Appeal-Democrat from Marysville, California on December 16, 1959 · Page 3
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Appeal-Democrat from Marysville, California · Page 3

Marysville, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1959
Page 3
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Record Of Escaoe From Falls Ends LOS ANf.KI.KS ( U l ' l t - M i n k Alien Gobble's string ot CM ,ipos from pi'('lnnilur dill" cndul ' I i i M day night He died "( i t n i i i i c i su(- forctl when lie pliimincti il to earth [rom n liotol window while t i v l i n ' ! to evade ft flrt 1 'I'he Niilioniil ISiomUiisliiii; Co nccountiint took tpfiiRC on n win (low lo(l|!' Mond»y nUthl when i f n e stinted from n dKiuette I n u n - JIIK m Ins loom nt the Hollywood Franldm Hotel WltncHhes mild Clalihie, '£, Icmt his l » ; ( e i crip while clinging ts the foiutli-tloor ledge and dropped ·ID f i e l lo the Kioimd He underwent suucry for multiple 1 tine- tines and mlornal Iniurlcs at general liospit ll. Tin- hie in the hotel WHS controlled tiller fiiif-inn minor lnm- ·W ('iiil)hie survived a tumble from a w l n d i w In a thiee-Htory npait- m c n t when he WHS u youngstei and t l n e e years ,IRO plunged over a IM-foot elitt while on n mountain hike. Board Chooses lite For New Nuclear Lead Claimed ' Jlnple, belle! Jiiitfle, b o v l U.inco and sinp with Chrlstmivs joy .. in your pay now Little Yunkti show-oil's! Surprise '.your Chnslmim uiH'ol wilh the (,'ilt that's truly fit, for n Morry Merrv Chris tnws ... iiucl n Ilnppy Shoe Year! 5,*. WUHS Building WIIEATLAND --The Wheat- Uuid Union High School board of trustees has decided on 35 acres in the Parks Subdivision as site tor the new high school plant, funds lor Which were approved In the bond issue-state loan election last woolc The SI,400,000 school would be located on acreage in the lower, most westerly part of the subdivision. The ttustees, meeting last night to canvass the election returns, authorized Dist. Supl. J. R Daughonbaugh to notify own- cis ot the property of the board's desire to buy the site James D, O'Connor of Wheat- luml and Hurold II111 of Yuba City, real estate agents, were hired as appraisers for the district at 5.500 each. They will appraise the property for the Board's use In determining a price to he ottered for the prop- city. II is expected that the school will be built to accommodate 500 students. Release ol state funds depends on the number of students in the district, which, in turn, is determined by the number of residential units. Cons,Unction of housing both at Doale Air Force Base, whose high school students the new school will accommodate, and in Whetttland Is continuing, and the piovisions allow a lelden- llal unit to be counted as soon as a foundation is Inlcl. Master Plan Actually, by next September, It is expected that probably a lllllc leas than 400 students-will be enrolled in the high school, The architectural firm of Dreyluss and Blacktord is preparing a muster plan of building to accommodate 700 students. The plan allows foi iurther con- stuietlon as the state releases lunds, Roger Murray, boiud chairman, reported ho had conferred with the architect, the superintendent, und a representative of the Parks Subdivision in a preliminary meeting on the property purchase and hud been advised by the Parks intoiosts that it is planned to start construction on 44 homos on the eastern portion ot the property Within the near future. Twenty ihrco mow homes will be added on (lie ramihilnK lots in Hie subdivision 1C the school district takes 35 acres. The proposed school site borders on the Dave Jones piopcrty to the wesl, Roddan Lime properly on the south, the county road to Rio Oso oh too north and the City of Wheallnntl on Hie east, City water, [Ire and sewer facilities would be available as the property lies within the city limits. Pilot Dies In Plane Accident MODESTO (UPI) - Lt (jg) Burke Ward, 25, son of Vice Adm. James II Ward, San Francisco, died Tuesday when his plane overturned and burned In an emergency landing at Crow's Landing. The Navy flier crashed when ho attempted to make a landing when his A4D Skyhawk's hydraulic system failed, (Continued Ftom Page One) lished about two w e e k s ago, claimed the Soviets have about 100 missile bases and the ICBM and IRBM missiles have been in Soviet service for 17 months since July, 1958. The Franco - American t i f f flared a few moments after West German Defense Minister Fran?. Josef Strauss said the U S. Strategic Air Force might not bo enough of a nuclear deterrent to prevent Russian "chipping away" at Western Europe, He appealed to NATO to build up its strength The NATO powers, especially France, were under stiong pressure from the United States lo increase their own defense strength, backed by Secretary of State Christian A. Horter's promise to keep U.S. military forces In Europe if they will. But the problem was acute and most of the nations involved had some excuse tor their continuing inability to deal with it. The hard facts of unprepared- ness were spotlighted In the NATO