Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina on April 27, 1952 · 23
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Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina · 23

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 27, 1952
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(irk Douglas Star Of 'Big Trees' Mew - starlet Eve Miller, born with the Illustrious name of Marilyn Miller, is on the road to mak ing her adopted name as well known on the screen as her real name was on the New York musi cal comedy stage 25 years ago; yrinv ml In "Th Tir Tthi " th -' new Warner Bros, action epic . in eJor by Technicolor. Kirk Douglas afaB Patrice Wymore also star in - the film, due today at the' Cameo Theatre. r - Apparently little Eve or Mari lyn, as she was christened, was bora w)tii the desire to act, for as far back as she can remember her one ambition was to become a motion picture actress. However. upon graduation from high school. : Sve tamed to modelling and later Became a salesgirl for the Empori um and City of Paris Department stores' in California In fact, she credits the latter with being re sponsible for ber start in show busi ness. An ill-tempered customer mistook Eve's good intentions ' about the size of a dress, and com plained to, the management who In : turn suggested that Ire might be fciDnier elsewhere. - A Job followed with the chorus of ' the Follies Bergere production In San Francisco. It was there that a ' talent agent spotted her for films After minor roles In a number of pictures. Ma Lupino assigned her to 'Uever Fear," and it was Eve's - ensitive performance in this which Jed her to present Warner contract. SQUARE DANCING , . REVIVAL IN WEST V AWIPQXJERQUE- UV-r Cowboy frou Minnesota and cowgirls from the Bronx are taking up the old Southwestern practice of do-el-do and promenade. Square dane-ir" 'i enjoying a new boom with a strictly Western flavor. Tn of square dance clubs with hundreds of members have started in Albuquerque since the gogernment imported thousands of workers and service men to the Sandla Atomic Weapons Base ev Kirtlsnd Air Force Base. Square dancing - as formerly done In the East was a slow dance with a., set pattern "and grace to burn.; The man ram-f'tng a fast Western square dance If as on . his pwn as a i musician. Keeping up a continuous line of pattern, the Westers taller fills in the music with a commentary in rhyme, only f words of which have any thing to do With directing me dancing. s . . DRAFT CAM. EXPENSIVE - WHITE SANDS, N. M. Wl Pvt. 3otm Hasso Miller spent $00 to anew"' his draft call. (Miller was storekeeper In the Persian Gulf port of Kuwait when he received his "Greetings from the President of the United States. He traveled half way around the world to be inducted at Port Meyer. Vs. Today he's plotting the trajectories of guided missiles at this Southern New Mexico base. FALCON ATTACKS PIGEONS ' BUBBANK, Calif . (-Tony Bove thought he had bats in his belfry when fat discovered a falcon in his pigeon aviary recently. Bove sensed ''fowl" play when lie heard his squabs in a dither mrd rushed out to find the falcon bad already killed one bird. .'-. The bird of prey was finally cap-tui-d says Bove, after he suffer-g several painful wounds on his IlsMs from its sharp talons: ' - "I would have' killed it," says Cove, "but I noticed it had bands en its legs and must belong to gone one." wall Street in New York Cily niot its name because Peter Stuy veeant, early Dutch governor, had sytyall built there to protect toe city against expected raids by the English. ' - -' p -.- .- - - s. - - Ida Lupina Has Had Her Woes Kirk Douglas and Patrice Wymore hove key roles in 'The Big Trees' the action epic, in technicolor, opening at the Cameo. Eve Miller also appears in the film. Ida Lupino has had her problems as an actress. She has played a lame girl, a confirmed alcoholic and a girl with a stutter. None of these portrayals was a difficult as her present role oij the helm for the past 34 a blind woman in EKO Radio's ! tures while the director. Roy Rogers Due At Carolina Thursday The Rocky Mount Sunday Telegram, 8mu April 27 'OnMoosoV : That the Roy Rogers pic tures, through the years, have oeen known as wholesome "family" entertainment may be attri buted to the fact that a hap py lamiiy has made them. The present producer of Roy's series at Republic Studios is Edward J. White who has been at pic- current drama, Ground." Miss Lupino and Director Nich olas Ray decided In pre - poduc- tiott talks that it would be much better if she could "act" blind ra ther than rely on the . standara movie device of using contact lenses to simulate : an unseeing stare. "It will be much more power ful on the screen." the