Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 7, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1949
Page 2
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FAGK 3—XAIKiATUCK N1CWH (CONN.), FRIDAY, OCT. 7, 104ft DREW PEARSON ON "fhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Perfume-Maker Bennett Gave Poker Parties As Well As Deep Freezes; General Vaughan's Friend Bought Three Yachts And Four Airplanes From Government; Senator Hoey Pressured To Hush Up Vaughan Investigation. Washington — When good old Clyde Hoey, the swallow-tailed senator from North Carolina, announced there would be no more hearings on General Vaughan, John Maragon and the five-per- centers, it didn't surprise anybody on the inside. For insiders have known how much pressure has been exerted by the White House to shut the investigation up. One month ago it was announced that public hearings would be suspended in order to give the committee staff a chance to do more investigating, also to give Committee Counsel Rogers a two- week vacation. Since then, however. White House pressure has been terrific with even staff investigators threatened with loss of government pensions. Since then also some sensational leads have been glossed 'over by committee investigators or carefully stowed away in pigeonholes. One of the most interesting figures which Senator Hoey and his staff have turned their back on is David A. Bennett, the perfume manufacturer, who sent seven deep freezes to General Vaughan, Mrs. Truman and other bigwigs at about the time Vaughan's friend, John Maragon, •was trying to smuggle Bennett's perfume into the United States disguised as champagne for the White House. Yachts And Deep Freezes There are some other interesting things about Mr. Bennett which the public doesn't know, and most of the record is in government files where any Senate investigator could easily dig it out. This column* doesn't have the same power to subpoena records as does Senator Hoey of North Carolina, but since the Senate committee has decided to backslide on the job. this writer baa- done his best to take up where the senator from North Carolina left off. For instance, here are two in- FLOWERS For All OccMlon* FLOWERS TEXEORAFHEP KttKK.rimimf.mtf. MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP IM BUBBER AVENUE IW. IBM BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 LEWIS CARROLL T»« Dealer oa the Bqaarc CEJfTEB BQUABE _ CORSES PBOSPECT * trsioir STREETS Barclay TOe Board Chrom. Trt» Doo; Fjnua** Wtedow 8»ab * Traei F*lBM Floor Saaders In Bert TBXEPHO2TE S484 CORDUROY SPORT COATS All Colon — Sizes S6 to 44 $17.50 CORDUROY PANTS Sizes 2 to 42 — $2.95 up MBRUSKI 3^mE^H3^XIEQ^9fllB NOKTH MAEf ST. TEI« 3807 Open Fri. Till 9 teresting things which the public has a right to know about. Mr. Bennett, at the time he was giving away deep freezes, acquired four government airplanes without competitive bidding, and four luxury yachts, three of them from the U. S. Government. Four yachts are a lot for any one man to have. For that matter, so are four airplanes. However, deep-freeze-giver Bennett wasn't satisfied with four yachts and wanted to buy another. To this end, a letter was written to John Maran, care of General Vaughan at the White House, by one of Bennett's subordinates. The letter, dated Nov. 19, 1945, is in the files of Senator Hoey's committee, but since he doesn't seem interested in doing anything about it, this column is glad to publish the letter as follows: r. John Maragon, c/o Brig. Gen. Harry Vaughan's Office, White House, Washington, D. C. "Dear John:— "At the request of Mr. Bennett, am sending you herewith reprint of an advertisement—on 'yachting' and 'motor boating'. Mr. .Bennett would like you to contact Commodore Moran, of the small boats division, Maritime Commission—Miss Barrett, sec'y. and find out what condition this is in, and what price they are asking for same. "Mr. Bennett is feeling fine after his little rest in the country, and is planning on leaving here again tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving there. "Hope you are in the best of health, and with the kindest regards. ..." Poker Parties On Yachts At the time this letter was written to Maragon, Bennett already had the following luxury yachts: "Carnan", 600 horsepower, 121 foot, 221 tons; "Valerie V", 84 foot, 124 tons; "Caroline', 45 foot, 24 tons: "Nedra B', 111 foot, 101 tons. All these, except the "Valerie V", were purchased direct from the Maritime Commission. And when