Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding 1 of the transient nature oi' the many physical ills, which vanish before proper ef' forte— pentle offoits—pi uasun t crto rts— lightly directed. Thure is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms ct •telcness arc not duo to an.v actual dis- •ue, but simply to a constipatedcond'- tion of tho system, which the pleasntn, family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only *«nedy with millions of families, and is •verywhere usteemed so highly by all who value good health. Its beneficial •fleets are flue to the fuct.'thnt it is the MM remedy which promotes internal •toanliness without dcbilitat''J£ the amns on which it acts. Jt is therefore •UTimportiint, in order to get its bcne- Idai effects, to note when you piir- •haae, that you have tbo genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Synrp Co. only and sold by •11 reputable druggists. If in the enjovment of good health, Htd the system 'is regular, laxatives or Other remedies are then not needed. If afflicted with, any actual disease, one m»y bo commended to the most skillful •physicinns, but if in need of a laxative, One should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Jigs stands highest and is most largely wed and gives most general satisfaction. Frost No. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose |2 Express Ad. 25c. Prevents Welting Bead' floor or Walls. pornlets Water Closet! send for Catalogue Proif Water Closets. Eell-ictlnu Water CInsets, Rally Slop nnd Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., 301 Madison Street, Chicago. Jtlc *i f .-- -.lon-pooonoi* rnmiHly fur Uonurrhc; , Uliwl dpiirmntorrpY 11 Wlt'^es. Biinatu^ .' d'"* cVurci-H, or »ny '.ttaaaan .ion, Irrltntloo or nloori tlon ot W-M c o u fl mom . oxpro", prepaid, , lor t\ 00. or 3 bottlt*. f*.75. Circular wat on rwjuuBt D., & C. SUMMER „SERVICE TO """ : 1 '"-'..,' ; '-MA.CKrNAC. Their new steel .passenger steamers are In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, Maekinac,' Soo, Petoskey, Duluth. .If yon are contemplating a strainer outins Bend 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlot. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. SUNDAY EXCURSION TO DAYTON VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. July 12th from! Logansport, f2 round trip. Special trato leaves 5 n. m., central time; returning leave Dayton (5 p m. VlaJtbrs at ; e permitted the -freedom of the Soldiers' Home, the most delightful awl attractive spot of Dayton. Lake Bide Park.ls also open. Everything arranged for a pleasant 'Sunday outing'. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THB COAST •- ' LINE. '.- . It only costs .fl3.50 from. Detroit, fl5.(50 from Toledo,' $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip, Including meals and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Seivl'2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A! SCHANTZ V G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. It would be hard to convince a man •offering from billons colic that his agony Is due to a mlscrobe with an un- pronouncable name. Buf one dose of DeWltt's Colic and Cholera Cure'will convince ;him of Its power to afford h> - atant relief. It kills pain.—John M.John- . won. If ou<> Iniilf of Dhe fruit of a heavily ladon tree Is removed by picking, tJic rcmaJikler wlill be o-f Iwtter quality mid also pi-CKluce n« inntiy busiicis ns though all of the frolt hud remained .on I lie tree. -SUFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM We have obtained the agency for a reinedy for rheumatism -which 1 has had remarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee. You run no risk of losing your money. We Invite you to call,at our store and let us tell yon'abontit For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a month. H J OOD'4 Sarsaparilla has over and over again proved.by its cures, when all other .preparations failed, that it is the One True BLOOD Purifier. VICTIM OF ' CIRCUMSTANCES; Hubby Muclo a Siicrllloo on tho Altur o Affection Throng!! ». Porter's Error. ]fc had just returned from Jlanchns tcr, \vhcrc.c he hntl boeii called upon ur Kent business. The honeymoon wa scarcely over, and, besides, it-wis'lii first nbscucc from her side since tJie \ve7-e mndc one. The throe, cliiys of hi absence Kccined to both like three Ion; years; but, now he lind returned, nut she wns in his nrms once more. Protn isc nft.cr promise 'lintl been renewec nncl vows of elcniiil tidclity cxclinng-ctl "Ar)fl you will never clrink'." 