Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 1, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 5
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Employment Help Walnted—Male \VAXTKII—.Salesman for- now cars and trucks. GuaranU'ecJ pay and commission. Applv aL once. Till: XAIMJATUCK TUEI, CO. For Sale ID Situations Wanted—Female INNOCENTtY caught in what I Broadway refers to as "the panda pandamonium," lovely Peggy Rabe (above) continues to smile in a New York nightclub as does John Jelke, her escort. As the story goes, screen star Humphrey Bogart arrived at a swanky night spot, with a pal, William Seeman. They were carrying large toy pandas. Fashion model Robin Roberts (left), exhibiting bruises, and Miss Rabe reached for the toys and were reportedly pushed aside by "Bogie." Queried about the incident, Bogart told reporters, "Me hit a lady? Never." (Iniernalional) HHill SCHOOL JUNIOR uirl would Jike to care far children. ^;>c per hour. Plione OS'^T. for Houses lor Sale ARTHCH .1. GORMAN Real Estate—Tel. 1628 New MHford Country Hor.ioe & Acreace l-'OH SALK—Modern 4 room bungalow in A-l condition, large lot. Price only $U,5<UO. ALSO brand new modern LI room bungalow. For details—A. Shepley. Tel. VA'iK or 5144. IX I'XION CITY—9 room 2 lamily house in A-l condition. Hot water heat, oil burner. For details, A Sliep- ley, 2433 or S144. BVKOLLY'ls V.EAL, ESTATE 48 Spring SI. Tel. 3-2681 Waterbury, Conn. List Your Property tor Quick Sale. The A. R. M.irtlno Co. Real Estate And Appraisals 203 E. Main St. Phone 3-32S5 Wtby. l,lSTIX<;s WANTKH — In Beacon Falls. Wo have buyer.s for your home MEADOKNO REALTY Oxford. Tel. zfim, Seymour Buy or Sell a Business. JOSKI'lI HAI.PEIII>-, Broker Insurance, Lots, Heal Ustnte S« E. Main St. Tel. 4-SS32 Wtby. F. A. BRAZICK1 — Heal Estate — 174 PROSPECT ST. PHONE E436 JSEAT'TIFUIj—0 room house located In quiet neighborhood. All Improvements. Phone 3579. Houses for Sale .\A rMATUt'K—I mile from center of l.'nion City, t] rortm, 2 car guriiKU. .'1 chicken coops, \% acrew ol land. Prii'C f7,!i()0. Call T. F. Dickenson 3-21SO, Waterbury 13 MARSHALL AVE.—Pre-war home Hi excellent condition. G spacioua rooms, oil hot water" heat, 1-car Karage, on corner lot. Move right m. l.'rired right at J 13,000. ' IIO.1IK AMI HUSIJIHSN 1'JlOl'F.llTy 7-room homo, all nioflern improvement.-!, excellent condition and a .'!story brick building suitable for warehouse, garage or whop. All lor $15,000 JAMISS MOORE Ural Estate Tel. 3fiSS " ''" PATSY LABRIOIiA n«nl E;5tute Phone NniiR. 8458 or Wthy 6.SS4D KOK 8ALE—1 mmlly. 4-5-6-7 room houses. J7500 and up. JOIllf HEALY, Church St. Phone 5031. WALTER A. NORWASH, AEy. INSUR.ANCK REALTOR 20!) Church St. Phone 4784 N-u<{. Root and Boyd, Inc. Realtors Insurance 174 Grand St. Phone 4-3161 Wtby. VOH SAI,K—I family house on Orchard Terrace, in excellent: condition. Very good investment. Priced fur quich sale. F. A. BRAZICKI Real Estate Phone r,42."> UNION CITY—7 room, 1 family house A-l condition, lilot 'wnter heat. irasK i>ipU(B. reasonable. HK.VOOX FALLS—Pines Bridge, modern, brand new 5 room home, tile bath, brass piping, priced reasonable, lor details, A. Shepley, 243:1 or 5144 James ntoore —Real Estate- Phone 3558 FOB S\LE—New 0 room UD to date horn*;. 