Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 2, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather ;l,lg-ht Snow Beginning' About Midnight, Beacon Falls Betlmiiy ~— Bristol Terrace Circulating In Cotton HbllowI-— Middlcbury ! * ' ; Millville Plaits Mill's —— Straitsville —— Union City If It's News You Cart Find It In The NEWS .VII, No, 50 NAUGATUCK DAIL* NEWS,. MONDAY, MARCH 2, 1942 Price Three Costs Strange Planes augatuck J ^tf^" MacArthur's 'VERY DIVISION GIVEN EQUAL SHARE OF PRAISE Unit Did Excellent y/ork In ltd First Real Rmorgonoy Tost IfARDBN BROPHY PRAISED FOR HIS OOOPBRT1VB SPIRIT Iflht" Incidents' 1 Reported By Wardens In Various Sections Of Tho Borough Son Dies In East Wild iiiuny towns and rlllcm In U'o ,,,. ,.|,,iii,|nx UK) per emit olUolonoy ,. M.MI' Hint llfturt') In the nlack- ,,> MS held InMt nlKhl, Clamuui h, •htilnnau of Ihn Naiiwatuek vilian iK'iViiMo liminell, aiul Harold very, cihior of Lho auxiliary ftU' ( ni \unh«n division, wnru inclliuul ,|.iv In slr'iU'.li Hi" imliil a hli and ' 'y NaiuwUtck'M effort an 101) per •nl I'lU*. iV Inst lii I he, borough wa* oar- Mul svUhou!- a HtrtMlo oiwun'niiou inlKht (|nlra«U t'l'oin Uto dlllchMH-.y racii aful ovory divlHlon In tin. 1 ;ii/inll and HIP work of lliu Miu'lloal lii, undur ^h (1 dlrcuHon of Mr, -X ,'owiii', Is im|H'olaII,v dOHcrvliiK ol Xohlon palm, TlilH parlluiilnr \\\ \va« wlvnri MM Hi'st real lest In i "iMiiorxtwcy" and uphuld every lion madn bofoi'o Ilio lont^Uust •<hi Hint iNaiwaluol; Is "tni'->" I'' Mt-rvlMM and Irmitnu'iit d i—Hhoulfl tli»!y oooin 1 loilny uny llnuv k -<n or HM'H Wllll a c in -ad. nnll, iiyMlolan or- two mumhuPH fou W Ol' HI'VUll ThU v.ons H H icron, h\n of a tli'ftt ul.l , ami tsvo orderlldH, AH H caf.'- ,or MM "Incident" NVUH repoi'^ wan li.imiHllntnly dispatched uine, a iM-porl. on Ihn paHiially ^n,<liMUliune,oiiHly made put an me •vifllin" was trwUod -and bandaged mil in-- I'MlMit \vart .riiHlunl in 'the vntiMl litiMimlly station oi' Mi'dltml », M ,i at iho V. M, n, A. Kour ln- previously arraUK' 1 *! ' j >' f ivi't-y luit Ihe locallon oi« u«- (1 f u,o liiuldnul WJIH no I knn\vn ny of Ih.j wot'kui's until It was iviTi-d by an all 1 raid wui-di-u, marli- up lilM report and 'plionj'd ln (IHHIU.M hcadMiiarlnrs, , l m-. " In all (WMOfl wuro Halnly ( ',,lM al tho U Y", tmilcul and l wllldn a i-oiuarKahty wan (III 1 MI'I'IH', Tli': lnHiliMilH WJM'(» as I'OUOWH: NIL I. Cornel' or nubbnr uvoniuj o<l CtM-rry street, lllKli nxplOHlyo i. Two porHonH hurt, (las main Initiiiunl. Hloi'u I'i'OUtM MoSVIi OltL mil liKillnK Is xoliiK on. ND. v. .\\w\w Htrnul— fi-onl. ol lK.ul. Mad Mi'n haH boon Htfii'tml by oi'iiiliMry Itoinli. I'lrosvd ucound lira lici'Ol.illIK tllK'td.V. No, :i. r.nnuT May Hl,reol and HIn-i'sl avenue, A t'lol MUH Hlartud l'-r hlKh rxploslvo bomb bui'Hl. \V;U"i' main IH damaKe-d, i, IllKh Hlrnol and South Ul!