the Maritime Commission "was asked to disclose who else bid on the vessels, and how much was bid, the information was refused. When asked whether the bids had been advertised, Miss Mary Barrett, referred to in the above letter to Maragon, flejwr into a rage. Ortfe reason why Sen. Hoey may wish to deal lightly) with the man who had so many deep freezes and yachts at his disposal was because Harry Truman, when Vice-President, was a guest aboard the Bennett Yachts. In fact, the yachts were used for some of the famed Truman- Vaughan poker parties, and this long-time intimacy between the President of the United States and the president of the Verley Perfume Company may be why Maragon felt that he could with impunity label his perfume as consigned to the White House and try to smuggle it through U. S. customs. E SANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batterlec Washing Machines, Baby Carriages Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED 450 Robber ATC. Phone 6377 FBED'S HI-WAY GRILUB 601 South Main St. Regular Daily Dinner SOc up CATERING FOR WEDDINGO SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES, Etr Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License RANGE BURNERS STOVE and FURNACE PIPES PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPtE STREET Free Delivery Telephone 6044 Thinking Ahead is the job of our research people. Their work pays off in better products, better public service. Naugatuck Chemical DIVISION OF UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY 'Serving Through Science" NOW OPEN SUNDAYS FULL COURSE TURKEY DINNER $1.50 Lobsters — Steaks — Chops ANNENBERG'S RESTAURANT PARK PLACE JL. NAUGATUCK luropean Jmre, Belgian hare or Jack Rabbit. The use of fitch, rodent or ferret is prohibited. The season on raccoon opens on October 15 to March 15; for muskrats, Novem'oer 1 to March 15. Hunting: for deer te fey permit only, issued by the state board of fisheries and ga'm«. The season is now 'ojpen up till October 15 for railsC including •era land Fallinules. Coot can be shot from November 4 to December 13 .The season for wild duck 'including: wood duck) is open from November 4 to December 13. The daily bag- limit is four of any kind or in the aggregate all kinds (except American and rndbreastcd mergansers) but including- in such limit not more than one wood duck. , The season for isea coot or scoters and eider ducks is open coastal waters only, 'beyond outer harbor lines, is oprn now to December 17. The open season for ^Ud jreese (not including- ®now eese brant nad ross geese) is from, November 4 to December 13. The season for woodcock is froir October 20 to November 18 The daily bag limit is four. This species may be hunted one-half hour before sunrise to sunset, including- opening- day. Hunters are reminded ithat migratory birds may be hunted with bow and arrow or with shotgun only, no larger than No 10 .gauge, fired from $he shoulder, with not more than three shell capacity. A federal duck stamp is required for hunting migratory waterfowl (ducks and g-eese), obtainable from the post office at a cost of $2. Sportsmen hunting migratorv waterfowl are reminded to become acquainted with federal regulations. Town Clerk Lists Game, Seasons For Borough Sportsmen Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John reports that 1 .'though tho hunting season for (pheasants, ruffled groulsc, quail and ; grey squirrels does not open until Oct. 26, many of the borough's sportsmen have already obtained th«ir hunting licenses at his town hall office. Here is a breakdown of various game and its seasons: The season for pheasants, cock or hen; grouse and gray tsquirrels closes November 26, while that for quail ends on November 5. The daily bag limit for pheasant, cock or hen, is two. and for the season 15 .The open season on rabbits and wild hares is from November Ito December 31. The daily 1 bag limit is 3, and for the season 30. There is no closed season on Cancel Waterbury Show Train Section The Waterbury section of the New Haven Railroad's "show train" which will be run on October 11 to the rodeo at Madison Square Garden in New York, has been canceled, the road announced today. No tickets were sold at any of the Naugatuck Valley stations, it was reported. The "show train" will be run as orginally scheduled from Hartford and New Haven, picking up passengers at Bridgeport and other stations enroute. Gene Autry, star of the rodeo, is scheduJed to ride the train together with many of his performers. DEEPEST