Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 7, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1949
Page 4
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• )AOE *—NAPOATCCK NEWS (CONK.), FRIDAY, OCT. 7, 1949 «r«ry unrmlB* 8und*y) toy CBK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORP. NADGATUCK. CONN. Telephone* All DepMtaMBt* : mm m»cooa CUM matter at th. port. offle« in Naugatmck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Fijnfcte In Adv»ne« j WnntH ...tlJO 1 T««r ..|M.«q Americas H, «. n -- llcmber: N«w«p«p«r "FRIDAY. OCTOBER 7, More Is Needed At a recent Kansas Congress of Parents and Teachers. Dr. Howard T. Hill of Kansas State College said: ••I doubt If w« can save u»e world through education. W e must develop human character. We are in such a hurry to jam things down the kids^ throats that being out of breath is an American characteristic. We have gone degree crazy. "We emphasize the alphabet after the name instead of the personality of our teachers. Our schools and our homes need to emphasize human personality, not the back slapping kind but that which is a reflection of human life." More and more thinkers are concentrating on the children and asking if parents and teachers have the right attitude toward them. The world of the future can be no better than the average intelligence of the oncoming generation, the average ability to cope with an increasingly complex environment. Something more than formal education is needed, as Dr. Hill saya. Fighting A Killer ' Interest in the work of the American Heart Association is becoming widespread. Efforts of the organization to reduce th« number of deaths from heart disease are not only" worthy but immediately necessary. '.Last year' 626,000 Americans died from heart attacks, the largest angle cause of death in the nation. It has already been demonstrated thatn deaths from this cause can be reduced markedly through education of the public, -to the end that heart strains are .-.voided and symptoms detected in time for efficacious treatment. Doctors admit they are not too : -<veU .informed* on causes of the i.isess*. They are familiar -with the symptoms. . They know that the main forms are the result of rheumatic fever, high blood pressure and hardening of the *arteries. Variations are commonly known as angine, coronary, thrombosis and other manifestations. Often tie disease is not recognized by the victims, and not apparent co others, . hence an appalling number of sudden deaths. It is the purpose of the association, through the efforts of the scientists, to discover the origin of heart disease, •with the result that the public can be coached into better understanding. The undertaking is a big one and should have nationwide financial and moral support. Every community has had its victims. Every, community should join in the fight against the kill- will investigate lobbying at the instigation of President Truman. The President suggested that Congress take a look at pressure groups, especially the real estate lobby which has been a continuing object of affection, and the House was more than pleased to oblige. In fact, the demand for places on the investigating committee la exceeded only by congresional requests for seats on the 50-yard line for the Army-Navy game. To date, 55 Democrats, and almost an many Republicans, have applied for the seven committee berths. Plainly, the statesmen scent happy hunting, a good show and many headlines. Targets are being agreed upon, and as of now include, among other, business, labor, farm, utilities and professional lobbies. At the request of Republicans, the explorations will be broadened to include government agencies which have been known to attempt to influence legislation and appropriations. Apparently laws requiring registration of lobbyists have not been sufficient to protect Congress from special pleaders who at times permit their enthusiasm to exceed the bounds allowed by the right of petition. But experience suggests that if the committee is intent upon protecting Congress in full against the wiles and encroachments of lobbyists, it will find barbwire more effective than regulatory laws. More than a third of a million people in the United States earn their living by writing. What percentage of that number can spell has not been determined. THE CLOCK Mrs. Dorothy Wood of the Service tor Veterans office Is going to Hartford Tuesday to appeal a veterans VA claim.... during the years thn office him oi>«rnt'ed here Mr«. Wood han handled about 400 veterans claims... .this is the first being appealed through the borough office... .she reports that in all cases where adequate proof is furnished by the veteran, the board handling claims allows satisfactory compensation.... in cases where legal proof cannot be established, veterans run into