> Italy), A hlKh cxplo- In. mi, IIUH burst and loftlnK iiv «»ltiK on hi lown-mil on Pago oslaumiil. IALLEY PLAYERS ENJOY PARTY AT GOODYEAR HALL Al Kiovman And Aimer Bvonaon Soon To Leave For Military 'Service "'Ml of thn Valley I'laynrs . numborlng about 00, fioodynar hall Satur- to milnhrato Hi" HU °of lltn c-.omndy "Out rvInK Pan" last Wodnosday Cor Ihr- 1 bcnnlU of tlm 'Nai.1- lied Ci-fMH War Ktind and to u furiiwoll parly In Al Kluvo- und Ahncir SVOHHOII, two '1'.H of Ihn Ki'0ii|i who will iil/'i 1 dm military wirvloo of illcd SLatcH, All mmnboi'H of l Hir the ruuunt [day wisro In b'uifiiix SVIIH enjoyed, .... li( . V|1 'l and rnfruHlummtH wru'n , H. A'oi'i'ls, mother .of 1,1, Hobtu-t ,!, Sniuhdl, who wus killed In an lili'idaiu- ei'HMh,' Is shown In SI. hooks with M fiohl pin, n. i-cpllcn or Ihe "flyhiij liffcf," cmhloin ol 1 tho Amoi'ldiHi VohiiKour Group. The pin \vns srni l,o tior IJ. T, .V. Sodnn, <<hi- tmsi; Mhilslor ,'ol % Jh<> .j COLLECTION OF WASTE MATERIAL HERE WEDNESDAY Truck Drivers Will Be Licensed Scrap Collectors— Will Pay Regular Price Collection of waste nmtorials useful in war will begin In Naugattick, Wednesday, Marcli -Uh, James P, KlHsane, chairman of the Salvage DivlHlon-01' lliu NnuKutiKik Defense Council, announces that two trucks svlll-start in Union City, Wednesday nornliiK and work their way south, 'he drivers of Ihe trucks \ylll be Hcran oolluotnrs licensed to ojiorato n,Nauffatuck, \vlio will buy waste •nalorlalH at established prices, lubboi', I-BKH, nnsvspapcr.s .magu- 'Inos IJOXOH and metals will bo 110- •oiilVd Tin cans and glass are not 'lowlwl at the pi-osunt time Kxpor- ()JU , 0 i,, {.he aluminum drive ist mirmner has shown that thl-s m'llioil of fOlloolIiiK waste ma- «>rlal IH more practical since scrap M)llcctors are experts In nia- CnlHliInf? rlHTnrcml-motulH and .In Lho proper lumdllnK of all H"«.v ft1 ' ' nuitnrlHlH, The U. S. A. will be r»fl II 1 people selling scraps use ' uarned to huy defense Kl 'Mr PH kissane states that her has fl, liable cards for the householders to 'HO in notirylnfS tho collf«J ors hat war wastes may ho. nought at n'-houHH Hliowlnk tho card wh oh { a large Vic.tory V. ('M WIIM ' 1(11(1 nc nry ft Of tlH Iliiikn, Juno Uoii- vagc nivlHln no u null, LIEUT. COMMINS ORDERED TO FORT EUSTIS, VIRGINIA Naugatuck Man One Of 17 Officers.Assigned to Cavalry Reserve Twenty New England Reserve Officers wore ordered to active duty recently according to an. announcement inado by Major-General Sherman Mllus, 'commanding general of tho I'Mrst Corps Area, ... : To Fort Uustls,. Virginia: Robert Wallace Adams, Capt-Res. Cav., J Green street, Plttslleld, N. H.; Ambrose L. Kerrigan, Cav-Res. .major 47 Dudley street, KI toll burg, Mass. Bruce 10. Warner, dslv Lt;, .Guv-Res. W. Mi G. A,, Main street, Worcester Mass.; Jolur G.: Gomrnins, 1st Lt, Gav-Ros., 38 Ual-pln street/ iNaiiga- tuek, 'Conn.; Joseph M,- Day, ist Lt., Cav- He-s., 700 Main- street, 'West Haven, Conn,; Gordon G..