Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 10, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, October 10, 1949
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* Chuckle V till tor: "Ha« your baby learned to talk yrtT" Dad: "Tra, Indeed. We're teaching: him to shut up now." —Commnrco. "Dedicated To Community Public Service" WEATIIKIl Fnir ani) continued wi.rni thin liftcrnoon. Fair lonlgtiu A little cooler than )a«t night. Tomorrow, lair with little change In temperature except a little cooler along the const. TKMr-ERATCRE REPORT Midnight. 66; 3 a. m.. 65; 6am. 66; 9 a. m., 80; noon, »3. VOL. LX1V, NO. 237 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1949 Leased Wire Service of the United Presi Around The World In Brief (By United FreM) PLEADS INNOCENT Greenfield, MUM.—Twenty-one year-old Robert Lesure of Ash- Jleld has pleaded innocent to a murder charge in the alaying of hi* brother. Le*ure'» case was rontinued tin tomorrow. Walter Leanre was shot to death as he lay asleep In bed September 9. CIVILIAN DEFENSE Washington — Demoratic Representative John Kennedy of Massachusetts is calling for speed in civilian defense planning to avoid what he calls "an atomic Pearl Harbor." Kennedy wrote President Truman saying he was "shocked" to learn only one government office is working on civilian defense plans. CANDIDATES Berlin—All political parties in the Soviet zone are meeting to pick candidates to send to the Senate of the new Bed German state. One Senator will be named to each 300,000 people. SWITCH ALLEGIANCE Paris—The Chinese embassy in Paris announces that most of its *taff is switching allegiance from the Nationalist government to the new Communist regime. The two exceptions to the move are the Chinese ambassador, in a hospital recovering from a motor accident, and the man put in temporary charge of embassy affairs. RAID MINE Pittsburgh—A band of mine pickets raided a non-union coal company In Clarion county, today, smashing windows, stashing electric Ught wire* and set. tine flre to aw (40.000 tipple. The atmosphere is tense in the «*al Held* as onion and management get ready to resume talks Wednesday. ENDORSEMENT . .Vienna—Austria's middle-road coalition government has received a big endorsement from 4,000000 voters, Including those in the Soviet zone. The Communist party got less than five per cent of the . election ballots cast yesterday. Tbe big surprise was IB seats won by a new Pan-Germanic party labeled Nazi by its opponents. Yankee Winning Combination 8 PAGES PRICE ITVE CXNTt Yankee pitchers Vic Kaschi (left) and Joe Page, who relieved uHchl in the 7th Inning of the fifth and final World Series game tn-Elibets Field, Brooklyn, N. V., are shown kissing the hall with which Page struck out Dodger Gil Hodges. This was the final out of the game The Yankees won, 10-6. (International Soundphoto) St. Francis' Parish Carnival Opens Get. 20, Columbus Hall Committee Names I ~~ — officers; Booth Marine Unit Assignments Officers were chosen and committees named for the annunl ' carnival of St. Francis' parish at a recent meeting of the general committee. The carnival will be held in Columbus Hall Oct 20 through 24. Officers of the general committee are the Rev. Paul F. Keating pastor; the Rev. Albert F. Taylor, the Rev. George Dunn; Francis Caulfleld, chairman; Berr.ard Sullivan treasurer; and Anne Lawlor, Mrs. M. Bontempo and Mrs. Mary Mathieu, secretaries. The doll booth will be in charge of Miss Cecelia Reynolds, assisted by Mtes Frances Cuddy, Mrs M. Ann Pistarelli, Miss Virginia Pis- tarelli, Mrs. T. Ellis. Miss Dorothy O'Toole, Mrs. R. Beardsley and Mrs. C. Pichulo. The aluminum booth has Mrs. Ollie Lorson as chairman, assist- Wadsworth's Quartet Wins Barber Shop District Contest The fourth Northeastern District Quartet contest of the Barber Stoop Singers at Wilby High School "•"= ^ r!ionT as cnairman, assist- An honored guest at "the" mest' Saturday night was won by the « d *> v Mrs - Lawrence Sigetti, Mrs. ,„„ was MrV Helfn R™ - t Chord Scramblers of Derby. Mem- I William Bowman, Mary Donahue, I Bristol >fa««r. ?D •? 