Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 3, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1949
Page 4
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TAGI i—NAPCATUCK NEWS (CONN.). MONDAY. OCT. 3. 1!M9 Sunday) by NAUOATUCK NEWS CORP NAUOATUCK, CONN. AB Bnt0r*d M Mcona claa» matter UM port off tot to Naugatuck. Conn BUBSCRKTION RATES Payable la Advane* I Month ...tIJO 1 Tear . ...tlB.60 Hemtxr: American Newspaper Pab. N. «. O»Dy N*wip»pw Pub. Aafn Obna. Newspaper fMblUbers Aas'n MONDAY OCTOBER 3, 1949 Dominating Dollars World finance is so involved that it cannot possibly be made clear in a single explanation. Much has been written about the devaluation of the British pound. Much more will be written before all sides of the subject become exhausted. Within a few hours after the announcement was made 18 other countries moved to reduce the dollar equivalent of their currency units. This was nacessary because their currencies were over-valued in relation to the dollar. From the world's point of Yiew, dollars are still extremely •scarce. Because dollars are in short sup- pijr their value hag been bid up, •regardless of .how other government* attempted to reduce their value through rates of exchange. "•• Previously British and French goods sold fn America had been marked up in price to meet the •difference between the real value -of their money and the U. 8. dollar. What the devaluing countries, have done, therefore, is to attempt to eliminate that mark- ap by bringing the exchange rates of their currencies roughly down to actual market value, so the various monetary units can be exchanged freely. The only remaining barrier to a flood of exports to this country from the devaluing countries is the tariff, which, although at its lowest level in years, will add substantially to the prices of these goods. The fact remains the American dollar dominates world trade so completely it is necessary periodically for other countries to take drastic measures to reduce that influence . We Suffer Tot England The British-led devaluation wave if starting to break over the U. S. eeoriomy more sharply than had been originally expected. Major commodity markets in the country have begun to react as skitterish barometers before a storm. Much of the present unsteadiness can be attributed to uneasiness over the certainty that American business is in for plenty of Jolts. Observers who predicted that the' effects of devaluation would not be felt here for at least six months, and then slightly, are changing their tune. Commerce department trade experts now acknowledge that Americans can look for price declines at home all along the line. How soon they will, hit any one industry hinges to a large extent upon the degree of competitiveness of the now more cheaply priced foreign products in domestic markets. Farm commodities are - slated as among the first to take it on the* chin, but for still another reason. Farm prices, riding high on government .supports and Marshall plan orders, are expected to be out of reach of European consumer*, who now must lay out more pounds, francs and . marks for the same number of dollars as before. That means less exports and mounting stateside surpluses which, in turn, will put the skids on existing prices. If the prices of the products he must buy were to drop proportionately and at about the same time, the farmer wouldn't get overly hurt. But such a smoothly meshing readjustment is too much to expect from the complicated domestic economy. In large measure the farmer may have to bank on the government's parity and production program to keep him out of the bind brought on when income falls faster than costs. The same squeeze looms for industry at large as the nation shifts its footing to the tune Britain has set. It is solemn music that now must be faced, call- tag forth the" most harmonious efforts from-all elements of the country if the coming dislocations are to be weathered without too much jarring notes. Profit Incentive A year ago there was much talk of a shortage of oil and gasoline Some leaders of the industry scoffed at it, *ut others, including high government officials, believed the estimate and were taking sweeping measures. These included reducing exports, increasing imfetorts and setting •up government subsidized plants to. recover petroleum from coal and *ahale. gas. Current production is more than ample. Important oil states Now there is plenty