Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 10, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1949
Page 4
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ifAGK 4—NAPGATPCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY. OCT. 10. 1(MI) S**rjr Bvenla* (Atawpt Sunday) by NAUOATUCK NEWS CORP. KAUOATOCK. Cq||N. '. Catered aa Meond claM matter at tta pot offto* In Nauyatuck. Conn. 0UBSCRIPTICOT RATES Payable !• Advance IMonth ...»UO 1 Tsar ..«1B.8Q Member: ~* ABMTtean Newspaper Fob. Ass^i W. XL Dallr Newspaper Pnb. Aarfn Newspaper Publishers MONDAY, OCTOBER !«, 1»*9 Await A Testing This pronounced movement toward pensions in the United States has a facet which is revolutionary. Unions insist that the pension funds be non-contributory— that is, that they be raised by increased charges against consumers. John it. Lewis and members of his union achieved this goal several years ago, when the government seized the mines, signed a contract giving the miners a pension financed by a "royalty" on each ton of coal mined, and fumed the mines back to the •owners. Now all industrial unions are insisting upon similar largesse. For centuries the politicians have been paying non-contributory pensions by charges-against the taxpayers. They applied chiefly to war veterans and certain office holders or government workers. But the non-contributory pension charged against the consumer is almost new in the world. Contributory pensions are based upon trust funds created by the people who will receive the pensions. They lay aside part of their earnings and these sums drew interest. When old age arrives the money is returned to them. Basing such funds upon exactions from consumers is less dependable. Prospective pension- en win be compelled to work full • time to keep the funds intact. John L. Lewis helped to wreck -bis fund when he put his miners on a, three-day week. There is nothing coming- in at all from mines closed by his strike. Strikes will play hob with .such pension funds. And pensioners 'cannot afford to have a depression. Another 1929 would deplete all funds, dis- rolving or greatly lessening the iacome of the aged. The government would probably be called upon to start the printing presses to turn out greenbacks^ to^keep the funds going. ~~* """ Under non - contributory pensions the high cost of living is perennial, the need of constant high consumption inescapable. Non-contributory pensions await a testing in the years ahead. Sinful One by one the country's economic observers are ticking off America's experience controlling farm prices and finding a sameness about it. There were the cases of potatoes, flax, butter and other crops and commodities of which the government was impounding or destroying portions of the output while prices to the consumer soared. Now it to eggs. There are 12,000 tons of eggs in a cave at Atchison, Kans. They are kept there in dry, powdered form and' will never reach the consumer. They were bought and stored by the government under the farm price support program. The price of'eggs is more than 60 cents wholesale in Chicago, three times the prewar quotation. ; • This is in; response to'the congressional dictum to keep eggs at 90 per cent of parity. Parity was approximately 47 cents a dozen at the farm. When the price threatened to swoop below that, the government purchasing agency began scooping up eggs right and left. Federal purchases so far this year total 59,000,000 pounds, or 2.000,000,000 eggs, or 15 eggs per capita. This year the United States government is destroying one egg for every human being on earth. There is a great deal of hullabaloo over President Truman's latest international program, the so-called bold new plan to help other peoples. "It does seem it would be possible to get this surplus food to them if they are in such dire need. It may be necessary to continue to impound a certain percentage of domestic production because ideas of the planners which run contrary to all economic laws are a failure but will not be scrapped. . But, by the standards traditionally held by this and other countries, to destroy It is downright sinful. Hot Dogfish! " What's in a hot dog? Few can answer that question. Starting from the outside, there's a bun, then some mustard, then sausage skin, and then a vaguely mysterious mixture of ground meat, and cereal, and spice, and heaven knows what. It tastes mighty good at ball parks and circuses. But from Boston; the land of the bean and the cod, comes - a report Jpresaging the greatest revolution that has occurred in Massachusetts since the great potato famine in Ireland. A new variety of hot dog, not yet named, will substitute tuna fish for the meat. Various names have been suggested for the innovation — sea dogs, fish dogs, Friday franks, and even tuna maid frankfurters. What's the matter with "hot dogfish"? It it be pointed out that there is no dogfish in a hot whatsit, what of that? There's no dog in a hot dog, either. