Daily Independent Journal from San Rafael, California on January 24, 1952 · Page 3
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Daily Independent Journal from San Rafael, California · Page 3

San Rafael, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1952
Page 3
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JLL-J*$!E^ Mrs. Harold Capcl, 6 Met!way road, San Ansclmo, shows prc-school youngsters the ins and outs o£ clay modeling during- a morning session of the .Drake Parent-Child study group. Between 25 and 35 children attend the classes' at the San Anselmo Woman's Im- provement club house. Mrs. Capcl's, charges arc, Irom left to right, Bird Lewis, Bruce Duncan, and Leigh Ann Gilci, The Drake gunip, one oi lour such groups in Marjn, aims to piovitJe instruction lor patent 1 , a? well as to help children develop socially, Parents of one pre-scliool child often feel It is difficult to find a home in Mnrin county. But their problems are .dwarftecl by those of the Drake Parent-Child Study group, whose members are seeking permanent quarters for the 85 to 35 children in their morning workshop. Spurred by the uncertainty of how long they may continue to rent space in the San Anselmo Women's Improvement club building, which Is for 'sale, mothers and- fathers held A special meeting last week to plan steps to secure a permanent location In t'.ie Kentfleld to Fairfax area, ·The group agreed that a long- term lease is the best solution for the present, a c c o r d i n g . t o Mrs. Georga Duncan of Kentfleld, -president of the mothers' club. "Our fathers represent a variety ef skills and professions, and are community-minded In their thinking 1 . They advised us to try to gain ·physical security through a long lease, rather than to attempt to finance a building of our own right now," she said. yMrs. Duncan emphasized that the group 1» seeking information about] available buildings ,and Is willing to remodel to suit its needs. The Drake unit la one oi' four parent-child study groups in Marln, ·ponaored by the Tamalpais Union High school district. It d r a w s mostly from San Anselmo and Fairfax. Members are required to attend one evening a week, where they learn theories and procedures valuable In rearing pre-school children, Mrs. Mary Hlatt is 'director oZ the four units, and Mrs. Phyllis Reid is professional supervisor of the Drake , group. Vital to the currlculm is th'e 9-12 workshop, which ia held five days a week, Under the guidance of Mrs, Reid, mothers supervise the children In a program of creative activities end free play. Each parent participates as a mother - teacher one scheduled morning a week. Mrs. Duncan explained that mem- bets are happy with their current location in the Women's club, where there Is suitable Indoor space for music, case! painting, fylock play, clay modelling and other activities. The adjoining; lot was made available for the school's outdoor equip merit l)y its owner, but It aU'o is for sale. Known also as thu Drake Community Nursery school, the group was housed In Star Hall, San Anselmo, during the first half o£ the year and moved to the Women's club during Christmas vacation. During the two preceding years, members were allowed.space. In the former Drake elementary..'school, now the administration building for the high school district. When told that the school district would need the entire b u i l d i n g again, the executive board, began an exhaustive search which .lasted all summer and has never stopped. With the help of Mrs, Donald Stofle of Fairfax, Mrs. jesse Stewart of San Anselmo and others, Mrs. Duncan investigated 34 different sites, The above mothers are successors to. the Fairfax Cooperative nursery school, which was founded with the same purposes of providing parent education through a nursery school, whore children would have ah early opportunity to learn social adjustments among those their own age. The Fairfax school voted to enter the atudy program in the summer of 1049. During more than two years an a private school, It had an uphill struggle with housing and-made four major moves, At ono time 100 folding chairs were set up for meetings which followed study sessions, in', addition to piling all equipment into one cornel 1 , rather than discontinue the ichool. Mrs, HlaW e x p l a i n e d t h a t 'throughout California, p a r e n t s ' groups similar to the Drake unit have weathered seemingly insurmountable o b s t a c l e s , auch as housing." 