Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 2, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1942
Page 6
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^•jjjjfojiv;;.^^ i '- -- F '"" I • U. R. W. A Farrar And Swirski Beat Visitors Alone ; Grid Job Gone ffloorwork By Nauga- ''tuck Union Oivoa Thorn ;.Barly Load In OonboBt ' Tho (lOlobi'Mtlnn* , of I \VorkopM' 'Nlflhr lit tho local Y. M, f A whon tlio hHMkoUxill loam n*nppuM.nllnK- UllAV.f, No, MMuicI •a largo nuinhor of fuftM ciuno Inn? \vllh inonil.oi'M ,Mf l'" 0 "',; 1 .?,,,^ • NiuiKatuiik' and UN 0<lUI ,L ((U ,' . turnod out tn h" "NauwaMloK NMlt" WltU IHO VlHltOt'H lu tho friHllvllloH whioh WITH . IV onloyod by tho <mllro KU lh«>r- liiK. 'ifotfpHallty and K<'<>dU'iinsv- ( rilntf With t)lO oXHOpt-lfMl (l|< I' 10 lit on tho baMkotl.all ;«.m-l., NiuwuluoU wullaul uway svlth Iho oontortt svlth a wooi-o ol M-MI. "lail'ty" Fai'i'di- took top WHIMUM honor*'with olKht Hold x«ul« luu Ovo point* I'i'oin H'lilM lor u 'toiui ol* '21 polntn, Hwli'Mkl WUM a Hcnatuf with IT> point* and of .Iho fHU'Muld llvo l"d hlM tciun- rnaloH with IA point*. Tho Muoro at hall 1 Umo wa« v-i' In favor of tlio N'aiiKutui'k union outfit, ho If .... If ,,, fnmn, (5 T'Utl-OrttlO, IK (lurllnHkl, rtf , To In I M P, ,ir, a /i c, SlovonH Hoiul football ooaoh at Now York unlvurnlty filnco 10IM, Dr. Mai Stovumi, nbovo, (UulH himself without -ft tfrldlron jl ol> (UJ ^ ow Yorl< U, unnoiwooH Iho abandoning of football, which luui boon pluyod for 00 youi'ii nl ono of tha ; lur;;ont unl- vorflltloJJ in the nfttlonn, Slovens 1 contract automatically IH lorml- nalocl by Iho dropping of tho Hport, Now York U, loams have boon wcttk Iho Inat two yours, if 14 of 18 flttmoii pluyocl, tiovurul by big 1 acoros, _.__'__ Todays Sports Parade inog, iv.s. Pat. off.) ] y JACK. aUBNTHHR SlulY, OJorrcHpomtGnl). ____ —o Uy .1AHK U, i>, StalT f!UI«3NTIIRI\ free ! IK l' U.ino Now York, March 2-(UP)- rfiln on tho Hpo.i^tH niorrytgo- tt IIIIH boon a' long, , .l.o.nK Mlnou'lho turf' NVUH I routed to : -,,a^ Hliow o'nmro, homul'y K^. 311 ^.^; i.i,i mil oil I)V Hoquo.stod .Wimp: UWl PUI. ijn ",l lOliiminKO' riiuuUiK away wit|i . .i-no. ruuimits" HlakoH Ti'xas lio_n. \Vlil La Ivor's-young 'mi gii'vo iho oh'art'MuUcGi'H tluj, mM'l'ormunou thpy'Vo yut- <""'•<• for iinv Kontuqky dorhy Tho nolt- didn't hnvo many I -.MOM to boat; but Iho way, ho,- valkod UWM.Y and | (! rU,hmn wan re-, m rkahlo. llo lit-tlio.-post, ; Uod on tho log, for«od. lo-.ijlri}lo ; , hlH fluid and,was Kplng.away at.tht^ us a bai'tfuht 13, HOC sab. Tlio I |U tor only — .-;- . iMoldmilally, rmu, iiiv.' m"».-••. ••- - • . now Man won moro tl\nn vii), •••- imi'M'ovod, ln : .tljo WhTl'o on tho Hiibjnot'of running,: ( miKht inuntlon l.lia|, L««llo-Map-... Milf.liMl wan a .two-tlmo losor last Saturday, Ho lost tho AM m Jlo o nil 1,0,1,1.4 and ho his world . /\i»fi fiM* i IIP sfin'iti fiiH** tnnoo'whon "I'N.OW York prop sohpol- I.OY, Knink Hlxon, brolui tho iomv ynir old nmrk of V:?l,7 by a u , second' iToiu Kourly, yo oldo tuD^ iliumpur and yarn splnnor who put of tho gallop Into 81,. Mary's luifl Jolnod tlio navy as, an UI H,,.