The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri on December 18, 1923 · Page 12
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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri · Page 12

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1923
Page 12
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EPUBL1CAN SPRINGFIEL TUESDAY MORNING, DEMEMBER 18, 1923. PAGE TWELVE HOLDSRECORDFOR : SHAVING ROYALTY British Barber Declares He iV Has Scraped Noble Chins for Over 55 Years. Deft Surgery Removes Safety Pin, Near Baby's Heart, Without Pain By CHARLES A. SMITH. ; International Newl Service Staff J Correspondent. i LONDON, Iec. 17. That he has ahaved the chinj and cut the hair of more members of royalty And other distinguished people than any other barber In claimed (y Charlie Howletl, of Sne'.tisham. official har - ' Iter to the royal family when th - y ar In rveldem at the;r country estate at Sandrlnghum, six miles from Mnetlisham. Twice a week Charlie ce io Sandringhom to attend to the need for tne nouwenoiu, ana ne nas many rtminisoenoes of his flfty - dv (years' service an a roval bnrher. ,i "I was the first man to shave ,' Kin tieorge." ga.d Charlie in an i Interview. "That was in ISSj. hu" ' since then he has grown a heard "I have had the honor of waiting on the ki"g and other members of . the rynl family fi r f if I y - five veum r rvl 1 luive also attended, amons others. King Haakon of Norway and 'the ('row ti Prime illaf of Norway I was the first to rut Prince Olafs hair. Howlett point with pride to one j of his treasures, a, telegram dated! March 21. 1W)2. reading: 'Wait on : ' Prince Wales today, 2 o'clock." the king otien chats with tne when I ro to Sandrlnpnam " he continued. "Once 1 hail huritlnrx, who r.early throttleil nii Imi my wife 'esme to mv assistance. I a - fter - ward told the king, and he laughed . heartily, when I told him how mv ; wife ny - arly throtiled the l.urelar in trying to re?ue me Jle afterward . told the story to one of his eoucr - . riea. getting the fiuerry onto the j fioor to show him how my wife tackled the burglar." ' mt IIMDIie I IDDiDIAM ' RAPS MODERN WRITERS Ey International News Service nill'MHI'S. Ohio, ler - . 15 , That the hteniry market today Is . characterised iSy predumlnance of Immoral, unmoral nnd useless fe - ' , t'on Iff the clalhi made hv Miss I Blanche '. Itoliert. vice librarian of the Carnegip public library here. i In an address nn "Who Head ( AVTiatr I "Where can wo lay the blame and i what shall i ciulpwl Mini HoWts. "Tho May nifly ei - n when H will h npcoMfl;iry ti ; have a lrO&rd tf censors for nil iuh - lK - ntlonn. I hpo not, but then? ia . dftnrer." "When we Wk u a catnlnirur armounrinir 2.600 new troops fir a ea.inn we fe - l Him American peo - rle are rfuW - rn. Twentv vents no i ter ennt rf th( rwiflintr imbUe 1 ronslft?(v of fitivn p - ail' - rn. t i t 10 - i dav RirttiHtic.s shw fi 'rnxini:i y . - n?VPnty i?i rent an ii'th - fiction leaders." deviant I Mi: - . Ttohirtj. I A VTM Ji 111 r . i - M fNEcoH 4 ?' . 2? - vj. J I : 'Jtfprf 'IN 1 lt 5 back of 1 U. S. INDUSTRIAL POISON PEN AID WELCOMED I NOTES BESTIR BY BULGARIANS! ENGLISH TOWN Counterfeiters Fiey on nolidau o bopping Crowds U. S. Firm Is Negotiating to Pretty Develop Public Utilities in Several Cities Need American Capital. Girl Goes to Court Charged With Writing Anonymous Letters - Scandal Running Amuck. By Contntin 8tphanov, j MANY SNICKERS. OCCAolOIMtu International NwSrvic Staff BY PUBLICATION 9F DOUHLB - CorrMoondant. ! EDGED MISSIVES. BUO - 'IA, Jxhx 17. American cu - ' By International Nw Serviea. ulceration In the Uevekpmnt ot j SKERINOHAM. lingland, Deo. Uulgarla'a tnduatrlal ana saturui IT. The tonuea of thia quaint old reaourcea will be warmly waicomed town have been wagging vigorously the Bulgarian government, ac - , . . ..... month. .t Scandal, concerning tonie of the : wealthiest people in the town, has NEW YORK. Dec. 17. When 2 - year - old Dorothy Tresch of Woudhaveri swallowed a safety - pin, and her frantic parents verr Informed that the services of t surgeon would be required to remove it from Its perilous position near the heart, they quailed at the thought. i. 