Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 5, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1949
Page 8
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PACK 8—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). WKONIOSDAY. OO'I ?ObU>h*a Bvwy fcvralnc t&xcwpt Bunda?) by NAUOATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUQATUCK, pONM. TMephonM. StXS and AH Dqwrtmmta Entered •• Moond'claM matter at th* port offlc* to NaugatucK. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payabi* In Advaao* I Month . ..H*> 1 YMOT . . .I1B.BO """" Member: American Tfowapaper Pub. AM*H K. K, Dally N«Wipoper Pub. Aaa-n Conn. K>w»paper Publishers AJB'P WEDNESDAY, 'OCTOBER 8, 1949 Worthy Caase 'Officially under way, and with strong and 'competent backing, is the annual campaign in Naugatuck to raise $1,000 for the Girl Scout program. It's a worthy cause, one that needs little if any explanation of purpose and accomplishment. For the Girl Scout movement stands as a bridge to good^Americanism. civic pride and strength in principle and character. Few there are, indeed, unfamiliar with the good work resulting in and from the Girl Scout program. Fewer are those who will ignore plea for small contribution, or large, to support and strengthen its essential financial structures. Indorsement of the Girl Scout campaign for funds in Naugatuck needs no prompting. It's spontaneous. Some 5,000 letters have been mailed to Naugatuck residents requesting assistance for a most deserving program. Just $1 from each one approached would give Girl Scouting a lift never before anticipated in Naugatuck. And' that's what we'd like to see happen. The Girl Scout campaign is the open sesame of the new season of drives for funds-^-each for a different, essential and worthy cause. Without detracting from its immediate and proper substance, it's notable that the current drive is the first of a series that will continue through the winter months and into the summer of 1950. Each will have it's purpose; each will be worthy. Without exception, if past performance is any criterion, each will be successful. And that's to the credit of the several organizations sponsoring the several campaigns, as well as to the people of Naugatuck wh_o support, tham.. , In past years we've waited until the end of the annual, lengthy trail of fund-raising promotions to lift futile voice in favor of a single campaign in behalf of all the agencies now conducting individual financial efforts. We'll say it at the outset this year: How about a Community Chest Drive for Naugatuck? Rocking Electorate A great many members of Congress, notably Senator Byrd, have had a fling at making the electorate understand-, the real significance of the cost of running the federal government. As has been pointed out, the price tag is J40,000,000,000-odd. But, for our money—we use that phrase advisedly—Sen. Homer Ferguson of Michigan has just done a good job along the same line. If everyone holding life insurance in the nation were to cash his or her policies, says the Senator, the total take—approximately $44,000,000,000 r -would run the government for a little more than a year. To put it another way, if every industry liquidated its net working capital the total, $39,000.000,000, would keep the federal wheels grinding for only 11 months. The tota! assets of every farmer placed in one pool would make things go for about seven months. That ought to rock the electorate. S. G. Factor In Chairs A gentleman name of^ Ed'gar Kaufmann holds, out hope for those suffering- from inferirity complexesAvhen itcomes|to furniture. From now on no article of furniture is going to throw him or otherwise intimidate him. Mr., Kaufman has their nuriitier. Writing in the New York Herald-tribune., Mr. Kaufmann manages in a very few words to tell how to make your chairs live with you. There are a few salient points. If a ehair stands out from its brethren on the display floor leave it there. Otherwise it may so overawe and outpeacock your treasured belongings at home you may find yourself leaving burnt offerings before it. Another thing. Pick your chair for squirm. JSit in it Do you squirm comfortably? Fine! Now for the acid test. Do you squirm gracefully? Steady now are you being honest or has the chair already got its insidious grip on you? Its S. G. (squirm gracefully quotient is high? You've won! ...You've licked the chair