(MiLloo H.minan...,:.tho oflloorn; n which KraiiK hoaliy hoklH.Angolo' ,, (U1 |.Htl iuay bo liolnd In tho iip\v.s l.lmi'Notrn naino will moclly Its funiod Hhlt't In ruyor-ortlioij Uoiraiicl l '^S^. B P°ll nowwlirbo nuurlorhfti'k,.. • I'l-'i 1-i.M.ii- iiU" \\in.^^> u j)l t , |n ihi'nw niiSHOR \v.l,i I to standing 'OtalH , ,'• i • M < * •at hnir tlino 4 . «fl TO flORIDA FOR TRAINING ) ^ AVI '„ M an udva m.c .t 1 o I Mvo P Ion by lrn n will. •»H- dnril Hob Oulnn ui\d « lian Itnl o < svi-flni'H Mfid ° U AU Imllory (M.nclldatOM pmltod to bo on lumd today I'm 1 work- ex TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS NEAR TOP IN HOCKEY RACE l/nltml ITuHH) ,,,,, /ni'on-'.o Muph) l.nai'M movotl to within two polnl-M ol 1 l-hn Idln Ing NMW York lluiigor.M, shading illilmiKo MlHOk MawkH, ^M, hi-w Mi- lloiml llooUcy louKtm gamn Sunctui nlKlil. Tim l.oat'M iimUmwl u f'l'^P Ihli'd-pnrltHl goal with two of thuli- own by Syl APP« tllul Hank Holdup to llnhlh In front,, A t'rimk goal (Miabled tlm MOHion to llo, H-Ji, with luitroH and ^o tlm imbuutoiv Hpoll thuy ma | n |alnod ovnr fho' Hud at HoHlon riardnn Hluoo IHio. ,,.,,< A PHHH by Hoy Cor ' ollolu'd I'm 1 Hm (U|imllxnr ul of Iho llfl.-fl pt'Hod whnn ,l,,himy Mowm-M of hotrott slid out to I,look tlm try and tho puoU rollod Into tho not, , . . . Hlxlh-plaon Montreal malntulnod UH-l'i- one-point <HlK<' f'V (!l> , th(J liruoklyii Aiimi'limnM, battling to u I-1 Hi.' with them. Too Hlako and pal. Mmui • Huorud Ihn gamo'M only 'both In tlm MWOIK! P n ''l ( Jd. • M garni' cm a shoi'l thriiHt ,,.,„„ dirnolly In I'rnnt of.Urn Hrook- lyn net whlhi K>?I\M'M was u Imok- Imiul Mluin fi'oiu h'» I'wl Ol11 " dol 'Hun9irasv 1 .up,NV wov.M again thin' Hp.rlng, By "TEX'' 0/BSi.EN i55=w^» °m™* iJiJ^SfS ^•£2&%«S&££&«fc^ l^,^l^»'Slt:s^sfs: A grnni,.-oppo&info » . .. tr .,i-^ :: x ni Vi.-»lament-contest:: :, Istst entry in . ,«Sf s;;• sr* «E*fep»' «"»'S Hish *^S=^|ei^ cjpliolAStlC COni't pl'CtlllO-,. Wtlo. .-L* , 1 i_ i j. 700 •^O-Jiuiciom.v j. j.^-i,i-;,^,,Tr' tiTno r> nP.KP.fl fit . i vj^ rating, ^Yl^.le Crosby, of by .tho inters at?; Wednesday ; s huddle, in bv tho interscholastic group at, VV-BUU^«J New Haven when final plans were'completed, fli-n" - the ar-play-.'. ...What ment, you'ma> chances in the State ' tounia, " is : onr-reply. The 'the- draw, as West Foleynien^Selected To;Meet West ^ ; A«8 :00 Good 'evening,, all' you' loyal .Naiig- aluck advocates/: Stale tournamenl, arc " . the: top" Lofl-1 j the at' the . -laven -.tearo into ..'camp-handily.. -A- g - that-West home series. teat. u is speaking oruTto tho' 1 oiiiyotil "thoHo Mays: H.JB hoy .Abo. Slinoh.lH sot for a tlio. out \\\ Mnroh and hls ; boy Bob PftHO-r IH oOrUiln to luiul.ln hon-vy for "aii 1 outdoor show In ho -o tho hoy'bandit has blown, to-six. [iQsv.ducby; hats'.,..: 1)1 It.suggests that raoo ho-'at' four por nonI during tho war- and tlio other • nro'rlotors now arc suggesting that Vundcrbllt bo fi-osson- too. Thoy don't' oollon to-Mr, Lion for victory.