actress told a correspondent, ."but its a hPArtanhe for me and I mean that Htarallv. The intense eoncen tration on . the physical hurdles if the oart leaves my neao throbbing each night." For her behavior in tne picture Miss Lupino drew on her own ob servations, gathered - during the war. when she toured many serv ice hospitals ' and visited warns honsine blinded soldiers ana sailors. ... "There is one very trying proo i.m ", cha minted out. Wnen : 4 turn mv head I : must remember nnt tn let my eyes -ieaa uib jr, " . -t ' t' tn turn mw jo m nnrnmi. i iianc hAori ttnri mv eves biuiuiwuwuo i whioh n more auiicuit man (hint Trv it vourself and see fniH; that as an actress l na iwvk deoended largely on my eves to exoress my emotions I'm no -raving beauty , and my eyes have been my chiet asset. Now, in this role. I am depriveJ of their use." -.,,. Robert Ryan is miss xiupmu co-star in the current proouc-tion. bis role being that of an of ficer sent to nuni oown me uei- lne's brother on a murder cnarRe. Ward Bond also nas a roie in w support. ' "On Dangerous i liam Witney, has guided Roy through his paces for the past 27 Rosters venlcles The relationship of these three men is more like brother help ing brother than that of actor, director and producer a productive, harmonious combination of talents that has boosted uie UKaDie, unassuming cow boy to the highest ranks in the history of western films. Timely Topics It has been the purpose of producer White to inject into the Rogers series a timeliness and present-day flavor that would give them more substance than in other western tales. As a re sult Roy's pictures have probed such problems as "wet-backing" (the smuggling of Mexican nationals into this country to serve as migratory workers), preservation of fisb in the hatchers of Cali fornia, the general preservation of wild life everywhere, coun terfeiting, preservation of Indian reservations and many other such similar subjects. Roy's current Republic pic ture is typical. The film, "Pals of the Golden West," coming Thursday at the Carolina Theatre; relates Roy's efforts to combat the spread of hoof and mouth disease' from Mexico to the United States; Roy .: serves as a member of the U. S. Border Patrol m pursuing a band of rustlers who are smuggling Mexican cattle into this country. The script is from the pen of Albert DeMond and Eric Taylor., The excellent cast - includes Dale Evans (Mrs. Rov Rogers). Esteli- tar odriguez, Roy Barcroft; Pinky Lee and the Roy Rogers Rid ers. - - - 'Place In The Sun' Coming Discovery of a buried treasure changes the placid living pattern of William Powell, cast as a rustic philosopher in the technicolor film, .'The Treasure of Lost Canyon," also starring Julia Adams,' Charles Drake and Henry Hull. The picture starts Friday at the Cameo. Babe Can Be Seen In Rerun Of 'Pride Of The Yankees' One of the great Americari stor ies comes to the screen again in "The Pride of the Yankees." It is the Samuel Goldwyn production of the chronicle of the boy from the tenements, son of emigrants, who rose to fame beyond his dreams. Lou Gehrig, baseball's immortal hero, is played by Gary Cooper; Teresa Wright is seen as Eleanor whose love he won, and who uvea through the strange events that ended bis great, brilllantcareery ? since the 'turn's release, uooper hat been seen in such productions as ."For wnom tne eu -ions, The Story of . Dr. Wassell," "Casanova Brown," "Cloak and Dagger," "Unconquered," and. most recently; in "Good Sam." Teresa Wright, who plays Eleanor Twitchell, the Chi cago society girl who marries Gehrig and whose devotion to lrm during his greatest years on the diamond and his subsequent losing fight with paralysis makes their romance so outstanding, was literally a newcomer to the Hollywood scene and screen; Her role in "The Pride of the Yankees" carried the authentic stamp of future stardom which was soon to be rea lized with such outstanding per formances in 'Shadow of a a Doubt," ."Casanova Brown." (again opposite Cooper). Mrs. by Paul Galileo. Miniver P 1 or a wlUcMi'she lwon an Academy Award; -"Tlie Best Years of Our Lives" and currently in Samuel Goldwyn's "Enchantment. All the sports world knew Geh rig, holder .of more than a score of diamond v records.