physi- jcally and psychologjcany, and says you've gotten your money's •worth. And in this day and age when the pressures on you to accept what someone else says is right are almost - overpower- ing, victory on the basis of any one of three points is something to conjure with. A Popular Proposal If n leudor of the American bar has hia way, the courts of the land may bcsomo English speaking. He proposes that lawyers abandon their time-hallowed phrases and get down to plain talk. It may be the biggest boon to the human race since tho Phoenicians came up with the alphabet. This friend of the people would junk all the post hoes, to wits, per ses, and the rest of the high- sounding juristic mumbo jumbo. He would reduce the jargon to such clarity that frustrated juries might he less disposed to get themselves hung and parties to a contract wouldn't develop myopia squinting at the obtUBC terms. The country's legal machinery, creaking under the weight of common law precedents and more business than the courts can adequately handle, can stand plenty of stream-lining. Certain reforms have been instituted, notably in the emphasis on pretrial and administrative procedures, but much remains to be done. If a ranking lawyer believes that cutting out the double talk will reduce the number of cascw coming to court and opcoU up those that do, he's ip»o fucta persona grata with the public. England's socialist government is making little progress. But it is certainly keeping Uncle Sam busy trying to finance it. The Veep's romantic visits to St. Louis arc now getting Hmall play. If he doesn't hurry up. ho'il be relegated to the back page. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Wilby rallied for two last period touchdowns to defeat Naugatuck, 20-12. Bob White and Char- llo AioKl scored the Nuugntuck touchdowns. Wendell H. Treffery of South-' bury, has been promoted to the grade of corporal for outstanding duty with the medical detachment of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment presently stationed at Fort Mcatlc, Md. Mr.s. John J. Wrlnn of Ward Htrrrt, president of tlio Consum- orn' Ix>iiKiii; <>f Connecticut, will lin hosti'.MH ut a luncheon mid mrctlng for thn board of directors and advisors of the league at lior homo next woek.. .thanks for tho Invltn Mr*. W. Harry S. Davis, local magician, is being congratulated by hia many friends in his election as president of *.he New Haven Magic society... KoKemary Phillip-) of tho bor- o'uuli, WUH among 16 students at St. ARrncw' hospital Training School lor Nurses, Hartford, who received caps 'at ceremonies lust Sunday. We loam with rugi-nt of the death of Charles Z. Morse, formerly of Shclton, at the home of hia son in Everett, Ohio... He formerly was well known in the valley as a member of the Taylor and Morse Feed business... Frank Semplenski was reelect- cd first selectman of Beacon Falls, as voters swept the entire Democratic slate into office. 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mm. Karl KocUgcr returned from an extended trip through Europe. The Naugatuck Hltfh school football team defeated Mllford Prep in «. practice. K'umc, 10-7. Household Scrapbook The Canary Sometimes the canary will refuse to take a bath in its bird tub so try sprinkling a little clean sand in the bottom of the tub. Often, the reason for the bird's refusal to enter the tub is its slippery bottom. x Scorched Milk If the heated milk has a slight scorched taste, remove it by putting the pan into cold water and adding a pinch o£ salt to the milk. Bluing Streaks Soak the garment that is streaked from a strong bluing solution in strong ammonia water. Joe and rut O'Duro of Tho Bronx Mend their bent regards to all their frlendH In thn borough. ...They've been hostH ,to many local residents In New York for Imsrlmll biiHlnc'MH... And Sunday was no exception... Jim Wrinn of tho P. O. staff was among tho largo crowd at Michie Stadium, West Point for the Army-Penn State game... Harry E. Humphreys, Jr., president of the U. S. Rubber Co. will lie the npcakcr at a company forum linns In Ihn vnddy near future.. .Frank "Spec" Shea, Yankee pitcher, who will wed Gen Martino next month, will be gue'st of honor at a testimonial dinner Nov. 5 at Odd Fellows... Atty. Henry Marlor .missed up airain | as t weekend in his prom- IHO to out^expert thn N'KWS' board of fool hull expert.N.. .Henry nilNHed up oti elpht of the 21) Kanies chosen, managing to come out ahead of only one, the Circulation, department. . 