-.^ro- 1 ' 1 rnports attnndnnoO 1 at . „.. --.-. . rn ,,,Us "n.•:«) vor oont over• iO-U ami 10-11 Finishing fourth iir the ' Na^gatuck Valley .Confer, encewS Record of-flvo wihs and five ^e^e» Tw. rolled up a total" of ^{points against 400 fox the opposition-.^ ; ^ --^-^ .haye given :a good-'account--of Contests for-tlris-woo - -New Britain vs. Danbuiy ni- :8-:6o-'p.m;i:.-".":.'I" 1 W& 9:J5 :J 3 : I1IT '...^; •Bassio'u' •! . . 'J'ucsday. . . - - !vs,"Morlcfcn at- 8:00'.'p.m. nightcap- finds : Warrciv Hardmg ; • js. Bristol . . '.- Wednesday.. . . . -1.'. ° Koleymcn oL' Naugatuuk rnaKo tm-ii; first' tourney appearance .I' 1 ' two years when Ihey sllnok-. their high scoring mltos nsainst Lho boys from -West Haven in thu-8:00 p.m. ^1" Croshy vs. Manclioster-at niir in the final' nunlifying 'lilt . It 'is innned a busy, for 'the basketball, enthusiasts around the Btiite and tlu-vy • \y111.- see some bi'illiant basketball' played., , ; . A few datos-lD J'omcrnlDer. . . •. U«!J - lor finals- . V Mnrclr -fith and Oth. .'. . semi finals.-.... March :12th. . . . finals . . . Manih ilUli Tlioso tourney-con tests are; played in tlio cvenhig. . . . Quql.iiig'Mr. bush. . . . Ml 1 ': ngu'res ineaiV.any tiling, J3rklgc- p'opt Central should' annex-.titlo" -. • • jnd or ciuolatlon. •••'. • H is. indeed onerous'task'to pick'the winners comparison of, scoring, Mr. busn, 1 prefon the hat Out ol tile nf- ' - ;- New' Britain, Torrington;. ' ' warren Harding, Crosby team does ndfmeasiire np.ta.several previous S °1 s om-, : a ; ttheQ-,^yho U na S wd J 'get past Haven. next Wod^sclay. and advance. to^tbe seconc round. 1 1 U I 1.1 U U i-l'^l • ' — • • 111 O ii 1 nncl last buf,far- from-, least the (.ai- loping Oreyhpunds, to be the victoib in.-thc cjualiCying round. . . ...lust i<no matter of opinion. v..= Will you noj be'a,soothsayer, too? , . . Blu^s->" JOSICPH SMKY \Voilnortclay l,nfly Wnnnrly- of A who IH holdlnK l-Mdlo Milla nob vyii- svt'.n MYHA rfOINS' HMD \J-(tM>)- WlllliuiiM 1 bod' horo i«'ln<, Mrtroh 'IM'io nxoUoumnt ol' 'I 1 <ul dHirt dofni'inont MubMorllnul today UM U\« HoHton Hod Sox oiionod lt« Ho'ofjud wook <>i' 7bn arrival of rolloC pltulmr Mlk'i Hvlia from HprlHH'H''ldi M'> M yoM-* toi'dny boonlod tho »num! tn ¥7 lonvlnw only llvu to ropor' OKiNTMAI. I.MACJUIiJ W. I'alndcrl (largonla S, (laulllt'Ul ntlok •114 HI. W WW in HI I 117 50'4 07 8H 87 •us 87 114 •ill -.III ,t(Vi 100 Hft 88 ADO rruuinu flochrano IH u sjnttppo-: young ma.rbut H>« •^uUmon Uiat- can't got-In'Hhnpu to fight nay-, and will-- romaln In tho ooiiUl bn Intorpi-fltccl' as' ovl- tho wnltorwolglU c Ira rn p' would much ruthor -Moo- tho ;iapB; Sinn Ui« Hurlorn hurrloano Whon; and IfthoHo two-Doys'irilx- it,-, tho- will find-tho, champion- a lni , UM ,l hnlfhuoK'on llio-.Oi'otmw a, town t'oolball Umm. : ,,,Noxt tlmo inmoono brings u|) that whiskery; . . . lt i, 11 r* 11111' *' ' • nl^lfMrt^filiu in\itfttnu vnP^MH NI flNV 11 tLipi.niivii« you mlgliTronilnd him that there' iu^o ia U olloK(rm«nqnlhoNo\v,Yorlc ; Yankoo bUHOball tbanv. A coXirse- in rinlouluH'm>lc "V;tlvoloKy may not holp n man hit MOO,- ™-£™ Vanks hnvo won a pennant-or t\yo ; JOHNv LION^ LUIVIINA^Y familiar old^n^incr;-looltidrtiie name Dave an, school and from —- --..