difficulties in obtaining what they consider a just compensation. Big Ed Nlsaen was In New York last night attending a dinner of the Woodmen of the World... .Little Ronald Ruzzy ''Stood 'cm on their curs" we're told, with his accordion renditions the other night In Waterbury. ... Many are looking forward to the Chamber of Commerce brochure which will list many facts related to Naugatuck's history, government, schools, churches, population, recreation, transportation, shopping, etc. which Is to be published in a month or HO .... nlfto to l>r included is a street map of the borough... .the street map should be of special interest due to the many new streets here. WALTER WINGMELL In New York DANGBB! YANKEE FAN AT LABOE! Ford Frlck, the National League'*) top magistrate, and his Better Half (which is not a criticism) occupied the loge Southwest of ours at the Stadium the opening matinee, . .Mr. Frlck made the day merrier by offering tho Jolly n»w» that Billy Grieve (the umpire who almost cost the Yankees the banner) was not among the referees 1 rage—l?o he composed one about j baseball. The bouncy ditty clicked Innnvodlately. .. Norworth witnessed Mary Brandten of Francis street, hoN returned to her home from St Mary's Hospital, where t*he underwent surgery.... Dot Bean of The News Is. a patient at Waterbury Iloxpltul, ulno for surgery.... at the First Game. "We rotate Bankers Bill Boies and Sherna Buell are in Boston for a convention of their colleagues.... Charlie Bengtson, he of the mellow radio voice, is readying an announcement of importance... them every year, you know," said Mr. Frick. "Grieve worked the Series last time." "Please!" yelled a fan. "Not while I'm eating!" Do You Remember? One Year Ago State Representative Clara O'Shea was renominattd by Beacon Falls Democrats. T. Rex Behrman was named chairman of the Naugatuck Housing Authority for a five-year period. 20 Years Ago John F .O'Toole was elected O'Shea-was renominated by Beaven county district of Hibernians. The All - Naugatuck football team battled the strong Ansonia Acorns combine to a scoreless tie at Recreation Field. . Household Scrapbook Sour HUfc When washing bottles that have contained sour milk, use some baking soda in the bottle. Pour hot water over the soda and shake well. Then rinse in cold water, and the bottle will fairly shine. ,, Silverware Flat silver can be quickly cleaned and without any harm done to it, by covering with sour milk and boiling for three minutes. This a very effective method. Pantry Shelves Washing the pantry shelves with a hot solution of alum water occasionally will drive away al roaches and insects. Congrats to Mrs. Alden Saunders, who celebrated a birthday last Friday... .Mr. and Mrs. John Wedermeyer of Kast Waterbury road entertained a guest from New York city during the weekend. Charlotte Floyd of New Haven road and Cynthia Squires of Park avenue aided tho Girl Si'.out campaign Immeasurably yexterduy in a special radio interview conducted in The News office. .. .Script wac, prepared by Mrs. Fremont Tolles—and It was excellent in every respect...,. Prof. P. Santora of the N. Y. Mirror put it down beat ,wc think, in a simile: "Colder than an umpire's heart!"... A manager once cracked: "Umpires wear masks to keep from biting the players"... Frankie Frisch was once chased off the field for bitterly protesting a decision. Before Frisch stepped down into the dugout, he turned arid thumbed his nose. The Ump I rushed over and roared: "Did you thumb your nose at me?".. .Deadpanned Frankie: ''Y*ou made the other decision—make this one." Mr. and Mrs. BUI Conley of Bristol, B. I., recently married, stopped off to say hello to Bill's brother-in-law and sister, Hans and Dot Nlssen yesterday.... Mrs. C. is the former Pat Black. An unusually versatile musical program was featured at the opening tea of the Naugatuck Woman's Club, Monday afternoon, and according to comments, was most enjoyable... .It seems singer Cliff Wprren, specializing in cowboy and westerns, was one of those who especially enjoyed hearing three club members perform. ., .Mrs. Adolph Nelson, contralto, and Mrs. Albert Marsh, soprano, sang a duet, "The Waltz of the Flowers", the Nutcracker Suite, by Tschaikow- sky; and Mrs. Nelson sang. a solo, "By the Waters of Minnetonka," by Thurlow Lieurancer. . .Mrs. Norman Hpvey was piano accompanist... .The three were equally complimentary of Cliff's performance. Trying to dial Mrs. Jim Moore's telephone' Thursday was about as simple as talking terms with John L. Lewis... .Mrs. M,'s phone was kept buzzing by messages of congratulations... .She won several prizes on a radio quiz contest... . NEWS photog Bill Leuchars finds little spare time for fixing his car now that tho club Reason lt> In full swing... .It's just one flashbulb after another for the shutter-clicking ex-Marine photographer .... Thanks to our item here the other night the mystery of the mixed-up green coats has been solved.. ..Mrs. Chuck Waskowicz provided the key.'