Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 7, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE 8—NAPGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FKIPAY. OCT. 7, 1949 ^aterbury Scovill Official Worried Over Steel, Coal Strikes Alan C. Curtis?, vice-president of the Scovill Mfg-. Co., reports that encouraging business signs at the firm are being threatened by the coal and steel strikes. Prolonged strikes may hinder business recovery, he said. Mr. Curtiss pointed out that ho was worried about the effect of the strikes on Scovill customers, e pccially the automobile industry. Should automobile manufacturers be shut off from steel supplies, Scovill may be prevented from shipping- -goods now in process. The conrl-any has recalled more than 350 laid-off employes and is a signing- more to work as the tompo of business improves, Scovil] has built up inventories of steel and coal and is in relatively strong position to wait out shortages. COMMUNITY CHEST The Waterbury Community Chest will open a camoaign Monday to raise $460,000 in three weeks for 26 member aeen-.ies. Chest President Charles- E. Hart will be director of the campaign. Membership of the Litchfield County YMCA has been canceled by the Waterbury chest this year hi keeping with a policy that restricts benefits only to those agencies operating in the city and the towns of Middlebury. Prospect, Oakville, Wolcott and Watertown. JAYCEES The Connecticut Junior Chamber of Commerce will convene at the Waterbury Club Oct. 18, with Clifford D. Cooper, president of the U. S. Chamber as principal speaker. He will arrive in Waterbury by helicopter, landing at Library Park. NO TICKETS Mayor Raymond E. Snyder is sorry he let it be known he sold two World Series tickets to Fire Commissioner Chairles Foster. From the time the story was published he has received numerous calls and requests that he please mail tickets COD to Waterbury residents. Snyder saw the opening game and may go again Sunday. 75 Today Realty Transactions Papers in the following real estate transactions are on file in the office of /Town Clerk Raymond- J. St. John: Mortgage Louis Farrar to the Naugatuck Savings Bank, property on High street. N»xr * H«<*)nd(ttoiMMf Motor* FORD £ MERCTTRT Under* Plan Available The NAUGATTTC& FUEL CO DEALER *1:^» 525) TONY'S Poultry Market 100 JOHN STREET Tel. 2691 Finest Live Poultry, Fresh Killed and Dressed to Your Order. BROILERS, FRYEKS, BAKERS, ETC. In All Sizes. FRESH EGGS .it ALL TIMES TEKRENCE D. (TERRY) O'CONNOR, New Haven road, is observing his 75th birthday today. The well-known fife maker, music teacher, fife and drum corps judge and director, is a native of New York city but has spent most of his life In Connecticut and Naugatuck. Terry at 75, still operates the Naugatuck Fife Mfg. Co. at the rear of his home. He plans to spend this afternoon watching the Yankee-Dodger World Series game on his 16-inch television screen. Lutheran District Laymen Sponsoring Dedication Service Ernest England and .Anthonv '>\:po. Naueatuck, are members ol a state-wide committee Arranging Mie Christian Life and Growth ded- ! cation services at Center Church New Haven. Oct. 16. The program is being sponsored by laymen of the Lutheran Di'str'''* through contributions of the church mission. Principal speaker will be Lloyi! 4. Schweibpr*. of Mn'i^n. ft) yj n will use as his topic "The Seconc Sten." Mr. Enelund and Mr. Lupo will represent .Salem Lutheran Church. CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS With a Portrait of You! TlftBOBEAU STUDIO Jfeory BuMins Tel. ZS42 It's FREE for the best USED CARS PRICED $1295 1947 CHEVROLET 2-door Sedan, radio and heater 1939 OLDSMOBILE 2-door Sedan —a real clean car $450 1937 PLYMOUTH Tudor Sedan- excellent condition, very low mileage. Unusual, car at low price. 1946 OLDSMOBILE 2-Door Sedan. 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Review. Weather 5:1S— Classified Column 5:30—The Chuck Wagon 6:30—Lucky Pup 6:45—Bob Howard Show 7 :00—Your Sports Special 7:ir,—Tea Steele 7 :30—CBS Television News 7:45—The Amazing Polgar 7 :55—Ruthle on The Telephone S : 00—Mama S:30—Man Against Crime 0:00—Theater 10:00—People's Platform 10:30—Newsreel WVI»T Channel 4 6:30—Howdy Doody 6:00—Western Film fi:30—Easy Does It 6:4">—Judv Splinters 7:00-Kultla, Frai) & Oltle 7:30—Morton Downey 7 :45— : News Cnravan 8:00—Hopalong Cassldy 9:00—Bonny Maids Show 0 -.30—Lights Out 10:00—BoxinK •1 :00—Greatest Files? 11 :ID—Tropic Holiday Record Compensation Award Given In Silicosis Case Commissioner Harry Krasow yes- .erday handed down a decision which provides .wortajten's compensation payments amounting to nearly $24,000 in the case of an Ansonia man suffering from silicotu- berculosis. Marcelino Costa, New Haven, a 'ormer employe of the Farrel-Birm- ngham Co., Ansonia, was awarded weekly payments of $30 for a period of 520 weeks. The company was also ordered to reimburse .he state of Connecticut for sanl- torium services given the man for nearly five years. Treatment payments total $7,976.04.. The finding also orders the company to re- mburse the employe with the sum of $133.86 he paid at the Sheltdn Sanitorium where he was admitted five days after leaving his work with the firm July 25. 