Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 28, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1942
Page 8
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Eight nn A Wipe DAILY NEWS. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY. 28, 1942: TKe Healing Ministry of Jesus ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON — Scriptures-Mark i :35—3 : By Alfred J. Buescher JLuke 4 : 8 =12-39. , To'JesU8 and His disciples aamo a leper, '•' kneollHff and saying to/Hlm, "H Thou ivwiit, Thou canst mako me oloan," Jesus ' piit forth His hand in compassion, say• Ing-, "1 will; bo tho'u clean," JOS'UH wont forth again by the .seaside, and as Ho parsed Lovl, tho .son-of AI- phaous, flitting at tho receipt gato of custom, Ho said unto him, "Follow Me/ 1 and ho arose and followed Him, Among those who sat at table r with Jesus' were Publicans and sinners; when the Pharisees asked why He.sat with .such, Jesus answered, "X came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance," "The Sabbath .was made .fptv man, arid not man for the Sabbath, 1 / was Jeaus' answer to those who'told Him,He was breaking the law to pluck corn on.that day. : XGOLDEN TEXT—Matt, 14:14) The Healing Ministry of Jesus 'HIGHLIGHTS ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Q.-/4. J»y ''.(The International Uniform on-', tho '.-above-., topic .. "•Jn'Mnrk a;8B-3!l2) Luko ; BjlSWlD, tho Golden Text Mi^thow 14J14, "Ho had on thorn, awl healed of Christ whllo He;wna '•'Arih, And after Ho'had chosen of His npostlo.u, immediately His baptism by. John, We froocl a man from 1, •yllxplrlt vvhloh possessed him; Mowing 1 thi* by healing 1 Simon's -.mother,, ' te*rly :n«xt morning before it Wfttr.lJfht; He arose and wont to a iollUry place that He rnltfht'com- fliuh* ( wlth H\H FtUhor, Here His •*jfr»ijtl«« followed Him, and 1 with tfottf tt«. went-In to'^overal t.otoity, o >llm ',cam6 a' man with Jeprosy ( that droacl- *nc< .loathsome disease, Kneol- b*fore the tx^rcl this man,said, "Jf Thou wilt, Thou oanwt make nta: cl**n," Hoaohln;; Hl/i hand to th« man, In pity, Jesuy answered, •<T will; bo then clean," and the jH^n'-.WM cleansed, Jesuu icau- Moned him to say' nothing to any- mlrftolo.'but to go to i! temple and receive the prlqat's for cleansing himself, 1 to'the law of-Moses, tn- <<loln# ii» .ho. was told; the man wont out wul ••Vl\e* matter abroad, prob- f gratitude,, but who muoh'harm'ho dUKby thf,Master? t<1 rfnti iy««iw'--ancl Hlu oom- CArna , Ho C'apornaurrii and time, »b 'groat wa« ?Hls khut ifrant mtUUtuclps cro>yd- around *(fm, Joltovvln# Him house No'ttmt-no more could *tt ln,''NOW Micro w*a - a man who 1.11": with palsy, MIA iKhrhIm to tho hou«o ;t'ric(l to ^et in to MOO Josiw, »nt1 wH«in they could not by jthe ,;,tJ\ej£ ,went 'on the ftlmay roof, -'pirt of It off and lot tho aick down through tho holo by knotted at tho cornorn, Iff 4'mK their faith In Him. Jcmiui to the mrtn, "Son, thy alna bo thee," «omo Jiorlbon bopan In tb*lr hearts, "Why thtw «pe«k bl c»n 'forgive «ln« but God WftyT" , • : knew what tlicy \Voro AndMMked ,thom: "I« It to nay to tho «lck of.' tho >»1»y» Thy nln« bo forgiven thoo; or t6 any, Arlne, and tuko up ,thy "But thut -ye may know that tjh* 'Son of Man , hath , power, on oarth to