8 . ; . bers of the quartet are Fred Aus- Mr ?- B. Sullivan, Mrs. W. Thurston ^ies'' Auxniarv M? R • i~ T^_ M._..— i_- T^./^ and Rita Lorson, The bicycle booth ^ les Auxiliary. Mrs. Rogers 1 , a is to be in charge of Edward Wil- i rormcr President of the state de- liams asslsiorl h,- .To=^ r>i=*,™i, ; ! I'^rtment, was elected to the na- Man To Post More than 60 persons attended meetings of the state-staffs of the Marine Corps Leaerue and Marine Corps Leagrue Ladies' Auxiliary yesterday afternoon in Odd Fellows hall. The Naugatuck Valley Detachment and Auxiliary were hoists. Wilfiam J Benson, of Naugatuck, submitted his resignation as state junioi- vice-commandant of 'the southern district. William E. Simmons, also of Naugatuck, was elected to succeed him. Mr. Benson was elected to the post at the state convention in Waterbury, in June, Mr. Simmons will serve until 'Uic_next convention, slated for New Britain in~tTline of next yeafT tin. Len Marston, Joe DeGeorge and Elwood Wadsworth. Mr. Wadsworth is director of the Naugatuck Chapter which entered two quartets in the contest. Taking part from here were the Naugatones. Fred Morton, Fred Wohlke, Michael Poynton and Arthur Swan, chapter president, and the Salem Village Quartet, consisting of Thomas Chiswell, John Curtin, John Riccardi and Henry M. Bagley. The Chord Pickers of New Haven won second prize and the Melody Knights of Schenectady, N. Y., placed third. The Naugatones rendered "Sailing on a Moonbeam" and "Hearts Win Tonight, You lose." The Salem Village four sang 'Tea Leaves" and "River Shannon." The Naugatlck chorus and quartets will entertain Oct. 23 at the Southbury Training School and tomorrow night will appear at a meeting of the Middlebury Parent-Teacher Association. The first annual concert and parade of the borough chapter will be held Nov. 28 in the high school auditorium and on Dec. 10 they will take part in a parade of quartets of the Derby chapter. Rotary District Gov. Beardsley To Visit Borough Harry H. Lichtwardt, a veteran of 33 years service with the TMCA. here on a visit from Brazil, will he guest speaker at Wednesday's i <linner-meetinp of the Naugatuck Hotary Club Wednesday noon at 'he T, it was announced today by Herbert M. Billings, president. While in South America, he founded the Rotary Club of Rio de Janeiro in 1922. He will use as his «"r.<ect, "Rotary in South Amer " •• Hams, assisted by Jean Pistarelli i ,• — -- — — Donald Williams and Edward tlonal P° st at the national conven- Brcnnan. j tlon m Boston last weekend. The Harold C. Wooster Memorial trophy was presented to tho state istaff by Vernon J. LaFave, Commandant of the local detach- Refreshments at the^arniva] will be in charge of Alex Schmitz, assisted by Mrs. Cullen and another friend. The country store booth, headed by Mrs. George W. Carroll, will be operated by Mrs. Jame^ Casey, Mrs. Frank Dolan, Mrs. Robert Goodwin, Mrs. Timothy Hudner, Mrs. Charles Lodge, Mrs. Joseph Monahan, Mrs. James Moore, Mrs. Manuel Pirea, Mrs. I on Iw o Jima. John Quinn and Mrs. Edward ment. The trophy is given in ihonor of P.F. C. Harold C. Wooster, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymonr 1 . C Wooster, of City Mill street extension, who was killed in action in the opening- days of the fighting Walsh. The carnival will be featured by the presentation of a 1949 sedan and a television set. Naugatuck Cast In Columbus Play Broadcast Tuesday "I Saw Royal Standards," a play recalling inr.portant incidents in the life- of Christopher Columbus, will be presented by a Naugatuck cast, sponsored By Ojeda Council, Knights of Columbus, in a WATTl broadcast tomorrow night at 10. The play, directed by