2 rooms unfinished, all improvements, garage. Good home lor G.I. ALSO—S room 1 family house, 15 years old. Sun parEor and sleeping porcn. Nice home for a larj?e family. PATSY LAIIRIOLA Real Estate Phone Nans. 345S or Wtby. 6-2Z49 VERY INTERESTING, PANCHO. BUT, CONFOUND IT, i CAME; DOWM HERE „ TO SEE AESOUTV -< THAT OIL /OKAV, ^ CONCESSION./WELL MIRE A PLANE AND LOOK IT OVER. For Sale 3A Wanted to Buy • PROPERTY WANTED NOW! SOLD OUT1—We have completely sold our current listings, with the exception of those being advertised today. More properties lor sale needed at once ! We have buyers with cash wait- Ing lor your home. List today with the office. WASHBURNE & WASHBURNE REALTORS—INS.—APPRAISERS 57 No. Main, Tel 4-3179—3-0769—4-1613 WANTED—Gooa 2 lamily house, 5 or I rooms on each floor preferred. I hav«. a cash customer waiting for such ( listing. HENRY M. MURPHY Real Estate and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury Land for Sale FOtt SALE—2 building lots on Hatel Ave. Size 75 x 140. Call 3740. FOB SALE—fveveral building lots o! Now Haven Kd. Reasonable. CMtj water. Phone Harry Schmlti. 4681 after 6 p. m. For Rent House* to Kent FOJl K.BJVT—4 room house. 3 rooms furnished. Call 7011, Sat. & Sun, 7a Wanted To Bent WANTED—3 or 4 rooms Immediately. Family of 3 being evicted from present dwelling. Write Box "H" care of News or phone 4984. Rooms to Bent 2 E-UHSI8KED ROOMS FOR HEKT- Centrally located. Tel. 5435. BOOM FOB RENT- Shower & bath for 2 men, If able to do own cookmg. Second floor, 87 So Main St. Austin. FOIl RENT—A furnished room for a female. Garage available, pleasant surroundings. Call 3211. ia U ...INDIAN VILLAGES ON MARKET PAY5 OVER A THOUSAND OlP. ANCKO SHOWS SUZ AND CH!?iSTY THE WORKS CATHEDRALS, MUSEUMS; MAYAN RUINS... • PiW VOHO EISE SOT Ol 1 *TIELESS" TV TVLER WOULD BE FOOL ENUFF TO SPEND WIS LftST 8l£SSET CENT TO PEROOCE TH' TOOO-FOOL THINGS? AW.SHUX. By JEEPERSU m a IF THflR EOER WUZ ONE!! WHO ELSE WOULD BE FOOL EWUFF TO CUT UP A HUNNERT fiN 1 FIFTV THOUSANT BOLTS O' CLOTH IN LEETLE BTTTV PfECES <JES' TO PATCHWORK jes SPiVlN' THRT BLUE RIBBON TVLGR AT THIS A10MENT, IN A COVE AT "WE FAR END Of ALBERT UKE.,.. ...A HU6E PIKE LOOKS FOR ftf, BREAKFAST A PAPULOUS PIKE THAT 1$ TO PUYA VrMU PART IN PHIL'S. UPE.. THE MIST KICKING OFF THE WATER 1 . I'LL BE WITH YOU SCALY Rie*rr AFTEE PANCAKES AND A BUSSEDTC=«=u«e l -THE FUNNVTHINS HUMTJS_A TSftSlSl-Vy^aour , r S THAT PIRATES DID use THIS ISLAND VE5AOS \NHArDO-JOilWlNfi VOU'RE DISSING? TIME <SBAMD OPENING' IS STILL. GOING . DOVVM. OOPS.' THAT ' ' SETTLES IT/ YOU WERE RIGHT, ) SKEETER... MY *-x RACKET DOES NEED > RESTRlMkSlNS" AND AWAIT FURTHER COMMANDSJ , T °, REfT-Wlth twin beds. ble for two girls or' married ' ° r Wlthout mcalH - Phone Apartmenta For E«nt FOR HUNT — 4 room unfurnished apartment with bath, Blackberry Hill, liciicon Falls. Tul. 4445 .Announcement Lost and Found Hfr of sterling silver rosary beads In black ca«c. Owner may have same by calling 6469 & paying for LOST—Ladies' Bulova watch, • 0nand Phoeni!t Av «. Personal* UH 18 klttona need a home. No charge You may have one by calling 2348 HAVE YOUR FHSUBE