Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 10, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1949
Page 2
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fACE 2—XAPGATOCK NEWS (CONN.). MONDAY. OCT. 10. 1949 DREW PEARSON ON "|"he WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND, Drew Pearson Says: General Vaughan Goes Deep-Sea Treasure- Seeking; Marag-on And Vaughan Shoulder A Salvage Company Away Prom The Sunken SS iuckenbach; Sunken Tin Near Truman's Key West Vacation Ground Is Pawn In Lobbying Contest. Washington—In the confidential files of Sen. Clyde Hoey's investigating: committee is a report on Gen. Harry Vaughan and his partner, John Maragon, in which they seek sunken treasure at Lhe bottom of the sea. And as usual, they cull a lot of political wires to get the treasure. _ This is one part of the Vaughan- Jfaragon investigation which Senator "Just - The - Usual-Procedure' Hoey wants to suppress,-It is also a chapter which President Truman is exerting pressure to hush up, despite the fact that he made his great reputation as a Senate investigator. Most interesting phase of the secret Vaughan-Maragon treasure hunt is that they cut another company out of the deal—despite the fact that the other company had a prior contract to salvage the ore in the sunken S3 Edward Luckenbach. Vaughan's friends got the contract without competitive bidding, This was the only case in history where a salvage contract was let without competitive bidding, except one—where the commission <tid not own the cargo. Cbe SS Luckenbach, sunk in 60 feet of water off Key West, Pla., by a Nazi sub in 1942 was carrying a cargo of tin worth more than $2.000,000. The cargo, owned by the U. S. government and partly salvaged, now comes under the Maritime Commission and the U. S. Metals Reserves Corporation, plus a private firm, the Cargo Salvage Corp.. of New York. The private firm represents the insurance companies which paid off the government, and therefore have a stake in salvaging the sunken tin. Maragon Throws Weight Because of this, the private insurance companies through their agent, the Cargo Salvage Corp., signed a contract Nov. 6, 1947 with Clark Brothers of Palm Beach, Fla.. to salvage the cargo of the SS 'Luckenbach. This contract had no time limitation and is still legally in effect. However, one year later, the amazing Mr. Maragon and the President's military aide stepped in and pulled the rug right out from under them. Instead they secured a provisional contract to recover the sunken ore lor their friends, Robert Stefanicli and Zeke Afrarn of Milwaukee. General Vaughan used to be a manufacturer's representative in Milwaukee and is a close friend of Harry Hoffman-, Milwaukee advertising man. Hoffman is the man who arranged to have the seven deep freezes sent to Mrs. Truman, Vaughan and other bigwigs at the time Maragon was caught smuggling perfume, though the deep freezes were paid for by the perfume company—which, at about that time, purchased four airplanes and three yachts at 'amazingly low prices from the government, After Truman's Vocation Shortly after President Truman came back from his Key West vacation in December 1948, Robert Stefanich of Milwaukee, representing the Atlantic Marine Salvaging Co.. of Milwaukee, dropped in at the Maritime Commission to see if he could salvage the ship which had sunk just 25 miles northwest of Key West. The commission told him to send a diver down to look at the cargo, after which they would talk to him. In January, 1949, Stefanich came back, said he had not been able to send a diver down, but wanted a contract for salvaging the vessel just the same. His conversation was with Jerry C. Massey, admiralty counsel of the commission who later reported: "Since he had not done what he promised, I considered he was wasting my valuable time desperately needed on other Maritime Commission business and making a nuis- anse of himself. I told him so in so many words. "Early next morning," continued Massey m his official report, "to SECURITY Does yonr Insurance give adequate protection today? DO YOU HAVE ITf See NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building cost* are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 F. W. BATON, Mfer. FLOWERS For All OccaoJom FLOWEBS TELEGRAPHED EVEBYWHEBE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BCBBEB AVENCK TU. BIS BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 my surprise he walked in with John Maragon. "Maragon stated that he would Jfo into the mutter of obtaining a contract for the^ Atlantic Marine Salvaging Co., and then he would 'report to general Vaughan.' "In the course of the conversation," Massey continued, "he (Maragon) repeated several times 'I will go back and report to General Vaughan.' I resented this. Maragon gave me the definite impression that he was an employe of General Vaughan. He talked to me in a tone of giving me an order that the contract be given the Atlantic Marine Salvaging Co. 1 also resented this. The above caused me to express my feelings