1 murmured. "Dearest, you know I have never clone so," lie replied in injured tones. "And you will never gnmble. either will you, dear?" she asked. "Precious, I have never gambled." "And you will never, never use {o- ,b;icco airain, my idol ?" "Never, never ngain, my dear, since you wish it. so." And she believed him in her worn <in's wny, niul "nil wns merry ns a mnr- rinj?e bell." But he mentioned his portmanteau ,incl n little strng-g-le ensued. Hewoulc g-o and get his portmanteau, he said. No, no; he wns tired; she would get it Xo, no- Cut yes, yes. Wns she going to let nlm walk ncross t.ho room for a nasty old portmanteau, nud ho wns so tired? How could lie think her so cruel? No, indecr! She would go nncl get it herself, and open it for him, too, and so there. When she said "so there" he knem- there wns nothing else for him but to submit gracefully, nnd he submitted. 15ut, nlns for what followed! She' opened the bag! ! ! What was in it? One long empty flask, one meerschaum pipe, one pack of ploying cards, new; t.hrec pucks, ditto, old; a few racing tickets, sundries. That- wns nJl: . . Oue of those scenes which "baffle 1 a 1 ! description" followed, but finally the porter ciuae up and explained lh:it be had sent up the wrong portmanteau. Both arc slowly recovering.—Tit- Bits. Johnnlo Acquires Knowledge. "Father, whnt is n deadlock?" asked Johnnie Chnffic. who had read about the proceedings of the city council. Mr, Chaffie believes in answering promptly nil questions proceed ing from his offspring, so he replied immediately: 'A deadlock, uiy son. is whnt your mother's bac!; hair is made of."—TCTM 3ift«r. DID YOU EVER Try Electric Blttere ns a remedy for your troubles? W not. get a bottle now aud got relief. Tills medicine has been round to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure at all Female- Com plnlnts, exerting a wonderful direct in fluence in giving Strength and, tone to the organs. W yon have loss o£ Appetite, Constipation, Headache, -Fainting Spells, or are Nervous, Sleepless, Ex- cLtable, Melancholy or troubled with Dizzy Spelte, Electric Bitters Is Uie medlcln-c you need. Health and Strength are guaranteed by Its use. Fifty cents ami ?1.00 at B. F. Keesllng's Drug Store. Russiin already ranks sixth among Ulie wtoe producing cou,uitr,les of the world, arad will probably soon surpass Germany in this respect. Pass the good word along the line. Piles cau be quickly cured without an operation, by simply applying DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve,—Jno. M. Johnston. Verdi h'as just deposited In the bank at Mitilnn, .$80,000 towards the first cast of the. new Vardl "House of Repose" for aged nnd destitute musicians and operatic librettists. 'Wake up, Jacob, day to breaking!" so said DeWlitt's Little -Early Riser to the man who had taken them to arouse Ms sluggish liver.—Jno. M. Johnston. "He Is a mighty lucky main." "In whait way?" "Well, he mnirted to get out of a bonixUing housf." "Yesi" "And now his wilife nms one to support him."—Troth. Small in size, but great In results. DeWltt's LUttle Early Risers act gently iut thoroughly, curing Indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation.' Small pill, safe plU, best ''pill. Bullooniuig, -for''rimny yairs.past, .1 favorBte srtttly anno^g French officers. Is not popular in tilie Bullish army. A class far tostnjctfon at Aldershot hnd to Ixi j?ivon up, owing, to lack of'volim- toere. : •.- • . We are anxious to do a little good In this world and can think of'no pleasant- sr or better way to do It than by recommending One Minute Cough Cure as B preventive of pneuoionla, consumptloD and other serious lung troubles that fol- ow neglected colds.—Jno. M. Johnston Mre. Dolae,—My boy Dtany is gettiir to be a great Sundo-y sdi'ool .worker, bless tihe henn't aT-"um. Mrs. Nolan.— Indado? "Tto. He has .worked -three av ; wm fer free excursions already." Persons who have a eonghlng spell every night, on account: of a tickling sensation In the 'throat, toay brerconie It at once by a dose of One Minute Tough Cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. . Spltzenbcrgen will have a. brilliant <»easoin this year.! THE ONLY ONE TJio Pyramid •PlJo'Ciirc'tto-Duly File Cure Recommendi'il by ..Physicians As Being .Perfectly 'SnfLV NO OPIUM; COCAINE, NARCOTIC Oil' OTHER POISON IN IT, , Tlic .Pyramid Pile Cure Is. probably the only'Pile Cure extensively i-ecoin- lueiulod liy phybiei'.Tiis, because it Is so safe, so prompt hi the relief afforded ;mcl so far .'is known -the only positive euire I'or piles except a .surgical operii- tion. In one year tlie I'ynunid Pile Cure jiiis beconiu the 'best known, the safest and llio most extensively sold ot any pl-le cure before the public 1 . Nearly all druggists sell it at; r,o cents and .