Jack Conway, will be announced by Granci Knight C. J. Waskowicz. Appearing in the cast are Mrs. Ra,lf .h Hoy, Gregory Phelun Joseph Ward. Thome's Lee, Jr., Edward Galvin Stephen Cnvena and Ralph Hoy. The trophy will be awarded four time each year to the detachment in the state showing the large*' percentage^ of ' their membership quota. State Commandant William Do- di-rlnn, of Nnw BritaiiT"and state senior Vic-Commandant LnFave announced a plan for a state-wide memhei-sihi|;> drive. Mr. LaFavc- lieads the membership committee. Following the meetings, a so- fiifil hour was held and refreshments served. Hospital Bulletins ica. . President Billings also announces Doborah Schonek, 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Schenck. of Mulberry Hill road, is a siirjrical patient at St. Mary's! hospital, Waterbury. Her'condition is reported as good. Unseasonably Warm | Temperatures May 7-t" I tf Set Record Today Hartford, Oct. 10— (UP)— Unseasonably warm temperatures returned to Connecticut for the third straight day and the weatherman says a new record might be set. The mercury reached 85 degrees at noon in Hartford where the forecaster says the temperture might «"«•?' five Killed Early Today In Conn. Auto Accidents; Four In Madison Dayton Reports On Project Of Junior Chamber Arthur B. Dayton, chairman of the dental clinic committee of the Naugatuck Junior Chamber of | Commerce, in an open letter to j Warden Harry L. Carter, today described the activities of the clinic last year and reported the opening of this year's clinic. In his letter Mr. Dayton reports 'hi; clinic in Salem School was open 27 mornings during the school year in which 193 visits were made "by boys and girls who would not otherwise have received dental •;are." He added that 51 per cent of the children contributed the requested fee, which covered about half the cost of materials used for that group or about one-quarter of materials used in the clinic. He said, "To me that is a very encouraging record." Mr. Dayton continued, "The success of our clinic was made possible only by the cooperation which *he class teachers, the school principals and the school dental hygien- 'st gave the dentists. However, the olinlc itself began and continues *o exist only because Dr. Edward Delaney, Dr. George DuBois, Dr. Hans Griesbach, Dr. Albert Hea- t-ock, Dr. Edward Lerman, Dr. John Mariano and Dr. Everett Rogers have given of their time to aid the ".hildren of Naugatuck. These gentlemen deserve the gratitude of all. He also told the Warden that it >s the aim of the Jayvees and their 'lental committee "that no boy or girl shall grow up in Naugatuck without dental caro because of financial reasons." He said the clinic, open only one morning a week "an serve only a small fraction of the school children, but adds "however, it serves the proper function." Mr. Dayton concludes by saying, We shall do our be;it this year to give the dentists 'hey need in the Reassured On 'A* Bomb Delivery Chairman of the Joint Congressional Atomic Committee, Sen. Brien MrManon (left) of Connecticut is shown chatting with Gen. Hoyt S yandenberg. Air Force Chief, and Air Secretary W. Stuart Symington " " 6 ™* ln Sen. McMahon said he r h »%r*r^ t; ^ the the Air Force In the event of a war. (International Soundphoto) Fifty Attend! Free Tests Ojeda Council To Be Given Breakfast For Diabetes uc hHstian persecutions that drove : underground This is Diabetic Detection Week Dr. William E. Hill, chairman of George and William Bjrdsall. go as high as 90 today. If this is the cast, it will break an all-time high set on October 10 in 1939 when the reading was 89 degrees. At any rate, the weatherman advises everyone to hold off storing summer clothes and replacing window screens with storm win- ?