... Well-known local insurance agent Martin Palosky is reported seriously ill at Griffin Hospital, Derby... .Pat Kelley will lie master of ceremonies at the K. of C. Communion breakfast Sunday in Beacon Falls * Ida Wendy Schooley, promising young coloratura soprano, will aid the Waterbury Red Feather campaign Oct. 13. i.. She'll sing in a special program on the Waterbury green.... Cliff told us of an incident which we thought worthy of passing on... A native of Naugatuck, Cliff moved to Texas alter the war and gained considerable renown as a singer of western songs... Last January the Tex- aivs, all of whom claim that anything Texas-bred is better than anything else, chose Clfif as the singer to represent • the state at the President's Inaugural ball. .. .Which just goes to prove what we've known all along.'.. Transplant a Connecticut .Yankee anyplace, and he takes over- STAR REPORTER An Auspicious Sign A summer spurt in national employment has been reported by the- Labor Department. In the month ended August 15 approxi- 'mtely 500,000 •workers were added, to industrial payrolls. Increasing the numbe, 'of the country's breadwinners to 59,917,000, the new borings have cut total unemployment back to 3,690,000, according to the report. Government officials hall this as the first significant Vise in em? •jdoyment this year. A report of increasing employment is always welcome, but it comes now at an eopecially auspicious period. American business, without a doubt, is in for some real bumps as the repercussions of European devaluation make themselves felt In the; competition for markets at home and abroad. A buttressed labor force, with money to spend, may help cushion the shocks. .'•.'••' It is inevitable that, devaluation, giving America'*' competitors the jump in under-selling them, will force U. S. producers to follow suit. Two alternative courses of action present themselves. Readjustment can be effected by cutting costs, with a probable impact on payrolls, or by increascing production. Increased production can only be achieved by an increase in consumer demand. The more people gainfully employed -when, the" 1 fateful choice must be made, the more likely is selection of heightened productivity. Happy Hunting Washington, which has almost as many investigating committees at large as five per centers, is about to get another. This one, by courtesy of. the House, but without ; " Senate ' "piirticipatlon, Pint-sized Russell Savard also went to Rocky Hill with the group...|After he had met Cliff, he wouldn't let the 6' 4" (6' 5 1-2" in his boots) singer out of his sight... The good-natured Cliff was rather surprised when Russ asked him for 10. autographs... Seems that Russ was getting the autographs for nine girls in the show who wer.e .too shy to ask Cliff themselves. - • An umpire was once asked why he stayed on the job. considering all the abuse it invited. "I know it's a tough job," he explained. "But you can't beat the hours." Benny Goodman's new vocallure, Dolly Houston, was being interviewed. Dolly said that Goodman discovered her in a Boston nightspot..."! understand," said the reporter, "that everyone in Boston is very pleasant." '.'They were," edited Dolly, a Red Sox fan, "until last weekend." his first major league game years later. 31 Byron Palmer, who plays Ray olger's roommate in "Where's Charley?" was In Chandler's last night. He was alsked: "Do you ever Set 'bored seeing Bolger dance?" "That's like asking a fellow if he ever gets bored counting his Letter To A Doctor By FRANK TRIPP By FBANK Dear Doctor: Fanny asked me, "Have you written Doctor Booth yet?" Sheepishly, I admitted, "No, 1 haven't." "You 'should be lislmmnd of your- Hclr." sho uuld', "after all he's done for us. Now here's his address and you write him today. Take some time to write your friends instead money," was the Retort Proyer. [ ° 1f .i 11 ..!: h . e1 _ t . l . m f_^u""5™ £ !. t CraZ> ' A car wag stopped by a light and a. mendicant (Cursed toy Drink) came up and said: "Ah. here is a gent of affluence, who will throw money!" me some folding "Gave it all to the gov't to help take care .of unfortunate^ like you," said a sportswriter. "You know where to go—why d'on't you?" "Because,", was the punchline, "I prefer to relax on s'siety!" stuff you (put in the paper." You know how she is, doctor, straight from the shoulder, like you. Great gal! They tell ime you're coming along fine. I knew you would, with everybody pulling for you like they are—and the good ones praying—those who've kept their contacts on high. Times like you are going through make pecjp-le think back. They make us more deeply appreciate our fi-iendls and those who have been our benefactors. In her Dally Variety pillar Florabel Muir, one of H'wood's top reporters, quarreled over the way New Yorkers luke-wartnly greeted "Blackouts," the revue that ran seven years in Phonytmrg. "The New York reviewers," complained Flo, "always look down their supercilious noses at anything: originating on the West Coast." Or on any other coast, dearie. Someone, wondered what'd happen if Stalin dropped an A-Bomb on Yankee Stadium this week. 