Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 6, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1949
Page 8
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VAGE B—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, OCT. fl, 1941) ?nbUjh*d Kvery tavmdag (Cxoept Sunday) by CHE NATJGATUCK NEWS, CORF. NAUGATOCK, CONN. Telephone* tltS and IZJ9 All Department* Entered aa Mcond class matter at tfc« pent office In Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATBiS Payable In Advene* 1 Month ...$MO 1 Year ...$1B.«0 Member: American Newspaper Pub. AM"!) N. BS. Dally Newspaper Put. Asi'n Conn. Newspaper Publisher* AM'B "THURSDAY. OCTOBER e, A Local Problem A very interested observer might be inclined to point out that the Naugatuck state highway program has become a strictly local problem—if anything resembling favorable action in the next few years is to be developed. Commissioner G. Albert Hill all but threw up his hands in despair at the difficulties of terrain, building removal and expense involved when he appeared at a meeting of the traffic committee of the Chamber of Commerce here recently to discuss the badly-needed Naugatuck highway improvement. Quite frankly and without apology he stated that the Highway Department has no def inite ( plan in mind or on paper. This despite the rapid approach to completion of the million dollar super highway from Seymour to Beacon Falls, adding up to smooth driving from Seymour to Waterbury—except for the Naugatuck bottleneck. Obviously, the Highway Department has given some consideration to the Naugatuck road. But have they approached it from the angle that Something MUST be done, or with the attitude that any plan proposed will be one of difficultyjtand disturbance in whatever quarters 'to be af fected ? Major works have been undertaken in other cities, notably Waterbury, where many access and through highways add up to an existing situation far more favorable than we have here with our single, crowded main line. Naugatuck,. we feel, is privileged to question whether the local urgency is receiving the attention deserved, in comparison with projects now under way, or on the books. Commissioner Hill has asked for suggestions toward solution of a definite; problem. That puts the question right up to •Naugatuck for answer. Under the circumstances, and in view of the increasing urgency of action, local talent and thought had better be applied. A highway plan is wanted. It's essential. It looks like a worthy project for a committee of the Naugatuck Chamber of Commerce, the borough planning commission, or any similar civic-minded organization willing and able to accept Commissioner Hill's challenge. Turkeys Aplenty Like roast turkey? Most people do, whether one prefers dark meat to light or the other way round, all will be glad to know that turkeys are in bountiful supply. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture. 41,000.000 birds, almost a record, are about ready for the market with the prospect that this highly favored food will be available at lower prices than for other poultry, or for beef, for the entire season, not alone for Thanksgiving- '• The thrifty housewife will be no less pleased with this nev/s than the gourmet. She knows she can make repeated serving of turkey with less likelihood of the family becoming sated than she could with repeated serving of beef. Roast turkey loses none of its savor even after being warmed over. That cannot be said of most meats. And if she doesn't want to buy a large turkey, as she often has had to do, it is promised there will be small and medium sized turkeys and turkey parts. The high production rate, with the expected cheapening of price, must be credited in the main' to research. Up to a few years ago turkey raising was extremely hazardous. It was courting disaster to have the birds in proximity to chickens. But that and other handicaps have been overcome or minimized. Evolution Of Terms "Conservative," "Reactionary" and "Old Guard" are terms that today are used rather indiscriminately to describe a class of citizens that through years of vilification has become widely regarded as "Public Enemy No. 1." To be a "Liberal" or "Progressive" is to merit divine blessing and the everlasting gratitude of an admiring populace. It is interesting to examine the reason for this. Both conservatives aj»d liberals have as their objectiaj^ljhe attainment of the greatest good for the greatest number. It is the 'method of