-• 0, A/splash aggregation,^ shows promise York, Dave.Ws -made thiRvai^ity ' ' .- the Swuot Curlnnn UuUori'i Ohry»l*r and Plymouth Tires;- Aoocssorios ,,,,iwo MClvllMf i in ,,, 1M ID tho last 'tosv ,. - Firnlllar lumdHnoH-^Alabarna- 2J, 'P('i H'flHO" J8" [infl "noUgow win In; ,„,•,.-.,'•' cj^jj] playing 'em • clOHO 'in'ihft'vpql ohV,...f«leut, Tod Mann, S, nM^ko university, publicity: iiKunt, IH winning prulHO lor h s navy public rolatlonw work tvt M-. lniitn,...l)onf look now, -but- tlio Toronto, Muplo r/piifs..Hlnjnly.- to uooopl tho Now ^ork »« ..i Mooring ntroak us Iho iob-gunio murk, but tho; r j( ,nl'H urn Htlll linadlng' wVnp'h llnlslr In tho league race,... Tho spring ti-alnlng camp'soot-tts-way Poo. Woo Ropso, la mqvlnff a out faHtoi" than ovor- but I'm Inclined, to doubt it, tfvon-ir It woi'oaruo, tho HOOuLw couldn't prove -.It—thoy wouldn't bo able to see ROOBO, It'I-ft I J-»l*VC- > llC*i3' -At.t.tM\A\j .w*-~ . •» '- * • •' \ j in?- to date for: the-Lions, €'oaclies arouild .haVe.:.higto' ; 'pTM%.forV;..the^;young»ter..WhQ- i ;fli^ water-with-the greatest, of^ea'se. St. John; • tire-Lion lumiimr.^vparticipatedan the aU- star swimming. • meets at --^Jable3v^., ™™^£ Christmas holiday^r ; eGess::a-hdi although the local : swim- Ulty. iMfo!'" •-'yi^ •:- „ m-,. ham's/ lacing at the hands ( .oC -lo.i ririgtoii .to- the tune of -47-dd, ,.- Winclham ' .was" one: of the .seeded teams '. • • Air of-, wlivch sign!flcb upsets, thrills, and plenty of notloi Cor 'I*/) -J942-. edition of tho State Tournament, . . : Au re.yoir, till vve meet;-again in'. the confines -of the .spacious '.New- .Haven .Arena.- on- Wednesday .evening, when a gaiiani aggressive,' fighting, Imslling .anrl .ol' Garnet and Grcy cagers-trot-out', on the,, llooi- - for their: acid-'tcst. w! Hi-West Haven. ' A.battle of offense v»» fleiunse. ..-.Which will ••rule",--. '. only time- Av'iir,ans\yer that'question. The occasion was in honor oC three Ybung Seymour men, mc ( n- iSora of lliAlumnl.Cliito, who, w leave shortly ..for. serv ce w.ltlj tnc !Un ted States .army. -Short spoeches iwdrc .made, by ; several mambei-s .of Ihtv club and the three selectees were presented' with" a handsimie Isold-lers 1 - toilet..set,-- by -the gruup. W 289 •\ Christmas hSlidi^eGeB^afld? although the local swimmer -, failed, to; win an ;liis : specify, he made a favorable aViAwinM-afirainst 1 tHe> 'pick'bf the'cduntry 1 ; , showing;;against 1 ^ pick'of .~~ _ , When Dave was perfonning; with thexNaug^uck tfeam 1 a'f ew 'iy^rs^g-Qv^Nutmegi shimming- isrithtisiasts^ dieted a Bright future for the i youngster. , • ^ - ; "If Daye'can only learn how to keep in his/lane, perf action/ heo will' come witttin a "second ; or 0o of the Jvorld \ record for/100- yards,^'' remarked- a veteran tank mentor,---"- •:-••-;-"' .';"-• ••: •••• ;i1 ":.. --• •: •'- ; ., ; ; •"•-.•"• •••• •'• : New -TTavciv, '.Oon'nv Mareb. 