of oil and have reduced allowable production but 100,000,000 barrels of petroleum have been stockpiled above ground. Proved reserves of crude oil have been increased by 2)000,000,000 barrels «.nd of 'natural gas by 8,000,000,000,000 cubic feet. As for Cities Service Comlpany points out in a message currently published throughout the country, this is in response to, the old reliable compulsions of supply and demand. Scarcity put prices -up and the industry, stimulated by- rewards, increased exploration. Fortunately .there was (pQenty of capital available for the work, saved out of the profits of other years. "Without profit incentive." the message adds, "it would have been Impossible for the oil Industry to convert an economy of scarcity in 1948 to one of plenty today. Furthermore, j -u s t as rising prices automatically stimulated production, so today excess production swings the price pendulum' downward. '"Economic laiw, unhampered, thus works day and night to bring back the balanced economy toward which it is always striving. It has never been done by executive order." It is said there should be a spirit of mutual understanding between the United States and England. With the former paying the check, of course. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Clarence Isbell, Jr., returned to the Missouri School of Minerals and Metalology to enter his junior year. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lusk and daughters, Lorraine and Arline, were visiting friends in New York. 20 Years Ago J. William Johnson, commander of Patriarchs Militant of Connecticut, installed the officers of Canton Park City Lodge, in Bridgeport. Harold W. Brown, who was president of the Naugatuck YMCA, was named chairman of a committee arranging a membership drive. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is the double-ring ceremony considered most proper these days? A. Whether the man wears a wedding ring or not is entirely a matter of personal taste, and not of etiquette. He may or may not wear a wedding ring, as he chooses, and in either event he will be perfectly proper. Q. Is it proper for a man to step out of an elevator before the woman who is with him .if she happens to be standing behind him? A. Yes; it will save time and avoid pushing against some other person. Q. Is it proper to send out wed- ling invitations and announcements n the name of the brother of the bride if their parents are dead? A. Yes. The Glendalc Community Club building committee is working on plans for putting a shingle roof on the new club house and to check on available heating units....a good deal of the roof was completed during tho weekend. . .work is also being done on painting windows. Paul Mueller, of West Virginia, a trainee at the Eastern Mai leable Iron Co. and a n<*ph«w of "Buzzy" James, General Fatten drive, pays high tribute to the people of Glendale Manor In an article written by Paul as guest editor of the Glendale Manner. .. Paul describes the great change In physical characteristics of the development In the past three years. Chuck Waskowicz, K. of C, grand knight, tells us plans are moving along for the Columbus Day Ball at Falcon Hall Oct. 15 and the communion breakfast at St. Michael's Church, Beacon Falls Oct. 9. Bill Moody says h e used to consider himself quite a tennis expert until he played a champion ... then, he says, he gave up the game entirely. Little Ronald Ruzzy, (despite his wee size, is a Yankee rooter and knew exactly what the score was in the middle of Friday afternoon's game.. .with sincerity in his voice he said, "Gosh the Yankees are in an awful jam, and Boston is ahead of Washington"... and he knew what the scores were at that particular hour too. Emmett Nixon Is displaying a piece of poetry, written by a Waterbury friend concerning Mel (How About That )Allen... 'nuf said. Kay McCann got a break this weekend when husband, Andy, took her for an automobile ride in good weather... Andy's hands were a little sore from much work on a stone wall, and he laid off the project for the weekend... usually Kay gets her rides during rainstorms. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Donovan of Hill street, who are observing their 27th wedding anniversary today Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith, 141 Millvllto avenue, will be celebrating their 26th come Thursday. Rotarian to receive a big red rose Wednesday at the club's weekly meeting will be Don Brubaker, who will celebrate his birthday Thursday... Superintendent of Schools Harold Chittenden, who observes his birthday next Sunday may get one at this week's session and maybe not until the week following. The clock In the town hall continuously stopping causes residents much anxiety...It appears there Isn't much anyone can do about the matter. It'll be many happy returns of the day Wednesday to Mrs. Bill Leuchars of Maple street, who will be celebrating a birthday... Mrs. L. is the former Shirley Carn... and Thursday Russell Dwy of Candec road, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Dwy will be six years of age. It was congratulations yesterday for Mr. anil Mrs. Bernard Palmer and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hubbell, celebruitlng their first wedding anniversary.. .Mrs. P. is the former Anne Olivlerl, and Mrs. Hubbell Is the former Rita Burns. If you're planning- to send Christmas gifts overseas, you only have two weeks left . . . postal authorities remind uu that overseas packages must toe mailed before Oct. 15 in order to insure delivery before Christmas . . . that holiday is only 11 weeks away. Frank "Spec" Shea, New York Yankee pitcher, celebrated his birthday yesterday and best wishes also were In order ye»- terdar for Ed Honyotskl of Tolles i»qui»/e.. .and Sandy Poust, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Boy Fount of :»ew street, who was six. Bill Fairbank, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Fairbank of Nixon avenue, had seven candles on his birthday cake yesterday... and belated best wishes to little Geraldine Ruth Migliozzi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Migliozzi of Lynn Circle, who observed her first birthday Sept. 29. Today Nancy Mariano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bocco Mariano, 12 Hotchkiss street, is three years old... Mrs. Chet Bulka, 18 Scott street, recently celebrated her natal day. Beacon Falls streets were crowded by youngsters Saturday passing out letters and newspapers in last minute spurts of pre-election activity by both the Republican and Democratic parties. John Ostroskl is standing by In Philadelphia waiting to find out where Uncle Sam's Navy will send him next... now stationed at the Naval Hospital in Pliilly, John and his buddies there are awaiting transfer orders, for sea duty or land-based assignments. Appeal letters are being received by Naugatuck residents from the Girl Scout committee in the borough... funds received are for an excellent cause, so give generously. With the fall season there begins many financial campaigns for this group and that one... every one is impojrtant, and should be supported to the fullest extent... however, it brings to mind again the idea of a Community Chest In the borough... It would Indeed be welcomed. 'SUN NEVER SETS-!" WALTER WINCHELL In New York MAN ABOUT TOWN Ambassador Doug-las' dghtr Sharman, is now ardently shadowed by Italian nobleman Rossi Longhi. They were Introduced by Princess Margare* Rose... .World citizen Gary Davis- heart ia claimed by Belgian beauty Hugette Empain ...Valentin Gubitchev, accused by the U. S. In the Judith Coplon case, is being unshackled by his Russian wife The next Marquess of Milford Haven (Mrs. R. Simpson) isn't wealthy, as supposed. Her sole income is the huge alimony which ceases the moment aha weds....Mrs. Erich Remarque •Is posting the Renotice Wm Saroyan's inspiration comes from a San Francisco schoolmarm.... The Bogart-El Morocco Thing divided a textile biggie and his wife. Because of his mention in Robin Roberts' party..'. .Swedish star Marta Toren and Lars Andersen decided The Road To Marriage is paved with rocks of careers Francine Counlhan, most photographed model (Anita Colb-'a sister) took the Reno Route over the weekend. Intimates quote Faye Emerson as frankly admitting she wanted a career. That Elliott is busy on the Hyde Park farm, the only Roosevelt lad sticking close to his mother.... The Whitelaw Raids- image Is expected shortly It's a boy at tbe M. Rhodes (actress Ruth Brady)..,.Paul Ash's dghtr Jean and basketball great Tony La veil I are romantickliah So- .clalltes Lola Turner and Warren Reynolds will blend Coumbus Day ....Emmerich and Vera Kalmar have instructed their lawyer to file a million dollar libel action against another local barrister who allegedly "disgraced" them abroad Joe Ryle, chief .of publicity for American Airlines in Paris, and Lady Fitzwilliam, whose groom was killed In an air crash, are Europe's most torrid romance Candy Montgomery's annulment ia due on-the 20th.. .Buddy Clark's first film (Jack Haley's voice as the Phantom Troubadour) was the Ben Bernie-WW "Wake Up and Live!" Garbo's Big Interest' In Paris Is Gerard Philippe, tho youthful male lea,d in "Devil In the Flesh" Pamela Curran (of the Pod'n My Yawn Set) and P. Frank have kicked it away Wedding bells are being tuned for Cynthia Dunn (the dghtr of our Ambassador in Italy) and Chas. Thayer... -Heity Wiborg (page 814 of the Soc.