-"•"" "imam .tsjrasaii. i wmaow screens with storm win- sons of Mr and Mrs. George Bird- I dows. Connecticut is in for a re- saii. of 192 Park avenue, under- I Peat performance tomorrow of dent tonsillectomies at St. Mary's I summer-like weather. • j hospital, Waterbury. today. The conditions are reported a 1 ? tfood. today. Their | The temperature in Naugatuck at noon was 93 degrees. '. Waterbury. will make an official visit to the Naugatuck club Nov. 2. On Oct. 19, Professor Andre Schenker. author and radio L com- j -£?"%,£™ «» «Z™< f\'ty«i Creat j-Knten I ing t F()r ^^ _ „ _, UJF Charles F. Flynn, editor of The Ansonia Sentinel, In a discussion of Catholic — Communist philosophies and ' effort to discredit in some European o-iuorgrouna : ur. wiuiam m. Hill, chairman of Rome were committee-in Naueatuck r^tin»l«~ TT> . Dn(*l *.«J i1_ t < " . _ ,° ' vs. the current the church countries. Fire Prevention Broadcast Follows NEWScast Tonight . i mo uusement or St Michael's " iucl ** iieavy meai, simply save As tt Part of Its fire prevention (Church, Beacon Falls. The grout) I a ama11 specimen of urine Celght program thTs week, the Chamber's ! received Communion at the S !teas P°° n s> i" » clean bottle, labeled saiery Committee has arranc-pH o'elnr'k Maw I with vour nnmp oo-o on^ o»j »j .said today the drive Is being carried out to discover the unknown cases of diabetes and bring them under treatment. "Early detection means early, treatment and avoidance of the complications which are sure to come to untreated cases," he said. Mr. Flynn was principal speaker at a Communion breakfast attend- Instruction for taking part in ed by about 50 members of Ojeda I the free testing are listed by Dr. I Council, Knights of Columbus in Hl " as fol '°ws: One or two hours the basement of St. Michael's after a beavy meal, simply save •-• — -.-.~ .- -^^.n, wjc v^uuiii u^r a Safety Committee has arranged for .the broadcast of a play, "The Intruder" over .Station WATR this evening at 5:35 p. m., immediately following the Nauagtuck Newscast. The production is under the direction of Jack Conway, director of Naiigatuck's Little Theater group, The Playmakcrs. Included in the cast are: Charlotte Wood. Pat Hess, Agnes Lokites, Pat Sanders, Lorraine Witkoaki, Don Olson, , Frank Molen vant. , , and Steve Sturde- October Schedule Prepared For Pond Hill Community Club The schedule of activities ' for October for. the Pond Hill Corn- o'clock Mass. T(je Rev. Jerome Cooke, pastor of .St. Michael's, warned that prayer was the best antidote to the poisonous Communist program. He with your name, age, sex and address. Specimens may be left at any physician's office, drug store or at police or fire headquarters. Some of the factories have sign!- course of ev, nf H 6 PreS6nt Dr ' Hi " conc l" d «s by stating course „[events continue un- that only positive cases will be re- MoLnwV , i ? Kn*'" be P° rtcd - H e urges all residents to Moscow s rule in 50 years.' take part in the free testing this Father Cooke welcomed the j week, from today through Sunday. munity Club — -——"«»*- *r cuuujiiuu -inc Fourth Degree members as the right erm of the church" and implored the men to continue in their efforts to spread the gospel. He ''aid that he had been criticized during the war years for warning of the dangers of Moscowism by persons who said the Russians were our allies. I Mr. Flynn, introduced by Toastmaster Patrick Kelley, said that the Communist weapon is hate, and the arousing of animosity amon," the classes. The American way of life he said, is "the fruit of the Christian Carter, Gormley Report No Plans For Police Radio Reports that a two-way radio for the police patrol car was to be purchased "soon" were squashed ^ n f today by Warden Harry L, Carter ,, has been released by concept of what"man "is aridVwV^r and -P 0 " 06 Chief John J. Gormley. Mrs. Peter Moeckel, Sr., activities j is his destiny' The Comrnimi.f Warden Carter said there were chairman for the month. (philosophy of '"heaven on earth' "" immedlate