2— (UP) -r-Thc- ;iOtlv annual. class A.GpnneoU- cut' -i-lifiiic School IBasUctball:; Cham- lonfiliip Tournament;, openfe b.nre lo- n i «h t : .w i tli N 7 e w B r i t'a i n , u 1 ay i n'g Dan - bu ny -,- ' ; an d - To rr ing to n m ec ti n g Bridgcp.oi ; t..Basslok.- ' , . ;-. ••..-.".- .Tomoi'row,-. : 'njgbl-, Meriden . .meets New rravcn' -TTI]lbouse( l and; -Bristol New Haven .-I-iillliouso, 1 • and BiMstol •ojjppsc's. Bridgeport:... Wan-ciV Ilard- liig. Qn Wednesday night, West! Ha- Veriin'ieets : Naiigatuplt and ;; Crosby tacKles .MaiTchester. ...'•• •/..•'. - •',. . Atv- Hartford, 'meantime,- the.; class C-D Vtoiiriiam'en t' , was 1 seiredulcd, to- get. underlay: -'to night also. . , : . • -Tbrec 'games .wci-e. scliedqle.d:: Sta' . .. . ples- niid-./Woodb'ur.y.:,: Morris '' Bloomneid, •-'and .Oiri'stphbucy: .:•-' -' , Fai-m i irgtair ' and and Iron Mounlfiin', .Mioli., Mnroh 2— UJP)—Toj'gci 1 Tokle,, sl.'nr Br.opK-, Ivn sUlnr, jumped 289;'.fco!,,.Sunda^ to 'briiiA; back the American^iDs- tanfie ski-Vnmpint? record.-to Giunt Pine Mountain slide. ..' • ... A record crowd of 2-0,000 \va!,c.. l io-.1 Tdlclo, on Iris second jump,-so;ir 15 foot; boy arid Die break of tbe landing- sti'Dtcb, wlnpinp'-first pl.ico. in- clfiss A. -Ills Jlrst a1.tcmpt->vix8 2S5. feel; ' ' : • ' 'TO]I?C- : snUl. Hint ho believed'- he 1 ' could have .lumped '300 feet, but that 1 it would hnve been impossible to stnnd 'after such a jump beyond tbc'crltical pplnt of l-he hill.. Two more national mavks•• were 1 set/by the- ' l 'Fl.ying u Bietila-fani.Uy ofV Isiipcminfi', 'Midi. Ralph- -BietHa jumped 200 .and 260 feet to establish a new national-class C record. T/cbnai'd Bietila sot . a 1 new senior class reco'rd' witb a. leap. of. 238 feet. '.: , " • y » . 'QUAKT'-.OF pENNNi^'nuvs HOND Ogrlen, Utnh, March 2—(UP)—A quart of. pennies.- is sufficient to purchase a •&'•. national defense bond. Seven-year-old, LuJuna Beck- discovered, this- when-' she emptied a quart bottle of/pennies 1 ' on .the post office counter and tbcy counted up to $18.75,.the' 1 price of a bond. New- World Record For ThJ Distance May Be Pro.! ' duced When They Meet By PAUL SCI1I3FKE1.S (United Vi?es»; Staff, r Nc\v York, March c. — \\>>v licrl/ Dodds, conqueror of L 0s )j ft MacMitcbell, .New York Onivcr- shy's "mahout of llic niilo," nut} provide .' the; competitive spark necessary to produce a now world record, for tho .distance \vlu>n j| )c two. runners meet in their race March 1-i. ' Doclds, .who. swung aroimd i:it board- saucer in Madison St]uaro. Garden .Saturday, nighl \vilh such •igility that he- handed MacMiiclieii his 'first defeat ,an 20 niilo starts, slops from the -spotlight lompoi-. nrily' this week, as the eolith, take'over .the Garden for their at nual ice"^'* 1 .'. • ••. M'acM itch ell, whose d.^fonl. before j/i 000 .fans in Hie national j n ,i oor Championships furnished Die. j n . door season-'!?