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Frank Fitzpatrick, a former resident of Naugatuck, was nominated as the Democratic candidate for mayor of Ansonia. Torrington High school routed Naugatuck High's football team, 31-4. 20 Tears Ago Roy Buntiag was installed as Grand Knight of Ojeda Council, Knights 'of Columbus. George Wells was named chairman of a dance committee by members of the Sigma Phi Delta fraternity of the Congregational church. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. What are the bridegroom's expenses for a wedding? A. The marriage license, a wedding present for his bride, a personal gift for his best man and each of his ushers, the bride's bouquet, the wedding ring, clergyman's fee, and the expenses of the honeymoon trip. If he desires, the bridegroom may purchase the bouquets for the bridesmaids, but he ia not obligated u> do so, and these are usually the expenses of the bride or her parents. Q. Is the correct form of introduction, "This, is Mr. Smith, Miss Brown," or "Miss Brown, this is Mr. Smith"? A. The latter form is correct, as the woman's name should always be spoken first. Q. Does it matter in which direction serving dishes are passed around the dinner table? A. It is most practical to pass these dishes toward the right, or counter-clockwise. Look And Learn 1. When was the first baseball World Series played? 2; How many times does the average human heart beat in one day, in round figures? 3. Which U. S. President was preceded and succeeded by the same man? 4. On what date did Japan surrender in the late war? ~-5. What animal is noted for the distance it can eject its tongue? Answers 1. In 1903, when the Boston Americans defeated the Pittsburgh Nationals five games to three. 2. About 100.000 times. 3. Benjamin Harrison, who served between the two terms of Grover Cleveland. 4. August 14, 1945. 5. The chameleon. Charlie Triano student at Rider College, Trenton is preparing a pajper on newspapers.... Past President Ellsworth Neary of the Jaycees tells us the club is making plans for an active seaison starting Tuesday. Seen at the Stadium... Jane Bontempo, Otto McCaon, Katharine Kadcliff, Robert Schelb- er, Frank Shea, Sr., Booco Mariano, Bob Mariano, Phil Behlman, Mr. Deegan and BUI Mariano. Miss Charlotte O'Connor, of 542 High street, has contributed a letter which is printed in the Letters and Pictures column of the forthcoming issue of Look... The letter, which referred to an article about Mel Allen In a recent issue of the magazine, is as follows: "Is loyalty to be confused with hysteria and neurosis?...! can't condone the overemotional ravings of Mel Allen on the air...He isn't a good announcer; he just screams louder than anyone else...How about that?"...The magazine goes on sale' next week. Yesterday, birthday greetings were in order for IXMS Lorraine Hamm, of Rubber avenue, who was 14... Geraldlne Migllozzi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Migliozzl, of lynn circle, was one year old Sept. 29...Also observing a first birthday recently was Joseph Moron, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moran of North Hoadley street. Belated birthday greetings to Don Brubaker who was a' year older, last. Thursday.!;,, .Many. •happy returns of the day aiso to Harold E. Chittenden, who observed his birthdiy yesterday Mr. C. is superintendent of the borough's public aehoola.. ' Police Chief John J. Qormley tells us that was Milton Herman who visited him and Captain Tony Mslone at headquarters the other day. ...the chief'hopes to call on Milton If he gets to Colorado next year for the annual convention of the International Police Chiefs Association. Perhaps it's an important weather note (perhaps just something else, but a baby snake, a three inch ring-neck racer wasc seen Saturday near Hop Brook Thought they showed up only in the spring 1 ..... Patrolman and Mrs., Frank Mariano Caught the opening game of the W.orld Series. . .• . along with Frank "Spec" Shea and the future Mrs. Shea, Genc- vttve Martino Jim Tully ia beginning to perk up after an attack of virus... He spent most, of the past week in bed, but managed to get out for a little fresh air during the weekend. Mrs. Victor Nelson observed a birthday recently... Congratulations are in order for Mr. Nelson ,also... The couple also celebrated their third wedding anniversary recently...Hurt Mahaffey, of Cherry street, has a birthday coming up this week. Several other residents who will observe birthdays within the next few days are... Mrs. Nora Standbridge, tomorrow..., Florence Williams, of Golden place, Wednesday.. .Robert Grenier, of Hotchkiss street, his seventh. Wednesday... And Anne Granger, of MUlvlUe avenue, tomorrow. While Mass was being celebrated yesterday morning at St. Hedwig's Church for the late Father John Wanat, prayers were offered for him at St. Michael's Episcopal- Church the Mates was celebrated at the request of members of the