forgive slmi, (ho salth to tho slok of tho palsy,) I say unto thoo, Arise,'and take up thy bod, and go thy way into thlno house," Tho man Immediately arose and wont out, and all woro amazed and ff'lorlflod Ood, doing- to tho seaside Jesus passed by Lovl, son of Alphaous, who W£UH sitting at tho receipt of customs, collecting tolls for his jRohian.masters, Ho was ono ot the hated publicans, Jesus said to him, "Follow mo," and Lovl, or Matthew, as ho la bollovod to bo, arose and followed Him, A foftSt followed to which camo many "publicans arid sinners, and whon scrlbos and Pharisees saw this they aakod'why Jesus, a Jew, ate with auch .people, Tho Jewish lasv farbado sitting: down to meat with thorn, Joans' answer was: "They that, are whole have no need of tho physician, but .they that arb sick; I camo not to call tho 'rlflhtooua, but sinners • to repentance," . Walking* In tho Corn Field Ono Sabbath clay Jo«iis and Hi* dlSOlplo.H Walked through a flold of grain, and art."thoy.- walked they Jjlokod some, of tho kernels',, and rubbing -them between their hand* to 'separate tho v/heat from the .chaff, they -ato the .kernels,. The Spying Pharisee*! sald:\ "Behold,Why do they on the Sabbath day that -which is unlawful?". . . - " • . Jbsus reminded, them, that King" David ohc'o went Into tho tcmplo, and 1 being 1 " Huflg-ry was gWon rtKo,wbraad which.only the wore Huppoflod to oat, and ho to thorn, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for tho Sabbath," 1 ' V ••'. : . '. Ottoa more,',In'tho last .Incident of today's lesson, this same question of tho observance of tho Sabbath came t|p, Josu» was in the synagogue whon tv man who had a withered hand camo to l-fini to be healed, Tho Pharisees wore watching and waiting- to'nee what Ho would do, Ho told tho man to stand forth, and to the-watch era Ho said, "Is it lawful to do good an tho Sabbath days, or to do ovll?" They did not daro answer Him, and Joau«, looking around, and grlovlng at tholr hardness ot heart, told tho man to stretch forth his hand, and whon ho did, tho hand wan restored to norma), Straightway, tho Pharisees went' out and consulted with tho Herod- tans how they could destroy Him, Those Pharisees considered themselves righteous, godly men, but how fnr away they were from practicing a roal religion, Jesus and His disciples went <m to the sea, and great multitude* followed Him, and He healed many, by Xing Foaturoa JJymllcnU, I»c. Immanuel 'M, F. Lutheran 'If) -flndlwi- fit in. Wor'nhp Htu'vlt fetM 1 vlC(i.' On Sunday , .10 a, in,, a nnw (L S M.\i'K.*, will' bo ilfidloutud' rnr ohuroh to 'lh'>;Ui(> olianool • of ilin nhu'roh '' will ho pi-oMdiiled by thr of thn VM,MO.UH Kului, rnpiMm Sc-.hUUu', Hie 'Young Ay.lllium .CUit'lmr, . Mnn'H olul>, utul th,n prPHP-ntnllon ill 'hy-u. Hoy • .SnouL ;oloi hwo' 'Will hn nn Hunduy • wuhno in IMI). all "lilklrnn and IDIC »co ui'giid to ftttnml Mns d'.?dl- -wnr.vl.oo, \ { tt^fi (lunUt-umljon O|U • Rev, A, F, towln . Tho . HurvlooH at HI,, ohnroh on Hundtiy, Mai«(!li I, ^HKS- ohd Suiuloy In l/nnl, will bo] ns rollowHi ClololM'ftHoii of thn noly (Jfuniniiulon at 7;.'fl) M. m, Simil«,v ftnhool In llu« pni'lftli IKHIHO at P:!IO fti i<\. IJoly Coinniiinlnn and HOIM.HOII at. II It, fii, Hormnn nulOoul. "f-Jvll ThoughlH ond (.JIcftlirioMH,"'•<'• -p, in, \' t P, F, oliolr, 7 P. rn, Y, '!