%! per package. .Address the fy ra.inM Co., Albion, Midi., ifor book on ca«so aud cure of piles and also hundreds ot testimonials from all pane's of the United Stares. If suffering from any form of piles ask your druggist for a package of Pyramid Pile Cure and try 1't tonight. v MILWAUKEE EXCURSION. Rates Through Chicago via Pennsylvania Line?.' Excursion, tickets to Milwaukee will be sold via Pennsylvania lines July 14th, lCt!U and 10th, account the U. Y. P. U. meeting. The low rate will be open to all. Tickets will be good returning leaving Milwaukee July 20th. 1st, or 22t!., Extension of return llrui-t to Aug. 5t-h may bo secured by depositing tickets with Joi-ut agent in Milwaukee on or before July 20Ui. Tho Pennsylvania is !.i--' .'i.rect route to Milwaukee 1 through Chicago with solid (.rains to Clilcago Unlou- Station without change from principal cities and towns In Western. .Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. For rn.tes and time of traim apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line ticket agent. • .' WHEN THE BOWELS ARE DISORDERED. No time shou-M be lost In resorting to a suitable remedy. Hostettcr's Stomach Bitters & the most reliable and widely esteemed medicine of Its class. It removes the causes of constipation, ov of undue relaxation of the Intestines, which are usually Indigestion or a misdirection of the Mle. When it acts us a catihartlc, It does not gripe and violently evacuate, but produces gradual and natural effects, very unlike those ot a drastic purgative; audits power of assisting digestion nullifies those Irritating conditions of the mucous membrane of the stomacl? and .Intestinal canal which produce flrst diarrhoea, and eventually dysentery. The medicfrie'ls, moreover, an agreeable one, nriir,. eminently pure and wholesome. Appetite and tranquil nightly slumber are both promoted by it. " The Dexter (Me.) populace got part of their call for the caucus from the Bible. The posters announcing tins call were headed "The' Almighty shall be thy defense and thou shalt have plenty of silver." HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalamazoo, Mich., May 5, '00. I suffered greatly with rheumatism for months. I tried ^numerous remedies, with no benefit.- A friend who had been helped by Dr. Jebb's-Eheumatl- ve persuaded me to try that. I obtained two bottles. Tbo effect surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured me, and by the time I had used the second [ was completely cured. I am careful an to what I endorse, but I most^ unqualifiedly recommend that remedy. On my evidence .several severe eases have tried it, and In every Instance, BO far as I know, It has produced a per- lect cure. . '.'.'.''. , ' W. P. PARSONS;, President Parsons^ Business'" College aud Shorthand Institute. GAME-KILLING FOXES. FISHER,. Druggist. 1 A rural improvemcnt.soclety has been organized at.-"Woodstock, Vt. It rents lawn mowers, to residents to keep, the lawn lo front of. their houses In .trim. A woman .Is at the bottom of .the CONDENSED TESTIMONY. .; Clms'. B. Hood, Broker awd.Manufa'c- ;urer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies that .Dr. King's New Discovery has no equal as a Cough remedy. J. D. Brown, ?rop. St. .Tallies Hotel,Ft Wayne, lud., :estlcd .that he was cured of a Cough of two years' standing, caused by La rippe, by Dr. King's New Discovery. „. F. MerrUl, BfllfiwinsvHle, Maos., aay/s that lie has used a-nd recommended It ind never knew it to fall and 'would rather (have Htli'an aray doctor, always cures: Mrs. 'Hemming, 222 E.^oth sti, Chicago, always keeps.It-at hand and tas no fear of Croup,': because'it Instant- y relieves.. Free.Trlai.Bottles-nt B. F. Drug Store.' ' ' When we coaskler that the intestines are about flVe tliiies as'.lbng as the body, we can realize the Intense suffering experienced when they become!Inflamed.. )eWltfs Colic and Cholera Cure «ub- lues- Inflammation at once 'and;«|m : >ietely removes. 1>he dlfficultyv--Jn6. ,M. 'ohnston. 