Naugatuck Hose, Hook and Ladder Co., of which Father Wanat was Catholic Chaplain at the time of his death The Rev. Winfred B. Langhorst, rector of St. Michael's is the Protestant Chaplain ot the company. Experiences in the theater will be discussed by Jack Conway, dlrecstor of the Playmakers at tomorrow night's meeting ot the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Annenberg's. . . .Jack. In his years of theater .yvork, should be well able to present an Interesting talk. Overheard a couple of the borough's Junior Police talking .about the spectacular catch, ggt. George Smith made of a fly ball at the Stadium more than a month ago... .his son, who now owns the ball hasn't forgotten that catch yet either. Harris Burke and a representative of the American-LaFrance Co. started today to install the new "double-face" parking meters. . . .two cars will be handled by the - came meter. We thought Henry Btilki* and Tom Dillon would .burn up all their .enthusiasm for , the Jeff Club masquerade ball before the affair got underway Saturday night at the Country : Club Henry was all set to start: dancing Friday night. The Ojeda Journal has a new editor. ..But he*smodest.. .Police are on the trail of the person responsible for, opening' .water hydrants and wasting 1 , water.... Maybe it's more than a prank. .. Both hydrants ojpened were In front of the homes of company officials.. .And somebody smashed a dozen lanterns on a Field street job not too long ago. .. r We're savirug a nice juicy spot on page one for the story of an arrest.... Congratulations to BUI Cota, of Carroll street, who celebrated a birthday Saturday... Also to Denlse Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, of Arch street, who was three years old Friday... Demise's sister, Frances, celebrates her 10th birthday today. CHOP STICKS ********** WALTER WIHCHELL In New fork MAN ABOUT TOWN Harry Bridges, the agitator, is more, concerned about a Greenwich Village artist. ...Sir Alexander Korda sends those daily roses to Joan Fontaine at the London Hosp. .'. .Emily Hahn, the book- writer, and her groom. Prof. C. Boxer, will keep a rendezvous in Lisbon to decide Who Sues Who :..P. Goddard's latest pauhtime is Ramon Ortega, the Toreador in Mex.. .Marry Fahrney (the x'ogi Berra pf the Social Set) is considering settling down with an Arizona rancher....Henry Wallace "threatens" new headlines via his JMarcahtonio Rally oratory at the Garden in a. fortnight All War Vet organizations are losing members. .-Peggy Ann Garner IB playing handsiea with 11 Hamilton of '"Mr Roberts," who was supposed to be .Barbara Lawrence's feller...' The Edgar Snows (of the Intelli- gentseevah) are 3'lng. She's ac- jtres» ILois Wheeler The Alan Young's expect a Young-ster. too .. .Socialite H .Seymiur is the guy behind the hamburger stand in Clarke's 3rd Avenue bar The 3 in '49 that we'll always remember 1 is The New York Yankees. From the statement of John ^Crommelin, USN (before he was held under- House Arrest for tell- in«r' Mr. and Mrs. America the Truth)::"... .there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the critical articles and commentaries had nothing to do with th= isulclde of Mr. James Forrestal and it is gross slander to impute such responsibility-to any columnist or radio commentator." Mayor Stanley Church of New Rochelle, N Y., and actress Joy Lansing are How About That!!! Socialite Nadine Belmont soon middle-aisles with City cosmetic heir P, Grelsheimer Fur designer 'Celestlna Wainwright and producer Ralph Hakim are gluggy The Robert E. Sherwoods walked that gangplank togedder and <hope their friends won't believe everything they read in the colyums Gertie Lawrence is keeping a secret. .. .The Park Avenue's canary Joyce, Indig- has a new tone. First name Franchpt. (Joke over)... Maggie Teyte, ,the ' thrunt, has d&- elded- that 'night clubs |pay better that recitals arid will soon dayboo in a swank joynt. ...Rbd Cameron and Gail Garber are Ding Ding! • -..Ted Wong <mgr. of Freeman Chum's) eloped with Doris Lee, Miss Chinatown of '47. AH psychoanalygto are perspirfnr eely because of a new book titled: Conditioned Reflex Therapy. The author Is Andrew Salter He debunks the whole theory of analysis....Book circles say it will prove to be a real "sleeper" Published a few weeks ago, it is catching on....It argues analysis is too long and expensive Two of the author's pepigrann: "The psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams is poker with everything wild" "A woman wants a husband who is a cross between a gigolo and a longshoreman.' Wanna hobnob mlt royalty? The Maharanee of Baroda dines regularly at the Automat (on E. 42nd and Third) to save on the rigid restrictions -of her India money.... The Wm. Mahoneys (she owns Breyer's Ice cream) are giving It another try James White and Pat Burgess (he's of the McCarin- Erickson ad agency) are mooey- hooning Sinclair Weeks, Jr., and Mary Broeksmlt (of the Sorbonne Set) will