J109.18 3 COMPLETE ROOMS OP BRANJ3 NEW FURNITURE convlHtlng ol Beautiful Bedroom Suite J-'y'ng, Room Suite, and Breakfant Set. Thege 3 rooms ol furniture have been stored In our warehouse (or S months, and Is now available-to some lucky young couple. FOR ONLY $286.84 For further detais phone 4-3144 Wtby and ask lor Mr. Albert ArL-B-B-R-T-S 86«-74 So. Main Bt. Watcrbury Closed Mons. Open Thurs. Til » p. ni. Evening AppolntmentH gladly arranged Free transportation to Wtby. & back. SPECIAIi-OK Cedar Chests, blondt mahoRany or maiile. ' ^,*^ CCA I iDO FURNITURE CO. 487 Weat Main St. 'Tel. t -0292 HOLLAND V. „•*"£!*" Driveway, built CfusMo Jtone. We are equipped lor any MM Job. Anywhere. T«l 4-64J4.-Wtby c,..i!u? P - OOLI| - 8 *" TIC F 1,0011 SAMl'LES-g Jt Phllco relrlg- erator. EleclromaBter ranue,- Hotpolnt apartment Klze range at reduced prices. . Watts Electric Stralta Turnpike Tel. 3-4C70 Wtby 60-Inch Pebbleweavc, fast color and washable. $1.49 per yd L. * C. FABRIC CENTER 48 Grand at Opp 801,111 OAK-Breaktast «et M3 60 Naugatuck Furniture Co. 25 South Main at. Phone .2711. SHOUMJKH PADS-EmbroUery. trlm- mlngg. Buttons. Largest In state Reliable Factory. 37 Sccvlll St. Wtby. T»?K HABSKSS SBOp 7J Oranfl m. Tel. 4.5IHI W«h». I^sther Ha»i|ti«|t» A Hhoyder Baitu Asyi •COTT ^ „„ _ , Sales snd Service 22 SavlngH Bt. Tel. "«5»3 T Chnrch'sf* " tlVr>t co ^, M ELECTRICAL WORKS .7 n House Wiring and Repair • t7 Barnum Court. Phones 3Z9<-SJi« MatttcaM. Mattresses Remade 1 1 2?Li,SS >vl £ e 7: Work 0»srsnt«4 btaniey s Mattress Service 5jggj JJI?! 8 ! 9 Wsterbury . * " CleawlnK ft Dyel^" RUKS, KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St. Phone KUB8 — Full acock. Litte Betiphatotertog BKUPHOI.8TKRINO, SWEET CIUElt-Marte Iresh flally Irom sound apples at Schlldgen's Cider Mill. . New Haven Road. A Product of '. The Waterbury Ready-Mixed Concrete -,•.-,-, Company,,. •STRENGTH * BEAUTT W AtBstBCKY, OONN »4 BENEDICT ST. ERNIE'S Auto Body Works Wheel Alignment Expert Collision Dynamic Wheel Balancing Repairs Auto Painting 128 Watertown Ave. Phone 8-62*1 WaUrbury

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