'In most instances, because of the groupa'UUcar understanding of their goals and their ability to interpret their-needs of program to a community," she said, "they have been able to gain support and strengthen the whole program of parent iduca- tlon in the state." T. Fred' Bagshaw told Mill Valley Rotary Club the story of "California under 13 flags/' at the dub's.meet- ing; Tuesday In the golf clubhouse. Bagshaw, who had 3x8 foot copies of the flags pn display, traced California's history from Cabrlllo's landing in 1542 under the Spanish 'Empire flag, through the stars and stripes of today, He mentioned the Cross of St. George Mag carried by Sir Francis Drake in 1579 when he landed tit Drake's Bay to repair his ship; the Spanish Flag carried by the Portu- gese Cermeno In 1598 when he landed in the same area; a different Spanish Flag carried by Portola and Father Sen/a; the Russian Flag and Cables which propel San Francisco's Municipal Railway cable com travel at a constant speed of about nine miles per hour, the flag 1 of the Russian-American Company which flew over Ft. Boss in 1812; the Flag of Argentina oar^ rled into Monterey by Bouchard In 181; Hidalgo's Mexican I P l a g which flow at Monterey to 1SJ2; Capt, John Fremont's ovm, flag of Stars and Stripes with an eagle holding a pipe of peace in 1844^46; the Bear Republic Flag of 1846 and thn American Stars and Stripes, raised by Commodore Sloat at Mon- -torcy the same years. Henry Carlson was program chairman. President Wallace Hayes presided. ' -- GIFTS -T. Xiat'gest Assprtmotib o!! REUOIOVS 'ABXSCiES In Marln County GASBKKG STXJDIO Elst. 1910 1311 - 4tli Street, San Rafael a Formerly Compagno' I SlfreffS San Wounded Second Time In Korea Charles !3tack,. Nsivy .'hospital mate second .class serving with the Marines in Korea, has been wounded a second time -- but the injuries are not serious. The young Tamalpais High school graduate told of his hurts In a letter to his parents, Mr, and Mrs, Charles.T. Stack, 503 Bed Hill BY?,, San. Anselmo, There, were no indications'in the letter as to the type of .injury; he suffered, except hia .comments on his condition.. The address oil his letter in Heated he has been transferred from service with a line company to the first medical batallion in the First Marine division, Stack wrote: "The Marines are doing a wonderful Job .and I am proud to.be a part of them. They are the darndest fighters I've ever met up with," The young media wrote that frostbite has not been a major problem in his unit. There have been only two cases this winter, Stack said. J, Jj. Macanley,' secretary''Of Ma- rlh County-'Federation, of 'Teachers, has been granted permission to confer with teachers at Sir Francis Drake High '-school'.,in a room of the school building. Permission was granted in, a letter last week from .trustees of 'Tamalpais Union High .school district. It was in response to a request from Ma^cualey and E. N; Frye,, secretary of Central Jjabor-'.'councll. Macauley. asked for the conference to explain to teachers i.the 'benefits of teacher group affiliation with Marln Federation of Teachers, "Neither the board of trustees n o r school administration, .would call a meeting," the trustees wrote to Macauley, "but school facilities would be made available for such use," The board based its decision upon the recommendation of Marln District 'Attorney Richard Sims, Episcopal Rector At Sdnfa Roso Dies SANTA ROSA (U,R--Th« Rev. Ar- ;hur WUlinta Parlander, rtietor of ;he Episcopal Ghurch 'of' Inearna- Jon, dlod at Ms home jwra yes- ;ei'day i'ollowlnji an illness.