-Thomas, 1st Lt., Cav-Ros.,. 308 Sound Beach uvonuo, Old Orchard, Maine; John W, Rued, 2nd Lt,, Guv-Res,, Adams 3C, Strawberry Hill, . $trtmford, Conii.; Charles ' S.'Joslin, 1st Lt,, Cav-Ucs,, lii Pino. Ridge Road,. Greenwood, .Mass,; . Frederick N. Walker, Cap I., Cav-Rcs., -.2.85.. Manchester street, Manchester,- N. H.; Edward Ml HciTernan, .1st Lt., Cav- Ro.s,, 31 North Main street,- Rutland, Vt.; Gerhard . Rincincisch, .2nd. Lt., Cav-Re's,, Wr Terry vl 1 le .avenue, Bristol, Conn,; Joseph Pau.l.;Ivaska, 1st Lt,, Cuv-Rcs., -U , Goolidgo. avenue, Wdterb.ur'y,. Conn.; Park.eiv H. Dovlin, Jst'r;t,,-Gav~Rcs., '30.00 Langley Road, Now ton..'..,; '. Paul :0^tog.';J*^--4»^k.^ wicfiV 1 'Maps.';-'il'oscpiv : I.' Blunrri, 2nd Lt., : Cav-Rcs., 20- Fabyan . street, no.ston, Mass.; David1 IS, Acker, 2nd Lt,, Guv-Res!, r>'Henry avcn'ue, West Sornervllle, Mass.; Martin .A., Abko- wHx, 2nd Lt,. Cav-Rosi, .39 Florence avenue, Revere, Mass," • Recruiting Station' 38-40 Columbia street, Banger, Maine, Bert.,Johnson, Capt. Inf-Ros,,, 322 . Federal Bldg., Bridgeport, .Conn/ . ; Recruiting OITIco 11Q 1st Recruiting District, 463 Congress street, Portland, Me,, James W. Kofnian, 1st Lt,, Inf-Hc&v 15 Nottinghlll road, -Brlgliton, Mass. : : I in 2d Recruiting District, J2 Water street, Manchester,. N.. H., Robert LcKllo HuriiQ, Capt, 'Cay-Res., S-7 52 .Toy street, Boston, Mass, EAGLES PRAISED FORPATRIOTIC SUPPORT OF U. S. Many Attend -Celebration Of 38th Anniversary 0 £ Naugutuck Aerie BETSEY CUSHING WEDS WHITNEY In Blackout Test Last Night ... •- . . , 4 * » War Department Reports That Planes Used In Assault May Have Been German-Built JAPS ARE HEAVILY ATTACKING JAVA TODAY n — ~—— ——— REQUESTED MAY ENTER THE KENTUCKY DERBY American And Allied Planes, Troops, Warships Put Up Strong Defense $li'o.\vii here arc. New 1 York 1 info'.' ii'hn-c aV« 'Mi'i-'im'd Mrs; JoKn'Hnv WlntuCN alti'V Hii'ir m«rrlaj|ft )») Yoi'k'tl'iiS'.'" Mi'^ :; Whitm'y 'is 1 HVrv fonuei' t «<;ts«y. C.ii.sJ.niifi Kooscvell, i- w IV or lumps JtoosuvHt,, Ibe/soii *o.r : : Pj'iisUlenl und.Mrs, Krankhn osevelt:'•'••Tlrc-V^i-ciiioM.v \VHSf' lield atlUje home >of ;:llic hrjcje^s-inolhur, li'iniv^v'"'-^^ .sportsman Streamliner It Into around Forces, Air Forces And Service Of. Supply By MACK JOHNSON,' . P. StaiT Correspondent, • Washington, Mni'(il> . Pi-csiiUfiiil. •Hooscvcll; ,st.y,cambnocl. trie army i'Uo. throe l3aH{o 0 'J3ranchcs today— ground .1'orcesi .air .forces -and service of supply.. , ; ... ; : - : ; . iVir Hoosevclt's - or.dor ••.spco'H.led Unit ho retains authoi-ity.. l,.o cxtii- olsc.Lhi'ougli the chief -of slafl..'^^^ Ouorgo G, Marshall, .the. .presidential functions-. as. comniancloi'-ln-chict, in relation to ;thc .strategy and .tactics prosecuting the. Avar. '"' ' of The sweeping, shake-up was. dc:.(Continued on Pago Two) nnxl, f«w days but II maa along a Htrnot householder receives -»;«.