'onjtired up i" their mind were raster - edged seal: through quivering .spilling els. slii and :ng the NEW BRIDGE WILL, LINK MEXICO TO GUATEMALA By International News Service. MEXP'o 'MTV. IH - e. 17. - The MpjclcAn (roverimient unnoiuices that the federal unthorit es of the republic of Guatemala have aur el to the construction of a mammoth lnternatlonul bridge ver tbo Ku'dil - nte river." the i iiturn bonndarv of Mexico. The struiiure will be erected jointly by both prnvrrn - tncntg and will cost In Die neighborhood of J7.or0 000. II will be bcllt of relnfikrced conci - pi. fie f baby bloial. As a matter i f fact the "opera - lion" took about fifteen minutes ' and was virtually painless. i The little Kirl bravely entered; the operating room, dinging to' her mo''s hand and carrying : her doll ' ! Stretched on the table the child' was KUen an anaesthetic. . With deft finKers. the surpeon,' who had carefully "chartered his, eourse" after studying X - ray pho - ' tographlc plates of the pin's hx'a - tloti. Ittserted a silver tube in Dorothy's throat, slowly moving It downward . until the pm was encountered. A delicate twisting motion and the pin was removed Dorothy suffered virtually tio ill effects. - . ..'"?t . SOIMAI YI' - Hxt. cording to M. Kaltoft, foreign miu liter in the Taankoff cabinet. Kalfuffa declaration was made during a conference he held with Thomas Bhepperd and Addison Kuan, of New York. This comptiny la negotiating with oflclala of Sofia and other Bulgarian oltiea for con cessions to modernize and develop the public utilities of the municipalities of the country. After welcoming Shepperd and Kuan' In the name of the govern - , ment. Kalfoff said: "The relations between America and Bulgaria have always been amicable and sincere in the past. We owe very much to the support given by America to the Ultimate Interests ot th:s country. Bulgaria Is glad to see the establishment of closer economic and industrial canta'ct between the two countries This is why you ure doubly welcome as pioneers In the effort to develop our public utilities. I promise you my co - operation for the aucceiwful fulfillment of your mission. We need American capital and American guidance In the development of this country's rich resources.' Kalfoff told Shopperd and Euan that a few mitvutea before he re celved them he had held a conference with Mr. Wilson, the American minister to Bulgaria, at which an agreement regulating naturalization was signed. This agreement, In principle, assumes that a wife acquires her husband's citizenship upon majrlage, but that wives f naturalized citizens of both countries do not acquire the husband's citizenship. An agreement to facilitate the ha341ng of postal money orders between the United . States end Bulgaria also was recently signed. I. Bogus Money Makers - Reap Big Harvest Passing Out Spurious Bills to Busy Storekeepers. COLUMN ATLANTA COPS WAR ON SLOT MACHINES Police Chief Says Gambling Instinct Is Planted Children by Them. in 1 GRAND JURY INSPECTS COUNTY INSTITUTIONS Alma Lohmeysr Jtwall Windlt Phone 742 Phons 742 The prand Jury madfc a insertion of the county Institutions is:erd.'iy afternoon and a reKrt on the condition. found in these will ble made to tlio crlminal'court following the adjournment of the li.rv. No further indictments other than the L'."i returned last week, have boon rendered, but th work of Investigation will b" continued for i few duv more, it Is believed. Several witnesses have 'been called lo appear before the body today. (By International News Service.) ATLiA - VTA, Ua., Dec. 17. Asserting that slot machines are making criminals out of hundreds of Atlanta children, I'ollce Chief James L. Beavera has lwmed drastic or - I ders to the p.ain - clolhes detail here tour of I In a final effort to stamp out this form of gambling device on which Atlanta police have wa;od a iignt for weeks. "I want every slot machine in Atlanta brought to the police sta - tcen spread by nearly every mall. The postman brought m&njr a fine, Juicy morsel In anonymous letter. Now the letters have been made public, and the whole countryside is agug, for Dorothy Myrtle Tbur - burn, aged twenty - three, has been haled Into the police court at Cromer and formally charged having published a aerie ot defamatory libels. Miss Thurburn is a pretty, demure little miss, very girlish In appearance. She has indignantly denied that she had ever "written a single anoymous letter or postcard'' In her life. The prosecution charges, however, that watch was kept on the mailboxes and that Miss Thurburn was seen to post letters and that when the box was opened anonymous letters were found inside. Maid Imperturbed. The demure young miss attended the first hearing - of her case and was quite undisturbed by the pro - ceedlngs. De Vere Stacpoole, fa - ' mo us novelist, stood as one of her i sureties when she was released on $3,000 iball after the preliminary t hearing. Publication 'of the anonymous letters has brought more than a snicker, for the whole countryside is laughing and wondering. One postcard, sent to Mrs. Murray wife of Commander Murray, reads: ' "Mrs. Chrlstoipherson need not have been Jealous of you and her old boy. She Is in love with one , of her servants." 