accomplishing this objective on which they differ. Broadly speaking, a conservative looks to the individual to do the job, whereas the liberal looks to the government. The conservative points to the experience of the past as a justification for his position. The liberal ignores history. Liberals seek to improve the lot of manklndby adoption of schemes to redistribute wealth, although redistribution of existing wealth would add little to the wealth of each recipient. The effect of these schemes is to destroy or lessen the necessary incentive to produce wealth, and thereby to defeat the objective. Only by the production of more wealth can the wants of the people be satisfied. In no other way can it be done. Seven hundred years ago, the Barons at Runnymede wrung from King John the Magna Carta, regarded as the beginning of. individual liberty among the English-speaking people. From that day on, continuous struggle has been waged to free the individual from the domination of the state and to make the people, not the government, the master. Had anyone, prior to the last decade or- two, suggested that King: John was a liberal, and that the Barons at Runnymede and those who have since carried on the struggle to limit the power of the state were reactionaries or conservatives,, he would have been regarded as a fit subject for an insane asylum. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Adam Mengacci ana M. Leonard Caine, Jr., were nominated as Democratic candidates for state representatives from Naugatuck. Mel Engelstad of the Chamber of Commerce "has great plans for the exploitation of Fire Prevention Week... Supt. of Schools Harold E. Chittenden has a birthday to celebrate next Sunday, Oct. 9... And Ann granger will be a year older, but that much younger in spirit when she observes a natal day Oct. 12... October 15 wiU be a busy night in the borough... The Polish- American Club and the Christoforo Colombo society will dedicate new buildings. ..'And the K. of C. will hold their Columbus dance at Falcon Hall;.,'.•• Sorry to learn that Atty. John H. Cassidy, one of our favorite barristers, is ill at St. Mary's Hospital... Mary Brandien is also receiving cards at St. Mary's where she underwent minor surgery yesterday... > Actins-NHS Principal Bay Foley will he toast master at the testimonial Nov. 5 in honor of Naugratuck's "Spec" Shea... Bay is "Spec's" biggest booster, barring none... We've noticed that the pungent aroma of burning leaves is being wafted on the evening breezes more often of late...But a word of warning... Be sure to secure a permit from Fire Marshal -Edward Weaving before burning leaves...And above all—be careful. Nice to sec Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sugrue visiting in the borough.. .Francis is on the staff of the N. Y. Herald-Tribune... Eddie Bulkus is free-wheeling about in a. nice new, black car that he says has it all over his former shiny buggy... The retort proper was Issued by our favorite telephone operator after Monday's series game. .. .Inquired the voice on the outside, "What nationality is Tommy Henrich?". ..Tommy's name was tops...He'd homered to win tho first came for the Yankees. ... Our gal's reply was a polite classic... "He's an American... that's good enough for me." Dr. Harold E. Davids is now kept busier than ever with offices here and in Seympur... Joe Adamski is a real expert and enthusiast on the subject of numismatics... Joe Suchenski is one of the lucky local World Series ticket holders.. .Louie Triano Is more wrapped up than ever In the programs of the local lodge of Elks... Sgt. William A. Kovach, U. S. Army, formerly of 12 Aetna street, returned to this country from Brazil where he had been stationed for the past six years. 20 Years Ago Thomas Curtin, of New York city, was visiting relatives in the borough. Billy Burke finished second in a golf tournament at Old Westbury, L. I., with a 147 total, one stroke behind the winner. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is it proper to pick up small chicken and chop bones with the fingers? A. Only at picnics or similar gatherings. Otherwise, chickens and chops are not included among the finger foods. It is better to use a sharp knife to cut meat off the bone. Q. May a young man ask an alumnus of the school he is entering to recommend him to a fraternity? A. No, not even if he is a very good friend. Q. Where should a host's wife sit when they are taking a visiting couple driving? A. She and the visiting wife should sit together in the bapk seat. Belated greetings to Mrp. Raymond C. "Tappy" Wooster, vtiio celebrated a birthday recently... Mrs. Wooster was surprised on the occasion when a group of friends dropped In at the Woost- ers' Pond Hill home and honored her at a party. Glenn Dansby, Naugatuck High school freshman who sustained a broken leg in a junior varsity game with Seymour Monday, is reported to be coming along nicely at St. Mary's hospital. . .Glenn had shown considerable improvement since the beginning or the season and last Saturday broke into the lineup in the Naugy-Wil- by game.. .His loss will be greatly felt by the team. Naugatuck High school teachers were eating apples aplenty earlier this week. ..It was all part of an initiation stunt, with new members of one of the Y groups all dressed up as farmerettes and toting red apples to teacher... Al Happy can still waltz with the best of them... He proved it at the block dance' Tuesday night. ... Congratulations to the Exchange Club and to Felix Zembruski and his orchestra for a fine program.. .Ditto for all who had a hand in its effectiveness... Local television viewers tuned to New Haven lost a great deal of the series opener yesterday when the visual part of the program went dead... Disappointment was keen in many quarters. Town Clerk Ray St. John ia waiting for the annual deluge of hunters in search of licenses... And he's ready for them.. .Mr. Norman of hair stylist fame appealed to the sports-minded ladies for the series... He installed his television set in his salon and invited one and .all to - ;; «ome see... ." ' Members of the Naugatuck Housing Authority have really picked themselves;a chore in Interviewing every one of tjhe more than 180 applicants.. .Hope, those not eligible will accept the word with easy grace.. .There are only 40 houses on the block... Clipped and pasted by our favorite supernumerary... It's the story of Police Chief Thomas Conlon of Homestead, Pa., who is investigating a burglary.. .Seems Chief Conlon found that thieves broke into his home and escaped with more than $3,000.. .A photograph was hung above the safe after the robbery.. .It was a picture of Chief Conlon in uniform ... We've already told you that John Mikalchus looked anything but happy the other day •' as "Sie headed for a dentist's chair... the day after his young son, James was admitted to St Mary's Hospital for surgery. Jimmy Wooster, 168 Maple street was a year older yesterday... a Cub Scout, Jimmy was 12 years old... he ia the son of Emmett and Ann Wooster. Congratulations to Ann Sbeedy, newly elected president of the Naugatuck High school Better Business Club...Ditto vice-president Barbara Stein, treasurer Catherine Kloc, secretary Betty Hart well and members of the BBC Council... The club bas a membership of TJS7 this year. DIMINISHING STOCKPILE WALTER WINOiELL In New York ' NEWSBOY PEDDLING HIS PAPER* B. Baruch's Ambassador-brother, just back frora The Old Country, will soon wed a baroness. A Hollander. .. .Premier Nehru of India has a suite at-the Waldorf starting the 15th Ezio Pinza'is fed up with new laurels. Juirt turned down an offer for his own tv and network program plus a Roxy offer. The latter was $30,000 for j two weeks. . . .Kay Thompaon'i; premiere at the Beverly Club (Nawlins) has been deferred until the 20th. One of the new lads has .shaft trouble. Rehearsal crashers pay the new act is only remarkable Aren't 'the election-conscious authorities hushing a big boner at City Prison? A man who was sentenced to Sing Sing in 1946 (from 10 to 20) was a case of mistaken identity. He's been back in city jail for 18 months. May. be another Bertrand Campbell case, in which the State repented its boner by paying him some measly lucre.. .Wasn't Larry Adler cancelled by the Hotel Shamrock,' (Houston, Tex,) over the bad press 'he's been betting because of the Connecticut matter? What makes it news is that the actors' union, AGVA, didn't go to hi:j rescue. The film Kay Medford appears in with F. Emerson (scenes being made on New York streets) was snagged by the Johnston Office, which scissored considerable footage. Medford's frocks being that aters) is at French Hosp. Another will be organized in April.. .Benny Goodman is being written up by four national mags. -(Izzat Good'?) ... .The 59th St. Automat is where the Virginia Leigh Set gather. Considered "theeng t'do." Young (socialites ta-ta in and outta the place, as The Subway Set (pedes trianing