1 . .. : '• ' Ihelr iicitrnctlvpncii Shown liy the Con* tonts-of wllnrrow. Arthur S. Burr, of Old Hadd.v.n; when going 1 across 1 lots recently discovered the carcass of a •woodchuck partly eul/- CL, aud a liUlc -further.along -'a. ruffed grouse. Thinking it was the work of a i'ox, he made search uud found t.ho burrow, with a laxg-e bl.'ick hen :nid two more purtrkiffcs nt its'mouth. Suspecting there were young pari.rhlges in the. row, ha made up his mind to return, and dig 1 them out. as the town/of Hau- cluui pays a bounty of two dollars o head. It was five days before he had a chance lo do this, and when he dug out tho 'burrow with the assistiuice of Shurni.-Fowler he found th-n-t' the wily mother fox hr.rl removed. They were determined to have that bounty, aivl in- cidentally'the foxes, and after u long Search they found n new burrow, .picking 1 up two more piirtrklges on the way. Ofl digging- out this new hole they took out eight partridges, three rabbit* and n very Inrg-e woodchtick, with five young-"foxes in the end. The partridges we-re partly 'eaten, but the wodcliuck was completely cleaned, out. nothing but, the skin being left. Sportsmen hn.ve long cla-iiued thnt foxes were more destructive to game thn-n nil t-he hunters, n«d hnvc noted great, increase of foxes in towns t-ha have not paid a bounty for the last fe\ vea.rs. The only incentive the farmers boys have for 'killing the fox is th bounty money. Eight partridges in burrow but four days old show th great destruetivcness of foxes. WANT THE BASKETS STAMPED Fruit Grower* Desire IIone»t Mc»»urefo Conuumerr*. The' i'.mit growers of t.lie Michigan peach belt, iire'plajmingr (o tj;J<cnuijon which will secure the enforcement o* the law pnssed .by the hist k-gi.slai.uri requiring mamifaoturcrs of frnil pac'ii npes to plainly stnmp the capacity on caul: package. "i\f;my of the muniifnctur er.s are nln-ndy maidufi' peach basket! ic fourths, fifths and sixths of a bushel but. fnil to murk the different s'.zos: Tin law was passed at the request of tin peac-h grovvers, who claim that only commission men and reta.il growers an henefiu.'d by tin; substitution of tho smiiller sixes for pock baskets. Nredod Not n C.vclonc Cellar Hot a Bout Loup City. Neb., was visited recently by a heavy hail and wind storm ;m<l one r,icm betook himself nnd his family into the cyclone cellar. Butitrainerlsobari that the cellar was flooded and one the children wns drowned before'she could he got. out. DAZZLING GEMS. Mrs, Rhodie Noah, of this place, was taken in the night with cramping pain aud the next day diiarrboea set lu. "She took half a'bottle of blackberry cordial it got no relief. She then seut to me to see If I had anything that would help her. I sent her a bottle of Chamberlain's -Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and the first dose relieved her. Another of our neighbors had been sick for .about a week and had tried different remedies for diarrhoea: but kept getting worse. I sent him this same remedy. Only four doses of It were required to-cure him. He says he owes, lils recovery to this wonderful remedy. -Mrs. Mary Slbley, Sidney, Mich. ,For sale by B. F.' Keesllng, druggist. A piucu of saltpeter put in the water hi which cut flowers stand- will keep them fresh "for a long time. To faclll tate absorption of the fluid the stalks should be cut off a little every 'day'. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALYE. The best'salve In-'the world Jot'cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rbeuin, fever wrea, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains cbrnfl and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or'no" pay'required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bos. For sale by B. F. Keesltne. . One of the most darling robberies of ireeenit years- occurred n«ar Casper; Wyo. Eusttens cut the D. H. Tladale fence and- drove oiit- twon^ty -head 'of flooded 'hlorses; valiiied at '?100 eaoli TUirteeii hundred: . doDors -reward 'is offered.. ..'".'.,. ; ; -, . •; ; ' I^nst summer one of our graudchll'- "dren. was sick . with .a seyere bowel trouble : Our doctor's remedies had failed, then: we tried Chamberlain's Gollc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, 'jyhlqb gave very speedy relief. \V« regard it as the best" medicine ever put on the market for bowel^complalnts—Mrs. B. G. Gregory, Frederlckstown, Mo. This certainly is the best medicine ever put on the market for. dysentery, stuu- m«r complaint, colic and cholera lufau- tum in children. It never falls to give prompt relief when used in reasonable time and "the plain'printed directions are followed. Many mothers have expressed their sincere gratitude for the cures it has effected. Fpr sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. ' TJie brother of Jauies 'Jnge, of Boise, Idaiho, came to vfislit.Mm J/riogilng three ohlUdKo and scarlet fever. Two .ot *he.U«itle cWldren; hmve since died .aud four(oi the 1 members of :the united famlifes are stricken, with the dread disease.. Pass the good.word along the-llne. Plies 'can be' quickly cured without an operation.by .Blmply applying DcWltt'a Wltcb, Hazel Salve.