1 Mrs. Marguerite Ohrlstopherson, ti whom the above evidently re fers, Is one of the leading citizens of Shcrlngham and charges that she has been libeled on nine separate occasions. "You spiteful. Jealous old cat and she - devil!" fld a letter received by Mrs Rthel Oopeman. "So you let your friend. Doris Hewitt meet your old boy; but Inquire Into her past. Itut you won't let the Thurburn girl meet htm. You see she has not a past like that of Doris. Everyone wilt be written to warn - lns them about you and the old Chrlstopherson girl. You hnth are spiteful. Jealous, ugly rats!" Raps Matrons. "Old Chrlstonherson - girl cannot talk," said another letter trj'M'S. Copemnn. "Iok at her with the r.ian who drives her car. You ak her where she sits rleht out In the country. He calls her Y "nd she tails him 'J.' You are' (1) new rich, (2) a 'very old woman trying to be young, (3) an ertl - tontsued mischief - maker a Jealous, spiteful old cat, and you have yellow - dyed hair!" Stanley Chrlstopherson received With the usual Christmas rush In the several hundred Bpringcfleld stores, local bankers have Issued a warning against spurious currency. . . ( Counterfeiters . ars particularly active at this time ot year. bank - ors say. It is the tlms makers ot bogus money reap their harvest. "Alter a casual glance, most persons accept a note, one banker said, "Counterfeiters take advantage of this carelessness because of which business houses lose annually large sums ot money. The moat frequent torm ot counterfeit bill la the raised note." Examine the numerals Sn the corners of each note carefully, then compare them with the written number In the center of the bill, he I directed. If the written numtwr In the center of the bill Is arised or blotted out, the note Is bogus. Then pass the fingers over the corners to determine whether num - e - als of a larger note have been posted over those of a smaller one. The process used la uplifting the corner of a larger note ami past ing the two pieces over the corner of the lower note, front and back If the entire note Is counterfeit. It can be detected bv exam'n'ng the portrait and It background. L.lnH formln the background and the T portrait ars always a enulne nota In a counterfeit T they are toroaen ana uneven. - - . ,..,.,. either end, standlns; female be designs txperlmsntlng with electricity a luft, "Tso Dollar" across centsr. f IS national currency. McKinJsy at left, woman and ship. 110 gold certificate. HlUega la center, U. B. coat ot arm In scroll la center with rays projecting. 110 silver certificate, Hendricks In center United States' la lozenge in center. $10 United States note. Buffalo In i center with Lewi and Cleric at $1 federal reserve note, Wash ington at left, spread eagle In cen ter. - . $L United States not. Washing ton In center, large. X In center. f 1 silver certificate, eagle ra cen ter with Lincoln and Urant below, ornamental scroll in center with tattering - enclosed In oblong. II silver certificate, Washington. In center, due dollar In letter across back In center, . $2 federal reserve note, Jefferson at left, battle ship In center. $2 United (States note, Jefferson at left with capltol In center, large "J ' in scroll In center. , (2 silver certificate, Washington In' lower center with' male figure nn each side, scroll in center With "Two Dollar,. United State of America." ' $5 federal reserve note, Lincoln in center, Columbus sighting' land at left, landlns; of Pilgrims at right. $5 - national currency, Harriaon at left, landing of Pilgrims In center. $5 silver certificate, Indian head in center, V in scroll in center. $5 United States note, Jackson at ' lower ' left and woodcutter and family in center, circular scroll in center. I1) federal reserve note, Ja':kon in center, - reaper at left, factories at right. $10 national currency. Franklin $10 United States note, Webster at lower left, square scroll it center. - . . ' - $20 federal reserve note, CI e Ireland In center, train at left, steam er at right. 