>. F, In gll'lH 1 Olioll' In OllOlt' I'OOlY). 7:HO ; p, in-"-- St. Mloluml'H -guild lli'.st ah! (iliiHH In parlsli liouso. 'I'liiwiluy 1: /MOO ' p. iii.— Service '. aud to young pooplo .In oholr, Suhjool:- "Tho of llonnylj," H.:00 p. m,— SI., ;.MI- Siu'.vltJM 'I'.luh In uliu'rtih. ' lfH'Hday: M:tK) p, m,--S(Aidy til puclnli IIOUMQ; 7:00 p, in.'f- Allos tuul HOpmiuiH; -8:00 p. ;ii.V.— Sm'vlou uiul Honiion \vllh tho Il'isv. John T. Wllsdii ol 1 SI, Piiul's (jfiui'oli, VVuodhury, aa HpoaUur; 'I'liurHdiiy: '7:MD p/ mi— Troop' 7, B. 8. A, In Pai'lHh llouso, Friday: -SHOO-a. m.—Holy aoin- .•nunlon ; II :00 a.- m.-^-Cihuroh'-llijIp- (u-M -liukory and 'I'nod HU!H In pa't'lHli IIOU.HO. (idminUlmi (lunHl^LH ol 1 Mrs, !*• . lii'WlH, ohali'inan, Mrs. WlgKloHSVoi'Lli, Mrs. I far-Purry and^Mrs. Arvkl.An- 7:00 p, in.— Alton anil HO- mil (I'M ohojc ul, -7:1.10 ]>, in. old II. Congregational IUw, EUwnnl W, HBIKW Tltt' Junior, 'Jnlormodlaln and .snilnr rl<i.|inrtmniil.s. of l.ho ishuroli Hiihool will, innot ul, Oi-ift u, m. Tito buKlnnoi'H and primary dopurlmoiit will ntnol at II o'clock, Morning worship will ho hold nt 11 o'clock. Res 1 . f'Jdward tt, Munct 1 IH HIM minister. Miirtln; Introductory vohm'.fM'.V, "Andfinln Mr/ixloHo," Smnrl; InlrnJI., "Spli'll ol' find, nosfumd Upon My fciirl," 'Atkinson millicm, '"Wo Would Hn Hitllrllupr," Slholh'is; ftffni'lnpy, "Clod Ho ?u My I load," voluntary, "Soi 1 - (the , ' Jesus ."heals the 'man with -the Pfj/sy;.. 1 ; v.' " . ; ( "Ho, liart compassion On them, ami healed their • sIck'.'^Matt. 14:14.; tlu. Solunnc.l.lfi," rsModornioyoi;,' "An cninposeil of the,.. l'fdlo\vfng, iii'.Lly. Ryan, Ann Ausliri. Ada' 'K'lnin, Shh'luy Ivurnor, Rd.w;irc| SoliV'til', Don (Jtiinn, Jiiok Stinsoii and' Hill Saundoi'.s, ...... • .-• • • Tho ushers svill bu Jeanne -and Hotly Sthison, Hill lir'aliam /and KraiiUIln Sniltli.. • ; A d(!piiLutloii from the Ohrlsl.ian AsHpclal-loii of NN'oshiyan univei'sily,. Mill 1 ' MijimoU.-.f-ilwiMro Tarry, Tom Hohlnson and- l ( '- : Sanfnrd .C.utler, will 'Hpoak.''Tlin'y are ' .spending Hio day with us IIH l.;lio' gucHts ot'.tlio Yniing ..I't'oplc'H .i'l'ellfjwsliip. At A p.-m. IJio' deputatlrm \yill Msvl l-lib .o.n. "Pursonal Naugatuc.k Metnodist \V, M. Nosblt, Tli.p; 10 to IO;Vo a; in. Sunday school.' (Our, (ilin is a 'Ihorfjuglily ulTlclont Holiool— for' I he training of Intolll- KoOb {.Ihrislluns.) 1 ,11 a. m, to -12- ni. Public, xvorshin,. — '/host ..Thou. .Mojlovu?" . 8.'. p. in. ^Mooting nl 1 the I'Mnunoo commlttno' at tho borne of Mur.shall Long, S5 Dayton road. TunHday/7 i>. m. Wpwortli luaguo m, Choir re- ThurHday, 7:;.10 p. in. Official board meeting, Thursday/ 7:30 p. lu»fti ; H«l, •''••'. Saturday, ru4G n. ni. Thn. regular mooting of Lho, .John Weskiy I3iblo oliiH^,' pi'pcodfMl by nil oyster supper. • Tho liosloHan.s will l)o Mrs. Paul Hebblo and Mrs, Hoy Homlg. Hillside Congregational ; Hew. Arthui Johnson ,' lt Thf! Ufo of-. C.lhrlst," /th Thn, Gathering Storm.' V'.'M a.- in, Sunday school and Hlblo '•<j|nn8UH..Tho inorninK -worship ul, 'II o'cloclv will- bo- in Swodish. Tho sermon topic Is ''What To Do With Our Nged."