-Jno,. M.; Johnston. Mall Dealer Who C'utu a Dash with nil Sncce»irul Idea. Boston has a Barney Bnrnato who simply djixzlcs his Chicago customers every tinie he calls upon them. This he does ubout six times a ycnr. He is n young 1 mau of fiuc a-ppcnroncc u:id large frame. Diamonds, emernhls and rubies blaze at various points over hiselegam- !y-attired person, and itisnot.nn uncommon thing to see a $J,000 treasury note peeping conspicuously from each of his vest pockets. He sweeps np to the place of business of his customers and mulcts his \voy with stately self-possession to t.hs office of the president or proprietor. Sorm: of his customers insinua.ic ihnt his bizarre wnys are for (ulvort.ising pur-' poses, but, if such is the ease, they admit three-sheet posters could do it no better. This individual is a ftivorito, however, nmoiig wholesale ha.rdware merchants on take street :mrl vicinity, as his presence is ever refreshing. Mr. Pearson—for that i<? his name—is a hhining- example of the value of adapting un iden. While in England some jears ••ifl'O he discovered a process for coating nails with a chemical cement. This made them as valuable for hold- ,fnst'. purposes us carefully threaded screws which cost tt-n times as much. He bought the patent for America and is reaping a fortune. He had 150,000 kegs of nails on hand when the trust boosted prices, and by thisaJoneclearer] nearly $200,000. His method is to contract with a ua!l rail! for standard nnilson his specifications. These specifications m.ike th nail of lighter gauge than regular sixes In this way .1 keg containing 1 anywher from .05 to 95 pounds will hold as mnnj nails ns the standard 300-pound ke; The cement covering makes the ligbte nail superior to the heavier for holdfas purposes, besides being-water and rus proof. RACE FOR A METEORITE. Bnnpcctod Object of Prof. Djchc'o Kndden Dcpurturo for tho North. It is possible that there is an objec that does not appear on the surface o: the sudden departure for Alaska o: Prof. L, L, Dyche, of the Kansas sta-tc university. -, During- his northern trip last sum mer the professor paid n visit, while in Greenland, to the largest meteorite in the world, and immediately an.nounc£c his determination to possess it. Lieut Peary, however, claimed »he meteorite by right of discovery, and warned the professor not to attempt to remove it As thc-metoorite weighs dozens of tons Peary's warning 1 wns of necessity hee;l ed at the time, but Prof. Dyche stated distinctly that he intended within a few years to return to Greenland for the meteorite. Recently dispatches announced that Lieut. Peary would sail for Greenland this summer to secure the meteorite. As soon as Prof. Dyche can.reach Seattle he, too, will sail for the north, and it is quitp probable that his destination fa neither Alaska nor the north pole, but the point in Greenland where the coveted meteorite lies. Prof. Dyche will have the longer route through Behring 1 straits and the northwest passage, but he is a man of grtat energy and if he has in reality started on a race for the coveted meteorite the chances nre in favor of a lively race to Greenland. The meteorite is roughly estimated to be worth' $50,000. • X RAYS IN DIAGNOSIS Dr. Schmtdt'i Laboratory thriving Many Problems. . . The physicians of Chicago are ta-king- liberal advantage of'the'X'rny laboratory which Dr. O/L.'Sc'hhiidthasnttel out for the purpose-'-of "turning 1 th Roentffen discovery irto.i account in diagnosing disease. -;T-he/ laboratory was established three monthsa^-o. Dr. Schmidt is of the.faculty of.'tlie Xortli- vi-estern' Mod ical :schooi "and th'n Chicago Polyelinic. Associated 'witli him, arc Dr, F, C. HarniBob, formcrlyasslstanfnt the University; oi/Leipaic, -''and; VPauJ Braeht, photographer: The'voltage is furnished by a 32-inch spark coil with 25 miles of wire, capable of supplying, 600,000 volts for ordinary service. Jinny..interesting , subjects have..lieen photographed at the labora.tory. Physicians have been greatly aided in IocRting,.buHet«, exposing; pteujHa.r= corir ditib'ns of'bone and *ioew, and in several instances have'secured' 'explanations of mysterious•., conditiona which; ...have li'nffled'mledical^sitni.