-««!' may be necessary to hall the drivci has appointed ' as of his Salvage- division: SVarden Leo Rrophy, Clh rlM.s - . Flnkc, who IH in charge uul dlHtrlbutlon of ear<;lH; C\ Toepln, who Is responsible lor dlnation with the Roy Scouts; or the State Defense II,\UVAHI> SENIOHH 1 CHOICE Thu H8tl) anniversary ol' the in- sMLuLlon of Naugatuok .Aorlo,. No. (i/iO Ki-atcrnalOrcKM 1 of lilusius, was fllLlngly cdlolDrated with a ( Kathcr- ing of nationaland statu ollloors ol tho ordor'an'd a- Ini'S'e pumbci- ol. iniMivbors of tho looal acrio al Strat- 'ton's' rr.staurant in Park Place Saturday night. A splondid' banquet •foaUircd the occasion. • , . . i;tiurcnbc Caulflokl officiatud i.s toastiiuistcri and tlio was in ohar«o of Paul .loscph M-pGuli-c .was: cliairnuin- ol .the aoiunilttou -pi' lUM-angornents. ^ : Lho priniJIpJili'spcuktir.'-'!--^- .praised f,|io- aerlo for il.s.i'ornHi'UalilC'fiTowUi- in'the borough and for Us .paU'IoUo and (iornniunity. N.vcllare .SIJINL.- mu t'"-ics here have, been -outrilanrtmtf in "frixtornal olrolus \vlili thoir purchase of National. pofcn«o bonds and tho speaker urged that they oonUnno to maintain .their vlghtlui phlcu in supporting -tho «overn ; nicnl in Its ooninorwjlh -Lhc cn.un.. •-COURT CASE'C-ONTINIJED Tho case of Robort Thomas Nowlmrl. Jr., of Mifldlebury, who il U! >> I I tl I I 1 ) " ' • > . O.i I . mrln \» fakon Into custody SaLui'da> •w Patrolman RayiViond jn-ii charge of violation of JV.'o rules ' of the road, has been oontinued until, next Monday morn- •Jng. There was no session oL I.Iie hoTough court today. . -Harvard oollofe-o sonlors v ,m their I'avorltn woman s n a poll IriHl. night, they .ranla. Ml( , |,]U Institution at Lho heat ol, . mlnlno In.stltutlon.s together vll.h Kloi'c.non Stnto Teachers :OOl-_ jnjfo mid lOrtHlni'n KentucKy Tcach- OI'H : NOW York, M^ch 2-(t/Pi-TI,n n s NVeathc.r Bureau today.crdciet storm .warnings displayed. Iron 'block Island to: Capo Hattows. BE CARRIEDDAILY Chief Thomas 1 H, Nolan j Vfarns Loss 0;f .€' a^ d i Skould Be Reported V . i . ,.....-.)/•• \ -.•• • Thomas H, -Nolan,' .chief ,of • the Auxiliary'Police ..Division of..-, the Naugatuuk Ddfcnsc; Council issued ;) warning today 1 >. '••al)•-••ppi'sons n to whom identiiication ,car,ds lave been issued' by-the Council, that these cards must; •:-be : ; carried by .lliDir owners' at-all: |,imes and .tliat If lost, a, report m us I, be made, immediately to '-.the 1 , Issuing .Station, Chief Nolan's, stdl/crncnt ,,rollows.: •finch' person id^ whom arv.idopi-m- oaLlon card Is.jssircd'.wlll bo ijosponj sible I'oi- the card 'and should, caiu it ari all.t!mcs. > Bepor.t;of loss :or de- si ruction of. the .card- must,be.made at oncevto;the Issuing Stationv;ypon rnmoval or resignation. ' ol. .any worker it ^halPJoe.his ,oi-her duty, to surrender the. card ;to ,the Issuing CM n'l i rtiv 1 ''Tt ' ^'llivll-' 13G* ' • tllO •' ClU Ly.'