- - • ' Tho evening service will bo held nt 7'0'claok, .this chnngO' boing an accninodailon' to tho test blackout. Thn sorinon will 'bo another in tho su.rlo'H on topic hnlng , Tim ruku'lar ImainoH.s meeting of the chur(;-h: wlirbc. held on Monday (.'.vi'.niiiK at S" o'clock. . ; Thi! LadloH 1 auxiliary will moot on" .Wndnosduy nvonlng at 8 o'clock for. u regular. bMHlnnss and program rn6(itlng. . Tliu third mld-wonk fjunlon ser- vloojwlll bt' held oiuThursday at 8 p, ni. Tho HiibJ(}ct of tho service is "' 1 ! 10 'Opal \V« .Seek." • '.'... A [Dulles 1 nuxlllnry bakery sale will bo bold on/Ki'lrlay fit the 1-Iaw- loy Ifnrdwarn Atoi-c on Church Hlr'dul, tho uhory being 11 a, in. to -'i p, m. ,o I i.o h 1 , Berry.- 7' -ji: Church • rn,.'.-EiiglJHli sct'v.hic.: Gliur.oh. sings/; Soiojal,.^vMrH........Mllos'. .in. English chair s(ngs''. Leril.eri service. Full Gospel Tabernacle;' ' 9C P.rospcct Street. Union City. Ray Unsderfcr,^ Pastor. . !):i}0a. in. Sunday'Kcliopl, ' iO,:3(Ka.'.m\' Morriiiig'./worship, .' ; (5:ybj i 'p.'.'.in.' Young People's uiuel- ing. : ';• • •'. .'.;'...' "•, .: '' .' ' •' '7':, c iO p', 'niv-IOyangcIls-tiLi'-sci'vicc'. .••'•'•• WoilncHilay .''7(00;; p, .in. '-Prayer mccLjng. •. .". •'•• •-.-''. '•. '•-; •'" ' - / •'.>•-' : —»•*•> '-; — . ' • .-,. St, Rev. Paul' s Eyang'^lical.... Iloiis-y S. Biiistat Pastor 0 a. rn. Sunday- sohopl. 10a : , m. • Morn ln,g ••, worship sermon" toy Rev. pastor. '•;•;. '• ;-: •, 'with St, Hedwig-'s (Polish Roman Catholic) Rov. S, F. Nalawajk The Masses -at St, Hodwig's church will bo celebrated at ,G:30 > 8^ 9';30 and 11 a, m. . ' '•• The regular weekly vesper service. will, be, at 3 .o'clock ".Sunday arfter. noon. ' St. Mary"s .. \ (Roman Catholic) Rov. Thomas M; Griffin Tlie masses ait St. '.Mary's church- will be , celebr?ited at : 7:30, 9:30. and 11 .a., 'cm; • .'• - "••'. .'••'-••• '' : • • * » St. Franc|s.' (Roman Catholic)' ' • J. ,J. Fitzfireral(I, Pastor. Rev. Masses will 'be celebrated in St. Francis- . chiu-rch Sunday ;m6rning at 7, 9 and. 1.1 o'clock. , '• (Polish .. Rev-. .Louis Saviour • Natohnl-C.atliolic); Wrzosinshi 3 p,in,—Vespers/ TI.1Y A GLASS!-P-Ilii-D AD : IN THI3 NEWS .. St, Anthony's (Roman Catholic)) Conn. Salem Lutheran (Au^ustann Synod) II. ;^r&iHlbcrfr, Pastor 3Vftisses 'will be .celebrated at St Anthony's c'huroh in -Prospect' Sun. day morning at .8 and 10 o'clock. the event any automobile driver refuses to stop his car, upon orders of Uie air raid warden, the air warden should carefuly note license-'-number', of the car elude'that in Ills report to warden.'' This Ini'prmaUon ^Sunday school,. 10:45 a. m. BEACOifFALtiS United Church • The Children of -Lhe 'Sunday sohpol 'classes will' meet at thc'.chuVcli p'ar- lo'rs at"9':30-'0' 1 clook,-,undeiv -the ,;"dir reotlon of the Sunday. school'': leach- J •ers,. •• .'. .. •••-.. ' •••• ." •• '.'•'. .;'• .-••The. Everyman's':-Bible• class- wil meet at the church : ; at 9 ;30, o-'chkk President Clayton Dubois; h cliargc of. Uiejiitietlng. Rev. ''Stevens will address -the' class. Morning, .hour -of worship .scrv^o wj-il be 'conducted at- .1.0Ms -o'c'look with. Rev, MUlarcl.Ste ; vens, the, pii^- tor;- oJTnciating .and delivering -.the sermon. • :'.