{ Reg.) and British novelist Cecil Roberts are voom-vooming in Venice.... The Alan Shaynes (he's juve lead In "Madwoman of Chaillot") are experimenting apart. She was Irene Selznlck's . Girl Friday... .Communist officials are having trouble finding "name" talent to entertain at Peekskill protest meetings ....The top" reporters 'covering Tokyo Roee's trial predicted (ln*a private poll) she'd go free. Nearly everyone agrees that the one person who came out of the Bogart story more popular than ever is Lauren Becall. Her quotes made sense Add Sad Sights: The kids playing games in the Supreme Court corridors while their parents argue for divorces.. . .Mrs. Bradford Walker of the elite is. a Reno arrival The police record on a year old "suicide" of a woman (killed in a fall from a hotel window) is to be changed to murder....A strike vote will be taken by Time, Inc., unit of the Newspaper Guild Oct. 6th. Maurice Moore, chairman of the Time board, refused to see a delegation who wanted to meet to avert the strike... .They say Gen. MacArthur is setting up a "meet" in Japan for HST and JS. A New York newspaper Is seeking a society colyumist. One\ with a "different" slant Please don't apply here. ..OOP's big platform point in the next Gubernatorial election will be a 50 p,er cent shave in State sales taxes. ... A. F. of L. hasn't yet picked its commentator for its new flve- iimies weekly program. Cecil Brown and Bill Shirer are being considered. 'But so is F. Edwards of St. .Paul The Geo. Schraffts got their butler and maid an apt of their own right next door. Veddy fancy, mlt a terrace yet Ann Harding makea her flrst stage appearance in. 20 years when ahe takes over Madedelne Carroll's role in "Goodbye, My Fancy," Oct. 17.... An Italian nobleman due next week has a hobby the local gendarmes may find rather odd. Sniffs ether in public. If you're a hay-fever sufferer, have som.a cheerful news: It Indicates you prob'ly are not mentally deranged; Booby hatch Inmates rarely get It. (From tho May issue of the. Journal of Psychiatry)... Londoners heport Georgle Gibbs' aweethot is agent S. Burns Strangest sight in town: The line that starts forming in front of "South Pacific- for tickets at 5:30 ayem. .. .Midtowners curious over the sudden disappearance of the "Sweet Poison" producer... Exiles from Venezuela (now in the U. S.) have been informed (by the new gov't heads there) that their confiscated wealth will be returned next month.... Mary Reilly quit her waitress job at the Hob Nob to give the Rodeo more glammer. ... Bookies have taken their worst beating on the ball games. Many wiped out entirley Gypsy Rose Lee denies any rift, but her groom is dwelling in his tepee here and not in hers on 63rd St. Gold In the U. S. is valued at $35 per ounce. Gold dust here sells at $44 and manufactured gold (with export license) at about $41. It is $60 to $65 in the Middle East, $72 in Hongkong and $74 in Bomboy. Nearly exeryone is cleaning up but Americans... .The way things 1'otok^ttext year may i>e 19-Ifty... .There are only a dozen major hotels being built in the nation. Half of them in Miami Beach: The Arthur Murray deal to build a million dollar studio on Lincoln Road there leaves only one vacant lot on that famous shopping strip Before the war, 70,000 Britons had incomes of $24,000 and more, after taxes. Today there are exactly 70. ..Wini Shaw, one of the belles with a fine war record, has resumed her thrushing career in Buffalo at Chez Ami.... Dolores Gray, Broadway's top click in the London shows, and Ohas. Blair at the Aid Transport. Command arc Flying Saucers! George Baft, hooked for an operation in L. A., walked out of the hosp after the blood count. The jitters Paulette Goddard's latest attention-getter is'mink shorts for bicycling. ...Paul Lawrence re very ill... .Sonny Howard, the Roxy crooner, and Dale Drake of the Rivifera chorus line are planning on a Chrlstmlas wedding Elaine Sutherland Frey ex-hat' chick at the Stork, is now featured vocallure with the ^Esy Morales band.,..Oartier's now peddles a h hhi f le ~v — for c h<"»Pa*ne bubble twirtor*. •:. .The I6v7iy •SlI ^-' n the new C*™ 61 ""is *» -Mrs. Dean Martin, formerly Jean Biggers of the Cdpa... i| e de France passengers had a juicy scandal on board. But he's ma?