P la «s tor obtaining A curd party and luncheon will | Is as false as their code whirh ' th ° rad '° system . adding, "and be held Thursday, opening with the;denies that man is a creature of e '' C ' S "° monev Provided in servinr^ nf liinnVipnn n* 1-aii Thnvo n^*) u« r,«u serving of luncheon at 1:30. There will be table and door prizes. It will be held In the Club house on Pond Hill. Transportation will be furnished to those who need it. If i.hey will call 6335, or the Club house, 4877. The committee assisting Mrs. Moeckel in this event are Mrs. Rheta Monroe Lave, Miss Florence Schiller. Mrs. Alice Mrs. Olive Alberto. Monroe and Friday, Oct. 14. a food sale will be held in Brennan's store, Church street, from 10 a. m. to 3 o'clock. Friday night, Oct. 21, the club will hold a social. Members are asked to bring home-canned food for auction. Friends of members . are invited. A Halloween Dance for adults and young people is planned for Saturday night Oct 29. at the club. Prizes will be awarded for various costumes. Education Board Meeting Thursday God, he said. The constitution and bill of rights, he said, are the American birth certificates, recognizing that man Is a creature of God, vested with rights that the state cannot take away. A free government respects those rights. The Communists do not. A delicious breakfast was served by the Ladies' Guild of St. Michael's Church. Edward Bea and Ralph Hoy were co-chairmen of the arrangements committee. Among those present were: Ralph Hoy, Sdward Bea, James Moore Grand Knight C. J. Waskowicz, Joseph Suchenski, Clarence Green, Conleth Kiernan, Steve Owens, Joseph P. Donahue, Frank Owens Chris Owens. William Adamskl, Frank Oldakowski, Felix Zembruski, George F. Kennedy. Raymond Schultz, William F. Evans. I Gregory A. Phelan, Thomas Lee, Alexander J, Kolakowski, Chester -Stankiewlcz, Vincent Oldakowski, I Alfred Fratesi, Albert H Benz this year's budget." Chief Gormley said that he knew nothing of the plans. ( c-oi>» Stole. Ttfl. 4892.—AOv, as F. Duffy, John C. Duigan, Edward L, Brennan, George Hanley, - - Salvatore Falcone, Frank Mastro- The Naugatuck Board of Edu- | P' et ro, John F. Healy, John J. cation will hold its regular month- ^ ea ) y ' ^f tnur J ^ Hackett, Rocco ly meeting 1 next Thursday afternoon at 4 oclo-ck in the Tuttle school il was announced today b"y J. Nelson Judy, chairman. Chairman Judy stated that the agrenda for the meeting has not yet been arranged-but he expected Assessors Announce Dates Of Sessions To List Properties Assesors John I. Broadrick and Rocco Mariano today announced dates for meeting at which they will receive lists of all real and personal property subject to taxation under state laws. If any property owner fails to file a list on or before Nov. 1, the list will be filed bv the assessors and a penalty of 10 per cent will be added to the assessed value, according to law. Dates and hours of sessions are: Oct. 20, 2 to 5 p. m.; Oct. 21, 2 to —. , 5 p. m.; Oct. 22, 10 a. m. to 1 p. "•=;•"/""•"•='" J . John Cronin, Leon-|m.; Oct. 24, 2 to 5 p. m.- Oct 25 ard McGrath, Celso Gobani, Thorn- 2 .to 5 p. m.; Oct. 26 2 to 5pm' OQ ii* tlllff-tr TnV>_ <*f T-*._! -m > .«. , _ ' I** "** ' Oct. 27, 2 to 5 p. m.; Oct. 28, 10 a. m. to 8 p. m.; Oct. 29, 10 a. m to 5pm.; Oct. 31, 10 a. in. to 8 p. m., and Nov. 1, 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. .nothing out of take place. the ordinary to , Thomas Gilson. Quinn, J. W. Vergosen,' Robert j The Rev - °- H ' Bertram, pastor Goodwin, George H. Schaffer, ' of st - Paul 's Lutheran Church, an' I nounced today that the quarterly [voter's meeting of the parish will n^A^K^^ road? for winter with a motor tune-nil.' for tonight, the meeting is post~ AflT - ' poncd to next Monday. Nine Violent Deaths In State During Past Weekend; One Dies In Danbury (By United prew) Four automobile deaths early today at Madison and another at Danbury, raised Connecticut'* weekend violent death toll to nine. It was the heaviest loss of life in the state highway since the Fire Losses Under $1OO At Footwear Despite flammable materials used in the footwear plant of the U. S. Rubber Co., less than 10 fires, with a loss of less than $100 have occurred in the plant this year, ac- l " lne siaie nignway since wording to a statement released to- !lo"B: Fourth of July weekend. day by the firm at the opening of' F °u r Persons—including two aai- ^ : — "*"» -' v " - '»^ru—*4i*>*) «»Kji-. *i.