• . \ ','." •'•"• - s . •... .,-• In the evening tlie .Ghristidh;. Kn- clbavor .sooicty w.i 1,1'..'meet at' tlao (iliurch; at .7- o'clock;;•'/. . •. ; - -; -' , v 'flt r- ...... . (Roman Gatholic); ••-• ' Rev. Jerome. Goolc, pistor. .The r'nasscs" for; the parishioners of. 'St; \ 1> JMrQliael's'' 1 '. 1 .Qliurch 1 - .will; vbc celebra'tecl' at 8, b'cibc'k; ;9':i5\o.'blook and 11. o'clock o.n -Sunday•-morning at..- Johnson's 1 ! hail 'on ..Main ' slrei?.!. The children-of 'the .parish 'are, urged to,, attend tho,9-;l5; o'clock .-ivfass. and re ma i ii..' • f o r., re 1.1 gi oils..' 1 ns tr'uc'U phs l'oilO\yifg : f.ViP.-KfnRJi-." ."'V. ' -' <:-,' -. i' raid the: and in- his bone: will be, turned over to the police for' investigation at :a later date. The air raid, wardens may.- carry /flash-lights. No flash-lights should be. used in the open by. ..anyone except ' aii,-, .ran, wardens and other duly authorized officials. All 'air-raid j wardens' are to .investigate'•:tiny.. incidents .occurring in their area, write but a-complete report"on' the, forms.-; provided, and telephone ..the report to Control "Center at> Defense Headquarters. • . Flash-lights/, matches^; : ,and, v all oilier means ; of ill-uniination' should hot bemused in.'thc' -open. ^Smokers arc- warned . to :• be,!carct'ul. . hoi, to light'.matches,• as, t'h'c- flame- of a match may bo seen several :miles. Air i-aidwardensVand other authorized -officjuls • are; .the. only: persons alowed to use flash-lights, and they must be used only Minder restrictions/ No flash^igh't- 'photographs should bo taken., " .;• .- . Eriforcemeht: iRcgular, police at/ all times and auxiliary .police during- a blackout or -aid raid, have full power to 1 enforce all;. bla.o'kou t t rules and regulation's. Regulations.'aro to be enforced -by air I'.aid- wardens, and' violations' reported to tlic- regiiiar' dr'auxiliar'y police in their 1 area'; • ':. , ['.--• ' '. • • , Naugatuck', Defense Council, ''.Harold R.- Perry, . , ' ,, Chief- Air. Raid Warden. thur's/'d'arlng ', O'ffens.ive - ; '/"tautjcs • . •oyerw h e.I jp I ng- '••/.;]• ; Japan escv Jn.-. lils-rnlcl-u'c'ok /]j; -ihjiy. .uyo' a^cojiipJlfilidcl/V'thG''-/''';^'.^^!^^^- 'octives ' oi' ; • cl.u'iayiiVg -a -..trnieat^neri all-out ->drivc : 'by.-' -tho:-.. enemy '/and ; of gaining ^yaiualVlc, -.military • -Jiiform'a- ;ion on./iapahesp.;.fltren / gUi /.'..' :/., •The .; -"exp locator y-' 1 • V-offensi'vc apparently .cii'ught :thc • Japanese. lapping.- •'-.-; -'./•' '• .-,^' ; '. '•••-. \ - : ' ' ' ' ' Test Blacjkout Here ^ ^ • .(Cpnlinuod from 'page one). 'Hrj What this Prep Shop-, second floor—can do Cop you at $17.75 and $19.75, sixes to 4O^ is something for the book. There's one and two trousers suits — there's outercoats, zip in lining topcoats and inside outers they're wonderful values, good looking patterns, good fabrics and streamline tailoring attuned to the tempo of the age. A few all wool slacks—12 pair, $1.95 -.i— formerly $5.00. Round- 1 REPORTS TO BE ' Hurtfonl,-. Conn.;- -.Pcb! 28--,(UP)— The oansumci 1 . " conimilitcc' , of tlic state .defense' c.ounci 1 anriounoOd today: tha't '"daily, .up-to-.tlife-miiHito iiVarijiDting' reports would J)Q mado available .'{.q • housewives, • starj-lng Monday!. "'••'.. ' , TJic ; ropoi\ts ..will... be .Ij^ond'^sl over -radio, -stations., at-Hartt'nt-d, New•-•Britain,-'is T Gw'0-favcn, Nc\v London, f'Slariifprd. and Bridgeport. -, "'Totiil' -.defense,"! said- d' tcc annoUnoement, requires, a-nation' of . 