11 (Miry did not mind lowing on weven of Ills choices.. .The one tluit hurt was tho 21-0 pasting Peim handed his Alma Mammy, Dartmouth... He predicted Dartmouth, by a 2113 score. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Simmons of North Main street, were among the local fans attending the New York-Boston finale at the Yankee Stadium, Sunday.. .Both are Yankee fans and were more than pleased with the outcome. News Adv. Mgr., Joe Smith points out that while "Spec" Shea won only one game for tho Yankees this year, the Yanks took the pennant by—one frame. ..."Spec's" win, was In a one- inning relief appearance against none other than Joe McCarthy's Boston Red Sox. Ever cordial and gentlemanly Jim McKenna extends an invitation to attend the Columbus Day Dance of Ojeda Council, Knights of Columbus Saturday night, Oct. 15, at tho Falcon Hall... Greg Phclan and hie band will play... Thanks, Jim, we'll be there... Bill Kurabun of Beacon Falls IN now selling cars ON well an Insurance... Betty Ann Smith of North Main street In one of the top-ranking student nurses at St.. Francis' Hospital Training School, Hartford... Jim HenncsHcy has the trusty shooting irons oiled up for the approaching hunting season... Watch out for the polecats, Jim.. There's talk around that the football game Saturday night be- twe/:n Naugatuck High and Tor- rlngton may be h road cant over radio station WATB. Ralph Ruder of Walnut street IN mlK'hly proud of his exqulaito dlHplay of chryHanthomuma.... nccuuifo of tho dry weather this past summer he felt sure they wouldn't do very well... but those who have seen his bed» say they arc a magnificent maze of colors. It's not a race of tho fittest, but a race of tho longest legged these days us kids race home from school to gather horse chestnuts that have fallen during the day. Understand that several Hod Sox rooters awoke Monday morning to find tho front doors of their homes, decorated with black crepe,.'.In addition to the traditional signs of mourning were placards bearing such expressions as..."In fond memory of tho Boston Rod Sox"... "How about that"... And otheru... Tho Red Sox rooters have a pretty good idea who the Yankee fans, turned practical jokers, are. A mlxup In green coats occurred at the Kennedy Circle mother and daughter banquet last night, with Lillian Grant having a green coat, which Is much too small for her. ...Sln> figures someone has one which must be too large.. .a telephone call to 3777 can get the mutter straightened out. Jim Farrcn has a booth to shelter him while handling tickets for the St. Francis' Carnival car on the Green. . . . Ted KlimaHzewski tella us he i.s finally shaking hia cold . . . fall is in the air these days, let's hope we have some Indian Summer before Old Man Winter Rets here. , Mrs. G. L. Wigglesworth has arrived at her home, 68 Oak street, after having spent a month in Adrian, Mich., as the guest of her son and daughter- in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Gene ("Chappy") Czaplicki of Waterbury, observed their first wedding anniversary yesterday.. .Mrs. Chappy is the former Jeanne Rosseau of the Brass City. NOW, I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP-! Tins BROAIIWAY EXPRESS Celeb* About Town: Robert E. Sherwood (his best-seller Is "Roosevelt and' Hopkins") coming down the Queen Liz gangway solo with a leaden heart. The Familiar Story ....The Dom DiMaggios in the Cub Room. . . Brenda Frazier and groom J. Sims Holly tolling Intimates: ''We are leaving for a long time. Big business deals in foreign places"... .Mrs. Henry Luce, who '" said to be readying a quick trip the Vatican shortly John Crosby, the Radiogre, who frightens big boys and ^Irls on th« networks, assuring Peter Lin4 Hayes and Mary Healy that their "Inside USA" tv spot (tho other night) was marred but not by them Mrs. SUB Edwards, In her youthful 70n, t>ack at tho Aator from Movletown. The 45th and B'way scene being where her songwriter husband met and won her asd then all that glory Comm. Happy Chandler explaining why there can't be any Junior World Series: "Most of the 2nd place players have signed for barnstorm touir. and, anyway, we don't allow other games during the World Series any more." Salliow in Our Alloy: Yanhnc fan teorge Jean Nathan was asked If the Red Sox collapse In the Stadium lurnrlxod him — "Not at all," thu :rltlc replied, "It'n not tho first .Ime a sure thing In Boston flopped n New York"... .Jack Mangan snows a press agent whose wife tad him on the carpet... ."Don't lo to me," nhoutod MI-B. Press Agent, ''I'm not a columnist!" WALTER WINCHELL In New York CLOSED FOR DURATION OF STRIKE Midtown Vignette: He's been engaged almost. M.H often as Foggy Joyce haw boon wod....Ho was Dragging to a group of chums about his latest... .They weren't impressed and they told him so.... 