rather heatedly." Massey was so upset by Mara?on's highhandedness that he discussed the matter with two associates, Joseph Tarian and Charles E. Kauffman, and asked them to sit in as witnesses if Maragon called again. Thew did so and, after the next meeting, Kauffman wrote a report which stated: "T asked who he (Maragon) represented and he replied, 'I'm with the General.' This meant nothing to me so I asked what General and he answered, 'General Vaughan.' " Before Maragon left he said he was 'with the White House.' It was my assumption that he was a federal employe, probably attached to General Vaughan's staff. As a matter of fact, during our first meeting, Maragon went to my desk, nicked up the phone, asked for the White House and spoke to someone there." Gen. Vaughan Telephones That Vaughan was fully aware of Maragon's activity was indicated later by the fact that he called Massey to make sure that his Milwaukee friends were getting the contract. Vaughan also called another Maritime Commission official named Roger Vaughan, asking him to see Afram and Stefanivich. Roger Vaughan, when queried, said he was no relation to the Gerenal. However, he sided with Maragon in awarding the Luckenbach contract to Vaughan's Milwaukee pals, despite the earlier opposition of Massey. Maragon's badgering continued, and Massey describes another meeting in March 1949 as follows: "Maragon's manner was extremely officious and again he talked in a tone of giving me an order to award the contract to the Atlantic Marine Salvage Co.'* By this time, the Maragon- Vaughan combination had gone over Massey's head to Admiral Smith, chairman of the Maritime Commission and to Commissioner -arson. And, despite previous refusals by lower officials to give the Milwaukee firm a contract, higher- ups in the commission finally yielded. Maragon and Vaughan won out Massey has since tried to whitewash this decision. But the interesting fact is that though the po- tf^cal-mindcd Maritime Commission OK'd the Maragon deal, the ^Bate insurance underwriters in W ^York and the RFC have not given their OK. Apparently the Vaughan-Maragon axis did not have enough drag with them; and EX-PRESIDENT AND EX-FIRST LADY FORMER PRESIDENT Herbert Hoover arid Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, widow of the President whom Hoover succeeded, are shown chatting when they met at a World Series baseball game between the Dodger* and tha Yankees in New York. Mrs. Coolidee it an ardent tan. (International) a uestion to whether * er the Milwaukee firm with a contract from the insurance companies have the right to salvage the sunken Luckenbach. Notice of the TOWN What's Doing In Naugatuck +K« n ------ ~~..~~. ,,, -uccii;uii ±> tills [Or the purpose of Receiving Property Tax Lists on the following dates Irom to Tuesday," Oct. 11, 1949, from C p. m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, 194!), Irom C p. m. to 9 p. m. Tuesday. Oct. 25, 1940, from C p. m. to 9 p. m. Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1949, Irom C p. m. to 9 p. m. Those who fail to declare their lists on or before Nov. 1, 1949, will have a penalty of 1 per cent added according to law. Dated at Beacon Falls, Conn., this nineteenth day of September. 1949. BOARD OF ASSESSORS, TOWN OP BEACON FALLS. A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Monday, Oct. 10 Beacon Valley Home Makers Club, hqme of IMrs. Fred Twitchell, 17 Burke street, Union City. 10:30 a. m. Monthly meeting, board of public welfare, town hall, 8 p, m. Garden department, Naugatuck Woman's club, tour of Bristol Nurseries. Juniorettes of Naugatuck Woman's club, opening tea. Tuesday, Oct. 11 Junior Chamber of Commerce supper-meeting at 6 tp. m. in Annenberg's Park Place restaurant. Exchange Club meets at 6:15 p. m. at Hall's Restaurant. Evangeline Circle meets at 6:30: p. m. at Tranquility Farm, Middlebury. General meeting, Congregation Beth Israel, synagogue, 148 Fairview avenue, 8:30 p. m. Girl Scout leaders meeting at home of Mrs. John McGroary, 64 Park avenue, 8 p. m. Evangeline Circle of Salem Lutheran church meeting at the Tranquility Farm, Middlebury, supper, 6:30 p. m. Wednesday, Oct. 32 Salem School PTA meets at 8 p. m. in the school auditorium. Hop Brook Parent-Teacher Association meets at 8 p. m. in the school auditorium. Dessert - bridge, Congregational parish house, Hponsored by Ladles' Aid Society at 2 p. m. Oct. 12, 8 p. m. first meeting of Salem PTA in school auditorium. Thursday. Oct. 13 Fidelity Bible class, 7:30 p. m., at Methodist Church for business meeting and social. Card Party and Luncheon, Pond Hill Community Club, 1:30 p. m. Card party, sponsored by American Legion auxiliary. Memorial Home, Cedar street, 7:J'0 p. m Rummage sale, Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel, vacant store next to Alcazar theater, 9-30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Rummage sale, sponsored by Ladies' Aid society of Salem Lutheran church, church hall 7 to 9 p. m. Friday, Oct. 14 Rummage sale by St. Mary's Altar society, church basement 9-30 a. m. to 4 p. m. Food sale, Pond Hill Community club, Brennan's store, 10 a ra to 3 p. m. Rummage sale. Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel, vacaiit store next to Alcazar theater, 9:30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Rummage sale, sponsored by Ladies' Aid society of Salem Lutheran church, church hall, 9 a. m. to 12 noon. Check Trouble Before You're Checked! Are You Ready For That Fall Trip? Let us change that oil to a lighter grade; check grease in transmission and rear end, drain and flush radiator and take care of other needs in preparation for Pall motoring. CHUCK'S Union City — Tel. 4955 531 NOETH MAIN STREET Saturday, Oct. 15 Square dance, St. Michael's Parish House, 8 p. m. Auction, Congregational Church parish house at 10 a. m. Sponsored by Ladies' Aid Society. Thursday, Oct. 20 Food sale sponi=ored by. St. Michael's Guild St. Michael's parish house, 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. Rummage sale, vacant store next to Alcazar, on Main street, 9 to 4 p. m., for benefit of Beacon Valley Grange. Rummage Sale, Beacon Valley Grange, in vacant store, next to Alcazar on Main street, 9 to 4 p. m. Fridoy, Oct. 21 Social meeting. Pond Hill Community Club, 8 p. m. Saturday, Oct. ZZ Reunion, NHS Class of 1939, Cbn- cordia Hall, Seymour. Tuesday Oct. 25 Rummage sale, sponsored by St. Michael's Guild, St. Michael's parish house, 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Wednesday, Oct. 26 Hunting season starts. Halloween Party, Prospect St PTA, in School. Thursday, Oct. 27 Harvest Sale, sponsored by Ladies' auxiliary of Hillside Congregational church in church hall. 7 to 9 (p.. m. Friday, Oct. 28 Harvfjst Sale, sponsored by Ladies' auxiliary of Hillside Congregational church in church hall 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. .Saturday. Oct. 20 Halloween Danco for adults and yount,' people,- Pond Hill Community Center, 8 |p). m: Saturday Nov. 12 First annual Little League banquet at the YMCA. 3 SERVICE STATION and GARAGE < 30 Rubber Ave. Tel. Mttt< — Front End Work — LEWIS CARROLL The Dealer on tha Square CEJTTEB 8QTMBE - COBHKB PHOSPECT * tnsTOlV STBEET9 Barclay Tile Board Chrom* TrIB Door frames WlnrtoTr Sanh is Tromet Palnti Floor Sanders lor Beat TEtKPHOWE 1484 Naval Surface Div. Plans Electronic, Radar Instruction Commander Robert Newhall, commanding offlcp- of Battalion 3-6 covering the Waterbury area, .announced today that Organized Surfiica Division 3-1-1 win Htivrt a training course for Electronic Technicians and Radar Specialists. This group will be under the instruction of Lt. C. Hoalcy, Lt. Heuley, a graduate of MnsBachua- etts Institute of Technology, 1937— lives at 115 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury He is a veteran of three years crilfaer duty in the Atlantic and Pacific during the last war. Commander Newhall stated that the course will include approximately 18 men who'will be selected from the present division and from new recruits who have special qualifications or show' particular interest in this fleld. These m:en wili receive borough training- in bauiic seamanship along with their electronic and radar training Commander Newhall stressed that men 'with commercial radio experience or those who have made radio their hobby are most likely to have the necessary qualifications for this work, Ht. also stated that the Training Center has been completely equipped for the Electronic Training and that Air Search, Surface Search and Remote Repeater Radar equipment is installed. Men interested in Joining this class should report to the Naval Training Center on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 or any time during- the week days. Masonic Lodge Plans Information Night For Tuesday Meeting The next regular meeting of Salem Lodge No. 136, Missons to be held Tuesday will be given over to a Masonic Information Night. Worshipful Master Norman B aiertelmeyer states that on that evening the Lodge will be visited by Most 'Worshi/pful Earle K. Haling ,pnst grand master and present grand secretary. Most Worshipful Thomas H. Desmond, past grand master ,and Rig-ht Worshipful Frank H. Lindsley, past district deputy. These distinguished visitors will present a short, thumbnail history of Masonry tracing the order from its inception some centuries (prior to the birth of Christ up to the present day. Thet meeting will then be thrown open to question;* which the three Ijwell informed guests will aw=nver. W. M. Mertelmeyer suggests that questions be written in advance of the meeting to avoid the confusion which sometimes results from questions directed from the floor. Since this is the first such informative and Instructive meeting to be held by Naugatuck Masons in a great many years, It Is expected that there will ibe a large and interested attendance. Refreshment^ and a soclul hour wHI follow 'the meeting and all Master Masons are invited to attend. ST. FRANCIS CARNIVAL OCT. 20, 21, 22, 24 ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL HALL We