by) laugh fit to kill Max Hart, vet .booking agent (at the Palace and other bigtime theatres) is at French Hosp. Another stroke. . . .In television circles aspirin ia called "TV Candy." Numerous members of Cafe Zoo- ciety are afraid to use their Rihones, knowing they are tapped. The reason for the tapping is to get a line" on the geto who throw reason to the winds—times being that tough. Playboys with Wiese initiate are pale from fright- E. A J. A J. p... M ^ The last initial was asked by the cops to cooperate, but he refused -...Flo Leeds, ex-Ziegfeld lovely tmd banker James Stillman's longtime flame, is mending from a -heart wallop, .. .Despite all that /"^X: via a Life front cover (and other spreads), Mary Jane Stone, the lovely "Mis* Missouri " quit trying to find a modeling job in our town and returned to I hated to see his mall because of I the anonymous abuse But one morning ,his eye caught the name of George Herman Ruth in the envelope's corner...He opened and read It hurriedly "Dear Ralph wrote the Immortal One, ''Best of luck for the rest of the season. I hope you get 61 or more homers. ;That record, IJlte eVery other one in the book, was made fo be brok- ep, and I •'hope you're the one who breaks it. Good luck, Babe Ruth." World Series Odds & Knits: Bain kept postponing the 1P1V Series. Took almost a fortnight to decide the champions... .When the Athletics and Giants met in 1905 several players (on both sides) paired off and agreed to split their Series shares, no matter which team won....Chuck Dressen is the only baseball man to represent three local clubs in a Series, although he never played an inning of World Series competition in his life.... When the Yanks bought Bobo Newsom at -the half-way mark of the '47 season (to bolster the injury- riddled pitching staff) the clown hurler wired Manager Bucky Harris: "Order your pennant pole today, Bobo's on the way!" And the Yankees won that year like he threatened!... .The Jerry Colemans (the Yank 2nd sacker,' who cleared the bases with a double in the important 9th against the Red Sox last Sat dec) expect an image in Feb.... Leo Durocher emerged from the shadows wearing a black | mourning tie..,,. The first Series game and Hpnrich's •? homer in a line: A. great Sue! that ended with one pistol shot. Household Scrapbook Curtains i Many housewives prefer to stiffen their lace, curtains with gum ara- bic instead of with starch. This is done by dissolving 1 ounce of gum arable in. 1-2 pint' of boiling water, straining and bottling. Keep well corked. Use one teaspoon of | the mixture to a pint of cold water. Dip the curtains Into this and then stretch. Marble | After scrubbing a marble door-1 step, try mixing a quantity of, quicklime with a half-pint of skim I j milk, and use this as a whitener. Cake Batter The cake batter will be of a much smoother texture if the flour I is added- first and then the milk. Cops Baby Prize United Presscr James Hart and "ns -rsilcriGP, duufirhtGr " of the orld-Telly's amusements editor have set Nov. 19 for their wedllnea ....Gal who chucked a cocktail glass during a flurry in a Village 1,1 W r s Paye Emerson's look- alike.... Lillian Kramer has good reason to be livid. Her only interest m Billy Reed's apot is her financial investment, and she personally is going to punch the nose of the source, who better leave town for a few decades....Jos. Keon, Jr slipped a 4-karat engagement sparkler on the finger of Georgette (Gogo) Salton, heiress to a shipping fortune. They'll I-Do it at St Pat's Feb. 11....A new Bible due next month will be priced at $150. The December-Book-of-the-Month will be atomic scientist Vanevar Bush's "Modern Arms and Free Men". He answers these queries among others: "Why is it highly unlikely that a lone bomber (carry- ng an atomic bomb) could ever reach our cities or strategic centers?".... "Is mass-bombing from fleets of airplanes (carrying atomic or other bombs) on the way to becoming obsolete?"