- comparatively few, however., knew Gehrig .1 the man, his struggling boyhood, . his college career, his . marriage his personal life. It is this -personal phase that forms the basis of vthe drama which culminates with -the picture's memorable climax. This is the "Lou Gehrig Day," July 4, 1939. when fans packed the Yan kee Stadium to render a farewell tribute to their idol. . ."The Pride of the Yankees" fea tures in a prominent role the late Babe Ruth, heading a group of Yankee stars - who play them selves. They include Bill Dickey, Gehrig's closest friend; Bob Meu- sel, , and Mark Koenlg. Walter Brennan Is cast as Gehrig's sports reporter friend and sponsor. Ray Noble and his orchestra and danc ers Veloz & Yolanda perform in a spectacular night club sequence. Actual scenes of the Yankee Stadium are incorporated in the film which was directed by Sam Wood and written for the screen by Herman J. Mankiewicz and! Jo Swerling, from the original story In Paramount's "A Place 1 In The Sun," which opens Thurs day at the 301 Theatre, producer- director George sievens m s en us an unusually forceful and arresting screenplay ' that is superbly acted and beauUflly mount ed. - - fitarrinir Montgomery ,um. u- abeth Taylor and Shelley Winters. t.hi hriiliant film tells with com- hassfonate understanding the sto ry of three young people desper ately searcning lor nappmess. iu5 5-.mi,"( tii& omirannri their loves and their cohtlicttf' is' 'woven in a richly colored cinema , aesign ttint natterns an exciting com mentary on present-day youth and its real, down-to-earth problems. Montgomery Clift appears as a poor, ambitious youth working in his wealthy uncle's mill. He has n lnvp affair with factory - gll shellev Winters, but is soon at trnntpd to - beautiful socialite Elizabeth Taylor and her glamor- I - -. .... k...- -.k Hl fou& jay 01 iie duwr un wind romance, we two jjhui .u marrv.. as Clift wins an import ant nositlon at the Plant. But the imnendina- wedding is threaten- pH when the mill worker' reveals that she is expecting a baby. Tnrmpnted bv his dilemma and unwilling to relinquish the bright new iway of life that is almost withltt his grasp. Clift becomes ntuAMAri with the idea of mur- HBrinf the eirl.- who insists that he marrv her. Then an Ironic twist of fate intervenes and the ultimate destinies of the trio are expounded in, exciting, tense sp otiences charged with pact and suspense. Director Stevens' sensitive intelligent handling extracts maximum1 from the intense,. Are Grandparents Blessings Or Burdens? MRS. COSRINNI X GRIMBLEY Famuy Reiatiras speciauss N. C. State CoUege What kind of grandparent are you? Do you feel sorry for yourself because you are growing older? Whether you live with your children, or they live witn you, are you pleasant to nave around? Let's be really frank. Grandma and Grandpa. Are you a blessing or are you a burden? The problem eJ physlcaltcare isn't as difficult to solve as emotional and social problems. Each person, young and old, can develop emotional maturity -- good mental health that makes life more worthwhile for himself and for those around him. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, you have to rsep on growing, and you are ever too eld to learn. -- Here are some rules grandparents have suggested as a sort of I utily guide to help them check Urp on themselves. You might want to test yourself each day. : 1. Remember you are jrand-7rents! You need to remind yourself ' at your children are adults now. hey ere mothers and fathers, ey are the final authority so IV t ftssi Sot vMlfMei fssw . Iaurittwae Juta't a "jboM f sebaBM"! iOnimfimnerirrwen. "CeU.a Throat", tmmm sz ::i e. tza st. none wis tr!lTa and Service far as their children (your grandchildren) are concerned. As parents in your own home you en-Joyed all the privileges as well as the responsibilities of rearing your family. Now those boys and girls you guided into adulthood are capable of making their own decisions without your constant and unsolicited advice) - No Right To Demand 2. Remember, your child does-l't owe you anything. (This is a hard one!) You really haven't the right to demand anything from your child for "services rendered." It won't help you or anyone else if you feel hurt . and - neglected ' every time, things don't go your way; Your attitude will determine your own happiness. Don't indulge in self-pity) 3. Remember times have changed) This is a changed and changing world. New conditions, new problems have to be met in new ways. 'You don't find All th right answers even In "the good old davs." So don't think you have the solution for every pro blem today; You have much to contribute but if others don't agree with you, maybe they have some good ideas1 tool ' " 7 . 4. Enjoy your grandchildren I ' You may not like everything they- do. or say, rbut if you can, keep from being shocked and from criticizing them, you will find them very interesting t If you must tell them how you did everything when- you were- their age, tell the truth! Don't put yourself up on a pedestal. You made mistakes too-remcmber ? Whether or not your grandchildren enjoy you depends on your attitude. 1 . -. ; . 