'Nuthin'," said Jerry Brooks. "It •wouldn't change the odds any"... Carol Lynne thinks it's only fair that all the television networks are carrying the series. "Baseball," she reminds, "has been carrying television all year!"... Chas. Rapp, the agent, called a ticket broker for a pair to '"South Pacific." "Give you fifty bucks!" he baited..."G 1 wan!" was the. reply. "For fifty bux I wouldn't eyen get ya tickets to the Paramount!" Drmaa critic G. J. Nathan, who became a Yankee fan in his sunset years (once in a book he called baseball fans morons), makes a prediction . on the series: "The Yankees in 4 Acts!" Things I'll Remeinbbcr: Tommy Henrich's Finst Game Homer, the smack 6'f'.which had such lethal flnaility.. (Riadio listeners, hearing the crack 'of lightning, must have known whs* it was before Mel or Red mad,e, it^ofllqial... .Pitcher Newoomib was convinced of its authority before Tommy reached First Base. ...I saw Newcomb take a look at the ball (in its hurry to Brooklyn) and leave the m|pun.d, chin in chest, wearing his defeat with great dignity... .Seeing nearly'"every'item I ever colyumed (in 25 years), from Cal's widow, Grace,, down to Sam, the Goniff. .Having the choice of seats for yesterday's 2nd Game or Row A, Center, 101-102 for last night's "South Pinzafic". .. .It's wonderful being a syndicated newspaper columnist. You meet such interesting free tickets. only you can accumulate, you asked me, "Where do you think your heart is?" I put my hand ne^r my lower left rib. You hauled off an<l poked me n smart wallop just below the collar bone. It was no love tap. "Your heart's u',-> there," you said, "and you've «ot the h««rt of an ox. Get n bottle of rhubarb and soda and quit trying .to cut out the town." "How much do I owe you?" J asked and you ^lid: "Nothing. I dont want it on record that I ever prolonged the life of a newspaperman." I >4Ut the rhubarb and soda and my gas pains "topped. You could have shook me down good then. 1 was scared. I remember the time the railroad sent my wonderful old dad to you to be examined. The record said he was near the age limit for a locomotive engineer—but he could throw my 190 poundin across the room, no foolin'. You had some kind of a racket with the Lehigh that let you ride all over on a pass. I guess they also paid you for it. I was a struggling reporter' went in your office, down New. York cab drivers have their own delicious way . of expressing hemselves.> . One of them recog- ized Joan Blondell as she got into his. .Series-bound 'hack and said: Oh, boy! Fve had Rita Hayworth, ;'ye had Laha Turner and now— I've HAD you!" Years ago Brooklyn teams were amed; for'their clowns. They did not win any pennants but provided many laughs... One of the zaniest Dodgers was Babe Herman. He was also one of the most popular. German once asked a sportswriter for a match as he pulled a half- smoked cigar out of his pocket. 'Never mind," he gagged. "It's still ighted!". .IWhen Rudy York committed a series of fielding fluffs, Harry Cross dreamed up this pic- ureaque patter: "York can surround a ball 7-^ but he doesn't know low to subdue it",... Babe Ruth lolds most of the World Series batting, records. This will give you an idea of hia mighty accomplishments: In two .World Series games he Babe blasted six homers.. .DeWolfe Hopper's idea of the perfects baseball game: "When my side :ets 15. runs in the first inning and gradually increases its lead." Another reason Joe DIMagglo lias .the deepest respect among players is that he believes the welfare of the team is more important than /Individual brilliance... Some time after the Dodger-Yank Series in '41 a gal in a hotel lobby heckled Joe—reminding him that Dodger (pitcher Wyatt held hiin hltless in one game. "Wya*t made you look like a monkey," she Bronx'd. "You forget one thing, ma'm," Joe said. "1 wasn"t playing against Wyatt. The Yankls' were playing the Dodgers and the Yanks won." MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Should a woman refer to her husband as "Mr .Jones" when 'talking with an acquaintance? A. It would be better to say "my husband," even when talking with a stranger. "Mr. Jones" can be reserved for the servants and em- ployes. Q. How much tip should be given to a check girl in a night club? A.. Twenty-five cents is the usual minimum. Q. What is the correst way to acknowledge an