year-end survey being do- bated today by the defense ministers of the 15 alliance members. These facts showed only 21 of the 30 divisions considered the absolute minimum for defense are now in being. Only seven intermediate ballistic missile bases have been established along the defense line running from Norway to the Mediterranean. And the anli-aircialt missile chain that should shield Western Europe's great cities and industrial cities is almost nonexistent, Although all of the land units should now be capable of handling nuclear weapons, only the eight American and British divisions have over approached that goal. Gen. Lauus Norslad, the American officer who is NATO's su- piems commander, is said to feel ho hardly could defend Europe Under present conditions if a Soviet attack was attempted, Norslad's deputy, Gen. Joan Valluy, iccently criticised his own homeland, France, for tuinlng its face from NATO at the moment when most military planners argued that defense of Western Europe is possible only if all forces are brought under central command. Issue Must Bo Sellled This was precisely the grout issue which must be settled some lime this week, probably between President Charles do Gaulle and President Eisenhower when they meet privately this week end at start oil Western summit talks. Ilortor said Tuesday the United States originally committed its mllilaiy forces to Europe's defense on tho understanding the whole ot Europe's defense shoitly would be integrated But de Gaulle lecently was quoted as saying "integration has had ils d a y " Tuesday he told parliamentary leaders that while he still supported NATO the defense structure itself should be something more than a simple coalition but rather less than an integrated command. Crash Kills PiSot FARMINGDALE, N.Y. (UPI)-An experimental version of the F-105 Thunderchief jet fighter- bomber crashed Hi the Atlantic Ocean JO miles southwest of Mon- lauk Point at the tip of Long Is- Squaw Valley Session Asked (Continued From Pago One) leased these state holdings to Gushing for 10 years to get him to relinquish use permits on his federal land holdings for tho duration ot the Olympics. This lease was expected to produce about $70,000 to the state, --A 900-car parking lot from which Hanson said the state expected to collect $75,000 a year if it were state operated. --A lease for a gasoline station on which the state would get one cent per gallon. Rental Offer Ftales --At least .13 main buildings, at least four p£ them partitioned into four-person sleeping quarters Also Included is a huge cafeteria and a reception center. --Tho ice arena, the speed skating rink, and several practice rinks. --Roads, a sewage system and water and healing systems, from which there would be little or no Income. Hanson said the state at first offered the entire holdings, except the ski lilts leased to Gushing, to u private concessionaire for "minimum rental." On this deal there were "no takers" except for a bid by Gushing to take over operation of the facilities for the state for a salary. Recently tho Beaches and Parks Division has been attempting to Imd concessionaires to take over the feeding, housing and operation of the ite rink, with the state to keep the parking lot and maintenance requirements, including the reirugcralion of the ice arena, Hanson said this was expected to cost the state $400,000 a year in maintenance costs, Gushing Multcs Oftor On this deal, Gushing again was the only bidder. He offered to take over the facilities, promising the state from 4 per cent of the gross on food to 15-22 per cent on housing, 25 per cent on the ice arena and 150 per cent on store rentals. This was expected to give the stale $175,000 a year, according to rough estimates. Hanson said that this, along with ski lift and parking income, would give the state $320,000 n year against $400,000 in expenses on maintenance. Another alternative to the slate was to buy out part of Cushing's and landowner Wayne Poulsen's holdings ut a cost of five million dollars to make tho entire valley a slate park. Geddes'wat one of the stnunehest foes on this. "The only thing we can do now is to try to operate it the best we can alter the Olympics and wait for direction by the Legislature, " Hanson said Geddcs remarked: "To think that this whole Squaw Valley business started up more or loss as n gag, with Mr. Gushing making tho pitcli for the Olympics just lo gcf publicicty for an investment, of his own in the area " Court Considers Fate Of US Man HAVANA (UPI) -The fate of a New York-Miami manufacturer accused of plotting to smuggle refugees out of Cuba rested today in the hands of a revolutionary tribunal considering government demands that he be sent to prison for 20 years. The five-hour trial of John Mar- \lno ended at 2 am. It was not certain how soon the verdict would be announced. Mavtino denied his guilt repeatedly and emotionally, sometimes coming close to tears, Barely four hours before the Murtlno trial began, another revolutionary tribunal sitting in a movie house at Havana's Camp Liberty Imd sentenced Ma], Hubert