- .biggest upscl, fo«. nially accepted ; the .lames K. Sulii- van 'award -for beini? l-h« oulslaid- ing amateur athlete of iau yos* terday but s;iid he was busy* already* with, .plans to match strides with Dodds in the 1 Columbian nit'-. Before l?!s-. defeat, MacMikhell- due toihack- of competilinn in llui mile—planri-cd' to compele aguinsl Dodds and ,Gregg Rice over tho two-mile;-route : on the J-Hb. Ho\v- (?.ver> be 1 had-no, sooner rocovfu-ed from 'his Ipfis 'j.-o Dodds who, 'focu dentally, learned'-- Wow to run so effectively. • hy -corrcspondenw school, than ho : switched, plans and Director Frank Brendan of' tho Now York K. oi'-.. C.. meet concurred \vholc-heartcdly, The resulting "grudge' 1 race .should not on-ly sell out- thfi Car- -dcn but probably will- produce -v time good -enough to, eclipse Dodds' Saturday • clocking at - 4:08.3 and-tlif indoor- record'Qf -4 :07.4. 1 Dodds'. un.set victory; and four .indoor -world" record, performance 'featured-'one' of- the. greatest in. 'door moots in. history^•- Standard were cs tub! i shod- by . Greg Bice in the .three-mile event, Al Blo'/.is in 'tbe -shot-put, .lob n< Bo r lean in 1,031. motors awd..b.y- the Soton -Hall-two.- mile-relay, team.. .- . Rice -starts -'next -in the Catholic 'University 'games at .Washington, <March . 9 when he tries to better own 2 1-Si mile mark but his vJl'liS .UNVll £> J-"/" •'••"•* iinvijv (/ui- Jn.i •'(•o'pi'glv'est-.tfoiTi'piBUllon ...will conic in v'ilib-' 1 two -mile; ,raoc at, the K. of C, , games.; Walter Mohl - ,pf : -^uflisqn, "Avis', the "last .man- to", bent Rice, lias trailed- 1 in 1 all;, the major mile events-'thi>3-season-hut is moving back to the-distance in which lie 'first' attained prominence. He romped, tbome alioiul of l^icc-30 races ago^a,(-:.Lo>j. Angoles In the .1MQ Flnnlsb' relief fund jnuf.t. Georgetown's. Bloxis started Saturday's record-breaking- when lie tossed 1.1)e 16-pound shot 57 fool 3-'j inches—within a quuHcv-iw/j of Jack Torrahce's cight-yoar-o/d outdoor mark—unri . smashing his own indoor : mark -by, 8 1-i inched, Rice's ISi^.V^'fpr the. svas the best time' ever rcglslcrcil \' anyone-Indoors, or out. The Setqn Hall'.relay team ncgo- Mated the-. Uyo\.-!;-mllcs- In 7:39.8, paring 1.8 sccondsr olT -the- H-ycnr- "d; record T3J5J; 1 -by:!Georgetown, .lolin .v i oricaii'vOf ; -:A6h > u'ry ....Park, N; J», traveled lbe-'i;(K>0''yards in"2:10.5 and established a new meet record and then went, on to set a-hew world indoor mark of 2:24-.3 for the J.OOO meters. • . Y M^HH-. who nopb-to-muko.a; mar'k -hr Imfloimll' shou|d.concentrate, ia tolling, I'doubt If 'there: over;. ?,! vS" hJiln BO 'WOT^P° fnl n,Slon f t 11 - Irnl' olnsH baokHtops as at present." ,.)vu,.'ntimivPhoipH •'>r°°. n8 li!f; 1 : qc , lh !;: : wood inan..,,Thoro Is no end to tho HporLM In whloh Chicago U. oRn'-nn- : 11 last. ..Tho Maroons . have just; ' iod tho big 10, basketball raoo, thoy aro IVrmly entronohod in rnvbiScI fo-'rotahr thdr IG-VA 1 irnok and tlnld lltlo-- Saturday...,There vlll luj-iio-oivstorn all star-pro Jooi- mll Kamn this fftll unlosB - Coach ^u'lvuiy Woodwurd of tnd.Now,York [nimki-Trlbuno can find" a/ *ww* ilovon worthy, of mooting, the New Yorl< MAY DECIDE ISSUE IN SECOND (ROUND v :,, Nfvngatttcli's cliandeffvafter the .opening game• will proDa:bly-be -decixled. byv the:>.f breaks^' in; the- New. Haven tournament. If tlie-locals are- hitting tlie target from Ithe .'field, the borough fasfceteers will/ give any; of the Class AJ entiies a lot of trouble. But the Greyhounds will have to -click with- points- to 'turn the. trick. -c.