CELLARS Mushroom cellars in Paris reach 160 feet underground. What's Doing In Naugatuck Friday, Oct. 7 Birthday festival sponsored by Ladies' Aid society, Salem Lutheran church hall, 8 p. m. Rummage sale, Ladies Auxiliary of Naugatuck' American Legion Post. Sunday, Oct. 9 Ojeda Council Communion Breakfast, St. Michael's Church, Beacon Falls. Monday, Oct. 10 Beacon Valley Home Makers Club, home of IMrs. Fred Twit.chell, 17 Burke street, Union City. 10:30 a. m: "Monthly meeting, board of public welfare, town hall, 8 p. m. Garden department, Naugatuck Woman's club, tour of Bristol Nurseries. Juiiiorettes of Naugatuck Woman's club, opening tea. Tuesday, Oct. 11 General meeting, Congregation Beth Israel, synagogue, 148 Fairview avenue, 8:30 p. m. Girl Scout leaders meeting at home of Mrs. John McGroary, 64 Park avenue, 8 p. m. Evangeline Circle of Salem Lutheran church meeting at the Tranquilly Farm, Middlebury, supper, 6:30 p. m. Wednesday, Oct. 12 Hop Brook Parent-Teacher Association meets at 8 p. m. in the school auditorium. Dessert - bridge, Congregational parish house, spgnsored by Ladies' Aid Society at 2 p. m. Thursday, Oct. 13 Card party, sponsored by American Legion auxiliary, Memorial Home, Cedar street, 7:30 p. rn. Rummage sale, Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel, vacant store next to Alcazar theater, 9:30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Rummage sale, sponsored by Ladies' Aid society of Salem Lutheran church, church hall 7 to 9 p. m. Friday, Oct. 14 Rummage sale by St. Mary's Altar society, church basement, 9:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. • Food sale, Pond Hill Community club, Brennan's store, 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. Rummage sale. Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel, vacant store next to Alcazar theater, 9:30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Rummage sale, sponsored by Ladies' Aid society of Salem Lutheran church, church hall, 9 a. m. to 12 noon. Saturday, Oct. 15 Auction, Congregational Church parish house at 10 a. m. Sponsored by Ladies' Aid Society. Thursday, Oct. 20 Food sale sponispred by St. Michael's Guild St. Michael's parish house, 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. Rummage sale, vacant store next to Alcazar, on Main street, 9 to 4 p. m., for benefit of Beacon Valley Grange. Rummage Sale, Beacon Valley Grange, in vacant store, next to Alcazar on Main street, 9 to 4 p. m. Saturday, Oct. 22 Reunion, NHS Class of 1939, Concordia Hall, Seymour. Tuesday Oct. 25 Rummage sale, sponsored by St. Michael's Guild, St. Michael's parish house, 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Wednesday, Oct. 26 Halloween Pzurty, Prospect St. PTA, in School. Thursday, Oct. 27 Harvest Sale, sponsored by Ladies' auxiliary of Hillside Congregational church in chijrch hall. 7 to & a>. m. ! Friday, Oct. 28 j Harvest Sale, sponsored by I Ladies' auxiliary of Hillside Congregational church in church hall, 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. General Clay Heads Save The Children Federation In NYC Gen. Lucius D. Clay, former U.S. Military Governor in Germany, has accepted chairmanship of a Save the Children Federation committee to sponsor child service work among needy children in Germany, the Federation announced today. The Save the Children Federation, which has National headquarters at 1 Madison Avenue, New York City, ,is now enlisting U. S. sponsors for individual children and groups of school children, and is furnishing layettes and clothing packages in Germany through a program similar to those it now conducts. in Austria, Finland, Holland, France, Greece, and Italy. In accepting leadership of the Committee ' to Aid German Children, General Clay wrote: "I know of no more worthy contribution to future world peace than the type of movement with which you are associated." Assisting- General Clay on the committee are Edward Arnold, Hollywood star and member of the Board of Directors of the Screen Actor's Guild; Milton Eisenhower, President of Kansas State University; Hon. William Langer, U. S. Senator from North Dakota; and Harold E. Stassen, President of the University of Pennsylvania.. The committee is in process of formation and additional members will be announced soon. Dr. John <R. Voris, President ot the Federation, said that the organization is extending its work to the children of Germany on the urgent recommendation of Dr. Charles R. Joy, European Commissioner for the