^.i_ * t-,. Fire Prevention Week. —died when their automobile ire i-revenuon week. I iors—aiea wnen their automobile The record shows that supervis-1 coIlWed with a truck in Madison t's and pmrtlnvaa hmra +nir~ u n-_ this morninc- ors and employes have taken the utmost advantage of the fire pre- ention program of the plant, the this morning. The dead, according to police are Joseph Grandone of New London "cuuuii jjrugram or tne plant, the """"V" <-»ranaone or rvew London, statement reports. The national in- wno was driving the the passenger austrial fire record shows that in! car; Albert p. Saunders of New 43 per cent of plant fire losses of Condon; James H. Bartlett, »ta$100,000 or more resulted in perma- Uon at tne u - s - Submarine Base nent removal of the industry from I at G roton, and Robert Harrison of 'he community. j Milford, also stationed at the «ub Booklets, entitled, "Fire Facts" base - M} four died instantly when are being distributed today to all the car hit the truck headon on a employes of the plant. During thel curve ' Police said the force of the week a contest will be held on colli sl°n forced the car backward* questions taken from the booklet, ~~ '"" '"~'"~ with prizes to be awarded Friday afternoon. Fire equipment will be displayed outside the Maple street mant and continuous movies win >>e shown tomorrow in the Waterproof cafeteria; Wednesday in the rabic shoe cafeteria and Thursday mbe Ma P le street display The plant will be inspected to™[ row bv Borough fire officials *" d } h « Plant fire brigade, under *e direction of J%m es J. p et tit Drotection supervisor, will 50 Dwelling Units Completed Monthly, Gov. Bowles Reports Hartford, Oct. 10— (UP)—An average of 50 dwelling units are being completed each week under the state's new 65-milli on -dollar low rental housing program Governor Bowles says this record was set during the past month and a half because the housing program has been stepped up. Although the governor says this is encouraging, he adds that there is .. vv _ b> »^ ^,u.( VOLWfflWIL on the highway about 10O feet The tfuck driver, Patrick J Kelly of Manville. R. I., escaped with minor injuries. He was placed •mder Jl.OOO bond on a technical reckless driving charge and held for the coroner. Four young people are in Danbury hospital as result of a highway accident this morning which, took the life of a companion. lulled in the crash was 18-year- old Cornelia Schultz of Danbury Most seriously hurt was her'16- year-old sister Ruth who has a fractured leg and pelvis. Listed in fair condition are the « w 1 " 1 '*V year -° ld «"ssell Schmidt of West Hartford. Joan Dobelttein who also is 19. of Bethel, and z£ v c&-*"~ol<j Eleanor Meyers A ion *\t Bethel. Beyers, also of They were injured when the car | in which they were riding left the highway and hit a tree. No other "•A.S? £ eV ktd d '" thC aCCld ' nt - -- - - -..