^ jleretofore.it has required 1 ' an* hour pr inore"for ah exposure. "'' D*.'- Sch'midt'lias 'rb^uccdHlie tSttie 'to r '-nve : -"m'lnute's : for a- hand; ten rtiinutes for'wBelbow.jmd other parts of the anatomy .in .proportion. . • . '• '•'• 'la essential to I health. Everynook'l and corner ot the I ay stem is reached -by the- blood, 'and on its quality the condition of every organ depends. Good blood means strong nerves, good digestion, robust health.. Impure blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rheumatism, catarrh or other diseases. Tbe'eureet way to have good blood is to tnko Hood's Sarsaparilla. This medicine purifies/Vitalizes, and enriches the blood, and sends the elements ot health and strength to every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good appetite, gives refreshing sleep and cures that tired feeling. Remember, Hoods Sarsaparilla Is the best—in facttlic One True Blood Purifier. »_. j» wvtt cure J - lvcr Ills; HOOd S HlllS take, easy to operate. 25c. REV. S. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOR O. B. CHURCH. •""•'- Whore Winter iliigeri. .A !; 'letter ''from-Korwdy, 1 . Me., under date ot-ltoy 19, tb'.'thc Portland Argus' says:;, vThe,-K»ow is.;still-'.t\v,o Jcet deep," and .the iee.qivthe pondB/strpng- eno-jffh' ;o hold up an Oxford bear iu some parts OJ' the county. At Greenwood there is a snowdrlft.which is»Teported to be re tlinn two.-fect-de.epj and which seldonvdisappears before Jwic' 1. -'The co. on Muskrot iiond^ lieteween Rox- nury and Byron, is strong enough to >onr a'man, aad is surrounded-with" snow. In Township D there is said to >e. considerable snow in the deep, hcavj- y wooded gulches. Connecticut Oyntor Tradn. Those conversant with the seed oyster business in Connecticut say that the season .which is now at its height is the best for the last five years. It is estimated that 1,000,000 of Connecticut seed »ysters will be, sold. :• " Odd F»t« of a _ The lake vessel Thomas Davidson, which arrived In South Chicago th.; other day, had on board a dead pigeon which ha3.;fnl]Jen 'into: tjie'.'smokestaclt. : had evidently flown too near and hart. MUjpyereonMKby-ihexjoal pas. ;.i,',;-!;.' Sea Serpent* Already on T»p., ..,,,,,., Sea io'rpenta'have Cc^iin to turn njv along t.he New Jersey co«tt. , ind..'Sept S, 1890. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:— I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour; stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup.. Pepsin and found that It benefltted' roe. I am convinced that It will do .what it IB recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. . S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. KeesIIng. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILT STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VAXDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing intll about Sept. SOtfc- the steamer* of ibU line will make two trips each way J»Uy between St. Joseph and Chicago, •n the following schedule: . Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p.,m. ,M»d . 10:80 p. m., dally. Including 'Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 11:30 ). m., dally, Including Sunday, ' Extra trips on Saturday lea ve'StC Joseph' at i a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time- across lake 4, hours. . ;Trl-weekly Btounera to .Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, 'Wednesday utd Friday evenings. :'.i.The equipment of this line Include* ibe side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (theOargeBt and Unest west of Detroit), and the newly .•ebnllt propeller City of Louisville. Service flrefcclass. Connections, with ell fand.alla-JFalna. Tickets 'on sale;at all f anda'iia LJne/statteas: ' 'Gliicago dock •not of WabBsh *-v«;nue- : '"•'•'•' ^Berrton.:Harbor. Mich. The COAST LI?JE to MACKINAC TAKiTHE- 1VIACKINAC /DETROIT, PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Orntmt Perfection yet rt Conitractloii—Luznrioiu Equipment, Artlitie ^UhtnV. DMormtkn wnJ EAldnt Senrln. niuring the bishett degree of , . . Cq/lFORT,_ SPEED AND .S^P^y. "I roun TniM MB- WUK BCTWCCN "*•-' Toledo, Detroit/Maekinac LOW RATES to Pleturuqn ]JtaeW««e«o« Rttura. IndadlBf n«l> «n<" Bjrths. Pnm tnm DttraH. EVENING _ Between Detroit and Cleveland at Clrrel»nd.wtUi.E«rll«tt Tnla* Hiit, 8oull»*4diSoatU«<ntkad ft Jrilo.ll pSiUNortt .nd Notthwot. . Cleveland, Put-iii.fi[ay / Toledo -nd for niatttmttiPmmpMet. Addren A. A. »OHANTX. «. P. ••. DBTHOIT, WOK.

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