«f nearly a yeat. Ha was 53. Dr. Farlaincler had been rector of the local church Jor the past 18 years. Ke also served aa represcn- ;atlve of thej, Sacramento diocese on 1 ;he church's national commission on revision of tht hymnaJs because of Ms axpeH knowledge of music. SCHOOL TO HAVE 2^WAY Students .With 'Big Ears' NO Longdr:,Gdn ! ! Hear What Superintendent jays. To Teacher San Rafael High school's "worn mid antiquated" intercommunication system will be replaced, furthermore, it will not be ,a one- way speaker system which allows students with ''big ears" to hear when the principal or superintendent Jias something to. say to their teacher, Privacy of convention will be guaranteed with replacement of new two-way phone system. Donald B. Kirby, school districts' architect reported to t h e school board the 'con'flition. of'present system. He stated the connection to the gym in inoperative. 'I'here has been no service for past three weeks due to burned-out condensers, induced by wet weather. JSven at best, Kirby said .the present phones are not reasonably audible' excepting at Irregular intervals. Sixty- seven rooms are involved in, the system, ' 'Kirby w a s authorized to draw specifications, preparatory to obtain-' lug bids for a two-way system that works uniformly for all connections, In other action taken, last night, the board authorized-, the .business manager to sell the 30-year-old electric dishwasher formerly used In "the, cafeteria. Approved purchase and.installa- Blue Birds Visit I-J Departments Blue Birds of Brookside school in San .Anselmo yesterday visited the Independent-Journal editorial and mechanical departments. They wers: Donna Manuel, il'oann Bickards, Leslie Get?,; .KaWierine DeMaestrl, Marcelle Tougeron, 'Kathleen Marcone, Janet. Lyons, Sherry Philip- pet, Sandra Monte, Millicent Muclt, Susan Hageman, Patricia Serlo, Loralee Oherrisan, and. Carol Ann- Fowler. They were accompanied by- Rfles- dames Edward Hagoman, Ham Serlor and Attillo DeMaeatii and had as guests, Mary Serio, Bichard Hageman; and Danny DeMaratri. New Constitution WARSAW, Poland (fl 1 )--President Boleslaw Beirut's, government completed the draft of a new Polish constitution yesterday, The. documents will be published'Sunday so the public'can study. It and suggest changes, Today's Chip Tip · BY J E A N S T U A R T Crowning touch lor Casseroles It's simple to add wonders of flavor and texture to just about an' casserole dish. The secret? Before baking, top it with fresh, crunchy Crispie Potato Chips which you've emshed in the bag with a rolling pin, Try it with; ' · Scalloped com or onions. j Ham and noodles. ' » Shrimp and mushrooms · Tuna or chicken and rice, « Deviled crsb or other seafoods;,, 7RIII 39 mort thlp lip» In 6th edition of famoui Chip Kpi booklet, Send post- wd to Crl»pl«, Slotkton 3. STARCH REOUCEb ' tool mm mm FEED Next to Theater, Novato i Invites you aiyd your friends to attend ; the showing, of an Ortho film "lie fiare; and Culture Camellias Azaleas" Frkhy, Jortuctry 25 r 7:00 p.m Refreshment's, 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Uon of ("feoplstyide", screens on the south stfle^i office, nurses' room, and Kinciei's;ui:t0n at; Santa Venctla school and at Qoleman school. Adopted in jeftlfi'ety, but after ,;ome equivicatlon by Tom ?oyd, a revision of rules' regulatini? length of absences O f te'acSier? 'and other certified employees for "buslhesa" reasons,',or any'reason, not'connected with i}ljie9i 'in family" etc. "\yb,ereas previously thcro' w,»s no limit stated, the nn f w nigula.tlofts' state, "such administrative permission may nolj be wanted for a period longer than 10 consecutive days," Anything beyond 'that I'qngth of time must, bte'subject to the approval' of the board of education, Boycl said he really thought anything beypnd three days should be broujjjil before the boai'd and' not loft iip'to the superintendent. However, Boyd finally agreed to "try it out for Me", adding the absentee "better have a good reason", and the resolution passed as is. POLIO MARCH is JANUARY 37 . A /Mothers' March Ion Polio; will be held throughout ,Maf In county on the i^lght of Jatutyry i 31 in ord,« t,o bolster the March , of