.'iQL »-^ i f J L11») 11 • 'lu. o 11 ** l * i. | - y , v ' i - • . ,• • •' i Observer and ; vGon;i,rqllcr/to^'rqnQrt avery ) Joc\il..J^effi"se ; ;.^ ou .O cil '^ rPl- L .-, n I. niTfiB tO tilC.-Diai'O. IJt'l.V'iiatv. Y ^. ,. at once to . . , , . .. tho name: of -any 'workers , v . ,- >si'Micd 'or' who ;:iias- been .removed 'FurIheV^ards will: be:'isued Thurs dav,' March 5lii,i-T:30:.toviiO: : K''m./.aJ the ••rSaugatAick',?.-Dptensc.- ; GounoiI office,,-.'. -.' - ' '•• -.'• '' •;•.•':;'.'A 1 ;.-:: Tlrbniafi/.I-I.-.;Nqlan r ;-. : ;. ; * •"• ;-Gh|efV(D'f,Auxi!iarytl ---,- ; -;:Mn ilo-n fj'Vnic- "Defense' ••.Gounc_i]_ The' liev. Joseph Kooluinns, of H3vS North 'Main- stl'cet, Union City, .was the only. local resident to receive autompb'iic tires and tubes • through District Rationing. Board No. 0 of Beajion Falls, during the .w.eek .nnd- ng' K.cbruury 28 according to r.-n ihiiou'ncement' made tpday by . W!I- ;m;'.K. J3ennctt, chairman of the } o a r.d'.'.-: : ,••'•-,-. / . , Those.: receiving Urns .and ' tubes are-as. follows: Kdwin 0. Xellurs, H \y - : 1,-Seymour, one tire; Rev. ;io- s(Mili."Kbcliunas.- 3:38 -.North-. Main streel,, Union .City, 1'our tires and four tubes; Hc.v.. lleni-y S, Dougiap,, Oxford,'l-wo tires and;, three tubes; Moses Haddad, 85 High,street, Ansonia, .four tires ;-K'atherineO. Sanford, Oxford road, Seymour, two and two tubes, obsolete tires ancl tubes; Michael Yudkin ^ Son, Ansonia,' four., tiros and two tubes. ' ' I3y',JOB l AL15X MORRIS ^ (United. Press Foreign Ktlllor) American and ;Allied airplanes, arm'oi'ed units and warship's smashod furiously, at strong .Japanese invasion forces today in ah all-out bat- Uc'.for .Java. ' ; . • , ' The ]asi, : island stronghold, of the U n i ted .' N a t i o n s I n th e ', 10-as I, I n d i OH \yas attacked by .an estimateil 100,000 Japanese Inniled at.three* north -consl points ttiid'-'foll6wei.i up?J3.y sea-bonu.- relnforcninonts..which were runninn a "deadly- -hail of -Allied, bombs am* she)Is, • ; ;.--• ;.- i •,/. •„ •, .- ' Hard-lighting Dutch . troops,.,bearing (he Ijruht'of- th.e^enemy attack were" 'aidcil :by : BHtislv, 'Australian -and-American-.forces In counlpr-at,- tacks- \Vliich,,Londotv dispntchcs • sahj •:lj-aU\'nQ>y:^ocp;Vife^^ . .(Continued on-Pago Five) s WARDEN BROPHY FOR COOPERATION Every' Problem Connected With Blackout Was Admirably Interpreted Miami, Kla., March -.2—(UP) — Comliing the racing results for an advance Kentucky dorby favorite must wait until the opening of the New York racing 'season April. 0 but until that lime, a place, near, tho hoad of. Ihe parade of oligibles for KoquosfiMt wonM. be tlispuled. . neijuest-ed, ihrnc-yonr-olU son of liio,8t!rinnairb • and Knir 'Penllla, ivon tho, preview for (U'rby ollgthlw )y-honUng a Held of 10 lu t-ho $2H,- 000-added Flamingo slakes -Saturday ul,. lUalfldh.Pftrk s .