Give Away A 1949 MERCURY FOUR-DOOR SEDAN Purchased From Hubbell Service Station ONE INDOOR TELEVISION SET Purchased From Sullivan Electric Enterprises — DOOR PRIZE EACH NIGHT RC Home Service VIOLENCE MARKS HOLMES STRIKE Report Relates Hypothetical Case Miss Jane B. Kellogg, Home Service Secretary of the Naugatuck Chapter, American Red Cross, reports that the Home Service Department handled 30 casos during September. All problems which people bring to the 'Home Service Department are treated confidn- tialVy. Here is a hypothetical case to Illustrate the amount of work done and time spent on one case. "A chain of service extending halfway around the world in three days' time, was the answer to the prayers of a mother and her four children now on their way to Japan from Naugatuck. ''Sometime ago the woman had received her port call to go to Japan to join her husband an Army sergeant serving with the occupation forces. However, because of difficulty with family allowance payments, she lacked sufficient funds for the trip. She told her story to the Home Service Worker In Naugatuck. "Through Eastern Area Home Service In Alexandria, the chapter submitted tt request to National Headquarters in Washington, D. C., that the field director in Japan have the sergeant deposit J250 for transportation. But the sergeant, sending most of the Army check home, was unable to post the money and still owed the Red Cross $60 on a previous loan. ''On April 5 the chapter reported the family had made reservations for Seattle, port of embarkation, for April 8 but atill was without funds. With the help of the Red Cross liaison representative at tha Family Allowance Division of the Army in St. Louis, Mo., an area Home Service worker was able to report April 7 that the allowance for the wife and three of the children had been approved. Then a race with the clock began. Through a line of communication ranging from a cablegram from the field director in Japan to telephone calls between national, area and chapter, the problem was solved in an hour and a half. The chapter agreed to advance the needed amount fo\ transportation to Seattle. The field director at Seattle would advance other funds which might be needed on the trip to Japan. "When the chapter worker reported the news, she found the woman ready to go. She was sure the Red Cross would come through" This is but one of many services provided by Home Service. Many cases are not of such short duration as this one, but continue for several months toward a goal of independence and security. BUTKUS \tlantic Service Station Fern and Chestnut SU. NOiy OPEN! ! Atlantic Top Grade Oil Second-to-none SOc-3Sc RAMOS IRON WORKS 4(1 BTJBBEB AVKS0E Expert VTeldliip ol All Types—Forftnr Sheet Metal A Ornamental Steel Wor*. - Portable WelrttsB Kqnlp»en OKE 4«7J Gives steady, long-lasting, healthy heat \ • the thermometer goes 'way down, folks are mighty glad that "blue coal' has a lot of extra heat to. spare. And what heat it is! Steady, healthful, safe, never-failing in any kind of weather. A trial order of 'blue coal'' will show you the difference. Phone us today. En|oy Automatic Htat Control-Soy* Monty, Too! A 'blue coal' TEMP-MASTER Thermostat saves up *o 30% on fuel bills-soon pays for itself. End* countless trips to the basement to change dampers. Free home demonstration. W. F. CLARK FUEL & TRUCKING CO., INC. 27 CHERRY STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN PHONE: 4036 Vm^jti^rsi^'j^j^^ j Heat your home with 'blue coal'and fed the DIFFERENCE TWO AUTOMOBILES ARE UPSET and one of them burns outside the branch office of the Holmes Electric Protective Co., in New York after 200 picket* staged • demonstration. The patrolman arresting an alleged •nonirt bad to be rescued by a flying wedge of fellow officer* with drawn guns when a mob of striken Dinned him aeainst a wall. (international) Mezzio's, Offers: — Complcto Brake Berrlce, ffkeel Align•eat ud Wheel BaUBcteg, front Badlrtor Retertc Viat , MEZZICT3 *tS HITERSIDlt DB1VE. TBl '*******************»** »*»<«»< SCULLY, Florist Flower* for Every Occaiion 410 BALDWIN ST. Waterbury 1EO T. SCU1LY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 5-7280 NEW 1MB PHILCO BKFttIGEKATO« $232.50 7 Cu. Ft. With Freezer Locker 916 Down — ftJtS Week US NO. MAIN ST. UNION CTT1 Phone 6*01 15 Church St. Tel. 6490 Open Friday Till 8 P. M. J3F Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER TIRES LOWEST PRICES — ALL SIZES PAY $1 ONLY DOWN WEEK FREE PARKING AND TIRE MOUNTING IN REAR OF OUR STORE Lincoln (0 Store WEST MAIN IDEAS... Good things^-when carried out Perhaps we can be of help in carrying out your ideas about an efficient, a beautiful kitchen. Come in, in miniature form we can show you what your new kitchen will look like with new HOTPOINT Appliances ... yours on easy terms. On Easy Terms HOTPOINT • REFRIGERATORS • WASHERS • HOT WATER HEATERS • ELECTRIC RANGES FLUID DRIVE AUTOMATIC WASHERS EASY TERMS TO SUIT STRAITS TURNPIKE ROAD Electric Co. MIDDLEBURT

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