AJTAlYSEnZ n your home. Trixy garments ind breast supports health belts, fashioned M™ T , col ?' ort . »tyle and health Haven rw; 851 No R Main' SS t BRID r^ .""RJ Gowns—brides, brie.' ' FORD 1»BUG STORE Chnrch Street Pho B . Dependable PrencrlptJoB* Frank Brlgiia Asphalt Driveways - 3 Tears to Pav at Reymond St. , Phone •»-•""> lanl M,] bl " ld Paul Martin, Seymour. BualneM Opportunities HTlfGKTI .THIRBTTI Stop At The Huvnn Hoad Fitzpatf ick- Romano — Public Accountants — Phone NauK. 2sor,-6007 Buslnesd Announcement* Visit Our SKxln Fouataln A •vr'rSv'o°" /T; A" 5 "• m - Except Sunday Ai\DV3cAMPUS — Church Street Auction* GILBERTl!) AVCTIOR BABN, MoVT- - vent Automotive Auto* For Snle - :n l " i>l ' ob ' cl ™. Price J600. Cjll 1500 alter 5 Winter Accessories BALDWIN ST. GULF STATION Jos. Clnello, Prop. Tel. 3-9946 Wtby • or 4966 Naug. FOU SALE-iail Pontiac,4-door sedan. Fair condition. .Fair Price Tel before 2 p. m.—5917. . ' «°) V1 , PRIC , B LIST OF SPECIALS Buick special sedan Y $375 TUaSalle sedan, »H . mi Chevrolet i 3V sedan lii»"i DeSoto Z dr sedan 1375 ChrVSIer- Hoyal sedan $aD5 Fold convertible cue , J145 Buick sedan (good rubber $1P,- Hudson (6) seda'n. ftM S191 .Nash (6) sed.m, RH *TJf> Chevrolet 2 3oor JIBS Kash La/ayette $ ?s Dodge 2 dr | gg THE CRBAM OF TftE CROP , Dod«e custom club. cp«. Like now 48 Oldsmobilc club cjie (Alt jStras ) 47 Ohevrott Aero sedan tutonc fBeaiitiful }' 47 Menqury sedan, RH IS S°?t, iac Streamliner 40 Quick spec sedatf nice ) SKIPPY MACrBE i 2u6 tyATERTOWN AVB TTEL 4-8981 Member ol Used Oar Dealers' Asan OPEN 1DVENINGS ( S1175 RH eptionally '"WAFCO- - 3 BETTER 17SKT) CAT?« THE WABGATrCK FVKL CO. ISJO Automotive jIAPOATrCK NEWS (CONN.). SATUBPAY, OCT. I, 1M»—PACE > Autos For Sale AUTO BUYS 40 Chevrolet spec. del. conv. cpc., ,RH 41 Chevrolet spec. del. sedan. RH. 42 Chevrolet Aero sedan, HH 46 Dodge custom sedan. Beauty 47 Plymouth special del. sedan. 49 Ford custom conv. coupe. Fully equipped . 47 Hudson Commodore (6) sedan 42 Hudson super (6) sedan, RH 42 Jeep with plow> hydraulic Hit 39 Pontlac (C) acdan. HH 4i Nash (6) club coupe 40 Ford sedan. Exceptionally nice 41 Buick special sedanette 16 Chevrolet tour, sedan. Kuns good Uj'jUejjoto sedan 35 Chevrolet sport coupe 38 Buick special sedan 47 Crosley pickup Many Others to Choose From CLIFFORD ATWOOD, Used Cars WATERTOWN Tel. 1073 Member of the Used Car Dealers' Association, Inc., of Greater Waterbury FOR SAtE—1947 Pontlac business coupe, Excellent condition. Low mileage. Tel. 4012 or 4288, A & B AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 614 Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtby Body And Fender Repair BEGAWS GAHAOE c «*'»« Cp«rt-Phones «g»g or *«8* Auto Painting £ Gen. Repairing 1»«8 Triumph Motorcycle tax S»l» r .. OJ * 8A1K-1941 Cadillac Hydronia- tio Sedan. Excellent condition throughout. A real buy. Completely rebuilt Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Sales & Servlca A Sale Place to Buy" 483 Watertown Ave. Dial 4-6109 MEMBER OF FOB SALE-1941 Dodge 4 door sedan time condltion - n * H - °«J 1TCDEBAKKB TBBCK8 avaUable. All Models and Sizes ,,. „ EBICKSOIf MOTOHS Rubber Ave. Phone 48J8 — Studebaker Car* & Trucks — ... _ Huhben-8 bernc* Station 1KB Rubber Ave. Phone 4947 — , WaahUig—gollghlng—Waxing — HOTCHKISS ST. GARAGE DODGE Job Rated Phone 5727 Trucks DEE JtOTOH SALES re - *•*•"•'»• CABS * TBI/CKN ___ C*r. Bought and Sold SKIPPy MAOEE MOTOB SALES »«« WATEBTOWN AVE *"*•" Tel. Wtby. 4-8881 or WnteVtowi 1MO Traner* SBE MODERN TRAILER HOMES ^"P'* 1 . 