'strong, jheiilthy -..people. Tbis , mean,^- tbat .'healtb-buildinH foods must be brought within, the dlL'.cphsumcrs.'. With. complex^. . marketing.' ••.pr consunieivlJiiV.e'rs .•.fl'cod . expert . help jn. scc'urln& : ;'!fi fo.rhiation. •: 6n tli'v basip' of' Avli it\l'i ; to •'.make ' their, dai) >' purchases' oC-'fopd, -.tlic '•.largest -'shi'. glc-'item' in 1 tlrcir/co'st of- living." ; ' "; • '; " •' -'' .•'../*'* ».-:'.'.'.". "•'"•!.... •'"'•''• The World Today ' Suns Trio Tomllris.on, News . of by .their armband obtain •_subscriptions:' workciv." •'-''' . .•••'. duties \yill brj identified .uniforms or 'by the <;;. D. if they have no-uniforms.-.:./'. .Householders : — Any ..householder not reooi'vl'ij'g a •pi'ln.ted" .card 1 of ih- .sti^Lictions from' ( the'sl;ruet '\vai'den, siiould plioirci , ; De'fqnse Headcjuarrers, 5304; betyvccn - 8:00- p.rn,:and.. 10:00 p.m.'.Satui'tlay night.'-- With the' help' of the .Boy Scouts,..'.these .cards Ayill then, be delivered before tho black-; out. . . •••'•'.".'./ " •- • : .. ./Theaters, Churches; Etc,—At the sourn.1 of. tije warning,, all places in 'which there -Is a public • assembly j will adopt the following procedure for 'the purpose of the test on. Sunday night.'-'At the'sound of tlie si-j. rons, all exterior lights shull be C x-WBAK-W3:i/>- r U. tlrifjulslied. The hpuse lights. 1 shall Wast Hartford;-;-Conn., ,Fcb, 28(Ui 3 )—Unil-cfi;.Aircraft'; Corp.'..!•'.'.«"- nouo6erl'.'toda'y - ; thafr- Itsvciiijilpyes nad., piiroljased , nipre than : $li'iOO, 7 000-'wortfr'of clefchsQ. f bpnds^tlirough a .•.voluntary 'puyroll .deduction' -p'hi.n and 'had' .been .I'.oiVip'liuientcd by- the treasury/ department--.for ; ,un "out- .stnhdirijf. i-eeord.;.'; '' \ . '. •' - , • Approximately'.07- per cent of 1,1 HI company:; employes' .partieip.nL-ul the.-:, payroll, 'cjeductlon plan, am hew campaign h ! as- boon . started in 'a to .Crnni •'• 'livery *-#-»PEARL HARBOR! ON THE AIR TODAY Sunday In. f./ent. , Tcxl 'Vosus .'nnd Uio Man of •'KaiHiV—(Mark 1 9;iD-M2), jrs—Hudolph Anderson. • .and ArMn'ir 1 Phi'HnnH. • -. •'» n. -m. Swedish sorvlcr; iQuarlef. slngH. Soloist, Jan.n •(llss'lnntldr.' •IOn, in, Hlbln soliool. Aulo serviftn, .. St, Paul's Evangelical . O.n.m. Sun/lay school.' •••.-" :lfl:()0 'a.m. 'Service and sermon. ^i p.m.' Children wlir jircsent ,pro- i?i'n'm nf Ghrlatrnus ctxrpls and reel- tnti'on's,. •'.'•-•' ' :. •".. • ; :' /' .-. First Church of Christ, ^Scientist, Corner Holmes niui iVl|l('!i.oll Avenues Snnrlny servicos,' .lO'/ir) n, : m. .and 7:.'in p.. tn. be turned on, and ari announcement, made to the: audience that a blackout . test is in- progress; that:' there is no .danger; and>i,ha.t till ore-re- quested'to remain In-their seats'un- til after the '"iill clour." signal. 1 .'.The house tights shall then he "dimmed and the performance, lecture, ,or services continued.. In theaters, no lights should 'flhpw/.to 'the outside In churches \vhcr.e; : no .ari-angernenls while the performance is, going on. have .been-,made f-b.r. bl'ackpng out windows, .the li.ghts'.'should 1}C :; clUvi- mcd -as-'much/as -posHible so ll'Vol little if any llght/wijl show through the windows; At .th.e.