klmes 1 which is lagging badly v ,dui ; to wcabheit conditions, lp- ' cajly and 1 throughout the nation. , Only a , successful March t of Dime?; oa,n assure the victims v of ' infantile paralysis in Marln 'of , the aid i that has never been ' denied, them here, i Plan of tho Mothers' March I* , ,to eollecli funds at very home- desire to give in this great fight, by lighting its porch light or by signalling with. lighted candles or lamps at about 7 p m , for mothers to collect donations. Former Surgeon Chief Of Far East Dies WASHINGTON (/P) -- Maj. Gen. Edgar Erskine Hume, former chief surgeon of the Far East Command, died today. Gen. Hume, 82, died at Walter Reed hospital, the Army said;' it did not say immediately what was the cause of death, Ross Valley Camera Glyb Holds Dinner, Competition 'I Annual dinner and ' competition held Tuesday evening at the Village Patio In Corte Madera. Thirty- five .members and friends saw Judging of the years wlnnem, , The club's · judges were: Eugene Klbbe of Fairfax; Les Walsh and William Cannon-both of San Rafael. · Five outstanding prints were chosen, first place cup going to P.' M, "Bud" Anthony for his mood Shot of a county road bordered by euca|yptus trees' in a fog with Jtwo figures .in the foreground; -second and .third places to Alfred w, Nord- well; Col. James W,,Boss «ttd Bud Anthony each receiving gift orders from The Photo'Shop and. th* Camera Center for honorable mention,' ' ' : ' ' ' " ' The Club is ipoktng forWcl to the color competition to-be held when; the new officers for the- yest are installed. The star mirvey being made at the Palomar Observatory in California 'will' number' the''stars and systems of stars out to,n Distance of 350 million light years. Proudly Announcing The addition of Mr. Edward from. Robinson's " Antoine Salon of Los Angeles to our already specialized staff of hair stylists. ...Our Staff... Mr. Rikki Mr, Wayna Miss Marie Mr, Robert Evenings by Appointment, Free Parking, Union Oil Sta., 3rd Anthony's Beauty Salon 1407 «h St. (Under New Management) Ph. S.R. 4S0.1 Come on Mom let 5 FILL Copr. MmrtUtn tufa!** If* I Ml · DURKEE'S GRADE AA MART Pop's rcirin' to go --whan h» goes shopping at FOOD MARTI That's because he can fill up hi* basket quickly and easily--chick out the order'.fast and convert 1 ; iently. And best of all-aur prices, are low on.al! the foods he 11 km so much. These are 'the v»ry good reasons why our market is so popular with Pop--whether he helps with the shopping or does it himself. - · MARGARINE EGGS Nulaid Large Grade AA. DO?. 55 TREET REG. 12 OZ. CAN 43 Armour's Luncheon Meat. CAKE FLOUR-37* Softasilk. Save lOe on Wesson OH with coupon inside pkg. SANI-CLOR --19* Bleach. Corned Beef No. 2 Can. PEACHES Southern Baauty. Slic.es. NO. 2V4 CAN 24* APPLE SAUCE GOLD RIDGE NO. 303 CAN 2 « 27' COCOA Nestle's Eveready 16 OZ. CAN 8 OZ. CAN 23« HASH. Libby's. Dole*. FOOD SAVER BAG To Kiddies With Birdseye Purchase Chocolate Chips 19' »ii.'-»t-/_' AJi-JL !_: n MA_ nl * 23* Nestle's Morsels. Reg. 23c Pkg. JUICE PINEAPPLE LARGE 46 OZ. CAN FREE Balloons CHICKEN WINGS Fresh Frozen, 8 to 8 to Pkg, FRENCH FRIES Fresh'Frozen. Just Heat Eat. FREE Balloons W I T H j).NE . S P R Y L A B E * OrtOrd.r m i Blank Mw» CAN \m mmmw ,i \ s I 1 fl .1 Canned Hams Worrell's Picnic Style 6'/, Ibs. Each $446 FRYERS ROASTERS 63 C Colored. Eviscerated. Pan Oven-Ready Ib, LAMB CHOPS Lg. Lain IK, Rib. Ib. BEEF BOAST Chuck Rib, Good. Ib. 72* CORNED 1 Boneless Our Own Cure, Ib, 49 C SLICED BACON Klninn's A E Ef* IWtorrcll's , Ib, JJBr ORANGES 5 - 29' Excellent For : Eating Juice Crafe--$3.69 TOMATOES "19* Imperial Valley. Fine For Slicing. BASKET 95c BROCCOLI ( Fancy lied. Prices 'effective Friday and Saturday January 2! and 26, We reserve the'right to limit the* quantities. Prices ate subject to torreclion for ab- ' 1 itqrtnal ainrket changes, IB. ·,. i . . · . . . - tan drm SB KB jwfl K «tt. KB 'fM' ' -. j .. · ·, - S»*2UR| M.iMrnfilft,* - · «8SttiW OOlrVM; BYj THE R A I L D T R A K S ^ 5 i TAMALPAlS 'SPA PER 1 SPAPERI

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