-- . When Coach Foley sounded the call i ? or hoop,prac-r '• • -ar's FIRST ELOOD Sords Almoldu Totala fin Inn .. Mublu'll W, Undo Avorago F. Sou Ha \V, Sohlnmn S. (.lu'/.y , ; , 08 Hoc! Hoom., , (^orfoil). tnd. Illations ,/,,, 85' ............109' 1< , < , i , t ,!!i! 1 ,', t . 1 . «o .^ 407 K(Mi stitohiuij. 1 11 ,89 ,,, 100 •,.,,; .102 94 515 ,R7 ; 92' 80 .97 •124 85 '85 471 ' 483 •m •100 107 107 102 ':I07 J10 110 05) 121 otiilii ./,.'i8 535 -nnolilnyaki.iril, Miroo—llnchlnyskl «W5. gjinio—ICod -i. Packing -.55/1, lottin—Koa Packing lOO^i, 't ice .1 u te in November,^. one regular, -from .„ team answered -'in- BillvReilly, center:- .Blit^oley^liad a poiiplo of:Tesci-ves ; wlio -sh6wed;-proiiiise;Rtbward^ the' end lof the previous season,, and they blossomed -out'this cam- . • ',..;•''.'. ' Pa& Erank Furs, Buddy.Dunn, Eddie;..Mariano,,.'Charleys Fogarty and Doug Thnrston came thraiigli with, splendid) performances;.throughout -.the- recent>ycotirt drive; and, • IT- T*\ • ~\ 1 "¥**» _ " T 1 JL 1-: '^ >_ JL' . ^. s*.*-v-\ li'i •%'\-rf^v S*\ • x ^*/7| J -j '(Y~l \\Tfy .'*>[% f\ 17 &• f\ tjl*l C _lC '->^ . ^J ' i . i* " '- • *—'-'* . along with, Bill Reilly, a scrappy tiearri. '. ' ; Other schools • i ^; Wind- ship this weekva-t New; Haven 'West Haven, Vvesb nay eii. \\-••;•••.;.:•:**. -.. ..:.•.•_:•.•.:-.r • »••-.•.•::-•,:-.••••••• v- . • '- • Naugatnclv;.wa^.last in .the list:of':14 ; named for Class A schools (Tii ' . ; ' : tiiie v^aw, :feutvL3t' : ^ come: ouiriirst-|i^tljej ; meeting, this ;: week. : : See you; all aitt the'^ew Hav^^i'Sna.. ;:0om<^oufrail^ ^ all ait 'PHYSICIANS-'DIES; Walllng.Corcl, (UP)_i;)iV Conn., J. March " 2—' niordan, an pyo, oar, nose and'throat, specialist, cllprl suddenly Sunday ;'night- while, dining In a:restaurant, ; PEAIUJ Ii ARDOR I ''New Ha'ybni C.o"nh-;;Marc.h;:2— (UP) ' : — Th,c. • Nd.\y : : ;H ay on lijag.les.:: do f catcd 1 the Hershey-Bears G!to..1'in- an Amer- •'lcan; ; : Hockey^ league game-. Sunday night before 4,000 fans. Norm Burns scored three', goals for New Haven in Lhe flrst period. 1 MAJOR VlCt; Ry bp TM E DOWNHILL SKI Adams, Mass,, March 2 — (UP) Billy .Llnscott, IG-year-old Ada' .High school- sophomore; held-1" 6 governor's\j.rophy' today, after Icaa- i'ng a Held of 33 in the scvonlli annual Massachusetts', Slate <lo\vnni» ski championship... • „, „ • Linscott, v.ipwsontln? H.c Th«J dcrbolt Ski Club,^negotiated th« ''• mile Tbunde.rbolii^rail on Ml, W*' lock in 3-:17.G: yesterday. MURRAY'S Service G5 SOCtlt MAIN STREET ONE-FILL Ant • Lasts'All'Winter Batteriei- Charged While; You Wait All Amoco' Products 'S Water Street ._ DINNERS ^LUNCHED SANDWICHED OF KINDS A ^ Full Liquor License / - ••• .- * ^.

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