... .Column- reader Fred Balk observes the top scientific accomplishment (in N.Y.) s that the atom bomb's been reduced to a baseball.... Don't worry about Russia having 1 the Big Grapefruit. I^st year cancer killed three times as many people (in the U. S.) than died, in Hiroshima. Notes on a Scoreboard: Lavaget- •o and Glonfridq were the Dodgers' heroes in the 1947 Series. The following season both were demoted to the minors.... Lookit the way that TRis44uto scampers aft)er a, grounder. He moves with all the agility of a jackrabblt..,. .Babe Ruth not only holds most of the slugging records but also a World Series pitching record. He hurled 29 consekkatif scoreless innings... '. This is why ball-players are no onger permitted' to gab' with fans Before or during a game: Several years ago a news photo was front- paged showing a player hatting with a chap in a box pew. Dear old Al Capone... .And whaddabout the almost poetic grace in the seemingly,effortless manner J. DIM. snares a fly ball? How About That!!!.... Whatever became of Bill Terry (the Giants' mgr. at .the time), who once taunted: "is Brooklyn Still in the League?".... The Cubs had a chance to buy the DiMaggio brothers (when they were in the bush leagues) and turned 'em down! <How- abouthat? ??)... .Ring Lardner's Icassic criticism of an Inept player: "Although he was a poor fielder, he was also a poor hitter." Ralph (Pirates) Kilter's 154 homers remind us to jot this one down....A few seasons ago when Kiner first popped up as a threat to Ruth's record r ot 80 homeruns, he was bombarded by fans... .Their letters urged him not to hurt the Babe's famous record but to only "go for 59"....He was threatened with a pop-bottle ' shower if he "hurt the poor Babe" Kiner Look And Learn 1. Who was the first man to sail around the world? 2. What inland body of water is greater, than all the Great Lakes combined? 3. Which is the most cosmopolitan of all games played in the world? 4. What is the beat-known group of stars? 5. The invention of what mechanical device affected human life more than any other? Answers 1. Magellan. 2. The Caspian Sea, with 170,000 square miles. 3. Chess. 4. Those known as The Big Dipper. ' 5. The steam engine, which changed the system of home manufacture to the. factory system. AVERAGE WORK CAPACITY The average power which a man can exert in one working day equals 35 watts. The V. S.' baking industry has more than doubled.' its dollar volume of sales since 1939. Seven Borough Red Cross Leaders To Attend NHMeeting The Naugatuck Chapter, American Red Cross, will be represented at the annual meeting of the New j Haven Chapter which will be held tomorrow at the Hotel Taft in New Haven. The principal speaker at the yearly event will be Mrs. Roger Topp, former executive director of the New Haven Chapter, now assistant director of Volunteer Services, eastern area. Mrs. Topp will speak on "Your Red Cross in the Community," with special emphasis on activities which may be undertaken by Volunteer Services. Mrs. Charles R. Anderson, executive secretary of the Red Cross, announced today that she and 16 representatives of the Naugatuck Chapter, Volunteer Services, will attend the luncheon meeting. Mrs. Charles E. Spences, III, chairman of volunteer services; Mrs. Margaret Eaton Berger, chairman of production corps; Mrs. Ralph Fulton, chairman of knitting committees; Mrs. Clarence Austin, chairman of social welfare aides; Mrs. Hilding Olson, chairman of nurses' aides corps, and Mrs. Carl E. Anderson, chairman of staff aides corps, will attend the meeting with Mrs. Anderson. NEW YORK CITY Patrolman Jul!u« Earth is rewarded with a large cigar by Mrs. William White in Fordham Hospital after the officer had helped deliver Mrs. White's baby daughter in her automobile. It was strictly routine to Barth who now has a record of. nine 'deliveries since starting bis career. (International) NiW ENGLAND'S LARGEST RETRO! r W SIGRAof iF«M(NAl On Expert CntawB Wffl F»t It Bade to W«fc !« Y«l •* ••MUUttU MtMMf IIMC SCHPERO'S BUHKER "C" Fuel Oil per gallon F. O. B. Onr Terminal Bridgeport, Conn, Phone 6-3541 xw r, BUCKLEY ,/„, BETTER StRVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS CORDUROY SPORT COATS All Colors — Sizes 36 to 44 $17.50 CORDUROY PANTS Sizes 2 to 42 _ $2.95 up feMBRUSKI NORTH MAIN ST. TEL. ssm Open Frf. Till 9 S A L'S Wholesale Prices,On Nationally Advertised Quality Meats Insist On Quality—AH Sales Itemized For Your Convenience ^" 2098 SOUTH MAIN ST., WATERBURY ^ Armour's Star HAMS SHANK HALF ONLY FRESH GROUND SOLID BEEF HAMBURGER Yearling LEGS OF LAMB Ib CUT FROM SWIFT'S WESTERN BEEF STEAKS SHORT — SIRLOIN — CMJB — MINUTE , .: AIL YOO WANT Ib CHUCK ROAST Young Baby Beef LIVER Ey.tra Lean FRESH SHOULDERS Shoulder LAMB ROAST Meaty Shoulder VEAL CHOPS* Bologna, Minced Ham, Veal tioaf BY THE PIECE VEAL POCKET ROAST Lean Ends SLICED BACON LAMB STEW — Fresh Cut PURE LARD WESTERN SNOW WHITE LEGS OF VEAL COUNTRY STYLE SQUARES ' BACON

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