'LisBcn, you muggs," he sa'id, "this :lmo I'm really 'in love. This Is It! The Real Thing. Its serious, I tell you, and damn good publicity!" Momoa of a "Mldnlghter: Howard Hughes' confidential aide, Chaa. 3ucst, will soon merge with Ava Gardner's slater Bo'-'.rlce... .The Appellate Div. has q'.ietly deferred the appeals in the Woolley-Hart gambling case until 19-Ift.y, .. Tho Stork ht^s ni^ncd two high society singers. Cathy Chambers Farrlng- .on starts next week In the main room. Hers is a trained voice. Upstairs in the new swank section (Sat. eves only) will be Suzy Mulligan, a grandghtr of DuPont.... Those nightly phone calls have practically reconciled Steve H. with | Ann Sheridan. He's there now.... That Alger Hlas would change lawyers (and request a' change of venue) was stale news yesterday. Listeners hoard same the night of Sunday, Sept. 11... .In Ham Fisher, the parent of J. Palooka, about •o take That Leap again?... .The litest fad with the Hunds-on-the- Hlp Set is Mary Martin haircuts. spring training at the Soreno Hotel, St. Petersburg, Fla. A honey- haired drcamboat. .. .Peter Arno'n ma, the attractive widow of Judge Curtis Arnoux Peters, Is on the Verge-of-a-Merge. Curtain Calls: Mliruollto Vnlden' rhythms at Havana-Madrid. . . . <Jene Kardo's ztngy crew at the Hungarla... .Tony (Martin's Victor disc of L. Alter's new hit, "Circus" ... .Noro Morales' "Rum and Soda," a new rhumband favorite .. .The Irfehonanlgans at Hogan'a Irish House on W. 52nd. and Fran Warren's version of "Envy." New York Novelette:. He. met her In 1947 In Germany where she was singing- for the American troops. A native of Bulgaria who fled tho Hitler Hell just In In time. ...Our Hero quit his MM- tary Gov'.t snajpl to promote her operatic career and l=>ho won Immediate .recognition all over Yuri-op. .. .So In love! Their four months In Paris were tho happiest. .. .Her press notices .say she is the most beautiful opera singer "in all the world" and Home overseas critics ranked her with tho •Immtortals — Wo dlore't know Wo put it down tho way Tho Man Said..,.Anyhow, thoy came hero and ho spent every dime putting her ulp at the swankiest hotels, clothes, etc. / .But the breaks just didn't 'happen—1*0 Ralna Simcono- wa took what sho could get,,,Hor Columbus sits there every night watching her ruin, her lovely voice In the Russian Skazka, a smoky collar cafe on W. 48th. Broadway Heartbreak: Only a few seasons ago ho was the proprietor of several Times Sq. thoa- s, all of them housing long-run clicks... .The other day they removed him to a convalescent home ....One of his hits was "Tobacco Road," which ran and ran and ran . .. .He owned the Fulton, the 48th Street, the Hudson and Belasco Theaters... .He -crashed with the news that his son, Danny Grisman, a Navy flier, was killed in action. New Yorkers You Never Hear About: Jack Haley, the bell'hop at the Park Sheraton Earl Wilson, the -griddle mani at the barbecued pork hashery on Lenox Avenue... .The Bitz Brothers, who peddle pianos in the upper 40s. .. Irving Hoffman, the jeweler, on 34th Street. ...Joe DiMaggio of 63 Thompson Street and the one at 1492 Lexington Avenue. . . .The doctor named H. Bogart of 100th and West End ,and W. Wlnchell, the bakery driver, of HollUi, t,. I. Broadway Noons: II Progresso editor A. Romano will try to stop the premiere of "Christolpncr Columbus" with an injunction. Claims he wrote 'it as a serial nine years ago. . Pare Lorentz has a deal for a filmi about the Big Bomb In which Einstein and other atomic scientists have agreed to appear S.'Kingsley will be making- $8,000 a week from "Detective Story*' when the Chicago troupe gets its asbestos up Yankee pitcher Wally Hood's date at the Yankee pennant celebration was: the waitress who fed the team during Geo. Wigglesworth & Son, Tnc PLUMBING, HEATING and AIB CONDITIONING MAPLE 8TKEET 24 Hour OH Burner Service TEL. Cites tff+f* Have