1944. addition the firm was ordered continue to furnish treatment to Costa. First Case The case is the first of its type to be decided under Connecticut law. Commissioner Krasow ruled that although the affliction suffered by he employe is not curable, treatments were prolonging his life and herefore the expense came under :he act. The company contended the treatments merely rendered comfort and were not a cure. The commissioner stated, "in the present state of medical science there is no cure for silicosis. The only treatment is supervised bed rest, diet and exercise. With supervised bed rest, diet and exercise, the life span of a person suffering from silicosis or ailicotuberculosls may be prolonged. The claimant has survived because of the treatment received at 'Laurel Heights sanitorium under competent professional supervision." It was pointed out in the finding that the man worked at the foundry for more than 11 years as a chipper, exposed '.o silica dust in a highly concentrated form. CANAIJA'S MINES Canadian production of nickel was 130,000 tons in 1948. Have A Delicious TOASTED "HOT DOG" at ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterburjr Road at 1'Inttn Mills Open Dally It Noon to 12 Midnight Sundays S V. M. to 12 Midnight Thomaston Flood Control Dam Study To Be Continued The Army Corps of Engineers Is expected to begin a re-survey of the Housatonic Watershed, including the Naugatuck River in the near future. The corps has already decided that coft of a dam in Thomaston would be justified In view of flood damage which the river might cause. Action on the dam was delayed several months ago pending a re-survey. Strong opposition to the plan was expressed by valley residents earlier this year. One or more public hearings is to be held by the Engineers after a conference Monday at the State Water Commission's office in Hartford. • In 1932 and 19S3 the Engineers said no flood control measures would be taken in the Naugatuck River because costs would be far greater than the potential damage. New England Bank Management Parley Opens In Boston Boston, Oct. 7—(NEC)—The 19th New England Bank Management Conference, to be held at the Hotel Statler today, will be attended by more than 300 of the region's bankers, it was announced by E. Ross Carver, chairman, Bankers' Committee of the New England Council and executive vice-president of the Indian Head National Bank, Nashua, New Hampshire. Dr. Carl J. Friedrich, professor of government, Harvard University, will address the conference on the problems and' prospects of rebuilding a sound Germany. Dr. F^ied- rich was formerly governmental affairs advisor to the military governor. U. S. Zone, Germany. Among the other speakers to be presented during the morning and afternoon sessions of the confer- ensce are: Alexander J. Guffanti, vice-president, Springfield, Mass., National Bank, who will discuss consumers' credit and personal loans; Howell M. Stillnian, president, Bay State Merchants National Bank, Lawrence, who will review commercial loans; John H. Payne, public relations counsel, Northford, Conn., who'will speak on how to make bank public relations pay; and Richard A. Booth, presi- dent, Springfield, .Mass., Institution for Savings, who will discuss mortgage loans. New England Council President James C. Richdale and Calvin D. Crawford, chairman of the Council's Recreational . Development Committee, will address the assembled bankers at the luncheon session. Sunday Excursions to NEW YORK $1-85 LOW Round Trip FARE Lv. Naugatuck 8:09 AM (Tax Inch) Going Arr. New York (GOT) 10:02 AM Return Lv. New York (GOT) 7:35 PM Arr. Naugatuck 9:36 PM Tickets Limited to Train Capacity THE NEW HAVEN R.R. X-Ray Shoe Fitting Machines OK In Conn. Hartford, Oct. 7—(UP)—State Health Commissioner Dr. Stanlev H. Osborn says he has no evf- dence to prohibit the use of X-ray shoe fitting machines in Connecticut. The doctor's statement follows i warning from the Massachusetts Health Department that over exposure to the machines could harm salesmen and customers. Dr. Osborn says he will ask Massachusetts officials for information on a survey which they conducted. WANT COCBT Meriden — The Meriden Bar association believes that the Common Pleas court should hold sessions in their city. The organization intends to petition the assembly of Common Pleas court judges. Y AUXILIARY The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Nau- gtuck YMCA will meet Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock in the YMCA. Miss Jane Bontempo, president, will preside. COMBINATION ALtlMlNUM SXOBM WINDOWS & DOOKS NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO tut Bank St.. Wfttorbury Pbone 4-9219 EUTKUB \tlantic Service Station Fern and Ch«itnut Ste. VOW OPEN! ! Atlantic Top Grade OH St-cond-to-none 30c-35c CLEARANCE Of Brand New 1949 SMITH - CORONA ADDING MACHINES $79-50 (This Tax) REG. $107.50 (Plus Tax) PAY ONLY $7.00 DOWN — $1.50 PER WEEK 159 GRAND ST. Opposite Post Office WATERBITBY No other low-priced car offers you all these EXTRA VALUES RADIO — TELEVISION R.C.A. — Admiral Television 8»lM nnii Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Since 1925 25 CEDAR ST. TEL. 1574 FALL TERM NOW OPEN Office Open 8:30 A. M. to 4:30 P. M. POST JUNIOR COLLEGE A Central Ave. Waterbury Phone 4-8772 Executives Car! 1949 Oldsmobile Model "98" 4-Door Sedan Loaded With Accessories, Low Mileage. Sold With a New Car Guarantee. 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