- ivhf.i to fc»c uuiii* by the state and private businesses to me«t the demand for housing. Construction programs have been held up in some 20 town- which were allocated funds a year ago and Bowles claims it is because of tho difficulty in obtaining sites. The governor said that 20-mol- lion-dollars in new funds made available by the last session of the General Assembly has been nearly over-subscribed. He points out, how- jver, that no final allocations will be made until applications have the approval of the state housing authority. More than half of the 45-mlllion-' dollars alloted by the 1947 General Assembly for new housing has been jiven to 20 localities for 2,389 housing units. The governor says that only 718: of thee have besen completed, while about 1,500 are still under construction. ™ Eighteen-year-old Paul Denomme •Jj North Grosvenordale whose Plane crashed at Thompson. "*•• Gertrude. B. Hill. -of &„» Hartford,. In a fall from a second- story window of her home »«»na Ten-year-old Ann Parker of Pr««. And William Selinski of Danbury who was burned when an oxygen ' " Hop Haven Principal Brook School PTA Guest Oct. 12 Carl Garwln, principal of the East Haven High school, and instructor in audio-visual aids, at New Haven State Teachers College this past summer, will be the Tuberculin Patch Tests Given Today At Glendale Chib The children of Glendale Manor are receiving tuberculin patch tests this afternoon. Jack Quinn president of the GlendaJe Manor Community Club, announced today. The tests given by the Tuberculosis League of Waterbury under the supervision of Mrs. Eloise H. Heath, speaker at a recent meeting of the club, are being made in the new Clubhouse. On Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 18 chest x-rays will be available for adult residents of Glendale Manor and any other Naugatuck residents. There will be a charge of 50 cents for each x-ray. Anyone interested who lives outside the Manor is asked to contact Mra. Jack Quinn, 5452, or Mrs. Georire Nelson, 5996. League Field Prepared For Winter Volunteer workers prepared the „ -Peter J. Foley Little League Stad- speaker at a meeting of the Hepburn for winter at a work session Brook Parent.-Teacher association, Wednesday nisfht at 8 o'clock in the school auditorium. Mr. Garvin will discuss and demonstrate varrious visual aids, fn- iluding the phonograph, radio, and .he school's visual aid equipment. There will be a question and answer period. The program has been arranged by Miss Agnes Jackson, principal, Mrs. Mortimer Quirke and Miss Jane Garrlck of the staff. Mrs. Marshall Bontempo, first •rade teacher, will introduce Mr. larvin. Mothers of the first grade, iin- der the co-chairmanship of Mrs. Toseph Migliozzi and Mrs. Charles Howard, will serve refreshments. All parents of the school are in- 'ited. Mrs. Malcolm Wilson, president, will preside at the business meet- ngr. Births MARLOR — St. Mary's Hospital, Oct. 8, a son and first child, Henry Smith, III, to Atty. and Mrs. Henry S. Marlor, Jr., Glenbrook Garden apartments. Mrs, Marlor yesterday President Paul E. Buckmiller reported today. Grass on the paying f.eld which was planted last month was cut for the first time, windows in the clubhouse were boarded up and doors painted. Considerable work in digging., a .ditch around, the field, to carry off ~ , surface water ~^ also accomplished. It Is expected that the ditch will be completed within the next week Two Little Girls ' Sleep In Park Hartford, Oct. 10-MUP)— Two young girls for whom (police had been looking most of the night were found this morning, sleepy and unharmed. Fourteen-year-old Dorothy Jackman and her six-year-old sister Sandra went to a park. Sunday noon to feed the pigeons. When they failed to return home last nigrht, their mother became alarm- ---- _, — — MI,;,, AUO.< iui •1151*0, nidi- uiuiner oecame is the former Martha Bissell, j ed and notified authorities Pontiac, Mich. Maternal grand- This morning police found the narenta ni-o M.. o«^ TUT™ T.. — ,,«,,«™^ V *""-•= i«unu me ,,«,,«™^ V youngsters asleep OR a park parents are Mr and Mrs. Ivan f ^, ts ^ ra asieep or. a park A ranSnfs° n at C Mrand^ 1 d'owf fo?? ^t^ ^ "/i^ lont-ir B Tn,,..!,.., iir—11 . . * "«>? nap and had grandp . Henry S. Marlor, Woodbury. I slept longer than they intended.

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