8 with bathrooms, ahowers Tta«*L5? <te . r ' K caso nable prices. Time payment plan up to three years. Bank rates. Trailer n^leu service, parts, accessories. Open 8 a. m. to » p m. daily. Ryder Trailer Co, Post Road. Mlllord, Conn (1 mile east ol MHtord Center)"MM 2- IS Auto Parts *?* ^j"-Uaoa * recapped Urea • Hartford, Exldi>. Autoltte * ArmatroDe Batteries. . No. &*lL T1B ^?54» Wtby. Merchandise «*.• HouMhold Article* FOR 8AI/E—Maple dinette set complete -with pads. Mrs.- Ed. Bandora, New Haven road. S PC. MAHOQAKY BEVHOOM SUITE. *_loor sample in, very good condition. Y^"«3 at »395 for ?149. HA1JJLEY ANNEX, 103 Meadow St., Wtby USBD IlEFBIOEnATOBS FOH 8ALK-#tt A1«I> UP AjaoyHY APPtlAKCE CITY —.^ TEL. «ttl v "!«"«n Blinds ( Slip Covers, Made to Order. .«, 32»tlBwU» - Phone 686*. SAFFBAS'B BOSTON 8TOBE 4 PIECE—Solid Terroont maple bedroom auM*. »134.BD. OakvlUe Furniture Co., 1« Main Bt. OAkvllle. Tel. Wta. 224. Waterbury Branch. 635 Baldwin St. Tel B-18M. U M our "Lay-Away Plan." Wanted To Buy WANTED TO BUT—Used i!inB-|Km K table. Phone 4707 anytime. 28a Article* for Sale FOB SALE—Roper gas range, 1940 model, 4 burner, phone 2S43. FOB SALE—Table cover eas stove, call Naug. 4414. FOR SALE — Whitney Stecr-O-Matic baby carriage. Very good condition. Phone 5843. ucinesa Service 35* Any •n o ld MATTBR88 r«*uul« Ins. to >EW ta * DBE88MAKIKO-UJ rtTtofll MO^ A. n u.JS^Ti.^!* 111 * .RAY MELBOURNE F10BENCE PAlltOR STOVK-Wlth pipes, also comb, gas & coal kitchen range. Phonti 5564 after 3 p. ta. 60-inch Pebbleweave, fast color and washable. 11.49 per. yd ,c, ^ L - J& « C ' FABRIC CENTER 48 Grand St. Opp Hadley's SOLID OAK—Breakfast set 140 i.0 Naugatuck Furniture Co. 25 South' Main St. Phone 2711. , SHOULDER PADS-Embroidery, trlm- mings. Buttons. Largest In state. Reliable Factory, 37 Scovlll St. Wtby $35 Deposit DcpoKlt REASONABLK. ALMOST • . GIVEN AWAY 3 ROOiMS FUR.NITURF ' With a Beautllul "Florence" Ranee white 4?*. .9 0 "">lnatlon linage and a I 1 rlgldiilrc" Electric nolrikt-ralor EASY MONTHLY . PAYMENTS Arrangements can be mad t n everything until wanted regardless ol time, at no charge. Fire and Thcit Insurance Included. A-L-B-E-R-T-S ^, ' 4 J?°- Main st " Waterbury Open Thurs. Eves. Till 9 ,>. m S21 n a u s °' " Hone st Dealings" ?25 Deposit - $2r , rSepo ooolcrator relrlgcr- 39 - on sale *214 FURNITIJRE CO. W. Main St. Tel. 4-C292 Wtby. i»w AUTO BODY WOUKB 128 Watertown Ava. Wtby S-62 Bo fy «"d Fender Work - Complete Auto Painting - Whesl Altenlni - 1>ynamlc Wheel Balancing. DELCO REMY AUTO\JTE Parts and Service Dclco batteries AC Fuel. Pumps Sv2! nb 2SL IUM! Carter Carburetors ,hi Rubber Ave. Phone Complete Line Ol Seat Covers Joe's Service Station ITS Bridge St. p hone „. Large Selection ol New and Used Auto Parts, al rt o New and Used Tires 639 N rr p 0 i < ""' t S" e<1 Car. aiS P«ni 639 No. Riverside St. T«.l 