Mntos, a former comrade in arms 'of Premier Fidel Castro, to 20 years imprisonme'nt. The prosecution had demanded the death penalty for M a t e s charged with treason when he pro tested against what he called Community infiltration of Castro'« revolutionary regime. The court sentenced 21 codefcn dants in the Matos case to prison tor terms ranging from two to seven years. Thirteen others were acquitted. Marine Exchange Elects New Head SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-Joh R, Wagner, executive vice presl dent of Pacific Far East Line Inc., has been eledted presiden of the Marine Exchange of In San Francisco Bay Region, Wagner succeeds D.N. Lillevand vies president of Grace Line, Inc as head of the 110-year-old mar time service and promotional 01 ganualion opeBl-Democret Msrv»v!lle-Yubo City, California | | Vednesday, December 16, 1959 SHerwood 2-6491 ·""il Ike Prepares Speech (Continued Front Page Out) Vcslern summit meeting opens ec. IB. The sea voyage from Athens o Tunis was plotted over a course f 771 miles. From Tunis to Tou- on the distance will be 480 miles. Elsenhower left Athens by hell- opter Tuesday afternoon In a misty overcast after lunching with is overnight hosts, King Paul nd Queen Frederlka. His Marine Corps helicopter ook off from an improved pad ear the Greek Olympic stadium, lew low in the haze near (he ancient Acropolis and landed gently on the stern of the Dus tfoines. Pleasure craft and ships ining the Athens harbor s.ud arowell with a chorus of whistles while salute batteries of the carrier and cruiser boomed out a 21-gun salute. Elsenhower quickly peeled ot lis dark, diplomatic attire am shifted into a comfortable sports aeket and slacks. For about 3! minutes he watched from the 'lag bridge as the task force go: underway -- Joined in picking ou the harbor sights by his soi and daughter-in-law, Maj. iind Mrs. John Eisenhower. Apportionment^ Dispute Ragesi (Conlinited From Pifa One) os Angeles County seven senders, instead of the one K now as, by grouping, Butte, gutter nd Yuba Counties in a singlo Istrlct, and by making olb^r hifts of seals from rural. Co netropolltan areas, On motion o£ Frank Ready, (ho commit tec went on record unanl- nously against the proposed in- Finds Goodwill NEW YORK (UPI) -- Lewis L Strauss, former Atomic Ener Commission chairman, said Tue day night newfound a reservoir o goodwill while on a recent tou ot tho Far East and that thl country should make "cood use of It. He addressed a fund rate Ing dinner ot the Jewish Congre gatton Emanu-El. . In other business tho committee designated Coats, and Roudy as delegates to attend the "Issues Conference" of (ho California Democratic Council In Fresno Feb. 14 Sen. Fisher, in warning about the danger of the piopoosd portionmcnt, said "The I'hoiea nay well boil down to whether Sun Diego is to lia\ e rclmt of ,!U water shortage or trade dial relief for a second senator." ^ He charged that supporters -in his area of the Bonclll plan woi;e acting out of ignorance ralhgr than malice. ^~ "Some Los AiiRclos people wJ would like to luve a statewide water program for tho benefit^! certain Los Angeles interests ,ago promoting re ipporlionmenl for Ilio express purpose of defeating the water bond issue," he said. "It Los Angeles had its- way, Sun Diego would have been left out on a limb." Here's A Big Santa Special . . 10-Pound Capacity, 2-CycIe KENMORE Automatic land Tuesday. The Republic Aviation Corp. test pilot, Martin J. Signorolll, 31, was missing and believed killed. . 329.95 $10 Down Washes all your clothes faster, cleaner, gentler. Efficient 6-vane agitator gets out deepest dirt. 2-cycle wash action for regular and delicate fabrics. Evenings 'til 9 Washing Guesswork Ever Sot on« dial... you automatically g^ "°. h | wash time, v/ash and ST-"speed- Wash 'n Wear Cyclo prevents heat-set wrinkles. Adds Softener Automatically No mistakes! Kenmore outomalicdispenscradds fabric softener at exactly the right time... automatically. Puts luxurious new IHe into your old wash-matted fibers. Saves Water on Partial Loads Infinite w a t e r level selection lets you pre-set water level to fit the sue of any load. Saves total water, hot water, detergent on small loads. ^ 2-Speed, lO-Cycle Automatic Washer FREE BOX of TIDE with Your Purchase! Kenmore Automatic DRYER 229,95 Electric Model 269.95 Gas Model ONLY $10 DOWN 10-cycle all-fabric electric ends time-heat guesswork. Sears Best Is Your Best Buy! ONLY $10 DOWN NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS UNTIL FEBRUARY I, I960 1 Right speed, cycle for any fabric 1 Thoroughly washes giant 10-lb. load Clothes-freshening Ultraviolet lamp No-rust porcelained top, lid, tub » Off-balance shut-off and warning 1 New Scrubber ends pre-scrubbing 1 Curved-vane Roto-Swirl agitator ' Lint filter ends lint-hazy washes » Fluorescent lighted control panel » Lid shut-off helps prevent accidents "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" '·SFAFLRI OPEN EVERY NIGHT 9 to 9 514 D Street Ph. SH 2-5581 ^'EWSPAPER!

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