1 $20 national currency, McCul - lough 'at left, female figure . and capltol at left. $20 gold certificate,' Washington in center. United States . coat of arms in center. $20 golds certificate. Garfield at right, eaele in center. $70 silver certificate, Manning in center, scroll in center, above it r - rlnted "United Btate Twenty - Silver Certificate." $20 United States note. Hamilton at left, scroll In center, urroindel by "United Bute of America." The Yount Matrons' clsse of the F:rst Pant 1st church ) will meet. Wednesday afternoon at the hocn - cf Mrs. B. R Witt, US South Fremont avenue. Old - fashioned Cedar Tree for Christmas. Fresh cut. Perfect shape from SSc to $1.60. LOVE'S FLORAL' SHOP 211 West Walnut Phone 5207 "DON QUIXOTE" A JOY i Theater - goers who visit the j Tony sarif Marionette show of llxm Quixote at the Teachers col - jlcip., December 'J7, will see a nuin - j her of things done hy mechanical liicior wnu ii are impossible on ice uMimi siaK". .'MuneniB ot romance will remember that the romantic knitfht suffered from illusions because he had read too much of mediaeval spiritism and; romance, and that he imagined a: flock of sheep to be an armv. while a windmill seemed to him to be a giant standing in his way. I These things have benn worked out in the plav so that there is every semblance of t - in the action. Don Quixote lends itself easily to Marionette production because the characters are humorous in themsilves ami there is much action, without wiilch any puppet show would he helpless. Since t'ervantes' famous old story Is it - jself a caricature, Tony Sarg found . free reign for his talents in the I same direction. THE FUNlrlAL HOME COMPLETE 534 St. Louis St. 1 " COAL BUY IT RIGHT S.OO Karmas Deep Shaft, Screened Lump, per ton Illinois Deep Shaft, OB A Screened, egg or lump, per ton. . .tjOwTlU ALL CLEAN AND FRFSH FROM CARS TO HOMES. Hon." the chief mid 'and 1 wa'Hme following letter: - "Mrs. 1 nris - the operators Jailed." topherson is a wicked, fast woman, Several hundred slot machines and she la in love with her Ber - have been found in operation in At - vant, Johnnie, and does not care a Unta in the last few weeks. Tha damn for her husband. Johnnie operators have been fined from Jlo has stayed with the Chrtstopher - to $100 each and the machines re - son girl during the war. What turned with the Instructions not to 1Lbout the times the Chrlstopherson continue the pracice. t.nier neav - Klri has with Johnnie In London?" United Coal Co. 547 W. Phelps Phone NH9 irs said that he would insist upon: heavy lines atxl sentences hereafter. These machines resemble in fi rm the size a cash register. In some cases they have been operated openly on front counters. In most instances they are kept under cover in the rear corners uf drug stores. "It Is around these marhihe that' children rub elbows with loafers ancj crooks In order to satisfy their budding "instincts," said Chief Heavers. "When a coin Is Inserted In tho Lady Balnbrldge received a letter In terms similar to the?e. These letters have supplied the "fireside leagues" of Sheringham with winter munitions. No matter vvhat the outcome of the charges against pretty Dorothy Thurburn Shcrlngham has something to talk about for months to come. ADD "WILLIAMS IS DENTAL" Tho only manufacturer to exhibit durlnp the Hnnual meeting1 was the Sodiphene company, which was represented hy Mrs C. A. TICKLING THROAT Always nn annoyance, worse when if afflicts you at nipht. You can stop It quickly with CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY Every user is a friend slot, he continued, "tne mai wniri, ood, or Kansas city, mis is a and the poor, deluded customer preparation much In vogue with thinks he has a chance of getting r',.ntlsts as nn antiseptic in from 2o cents to a dollar's worth of pyorrhea and other diseases of th cheap candy or gum for his nickel. frnj cavity. it's tho meanest type of gamb - , ' i ,j ling. H fastens the gambling in - A Good Thing - DON'T M188 IT. s'.inct In the pliable character of children. The worst Influence of g, your ,, d .ddres. plalnh this machine 1a