You Visited Our Second Floor HOMEWARES DEPARTMENT? Stop In and See It. Store Open Daily Monday Thru Saturday . . . also Friday Nights. CANS, he. Maple Street Tel. 3507 or 6090 Sound* In (he Night: At Iceland: "This is real neutrality. Joe and Dom, DPMag-jriolJ 'mother watching- the lost two games!". At China House: "It looks like U. S. Steel IB putting tho Steel before the U. 8.".. .At the Blue Antfe): "If you could flght half an tough a» you talk ,you'd be a chump".... At Manhattan Towers: "I'm not saying- he's a swish, but ain't he dainty?". . .In Lum Fang's: ."She'* a -Promise that he's Kept" At G-ilmore'a: "I don't like women— juiat what they're mado of." The Late Watch: Patricia Gayo, 19-year-old salesgirl at Macy's, will be the 2nd load In Mudy Christians' soon-due tv ishow, ''Everything for Angrela." She won out over three established actresses... The new emerald on Mrs. Billy Leeds' finger is BO huge you can't believe it's real. But Iddiz... ,P)ay- wrisrht Gerald Savory (he auth'd "George and Margaret") and his wife are taking Renovocalne. 'She is in Las Vegas now Charlene Russell gct« blilinig on Al Bernie's tv show, "D4th St. Rovue." noxt week. Sholj his stooge. In England she's a BBC pet. Love sure can bring a woman down Billy Reed, tho Little Club impresario, and LII'' Kramer (of tho Edison- Lincoln Hotel -mints) are closer tihan the Scries... .Our recent col'ml on Gold is now in the Cong Record, U. S. Sen. Warren Magnu«on being ono of our Tonstant Weaders...Prettiest -words of the week: Enter at Gate 4. Lower Stand Section 12, Box B. Seat 1 PRIPARINO TO TURN AWAY unloaded, a truck stands beside the Red Fox coal mine near Du Quoin, 111. The mine started operating with non-union W ^ k !?.^ hen United MInc Woi *ers Union member, arrived and ordered them to leave. They agreed, and the owner has announced hell Keep the mine shut tor the duration of the UMW strike. (International) MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. What l» tho correct way to i hold a coffee cup In tho hand? A. The handle of the cup should be held by the thumb and first two fingers, the other two fingers being bont slightly towards the palm of the hand. Ni-W [NGUNO !> l PETROUUM STORAGf Q. Is-it correct for a bride to remove her engagement ring before this wedding ceremony? A. Yes; she may either transfer It to her right hand or leave it at home. Q. When should the candles be lighted when used on tho dinner table? A. Immediately before dinner is announced. BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil Look And Learn 1. Who was the first to use mercury aa an expanding medium in thermometers? 2. What evont of world history had tho most extensive newspaper wrlteup? 3. What familiar tree bears leaves of throe different shapes? 4. For what Instrument did the famed composer, Chopin, write chiefly? 5. What is the psychological opposite of optimism? Answer* 1. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (1686-1736). 2. The Invasion of Europe in per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. I'hone -W rt, BUCKLEY f.-, BETTER StRViCS LOWER FULL COSTS LEWIS CARROLL Th» n«»l«r OD the llqure OENTKB KQVABE — COHNBB PROSPECT * trjflOJC HTRBETH Barclay Tile- Board Chrom Trim Door Frame i Window Bash * Pr Floor Kandora tor TELEPHONE »«»« 3. Sassafras tree. 4. Piano. 5. Pessimism. IO — TKUKVISIUN K.C.A. — Admiral Television Bales and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Since 1928 ._»__CEDAR ST. TEt. RS74 KXI'KKT BODY WORK Complete I'ainllnt; Fitclllll.-s Wrecker and Toning Service KKtlrnaleH FurnlHhed RudKet I'lari Available The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FOKI) DKAI.KR Phone 52S6 COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC UKr KIGKKATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Folia Tel. 7430 Kmcrgcncy C<tU 6557 WatcrwU Dependable 11 Stora * CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY ... with a New PRE-TEEN DEBWOOD COAT (not exactly as pictured) / 100% Virgin Wool . . . deep soft nap which acts as insulator by keeping eoldl out and body warmth in. Double breasted, flare back. Red), blue, green. Preteen sizes 10—14. 25.00 Freo wire brush with every Debwood Coat to keep nap soft and fluffy. Other Coats in all wool . . . wide range of styles and colors. Sizes 7—14. $16.98 - $22.95 PRE-TEEN DEPT. . . . MAIN FLOOR

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