\yllh the bjA$l. ,per- l > orman<ie""of' any borsc Ibis year, but'be cannot bn'classod ns the favorite until further inspection. There was some doubt concerning liis condition today because ho, rc- M'ive.d a Juul flul- higl) up on bin leg luring the rnce but owner Ben Whitaker said it was "not serious, "That cut really looked bad bul. don't think anything will result, vom II.," NVbiUko.r suld. "nenuoHl- >cl is a great* horse—his porl'orm- inoe In Ihe Flamingo that —and 1 think he can win the derby. "I plan l.o enter him In one New York -rnce as a conditioner before ic makes the big try In Ken- ,ucky . March ..2~(U l^ Firoman Raymond. . 5?t. Jean, i RU.vmond'-J/c f l31nnc' v over rro'nr' the • lecond Tloor yesterday when ^$2,000 :ili-e/swept her .home. Lc..Blanc' iind two sons used a stairway. '.'•-::• •: ,-'• "' : \ ' . Ab- hng- del Coim., March • . Glilef Oeorge .0, hott, 70, president, of the New 'luiui v Pbll.ce .Chiefs association, Sunday 'at the Veterans \ Ncwington, where lie was a pa •Tor three weeks'. Abbott bcctun ' police chief of tliis town in '' TREASURY BALANCE .Washingtoni ~^ar7 '-(UPJ-Oov- crmnenI, .expenses and receipts loi l,lie curfeni;-:i\scal ; year through l<eb. ^'SR-'-"'-^^^^''.; •'•':•-. ••'•'• •'.-'• •' Expenses : . • •'$16 f>!)0,307,0yfi;90 ' : ' S7 f :J2(),858-,607.40 , -;.•'-;••• ~ ••; -:;\Vnr Spending ••12,^00,392,339.30.; 2,898,985,811.7:. •:'.;.-.;.;':-'.. ;'...•'." Receipts . .. • •';-'-- : .. Deficit . : 3/ l 97,356i/.52.G.'. . •.. < 2J ,313,3.41 ,80 One of'the most Jubilant cltixon.s of NaugatueK over the outstanding success of the blackout test in the orough last night is our Warden Leo ,). -Brophy. The municipal government has given much of its time, equipment and effort to assist the local Civilian Defense Council in organizing ;ind Instrue'JiK its many 'workers and although W»r- den'Rrophy pays high trtliulc to |,.lic. council linnds In Ills ntntement wlvicll' follows, MM:, warden may well i'eel that he nnd his departments are deserving of a good share of the praise forthcoming lo 1 who participated', The warden's statement follows: ' ( -\s head of NwiitfaLueU's munici- pai ft-ovcrnmeiH • 1 wish lo express my sincere thanks and appreciation lo' all' who co-operated, so wholeheartedly in making the boroughs Itrfit blackout such nn oulslandin ' -''To'^rJefensc Chairman Clarence Jones and'Air Bald Warden Harolc Perry. K o admJrnlion for a jolrwoll done" in merging the myriad ol <lc- Inils, involving hundreds ol por- sons each one in bis \^^ duty, into a smooth running 100 per cent " effective orgnnlzalioi (Continued on Pago Two) Japanese Are Believed To Have Some Of Them In Reserve NO DAMAGE WAS DONE BY BOMBERS DISPATCH STATES Army Of Guerrilla Warriors Playing Havoc With Jap. anese Hopes Of Victory Ry 1'JVIOHK'IT R. IIOM.13S (United Pri'ss StoH' Correspondent) Washington, March 2— (UP)— Strange planes -which-, may 'have lieen "Oerman-btiilt" have earvloij o\it linn\bing attacks behind Gen. houglas MiU'Arlhur's new Philippines battle lino si retch Ing 'across Rat;mn peninsula, the war depart- mcni. said today, ..''