- •riedi so S kippie....MTs. Baqclay rh° U f.£> IT JaS9 P hine Hartford, the A&P heiress) was the one who chaperoned Roniaine Simpson aboard (her-first trip) and ^J^ nobleman (Milford Haven... .Margaret TruoJan's jealous rivals sav she will surely have a packX house at Carnegie Hall (Dec: 20tnJ because Vice-Pres. Barkley is in viting all his girl friend's. Look And Learn 1. From what country did the United States purchase Alaska? 2. About how many pins does it take to weigh a ton? 3. What are three U. S. state capitals whose names begin with the same letters as their states.? 4. Who was the only President ever to receive the entire electoral vote? 5. Which animal is claimed to be the greatest thief among animals? Answers 1. Russia, in 1867, for $7,200,000. 2. About seven million. 3. Dover, Delaware; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklo- homa. 4. Washington, in 1789. 5. The Wolverine. POLISH HERO ARRIVES IN NEW YORK CMDITID with killing three German generals during the past war, Poliih underground hero Maj. Gregory Gudlofsky tells two-year- old Immigrant Peiders Janis about •ome of hU exploits us they arrive to New York nboard the S.S. Gen- . erol McRae. Gudlofsky will live In " New-York City. (Jtntcniaeional) WELCOME TRUMAN TO ST. LOUIS Honor UN Secretary PRESIDENT TRUMAN is greeted on his arrival in St Louis, Mo . by Harr> F. Sunderland, Kansas City, Mo., retiring Grand Master of the Masonic Sat^ J^ g ? . *^°^u Lcokin 8 on (center) is Mayor Joseph M. ?»™ n ^ f **: T he ChJCf Executiv e officiated at the installation of James Bradford at the Missouri Grand Lodge of Masons. The President will speak at a dinner in Kansas City honoring William M. Boyle Jr Democratic National Committee chairman. (International Soundohotol Household Scrapbook Silverware For scratched table, silverware, buy a small amount of putty powder and put into a saucer with enough olive oil to form a paste. Then, with a soft rag rub this paste onto the silver and polish with a chamois. The scratches will no longer be visible. Corks Boil corks for five minutes to soften them, before fastening them into bottles. Then while still hot. press them into the bottles. The corks will fjt tightly when cool. Poached Eggs If a tablespobnful of lemon juice is added to the water in which eggs are to be poached, it will make them firmer. SECRETARY GENERAL of the United Nations, Trygve Lie (left) receives the A.A.U.N. award from Clark M. Eichelberger for "courageous leadership and distinguished service in farthering the ideas of the U.N." The presentation was made at a dinner given in Lie's honor in New York by American Association for the United Nations. (International) Signs Coal Edict NEW ENGLAND'S URGES! PETROLEUM STORAGE TERKllNAl BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil 4'/2C Per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. i Phone ^^• fa BUCKLEY ,BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS j* ;i'7£^"BWK&^;^ VIRGINIA'S Governor William Tucs is shown in his Richmond office a: he signed an emergency coal edicl ordering the three-man State Emergency Fuel Commission to assume operation of the state's coal mines. Tuck told reporters that the drastic step was made necessary by the UMW coal strike. (International') UK. PRICES UROPPED TO A NEW LOW. Compare Price and Quality Established 1859 NO. MAIN ST. WATERBtTRY (f It's Anything for Your new Call ARRAY FLOOR COVERINGS 30 Diamond St TeL MIS KAIUO — TEL.KVISION B.C. A. — Admiral Television Sales and Service - SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Since 1!)25 25 CEDAR ST. ' TED. 8574 The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET Tel. 5236 DO YOU WANT A BETTER SECRETARIAL JOB Post Junior College offers Shorthand Review and Dictation Classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings to help you improve ytiurselJf. Act Now—Do Not Put It Off POST JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 24 CENTRAL AVE. WATERBURY' TEL. 4-8772

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