'Plus Values ' . - 5. Consider the 'plus'values'Vln being a grandparent. - Have you been thinking -of all the things you have bad to give up as you grew older? Have you rained anything in this role- of grandparent? You can enjoy your granacnuaren witnout the ' final responsibility for their Care arid guidance; .you can thrill with pride in your son and daughter as you watch them develop into fine parents r you can- be thank- rare inl and - the and ful for the love and affection children and grandchildren so freely give you; you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and work harder on being the sort of person no one is sorry for! i Be a person as well as a grandparent! You have more free time now and -you can use your energy and ideas to better advantage than trying to interfere in the lives of your, children and grandchildren. Thev know you are ready to do your part when they need you. but if vou can stay busy ana oc- cuoied with other 'interests and activities you will be .happier- and so will they! ' ' You have a lot of wisdem and tolerance1 gleaned'; through the years, and this confused world need oeonle who are thinking of others and not of themselves. It takes constant practice to develop skill in any art; and "the art of living" is no exceotion. Grand ma and Grandoa. stop being nro- blems to yourself and to others and start being real persons. passionate drama. His cameras scene; whue effective background frame the- tale in finely etched music points up the shifting moods of the story. , , The three young stars deliver the performances of their careers. As the struggling young boy taunted by the vision of a life so far denied him, Mon gomery Clift 1 achieves - a portrayal that is ' compellingly sin cere !t- Elizabeth Taylor is radi antly beautiful and thorough ly credible as the society girl Her love scenes are gems of ten- der eloquence. Shelley : Winters also establishes herself as a truly fine actress with a pignant per formance as the warm, earthy girl clinging desperately to the only love she has ever known. Conceived and executed with high imagination, integrity and skill. "A Place In The Sua" is notable screen fare. There's a sa lute due everyone responsible for this splendid spell-binder. ' m.. ,i..,....wi . .IK, : t m m 1 rfT,r1 Syfj Border trouble brings plenty of thrills and action to "Pais of the Golden West' the latest Roy Rogers starrer which comes Thursday to the Carolina. Due Af Tower Four high school students h the Los Angeles area served as ttefcr meal advisors to The Hmtktra "On the Loose." in which Jet Evans, ICelvyn Douglas and Lyu Bart are co-starred. Qdlier Yeung proaucea ana vnaries untr directed the picture for RKO Radio distribution. - " - - The four students were assign ed to their jobs as : technical .a visors by their respective -1 sokes! principals. In eCnjunctlon with the cooperation of the Los Angeles City Schools Supervisor, at the request of the film's v producers who wished thus to assure taM selves of factual, realistic esses dure in all matters pertaining Je the delineation oa the sereen er a teen-age student, her assoeiatss and her problems. The teea-ager in this ease Is portrayed ' by attractive Jose Evans, whose role is - that of a -: high 'School girl who, sufferjj&g from neglect at home turns te her outside world for eonsota. Uon, sympathy and excitement. i The four - technical adnsefs were put on The FUmakers'- pap roll, sat as a board with producers . directors and player and gave adviee throughout pro duction. Moreover, that adview 'We take the view," Pradus- er Tounv nomted out. "that - American teen-agers ire hums beings. And going on from there. we were determined to vmcXe our picture about the problem of high school kids and thei? parents a realistic and host story, dealing with real pf lemi of adolescence." - , i , i .,ti , i " i Arizona's Golden Jubilee CebbrMiod COMPOSITE PRISONER PICTURE RALEIGH uv-The State Prisons Department and the Paroles Commission have drawn up a composite picture of North Carolina's average prison inmate. He is almost 28 but has a mental age of 14. Mr; Average Prisonf stands 5 feet 9, is married, and dropped out of school after the fifth grade. He is serving about five years and nine months for a crime committed in a - small or rural community. The . figures also show that throughout the state's prison system-the number of white ' admissions is outnumbering Negro admissions. This is a reversal of prewar trends and has caused Prisons Director Walter Anderson to state he must convert some of his Negro camps to camps for whites. BY BURTON THOMPSON PHOENIX. Ariz., April 26 , W This is the 50th year of the federal reclamation program and Arizona tomorrow opens the first of the major golden jubilee celebrations. other