-'.sound'..of 'the "all clcnir" .'signal, .".all -house lights shall again.'be Ijghtodand.:''.ail. clear 11 announced to -the••'audience,; aflcr which ' tho performance,, lecture- or service-.will continue, normally. 5 'Emergencies.:' ;.•'.'/' '•'••;' ' -•-•-,' .' •^In case of /Ire during'the tc,s.t,J,lre (ire department will, operate- noVm'- aliy. - Tho 'apparatus-• /wil, .pi-pcccd wltlr-jreaclligh.ts hurhihg and sirens 'sounding. During' thb-. blackout -'all Ore- alarm'c- guarcled liy auxiliary (Irenien, and. ' 'attempting to ring 1 a-fals'c alarm, 1 Svill .be • subject, to-: arrest: •• Ambulance's• will be'allowed to move with''r- headlights burning.;-.," . • ' .Medical and Red'Gross: The Medical and Red. Cross di- .visionw are rnohilixcd for this, test and a cn.suall/y -.station ,, has been ccinipped', at -the Y.- M. G.. A/,.. Only •those persons \Nyho have bdcn. assigned .arc to report.March Jst; Incidents .requiring first aid treatment sho'uldVbo veportod by air ralcl wardens ,to. defense headquarters. /, .Air Rair; Wardens:. .. , 15very, air raid wiijden .should report! for. duty, when • the 'blackout signal sounds. He should stop traf- Tlc and "check buildings 'for blackout, yiolatl.ons, reporting to his ^oiie WHrdoh Monday any violations^ and- thn exact time, required for black 7 but in .his/area. The cause of sucli violations 'Should be determined/ n.nd. the irifllvidunls" responsible iti~ sl.ructed as I.o/future ' procedure so :that the.-snrne ; mistnice,'will not he nii'ulo In ease 1 of nn nclual raid. In \VB i\ Y•Books WO IV—Wbi lien's '.Of ' Men and S..-.Murine Band Press- Glub' Lunch- WATH— Benny Goodman's ,'JO p,. m, . Matinee in Orch. Rhythm W.EA F-WTIC WO R— News- : '•' . WATR— Art Jarre tt's Orch. WJZ-7-Tp be "nnnounced • .2:45 j). in. Won— Thc:.K6rh Kobblers ' " 3!:00 p. in. ' WBRY-WABC— ColuiVibia /Country -.'",.. .Journal/ '" ; •.' , ,,.' .. WOR— Gian ts- vs. Dodgers Spring . ' Training-/ Game',-. ,.'/ W-IZ— fyletropplitah-' (p'pcra' • WISAi^-W'TICW Pat.ti Ghapin, Songs WATR—Uniyersity Life,: ' .' r ,'}:15 i>. .m, . • WEAI«;~ On • t|ie Home/ Pj-onl, / ; •'--!!:;{() p. m. WBRY-WAi3G-P, 0.. 13: Detroit W 10 AF- WTI C-^-Mu'si c ' -f o \\ 13 very one WAIUi— Carolina. Playinakers ' ' ' Wl CC-WTIC-W ATH—Spo r ts ." ' up ' , • '—News ! • . G;,1() |V. in. WMAP—Religion, Jn- the News WJZ—Linn and: Abner. WDH—News ,' • WICC—High School Sports WTZC—Come on-!and Dance WATtl^Paradciof the News (Ji-iS p. m. WBBY-WABC; WE AP—Three .WJZr-Et.lward WOR—Sports '.WTJC—Medical-'Talk . AV1CC—Musical Roundup ,. - ;... 7:00 ?). in. WI3HV-WRAP-W.1 ZrW.J.CC-WATR — . Tills Is- War , . -, ••• --" '•- 7:;JO j>; in. WBRY-WABG-Wilc'cn'-' Parrel J', song! •WBAK-WT1C—El lory Queen WJZ—Message of jlsrael WICC—ChapeL ISchoes ' WOR—Co ii t Id c n ti ally; Y o u i's WATR—Waives of the World ., .-.7:45 p. x m. WBAE->VTIC — Jl.i V. Kaltenborn '.«.. News' .''".' ! ; -' -•.-•'• 'WOR-WI^C-WATR— Jack- Stevens , ' ,;jnside 'oTsports" ••• ! . -•/ • 8:00 p. 1 pi.:' WBRY~-Saturda'y ; Nit'e Swing Ses•'••' ;• •:•• -'sf'on . '' > > .'"•-'• • . WEAP-WTJC—Abi;e's Irish Rose ,.WJ!Z-WIGG—The ; , Green Hornet WABC—Guy Lombardo's Orcli. vVOil-WATR—Tveasuro • Hour r" :'' ,'Song.. •:.:•'' " '..'" ' .:•'. ; ::. •-.'.-.'