6-049' I Open_Sunday Mornings' 17 Motorcycles -Bicycle* bicvclc Straits Turnpike Phone Contractors Contracting - tt orKmnn. HniLDF,B-C ari>wi,t B r. No M. V. SCHIAROLI — Building Contractor — . Phone 6i>4" Material* . Seasoned Wood Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand. Loam Plione 6548 or 335i Mariano Sand * Stone , T«l 3-4189 HJ5PICBBM— Btrearth - Co Trucking—B|oK*r* Robfflard a no and. Painting proberty, Cal) «07J. matoN. w F Cot*. AND Phono Joseph Han Angelo —7170 Palntiok, Panerhaoflmi - Exfot tntaftoy - augTife ^- Poultrj—EgK» iry, POULTRY S-rB'rBSh kUijea BESfl EGtfS-Pree -ev 75 Schqol St or Iroz«n evory. Tel. ZSSI-B427 WOQJ1 — Well B6a»oned hard v»ood stove or fireplace^ length's GVeat O&to Farm B019" ita" OJhce jk Other Ba.ulnrae^it ATWOO» 0sed Car» - PhMc 10» Watortown Stop at the Bend .» DAY SPKCIAL ' Cars ifust Be Sdld'At Our Cost Or Less , Chevrolet Special Delivery $ 850 '046 Oldi Sedan (Hydromatio) 8&5 '048 Nash , . gjr, 'S4-7 Cli*vroet Pleetline 12ftfi t!i« peSoto Club Coupe 57 r 1^40 Buick 4os '.MS BilicV (2) ' 29fi Dodsp Coupe 171 I'.i-lft Tnttrnatinnnl Panfl l"i) R K Terms, Low Finance Rates FOlt SA.LK— 1 «hrt 4 Olemrood tan^ & r,, « A u*», B AUTO SERVICE black, (or, bottled gas. Any reasonable 014 Bank St, Tel. Wtby. G-132U offer accepted. Tel. 6728;'anytime: • , SUPE* MABKET-Cash, regis- tar». Excellent condition Vefy reasonable Trades accepted Solomon's Sales & Service, 37 Cooke Bt 4-074S HpuMtholtl Article* 64 Ir . tpl **"o. 69c Per Yard . 3 1 Jjch. 39c Per Tard.. 48 Gran? S FAB B'C CEJSTTEll ** ^rand St Phone 4-9677 Wtby. Itotpolnt electric sample) Reg. J160.95- Concrete and Cinder Blocks Mattresses Remade Watts Electric wtby. MF.CCA MUSIC COMP4KT Tel. 5-3Z4K Wtbv Good Thlncn To Eat KffiVMAN CLEANERS .8 Church p none 40 4-Mti APPLES— fi bushel & us/ Mac's lands, Deliclo., K . n other vari AJso app| P cMnr . 75c „ (rs|ar Rd " ROMA PASTRY 601 NORTH MAIN ST Italian-American and ' French V«l u' Ne i V England. Al.-r, s,,u, Gelatl and ic cream. Evcry- . » ma . d " on »remi«es. Sperlai At- ention Riven to weflflinR Parties, oir w j? ar " lho low est. but our mnr cbandisp -lofinlinly thn bt-m. w c rtci^r and shin anywhere In the U. S. Tel Waterbury 6-2117. FROZEN ClFLIKEN^noaKters Broil. —-- ..-I—. »•.•!..-.(_., i n in i on ~ «r», Fryers Delivered Naugatuck A 'Tn. Call Woodbury i?s-t. vlclni from (arm. FMucation Schools LEA UN — Practical nursing. Nurse* needed. Bvenlng classes. Hospifil training. Free booklet. Institute n' Praptieal Nursing. Hotel Elton, Waterbury. Iiutructinnr S MAKwG-Also, dress making t, BeBlnners and advanced pupils Electric sewing machines used. Tel' 3-0842, Waterbury. n . T< i< '- . Dual Auto Driving School. 219 West Main St Tel. 4-6252. Waterbury. MacDonald's Farm Market Hand Picked Macintosh APPLES Fancy PEPPERS Canning PEARS 7^C I fJ v Basket Fresh Picked CARROTS 9 IQr <w Bunches -LI/ V CABBAGE PHONE 5413 FOR QUICKER RESULTS . TRY NEWS WANT AIM We Have a Wide and Varied Selection Price $12.00 and ®p also CONVERTIBLE TOPS ,1 OAY SERVICE Open Evenings and Sunday Morning CABLE'S UPHOLSTERY SERVICE 44 Grove St., Waterbury Phone Wtby. 3-2875

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