be sonn It's a himage for the Col. H. McAllisters. Mama is womens editor for the B'klyn Eagle Comic Geo. DeWitt and Helen Rose eloped last wk. Overseas Ticker: The Countess of Harewood (she was Marion Stein before meddeeying the King's neview) will henceforth be known as Maria Donata Harewood.... The Met's Jarmila Novotna will thrush at the Vienna Opera 'this Spring Ivor Novellos musical, "The King's Rhapsody" (big critical acr Claim .in. London), is the saga of Carol and Lupescu. .Paris cabs charge double after 11 p. m In Sweden women message men in the Swedish baths. There is now lively debate raging there as to Men Messaging Women.. xYou get the swellest 8-courserpot roast dinner in Berlin for $1.60. A. J. Llebllng is doing a document on -Time Mag for Colliers. He would like people who received "brush-off letters" from Time to send.them to him... .All of us are jubilant over the charges against .the flier of the plane that killed Buddy Clark. Imagine running out of gas from Palo Alto to Los Angeles? If true—it'll be criminal negligence They tell you Exec. Sec'y Matthew Connelly is Franco's top rooter in the White House After mucho heckling from Toots Sh'or—Red Sox prop. Tom Yawkey offered to write out a check for $100,000 if Toots would put up his restaurant and just toss a quarter to see who'd win. .. .Did Kim Hunter of ''Streetcar' marry in London? In Israel the capitalists are the Unions which own the biggest industries. Making it impossible for the workers to g-o Communutz..'.. Columbus was wonderful: He discovered a Paradise for Americans and a Gold Mine for Europe. DROPPED TO A NFW LOW. Compare Price and Quality ffftr&tifnf •••••^'B^^S^^^^ks^^SB^H^S^^^B^^^sW^^ Established 185» 99 NO. MAIN ST. WATERBTTRY Have You Visited Our Second Floor HOMEWARES DEPARTMENT? Stop In and See It. Store Open Daily Monday Thru Saturday . . . also Friday Nights. CANS, Inc. Maple Street. Tel 3507 or 6090 UNION BATTLE Saint Paul, Minnesota—The AF-of-L is squaring off for a plant-by-plant organizing battle with the CIO next year Top officials of the A-F-of-l,. convention In St. Paul, Minnesota say most of the one-million new members the union expects to get are members of left-wing CIO groups. CAR DISPLAY First U. S. auto show was heid in 1900. Treason Penalty GUILTY of treason, Mrs. Iva Toguri "Tokyo Kose',' d'Aquino is shown in San Francisco Federal Court as she wa» sentenced to ten years in prison and fined $10,000. Deputy U.S. Marshall Hetb'Cole stands behind her. Daughter of a Chicago grocer, she was convicted, of turning traitor by broadcasting y^artime propaganda «~?er Tokyo radlo.^ (International) MEET WITH TRUMAN IN NAVY ROW SECRETARY OF DEFENSE Louis Johnson (left) and Navy Secretary Francis Matthews arrive at the White House to confer with President Truman on complaints made by Navy Admirals against unification policies. Tb« conference, came shortly before the House'Armed .Services Committee opened hearings on the Navy's charges. - (International Soundchoto) SAVES TOT BY QUICK THINKING SHOWING HOW SHE SAVED her baby's life Is Mrs. Virginia Kaczanowskl. of Chicago, who resuscitated the 10-month-old infant when he turned blue as she prepared him for a feeding. The mother 'breathed into the baby's mouth, as the doctor instructed tbi father over the telephone, and in a short time the infant was revived. Household Scrapbook Pie Crust Wbien r the pie is taken from the oven, place it on a high wire rack to cool, instead of on a flat surface. It will help to keep the crust flaky so it will not be soggy. Invert the wire dish drainer for this purpose if you do not have a regular rack. Driving Nails Nails will stay firmly in plastered walls if they are pulled out aft^r! driving them Mn.' '.then wrapped in a little steel wool and then driven in again. Hiccoughs Hicoughs can sometimes be checked by putting the blade of a table knife on the tongue for a few minutes-. 6,000 BIRD TYPES There are about 6,000 species of perching birds in the U. S NtW ENGLAND S LARGfS: PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMING BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone This child's mother will never forgive herself for the moment of thoughtlessness that may scar her child for life. Teach your child not to play near the stove and keep boiling liquids out of reach of little hands. It's the least you can do for your child's safety. Hundred* of bobi»t suffocated in 1948 because their parents didn't know how to prevent it. If there • is a baby in your home, ask your family doctor how to guard against, this danger. tint* boyi like gum. It's up to you to see to it that firearms are kept out of their reach. Accidents with' firearms kill hundreds and wound thousands every year. An official pwb- lic »«rvice HMS- tog« prepared by Tlra Advertising Council in cooperation with Th« National Safely Council. He Careful-f/iecMUj you save may be your own!

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