invitation to a cHristening? A. Either by letter or telephone. then. Pop where now there's a gas station or something. YouBaid to him. "Comr- on, take off your coat and shirt." It took a guy like you to boss my dad around even that much. "When were you last examined?" you asked him. "Long time ago," said |?op, threw out his three score and ten chest and continued, "by old Doc Brown, the one with the whiskers. He gave me six months to live." "Brown has been dead 20 years," you said. "Yep, and I'm still- here," said pop. "And you're going to be for a damned long time," you said. And he was—for another 15 years. Pop came home and told mom, "That young Doc Booth *!B going to get somewhere." You did get somewhere. Got where, to consult you .folk); had to go where you were. I went there one days lots later. Though still a youn'g man, I was sure I was not long for •this world, from' a heart that was through. You gave me the •works. Looking at me, with such disgust ais To Run For Senate Jack No'rworth's ditty, "Take Me Out -to the Ball Game," has become the anthem of the nation- all (pastime. Ironically; Norworth wasn't a baseball ,fan when he penned the song in 1906. At that time songs about sports -were the Look And Learn 1. What is the largest statistical bureau in the world? 2. Wntqh is ,,the world's largest port in tonnage of vessels entered and cjeared? . 3. Whtijtjs philology? : 4. By "what other name is the Book of Revelation in the Bible known? 5. What is a danseuse? Answers 1. The IT. S. Census Bureau. 2. New York City. ' > 3. The study of language, especially as a; science. 4. The Apocalypse. 5. A female dancer, especially, a ballet dancer. New Machine At Yale Measures High Speed (By United Press) A machine that can measure the speed of a bullet* has been described at a meeting of the Yale branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. One of the devices is a high-speed counter with a capacity of 100,000 counts a second. Some laboratory models can break the time movement even down to one-ten-millionth of a second. , NEW YORK Then, doctor, there were two other times. And for those I have always loved you as much as one he-man could love another. Twice you saved the life of my pal—th« girl who's been by sweetheart from childhood. You've taken so mnny folks apart and put them back together that maybe you'll not reme.T.iber—but oh, how I do. One of the times, thp worse ono. I sat outside the ojpcrating room. You let me be closer than itsuaJ. with the door open. I understood why—and it didn't help. I sat out there and prayer: "Oh God. help Doc Booth nnd Abe Lande. Please, God do—not for my sake. God. I can take it—but for hei-'s and for my babies." I made this prayer a hundred times. You had told me how tough the job would be. That hour was ages long to me. The ominous silence— just now and then your voice, setter now, "Plight there, Lantle." Then a whisper from Abe, 'B:id. doctor, bad," Then you. o bit loughtcr, "Shut up, Lande." More lonjj dreadful silence—just the rustic of the nurses gowns. just the- nauseating odor of the anaesthetic; just, now and then, a direction from you—just an ,-iwful space of time for me, yot the nearest I've been to God in all rny life. And then there rang the most welcome classic you've ever emitted. You'll pardon me, doctor, but it wouldn't be (printable uncensored hero.. Close enough, it was: "Damn it to hell, Lande, thank God that's done—and well. N,o\v look here, the next time you assist me don't you ever—" and so forth and so on—you, with your arm around the younger doctor. You and Abe caime out, almost to another patient. "Everything is fine," you said. And after months it. was. . | Doctors everywhere ..and great surgeons like you have scattered in their realms, just as grateful hearts as mine. What a. pity more folks don't put their gratitude into words as I have tried to do. Feeble, humble and inadequate as these words turn out to be, they are the only medicine with which I can pay installment on the dtibt I owe to you. Come home soon—well. FRANK TRIPP. (Copyright 1949, General Feaures Corporation.) NEW ENGLANDS LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMINAL BUNKER Fuel Oil CONORESSWOMAN Helen Gahagau Douglas (D-Cal.) has announced her intention of running next fall for the Senate seat held for two terms by Sen, Sheridan Downey. Now in Los Angeles, Representative Douglas said she expected a .lively campaign battle. (International) per gallon f. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-35U ^Wrv, BUC&LEY /" BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS Ask for FREE Bank-by-Mail Envelopes THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System The Naugaluck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET Tel. 5236

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