celebrations will be held throughout the spring and summer at various Western , points. Some already have been held. At least 32 have been arranged. Washington State's major obser vance from May 22 to June 1 will mark the delivery of - the ' first water for irrigation on reclamation's biggest project the Columbia Basin project, which ; includes Grand Coulee dam. the world's largest concrete structure. What is being boomed -for the main golden jubilee celebration will be held at Greeley; Estes Park and Longmont, in Colorado,"-on June 17 and 18. June 17 ; fs the actual golden anniversary. The congressional act setting up' the reclamation program was signed by President Theodore Roosevelt mat day in 1902. President Truman may attend the Colorado celebration for the overall dedication 'of the Colorado-Big Thompson project;- which carries water by tunnel deep ; under the Continental. Divide from the west slope to the east slope of the Rockies. It will furnish irrigation for an additional 375,000 acres in Northern Colorado, Arizona's state-wide celebration, continuing through May, marks the state's place as the site of the flrct. mainr federal reclamation prolect and will include dedication of the first two power generators on the Arizona side of famous Hoover dam, the world's highest. The federal " reclamation program ' came Into being nearly 10 years before Arizona, became the baby state of the union in 1912. : Construction on the Salt River project In Arizona began Aug.- 24, 1903. The project Includes Roosevelt dam, the first major structure put up by what was then the reclamation service. ' The first .hydroelectric' power generated on a reclamation project cametrom anefnporary Salt River project plant in March, 1900. and was used in construction of Roosevelt dam.' The first commercial power delivered from a reclama tion project came from partly com pleted Kooseveit dam in October, 1909. The dam then i the ' worlds largest concrete - masonry " fivtr block was dedicated March XX, 1911. by Theodore Roosevelt. -: ; Originally federal reclamstidv was set up for development water resojrees for Irrigation 4a 16 states and twritortes ArUsor, California. Ctotorado. - Idaho, Ki sas, Montana, Nebraska. Neva' . New. Mexico," North and S Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon. i, Washington- and Wyoming. Texas and Alaska were s4las--- Hydroelectric power assuateel major Importance early is the rs-elamatien program. I liter ytara. activities were expanded to in-; elude flood control, navigation, municipal water, silt related projects. eontrel, sad: Ski'VueHasCorriedy Film ; "Let's Make It Legal." Twentieth Century - Fox's hilarious new romantic - comedy, starring Clau-dette Colbert, Macdonald Carey and Zachary Scott, will open Monday at the Sky-Vue Theatre. ' ' : The P. Hugh Herbert -1. A. Diamond screenplay casts Miss Colbert as a young, attractive grandmother who finds herself pursued by an ever-amorous estranged husband and a wealthy ex - bey friend who decides to : pick m) where he left off 20 years previous. The iilm funfest is full of the hum-- orous situations that traditionally highlight a Claudette Colbert comedy. Ever since she played her Os car-winning role in "It Happened One Night' Claudette has become Jls- Hollywood's acknowledged tress of comedy " with such masterpieces as "The Egg and I". and "Family Honeymoon" to ber -recent credit; On the other hand, she has proved her acting versatt-.; my wun wpnoicn sramaue : per--trayals In "Three Came Heme" and "Since You Went Away." - For her two romantie cotsr",- Producer Robert Bassler aeqair1 the talents of two of sereendesv' -xi most persuasive leamnr men, Mt donald Carey and Zachary cC ; since he displayed his eomedy ar' singing ability in "Meet Me Aftr2 : the Show," is the ex-husband wi'i 6ne eye on the horses and tin 4 other on Claudette s .after - dark activities. STARTS THURSDAY FOR 3 EXCITING DAYS r o cu::day o:ily o I Gary COOFEIl Jer?n WniGHT "PRIdFbI . iha YANKEES o 2 Cortooni Showi At 7 & 8 V J ( r'fl ,J" If " SHIAM MM! MUdCT NMMf ' 1 i (U S AMOTTWMCOflTUH I III , .r - '. - - r-oi-: ft X r tk if A 5 Stents T0D.1V DAYC! IN ALL THE FLAMING GLORY OF TECHIVICOLOR COMES THIS MIGHTY ADVENTUHE V where fa WOMAW hnfe M tlttt AM , Mus Color Cartoon Shows 7:15, 9:15 P.M. O dY - VUE 6 ESTEUTA RODRIGUEZ PINKY itt- .- - Hi ANTHONY CARUSO ROY BARCROFT md 'I ROY ROGERS RIDERS ( Serial, Comedy And Cartoon ! ' - , j I ( j , r J , Thi ' v: ' '' '-'"-'"J , 4.7-' ' ill i. .1, ..: . . t . lit r.- : y.& J - -r J IS W : : : 3 Th Most Rousing ADVENTURE A Man And Boy Eyer LlTei! k William POWELL Julia ADAMS Charles DRAKE in "Trcasuro . , COLOH IY TECKKICOLOSI L0IT KJ:,

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