-8:80 p.! m. '':WKA1'>WTIC—truth or Consc- '"•••.'. ' ..q'ue.nccs '.. . •'\y.j^—Swap' N i giit. , •Wpn—Sports.'Qiii'/r." .' ' " ' .WiCC-WATR.—Gbi'cago Theater the Air ".Y :-.........- - ......,.,-., 8:55--p! in.- - - .WBRY-WABQ—John Charles Daly, ,'' -, News., .' '• V • • •'••.'•-' J):00! p.. in. WBRY-WABC-rYour Hit 1 Parade 'WJZ—Spin-,and Win With Jimmy Plynrt WflAF-WTIC—National. Barn Dunce WOI.I—Chicago.'Theater of the Air OtfJO p; ni. - W.IX~Rochester Civic, Orch. WO)i-\VlCG-WATR-Spotliglit Bands {):/i5 p. ID. ; wnRY—Dance :Qrch. . iWABC—Saturday .Nitc Serenade 10:00 p. m. "WBAP-WTICr—giXprls Nowsrcol •WJZ—Robert Rip'ley v : : WOR-WIGG-WATR—Cedric Foster, •' News ',.''• ••-,.. 10:15 p. m. ; WBRY-WABC—Sen.. George T. Aik'cn '• SVK AE-WTIC—Vagab 6'nds WOR-WICG-WATR—American Preferred 10:M p/m. WBRY r \yABC—Senior NationnI ..Track and Pield Ghamplonshnp .WKAP-WTIC—National A, A. U. , .. Track'Meet \yjZ-r-Carrhen VavaJInro's Orch 10:45 p. m. .WE A P-WTIG—Ted .Steele's Studio ' Club: of WBRY-WABC—Matinee at, tlie Mea•-... 'dpwbr.dok with': Harry James ' W15 A K^VTi C—Week -en a' Wft i msey WJX—Metropolitan' Opera WATR—Andy , : ,1 acp.b.sdrt's'' Orch. "•" WBRY-WABCWNewsVl'Matinee at ' Mpudowbrbok • " " -. : WEAK-WTIG—Air. .Youth,- of .;lca ' •' v : ( ' ' WATR^-Klainingo Stakes • .'-'':'.4 :'45 p. in. WKAF-rf Melodic^ Strings 5:00 p.m. •WBRY-WABC—Cleveland. • :' phony Orchestra \VBA K-\VTrC~Dbctoi\s' a t .WOR-WATR—G1 en n M i 11 ci . .-'5:30.•••!>. mi WKAP.-Civllian- 'Defense . Informa- '. ' tion' ' •'•• -•'•-, • .'••-. WQK-W.ATR—Glenn Miller's Orch. ; W,IZ^Lucky Milllrider's Orch. •WABC—Symphony Orch, . ' 5:45 p. ni. WTIG—Salon .Music :•. ." . ' WKAP—War Reporters WEAP—Golden Melodies WJZ—News ' AVOR—Prayer, Uncle Don WATn-WTIG-WICG-Nows ; , , 6:15 ip. in. AVBRY-WABG-Cnlllng Pan-Amcr- » ica O'ltDEIi A DKLICIOUS COFFEI5 CAKE FOR SUNDAY'S nHEAIiirAST Fillings of AH Kinds'. Free delivery. Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. 3«78 WOR—Song 1 Spinners W1GG—Carmen- Gavallaro's Orch WATIH—Don Bpvay, (onor 1 -' • 11:00 p. ni. WBRY-WABG—Tho Golden Pnco W15 AP- WOR-WJ Z-W! CCAVTlc" WATR—News' 11:15 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Olmstcad's Story drama , ' WOR—Al -Kavelin's Orch. WJCC-WATR—Gypsy Guravan ^ 11:80 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Glen Gray 'orcli WEAF- W.TIC—R i vcrboat Ho.veis WOR—California Melodies WJZ-WIpG—Knrio Madriguora's Orchesti'a WATR—Gab Galloway Orcli. 12:00 Midni(|hl, WBRY-WATtt—Sign o'ff WJSAP-W.T1G—News;. Best of UK- Week W0.ri.—Shep Field's Orch. WABC—News; Tony Pastor's OrclJ W,JZ—News;-Paul Baron's Orch. Have You Saved for your ^INCOME TAX? It. will. be due March | 15th.' ' Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time ^Mutual". — FOR SALE- Brick Buildirxo; and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 Work 'a Orch. This company has been appointed an official Tirelnspector in our district by Tire Rationing JBoard No. 6. If you are in urgent need of new tires bring your car in to us so we can inspect your present rubber and assist you to fill out your application to the local Board. Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church Street ; Tel 2219 FORD -- MERCURY _ LINCOLN i

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