.. The -.lapancse are. believod-to have some of these dermnn-miulo wnr- plans In reserve,, a- conVmunUiuc sald,.!naicrttlnb r -Ulfil tho '.Nlpponeaiv I n vadcrs were irtrd-resfieti < fot* Recent communiques have hull,- caled 'that Japanese air squadron* had boen withdrawn from .The Philippines for the battle of .lam and the Dutch ICast 'lin.Hes.-'alliK>st 2,000 miles to Urn sou Ih west, v The planes presumed Gcrmi'm and whieh bombed Mac.\r!,hur'«i rear-line positions without Indicting damago were three twin-en- glncd bombers with ."unusual markings/ 1 It was said- . ; "They were painted black wltfi while 'crosses on the wings/* the communique slated. "They may (Continued on Late News Bulletins ^tfm^~»^*^^—*~—' FIERCE BATTLE RAGING ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, JAVA. (VIA TELEj PI-10NK)',' TUESDAY, March 3-(UP).—Allied «rmcd (•o,vcV including- American nlrphinoB, Dutch annored wedgos and Bri.ti.8l) Imperials, struck crusliin^.offcnwiv^ blo\vs HR-ainst Japanese invasion forces. ,to<liiy;»J a.'neroc battle for Java. Early this mdtuing. •. tl««A««ta-. News Agency circulated an authoritative state* is proceeding' satisfactorily." ;'':';.' : : JAPANESE HIT,HARD '.; LONDON, March 2— (UP)— lioyul Air Force Iwrnl)- nlaiies attacked Japanese forward positions ai|d ^all fell on their objectives, which; were left ahre, A communique broadcast by the All-India 'Radio said today. •;;• - ,._.; _ _. ; ^_; .:^. : <v< : ^•:-.-.. '' ••]•• EMPLOYBBSiSTKIKl!; BRAINTJH31S, MASS., March 2'— (.UP).—All-300 e^ nloyeoB at the Armstrong Cork Co. plant here struck today charging that the management refused, to negotiate w -v>-o increases. Officials of the compaiiy.imw. nuinufuc- turhig tome defense orders dcclinod td; ; comment. .,-!.: . MAY WITHDRAW PLANS „ h WASHINGTON, March 2-(UP)-Scn. Elmer Thorn, •is D Okla.''said today the Farm Bloc would drop its phnis'to'write a parity-price limitation into the pending $32,000,000,000. War Appropriations Bill, but would raise the issue again when the annual Agriculture Supply Bill reaches thc'Scnato. '"..-. GEN, MARSHALL'S STATEMENT 'WASHINGTON, March 2 —(UP) — Gen. George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff, said today that "the timo has now come to carry the war to the enemy 'and to end immobilisation of troops and material within Con, liuonta) United States. Marshall said lie ielt the nation must expect "isolated air raids" by a few enemy planes "directed against ns for no other purpose than to create a public reaction which will adversely affect the sound; military purpose of defending- America by engaging; and; defeating the enemy in theaters dis,t^?,t *•«•» "»" «>'««.«-<.

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