that it lures chu - .;,, ,..,i, :,, s ,, i.A tkii dren Into hangouts and cheap Joints ""n ? th er With 6 cents (and thu where the youngsters come In con - sup; cnamoaruui jieaicine wo, ur tact with the criminal element, and Moines, lows, and receive in return a tliev are led gambling." into deeper fields of trial package containing Chamberlain I Cough Kemedy for coughs, colds, croup, " . bronchial, "flu" and whooping coughs, DAVIDSON HAS NEWSPAPER and tickling throat: Chamberlain'l Stem. sen and Liver Tablet for stomach trou DATED MARCH 20, 1827 YOUR BIG BROTHER ASKS YOU TO VISIT, THE STORE OFREAL VALUES! We carry thousands of articles that will make good Xmas presents and we will guarantee you AT LEAST a 50 - 50 DEAL on any present you pick out. We are out of the high rent district, but still in town. All this means a saving to you. Think it over and come and see your big brother. Knightens Cut Rate Drug Store 319 BOONVILLE AVENUE "WE ARE SATISFIED WITH SMALL PROFITS' What is relieved to be the oldest copy of a newspaper possessed by a resident of Springfield i owned by Bill Davidson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Davidson of 539 St. Louis street. The paper is ninety - six yrars old and is in almost perfect condition, despite itj age. It was louli'l in an aoanuoneu house In Springfield by the Davidson vouth, along with other old rei - ics. The paper consists ot four pages nnd is dated Tuesday, March - 'O, lSi7, ;nd the name of It Is "The Tioga l'ioneer" of WUlardaville, ra. The naier used for printing the sheet is almost similar to parchment and the stories In it arc readable, as it has not been torn or soiled in any way. The paper is a weekly edition. The following terms are on the front page, which Is four columns wide: "The l'ioneer will be published once a week on a good medium paper & type, at one dollar & fifty cents, If puid In advance. Two idols, per annum If paid half In ad vance. Three Uols. per annum if not paid during the year." The featuro story of the four - column paper Is "The Twin Flowers of Brier Bush." The edition has i.twH of foreign countries on the inside pages and has a sarcastic remark about the actions of King C.eorge 111 ot KnKlUnd. Interesting stories about the bankrupt bill, tariff bill, the revolutionary claimants and the printing of lawa which were i before congress at that time also l are to be found. Much of the pa - Iper 1 devoted to advertisements. bles, indigestion, gassy pains that crowd the heart, biliousness and constipation; Chamberlain'l Salve, needed in. every family for burns, scalds, wounds, piles, and skin affections: these vsluet) family medicine for only 0 cents. Don't mis it. r i r. ii 4t? irrovvAl riant fa Give? an overtaxed and tired trstamanlgbtot refieabingTettaridabrlght tomorrow is In wort of rfl tablets. Nature" Rstnsdy keep ' body functions regular, Improve spptttts, relieve coosupsuou. m jumom - Llttle M One - third th rfu - UrdoM. Msdeot Mm Incrsdisnta, thsa s a a i r torn fi.' Tot hU - drea and adults. For Youth Or Old Age The Gift that's always welcome BMJNSWICK, P H O N O G HA P H S AND PwBC O R.D S Regardless of the size of your pocketbook, there - is a Brunswick Phonograph for you. NEW LOW PRICES: $45, $65, $100 $125, $150 $200 to $475 In either Upright or Console Models We will gladly arrange terms of payment to suit your convenience. Sold Exclusively by I ' 'lifilll' I1 I J The Royal : ! OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Ciirlstmas Dccoraiaoins Evergreen Wreaths Each.. 35c Doz..$3.00 Holly Wreaths Each.. 35c Doz. Needle Pines - Each Pop - Corn that Pops in packages, bags and car - lots Pckg. 10 & 15c Ea. A1 $3.00 Cr sr J i ..35c A Christmas Trees - , 25c and up liolly,lb. ... 35c 10 lbs $250 Case, about 50 lbs.$7.50 Southern Smilax ; Xb. 50c. Case, $750 Festooning or Ever green Roping Yd. 10c; Coil of 20 yards.. $150 Red Friz Roping 60 yards in coil per coil. ;75c .Green Friz Roping 60 yards in coil per coil. .75c EVERLASTING WREATHS of every Description $2 - Our Special Wreath - $2 Larger Sizes $3.00, $4.00 and $5.00 Each '," , Made especially for holiday cemetery use, of everlasting material, packed in eparata boxe. 1 to go by parcel post add 10c each. HAVE YOU DECORATED YOUR STORE? I Springfield Seed Company j I Use Republican Want Ads. 1 . john r, j&njett Drug co.

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