Federation who has been surveying child needs in a number of European countries during the past five months. Dr. Joy reported conditions among German children, particularly those in refugee camps, as "appalling." The new Save the Children Federation program will be carried on in Western Germany and in the Western Sectors of Berlin, Dr. Voris said. Lawyer Held On Baby Adoption Charge (By United Press) A New York lawyer charged with putting out babies for adoption at fens running into thousands of dollars Is said to have been involved in a Hartford adoption case. Irving Slater was arrested in his New York office and held under $1,000 ball. The complaint against him mentioned specifically one child, daughter of a woman identified as Shirley Don. It charged that Slater arranged for Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Frankel of Hartford to adopt the Don child and in return received $2,000. Mrs. Don, whose home is in Brooklyn, N. Y., sought the return of -her child in a common pleas court action in Hartford, last March. But after a lengthy court battle, Judge Vine R. Parmelee ruled that the baby should stay with the foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frankel. Photogs To Meet At ChepEck Studio The Waterbury Professional Photographers Association, will meet Nov. 2 at the Cheplick Studio, Union City. At that time guests will be Mr. and Mrs. William Gerdes, New Haven. Mr. Gerdes, past president of the National Professional Photographers Assso- ciatlon, will demonstrate glamour and group photography and Mrs. Gerdes will demonstrate draping and oil coloring. Mr. and Mrs. John Cheplick will entertain. COMMERCIAL Mid DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 7430 Emergency C<U1 6607 AMAZfN6 WAU. COVERING New Housing Measure Approved Despite World Series Game (By United Press) Connecticut's 95-million-dollar housing program is going to move full steam ahead now that the legislature has made the necessary minor corrections. Governor Bowles signed the bill which was passed yesterday and said it was excellent news for thousands of low-income families. But passing the bill which both parties agreed upon did not turn out to be a simple matter for the Connecticut liiwmnkpni. Thoy did it 1 he. b:ird way. Anxious to hoar thn World Series, the legislators adjourned, but soon found out thai the wrong word wa.s used in the bill correcting defects in the housing act. Leaders scurried around the capitol and rounded ui> the representatives and senators. In the upper chamber, there -was barely a quorum. Aftor the correction was made, the luwmakcru wont back to listening to the ball game. BENT A CUTAWAY iruK TRAT IMPOBTAJfT EVJKKTI W« Caa FH Bo«» Toe M| IMBIMBO'S !'»«• All «» TT»|OB gt^ Wt»r. *•§«•• FASTER, EASIER, BETTER SEWMACHINES Feature* you'll think were especially designed to help you wick your next sewing project. High fashioned dresses, children's clothe*, curtains, drapes, mending, darning—all are easier and more foa to do on a Domestic Scwniadltine. Come in and tec and tfjr the** features for yound£ CONGO-WALL — CONGOLEUM NAIRN INLAID SOLD BY CARLSON'S NAUGATUCH 1 KITS MW TIES FEATIItU HUP YOIM SEWINfi t.rOUk POINT niD-Auvm •freight >likhln«. 2. KINMD HtisW fOOT-Ut. you MW evw bailing pint. >. DIM TIMSION CONTROL- for occvrat* rtniion odjuitmml. 4. flNOIKTIP PMflURI •!- tlASI-Ul« you darn ond nwnd Without ottachniwtii. *. WILT-IN MWUOHT-UghtMt yaw t*wing. tomtit «y« strain. •.HtVOLVIMO SPOOL MMt- rVtvtnlt tangltd or broken thrtadt. 7. WIM UNDU. ARM SMCI- Lott af room for r, vrtaint, dropoi. ft. AUTOMATIC IOUIN WINO- IM-Pli«ngagM whin bobbin It properly fillod. ». FORWARD AND BACKWARD IIWINO—Tack cornm without (topping machlno. 10. DIAL STITCH'LDWTH MO. ULATOR-Th* right ititch lot •vory garment. FURNITURE STYLED CABINETS ftoignMf for VM In any r**n» of your horn* Automatic (ill. A bvautiful p!«c**ff fwrnitur*. Mopl. finlih.d mod*) for kitchen, dinctM, btdreom. F«vr draww 4«k nwd*1. •Watavt or flnlifc. STORE OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT UNTIL 8 O'CLOCK HOWUWD-HUGHES "WATERBURY'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE" CARLSON'S OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS — CLOSED MONDAYS — WATERBURY'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE Here's An Item So Good We Can't Waif UntH Christmas! •You Save $21.25 In This MarveJous Sale! Famous "American Flyer" Electric Train Set It Choo Choos! It Puffs Smoke! 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